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3-Phase DIN Rail Mount Solid State Relays AC/DC Input; 30 A, 660 Vac Output ⻬ Integrated Heat Sink ⻬ Mounts on DIN Rail or Panel ⻬ Optically Isolated ⻬ Safe to the Touch ⻬ 1200 V Blocking Voltage ⻬ Zero Voltage Turn-On ⻬ 4000 V Isolation ⻬ Built-In Snubber ⻬ LED Indicator OMEGA’s SSR3PH Series 3-phase solid state relay is a fully integrated device with heat sink and DIN rail mounting plate in a space-saving design. Each unit is touch safe with LED input indication. This normally open, zero crossing device is capable of millions of cycles of operation. Dual SCR’s provide a high level of reliability, capable of handling higher overloads than triacs. This 3-phase solid state relay is designed for switching power to 3-phased asynchronous motors and to resistive loads.

8.0 (0.31)



SSR3PH660DC30, $145, shown smaller than actual size.

MOST POPULAR MODEL HIGHLIGHTED! To Order (Specify Model Number) Model Number



Nominal Rating



30 A /phase



DC control signal (660 Vac line) AC control signal (660 Vac line)

30 A /phase

DC Control Specifications

Dimensions: mm (in) Ø = diameter 75.0 (2.95)

SSR3PH Series Starts at

B 0.47 (B 0.185) (4X)

Line Load Model Voltage Current Number Range (Vac) Range (Arms) SSR3PH660DC30 24 to 660 0.1 to 30

Min Control Voltage and Current Draw 4 Vdc/10 mA

Max Control Release Voltage and Voltage Current Draw (Vdc) 32 Vdc/15 mA 1

Load Min Control Model Line Voltage Current Voltage and Number Range (Vac) Range (Arms) Current Draw SSR3PH660AC30 48 to 660 0.05 to 30 100 Vac/10 mA

Max Control Release Voltage and Voltage Current Draw (Vac) 280 Vac/33 mA 20

AC Control Specifications 74.0 (2.91) 90.0 (3.54)

Comes complete with operator’s manual. Ordering Example: SSR3PH660DC30, DC relay, $145.

80.0 (3.15) 87.0 (3.43)

Derating Curve

100.0 (3.94)

25 mm (1')


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三相固态继电器Vac 输入/Vac输出 DIN导轨或面板安装,集成散热器,安装DIN导轨或面板上,光学隔离,可安全触摸, 1200 Volt 闭塞电压,零点电压Zero Voltage Turn-On,绝缘4000 Volt,内置减震器


三相固态继电器Vac 输入/Vac输出 DIN导轨或面板安装,集成散热器,安装DIN导轨或面板上,光学隔离,可安全触摸, 1200 Volt 闭塞电压,零点电压Zero Voltage Turn-On,绝缘4000 Volt,内置减震器