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BOND Photographed by Terry O’Neill Terry O’Neill; edited by James Clarke Terry O’Neill was given his first chance to photograph Sean Connery as James Bond in the film Goldfinger. From that moment, O’Neill’s association with Bond was made. It was O’Neill who captured gritty and roguish pictures of Connery on set, and it was O’Neill who framed the super-suave Roger Moore in Live and Let Die. His images of Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore are also important, celebrating the vital role of women in the James Bond world. But it is Terry O’Neill’s casual, on-set photographs of a mischievous Connery walking around the casinos of Las Vegas or Roger Moore dancing on a bed with co-star Madeline Smith that show the other side of the world’s most recognizable spy. Terry O’Neill opens his archive to give readers – and viewers – the chance to enter the dazzling world of James Bond. Lavish color and black and white images are complemented by insights from O’Neill, alongside a series of original essays on the world of James Bond by BAFTA-long listed film writer, James Clarke; and newly conducted interviews with a number of actors featured in O’Neill’s photographs.

Iconic portraits and contact sheets from Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Live and Let Die, Golden Eye and the Bond spoof Casino Royale, published to coincide with the new James Bond film, No Time to Die.

9781788840729 ACC Art Books 11.25 x 12.75in. 256pp., col., b.&w. March 2020 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover



Stones From the Inside Rare and Unseen Images Bill Wyman As soon as Bill Wyman was given a camera as a young boy, he quickly developed a passion for photography. After joining what would become the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band, Wyman continued his hobby. When he didn’t have his bass, he had his camera. The result is an arresting, insightful and often poignant collection of photographs, showing his exclusive inside view of the band. From traveling to relaxing, backstage and on, Stones From the Inside is a unique view captured by a man who was there, every step of the way. Along with the images of the band at work and play, Wyman includes remarkable images of those along for the ride, from John Lennon, Eric Clapton, David Bowie and Iggy Pop to John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. To accompany his photographs, Wyman offers up wonderful insights, anecdotes and behind-thephoto stories, giving all of us a front-row seat and backstage pass to what it was like to be there, as music history was made as a member of The Rolling Stones.

9781788840699 ACC Art Books 9.25 x 11.75in. 272pp., 246 col., 28 b.&w. March 2020 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover Limited edition: 9781788840682 December 2019 $499.00/CDN$673.50 Hardcover, slipcase, with print, 40% discount, non-returnable



Known, unknown, rare and unseen images from Bill Wyman, capturing life onstage, backstage and on the road. Also available in a luxurious limited slip cased edition accompanied by a print.

Colonists, Citizens, Constitutions Creating the American Republic James Hrdlicka; Foreword by Ruth Bader Ginsburg Colonists, Citizens, Constitutions highlights documents that tell the story of American constitutionalism from the founding era through the turn of the twentieth century. Accompanying a major exhibition at the New-York Historical Society and the Museum of the American Revolution, the book features federal and state constitutional materials – including a rare, privately owned copy of the original 1787 US constitution – that offer essential windows onto the history of the United States. Remarkably numerous and impressively diverse, constitutions enabled Americans to create revolutionary governments of, by, and for the people. Weaving both well-known and less familiar documents into a compelling narrative, the accessible text reveals how Americans have exercised their constitutional powers to shape their communities and why democracy remains an on going process, one in which citizens must constantly strive to create ‘more perfect’ unions among themselves.

9781785512070 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 8 x 10.5in. 208pp., 80 col. January 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

Colonists, Citizens, Constitutions highlights documents that tell the story of American constitutionalism from the founding era through the turn of the twentieth century. Accompanies an exhibition at the New-York Historical Society February 26-May 26, 2020 and the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia June 1-July 5, 2020.



Nothing Has Changed Portraits of the US Larry Niehues & Andrew Pogany. Foreword by Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) “I’m proud to say I’m from the USA because I’ve really seen it with my own eyes – all the beauty and the destruction, the tradition and the innovation, the loud cities and the quiet little spaces.” – Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys). Larry Niehues, a French-born photographer who lives in the United States, traveled around the country for 5 years photographing modern day America while seeking out the continuing presence of a timeless post-war ‘old America’. Photographed using 35mm film, his portraits of people and iconic small town life (motels, diners, gas stations, cars), evoke mid-century American life in a way that is both authentic and powerful in the tradition of William Eggleston, Dennis Hopper, Bruce Davidson, and Robert Frank.

9789401463065 Lannoo Publishers 11.5 x 9.5in. 240pp., 200 col., 40 b.&w. November 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover



A photographic portrait of America today in the spirit of Robert Frank and Dennis Hopper, shot with analogue 35mm. film.

Roman Art A Guide Through The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Collection Paul Zanker, Seán Hemingway, Christopher S. Lightfoot, and Joan R. Mertens The collection of Roman art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the finest in the world. It contains more than 5,000 objects, including exquisite cameos, refined silver vessels and utensils, spectacular Pompeiian frescoes, monumental sculptures in stone and bronze and elaborate sarcophagi. This handsome guide features a selection of over 200 of the most important works that exemplify this rich and diverse collection, each presented in detail and illustrated with stunning color photography. Every work is accompanied by an engaging text written by prominent scholars that establishes the object’s significance in antiquity, and thus provides new insights for a contemporary understanding of ancient Roman art.

9781785511837 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 8.5 x 11in. 424pp., 410 col., 25 b.&w. March 2020 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Paperback

The definitive showcase of the Roman art collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, featuring over 200 works highlighted with stunning photography and engaging scholarship.



Kaiser Karl The Life of Karl Lagerfeld Raphaëlle Bacqué On the last morning of his life, Karl Lagerfeld’s only companion was Sébastien, his bodyguard and right-hand man. The king of fashion insisted on being cremated, along with his universally recognizable ‘gear’ – the dark glasses and high starched collar that served as a bastion for his secrets. It is only now that witnesses have begun to talk. Thus emerges the story of Karl Lagerfeld: his father’s past in the heart of wartime Germany, his rivalry with Yves Saint Laurent (enflamed by his only love, Jacques de Bascher) and the networks he forged with the biggest luxury manufacturers in the world as he compiled his vast fortune. Truly an unparalleled icon in the history of fashion, Lagerfeld’s legacy lives on today.

9781788840705 ACC Art Books 5.75 x 8.75in. 256pp. February 2020 $25.00/CDN$34.50 Hardcover

An intimate and welldocumented biography of Karl Lagerfeld, ex-creative director of Chanel and international fashion icon.

“This first biography, fed by many first-rate witnesses… we laugh, we shudder, we admire.” – Elle

Also available:

Kenzo Takada Kazuko Masui 9781788840019 ACC Art Books $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover



Conran/Quant Swinging London – A Lifestyle Revolution

Dressing in Dreams The Couture Fashion Illustrations of Eris Tran

9781788840118 ACC Art Books $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

9781864708530 The Images Publishing Group $25.00/CDN$34.00 Flexibind

Adorning Fashion The History of Costume Jewellery to modern Times 9781788840477 ACC Art Books $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover

Shaun Leane Shaun Leane; texts from Jo Hardy, Vivienne Becker and Claire Wilcox Celebrated world-wide for his modern romantic jewels that push the boundaries of contemporary design, Shaun Leane has been responsible for creating a new genre of jewelry; precious, poetic, with a sense of eternity, yet relevant to today’s world. Illustrated with a breath-taking combination of high fashion shots and detailed close-ups of the pieces themselves. Captured by photographers Nick Knight, Robert Fairer and Chris Moore, along with a dedicated photo essay of unseen backstage images recorded by Leane’s close friend Ann Ray. Shaun Leane is introduced by the jeweler himself, then divided into three distinct parts: His heritage and training, by Joanna Hardy; reflections on Leane’s famous collaboration with Alexander McQueen, by Claire Wilcox; and his modern classic commercial jewelry style, by Vivienne Becker. Altogether, this book provides a vital overview of an artist that will be of interest to anyone who follows the contemporary jewelry and fashion scene.

9781788840736 ACC Art Books 9.75 x 13.5in. 320pp., 300 col. April 2020 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

A comprehensive visual record of the life’s work of this renowned jewelry designer, known for his work with Alexander McQueen.

Decorative Arts


Nantucket Classic American style 30 miles out to sea Liza Gershman and Carrie Nieman Culpepper Nantucket: Classic American style 30 miles out to sea explores how the island’s classic New England nautical style is shaped by its rugged landscape, as well as the sport, art, and lifestyle of its influential and everyday inhabitants. The island’s tight-knit community of achievers, dreamers, and dropouts has created an enviable aesthetic that’s affected in equal measure by the people, its historic gray-shingle homes and the 14-mile-long island itself, its wind, sea, and wild landscape. This stunningly photographed book will feature portraits and environmental shots of summer residents and islanders in their homes and leisure pursuits across the island, as well as watercolor illustrations of elements that shape their Nantucket style.

9781864708707 The Images Publishing Group 7.75 x 9.75in. 224pp., May 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

Features gorgeous photographic portraits and environmental shots of islanders in their homes and leisure pursuits, as well as illustrations of elements that shape signature Nantucket aesthetics. The visuals are complemented with essays on the island customs, activities, and history that helped shape this island’s unique culture.

East London Homes Creative Interiors from London’s East End Sarah Bagner with photography by Jon Aaron Green East London is known the world over for its creativity, diversity and rich history. Stylist and author Sarah Bagner and photographer Jon Aaron Green have stepped through the doors of the most exciting homes in the area, each one reflecting the individual style of the people who live there. Artists, architects, designers, musicians, restaurateurs and more have transformed both classical and modern spaces to reflect their personal tastes. Combining insightful text based on Sarah’s interviews and beautiful photography from Jon, these homes capture the unique and eclectic spirit of a fast-changing East London.

9781910566596 Hoxton Mini Press 7.75 x 10in. 256pp., 190 col., 3 b.&w. November 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover



A journey through 30 inspiring interiors in London’s most creative and diverse neighborhood.

The Little Book of Trees Dominique Pen Du Where does the apricot tree come from? Why is the oak-tree regarded as the king of all trees? What is made from the walnut tree? Why were lindens planted around churches in the Middle Ages? What are the birch-tree’s pharmaceutical properties? Why is the yew’s shade deemed to be dangerous? Exquisitely illustrated with colorful lithographs, this little album is a pocket-sized encyclopedia, containing hundreds of anecdotes on around 80 species of trees.

9782379641039 E/P/A 4 x 6.25in. 176pp., 81 col. February 2020 $16.95/CDN$22.95 Hardcover

Discover 80 trees from around the world through elegant vintage illustrations. The Little Book of The Moon Brigitte Bulard-Cordeau How old is the moon? What are the names of the various lunar maria? What is a lunar eclipse? What is a waxing crescent? Who drew the first map of this celestial body? This pocket encyclopedia, punctuated with vintage illustrations, provides a wealth of information on anything to do with the moon, in a wide array of categories including scientific, artistic and literary.

9782379641046 E/P/A 4 x 6.25in. 176pp., 81 col. March 2020 $16.95/CDN$22.95 Hardcover Also available in the series: The Little Book of Cats ISBN 9782812317408 The Little Book of Dogs ISBN 9782812318580 The Little Books of New York ISBN 9782812315329 The Little Book of Paris ISBN 9782812313318 The Little Books of Birds ISBN 9782812316364 The Little book of Versailles ISBN 9782812317804 The Little Book of Roses ISBN 9782379640810 The Little Book of Medicinal Plants ISBN 9782812319815 The Little Book of The Language of Flowers ISBN 9782812318924

A compact encyclopedia of a wide variety of subjects related to The Moon, offering a great mix of scientific facts and popular myths. Gift


Porsche 911 Iconic Vehicles Made From LEGO® Bricks Joachim Klang In this new book, Build Your Own Porsche 911 Legends, by Joachim (Joe) Klang, LEGO® enthusiasts can bring sports cars from the legendary Porsche 911 series to life in their own home using their existing collection of LEGO® bricks. With easy to follow step-by-step instructions that illustrate how to build these models from LEGO®, readers can be assured that no details are missed. Fans of all skill levels can enjoy this latest addition as well as other successful titles from the passionate author including: Build Your Own Lego Vehicles ISBN 9783868527667 Tips For Kids: Record-Breaking Brick Vehicles ISBN 9783958435513

9783966640022 Heel Verlag 8 x 10in. 128pp., 100 col. April 2020 $19.95/CDN$26.95 Paperback

The latest addition to the successful LEGO® library written by renowned LEGO® enthusiast Joachim Klang.

Iconic Objects Made of LEGO® Bricks Joachim Klang In his latest book, Joachim (Joe) Klang presents the reader with a fascinating choice of exclusively designed LEGO® models, featuring cool, classic objects that everyone will recognize. With illustrated simple step-by-step instructions, LEGO® fans can create iconic objects such as the Polaroid® camera, the Nintendo® Gameboy or the Rubik’s cube using their own collection of bricks. More step-by-step LEGO® model books are also available from the author including: Bricks and Tricks ISBN 9783958437623 Tips and Tricks ISBN 9783958434790

9783966640039 Heel Verlag 9.75 x 9.75in. 144pp., 100 col. July 2020 $24.95/CDN$33.95 Hardcover



A new how-to book for LEGO® fans on building models of iconic everyday items.

At Home Solace in Nature Edited by The Images Publishing Group This book is a treatise on how to reconnect people with nature through contemporary architecture and design. At Home is about finding solace within the landscape in the bluffs, mountains, hills, woodlands, forests, bushland reserves or hinterlands without eschewing the mode of luxury living associated with sophisticated design elegance and innovative architectural features. Showcasing dozens of new, innovative architectural styles and interiors, these captivating and beautifully designed homes have taken indoor/outdoor living to a whole new level, blending architecture seamlessly into the surrounding vistas without resorting to architectural clichĂŠ. Each design documents the importance of place, engages context with climate, and offers residents with spaces that cater to different modes of family living, all the while being integrated organically within spectacularly dramatic yet serene settings.

9781864708448 The Images Publishing Group 8.25 x 11in. 192pp., 250 col. May 2020 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

At Home: Solace in Nature is for those who aspire to live surrounded by natural forest vistas, hills or mountains, but want the sophisticated elegance and luxury of contemporary home design.



Beautiful Beach Houses Living in Stunning Coastal Escapes Edited by The Images Publishing Group The lure of a home by the ocean resonates with us all, bringing to mind the beauty and changing moods of the water, the intoxicating salty scent and the sound of waves against the shore. But what makes a beach house, and how does the idea of a home by the coast differ across the world? This stunning edition showcases a global arrayof beautifully designed coastal homes, with a diverse mix of types, from Hamptons style to more minimalist residences, reflecting the different landscapes and locations. Lavishly illustrated with full-color images of award-winning architecture combined with spectacular views, this curated list brings together the most recent designs from highly regarded architects to produce the best examples of contemporary beach house residential design. This book is a captivating glimpse into the irresistible world of modern and stylish contemporary living in homes that take full advantage of their beachside settings.

9781864708615 The Images Publishing Group 9 x 10.5in. 256pp., col. March 2020 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover



Showcases more than 30 designs from around the world, and provides a glimpse into smart contemporary living in homes that take full advantage of coastal environments.

Infinity House An Endless View Edited by The Images Publishing Group Introduction by Marc Kristal There’s something especially beautiful about being able to look to the full expanse of a horizon, something that speaks to the most ancient part of our soul. With the continuing build up of our surroundings, that precious ability to gaze into the unfettered distance is one we all appreciate and savor. This stunning edition showcases incredible houses in simply amazing locations, where the architect has rightly championed the accessibility to the endless views. Lavishly illustrated with full-color images of award-winning architecture, this compilation draws you in through its winning designs, but its the glorious and enticing images of the vast horizon that will capture your imagination. We may all not be lucky enough to inhabit an eye-catching designer home with views to die for, but at least we can all share the beauty through these breathtakingly evocative images.

9781864708622 The Images Publishing Group 8.5 x 11in. 264pp., col. April 2020 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

Comprises a compelling list of contemporary houses purposefully designed to capture unparalleled views of nature to the mysterious far and beckoning horizon.



new exhibition design 03 Ed. by Uwe J. Reinhardt, Philipp Teufel in cooperation with edi - Exhibition Design Institute, Dusseldorf The new edition in this successful series presents the status quo in exhibition design and scenography with over 110 projects and 15 interviews. The focus is on current trends and corresponding methods, renowned firms, exceptional designers and curators. The manifesto Indian method – design in difficult times takes a stand regarding the current social and political discourse and opens up new strategies for poetic spaces.

Retail Design International Vol. 5 Components, Spaces, Buildings Jons Messedat (ed.) This standard work about the retail sector shows what new retail formats and new forms of spatial expression can be created to appeal to all the senses. It provides a current overview of innovations in multi-channel and omnichannel commerce, from pioneering in-store technology to new products. Around 60 current best-practice examples, from temporary pop-up stores to avant-garde brand worlds and hybrid retail centers offer an inspiring crosssection from around the world. Book Launch at Euroshop 2020 in Dusseldorf (02/2020).

9783899863208 av edition 8.25 x 9in. 500pp., 1000 col. October 2019 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover English, German



9783899863246 av edition 9 x 12.25in. 260pp., 450 col. February 2020 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover English, German

Ensayos / Essays El proceso arquitectónico de/The Architectural Process of 2008-2018 Ignacio Urquiza Seoane et al. Mexican architects Ignacio Urquiza and Bernardo Quinzaños present Essays. The Architectural Process 2008-2018, a monograph that celebrates and concludes the first stage of their careers, a critical and retrospective look at the projects and collaborative processes that they have developed over the past 10 years. Through drawings, photographs and collages, ten essays written by invited authors (Carlos Bedoya Ikeda, William Brinkman-Clark, Adriana Chávez Sánchez, Pablo Pérez Palacios, Rodrigo Valenzuela Jerez, Carlos Zedillo Velasco), plus projects based on concepts and ideas, this book charts the last decade of these architects’ work.

9788494824449 Ediciones el Viso 9.5 x 13in. 256pp., 150 col. January 2020 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover English, Spanish

9788855210195 Forma Edizioni 11 x 9.5in. 320pp., 50 col., 100 b.&w. January 2020 Paperback with flaps $65.00/CDN$88.00

9788855210249 Forma Edizioni 9.5 x 12.25in. 352pp., 385 col., 95 b.&w. January 2020 Hardcover $130.00CDN$175.50

Gio Ponti Amare l’architettura Edited by Maristella Casciato and Fulvio Irace

The World Winery Collection A travel guide to contemporary architecture all over the world

Gio Ponti – architect, designer, art director, writer, poet, professor, and critic – was one of the most renowned protagonists of Italian architecture and design in the 20th century. This book documents a major retrospective on this versatile genius 40 years after his death, with essays by a roster of notable architectural historians.

