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t this exciting time of year, we are grateful to be able to work with you, our customer partner. We at AccuZIP wish you wealth and automation, happiness and more scripting, peace and higher profits in the coming year filled with hope and optimism. I hope that you and your colleagues, family, and friends will have a relaxing holiday season filled with happiness and meaning. Thank you for giving us at AccuZIP the opportunity to work with you and your business this year. It has been an honor and a wonderful experience for all of us.  We do not take your dedicated patronage for granted.  It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with you, our customer partner, this year. We wish you the best of holidays and a thriving 2016!

As the year ends, we think about all we are grateful for. Our relationship with you is one of many things we treasure. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We wish you Happy Holidays and much success in the coming year. As gifts are given and received this holiday season, I think of the gift of serving and working with your organization for the foreseeable future. Thank you for the pleasure of working with you. Whatever brings you happiness... Whatever brings you good health... May it be yours this Holiday Season and throughout the coming year! Holiday Greetings and Well Wishes from everyone here at Team AccuZIP. | OUR TECHNOLOGY. YOUR SUCCESS.



MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT: KRISTEN MCKIERNAN By Kristen McKiernan, President This is one of my favorite times of year. With the crisp air and impending holiday season, it is a time to both reflect and start formulating plans for 2016. This year has been an eventful one for AccuZIP. Our entire staff has grown professionally and I have been pleased to be a part of that. I thank them for helping me learn and being such a great team to lead. Graph Expo was a real learning experience and AccuZIP could not have asked for a better show! We got to catch up with many of our existing customer partners (one has been with AccuZIP for 24 years and brought the original software on floppy disks to showcase!) and many new customer partners who were excited to join the AccuZIP “family.” Each told us they look forward to implementing AccuZIP’s new and innovative solutions to grow their businesses, increase profits and experience world class customer service. The planning and execution of this event was challenging and rewarding. Here are some highlights: ••

AccuZIP’s theme was, “Kick Your Business into Full Throttle!” We challenged our customer partners to build success using AccuZIP’s products, technologies and services as their foundation.


AccuZIP showcased new and innovative technologies, including three MUST SEE ‘EM Award winners: AccuZIP7, AccuZIP Personalized Maps and AccuZIP Direct Mail Configurator (http://


The AccuZIP Direct Mail Configurator won a “Best of Category” award – I talk about this honor here:


Over 500 visitors stopped by our 40’ by 50’ booth every day to participate in the live demonstrations, presentations by industry celebrities (like Trish Witkowski), live customer testimonials, and enter the Apple Watch drawings.


The culmination was having an overflow crowd on hand for our Grand Prize drawing for the Harley Davidson motorcycle that was displayed throughout the show.



The excitement built and the winner was drawn from the thousands of tickets that had accumulated over the four-day | 800.233.0555

show. Check out the winner here: http://www.printowners. org/accuzip-awards-harley. In short, Graph Expo was a huge success! Record attendance, high impact and unmatched energy levels at our booth energized the attendees and other vendors! The multimedia themed, modern and open layout of our booth design was perfect for engaging with show attendees. AccuZIP also squeezed in many meetings which solidified existing partnerships and new opportunities that will make 2016 another exciting year! This is also the time to look forward. As President, I remain focused on the flagship AccuZIP6 product and our customer partners. We have many new products that have been released to the market and many others still in development. The AccuZIP6 software remains the foundation of our business. We will relentlessly build on this foundation as the best mailing software in the industry, continue our focus on service and support and listen to and engage our customer partners. Going forward, we want to invite you to share your “Wish List” of features by visiting sales@accuzip. com. Our customer partners are truly at the core of our company philosophy. We have increased communication efforts with regular “E-Zip” digital communications, “Product of the Month” features, quarterly zipLINE newsletters and regular correspondence through the mail. We still believe the mail is relevant and vital! I was asked recently what gets me excited about this industry. Here are some USPS facts that make my mind race and validate my faith in this industry: • • • • • •

The USPS is the core of a nearly $1.3 trillion mailing industry that employs over 8 million people. There are 302 mail processing facilities across the USPS Network (SCF, NDC, P&DC, etc.). USPS delivery points – 153,900,000 Mail pieces processed per day – 512,800,000 Mail pieces processed per year – 155.5 Billion USPS payroll is $675 million per week.

