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2013 Accross  College  update  to  the  ‘Diamond  Ambassadors’    

24+ Loans:  -­‐  For  staff  where  there  is  no  funding  available   (over  24’s)  we  can  assist  with  a  government  learning  loan!  

Access to  funding  for  staff  training  and  development  with  the  24+   Student  Loan  scheme;  research  shows  that  on  average  further   education  courses  provide  learners  and  employers  with  substantial   benefits  when  they  undertake  advanced  and  higher  level   qualifications.    

• From August  2013,  Employees  aged  24  or  above  on  the  first  day   of  their  course  can  obtain  an  Advanced  Learning  Loans    to   support    training  on  a  level  3  or  above  course  which  includes   QCF  Certificates  and  Diplomas,  access  to  HE,  A-­‐Levels  and   advanced  and  higher  apprenticeships  includes  Advanced  and   Higher  Apprenticeship  frameworks.       • The  minimum  loan  amount  is  £300  and  repayments  will  only   start  when  the  income  rises  above  £21,000     • Employees  undertaking  education  can  benefit  your  business   with  increased  productivity,  retention  and  lower  staff  turnover.     • Training  can  be  tailored  to  link  with  previous  and  planned  staff   development  and  appraisal  process  giving  you  an  educated   workforce  which  will  deliver  real   business  benefits.  

• Employers will  be  supported  by  Accrington  &  Rossendale   College  and  the  National  Apprenticeship  Service  to  help  their   employees  access  the  loans.     • Employers  can  also  make  individual  agreements  with  their   employees  about  Loan  repayment  with  opportunities  for   employers  to  ‘tie  in’  employees  through  various  bonus   schemes/help  to  pay  off  loan  on  completion  ensuring  the   investment  in    skills/knowledge  remains  within  the  company    

  Traineeships:  -­‐    Are  you  able  to  offer  a  work  placement  to  a   young  person  on  a  Traineeship  programme  and  in  return  get   an  eager  and  motivated  trainee  member  of  staff  at  no  cost   to  you?   Here  is  a  little  more  information  on  the  Accrington  and  Rossendale   College    Traineeship  offer  -­‐  a  study  programme  offering  high  quality   training  with  a  work  placement:   • Placements  must  be  a  minimum  of  6  weeks  but  can  be  1  or   more  days  as  determined  by  the  employer  with  max.  of  5   months     • Eligible  learners  can  access  Accross  bursary  and  learning   support  funds     • We  ask  that  at  the  end  of  the  traineeship,  the  company  will   offer  the  student  an  interview  into  an  apprenticeship,    direct   employment  or  signpost  to  further  training  and  development     • Across  will  provide  ‘round  the  clock’  support  from  a  training   support  officer.    

• English and  Maths  tuition  where  required  to  achieve   accreditation  from  a  framework  of  bite  size  credit  qualifications   to  develop  the  underpinning  skills  needed  to  progress  to  a   Functional  Skills  qualification.  

Traineeship eligibility  criteria:  

• 16 –  18     • 19  –  24  yr  old  in  receipt  of  benefits  (Job  Centre  clients)     • Little  or  no  work  experience  but  with  potential  to  be  ready  for   an  apprenticeship  in  6  months     • Unemployed  on  first  day  of  traineeship     • Not  yet  achieved  a  full  Level  3  qual  

Benefits of  an  Accross  traineeship:   • Supporting  local  young  people  back  into  employment  by   providing  experience  in  a  vital  ‘real  life’  work  situation       • ‘Try  before  you  buy’  –  Traineeships  offer  a  company  the  unique   opportunity  to  thoroughly  assess  the  suitability  of  a  candidate   before  committing  to  an  employment  or  apprenticeship   contract     • The  trainee  will  benefit  from  the  company  feedback  to  aid   further  development  into  a  future  ‘employable  individual’              

Apprenticeships: -­‐  Are  you  thinking  of  taking  on  a  new   employee?  Eligible  Employers  will  receive  a  £1500  grant   from  the  Government  for  taking  on  an  Apprentice  age  16-­‐   24!  

Apprenticeships have  been  one  of  the  big  success  stories  in  recent   years,  producing  confident  and  capable  workers  who  have  the  skills   they  need  to  contribute  to  your  business.      Hiring  an  apprentice  is  a   proven  way  to  expand  your  workforce  and  make  your  business   more  competitive:    

• Help With  Funding  -­‐  If  you  take  on  a  16-­‐18  year  old  apprentice   their  training  is  100%  subsidised.     • Grants  -­‐  to  encourage  new  employers  to  take  on  apprentices,   The  National  Apprenticeship  Service  provide  Apprenticeship   grants  of  £1500  to  employers  with  up  to  1000  employees,  who   have  not  taken  an  apprentice  in  the  last  12  months  and  who   are  recruiting  16  to  24  year  olds.       • Over  130,000  businesses  in  the  UK  already  offer  Apprenticeship   places  because  of  the  massive  benefits  brought  to  their   companies  and  the  impact  on  their  bottom  line.     • Fill  Your  Skills  Gaps  -­‐  Apprenticeships  deliver  skills  designed   around  what  your  business  needs.    They  have  the  latest  training   and  use  the  latest  technology.     • Expand  Your  Workforce  -­‐  Apprenticeships  offer  a  cost-­‐effective   way  of  expanding  your  workforce  and  becoming  more   competitive.     • Track  Record  -­‐  Apprenticeships  have  been  around  for  so  long   because  they  work  well.    In  a  recent  survey  80%  of  those   employers  who  have  taken  on  an  apprentice  agree  that  they   make  their  workplace  more  productive  

• Support -­‐  From  helping  you  recruit  capable  and  enthusiastic   youngsters  to  monitoring  their  progress,  you’ll  get  as  much   help  as  you  need  to  make  hiring  and  training  your  apprentice  as   smooth  as  possible.     • Apprentices  are  smart  investments  -­‐  From  a  purely  financial   point  of  view,  hiring  and  apprentice  is  one  of  the  better   investments  a  business  can  make.  

Diamond ambassadors  
Diamond ambassadors