This survey of contemporary winery architecture around the world profiles 30 wineries, and explores how the new generation of growers are incorporating a thoughtful approach to architectural design into their wider public-facing identity and mission. The author examines how wineries are creating well-designed spaces that are in tune with the surrounding landscape.

9788855210201 Forma Edizioni 4.5 x 6.25in. 224pp., 93 col., 88 b.&w. January 2020 Paperback with flaps $24.95/CDN$33.95

9788855210157 Forma Edizioni 4.5 x 6.25in. 224pp., 93 col., 88 b.&w. January 2020 Paperback with flaps $24.95/CDN$33.95

New York On the Road

Rome On the Road

This pocket guide to highlights of modern and contemporary New York architecture features 85 famous skyscrapers, cuttingedge projects with abandoned infrastructure, post-industrial buildings, and inventive low-cost housing models. Each building is accompanied by text describing its history, use, materials, and architectural profile, in addition to directions, and public accessibility.

This handy pocket guide to modern and contemporary architecture in Rome has entries for 87 buildings, and a clever folding map with thumbnail photographs that correspond to marked locations. It includes indices by architect and by project, accessibility to the public, and directions by bus and metro.



Correlations: Life + Work Bentel & Bentel Architects Paul Bentel, Peter Bentel, Carol Bentel, John Morris Dixon Based in a historically distinguished town near New York City, the firm of Bentel & Bentel Architects has been led for over 50 years by two generations of one family. The interweaving of their experiences, lifestyles, and personal philosophies has produced a uniquely elegant series of works. The buildings are notable for their thoughtful relationships to the structures they occupy or adjoin, the communities in which they stand, and the experiences of their intended users. Reflecting the lives and accomplishments of the firm’s partners, this monograph is composed of three narratives: Who We Are, What We Do, and Who We Were.

9781864708585 The Images Publishing Group 9 x 10.75in. 232pp., col. April 2020 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover



The Grotta Home by Richard Meier A Marriage of Architecture and Craft Edited by Tom Grotta A ‘vessel for living’ – such were the words Glenn Adamson used to describe this remarkable residence. Richard Meier designed the Grotta home to house Sandra and Louis Grotta’s collection of contemporary studio jewelry and significant works in wood, ceramic and fibre. The building was conceived around the collection, framing the objects within the open architecture, which comprises an equal blend of glass and concrete. Nature, visible from many vantage points, plays an essential supporting role. The Grotta Home by Richard Meier is rich in photographs of the collection and provides impressive insights into this exceptionally personal project. The accompanying essays afford the reader a greater sense of how the Grottas have not simply acquired art, but have immersed themselves in it.

9783897905689 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 11 x 9in. 336pp., 232 col. December 2019 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover

Architecture as Space Research Yung Ho Chang Yung Ho Chang is famous for his innovative concepts and his experimental spirit when it comes to design. He strongly believes that creating a better spatial experience between people, buildings, and the city, as a whole is an important part of the design method. In his view, space is not an enclosed room, but rather a series of relationships. The very movement of people in a building has a certain influence on the surrounding space. While spatial experience is a personal thing, Chang believes that architects have a responsibility to set the direction. Containing more than 60 architecture projects from his impressive work portfolio with a particular focus on architecture and space design, this book explores Chang’s own investigations and research on space while also covering his unique design language.

9781864708820 The Images Publishing Group 10.25 x 10.25in. 400pp., June 2020 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

matharoo associates Architectural Practice in India Edited by Philip Jodidio Gurjit Singh Matharoo, whose architectural lineage stretches back to his great-grandfather, founded the multi-award-winning Ahmedabad-based practice matharoo associates in 1992. Focused on highly refined aesthetics that are married with functional yet playful interpretations of design (for instance, the House with Balls or Curtain Door), the firm’s holistic approach is well regarded, and ranges across architecture and structural design, interiors and product design, creating public, private, commercial, and institutional works. This splendid volume provides an in-depth look into the creativity and insight of a very contemporary Indian practice.

9781864708479 The Images Publishing Group 9.75 x 11.5in. 240pp., April 2020 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Flexibind

Jewel Changi Airport Safdie Architects Jewel Changi Airport documents the creation of a remarkable addition to one of the world’s premier airports. The sinuous, faceted glass Jewel serves as Singapore’s new gateway to the world, and redefines what an airport can be. Brimming with terraced plantings, lush valleys, floating bridges, art installations, shops, restaurants, and a central waterfall, Jewel is a new type of destination: part public garden and part shopping and entertainment complex. Through photos, drawings, ephemera, essays, and interviews, the book provides detailed insights on how the project came to be – from its bold vision and concept to the innovative engineering, environmental, and construction strategies employed to make it a reality.

9781864708509 The Images Publishing Group 11 x 11in. 248pp., January 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

Digital Architecture in China Xu Weiguo Digital architecture – the use of computer modeling, programming, simulation, and imaging to create both virtual forms and physical structures – is increasingly popular in architecture all over the world. This book provides a report of the progress of digital architecture design in China, and is broken down into four parts – understanding of digital architecture, digital design practice, future and possibility of digital architecture, and chronology of digital architecture in the world. More than 30 outstanding projects from the most influential architects in China are detailed, providing an up-to-date view of the use of digital architecture. With full-color pictures and detailed technical drawings, the book is much more than solely academic in tone, but will be like visiting a vivid Chinese digital architecture exhibition.

9781864708790 The Images Publishing Group 7.25 x 10in. 300pp., June 2020 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover



New Houses in Asia Inspired Architecture and Interiors for the Modern World Edited by The Images Publishing Group

Space Variation: Louis I. Kahn Zhang Jing

VI Design for Children’s Spaces Joseph Sung

In architecture, as in many fields, the best method of learning is to learn from the experts. Here, author Zhang Jing, using modern drawing software, has redrawn the plans, elevations, sections, and axonometric drawings from 138 architectural works by the renowned Louis I. Kahn, one of the most important architects of the 20th century in the United States. In so doing, the author arrives at a new and objective perspective to understanding Kahn and his work, and creating an invaluable resource for future study. By working through and observing the sketches in a chronological order, Kahn’s spatial characteristics and variations can be seen in a holistic way.

Smart brand design and careful placement can do much to enhance a sense of identity and create customer loyalty, as well as providing striking and effective ways to attract attention. VI Design for Children’s Spaces provides an informative look at a wide range of contemporary VI (Visual Identity) design for a variety of children’s spaces all over the world. These include learning spaces (such as schools, after-school care, and kindergartens), as well as more general spaces such as a kids’ café, children’s hospitals, sports clubs, bookstores, and libraries for children. The designers analyze each design project to reveal the interplay of the design process.

This list of the best contemporary examples of modern designer houses in Asia charts important trends in modernity while providing a guide to how architects meet the challenges, and forming an important reference guide.

This book provides an innovative and intimate new look at Kahn and his architectural work.

This is a must-have book for designers who pay attention to VI design of children’s spaces and is also of interest to those who run or manage spaces for kids.

9781864708639 The Images Publishing Group 8.25 x 11in. 256pp., March 2020 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

9781864708806 The Images Publishing Group 6.75 x 9in. 400pp., December 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

9781864708813 The Images Publishing Group 7.75 x 10.25in. 240pp., 400 col. March 2020 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Paperback

Designing modern homes across the Asia region comes with many different and varied challenges, from extreme heat and humidity, to cyclonic rain and winds, and even snow and earthquakes. This stunning edition showcases recent award-winning designs for houses in Asia, with details of how each architect met the various challenges faced, and how they responded to the various requirements imposed by the site’s environment or local culture.



Classicist No. 16 Spring 2020 Edited by Stuart Cohen & Julie Hacker The Classicist is an annual journal dedicated to the classical tradition in architecture and the allied arts. Focused on Chicago, the Classicist No. 16 explores the city’s rich architectural history as well as contemporary examples of classical design. Contributors include Guest Editors Stuart Cohen and Julie Hacker of Cohen & Hacker Architects; Ann Lorenz Van Zanten, the first Curator of Architecture at the Chicago Historical Society; Jeanne Sylvester, founder of Sylvester Historic Consultants, LLC; Rolf Achilles, architectural historian and member of the board of the Richard H. Driehaus Museum and the Hegeler Carus Mansion; David Van Zanten, professor emeritus at Northerwestern University; Edward Keegan, architect and writer; and Aric Lasher, president and director of design at HBRA Architects.

9781733030908 Institute of Classical Architecture & Art 9.5 x 11.25in. 152pp., col. Available $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback

Wadia Associates Wadia Associates This volume presents the stunning work of Dinyar Wadia and his team. The firm’s impeccable architectural pedigree for traditional design is showcased through their residences. The design philosophy behind each home is to emphasize the integral relationship between the house and its surrounding landscape. This stunning monograph beautifully presents the residential projects with full-color photography and detailed drawings. Thoughtful and incisive narratives describe how Wadia Associates interprets – with remarkable versatility and adaptability – the classical language of architecture throughout their residential designs. This monograph shows a beautiful selection of contemporary apartments. Their skillful design sensibilities have provided a seamless fit of their traditionally styled homes and apartments into the eclectic fabric of modern America, and the needs and amenities of a modern American family.

9781864708738 The Images Publishing Group 11 x 11in. 300pp., col. May 2020 $80.00/CDN$108.00 Hardcover

With Intention to Build The Unrealized Concepts, Ideas, and Dreams of Moshe Safdie Safdie Architects; text by Michael J. Crosbie Moshe Safdie explains that probably more than fifty percent of his work is unbuilt, and he considers his unbuilt work to be some of the most significant work he’s done! In this richly illustrated book, replete with detailed diagrams, sketches, models and studies, Moshe Safdie explains that for those who design in order to build, not succeeding in building is not a failurethere are many different reasons why things don’t get built – as they are part of the evolution of an architect’s work. This volume is a fascinating track through Safdie’s thoughts and career; also a historical reference of the social and political forces at play at the time. It is not only a treatise on Safdie’s unrealized concepts but also a wonderful account of how there is valuable heritage to be mined in the unbuilt.

9781864708493 The Images Publishing Group 9.25 x 9.25in. 180pp., col. April 2020 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover



O12 - Haus Frize Philipp von Matt For many years, artist Bernard Frize has lived in Paris in a bourgeois, typically French apartment with various fanciful elements. But now Swiss architect Philipp von Matt has built a residence and studio for him in Berlin’s rough city center, the complete opposite of his other home. The cathedral made of exposed concrete is an austere, massive structure with windows overlooking smoking chimneys. The exterior though, gives little hint of what to expect inside as the building gets narrower towards the rear and appears longer than it actually is. The use of raw wood throughout contrasts with its bare walls and the staircase, designed as an extended living room and reception hall, connects all four floors spectacularly. This book, for the first time, provides a complete overview of the building, presenting a wealth of texts, layouts, models, and architectural photographs.

9783862067312 Verlag Kettler 6.75 x 9.5in. 72pp., col. Available $38.00/CDN$51.50 Hardcover English, German



Architecture of the 1950s to 1970s in the Ruhr Tim Rieniets, Christine Kämmerer, StadtBauKultur NRW The boom years from the 1950s to the 1970s were marked by a drive for innovation in the Ruhr district as well as in many other European regions. Modern buildings,while created as a visual expression of a hope for a better future are now falling into decay and seen as symbolic of failed social utopias. As a result, such architecture does not enjoy the appreciation it deserves. This guide explores the forgotten architectural gems of this period in the Ruhr district. Overall, it includes 54 structures, throughout 17 cities, all specially selected, photographed, and described for this publication. Together they offer a vivid and comprehensive panorama of their era.

9783862067558 Verlag Kettler 5 x 9.5in. 256pp., 121 col. Available $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback English, German

JPK NRW The Architect Josef Paul Kleihues in North Rine-Westfalia, Germany Alecandra Apfelbaum, Silke Haps, Wolfgang Sonne Josef Paul Kleihues has been regarded as one of Germany’s most influential and prominent architects since the 1970s, who later rose to international fame with his design of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. While also giving a comprehensive overview of Kleihues’s projects in North Rhine-Westphalia, this publication is the first to highlight the architect’s extensive estate, most of which is held by Baukunstarchiv NRW.

9783862067626 Verlag Kettler 7.75 x 9.5in. 250pp., col. January 2020 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Paperback

Best Buildings Britain Matthew Freedman Best Buildings Britain is the third title in the Best Buildings series, following Best Buildings Belgium (2018) and Best Buildings Holland (2019). In this guide, Matthew Freedman presents 75 buildings completed after 1918 in Great Britain, each accompanied by a photo and a short text. The selection is based on the top ten lists of renowned British architects and architecture critics, including great names like Norman Foster, Piers Gough, Charles Holland, Jonathan Meades, Alice Rawsthorn and Richard Rogers. From their lists comes a surprising mix of ‘best’ buildings, from applauded contemporary projects such as the London Aquatics Centre, to impressive must-sees such as Highpoint in Highgate (London) or Marine Court in St Leonards-on-Sea, up to brutalist gems such as Preston bus station and the National Theatre. The book also features the full lists with all of each contributor’s ten favorite buildings.

9789460582554 Luster 5 x 7in. 224pp., 75 col. November 2019 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Paperback

Aebi & Vincent De aedibus Heinz Wirz The two Bern architects Bernhard Aebi and Pascal Vincent have designed an impressive portfolio of works since 1996, including renovations of historical buildings such as the Bundeshaus in Bern, but also many residential and administrative buildings, mostly following competition successes and always achieving great architectural qualities.

9783037611999 Quart Publishers 8.75 x 11.5in. 72pp., 80 col., 30 b.&w. November 2019 $49.50/CDN$66.50 Paperback, non-returnable English, German

Farmhouse by Lake Zurich Käferstein & Meister Käferstein & Meister The reconstruction plays with the given structural elements of the farmhouse and brings with a double circulation a diverse rhythm of movement into the house. The barn floor becomes a lofty entrance hall, the hayloft a summer room. The large kitchen on the ground floor and the wine cellar in the basement exceed the scale of the formerly small house. The rooms on the upper floors are rather compact, but by means of bilateral connections to neighboring rooms they were given second paths, which repeatedly allow axial references and transverse views. In the bedrooms built-in bed niches reflect the traditional rural alcoves.

9783037612019 Quart Publishers 6.25 x 9.5in. 48pp., 25 col., 12 b.&w. October 2019 $37.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback, non-returnable English, German



Baumeisterhaus Käferstein & Meister Käferstein & Meister

Frei & Rezakhanlou De aedibus Heinz Wirz

The building on Oberwiesenstrasse draws upon a rich vein of traditional building methods, but these references are subtly interpreted. This is not a nostalgic or post-modern quotation, although the employment of rounded arches might at first glance lead us to think so. On closer inspection it is apparent that this building is rooted in a contemporary set of circumstances. The role brickwork plays as a cladding and the moments where it is stretched emphasize this point. But the stretcher courses of the typical wall conditions render the role brick plays most explicit. As Hans Kollhoff observed, with the economic and thermal demands made on contemporary construction, it would be inconceivable to make a brick wall in any other way, at least in the case of normative buildings.

In 2010, the two Lausanne architects Eric Frei and Kaveh Rezakhanlou produced an exceptional school facility in Chermignon, Lower Valais. Like a Greek temple, it has the power to combine the landscape, topography, urban morphology and building type. The architects have also designed further projects with great architectural qualities.

9783037612002 Quart Publishers 6.25 x 9.5in. 48pp., 25 col., 12 b.&w. October 2019 $37.00/CDN$50.00 Paperback, non-returnable English, German

9783037612064 Quart Publishers 8.75 x 11.5in. 72pp., 80 col., 30 b.&w. November 2019 $49.50/CDN$66.50 Paperback, non-returnable English, German



Bernardo Bader Architekten - Bregenz De aedibus international 17 Heinz Wirz For 16 years, Bernardo Bader has been producing discerning designs in the Vorarlberg region developed out of an uncompromising respect for the existing buildings and structures there. This volume presents important milestones in his oeuvre, all of which are conceived with rigorous restraint and minimalist power.

9783037612088 Quart Publishers 8.75 x 11.5in. 64pp., 60 col., 30 b.&w. October 2019 $49.50/CDN$67.00 Paperback, non-returnable English, German

Horisberger Wagen De aedibus Heinz Wirz

Inches Geleta Anthologie Heinz Wirz

Since a compilation of their work was published in the series Anthologie 2012 ISBN 9783037612040, Detlef Horisberger and Mario Wagen have achieved further competition successes and expanded their exciting oeuvre. The designs always critically and creatively engage with the building programme, the location and the legal construction regulations.

Since 2012, the two Locarno architects Matteo Inches and Nastasja Geleta have been designing a number of exquisite buildings, each developed entirely out of the atmosphere of the location and the nearby surroundings. With an exceptional affinity to construction and spatial expression, the impressive structures are concisely integrated into the continuum of the context.

9783037612040 Quart Publishers 8.75 x 11.5in. 72pp., 80 col., 30 b.&w. January 2020 $49.50/CDN$66.50 Paperback, non-returnable English, German

9783037612071 Quart Publishers 6.5 x 8.25in. 48pp., 50 col., 30 b.&w. December 2019 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Paperback, non-returnable English, German

Bodies in Spaces Franziska Wittmann, ETH Zürich, Professor Gion A. Caminada Franziska Wittmann researches at the Chair of Gion A. Caminada on approaches to natural physical laws and physiological factors in architecture. Instead of focusing on the creation of physical constellations through architecture, her work investigates the effects of these conditions on people. The publication presents collected physiological effects in a way that makes them applicable, with the aim of enhancing architecture. The collection presents physiological phenomena, architectural parallels and prominent examples in architectural history.

9783037612125 – English 9783037612101 – German Quart Publishers 5.75 x 11.5in. 64pp., 45 col., 57 b.&w. November 2019 $41.50/CDN$56.00 Paperback, non-returnable



Rapin Saiz De aedibus Heinz Wirz Vincent Rapin and Maria Saiz in Vevey transpose their experience of the international architectural scene to the tone of regional neighborhoods. The meticulously and professionally designed measures enable them to appropriately ennoble apparently everyday aspects of a building, integrating it coherently into its surroundings.