Information on DM response rates: • • •

73% of consumers actually prefer DM to other ad formats including digital media The response rate for direct mail to an existing customer averages 3.4%, compared to 0.12% for email Prospect response rates across direct marketing channels: Telephone (8.21%), oversized mail (1.44%), letter-sized direct mail (1.28%), postcard (1.12%) and catalog (0.94%) The conversion rate for email is 0.21%

our industry. I want to ensure that all of our customer partners are exposed to our technologies to solidify AccuZIP as the solution provider for mailing, contact data quality, address hygiene, USPS postal presorting, compliance and mail tracking and reporting. My commitment to you is that we will do all of this while honoring our core values of Service, Loyalty, Innovation, Excellence and Integrity. With sincere thanks for your continued patronage and support, I am looking forward to a wonderful and prosperous future for everyone!

In closing, I have learned a great deal and look forward to learning more! My vision for AccuZIP includes bringing new and innovative technologies to


Booth 115


ACCUZIP - WHERE TO FIND US IN 2016 By Mark Rheaume, National Postal Affairs Director and Partnership Liaison Officer Accuzip will attend these 2016 tradeshows and events. Stop by and meet our AccuZIP Team members. It’s a great time to share your business’ needs, ask questions, or just to say hello. EFI CONNECT – LAS VEGAS, NV JANUARY 19-22, 2016 Come visit our booth in Las Vegas and get a demonstration of our 2015 Graph Expo Must See ‘Em Best in Category award-winning Direct Mail Configurator. Register for the conference at:

AccuZIP is honored to participate in MTAC. This is a member’s only meeting for mailing industry association representatives. There are technical discussions held with representatives from the USPS Executive Leadership Team. Look for important information and updates from AccuZIP after each meeting. To learn more about MTAC visit: https:// MTAC Meeting – Washington, DC – January 12-14, 2016 MTAC Meeting – Nashville, TN - March 20-23, 2016 (In conjunction with NPF)

NATIONAL POSTAL FORUM – NASHVILLE, TN MARCH 20-23, 2016 This year’s Postal Forum is being hosted at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN. This is the mailing industry’s premier event with many educational sessions featured in addition to a large exhibit hall. We welcome seeing you there. Register at: XPLORATION 2016 – ORLANDO, FL APRIL 5-7, 2016 This year’s conference is in Orlando again. Xploration is being held at the Caribe Royale hotel and will be a great event with educational opportunities in addition to the exhibit hall. This is the mailing industry’s premier event and we welcome seeing you there. Register at: http://

Industry associations and tradeshows are vitally important to AccuZIP. The chance to learn and in turn share information is invaluable. We believe everyone should get involved to enhance their industry knowledge. AccuZIP finds taking an active role allows us to monitor the issues that are important to our customer partners. Here are some of the organizations AccuZIP actively supports: • • • • • •

Epicomm – PCC – Contact your local Business Mail Acceptance Manager Graph Expo – MTAC – Xplor – IDEAlliance –




POSTAL AFFAIRS AFFECTING YOUR BUSINESS By Mark Rheaume, National Postal Affairs Director and Partnership Liaison Officer There are three “levers” I recommend utilizing fully to optimize postage. Used effectively they will allow you to differentiate your business and retain current customer partners and attract new revenue generating opportunities. These three are listed in the order I believe they should be engaged to achieve maximum cost effective postal optimization. Here they are: First there is “Destination Entry” of mail. This is not an option for First Class mailers but offers great discounts to mailers who utilize Standard Mail®. It involves transporting the mail to postal facilities (SCFs and NDCs) closest to where it is “destined” for delivery. This saves the USPS work and time so they offer discounts as high as $0.045/piece! The second lever is co-palletization. Again, this is performed on Standard Mail projects and takes trays of mail and builds pallets to achieve deeper postal discounts. The co-palletized mailings are delivered to the same postal facilities mentioned above for the same discounts. The savings are diminished slightly as there is more handling involved, but the principle is the same. The final lever to pull is comingling. This involves combining mail at the piece level to qualify it for deeper postal discounts. This involves the most handling, but when the savings offset the cost it is an effective strategy. This option is also available for First Class mail! At the heart of all of this is a robust and functional postal software. Our AccuZIP6 suite of products will streamline your analysis and allow you to achieve deeper postal discounts. Finally, I want to remind each of you that the USPS is serious about the Mailers Scorecard we have been hearing about for two years. Take a look at yours now and make it a priority for your staff to use it every day. It will be a wonderful tool to drive process improvement in your organization and you want to get ahead of the assessments before you get a bill in the mail you will have to justify without knowing the system. This is essential to your existence as a mailer, and assessments will start in 2016 (July 1 is the current date form the USPS, and that is no joke!). Happy mailing!

