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You will find a lot of hobbyist these days who love to keep marine aquariums. This is mainly because of the wide variety of beautiful saltwater fish you can get these days. This marine aquarium care guide for beginners is basically like your bible. It is an answer to all of your questions and to your prayers as well. Although this will tell you the seven basic secrets you need to go through other books which will help you out as well. •Let star with the equipment which is needed. You will find that in these times most of the equipment is completely functional in both fresh water and salt water aquariums. But then make sure that you do not save out on money just to buy something which is economical. You will have to pay say around 8 to 19 dollars on a system which will help you save 30 dollar fish. So buying good equipment is worth the money. •A lot of people think that they require under gravel filters for marine aquarium care but that isn't the case. The only things that there aquariums require are lots of gravel, a hydrometer and also a sea salt mix. •If you get a large tank for your marine fish then it will be easier to manage them. This is because you will be able to balance the chemical requirements in the tank easily. You will also have a larger door for options when it comes to the fish compatibility this way. But if you are on a budget crunch then you should probably go for the medium sized ones. •Then comes the fish you need to put in the tank. A very important thing to be kept in mind is the compatibility of the fish. You need to know which of them get along and which don't. If you see that the fish are barely related or they don't resemble each other, they will be able to get along well. •Make sure that when you keep the fish you don't over feed them. This is an important thing to keep in mind for marine aquarium care. People always think that their fish are hungry and that they should be fed always but then this is wrong. If you feed them too much they will have health issues and the tank will also get dirty. •Don't overstock your tank with fish. You might be tempted to put in a lot of fish into a single tank because it might look good but then the basic rule of marine aquarium care is violated then. The tank will get dirty and the fish will fight too. •The final rule for marine aquarium care is to not spray anything into the tank. This will harm the fish.

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==== ==== For great Marine Aquariums tips check this out. ==== ====

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