9783037612132 Quart Publishers 8.75 x 11.5in. 72pp., 80 col., 30 b.&w. January 2020 $49.50/CDN$66.50 Paperback, non-returnable English, German



Materialität/ Matérialité/Materiality Andrea Bassi, Roberto Carella Heinz Wirz Architectural research by the two Geneva architects in their office Bassicarella focuses on a few fundamental themes: Materiality, presence, construction, prefabrication and the internal figure. In a sequence of volumes in the Bibliotheca series, the architects reflect on those themes using illustrative details, short texts and technical data on the materiality of their remarkable buildings in the Geneva region.

9783037612149 Quart Publishers 5.75 x 8.75in. 88pp., 16 col., 26 b.&w. Available $34.00/CDN$46.00 Paperback, non-returnable English, French, German

MPH De aedibus Heinz Wirz Olaf Hunger, Nicolas Monnerat and Franck Petitpierre are the protagonists of the Lausanne office MPH. The architects have produced a significant oeuvre since 1997, mainly consisting of large housing developments, individual homes and renovation projects on historical buildings that impress through their structural clarity, coherent material choices and pronounced tectonics.

9783037612118 Quart Publishers 8.75 x 11.5in. 80pp., 88 col., 56 b.&w. March 2020 $49.50/CDN$67.00 Paperback, non-returnable English, German

Tibiletti Associati De aedibus Heinz Wirz Projects by Stefano Tibiletti and Catherine Glaeser-Tibiletti are clear architectural responses to the location and its urban morphology, translated into forms of typology and construction. A number of remarkable residential and public buildings have been erected in this way since 2006.

9783037612033 Quart Publishers 8.75 x 11.5in. 72pp., 80 col., 30 b.&w. December 2019 $49.50/CDN$66.50 Paperback, non-returnable English, German

Schulz und Schulz Leipzig De aedibus international 18 Heinz Wirz, article by Katharina Benjamin In this volume, the two brothers Ansgar and Benedikt Schulz present their impressive works: powerful, sculptural figures with precise urban planning placement that are integrated coherently into the continuum of the context through their materials, type, form and expression.

9783037612095 Quart Publishers 8.75 x 11.5in. 64pp., 95 col., 28 b.&w. November 2019 $49.50/CDN$66.50 Paperback, non-returnable English, German

Weberbrunner De aedibus Heinz Wirz Since 1999, the Zurich architects Roger Weber and Boris Brunner have produced an impressive oeuvre based on numerous competition successes. Their residential developments, schools and public buildings are always well considered, voluminous, spatially orientated solutions designed with a powerful architectural instinct.

9783037612026 Quart Publishers 8.75 x 11.5in. 72pp., 80 col., 30 b.&w. November 2019 $49.50/CDN$66.50 Paperback, non-returnable English, German



a+u 09:02, 461 Houses by Louis I. Kahn Edited by A+U Publishing Designing houses was a constant in the career of Louis I. Kahn. Even now, his houses are still loved and lived in. We had the opportunity to photograph 12 residences by Kahn and this issue illustrates the current state of these homes. From his first house designed before World War II, to the house completed as the last work during his lifetime, these projects are presented through images published for the first time, and original drawings. Also included are a series of drawings that were recently found in the basement of the Fisher House that document the design process over 5 different schemes to the final design. A transcription of a conversation with Mrs. Fisher describes his views on housing and architecture. This edition is notable for the number of rare interior views that show furnishings and inside of the homes.

9784900212343 A+U Publishing 8.5 x 11.5in. 193pp., 152 col., 56 b.&w. Available $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback, 32% professional discount, non-returnable English, Japanese

From Louis I. Kahn’s first residential design to the house completed as his last work, 12 projects are newly photographed and published for the first time.

a+u 11:06, 489 Geoffrey Bawa - Essence of Sri Lanka Edited by A+U Publishing Considered the foremost contemporary architect in Sri Lanka, Geoffrey Bawa’s work continues to have lasting influence on multiple generations of Asian architects. Working mainly in Sri Lanka and tropical Asia, he adapted vernacular elements, materials, and construction methodologies before current ideas of sustainability and climate-responsiveness came about. For him, the spatial and visual experiences of a building were far more important than its physical form. The result is an architecture that is responsive to its climate and landscape, with carefully orchestrated spaces blurring interior and exterior boundaries. The ability to combine local elements with contemporary designs has allowed his work to bridge seamlessly between vernacular traditions and modernity. Bawa’s projects are sensitive to their context and remain relevant to this day.

9784900212374 A+U Publishing 8.5 x 11.5in. 132pp., 122 col., 30 b.&w. Available $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback, 32% professional discount, non-returnable English, Japanese



Considered the foremost contemporary architect in Sri Lanka, Geoffrey Bawa’s work is known for bridging seamlessly between vernacular traditions and modernity.

Jutakutokushu 2017:08 Special Issue The Japanese House Architecture and Life after 1945 Edited by Shinkenchiku-sha To feature house designs through the decades, The Japanese House includes 75 houses by over 50 architects. The Japanese have experienced drastic social and environmental changes related to the WW II recovery period. Commissioned by individual homeowners, Japanese architects have responded to these changes by developing ideas for new ways of living, expressed through the architecture of the house.

9784786902871 Shinkenchiku-sha Co.,Ltd 9 x 11.75in. 256pp., 197 col., 141 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback, 32% professional discount, nonreturnable English, Japanese

JA 114 Summer, 2019 Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP Edited by The Japan Architect The 114th issue of JA is the first monograph devoted to Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP and features 31 projects since its founding in 2002. From an early age, Nakamura was impressed with how architecture takes shape by building connections between various elements. This led to a design process that seeks to foster better relationships among people, between people and the local community, and people and nature. He achieves this through an analysis of climate, local industry, and landscape to create designs that connect with the behaviors and emotions of the inhabitants. This results in complex forms as in the housing project Dancing Trees, Singing Birds where existing trees are retained and become part of the design.

9784786903076 Shinkenchiku-sha Co.,Ltd 9 x 11.75in. 159pp., 172 col., 60 b.&w. Available $42.00/CDN$57.00 Paperback, 32% professional discount, nonreturnable English, Japanese

a+u 17:07, 562 Melancholy & Dwelling - Contemporary Houses in Denmark Edited by A+U Publishing Contemporary houses in Denmark are featured in a+u 17:07 and the architectural traditions of the country are presented through 17 residential projects. The mood and lifestyle of the Danish people are combined into a theme of Melancholy, representing a thoughtful and pensive approach to life. Projects that engage the grey scale climate and horizontal landscape of Denmark are becoming rare as new designs are removed from their local context. Each featured house responds to the surrounding environment and this has influenced the design. Projects from LETH & GORI, Primus Architects, and ADEPT express how current Danish architects respond to nature and context in their work.

9784900212107 A+U Publishing 8.5 x 11.5in. 176pp., 109 col., 84 b.&w. Available $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback, 32% professional discount, nonreturnable English, Japanese



Urban Oasis Finding Tranquility at Home Rebecca Gross Having personal, private, outdoor space is becoming ever more elusive as urban areas become more crowded due to population growth and development. Urban Oasis: Finding Tranquility at Home features projects from Sydney to Singapore and London to New York that showcase inspirational and aspirational rooftops, gardens and courtyards that offer private pockets of paradise. Amid the hustle and bustle of their urban environments, these outdoor spaces provide relaxing, sociable and plant-filled settings for their owners to savor peace and calm, and the company of family and friends, surrounded by nature and in the fresh, open air.

9781864708417 The Images Publishing Group 7.75 x 9.75in. 224pp., 300 col. March 2020 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

Kengo Kuma Topography Kengo Kuma & Associates

Urban Oasis is a journey through the private havens found in some of the world’s busiest cities, where ingenious design offers a place among the high-rise buildings to relax and entertain.

Kengo Kuma is a globally acclaimed Japanese architect whose prodigious output possesses an inherent respect and value of materials and environment, often creating a harmonious balance between building and landscape. He masterfully engages both architectural experimentation and traditional Japanese design with 21st-century technology, resulting in highly advanced yet beautifully simple, gentle, human-scaled buildings. Known for his prolific writing, Kuma is constantly re-engaging with different aspects of the architectural discipline, whether it is construction or representation in order to give further progress to his ideas. This richly illustrated volume showcases close to 40 high-profile works by Kengo Kuma & Associates, including the Asakusa Culture and Tourism Center in Tokyo, the Mont Blanc Base Camp project, the Great Bamboo Wall, as well as progress for the design for Tokyo’s main stadium for the 2020 Olympic Games.

9781864708455 The Images Publishing Group 8.75 x 11.75in. 280pp., 300 col. February 2020 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover



A luminary in the field of international contemporary architecture, this highly anticipated monograph of Kenzo Kuma’s work chronicles close to forty key works from around the globe.

Mr Percy: Portrait Modeller in Coloured Wax The Miniatures and Tableaux of Samuel Percy Ruth Ord-Hume This is the first biography and reference book dedicated to Samuel Percy, a modeler who produced an impressive oeuvre of wax portraits and tableaux in the mid-to-late 18th and early 19th century. Based in part on the author’s own substantial collection of Percy waxes, this book follows Percy from his beginnings in Dublin, at the Dublin Society Drawing Schools, working with the famed statuary John Van Nost; to England, where he journeyed from town to town, putting advertisements in regional newspapers. As well as a chronological narrative of Percy’s life, this book commits an entire chapter to an area of his work that has never been studied before: his miniature tableaux. These portray various subjects, both religious and secular, from Christ on the Cross, to playing children. They are catalogued in an appendix, and almost 30 are illustrated. Based entirely on original research, Mr. Percy: Portrait Modeller in Coloured Wax features over 100 illustrations, celebrating both Percy’s accomplishments and the works of other modelers for comparison.

9781788840378 ACC Art Books 9.25 x 11.75in. 288pp., 100 col. March 2020 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

The first major reference book on Samuel Percy, modeler of miniature portraits and tableaux in colored wax.



Wyndham Payne Design William Connolly/Paul Payne Wyndham Payne’s career as an illustrator began in the early 1920s, gathering momentum with a series of book illustrations for renowned Charing Cross publisher Cyril Beaumont. Working in the tradition of Claud Lovat Fraser – and others – Payne nurtured a reputation for freedom of line, illustrating books, calendars, greetings cards and advertisements, often with toys – soldiers, model theaters, and trains – as a subject. Aside from creating illustrations for the Beaumont Press, Payne was also commissioned by Oxford University Press and Hodder & Stoughton, among others. For The Bodley Head, he designed covers for Agatha Christie titles, whilst his celebrated jacket for The Wind in the Willows was produced for Methuen. Wyndham Payne presents a detailed survey of the artist’s work: lino cuts, woodcuts, drawings in pen, watercolors, silhouette painting on glass, and later, when his health became too poor for commercial work, models – including automata – for his children and grandchildren. The book also includes a biography of the artist, covering his life and work.

9781788840651 ACC Art Books 5.75 x 8.5in. 96pp., 130 col., 20 b.&w. March 2020 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Hardcover



A new title in ACC Art Books’ celebrated Design series, presenting and reviving the work of illustrator Wyndham Payne (1884-1974).

Otto Prutscher Universal Designer of Viennese Modernism Thun-Hohenstein, Christoph, Franz Rainald Otto Prutscher (1880-1949) was an architect and a designer in all applied arts media, as well as an exhibition designer, teacher and member of all the important arts and crafts movements, from the Secession to the Wiener Werkstätte and the Werkbund. The MAK – Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna – possesses a comprehensive graphic bequest and many significant objects from Prutscher’s design oeuvre. Selected examples of Prutscher’s creative work document his long-lasting influential role as a designer and artistic adviser for decorative art companies from Johann Loetz to Thonet. The publication conducts an audit of Prutscher’s work as a pacemaker of Viennese modernism – over twenty years since the last show in Vienna and seventy years on from his death.

9783897905696 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.25 x 10.25in. 160pp., 200 col. Available $65.00/CDN$88.00 Paperback with flaps English, German

A monograph on the celebrated designer of Viennese modernism, Otto Prutscher. Accompanies an exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts Vienna.



A Foujita Diary 12 Panoramas by Tsuguharu Foujita Edited by Michel Hjorth While traveling through Japan in October and November of 1934, painter Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita made a charming booklet of color drawings for his friend and traveling companion Eduardo de Arteaga. Foujita, Eduardo, and Foujita’s wife Madeleine Lequeux journeyed together to Kobe, Kyoto, and the island of Itsukushima, popularly known as Miyajima. This book reproduces the delightful and previously unpublished sketches Foujita made for that trip, and recounts the story of the journey.

9789198465198 Booxencounters 3.75 x 6.5in. 40pp., 12 col. January 2020 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover, 32% professional discount, non-returnable



A charming book of previously unpublished color drawings by Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita, created during a journey he took with his wife Madeleine Lequeux and their friend Eduardo de Arteaga in Japan in 1934.

The Ghent Altarpiece Art, History, Science and Religion Danny Praet, Maximiliaan P.J. Martens a.o. The Ghent Altarpiece or the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, by the Van Eyck brothers (1432), is recognized worldwide as a great work of art, and one of the most influential paintings ever made. It was the world’s first major oil painting, and it is laced with religious mysticism. The work almost reads like an A to Z of Christianity – from the Annunciation to the symbolic sacrifice of Christ, with the ‘Mystic Lamb’ on an altar in a heavenly meadow, bleeding into the Holy Grail. For the first time, this book gathers together diverse insights on the Ghent Altarpiece, the monumental poliptych that the brothers Hubert and Jan van Eyck realized with the assistance of a large workshop and advisers on the painting’s subject matters. This book has the same aim: to bring together experts from the most diverse disciplines. Only by combining the perspectives of (art) historians, philosophers, religious studies scholars, mathematicians and specialists in optics can one fully understand the riches and depth of this masterpiece. Lavishly illustrated, including details that have come to light using state-of-theart techniques during the current conservation project and are not always visible to the naked eye.

An interdisciplinary approach to a major work in art history – the Adoration of the Mystic Lamb, by the Van Eyck Brothers – offering the latest insights from scholars and conservators.

9789492677976 Hannibal Publishing 9.5 x 11in. 304pp., col. Available $70.00/CDN$94.50 Paperback



Burri. Painting, an irreducible presence Bruno CorĂ This exhibition catalog on the pioneering, avant-garde Italian artist Alberto Burri (1915-1995), whose work famously blurred the boundaries of painting and relief sculpture, documents a comprehensive retrospective at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice. It aims to reconstruct the full trajectory of his career, and addresses the transformative ways that he turned material into art. Nearly 50 works selected from each phase of his career are represented, including the rarely exhibited Catrami (tars), Muffe (molds), Sacchi (sacks), Combustioni (combustions), Legni (woods), Plastiche (plastics), Cretti, and Cellotex series.The show was curated by the art historian and president of the Fondazione Burri, Bruno CorĂ , with critical essays by Cora and the director of the Institute of Art History of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Luca Massimo Barbero.

9788899534967 Forma Edizioni 9.5 x 11.75in. 182pp., 170 col., 12 b.&w. January 2020 $70.00/CDN$94.50 Paperback



An exhibition catalog documenting a retrospective dedicated to the avant-garde Italian artist Alberto Burri, whose work famously blurred the boundaries of painting and relief sculpture.

El Greco Carnets d’Expo (Decouvertes Hors-Series) Charlotte Chastel-Rousseau The last great master of the Renaissance, Domenikos Theotokopoulos (1541-1614), known as El Greco, ‘The Greek’, holds a singular place in the history of art. Born in Crete, trained in the Byzantine tradition, El Greco continued his apprenticeship in Italy, in contact with Venetian aesthetics and Roman mannerism. It was in Spain, where he settled in the 1570s and where he imported his Italian influences (Titian, Tintoretto, Michelangelo) that he revealed the extent of his talents. In Toledo, he painted both secular and altar paintings, such as his masterpiece, The Burial of the Count of Orgaz.

9782072877094 Editions Gallimard 5 x 7in. 64pp., 40 col. October 2019 $12.95/CDN$17.50 Hardcover with fold-outs

Published to accompany the first major exhibition dedicated to El Greco in France: Grand Palais, Paris, 21 October 2019 to 10 February 2020, followed by Art Institute of Chicago, 4 March to 21 June 2020.



Rarities From The Himalayas to Hawaii Thomas Murray This book presents a personal collection of ancestor sculpture and protective deities, following the ancient migratory and trade routes of the Austronesian, Southeast Asian Bronze Age, and Hindu-Buddhist peoples. The author, Thomas Murray, has spent a lifetime studying this art through his endeavors as a peripatetic dealer, collector, and field researcher. The objects illustrated come from a swath of widely varied cultures from Nepal eastward to Hawaii, with the overwhelming majority from Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Murray’s eye is highly informed and based on an unusually large sampling of objects to which his experience and research have exposed him. The artworks documented represent some of the top examples he has acquired and retained over the course of a long career. They are characterized by sculptural balance and a harmony of line, as well as a rare quality of expressiveness. Each ranks high in terms of aesthetics and desirability within its own particular style as perceived by the art market and by other western aficionados.

9781898113720 Hali Publications Ltd 11.75 x 11in. 168pp., 58 col., 4 b.&w. November 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover



A collection of antique tribal sculpture from varied cultures from Nepal eastward to Hawaii, with the majority from Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Each ranks high in terms of aesthetics and desirability.

Kurt Wanski Jürgen Köhler In the early 20th century, critics who focused on the works of so-called dilettantes, self-taught artists, and lunatics increasingly challenged the canon of works consecrated by the history of art. The art of these ‘outsiders,’ for which Jean Dubuffet coined the term ‘Art Brut’, was special in its instinctive directness. Today, Kurt Wanski (1922-2012) remains one of the least known major outsider artists of Art Brut, despite having been a renowned and respected figure in East Berlin’s art scene. From the outset, Wanski spent his life in asylums and hospitals before finally moving to the safe haven of a Catholic mental health institution, always remaining independent as an artist. A captive of his own world, Wanski primarily used magazines and journals as models for his drawings. Although he redrew the motifs in a rather clumsy way, his works are more magical than the original designs. For Wanski printed pictures were an unlimited source of inspiration linking the real world with his imagination.

9783862067411 Verlag Kettler 9.5 x 11.75in. 208pp., col. November 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover English, German

Kurt Wanski (1922-2012) remains one of the least-known major Art Brut artists. This is the first comprehensive monograph on the artist.



International Realism 14th International ARC Salon Frederick C. Ross & Kara Lysandra Ross With determination to restore the universal language of realism in the visual arts, a group of fine artists and experts banded together to celebrate and propagate 21st Century Representational Art. They founded the Art Renewal Center in 1999. Since their genesis, this non-profit educational foundation has dedicated itself to encouraging rigorous skill-based training in the methods of the Old Masters, bestowing the title of ‘ARC Approved’ on ateliers who share their core values and demonstrate technical mastery. The International ARC Salon Competition is the largest and most prestigious for realist based art in the world, receiving this year over 4,300 entries from 73 countries and spanning 6 continents. The 1,525 works featured here represent over 35% of the total. This year’s winners demonstrate the great breadth and originality that can be found in all facets of fine art.