4 | 800.233.0555

WEBINARS We welcome your participation in these two AccuZIP sponsored webinars. We know these topics interest all of our customer partners. Please register on the Epicomm website listed here: EPICOMM WEBINAR – JANUARY 12, 2016 • • • •

Topic: “Future State/Projections for the Industry” Time: 2:00 – 3:00 PM (EST) AccuZIP Role: Sponsor Presenter: Andy Paparozzi (Epicomm Chief Economist)


Topic: “Marketing to Millennials: Essential Strategies for B2B and B2C” Time: 2:00 – 3:00 PM (EST) AccuZIP Role: Co-Presenter with Trish Witkowski from FoldFactory/Rock the Mailbox

ACCUZIP VARIABLE MAPS Add 100% personalized variable maps to your marketing campaigns!


Watch the BUZZ Video here (:39 mark)

PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: ACCUZIP MAPS By Mark Rheaume, National Postal Affairs Director and Partnership Liaison Officer AccuZIP’s Maps and Geo-Information services give marketers new tools to increase the efficiency and response rates of their direct mail marketing campaigns. This technology won a 2015 MUST SEE ‘EMS award at Graph Expo. We are excited to bring this technology to you, our loyal customer partners, and hope you will work with us to integrate this into your service offerings to grow your business. With AccuZIP Maps, marketers (your customer partners) can add 100% personalized variable data maps to their direct marketing communications. These maps show directions from the recipient’s address to the featured location or event. AccuZIP Maps integrate well into all types of campaigns including print, email, and PURLS to facilitate and personalize the message for each communication. Interested users simply send AccuZIP their data (addresses for recipients and their defined/desired parameters around the end point on the map). We securely deliver back the download links for the maps and Geo-Data for use on the communication vehicle (printing, e-mail or PURLS) defined. You can print these variable data maps directly out of AccuZIP if desired. It’s simple! AccuZIP’s Geo-Information services supplement the maps and images used in these communications, enhance mailing lists, and improve the efficiency of both. These services enable marketers to boost response rates by adding highly personalized information to their campaigns that enables marketers to achieve a better and measurable return on their investment (ROI). This is the measure of value all marketers are challenged with measuring and reporting. This technology gets them the information they desire.

These personalized maps get attention! Each map contains detailed directions to the destination and information about how far it is or how long it will take (mapping the shortest distance) to arrive! Studies show this type of information engages the consumer and drives response! The maps can feature starting/finishing icons, travel time, turn by turn directions, etc. The possibilities are endless and there is nothing out there like it! AccuZIP Maps and Geo-Information Services coupled with the existing data quality services built into the AccuZIP6 technology ensures the quality and accuracy of the address database prior to mailing. It effectively creates a fully personalized multi-channel solution for direct mailers, e-mailers, and those utilizing both channels to reach their desired audience. It combines good data hygiene, postal compliance, mail tracking, and messaging with visually stimulating personalized maps. This combination of compliance, personalization, and infographics takes multichannel marketing to the next level and truly optimizes direct marketing campaigns. AccuZIP is here to help. This technology is available now and will provide you a competitive advantage (increased service offering), greater opportunity to grow revenue (this is a chargeable service) and as with all of our technologies, outstanding value. Call us today at 800233-0555 or visit us now at for more information about this wonderful and effective tool! To view some sample images and actual case studies go to: If you already have AccuZIP Maps and Geo-Information Services as part of your AccuZIP6 software package, please do not hesitate to contact our sales or support team for helpful tips and ideas!




