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Connector Accessories For Miniature Size Connectors Wire Wraps Neatly Around Caddy Body

Wire Caddy (Spool Cap) Model No. Price Pkg Compatible Connectors SMP-SC $3.00/pkg of 5 SMPW, HMPW SWHCL 7.50/pkg of 20 SMPW, HMPW

SMP-SC wire caddy shown with SMP-T-M

Write-on Window SWHCL wire caddy shown with SMPW-K-M

Dual Element Tube Clamp Model No. Price DX-BRLK-(*)-SMP $7.00

Compatible Connectors SMPW, HMPW

*Insert probe diameter: “116” for 1⁄16", or “18” for 1⁄8"

DX-BRLK-(*)-SMP dual element tube clamp shown with (2) SMP-J-M

Ferrite Cable Clamp Model No. Price PCLM-SMP-FT $2.50 PCLM-SMP-RSC-FT 2.50


Price $1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00

Compatible Connectors SMPW, GMP, HGMP HMPW, MTP

Compatible Connectors SMPW, HMPW NMP GMP, HGMP SMPW, HMPW (larger size wire) SHX-MF

Miniature Strain Relief Tubing Model No. Price/Pkg Compatible Connectors MSRT-116-(*) See Note SMPW, HMPW, Below MSRT-332-(*) GMP, HGMP MSRT-532-10 $0.50 *Insert quantity: select from 5/$0.30, 10/$0.50, 50/$2.50, 100/$5.00. Center number denotes tubing inside diameter: “316” for 3⁄16", “332” for 3⁄32", “532” for 5⁄32".

Rubber Boots Model No. MRB MRBS

Price/Pair $1.50 2.00

MRB rated to 200°

MRBS rated to 450°

Compatible Connectors SMPW, HMPW SMPW, HMPW


For miniature connectors with built-in ferrite, please see page G-31. ferrite core included.

PCLM-SMP cable clamp shown with SMPW-J-M

Connector Accessories For Miniature Size Connectors Safety clip SMCL

Shown with GMP-T-MF

Safety Clip Model No. Price/Pkg of 10 SMCL $1.00 FMCL 1.00

Compatible Connectors SMPW, GMP, HMPW, HGMP FMP, FMPW, HFMP, HFMPW


Panel Mounting Bracket (Standard and Round Hole) “A” Model No. Price Compatible Connectors Dimension SMACL $2.00 SMPW, GMP, HMPW, HGMP 0.88" MACL 2.00 NMP 0.88" SRMACL 2.00 SMPW, GMP, HMPW, HGMP 0.67" RMACL 2.00 NMP 0.67"


SRMACL round hole panel mounting bracket.

SMACL panel mounting bracket.

G Wire Hole Reducer-For Smaller Gauge Wires SMPW Connectors Model No. Price/Pkg of 20 RB-SMP-100 $1.00 RB-SMP-140 1.00

RB-SMP-100 wire hole reducers shown with SMPW-K-M

Reduced Hole Opening 2.54 (0.100") Dia. 3.55 (0.140") Dia.

Dimensions: mm (in) 1.575 (0.062)

7.92 (0.312)

1.27 (0.050)

Crimp Style Bushing Model Number (*)B-SMP-CR020-(**) (*)B-SMP-CR032-(**) (*)B-SMP-CR040-(**) (*)B-SMP-CR1.5MM-(**) (*)B-SMP-CR062-(**) (*)B-SMP-CR093-(**) (*)B-SMP-CR3.0mm-(**) (*)B-SMP-CR125-(**)

Dia A-ID mm (in) 0.56(0.022) 0.89 (0.035) 1.09 (0.043) 1.57 (0.062) 1.65 (0.065) 2.44 (0.096) 3.10 (0.122) 3.25 (0.128)

Dia B-OD mm (in) 2.95 (0.116) 2.95 (0.116) 2.95 (0.116) 2.95 (0.116) 2.95 (0.116) 4.72 (0.186) 4.72 (0.186) 4.72 (0.186)

Dia C mm (in) 3.25 (0.128) 3.25 (0.128) 3.25 (0.128) 3.25 (0.128) 3.25 (0.128) 3.96 (0.156) 3.96 (0.156) 3.96 (0.156)

Dia E mm (in) 4.72 (0.186) 4.72 (0.186) 4.72 (0.186) 4.72 (0.186) 4.72 (0.186) N/A N/A N/A

Compatible Connectors


Brass price, pack of 10 is $5, pack of 100 is $20. Stainless steel price, pack of 10 is $10, pack of 100 is $40. Ordering Example: SB-SMP-CR040-100 pkg of 100 crimp style stainless steel bushing for 0.040 diameter probe, $40.

Clamp Grommets Silicone 0.25" long Price Inside Outside Model No. Per pkg Diameter Diameter Length SSRT-CC-018-(*) 3.18 (0.125) SSRT-CC-332-(*) See Note 2.38 (0.094) 4.77 6.35 (0.250) SSRT-CC-116-(*) Below 1.59 (0.063) (0.188) SSRT-CC-132-(*) 0.79 (0.032) * Insert pkg quantity: select from 5/$0.30,10/$0.50, 50/$2.50, 100/$5.00

Compatible Connectors OSTW Male or Female

Center number denotes grommet inside diameter for 0.75" long strain relief tubing see accessories page G-33


(*) Insert “B” for brass or “S” for stainless steel (**) Insert quantity: “10” or “100.” “CR” number indicates compatible probe diameter. To order crimping tool for use with these bushings, specify model number BB-SMT-CT, $177.

PATENTED Covered by U.S and International patents and pending applications

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热电偶配件 热电偶附件 SMP-CC-TOOL模型是快速装配SMP或SMPW连接器以及TC线缆带夹子的SMPW-CC线缆夹的工具。工具的组成具有高度的灵活性,线,连接器和SMPW-CC线缆组装的时间减少了2/3,SMPW-CC必不可少的线缆夹子能够有效的改善传统手工螺丝钉导致的一...