9781788840675 ACC Art Books 8.5 x 11in. 520pp., 1448 col., 107 b.&w. January 2020 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover



Presents the best of the 14th International ARC Salon Competition: over a thousand stunning traditional artworks, from the forefront of the 21st Century Realist Art Movement.

Trading Paintings and Painters’ Materials 1550-1800 Anne Haack Christensen and Angela Jager The papers in this volume were presented at the CATS international technical art history conference ‘Trading Paintings and Painters’ Materials 1550-1800’ which explored international markets for paintings and artists’ materials in the early modern period and their implications for artistic production. Questions central to these papers include: did preferences exist for artists’ materials and paintings from specific geographical areas in particular places and if so why? How did the import of painting materials and artworks impact local production, connoisseurship and art theory? In what conditions were these artists’ materials and finished artworks produced and traded in early modern Europe and beyond? The lavishly illustrated contributions in this volume deal with the above questions and shed light on different trades, products, countries and timeframes by combining a large variety of methods and sources, including visual analyses, written sources, pigment analyzes and archeological excavations.

9781909492714 Archetype Books 8.25 x 11.75in. 170pp., Available $90.00/CDN$121.50 Paperback, non-returnable

Presents the papers submitted at the CATS international technical art history conference ‘Trading Paintings and Painters’ Materials 1550-1800’.

Claus Bury The Poetry of Construction Volker Fischer Sculptor Claus Bury (b. 1946) has been enhancing public spaces in Germany for more than four decades with his monumental sculptures, which by now total more than 100. His canon of forms is comprised of geometric basic corpuses, such as squares and cubes, triangles and pyramids, rectangles, rhombuses and segments, which he employs in a contemporary Archaic style oriented on the antique structures of Egypt, Greece and Mexico. Bury’s sculptures are almost always accessible, and the contingent changes in perspective do not only thematize the basic requirements of the human experience of form and space; they also articulate people’s experience in their surroundings, impressively underpinning Hegel’s theory that the world has a ‘house character’ and that man is fundamentally a domestic creature. A spectacular review of Claus Bury’s monumental works in ships, gates, houses, arches, bridges and temples.

9783897905726 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 7.75 x 10.5in. 400pp., 100 col., 400 b.&w. January 2020 $95.00/CDN$128.50 Hardcover English, German

Comprises all of Claus Bury’s sculptural work, and showcases fascinating photos from across more than four decades. Art


Gunnar S. Gundersen Jan Kokkin Gunnar S. Gundersen (1921-1983) was one of the most important Norwegian artists of the post-war period. Together with several other artists, he was part of a modernist breakthrough. He started abstract painting in 1947, and by around 1960 his art had evolved towards a fully non-figurative form. Gundersen became one of the few Concrete artists in Scandinavia, together with Richard Mortensen in Denmark and Olle Bonniér and Olle Bærtling in Sweden. An important part of his oeuvre consists of the many rich, colorful wall paintings made from 1950 to 1980. Despite Gundersen having exhibited all over the world, an international breakthrough eluded him. A gallery dedicated to his art was opened in Høyanger in Western Norway in November 2018.

9783897905634 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9.5 x 11.5in. 256pp., 256 col., 100 b.&w. Ferbruary 2020 $70.00/CDN$94.50 Hardcover English, Norwegian

Monograph on the important modernist painter Gunnar S. Gundersen, one of the few Concrete artists from Scandinavia.

Gitagovinda An Indian Love Story Edited by Caroline Widmer; Museum Rietberg The tale of the shepherd girl Radha and the Hindu god Krishna is probably the most famous love story in India. Written by Jayadeva at the end of the twelfth century, the Gitagovinda narrates the highs and lows of Radha and Krishna’s relationship. As a vivid metaphor for the human yearning for god, the work is today closely associated in India with the religiosity of Krishna. In the eighteenth century, in the former princely residence of Guler, the artist family of Nainsuhk and Manaku created the outstanding picture series of the second Guler Gitagovinda of 1775/80, which recounts the love story with an unparalleled elegance. This book retells the story using selected pieces from this series (printed in original size) and whisks the reader off into the atmospheric world of Indian miniature painting and poetry.

9783897905757 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 11.25 x 9in. 128pp., 70 col. December 2019 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover English, German



The most famous love story from India, accompanied by magnificent illustrations. This book’s landscape format shows the paintings in their original size.

The King’s Peas Delectable Recipes and Their Stories from the Age of Enlightenment Meredith Chilton Food and dining were transformed in Europe during the Age of Enlightenment, and these profound changes continue to resonate today. What many of us now eat, the way our food is prepared and how we dine are the result of radical changes that occurred in France from 1650 until the French Revolution in 1789. Over thirty French and English recipes of the period are presented in this cookbook, offering readers a taste of the past. Amusing stories, culinary insights, and snippets of history outline the cultural milieu of the time. The King’s Peas is richly illustrated with pictures of paintings, books, silver, glass and ceramics to stimulate the imagination – and the appetite. You are cordially invited to take part in this delectable historical feast.

9783897905603 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9.5 x 8in. 144pp., 117 col. November 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

A cookbook celebrating the history of how we dine, which can be dated back to radical changes that occurred in France between 1650 and the French Revolution.

James Tower Ceramics, Sculptures and Drawings Edited by Timothy Wilcox James Tower (1919-1988) is best known for his elegant forms in glazed earthenware. During a career spanning four decades, from the 1950s to the 1980s, he worked unceasingly in a wide variety of media to achieve an elusive harmony of shape and surface, form and decoration, inert material and active design. His personal understanding of the purpose and meaning of abstraction embodies a perpetual dialogue between the visible world and the unseen dynamics which shape it. This centenary volume of essays considers Tower’s entire output from a wide variety of perspectives, embracing paintings and drawings, as well as sculpture in bronze, terracotta and fibreglass. The contributions of leading critics and historians approach his work, situated at the junction of art, craft and design, in a broad historical and cultural context, illuminating key episodes in postwar British art, and Tower’s unique place within it.

9783897905702 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.5 x 10.75in. 96pp., 70 col. December 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

A monograph on the influential ceramicist James Tower, presenting his complete artistic output. Art


David Bowie’s Tintoretto The Lost Church Of San Geminiano Christina Currie, Xavier F. Salomon, Ben van Beneden e.a. This beautifully illustrated book examines Jacopo Tintoretto’s masterpiece Angel Foretelling the Martyrdom of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, painted between 1560 and 1570 for the Church of San Geminiano in Venice. It was displayed in this location for some 250 years until the church was demolished in 1807, and in 1818 the painting was sold into private hands. It was the centerpiece of the late rock star David Bowie’s collection, being one of the first artworks he acquired. In 2016 it was purchased at auction by a private collector and donated to the Rubens House in Antwerp, where it is on long-term loan. This book accompanies the display of the painting, back in Venice for the first time in 200 years as part of an exhibition at Palazzo Ducale.

9789463887014 Hannibal Publishing 9 x 11.5in. 159pp., 140 col., 45 b.&w. November 2019 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover



Red Hood - Blue Beard Colour in Fairy Tales Schimma, Sabine; Stohler, Peter for the GRIMMWELT Kassel (eds) The eye of the beholder is fascinated by colors. Their symbolic and cultural historical meanings, which have often developed over centuries and are reflected in various narrative forms, are found to be equally fascinating. Thus in traditional folk tales and in literary fairy tales, colors are not just attributes or superficial manifestations but rather have a deeper significance. Why, for example, is the head covering of a little unimposing girl, of all things, red, and why is the beard of a knight who kills women blue? Why does Cinderella wear grey clothing, and what power does Peter Schlemihl’s sold shadow have? The publication traces – color by color – these and other exciting questions, all richly portrayed with numerous prints and illustrations from historical fairy tale books.

9783897905733 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.5 x 11in. 120pp., 60 col. December 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover English, German

TONundTON 1990-2019 With contributions by Jürg Fischer, Yvonne Höfliger, Regula Huber, Gabrielle Obrist, Beat Soller, Nicolas Stämpfli Faoro, & Alfred Zimmerlin The ceramicist Theres Stämpfli (b. 1952) and the musician Peter K Frey (b. 1941) have been working together under the name TONundTON since 1990. The artist duo always operate in terms of location, frequently searching for deserted buildings robbed of their function, such as a former reservoir or a transformer tower dependent on a power supply. The artists successfully revitalise the abandoned locations with sensitive, often anthropomorphic ceramics and sounds that fill the entire room.

9783897905627 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9 x 10.25in. 128pp., 98 col. October 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover English, German

Titian’s Hidden Double Portrait Unveiled After 500 Years Jaynie Anderson, Larry Keith, Irina Artemieva This book recounts the fascinating history of Titian’s unfinished portrait, A Lady and her Daughter (possibly his mistress Milia and their daughter), which dates from the early 1550s. After Titian’s death in 1576, it was repainted in his studio with a more saleable image of Tobias and the Angel. Often presented as Titian’s work but in a style which made the attribution suspect, the painting has had a succession of owners. It was not until the mid20th century that an x-ray examination uncovered the beautiful painting underneath, an undisputed work by the great master himself. The painstaking restoration process, begun in 1983, took 20 years. Notable art historians and conservators have contributed essays that offer an in-depth examination of this exceptional and mysterious painting.

9789463887007 Hannibal Publishing 9 x 11.5in. 159pp., 140 col., 30 b.&w. November 2019 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover

The Supermarket of Images Edited by Peter Szendy, Emmanuel Alloa and Marta Ponsa Art and economics have entertained a complex and decisive relationship since ancient times. But for over a century, what is at stake goes far beyond the mere art market: what we face now is the commodification of all that is visible. The question of storing images, managing them, circulating them and transporting them, their weight, the fluidity or viscosity of their exchange, fluctuations in their values – in short, the whole business of the image economy – is more pertinent now than ever before. Illustrated with photographs, drawings, paintings, videos, films, digital works and multimedia installations, including artists such as Martin Parr or Sophie Calle, Yves Klein or Andy Warhol, this book explores a wide range of perspectives on the economics of the image and images of the economy.

9782072857126 Gallimard 6.5 x 9in. 320pp., 200 col. March 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

Leng Bingchuan Master of Chinese Black and White Art Leng Bingchuan is a contemporary Chinese artist who has been active on the international art scene since the mid 1980s. This book features the most comprehensive collection of his uniquely beautiful black and white ink paintings, with 256 works dating from 1980 to 2000. A master of the language of line and technique, the artist establishes a bridge between the modernity of his vision and traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. Leng Bingchuan (1961) received his MFA from the Netherlands National Minerva Design and Art College, and his doctoral degree from the College of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona (Spain) in 1997. He has had solo exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, and Barcelona, and published 16 books, including Greenhouse for Leisure, Lovers in 24 Solar Terms, and Boundless Heart. He lives and works in Barcelona.

9781788840798 ACC Art Books 7.25 x 10.25in. 300pp., 200 col. March 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback



Design Fusion Deconstructing West and East Jamy Yang

Refashioning Concrete Design by Bentu Xu Gang

Beauty of China Show the World Zhu Zheqin Dadawa

Jamy Yang, an award-winning designer with major partnerships to his credit, began his career in the industrial design department of the German manufacturer Siemans. Returning to China permanently in 2004, he founded his own company, Yang Design, which is now considered the most influential product strategy and design consultancy in China.

Bentu is an award-winning, cutting-edge Chinese design company founded in 2011. It is known for innovative and engaged product and lighting design and manufacturing, with an emphasis on day-to-day functionality and attention to raw materials. The design teams have experimented extensively with the detritus of industry, including concrete, ceramic, metal and plastic pipes, and terrazzo.

This book explores Yang’s creative ideology in 15 thematic chapters, beginning with ‘minimalism’ and ending with ‘kindness’. It expands on his theories about the purpose of design, the dislocations that exist today in Chinese culture and aesthetics, as well as the differences between Chinese and Western design.

In this beautifully photographed book, the evolution of a product is shown, more than told. A stunning series of photos of raw materials and work sites follows the process from beginning to end, creating a visual storyline of environmental impact, innovative design, sustainability, reusability, local sourcing, and usage.

Zhu Zheqin, also known as Dadawa, is a well-known Chinese singer, artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. She has made significant contributions to Chinese culture, not only in her internationally distributed music albums, but also as the 2009 Chinese Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations Development Program. In her travels throughout China she met many local artisans whose work had no platform from which to reach the wider world.

9781788840774 ACC Art Books 7.5 x 9in. 200pp., 200 col. March 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback

9781788840804 ACC Art Books 7.5 x 9in. 300pp., 200 col. March 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback



This well-illustrated book tells her story, and that of the KANJIAN Creation design label she founded in 2009, through which she has discovered and encouraged young Chinese craftsmen and provided them with new opportunities and exposure. In her work to sustain and develop local talent, she has been central to the reshaping of the Chinese aesthetic of contemporary design and culture.

9781788840781 ACC Art Books 7.5 x 9in. 200pp., 200 col. March 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback

Alison Watt In Conversation with… Allan Ramsay Alison Watt, Julie Lawson, Tom Normand & Andrew O’Hagan In a series of brand new paintings, renowned artist, Alison Watt, responds to the paintings and drawings of 18thcentury Scottish artist Allan Ramsay. The new works are particularly inspired by Ramsay’s wonderful and much-loved painting of his wife, but also consider some seldom seen drawings from Ramsay’s 1755-57 sketchbook. Watt’s response is made through a series of interpretations in her own style, while developing a great appreciation of the remarkable delicacy in Ramsay’s work. While offering a fresh and modern perspective on the historical works of one of Scotland’s outstanding portraitists, this book also reveals insight into how one of today’s leading artists looks at and is inspired by the art of the past.

9781911054450 National Galleries of Scotland 9.25 x 11.75in. 96pp., 30 col. June 2020 $29.95/CDN$39.95 Hardcover

Elia Nurvista Feeding the Scene Nicola Müllerschö, Christoph Tannert Elia Nurvista (born 1983 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia) focuses on the intersection between art and research-based community projects in her artistic practice. In Berlin, the artist visited a range of initiatives and projects for refugees to learn more about how they see our society. The works resulting from this experience address our frequently ambiguous attitude to what is foreign to us: whereas ‘exotic’ luxury items and food such as tropical fruit are regarded as positive and precious, people who come to us as refugees from the same countries are often rejected as being ‘foreign,’ and their ‘exotic’ nature is sometimes even perceived as a threat.

9783862067480 Verlag Kettler 9.75 x 8.25in. 64pp., October 2019 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback

Coming Home Flemish Art 1880-1930 Katharina Van Cauteren This beautifully illustrated book explores the artistic roots of Flemish identity during the last decades of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century. Through art, essays, poems, and reflections by artists, academics and collectors, it revives the cultural context of the Flemish Belle Eqoque. Featured here are works by Emile Claus, Valerius De Saedeleer, George Minne and Gustave Van de Woestyne, James Ensor, Rik Wouters and Léon Spilliaert, Constant Permeke, Gust De Smedt, Frits Van den Berghe and Edgard Tytgat.

9789401451772 Lannoo Publishers 9.75 x 11.5in. 352pp., 320 col., 20 b.&w. December 2019 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover



Chau Chak Wing Museum University of Sydney Director’s Choice David Ellis The Chau Chak Wing Museum – opening in 2020 as part of the University of Sydney – is the stunning new home for the collections of the Macleay Museum, Nicholson Museum and University Art Gallery. The University of Sydney’s cultural and scientific collections began as a core set of antiquities purchased by Sir Charles Nicholson, first Chancellor of the University. These collections have grown in size and breadth and are now one of the largest holdings in the southern hemisphere. Through colorful imagery and Director David Ellis’s sharp commentary, this volume beautifully traverses the range of natural phenomena and human achievement showcased by these extraordinary collections.

9781785511134 Scala Arts Publishers Inc. 6.5 x 7.5in. 80pp., June 2020 $14.95/CDN$19.95 Hardcover



Art & Court of James VI&I Bright Star of the North Kate Anderson, Jemma Field, Catriona Murray, Anna Groundwater & Karen Hearn Ruler, scholar, politician, poet, theologian, father, husband and patron of the arts – James VI and I assumed all of these roles. The only son of Mary, Queen of Scots, James grew up during one of the most turbulent periods of Scottish history. He became King of Scotland at a year old and took control of his kingdom in 1581. Under the Union of the Crowns in 1603, he became the first monarch to reign over the three Kingdoms of Scotland, England and Ireland. This book uncovers the cultural riches of James’s court and aims to rehabilitate James’s reputation – and to demonstrate his impact and legacy on early modern Britain. The pages are packed with dazzling art works and sumptuous objects.

9781911054412 National Galleries of Scotland 9.5 x 10.5in. 160pp., 180 col. June 2020 $34.95/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

Charles Rennie Mackintosh in France Pamela Robertson and Philip Long; foreword by Sir John Leighton Known worldwide for his architecture and interior designs, Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928) was also an extremely gifted painter. Towards the end of his life, he moved to the south of France where he devoted himself to painting in watercolor. The 44 paintings Mackintosh is known to have completed while in France are illustrated, and are supported by documentary photographs of the places he painted as well as extracts from his letters written to his wife and friends. This new, revised edition of an enduringly popular title contains a new foreword by the Director General of the National Galleries of Scotland, Sir John Leighton, features a new cover design, updated to feature the popular flexicover binding.

9781911054405 National Galleries of Scotland 9.5 x 10.5in. 120pp., 80 col. November 2019 $24.95/CDN$33.95 Flexibind

9781785512773 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Inc. 7.75 x 9.75in. 260pp., March 2020 $19.95/CDN$26.95 Paperback

9781788840620 ACC Art Books 8 x 10.75in. 208pp., 200 col. March 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover, previously announced

Masterpieces of The Wallace Collection Curators of The Wallace Collection

Xu Bing Book from the Sky to Book from the Ground Xu Bing

With commentaries on more than 400 works of art, all of them beautifully illustrated, this book highlights every aspect of The Wallace Collection’s extraordinary riches, providing both an excellent overview of the Collection and an enduring reference to many key themes in European art.

This book explores the production of Xu Bing’s most ambitious works of art: Book from the Sky and Book from the Ground. An accessible and insightful presentation of this innovative and internationally renowned Chinese artist’s unique method and motivation, in his own words.