TECH SUPPORT INSIGHTS By Eric Lambeth, Technical Support Director & Website Coordinator/Product Specialist Here is something to keep in mind when using AccuZIP6 with the AccuTrace Intelligent Mail Tracking Service ( After presorting your list in AccuZIP6, you would click on the Print Labels button to get to the Print Settings window. In Print Settings, when you check the Upload to AccuTrace box and then hit Print or Continue, this will trigger AccuZIP6 to generate the Intelligent Mail Barcode information (in the imbarcode and imbdigits fields). This information will upload to AccuTrace. Serial numbers that uniquely identify each barcode are embedded in the intelligent mail barcode. If you presort the list a second time, this will create new barcode information with new serial numbers. The addresses will appear in the same containers and in the same order, but if you compare barcodes for the same address between two presorts, the barcodes should look much different. I’ve spoken to people who have presorted, uploaded to AccuTrace, and then later presorted the same list again and printed that second

presort. They’re the same names and addresses, in the same order, but the different presort now creates new barcodes with new serial numbers. For example, 100 Main Street in Presort 1 could have a serial number of 000001 while that same address in Presort 2 might have a serial number of 500001. Since the printed piece has the serial of 500001, then it’s serial number 500001 that gets scanned by the USPS,. Therefore, what you uploaded to AccuTrace (serial number 000001 rather than 500001 for that piece) won’t get any scan results. . SO HERE’S A TIP: When using AccuTrace to track your mail, the presort that you upload to AccuTrace has to be the presort that you print. You can always delete the jobs off of AccuTrace that you won’t be printing in case you have to presort a second time. Just make sure what gets printed also gets uploaded.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT SPECIALIST SPOTLIGHT By Eric Lambeth, Technical Support Director & Website Coordinator/Product Specialist My name is Eric Lambeth, and at 44 years of age, I’ve now been with AccuZIP for over half my life.

hand to those businesses that started small and have now grown large.

My job title at AccuZIP shows my involvement in the departments of Technical Support, Website Design, and Product Sales.

Away from the office, I’m supported by my wife and three young kids, ranging in ages from 4-12. Our family life heavily revolves around sports. My wife was a marathon runner and my sons are football, basketball and soccer stars. My four-year-old daughter doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll be an Olympic gymnast in about 10 years – or a ballerina.

I started out with AccuZIP many years ago when we were located in Huntington Beach, CA as a shipping clerk. I left for a short while to pursue other interests and then returned when I was offered a job in the Technical Support Department. This was a perfect fit for me due to my desire to help people. Helping others was fulfilling my own needs as it gave me purpose, as opposed to doing something just to earn a paycheck. Over the years, I’ve formed a lot of important friendships with the people I’ve served. I take pride in having lent a

6 | 800.233.0555

In what little spare time I have, I enjoy coaching and studying basketball year-round and squeezing in time for bicycle riding or working out at the local gym.


CALL CENTER UPDATE: CRM SYSTEMS ARE WORTH A LOOK By Rolf Gehrung, Sales Director Much has been written about the power and effectiveness of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Organizations spend over $4.1 billion each year on the tools alone, and they have over 8 million users and are growing quickly. Salesforce is the most robust and flexible CRM tool available today. Salesforce’s strategy is to create open systems that leverage “bestof-breed” solutions to resolve business process challenges. Many organizations invest in building “one-off” systems of their own. Salesforce’s popularity comes from their community of over 2,000 developers. This group provides enhanced flexibility through specific applications via their “APPEXCHANGE”. AccuZIP manages its CRM database using Our seven month implementation has gone well and we are currently finalizing our “APP”. What are some ways a CRM solution can benefit your business? •

Managed “relationships” built within the tool allow you to organize customer, partner, and contact data effectively.

Manage correspondence and build a history of all contacts and conversations.

Accurate CRM data helps businesses grow and retain customer partners and alleviates communication issues that decimate effective processes.

Automatically create “triggers” or “work flows” (i.e. reduce order confirmation to an automated email process that thanks a customer for their order).

Effective business management (i.e. visibility of who your most valuable customer partners are, ROI tracking, marketing campaign tracking, and sales activity management).

Despite these advantages, many still think their business is not ready for an integrated CRM solution. AccuZIP knows that flexible solutions are available and affordable (many offer free trials). If you want full visibility into your sales and marketing activity while reducing costs and increasing both revenue and margins, CRM solutions are worth a look.




AccuZIP ZIPLine December 2015 Edition  

AccuZIP ZIPLine Newsletter December 2015/January 2016

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