9781911054320 National Galleries of Scotland 9.75 x 10.5in. 280pp., 120 col. Available $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback

9783955049287 Kunth Verlag GmbH 11 x 14in. 288pp., 300 col. November 2019 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

Bridget Riley With contributions from Bridget Riley, Robert Kudielka, Eric de Chassey, David Sylvester, Michael Bracewell, John Elderfield, Dave Hickey, Richard Shiff

Icons of Street Art Big Murals Michael Harker, Suzanne Bäumler

This beautiful landmark book reflects on almost 70 years of works by Bridget Riley, providing a unique record of work by an artist still very much at the height of her powers. Essays from leading scholars and commentators make this title the authority on Riley’s practice.

Big murals – giant works of art covering entire house façades, often with a political message. In his book Icons of Street Art, photographer Michael Harker demonstrates the special power and meaning of this kind of street art with photos taken in Berlin, Lisbon, Paris and New York City.



Buddhist Ritual Art of Tibet A Handbook on Ceremonial Objects and Ritual Furnishings in the Tibetan Temple Michael Henss Tibetan Buddhist art is not only rich in figural icons but also extremely diverse in its symbols and ritual objects. This first systematic review is an abundantly illustrated reference book on Tibetan ritual art that aids our understanding of its different types and forms, its sacred meanings and ceremonial functions. Over 18 chapters, several hundred different implements are documented in detail, in many cases for the first time and often in their various styles and iconographic forms. These are accompanied by many historical and modern text sources, as well as rare recorded oral material from high-ranking Tibetan masters.

9783897905672 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9 x 11.75in. 480pp., 400 col. June 2020 $135.00/CDN$182.50 Hardcover


Asian Art & Studies

Vanishing Bangkok The Changing Face of the City Ben Davies This stunning black and white photographic book takes us on a journey through the forgotten backstreets and hidden neighborhoods of Bangkok revealing the fragile beauty and faded charm of the city that is about to disappear forever beneath a tidal wave of development.

A Royal Treasure The Javanese Batik Collection of King Chulalongkorn of Siam Judi Achjadi et al. On each of his three visits to Indonesia, the Thai Monarch King Chulalongkorn returned home to Siam with pieces of handmade Batik. Preserved by the bureau of the Royal household at the Grand Palace since 1910 the collection totals over 300 pieces.

From the splendid Old Customs House perched on the banks of the Chao Phraya river to the vibrant communities of Chinatown and sleepy canals lost in time, it evokes a city that despite successive waves of modernization still boasts an extraordinarily rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Published to coincide with an exhibition, A Royal Treasure contains a detailed catalogue of the collection and is enhanced by rare archival photographs of the King’s travels, the original signature notes indicating the name of the pattern and who was allowed to wear it, and the palace inventory tags. Lavishly produced, and written and researched by leading experts in the field, this book is an important contribution to the field of Indonesian textiles and a visual feast for textile lovers worldwide.

9786164510340 River Books 10.5 x 11.5in. 144pp., 94 b.&w. March 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

9786168044056 River Books 11.5 x 11.5in. 320pp., 680 col. November 2019 $95.00/CDN$128.50 Hardcover

Gandhi Bhawan Documenting and Conserving Modern Heritage of India Dr. Shikha Jain & Vanicka Arora, with Foreword by Antoine Wilmering One of the most ambitious developmental schemes planned on India’s independence was the city planning of Chandigarh – a symbolic gesture towards the country’s future. Designed by Pierre Jeanneret in 1962 to evoke a lotus flower afloat in a pond, Gandhi Bhawan is a testament to the culmination of modernism as an aesthetic, historic and inter-cultural movement in India. With several images, maps and plans, this publication hopes to make accessible the work of many architects, engineers, conservators and scholars, ensuring the preservation of this architectural gem and the hopeful vision it embodies.

9789385360534 Mapin Publishing 9 x 9in. 120pp., 127 col., 23 b.&w. Available $29.50/CDN$39.95 Paperback

In the Service of Krishna Illustrating the Lives of Eighty-four Vaishnavas from a 1702 Manuscript Emilia Bachrach. With Foreword by Amit Ambalal The Pushtimarg, or the Path of Grace, is a Hindu tradition whose ritual worship of the deity Krishna has developed in close relationship to a distinct genre of early-modern Hindi prose hagiography. This volume introduces readers to the most popular hagiographic text of the Pushtimarg – the Chaurasi Vaishnavan ki Varta, or ‘Narratives of Eighty-Four Vaishnavas’. The volume will appeal to scholars and students of Indian art and literature, to those who have grown up in the Pushtimarg tradition, and more broadly to those with an appreciation for the distinct ways in which pictures can tell stories that unite the everyday with intimate experiences of the Divine.

9789385360558 Mapin Publishing 8.5 x 11.5in. 176pp., 90 col. December 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

Gauri Dancers Waswo X. Waswo. With contributions by Pramod Kumar KG and Sonika Soni, photographic hand-painting by Rajesh Soni Gauri (also known as Gavri or Gavari) is celebrated by tribal communities in the southern part of Rajasthan as a forty-day festival that entails fasting and celebration in honor of Lord Shiva and his consort, the Goddess Parvati. Public performances put on as part of the revelry include dance, storytelling, music and worship. The tradition of the Gauri dance has been celebrated for centuries, yet there have been no books in English until now on this mystical and enchanting practice. Photographer Waswo X. Waswo has joined with art historian Sonika Soni to create this book that delves into the esoteric world of Gauri dance.

9789385360725 Mapin Publishing 8 x 10.5in. 136pp., 97 col. December 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

Asian Art & Studies


The Life of the Buddha Burmese Murals from the Late 16th to the Late 18th Centuries Alexy Kirichenko and Cristophe Munier-Gaillard with Minbu Aung Kyaing The Life of the Buddha is the first book to combine expertise in Burmese epigraphy, manuscript palaeography, literary production, historiography, monastic history and Buddhist architecture with a close study of the visual vocabulary, iconography and stylistic features of murals. This book provides the first chronological classification of mural styles from the late 16th to the late 18th century, tracing their origin in 14th and 15th century murals and putting them in perspective with 19th century ones.

9786164510166 River Books 9.25 x 12in. 320pp., 500 col., 10 b.&w. March 2020 $70.00/CDN$94.50 Hardcover


Asian Art & Studies

Thread and Fire Textiles and Jewellery from the Isles of Indonesia and Timor Linda S. McIntosh Thread and Fire is a fascinating journey through the centuries-old trade networks that developed across a group of archipelagos along the equator. With the arrival of Europeans in the early 16th century, global trade and connections grew rapidly. Spices and forest & sea products were the focus of foreign interests, and textiles were the currency for their acquisition. These textiles soon became part of the region’s social fabric. Thread and Fire explores and illustrates those ancient connections and traditions through Indonesian and Timorese textiles, regalia and jewelry from the Francisco Capelo collection, assembled over a 20-year period and now part of the permanent collection of Casa AsiaColecao Francisco Capelo in Lisbon.

9786164510357 River Books 9.25 x 11.25in. 344pp., 265 col. November 2019 $95.00/CDN$128.50 Hardcover

Lightning by M.F. Husain Edited by Marguerite Charugundla Lightning was created in 1975, during a very controversial period in India’s history, to be the backdrop of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s Emergency speech. The masterpiece was made up of 12 massive panels with 10 wild, white horses charging through an open space. Created in honor of the artist, the book includes anecdotal stories and interviews, and selected authors address the painting and its creator from various angles. It is an attempt to reveal the painting’s mysteries: every brush stroke and every inch of the canvas has a story, secretly tucked away in the midst of the powerfully rendered horses, that is left for the beholder to decipher. Published in association with TamarindArt, New York, and Asia Society Museum, New York.

9789385360688 Mapin Publishing 9 x 11in. 132pp., 113 col. Available $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

Colour Sells Hilde Francq “Colours and trends are essential to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Colour Sells is a brilliant plea for the integration of colours and trends into your marketing, and it’s full of eye candy!” – Ann Claes, CBO at JBC From marketing strategy to packaging, color is essential for both the positioning and the sales of brands and merchandise. The vast majority of consumers say they pay attention to prevailing trends, and color influences their decision to purchase a particular product. This book offers insights into the commercial use of color and discusses trending color marketing strategies. It includes inspiring case studies and interviews with experts and designers from brands such as HAY, Vitra, Essentiel, Bang & Olufsen and BMW.

9789401463430 Lannoo Publishers 8.75 x 10.75in. 276pp., 20 col. February 2020 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Paperback

The Book of Noble Purpose Olivier Onghena-’t Hooft Organizations and companies remain successful if they are ecosystems in which people are motivated to improve. People are engaged when organizations have a purpose and attract like-minded men and women. The transformative power of noble purpose is what unites individual self-realization, organizational efficiency, and societal evolution. This book, inspired by the life story of the author, promotes a society where environment, humanism and economy go hand in hand to create a sustainable future.

9789401463720 Lannoo Publishers 6 x 9in. 200pp., January 2020 $37.50/CDN$51.00 Hardcover

Generation Alpha in beta Reframing Marketing to Kids Maarten Leyts Generational thinking is not a science, but a reliable framework for successful marketing, communications, and product strategy. This book describes how marketing is evolving for the demographic group Generation Y, born between 2010 – the year when the iPad and Instagram were launched – and 2025. This book examines the impact of technology and digitization on the brains and development of this generation, the world’s future consumers. With examples and insight, it shows how young entrepreneurs and influencers use new media to promote their interests and associated brand preferences to their peers and to the world.

9789401463799 Lannoo Publishers 5.25 x 8.5in. 200pp., 20 col., 10 b.&w. December 2019 $37.50/CDN$51.00 Paperback

Business & Marketing


9789401463805 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 200pp., January 2020 $37.50/CDN$51.00 Paperback

9789401463829 Lannoo Publishers 6 x 9in. 276pp., January 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

Healthusiasm Making Customers Healthy & Happy Christophe Jauquet

Insights from the Boardroom Herman Daems on Corporate Governance Herman Daems

This book about the healthcare industry connects people’s expectations of products, services, and experiences with their enthusiasm to live better lives and be the best version of themselves possible. Written from a human perspective, consumer as well as patient.

The corporate world has more directors than CEOs. But what does a director do? What is the role of a board of directors? As an experienced director and chairman of several companies and associations, Herman Daems critically analyzes the functions of directors and chairmen. He reviews best practices and offers first-hand insights into corporate governance.

9789401463980 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 220pp., 75 col. December 2019 $37.50/CDN$51.50 Flexibind

9789401465243 Lannoo Publishers 5.5 x 8.5in. 144pp., 75 b.&w. January 2020 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback

Sociocracy 3.0 – The Novel Unleash the Full Potential of People and Organizations Jef Cumps

Start to Draw Visual Communication in the Workplace Axelle Vanquaillie

This book introduces the Sociocracy 3.0 framework as a practical guide to creating agile and meaningful organizations. Sociocracy 3.0 provides a toolkit for any company that seeks to work more consciously and effectively on the basis of equality, collective intelligence and a flexible organizational structure.

Start to Draw is a hands-on guide discussing the positive aspects of drawing and visualizing your ideas in your work environment. It is an accessible, richly illustrated and bite-size book providing insight into why drawing works, how you can have a great impact on your own (and others’) professional work, and how you can end up with a more creative approach to your job.


Business & Marketing

Sam Kramer Jeweler on the Edge Toni Greenbaum Despite being one of the most influential – and indeed most eccentric – of the American modernist jewelers, Sam Kramer (1913-1964) has received little recognition. His expressive, organic work and surreal workshop, located on West 8th Street in New York’s Greenwich Village, paved the way for other midtwentieth century metalsmiths, and for many more working today. Sam Kramer: Jeweler on the Edge investigates Kramer as both a seminal artist and a cult personality. Through lavish color photographs of rarely seen works as well as newly discovered archival material, the story of this unique individual is told against a backdrop of post-Second World War America, from the late 1940s to the early 1960s. Mirroring both the existential angst and quirky humor of the Beat Generation, Sam Kramer embodied the iconoclastic spirit of his era.

9783897905641 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 7 x 9.5in. 160pp., 120 col. February 2020 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

Margit Hart Mindscapes. Jewelry and Photography Carl Aigner, Nina Schedlmayer Over the past twenty-five years, the Austrian artist Margit Hart has created an extremely diverse oeuvre of contemporary jewelry. Mindscapes, the name of her latest group of works, is synonymous with her ever changing jewelry objects. Since 2009 Margit Hart’s work – parallel to her jewelry – has extended into abstract photography, resulting in a mutual dialogue between both disciplines. In her Schattenflug [Fleeting Shadows] works, she goes beyond illustrating the purely representational to create imaginary three-dimensional pictorial spaces that immerse us in mysterious worlds of light and shade. This monograph showcases the interplay between both modes of artistic expression in a tangible way.

9783897905764 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.25 x 10.25in. 128pp., 126 col. December 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Paperback with flaps English, German

Contemporary Jewellery in Portugal From the Avant-Garde of the 1960s to the Early 21st Century Cristina Filipe In this book, Cristina Filipe offers a critical examination of some of the artists and contexts that contributed to the transformations in Portuguese jewelry from the vanguard of the 1960s to the early twenty-first century. In addition, Contemporary Jewellery in Portugal contextualizes the international scene, reflecting on how Portuguese artists responded to these external influences. What jewelry was made and by whom? What were the underlying trends? These are some of the questions that this book seeks to answer through the analysis of artist interviews and exhaustive factual research, accompanied by a visual narrative mirroring the changes in contemporary jewelry in Portugal.

9783897905658 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 408pp., 195 col. December 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

Decorative Arts


Seladon im Augenmerk Jadegleiche Porzellane und ihre Meister in Longquan, VR China Anette Mertens; Mareile Flitsch Ever since at least the 9th century, the Chinese province of Zhejiang has been known for its fine celadon porcelain with wonderful shimmering surfaces in qing, the magnificent shades of green, but by the end of the 19th century celadon had almost completely disappeared. It was not until the 1950s that this style of pottery was successfully brought back to life. In the 1990s changes to the market economy forced porcelain artisans to reorient; to this day they have been able to successfully align themselves, similar to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage system, as ‘Living State Treasures’ with their unparalleled celadon glazes. Seladon im Augenmerk offers an exciting social anthropological insight into the cultural history, technology and sociality of celadon production in the porcelain metropolis of Longquan, PR, China, up to the present day.

9783897905740 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 7.75 x 11in. 200pp., 120 col. December 2019 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover, non-returnable German

Offers an exciting social anthropological insight into the cultural history, technology and sociality of celadon production in the porcelain metropolis of Longquan.

Chinese Porcelain Marks Christer Löfgren This study identifies and classifies Imperial reign marks on Chinese porcelain from the Ming to the Qing dynasties. Working on the theory that only a few artists created these marks, Christer Löfgren, a former antiquities dealer in Chinese porcelain, created a database with thousands of so-called ‘mark and period’ brands. This survey, 15 years in the making, covers all the Ming emperors, from the 15th century to the last emperor during the Qing period, including Hongxian, up until 1920.

9789198465181 Booxencounters 6.5 x 9.75in. 336pp., January 2020 $175.00/CDN$236.00 2 vols, hardcover, slipcase


Decorative Arts

This unique study identifies and classifies Imperial reign marks on Chinese porcelain from the Qing to the Ming periods.

Moonwatch Only The Ultimate OMEGA Speedmaster Guide Grégoire Rossier, Anthony Marquié There are very few timepieces in the world that deserve a definitive and comprehensive book such as this one. The OMEGA Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is one of them. Initially designed for automobile racing teams and engineers, the OMEGA Speedmaster embarked on a very different trajectory when NASA chose it to accompany astronauts heading for the Moon in 1965. Its involvement in the space adventure has propelled the Moonwatch to the top of the list of celebrated timepieces. After years of research and observation, the authors present a complete panorama of the Moonwatch. This third edition marking the 60th anniversary of the Speedmaster has been enriched with numerous new features including a 16-page gallery of astronauts and their Speedmaster, QR codes to extend your exploration and a detailed story of a vintage Speedmaster.

9782940506309 10.25 x 12.5in. 566pp., 1150 col. December 2019 $290.00/CDN$391.00 Hardcover, non-returnable

The third edition of this definitive book, marking the 60th anniversary of the Speedmaster. Now includes 17 new Speedmasters and an additional 120 new illustrations.

Glassworks The Art of Frederick Birkhill Contributions by Samantha De Tillio, Dr. Dedo Von Kerssenbrock-Krosogk, Amy Schwartz, Stuart Reid, and Doreen Balabanoff Glass as an art form has an ancient tradition; the archaeological record suggests that artisans in Egypt and Mesopotamia were fabricating glass vessels and ornaments during the fourth millennium BCE. Its durable nature, range of colors, malleability, and most of all, its optical transparency are qualities that have made glass a premiere art medium. Over a lifetime, Frederick Birkhill has explored the unique qualities of glass and the numerous techniques and intricacies of working with it. The result of these decades of study is a body of work that is extraordinary in scope, technical expertise, and sheer virtuosity. The Artist Book Foundation is delighted to announce the upcoming publication of a new monograph honoring this gifted artist: Glassworks: The Art of Frederick Birkhill.

9781732986404 The Artist Book Foundation 11.5 x 12in. 196pp., 100 col., 25 b.&w. May 2020 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

A new monograph honoring Frederick Birkhill and his Glassworks, featuring lavish photography, a glossary of glass-art terms, a detailed chronology of the artist’s life, his extensive exhibition history, and a list of the numerous awards he has received. Decorative Arts


Chiparus Master of Art Deco Alberto Shayo This new and updated edition adds new figures as well as historic documents. Of particular interest is the discovery of the long-lost marble figure Polar Bear last seen over 75 years ago in Paris, where it was exhibited for the first and last time at the 1943 Salon des Artistes Français. Accompanying images of this important discovery are presented in this edition for the very first time. Over 26 years ago the first publication of Chiparus: Master of Art Deco brought this artist into the public eye. His name, lost in records and catalogues, was rejuvenated by Alberto Shayo’s rediscovery of his works, effectively bringing artist and oeuvre back to life. The book dwells on the sources and inspiration of the Art Deco movement, with particular emphasis on sculptures created by Demétre Chiparus.

9781788840637 ACC Art Books 10.75 x 12.75in. 336pp., 385 col., 32 b.&w. Available $95.00/CDN$128.50 Hardcover

One of the most important sculptors of the Art Deco era, Demétre Chiparus (1886-1947) was a Romanian sculptor who lived and worked in Paris, France. This monograph covers his work as both a sculptor and a painter.

Silver Triennial International 19th Worldwide Competition Edited by Christianne Weber-Stöber The publication for the 19th Silver Triennial provides an exciting review of the current silver scene from across the globe. The competition is organized by the Society for Goldsmiths’ Art in collaboration with the City of Hanau, which invited internationally renowned silversmiths and metal designers as well as emergent up-and-coming artists to participate in the competition. The diverse repertoire of silver everyday implements; such as tea-, water- and coffee pots, bowls, cutlery, candlesticks and jars, as well as abstract objects; is exemplary of 21st-century silver smithing. A top-class jury selected the award winners and exhibitors.

9783897905665 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 7 x 9.75in. 160pp., 110 col. December 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover English, German


Decorative Arts

Exceptional works from international artists are presented in this exciting review of the current silver scene.

The Persian Carpet The Forgotten Years 1722-1872 Hadi Maktabi This publication sets out to investigate a significant yet overlooked era of carpet weaving in Iran. The time-span stretches between two highly significant dates, which are exactly 150 years apart. The first, 1722, marks the downfall of the Safavid dynasty. The second date, 1872, represents the formal start of the modern carpet revival, when increased demand attracted European attention and changed the industry’s structure. Prevailing opinion has hitherto been that in-between not much happened and that there was an overall decline in carpet production. Thankfully that is not the case, otherwise this book would not exist. New evidence brings to light a period of design evolution, thriving workshops and prestigious commissions. Through careful study of documentary sources, artworks in different media but first and foremost the hand-knotted rugs themselves, the glory of this forgotten age of the Persian carpet is brought to life.

9781898113867 Hali Publications Ltd 9.5 x 12.5in. 304pp., 180 col., 15 b.&w. Available $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

Shedding light on a forgotten age of the Persian carpet, this publication offers a complete reassessment of weaving in the period 1722-1872 in Iran, featuring many previously unpublished pieces in full color.

Decorative Arts


100 Iconic Bollywood Costumes Sujata Assomull, illustratrated by Aparna Ram, Foreword Manish Malhotra 100 Iconic Bollywood Costumes is a celebration of fashion in Indian cinema, studded with beautiful illustrations of India’s most enduring glam icons. It pays tribute to the colorful silver screen looks that have not only come to define their lms and actresses, but have also shaped the way millions of Indian women view style: Madhubala’s classic Anarkali in Mughal-e-Azam (1960), Kajol’s tomboy chic in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998), Kareena Kapoor’s game-changing Patialas in Jab We Met (2007), and many more. Packed with insider know-how on the creative processes behind these influential costumes – from designer legends such as Manish Malhotra to the stylish performers themselves – 100 Iconic Bollywood Costumes is a must-have for both fans and scholars of women’s fashion, Bollywood cinema, and the quintessential quirks of modern Indian culture.

9788194110972 Roli Books 6.5 x 9.5in. 224pp., 107 col. March 2020 $29.95/CDN$39.95 Hardcover



100 Iconic Bollywood Costumes is a definitive guide to these colorful silver screen outfits and more. It’s filled with insider know-how from designer legends such as Manish Malhotra.

Garden of Lace Carine Gilson Karen van Godtsenhoven & Wim Mertens Birds of paradise, exotic flowers, the Garden of Eden, Gustav Klimt, Art Nouveau and Les Ballets Russes are sources of inspiration for the fantastic and exclusive oeuvre of Belgian lingerie and nightwear designer Carine Gilson. She transforms Calais lace and silk from Lyon into ‘haute lingerie’ with masterly finesse, and her designs catapult the imagination into a dream world of sensuality and elegance. This book explores her philosophy and work, focusing on her designs, the luxurious material she sources, and the craftsmanship of the atelier that has been transforming lace and silk into exquisite and luxurious lingerie, robes, and nightgowns for nearly 30 years. Carine Gilson’s couture lingerie is sold in her own stores in Paris, London, Taipei and Brussels and in famous couture houses around the world.

9789401464703 Lannoo Publishers 9 x 11in. 192pp., 140 col., 50 b.&w. February 2020 $70.00/CDN$94.50 Hardcover

The first monograph on renowned Belgian luxury lingerie designer Carine Gilson, who designs ‘haute lingerie’ for women such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Madonna.



Red-Print Propaganda Posters Tell the Stories of New China Hon Bingwah Packed with pictures, Red-Print tells the story of modern-day China through its propaganda regime. It encourages us to review the past of this fascinating country through how the governing bodies presented themselves to the Chinese people. In the current era, where mass communication and information explosion is the norm, such simple propaganda posters are a source of historical interest and design inspiration. This book will be a vital addition to any collector’s library, and the simple, yet aesthetically attractive style of these posters will appeal to designers worldwide.

9789881879943 Artpower International Publishers 8.5 x 11.25in. 304pp., 400 col. Available $48.00/CDN$64.50 Hardcover



Designline Edited by Sara Hausmann, Achim Böhmer The Designline is a 4.5 meter long illustrated history of design, which can either be used as a booklet, or unfolded as a large poster. It includes examples from important epochs and exemplary forms - be it in the shape of a kidneyshaped table designed by Isamu Noguchi as an example for organic design, or the ground plan of Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum in Berlin, representative of deconstructionism.

Form Guide Understanding Design Terms Edited by Museum für Gestaltung Zurich The Form Guide is an easy-to-use and conveniently sized dictionary of key design terminology covering product forms, constructions and impressions. The 100 products examples used are presented with a brief description of their origin, making the Form Guide an informative tool for students, teachers and practitioners alike.

Numerous photos and information on historical developments, outstanding works and designers from each epoch accompany the design history, making the Designline important both as an example, and in terms of product language. The  Designline is interdisciplinary and synoptic, covering industrial and graphic design and architecture. The documented period begins with the industrial revolution.

Renowned design colleges and institutes have collaborated on the development and publication of the form guide: Zurich University of the Arts (Industrial Design department), the Museum of Design Zurich (design collection), the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, and idea...Institut [interior design environment and architecture] Halle (Saale) Germany.

9783899860993 av edition 7.75 x 9.75in. 46pp., 46 col. Available $29.00/CDN$39.00 Paperback, slipcase English, German

9783899861211 av edition 2.5 x 6.25in. 240pp., 222 col. Available $29.00/CDN$39.00 Screw binding, cards English, German

100 Best Posters 18 Germany – Austria – Switzerland 100 Beste Plakate e. V. Every year the association 100 Beste Plakate e. V. presents awards to honor the most innovative and ground-breaking poster designs from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The yearbook has long been the go-to source in poster design for graphic artists, designers, and advertisers. While the traditional printed poster is still regarded as the most challenging genre in the graphic arts, it is increasingly coming under the influence of digital technology. For this reason, the 2018 yearbook explores the status of posters amid the wide variety of media and forms of expression available to clients and designers. This year’s edition was designed by the Zurich design studio Hi. It was printed on affiche paper, and the folds of the printed signatures were cut only on two sides similar to classical Japanese binding, inviting readers to make an effort to ‘open up’ the book.

9783862067343 Verlag Kettler 6.75 x 9.5in. 288pp., 125 col., 36 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback English, German

The 2018 yearbook explores the status of posters amid the wide variety of media and forms of expression available to clients and designers. What relevance do posters still have in our day and age?

Bea Objects & Interiors Bea Mombaers Interior stylist Bea Mombaers is passionate about vintage and design; she’s always on the lookout for special finds and unique objects. Over time she developed a distinctive signature style. This book presents Bea’s work and universe as seen through the lenses of different photographers. The photos show interiors arranged by Bea, but also intriguing details, beautiful still lifes and objects with a story Bea feels inspired by. The photos are presented according to the key moments in a day: waking up, breakfast, break, lunch, coffee, apero, dinner and party. Bea is a source of inspiration and interior dreams, and a personal view on Bea Mombaers’s world and her favorite projects up to now.

9789460582530 Luster 7.75 x 10.25in. 240pp., December 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

A source of inspiration and interior dreams Bea presents interior stylist Bea Mombaers’s work and universe through the lenses of different photographers and according to key moments in the day. Design


International Yearbook Brands & Communication Design 19/20 Peter Zec The International Yearbook Brand & Communication Design shows powerful brand- and communication-centered works and projects by design studios and companies focused on communication campaigns. Volume 1 contains the ‘Brands’ categories such as brands of the year, brand design, corporate design, annual reports, advertising, interface & user experience design, packaging design, fair stands, retail design as well as junior award Vol. 1. Volume 2 is dedicated to the ‘Communication Design’ disciplines, including publishing & print media, posters, typography, illustrations, sound design, film & animation, online, apps, spatial communication as well as junior award Vol. 2. The creative brains behind the best product ideas are the winners of the honorary titles, ‘Red Dot: Agency of the Year’ and several ‘Red Dot: Brands of the Year’, and are given a special place in the design yearbook.

9783899392180 Red Dot Edition 9.5 x 11.75in. 1200pp., 2500 col. January 2020 $90.00/CDN$121.50 2 vols, hardcover

The International Yearbook Brand & Communication Design shows powerful communication-centered works and projects by design studios and companies focused on communication campaigns.

Robotic Force Printing A Joint Workshop of MIT/ETH/TONGJI Philip F. Yuan, Philippe Block About ten years ago, Professor Stanford Anderson from MIT initiated the joint-workshop program with Tongji University in Shanghai. The Robotic Force Printing Workshop this year can be seen as a respectful tribute and continuity to such tradition. Philip F. Yuan, a professor of Tongji University and the founder of Fab-Union Technology was in collaboration with Professor Philippe Block of ETH throughout the 23-day workshop. In addition to the design-fabrication studios, the workshop also consists of three field trips in association with one academic forum, four public lectures and a series of teaching modules on fundamental concepts of COMPAS and FURobotic to explore the integration between novel structural designs and the advances in additive manufacturing and robotic fabrication.

9787560885766 Tongji University Press 6.75 x 9.5in. 180pp., 110 col., 25 b.&w. January 2020 $29.95/CDN$39.95 Paperback



This book is a documentation of the joint workshop of MIT, ETH and Tongji University, which integrates COMPAS and FURobotic to explore the advances in additive manufacturing and robotic fabrication.

Chow! Secrets of Chinese Cooking Cookbook Dolly Chow The provinces of China are united by their love of a good meal. Each has their own specialties and methods of preparation – all of which are, of course, purported to be ‘the best’. Rather than attempting to cover the entirety of Chinese cuisine, this charming little book instead focuses on recipes born from melding the author’s favorite family menus with tips on traditional preparation and table etiquette as dictated by Confucius 2500 years ago. The result is an informative and delicious peek into the Chinese food culture of the early twentieth century. Requiring only minimal materials and expertise, the recipes are accessible and flavorful, while the insights into traditional Chinese eating customs will be of use for travelers hoping to dine authentically while abroad. Chow! guides the reader through the basics – how to wash rice, serve tea and make noodles from scratch – before introducing them to a variety of dishes based around meat, seafood and vegetables. Whether you seek familiar tastes or adventurous dishes, Chow! has it all: from stuffed mushrooms and fried rice to minced pigeon, crab fat with green vegetables and duck tongue soup.

9781788840750 ACC Art Books 5 x 7.25in. 320pp., b.&w. April 2020 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Hardcover English, Chinese

A new edition of the classic, bestselling traditional Chinese cookbook, a staple in Chinese and US kitchens for 83 years. Contains 75 easy recipes.

Food & Drink


Louis XIII Cognac – The Thesaurus Karen Howes First exhibited at the Exposition Universelle (Paris, 1900) Louis XIII has embodied sophistication for over a century. Each bottle is a unique work of art, from the decanter – each of which requires eleven craftsmen to blow the crystal, apply the ornamentation and wrap the 20-K gold collar around its slender neck – to the cognac itself. Composed of up to 1200 eaux-de-vie from the first cru of the Cognac region, Grande Champagne, Louis XIII balances notes of myrrh, honey, dried roses, plum, honeysuckle, cigar boxes, leather, figs and passion fruit in an unmatched, ambrosial blend. This book is an ode to the cognac, sung by some of its earliest and most vibrant devotees. We delve into the diaries and letters of two passionate travelers aboard the America-bound cruiser Normandie, 1935; the agenda of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on their visit to Versailles in 1938; and the first-hand account of a young millionaire who, while on a trip to Constantinople in 1928, requested that the Orient-Express stop so that the surface of his brandy might lie still. Tracing the history of the iconic decanter from the pewter flask found after the Battle of Jarnac to the inspired glass vessels that captivated the royal courts of Europe, Louis XIII Cognac – The Thesaurus promises an elegant and entertaining glimpse into this prestigious cognac and the characters who drank it.

Collecting testimonies from early twentieth-century letters and diaries, this book honors the timeless reputation of Louis XIII, the luxury cognac from Rémy Martin.

9781851499014 ACC Art Books 9.75 x 13in. 288pp., col. January 2020 $175.00/CDN$236.00 Hardcover, non-returnable


Food & Drink

Rum - Rhum - Ron Pascal Kählin, Sina Bühler This book – researched and authored by recognized rum expert Pascal Kählin – offers a comprehensive overview of a wide range of different rums and the most important places of production around the world. The evolution of rum is closely tied to the cultural history and prevalence of sugar. As a comprehensive guide, Rum – Rhum – Ron discusses and classifies different rum brands and portrays important distilleries in image and texts, detailing their history, local variations and particularities. This ‘atlas of rum’ tells rum’s story and its rise from sailor’s drink to collector’s item – a compendium for experts and anyone with an interest in spirits.

9783907203019 – English 9783907203026 – French Alambic Books 6.75 x 8.75in. 200pp., 44 col., 10 b.&w. January 2020 $29.00/CDN$39.00 Hardcover (French edition non-returnable)

An illustrated introduction to some 90 rum distilleries in more than 30 countries worldwide, describing and classifying 144 different spirits.

Mixing Cosmopolitans The Pouring Tales Daniel Staub Daniel Staub, the creative mind behind several bars and speakeasies in Zurich and author of the bartending blog ‘The Pouring Tales’ is on a mission to find the most innovative and passionate bartenders from all across the globe. Resulting from his extensive travels and research into the global nightlife scene, Mixing Cosmopolitans is a travel diary, a bar guide, and a recipe book all in one. Yet in the spotlight, first and foremost, are the people who breathe new, often unconventional, life into the art of hospitality and who in this book share their own personal path to finding their passion in bartending. Presenting 21 personal, beautifully illustrated portraits of bartenders and their bars along with the recipes for their signature cocktails, Mixing Cosmopolitans offers a compelling look into a constantly evolving scene and art form.

9783907203040 Alambic Books 7.75 x 10.25in. 224pp., 83 col. January 2020 $39.00/CDN$52.50 Hardcover

A beautifully illustrated introduction to 21 bartenders and their bars around the world, along with the recipes for their signature cocktails, offering a compelling look into a constantly evolving scene and art form. Food & Drink


Peñin Guide Spanish Wine 2020 PI&ERRE Now in its 30th edition, the Peñin Guide Spanish Wine 2020 is the definitive guide to Spanish wine. Each year a team of tasters travels to every wine-growing area of Spain to taste and review new varieties, labels and vintages, and this year’s edition of the guide contains information on more than 11,800 new wines.  Whatever your budget, the Peñín Guide is the indispensible guide for those who want to discover the best of Spanish wine.

9788494817687 – English 9788494817670 – Spanish Grupo Peñìn 5.75 x 8.25in. 1041pp., 1000 col. November 2019 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback (Spanish edition non-returnable)


Food & Drink

Italian Wines 2020 Edited by Gambero Rosso Italian Wines is the English-language version of Gambero Rosso’s Vini d’Italia, the world’s best-selling guide to Italian wine. It is the result of a year’s work by over 60 tasters, coordinated by three curators. They travel around the entire country to taste 45,000 wines, only half of which make it into the guide. More than 2,400 producers have been selected. Each entry brings together useful information about the winery, including a description of its most important labels and price levels in Italian wine shops. Each wine is evaluated according to the Gambero Rosso bicchieri rating, with Tre Bicchieri awarded to the top labels. The guide is an essential tool for both wine professionals and passionate amateurs around the globe: it provides the instruments for finding one’s way in the complex panorama of Italy’s wine world.

9788866410485 Gambero Rosso 4.25 x 8.75in. 1302pp., January 2020 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback

Top Italian Food & Beverage Experience 2020 Edited by Gambero Rosso The fifth edition of Gambero Rosso’s Top Italian Food & Experience features a selection of the best Italian food and beverage producers. This is the only guide in the sector classified according to product category to bring together over 1200 exceptional entities ready and willing to export a range of quality items. The guide includes a section on the best fresh fruit and vegetables, indicating the relative producer consortia and associations, making it an indispensable tool for foodies, but especially for industry players wanting to promote the best of ‘Made-in-Italy’, and for the 50,000 buyers and influencers who participate annually in Gambero Rosso’s international events.

9788866412021 Gambero Rosso 5.25 x 9in. 496pp., March 2020 $15.50/CDN$21.00 Paperback

Biotope Pastorale Bart De Pooter, Robby Sallaets, Kris Vlegels Two-star Michelin chef Bart De Pooter – a pioneer of Flemish gastronomy at his elegant restaurant, Pastorale – pays homage to the adventures and discoveries that have shaped his culinary landscape over the past 25 years. Located in the small village of Reet, not far from Antwerp, Pastorale represents the best of Flemish culinary heritage while always looking to the future. Illustrated with striking photography by Kris Vlegels, and peppered with Bart’s kitchen secrets, this book opens a window on a world of refined and creative cuisine driven by regional produce, classical techniques, innovation, and passion.

9789401462655 Lannoo Publishers 9 x 11in. 256pp., 190 col., 30 b.&w. Available $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

In this book, two-star Michelin chef Bart De Pooter, owner of the Belgian restaurant Pastorale, pays homage to the adventures and discoveries that have shaped his culinary landscape over the past 25 years.

Food & Drink


Craft Beer Brewing The New Wave of Belgian Brewers Jeroen Bert A new wind is blowing through the rich Belgian beer landscape, loosely inspired by the American and international craft beer revolution. The latest batch of Belgian brewers are reconciling tradition with experimentation in a varied, seemingly inexhaustible, stream of new beers. This book tracks the current scene and follows the author as he brews the most popular beers in his kitchen. Included here are recipes and instructions for an accessible ‘brewin-a-bag’ method of making craft beer at home. You’ll discover the brewing secrets of cutting edge producers like Dok Brewing Company, Resistance, Cabardouche, L’Ermitage and many others.

9789401464789 Lannoo Publishers 7.75 x 9.5in. 240pp., 200 col., 30 b.&w. Available $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

Learn to brew your own beer, including recipes for the accessible ‘brew-in-a-bag’ method, and get to know the cutting edge producers of the current Belgian artisanal beer scene.

Bistro Belge Nostalgic Places to Eat in Belgium Toni De Coninck In Belgium, if you look hard enough, you can still find dozens of restaurants where time seems to have stood still. In Bistro Belge, Toni De Coninck tells the story of these establishments, and of the people who work there. He visited restaurants all over Belgium, from West-Flanders (‘t Hommelhof in Watou) to Namur (Lesse Capade in Resteigne), and from Limburg (Tante ‘Auntie’ Julia in Stevoort) to Brussels (Vert de Gris). He learned all there is to know about the history of these places and the families who run them, and also gathered some recipes of speciality dishes that have been prepared in the exact same way for generations. The photos in this book complement the texts; they immerse the reader into the warm-heartedness that is so typical of the Belgian culinary heritage.

9789460582585 Luster 6.75 x 9.5in. 256pp., 200 col. December 2019 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Paperback English, Dutch


Food & Drink

An ode to Belgium’s amiable and authentic culinary heritage.

Sharing Inspired Recipes for Office and Home Benoit Dewitte One Michelin star chef Benoit Dewitte has developed a unique culinary program for Welkin & Meraki’s co-working office spaces in Brussels, Eindhoven, Paris, Luxembourg, and London. He has created breakfast and lunch menus for these locations that are full of light, tasty and varied dishes. In this book, he shares nearly 60 of those delicious recipes.

9789401465021 Lannoo Publishers 7.75 x 9.5in. 176pp., 120 col., 15 b.&w. January 2020 $37.50/CDN$51.50 Hardcover

Sixty light and flavorful recipes created by Belgian chef Benoit Dewitte for the catering program of office sharing company Welkin & Meraki, with locations in Brussels, Eindhoven, Paris, Luxembourg, and London.

Dessert Roger van Damme This inspiring book of 50 fabulous desserts by chef Roger van Damme and his team is the result of 25 years of hard work at the apex of the culinary world. With a passion for innovation that goes beyond the traditional definition of a pastry chef, van Damme transforms seasonal products into new and original confections, and creates inspired combinations. With an international flair, this book takes us from Belgium to Barcelona, Paris, and beyond.

9789401465212 Lannoo Publishers 9.5 x 11.75in. 384pp., 400 col., 50 b.&w. November 2019 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

Lavishly illustrated, with step-by-step photography and detailed instructions for preparing more than 50 marvelous desserts. Food & Drink


The Urban Forager How to find wild food in the city Wross Lawrence with photography by Marco Kesseler Hawthorn berry ketchup, cherry blossom shortbread, nettle ravioli, elderflower fritters, cowslip summer rolls… these are just some of the tasty and surprising dishes you can make from wild food found in your city. With stylish photography and expert advice from a professional forager, this book explains how to identify 32 easy-to-find plants in the city and cook up a wild feast. Leaves, nuts, berries, branches, flowers and even weeds are all in the mix, proving that, even in urban spaces, there is an abundance of delicious food waiting to be discovered (and devored).

Pure & Healthy Healthy Indian Vegetarian Cuisine Vidhu Mittal, Nutritionist Radhika Karle

Everyday Vegan Healthy Plant-Based Cooking for the Entire Family Ellen Charlotte Marie

Pure & Healthy is a unique book, packed with tasty vegetarian recipes, including practical weekly menu suggestions for those with medical conditions such as diabetes, gluten allergies, and thyroid issues as well as how food groups and servings can be determined and distributed. The focus is on using wholesome and fresh ingredients to make dishes like Ragi Dosa (Finger Millet Pancake), PapitaNariyal Sherbet (Papaya-Coco Shake), and Bharwa Parwal (Stuffed Pointed Gourd). The recipes have been created in collaboration with well-known nutritionist Radhika Karle to ensure that nutritional values are balanced and appropriate.

Vegan cooking is more popular than ever. The challenge is to prepare meals that will be healthy and appealing for the whole family. This book features kid-tested recipes for families with children, that are easy, tasty, and nutritious. Whether you are a practicing vegan or just want to introduce your family to healthier eating, these recipes will inspire you. Ellen also introduces a sugar free challenge, explains the world of kombucha and seaweed, and shows how to make your weekday meals easier by planning and preparing ahead.

This book retains all features of bestselling author Vidhu Mittal’s previous works – simple recipes, step-by-step photographs, and special tips.

9781910566695 Hoxton Mini Press 4.25 x 6in. 160pp., 75 col. March 2020 $16.95/CDN$22.95 Hardcover


Food & Drink

9788194206811 Roli Books 9 x 11in. 232pp., 1006 col. March 2020 $34.95/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

9789401462907 Lannoo Publishers 7.5 x 9.5in. 160pp., 180 col., 20 b.&w. December 2019 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

The Mughal Feast Recipes From The Kitchen Of Emperor Shah Jahan Salma Yusuf Husain

Wazwaan Traditional Kashmiri Cuisine Waza Sharief, Waza Shafi, Waza Rafiq, Rocky Mohan

Kashmiri Cuisine Through the Ages Sarla Razdan

The Mughal Feast is a delightful transcreation of the original handwritten Persian recipe book Nuskha-e-Shahjahani from the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s time. A culinary journey into the Mughal imperial kitchen, where food was cooked with just the right amount of spices to enhance the base flavors of the dishes, this book is divided into seven sections and includes a plethora of recipes, ranging from the familiar shami kabab and baqlawa to the more exotic amba pulao (tangy mango lamb rice) and indersa (sweet, deep-fried rice-flour balls). The book also provides helpful tips for cooking, including methods to clean fish and soften bones, throwing light on the creativity of the Mughal cooks.

When Timur invaded India in the fifteenth century, he unknowingly introduced to the country a cuisine that is perhaps unrivalled in the world – wazwaan. The elaborate preparation and ceremonial presentation of lavish meals, often comprising 36 courses, makes wazwaan a sumptuous and royal repast. Seven dishes typically form an indispensable part of the feast – tabakh maaz, rista, Rogan Josh, dhaniwal korma, Aab gosh, marchwagan korma and ghustaba. Firin and kahwah (Green tea) round off a never-to-beforgotten culinary experience. For the first time ever, the exotic treasury of secret recipes from the renowned family of waza – The master chefs of Kashmir – are made available to all those who love the cuisine of the beautiful Valley.

Kashmiri Cuisine: Through the Ages is not just a cookbook but also showcases the splendor of Kashmir through beautiful vintage and new photographs bringing alive the history and culture of the place. A collection of authentic, comprehensive and easy-to-make recipes, popular within the Kashmiri community, makes this book indispensable to all lovers of good food. A section on low calorie Kashmiri food is a treat for the health conscious!

9788193704974 Roli Books 7 x 9.5in. 224pp., 28 col. March 2020 $29.95/CDN$39.95 Hardcover

9788194110934 Roli Books 6.75 x 9.25in. 96pp., 48 col. March 2020 $19.95/CDN$26.95 Hardcover

9788194110941 Roli Books 6.75 x 9.25in. 144pp., 196 col. March 2020 $19.95/CDN$26.95 Hardcover

Kashmiri cuisine is one of the most delectable and ancient cuisines in the world because of the many foreign influences. People are still a trifle inhibited about cooking it, because, like any delicacy, it demands a delicate sense of instinct after you have measured ingredients by the spoon or the ladle. But Sarla Razdan’s book will chip away the inhibitions and introduce you to a world that cannot be described at the inadequate level of mere words.

Food & Drink


David Austin’s English Roses David Austin (revised and updated by Michael Marriott) “Fully illustrated, the charm of his English Roses comes across on every page, even if the reader has to imagine their scent.” – The Irish Garden Informative, accessible and stunningly illustrated, David Austin’s English Roses introduces the reader to the world of rose propagation and care. The book focuses on English Roses, bred by David Austin to combine the sumptuousness of Old Roses with the strength and practical virtues of Modern Roses. It will be greatly prized by rose-growers and rose-lovers everywhere, whether professional or amateur.

9781788840194 ACC Art Books 8.5 x 10.5in. 192pp., 130 col. April 2020 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

The perfect companion for gardeners and enthusiasts of the English Rose, written by the proprietor of one of the world’s leading rose nurseries.



100 Plants that (almost) changed the World Chris Beardshaw From cars made of carrot to tea-smuggling spies; Popeye’s spinach to the hallucinogenic effects of lettuce, renowned garden expert Chris Beardshaw takes us on a journey though history’s most fascinating plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs: the ones that changed the world, the ones that almost did, and the ones that certainly didn’t! Ranging from Roman times to present day and even covering future plant-inventions, 100 Plants that (almost) changed the World is a fascinating compendium of stories about the plants and vegetables we see, nurture and consume every day. If you have ever wondered why carrots are supposed to help you see in the dark or why we hang fairy lights and decorations on our Christmas trees then this is the book for you – a fun and quirky new volume that offers unique exploration of our planets most fascinating plants.

9781906506711 Papadakis 6 x 7in. 168pp., 200 col. Available $19.95/CDN$26.95 Flexibind

From the technologically revolutionary to the downright ridiculous this collection of concise musings documents the varied and often humorous relationships humans have developed with members of the plant kingdom.

Kama Sutra The Amorous Man The Sensuous Woman Edited by Roli Books The Kama Sutra is an ancient classical work on the art of love. Its uniqueness lies in that it discusses the theme of sexual pleasure without any feeling of shyness or shame. The author, Vatsyayana talks about Kama, that is, sexual pleasure, and explains the rules which govern life according to Kama. Through its discussion on erotic love, the book manages to highlight the social customs and individual habits of ancient India. This tastefully produced and beautifully illustrated gift edition treats the subject of male and female sexuality in two separate volumes, suggestively entitled The Amorous Man and The Sensuous Woman. The male-female union is portrayed in all its splendor through the use of Indian miniatures and Khajuraho sculptures.

9788174370105 Roli Books 6 x 8.5in. 128pp., 115 col. March 2020 $24.95/CDN$33.95 2 vols, hardcover, slipcase

Discover the ancient classical customs of the Kama Sutra in this tastefully produced and beautifully illustrated gift edition. Gardens/Gift


Exeter Cathedral The Garden of Paradise Jonathan Foyle with Diane Walker Nine hundred years ago, foundations were dug for a great church in Exeter, which would develop into the beautiful cathedral that still marks the heart of the city. It is distinctive among English cathedrals for its twin transept towers, and unbroken vault stretching from the entrance to the high altar, and the sheer profusion of carving of plants and animals throughout. Exeter is a heavenly garden in stone, and this new book, illustrated with specially commissioned photography, draws on archeology, archives and imagery to explain what its builders in a surprisingly cosmopolitan city were trying to tell us about their understanding of the world, and the realm they envisioned beyond us.

9781785512353 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 9.5 x 11in. 128pp., March 2020 $24.95/CDN$33.95 Paperback

This new publication, illustrated with specially commissioned photography, draws on archeology, archives and imagery to illuminate the fascinating history of Exeter Cathedral.

London Underground 1970-1980 Mike Goldwater Think of the London Underground and what comes to mind? Shuffling human traffic, trains whirring through tunnels, tired silent faces. Mike Goldwater’s pictures taken in the ‘70s and ‘80s, capture the moments of tenderness and life that lie beneath that: the kisses goodbye, the man cradling a cat, another smoking deep in thought, the homeless man curled up next to his belongings. We also see old ticket booths (before Travelcards existed), retro carriages, whisky adverts and bell flares. These images, full of human interaction, take us back to a time when it was fine to talk (and smoke) on our beloved Underground.

9781910566619 Hoxton Mini Press 7.75 x 6in. 128pp., 87 b.&w. November 2019 $22.95/CDN$30.95 Hardcover



Nostalgic photographs that capture unexpected moments of intimacy and humor on the London Underground.

Out of the Blue Fifty Years of Designers Guild Tricia Guild Out of the Blue unravels Tricia Guild’s unique and creative approach, focusing in on her inspiration, her intuitive design methodology and the techniques, processes and materials used. Frustrated with the lack of truly contemporary fabrics and wallpapers for interiors, Tricia’s vision was to create a lifestyle. Tricia showed people how to put the different elements of a room together; how color, pattern, texture and form can combine to create a harmonious space. Readers will be able to see where Tricia’s inspiration comes from – her travels to India, Japan and Scandinavia – and how this is translated into collections of fabrics, wallpaper, furniture and accessories. Her inspiration may come from ancient Indian textiles, Renaissance-style velvet or a Swedish Gustavian wall treatment, but the resulting interiors are never drawn solely from one traveler’s tale and are never just a reworking of an old document. Instead, each is an eclectic amalgam in which a harmony exists between East and West, present and past.

9781788840743 ACC Art Books 8.5 x 10.5in. 240pp., 250 col. April 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

Celebrating a half-century of design and innovation from Designers Guild, this is the perfect source of inspiration for the budding designer.

Interior Design


Bernd Gruber Interior Design & Craftsmanship Edited by Wim Pauwels, Foreword by Marcel Wolterinck KitzbĂźhel-based company of craftsmen and designers Bernd Gruber presents ten recent residential projects (in KitzbĂźhel, Munich, Vienna, South Tyrol, Berlin, Grisons and Los Angeles) in a beautifully crafted coffee table book, finished with real natural linen.

9782875500571 Beta-Plus Publishing 10.5 x 13.25in. 192pp., 200 col. November 2019 $95.00/CDN$128.50 Hardcover English, German


Interior Design

Ten residential projects by Bernd Gruber.

Countryside Living Edited by Wim Pauwels Country living has long been associated with a rustic way of life and a sense of tradition. This strong appreciation of rural traditions does not mean, however, that all country homes are relics of the past. Contemporary solutions and innovative ideas work equally well when old spaces are given over to new uses, converted, renovated or just revived. A country house is intimately connected to the land and all its seasons and is built to last using natural, indigenous materials. These are the core qualities of the countryside style, whether old or new. Full of inspiration on how to achieve that highly desirable ideal of comfortable country living combined with the clean lines and edited design of today, Countryside Living shows work by architects and designers who have helped evolve the country house look.

9782875500663 Beta-Plus Publishing 11 x 13in. 224pp., 200 col. November 2019 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover

Containing never before seen images, this new book is a source of inspiration to interior designers, architects, and homeowners, and a must-have for rural house enthusiasts.

Interior Design


The Family Home This new book provides unique access to distinct interiors from renowned Belgian architects and designers who have a deep understanding of family life. Packaged in hardcover with a beautiful linen finish.

9782875500670 Beta-Plus Publishing 11 x 13in. 224pp., 200 col. November 2019 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover


Interior Design

Sumptuous photography presents interior projects that focus on family life.

Thomas Griem Homes The first monograph of renowned architect and interior designer Thomas Griem, featuring projects in London (5 projects), Hong Kong (2), Paris, Mallorca (3) and Ibiza.  Thomas opened TG Studio in 2011 and this new book is a testament to the success of the studio’s creativity and approach to architecture and interior design. Thomas Griem trained in London at the University of Westminster and at the Architectural Association. He has also made furniture and lights, and has always been fascinated by the making, designing and creating of not only buildings or interior spaces, but also products. His work as an architect has been diverse, however he found that his passion lay in designing timeless beautiful homes. It has always been exceptionally important for Thomas to genuinely respond to the particular requirements of the client, the site, and significantly the budget.

9782875500694 Beta-Plus Publishing 10.5 x 13.25in. 176pp., 200 col. November 2019 $95.00/CDN$128.50 Hardcover

A luxury hardback finished with natural linen and gold foil.

Interior Design


Designing Your World Marcel Wolterinck Marcel Wolterinck The studio of leading Dutch designer Marcel Wolterinck has an impressive track record in interior, exterior and outdoor spaces for private and business customers worldwide. His work is characterized by a harmonious relationship between indoors and outdoors, and the use of subtle color, earthy tones, and refined, natural materials. In this well-illustrated book, designed by the noted Amsterdam-based studio Trapped in Suburbia, Wolterinck presents more than twenty new and inspiring projects, including designs for an exclusive yacht, a villa in Greece, private gardens, and a line of products.

9789089898166 Terra/Lannoo Publishers 11.5 x 14.5in. 304pp., 320 col., 80 b.&w. March 2020 $115.00/CDN$155.00 Hardcover English, Dutch


Interior Design

A beautifully illustrated book, presenting more than 20 new and inspiring projects by leading Dutch designer Marcel Wolterinck.

Living in the City Urban Interiors and Portraits Feeling Living The city is not just a place where creative talents meet and work, it is also a place where they live. Feeling Living magazine has selected 20 of the most fascinating and beautiful city abodes of people who spend their lives pushing the envelope of innovation and creativity. Scattered around major European cities, these lofts, houses, industrial-style spaces, and Hausmann-style apartments are often surprising, and always interesting. This book invites you into their homes, and shares with you their vision of city life.

9789082183757 Lannoo Publishers 7.75 x 10.25in. 288pp., 250 col., 20 b.&w. December 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover English, French, Dutch

This beautifully illustrated book takes a tour around the private homes of 20 influential European designers.

Interior Design


Best of 500 Timeless Interiors Wim Pauwels Showcases the 500 best projects over years of Beta-Plus features on timeless architecture and interiors. Beautiful and inspirational, this book is filled with sumptuous color photographs of projects from around the world.

9782875500717 Beta-Plus Publishing 10.25 x 10.25in. 526pp., 500 col. Available $99.50/CDN$134.50 Hardcover


Interior Design

Best of 500 Contemporary Interiors Wim Pauwels

Best of 500 Gardens & Swimming Pools Wim Pauwels

Showcases the 500 best projects over years of Beta-Plus features on contemporary architecture and interiors. Beautiful and inspirational, this book is filled with sumptuous color photographs of projects from around the world.

Best of 500 Gardens & Swimming Pools selects 500 of the most stunning and inspirational projects from years of Beta-Plus features on gardens. Each project included has been captured with sumptuous photographs, illustrating details of the overall design and offering ideas for your own garden or pool project.

9782875500724 Beta-Plus Publishing 10 x 11.75in. 448pp., 500 col. Available $99.50/CDN$134.50 Hardcover

9782875500731 Beta-Plus Publishing 10 x 11.75in. 448pp., 500 col. Available $99.50/CDN$134.50 Hardcover

Timeless Interiors & Renovations Wim Pauwels

Timeless Living: An Anthology Wim Pauwels

Timeless Interiors & Renovations presents 16 diverse renovations and interior projects from all around the world.

Twenty-three beautiful timeless interior design projects by Bernard De Clerck, Stéphane Boens, AM Designs, Polyèdre, Eiken Project, Het Bourgondisch Huis, Van Apers, AID Architecten, Moka Vanille, Stéphane Goosse, Atelier Passe Partout, Garnier, Pas-Partoe, Leon Van den Bogaert, Dauby, Fierens, Oscar V, Promemoria.

Projects by: Bernard De Clerck - Maison Hand - Lionel Jadot - Nicolas Schuybroek - Govaert-Vanhoutte - K2A Architecture / Permis de Construire - Stéphane Boens - Handelsmann + Khaw - Studio P Architects - Archiplan Studio - Obumex Horsch Interiors - Atelier Passe Partout Kathleen Walsh Interiors - Studio Charvet - Vlassak-Verhulst.

9782875500410 Beta-Plus Publishing 9.75 x 12.25in. 240pp., 200 col. Available $69.00/CDN$93.00 Hardcover

9782875500533 Beta-Plus Publishing 9.75 x 11.5in. 384pp., 300 col. Available $69.00/CDN$93.00 Hardcover

Private Spaces Wim Pauwels Not only is Private Spaces a luxury coffee table book, but it’s also an essential reference guide, a treasure trove of information and inspiration for anyone looking to decorate or build a home. It features projects that include all aspects of living and design: the most beautiful entrances, hallways and staircases, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, home offices and libraries, bedrooms, bathrooms and spaces for relaxation. Renowned architects and interior designers show their most remarkable new projects from all over the world.

9782875500540 Beta-Plus Publishing 11.75 x 11.75in. 320pp., 300 col. Available $89.00/CDN$120.00 Hardcover

Interior Design


Mohammad, My Mother & Me Benoit Cohen Benoit Cohen, a French filmmaker living in New York learns that his mother Marie-France is about to welcome Mohammad, an Afghan refugee, into her mansion in the center of Paris where she lives alone. Cohen can’t help but worry about his mother who is opening her home to a stranger. He returns to France to encounter Mohammad. Between Cohen who had chosen to leave his hometown, and Mohammad who had no choice in his fate, an intense relationship is born under the gaze of Marie-France who completes this unlikely trio. In this singular narrative, the author describes with warmth and humor the exhilarating and circuitous path that defines what ‘to give’ means in the complexity of the modern world.

9781938461859 Pointed Leaf Press 6 x 9in. 168pp., 1 col. Available $24.95/CDN$33.95 Hardcover, non-returnble

What happens when a filmmaker in New York learns his mother in Paris invited a stranger – a refugee – into her home?

Would It Kill You to Put on Some Lipstick? One Year and 100 Dates Holly Martyn Holly Martyn has been dumped. Twice-divorced and a single parent, she is sitting in a spa feeling sorry for herself when she picks up a magazine and reads the advice Joan Rivers gives to console a friend in the same position: “Would it kill you to put on some lipstick? Get an on-line dating account, go on 100 dates and you’ll meet somebody.” There you go, Holly decides, 100 dates. Problem solved. The 100 dates quest throws Holly in the path of an eclectic cast of characters, including a thirty-three year old African American fireman and a sixty-two year old CEO with whom she falls in love, the man who challenges her to find her father. The story concludes with hard-won insights about the path to partnership, forgiveness, and finding happiness in midlife.

9781943876136 Glitterati Editions 6.5 x 8.5in. 308pp. January 2020 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Hardcover



Author Holly Martyn’s post-breakup memoir on finding love (and, along the way, herself) by going on 100 dates in one year.

Ray Harryhausen: Titan of Cinema Vanessa Harryhausen Special effects superstar Ray Harryhausen elevated stop-motion animation to an art during the 1950s to 1980s. With material drawn from his incredible archive, his daughter, Vanessa, selects 100 creatures and objects that meant the most to her as she watched her father make world-famous films that changed the course of cinema. The book includes many newly restored works and items that have never previously been seen. In addition to Vanessa’s reflections, many of those who worked with Harryhausen or were inspired by him add their own memories and comments. Ray Harryhausen’s work included the films Jason and the Argonauts, the Sinbad films of the ‘50s and ‘70s, One Million Years B.C and Mighty Joe Young, and a wider portfolio including children’s fairy tales and commercials. He also inspired a generation of filmmakers such as Peter Jackson, Tim Burton, George Lucas, and Steven Spielberg, and his influence on blockbuster cinema can be felt to this day. 2020 will be the 100th anniversary of his birth.

9781911054344 National Galleries of Scotland 9.75 x 10.5in. 208pp., 200 col. May 2020 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback

100 objects selected by the animator Ray Harryhausen’s daughter – packed with personal stories that have never previously been heard or published.

Performing Arts/Cinema


The Lobkowicz Collections Music Series Highlights Kathryn Libin with Petr Slouka The Lobkowicz Collections, housed in Prague, rank among the oldest and largest privately owned collections of art, music and archival documents in Central Europe. Family members who were not only patrons, but also enthusiastic collectors and performers assembled the Music Archive, comprising some 5,000 items, over three centuries. The personal affinities and tastes of these aristocratic amateurs are reflected in such musical treasures as 18th-century lute tablatures; oratorios and operas in manuscript and early prints; performing parts for symphonies and quartets by Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart. All of these objects preserve a history of devotion to music, and cultivation of a vibrant music culture. This book offers an introduction to the rich musical traditions of the Lobkowicz family, and to highlights from its music collections.

This elegant publication offers an introduction to the rich musical traditions of the Lobkowicz family, and to highlights from its music collections.

9781785512780 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 6.5 x 7.5in. 80pp., 40 col. Available $14.95/CDN$19.95 Paperback

The Illustrated Book of Songs Colm Boyd From rockers to ravers, The Illustrated Book of Songs is the book every music lover will want. In quick-witted style, Irish writer Colm Boyd navigates us through lists of classic songs for every occasion. The book features 70 lists, discussing hundreds of songs from different genres and artists – from Adele to Aretha, Jagger to Jarvis, Rufus to Rosalía. Many of the songs are well known; others are a little more off-radar. Some have amazing musicality; some have lyrics – quite literally – worthy of a Nobel Prize. Some deal with death, others deal with zebras, one song deals with prostitutefrequenting chess players in Bangkok. You get the idea. Each of the book’s lists is accompanied by a scannable Spotify® code, allowing readers to use their smartphones to directly access the songs mentioned.

9789460582486 Luster 6 x 7.5in. 262pp., November 2019 $28.00/CDN$38.00 Hardcover


Performing Arts/Music

The Illustrated Book of Songs is a collection of lists about the music that makes up the soundtrack of our lives. The Spotify® code is included for each song.

Canova: Four Tempos Texts by Prince Domenico Antonio Pallavicino, Vittorio Sgarbi, photographs by Luigi Spina The full-size plaster models that represented the passage from a preliminary designing phase to the production of the marble sculpture were of great significance to Italian sculptor Antonio Canova’s creative process. As the subtitle emphasises, the temporal dimension holds great importance in the neoclassic sculptor’s creative and productive phases: the plaster artifact posits a before and an after. Before comes the preparatory study; after is the finished work. Plaster stands in between; it is central. The plaster forms are not the finished works, however they contain all their power and potential. This volume explores this meaningful and little-known phase in the creative process of Antonio Canova, along with quality close-up photo sequences that expose the plaster surfaces, bringing a greater focus and appreciation to the plaster form.

9788874399215 5 Continents Editions 9.5 x 11.75in. 96pp., 70 b.&w. April 2020 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

A collection of sublime black and white photographs of plaster models by sculptor Antonio Canova (1757-1822). Includes text from well-known Italian Art Historian Vittorio Sgarbi.



Pompei Holocaust Photographs by Luigi Spina This photographic narrative by Luigi Spina reveals unexpected treasures that hail from Pompei and Ercolano, hidden from the public eye and concealed under the roofs of the National Archaeological Museum in Naples. Spina’s collection of black and white photographs gives the reader a glimpse of the bronze, glass, ceramic, and terracotta artifacts such as candle sticks, decorations, handles, statues, pots, oil lamps and even charred bread, that fill the cells in this Neapolitan institution.

9788874399161 5 Continents Editions 11 x 11in. 144pp., 100 b.&w. April 2020 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover English, Italian.



A collection of stunning black and white images, many never published before, of hidden artifacts from Pompei, held at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples.

Alejandra Guerrero - Wicked Women Alejandra Guerrero & Violet Blue In the second decade of the twenty-first century we are witnessing an unprecedented exploration of female sexual power, while on the other hand reactionary cultural forces contrive to keep women as defenceless as possible. In this context, the work of photographer Alejandra Guerrero can be understood as a clarion call. Hers is a rarefied visual art that marks a turning point for female sexuality in erotica, her eloquent tableaux revealing the intricate ways in which women exert their erotic power. Here we see a future in which women dictate raw, yet refined desires. Each moment comes from the erotic fever dreams of the participants and the desires of the woman behind the camera. Sometimes, when Guerrero turns the lens upon herself, those moments are one and the same.

9781911422204 Circa 11.75 x 10.25in. 160pp., 20 col., 70 b.&w. May 2020 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

First monograph on one of the world’s leading female erotic photographers. Features an introduction by Violet Blue, an influential commentator on female sexuality.



Australia 1872 How Bernhard Holtermann turned gold into a unique photographic treasure Christoph Hein Bernhard Otto Holtermann emigrated from Hamburg to Australia in 1858 as a destitute young man, where, in 1872, he unearthed the largest lump of gold in the world. Holtermann shared his newfound wealth with his adopted home. As he traveled through the settlements, he had the poverty-stricken life documented in spectacular images, and promoted Australia to the world. More than 150 of these impressive photos have now been published here, most for the first time, and are thus immortalized for eternity. Over more than 200 pages, the spectacular story of the German emigrant and his lucky discovery is told, with the images commissioned by him now available for the general public. Holtermann’s photos impressively document the drudgery of the gold mines and life in Australia during the 19th century. Several modern-day photos and representations of how contemporary artists interpret his work have been included in this coffee-table volume. Thanks to this book, Bernhard Holtermann’s legacy has been given the distinction it deserves for the first time.

9783740808419 Emons Verlag 10.5 x 11.5in. 240pp., 45 col., 170 b.&w. April 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback English, German

Photographs: ŠState Library NSW



Bernhard Otto Holtermann unearthed the largest lump of gold in the world. The spectacular story of the German emigrant and his lucky discovery is told, with the images commissioned by him now available for the general public.

The White Album of the Hamptons Photographs Christophe von Hohenberg, foreword by Jay McInerney Photographer Christophe von Hohenberg’s photographs give the impression of squinting against the glaring summer sun-bleached out details blur and feint gestures carve out the presence of figures against the vast oceanic expanse. Allowing himself to be “blinded by the light” von Hohenberg has found harmony on the beaches of the Hamptons, a place that cleanses, renews, and soothes. As delicate smears and ghostly shapes flesh out the familiar yet distant dreamscape of the beaches, von Hohenberg’s photographs intimate an ineffable feeling – haunting, serene, and sublime. The White Album of the Hamptons provides a visual record of von Hohenberg’s experiment in capturing the soul of the Hamptons and its unseen world of transcendent illumination through blackand-white photographs.

An original book of photography, which presents a unique, minimal take on the beaches of the Hamptons in black-andwhite.

9781943876143 Glitterati Editions 11 x 8.5in. 104pp. b.&w. February 2020 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover



Invisible Jumpers Joseph Ford Knitting by Nina Dodd Photographer Joseph Ford and knitting pro Nina Dodd have dedicated more hours than is reasonable to creating bespoke knitwear pieces (for both humans and animals) that blend seamlessly into their surroundings – from bus seats to bushes, carpets to coastlines. The images are executed with such painstaking precision that should the camera, or knit for that matter, move by an inch the illusion would unravel.

9781910566589 Hoxton Mini Press 7.75 x 6in. 88pp., 77 col. November 2019 $16.95/CDN$22.95 Hardcover

Photographs of sweaters blending into their background, from an inventive 1000-hour knitting project.

The Silence of Dogs in Cars Martin Usborne As a child, photographer Martin Usborne was once left in a car. This was not for long, but he wondered if anyone would come back. Around the same age he fell in love with dogs - they could not speak, just as he felt he was silent in that car. Thirty years later the two experiences came together in this cinematic and darkly humorous project that looks at the way humans are able to silence the animals they love best. No dogs were harmed in the making of this project.

9781910566671 Hoxton Mini Press 7.75 x 6in. 96pp., 49 col. March 2020 $18.95/CDN$25.95 Hardcover



Hauntingly beautiful photographs of dogs in cars, mostly taken at night time.

Sequence as a Dialogue Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber Nadja Imail

Cosmic Culture Soviet Space Aesthetics in Everyday Life Dieter Seitz

Since their first visit to Japan in 2005, photographers Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber have found their muse in the country’s subculture and pop scene, tracing the excesses of Contemporary Japanese society.

This book presents the results of in-depth research and extensive travel through a total of seven countries formerly part of the Soviet Union. Its prime focus is the impact of space exploration on everyday life in the USSR in its pioneering age between the late 1950s and the 1980s and the persistence of related concepts and utopian ideas in today’s society. Told as a visual story, it combines artistic and documentary photography, portraits of contemporary witnesses, landscape snapshots, and historical documents.

Stuke and Sieber are not interested in nostalgic settings. In their photo series and compositions, Japan emerges as a country of tarmac roads and sidewalks, of power lines and garage doors, a country of flickering TV screens and virtual realities.

Insta Grammar Just Cats Irene Schampaert “Taking the best of Instagram and printing it, the Insta Grammar series of coffee table books prove there’s a (physical) place for your favourite online images.” – Vogue The Insta Grammar series curates the most interesting themes trending on the popular social media site Instagram. This sequel to the immensely popular Insta Grammar Cats features a new selection of the cutest, funniest, most photogenic felines to be found on Instagram. With pithy quotes about cats from artists and writers interspersed throughout, this is the perfect gift book for all cat lovers. Also available in the series: Insta Grammar Cats ISBN 9789401436953 Insta Grammar Dogs ISBN 9789401441605 Insta Grammar Unicorn ISBN 9789401449687 Insta Grammar Cute ISBN 9789401454384

9783862067640 Verlag Kettler 7.75 x 11in. 56pp., 81 col., 2 b.&w. Available $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback English, German

9783862067657 Verlag Kettler 11.75 x 9.5in. 144pp., November 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover English, German

9789401463485 Lannoo Publishers 6 x 8.25in. 128pp., 110 col., 25 b.&w. February 2020 $19.95/CDN$29.95 Paperback



Landscape Photography Saskia Boelsums The dramatic landscape photographs of Saskia Boelsums manifest a strong connection to the Dutch tradition of landscape paintings. She is inspired by nature, weather, and the seasons, with clouds and skies characterized by moody chiaroscuro and painterly monumentality. The reality of the changing climate, and what this will mean for the future, is a theme that runs throughout her work. She captures not only the beauty of the landscape, but also a vague sense of uncertainty and threat. As she says: “I am photographing when most people think the weather is too bad to go outside. By exploring different landscapes in all four seasons, I feel strongly connected to the universe. That feeling I’m trying to pass on through my landscape photos.” – Saskia Boelsums.

9789089898104 Terra/Lannoo Publishers 9.75 x 12in. 208pp., 220 col. January 2020 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover



A beautifully illustrated book of expressive and dramatic landscapes by Dutch photographer Saskia Boelsums. Her work recalls the tradition of Dutch 17th century landscape paintings with careful attention to skies, clouds, and seasons.

Paradise City Healing Cities Through Music Mario Goossens, Karel Van Mileghem, Fabrice Debatty This book explores the healing power of music in relation to some of the world’s most devastating conflicts and disasters, showing how music inspires people to rebuild, and restores hope. The authors profile Hiroshima (1945: the atom bomb), Belfast (1969-1998: The Troubles), Detroit (2013: racism and bankruptcy of the city), New Orleans (2005: Hurricane Katrina), Port Au Prince (2010: earthquake) and Kigali (1994: Rwandan genocide).

9789401464963 Lannoo Publishers 8.5 x 10.5in. 192pp., 150 col., 40 b.&w. November 2019 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

This book explores the healing power of music in relation to some of the world’s most devastating conflicts and disasters, showing how music inspires people to rebuild, and restores hope.



The Standing Rock Portraits Sioux Photographed by Frank Bennett Fiske 1900-1915 Murray Lemley Over 100 years ago Frank Bennett Fiske (1883-1952) photographed members of the Standing Rock Native American community at Fort Yates, North Dakota, where he was born. The men and women he portrayed were his friends and neighbors who were living on the reservation. These images, created with a large studio camera on glass negatives, are notable for their depth and clarity. Originally published in a large format, Fiske’s photographs are presented here in an attractively priced gift edition.

9789089898173 Terra/Lannoo Publishers 7.5 x 10.5in. 112pp., 120 b.&w. November 2019 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Hardcover



“These pictures show a historical and artistic vision of proud people in a difficult transitional period. The glass negatives of Frank Fiske are a sumptuous source of information and understanding.” – Rod Slemmons, American photography expert

Passing Through Nigel Grierson Passing Through is a photography book concerned with nature, and our transient connection to it. Grierson’s work treads a fine line between reality and fiction, in his search for spirituality: “For Rudolph Steiner, the most direct route to spirituality for the adult, involves finding ‘the inner child’ via the occupation of ‘playing’. On a personal level this book represents a journey; a return to childhood, exploring woodlands, playing in the dirt, finding little treasures and taking something home as a souvenir; the photograph. I once heard it said that spirits are in fact traces or energies left behind when beings repeat the same actions over and over on the same pathways. Perhaps that is why we can sometimes hear voices in the woods, even after the people have long gone home”.

9781916237308 Lost Press 8.5 x 10.75in. 104pp., 52 col. May 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

Nigel Grierson’s visual journey through the seasons treads a fine line between reality and fiction, in his search for abstraction and spirituality.

Lightstream Nigel Grierson Lightstream represents Grierson’s most recent foray into photographic abstraction as he makes long exposures of figures beside the light of the ocean. Taking the maxim from Dieter Appelt ‘A snapshot steals life that it cannot return. A long exposure (creates) a form that never existed’, Grierson makes beautiful illusory photographs which look almost painterly. However, it is important to him that these are un-manipulated photographs straight from the camera: ‘There’s a huge element of ‘chance’, and the embrace of the happy accident within this approach, which is a sort of photographic equivalent of ‘action painting.’ The marks and traces created by the moving light, at times have a simplicity like a child’s drawings. On occasion, the residue of a human figure might be reduced to little more than their posture or demeanor, which then seems more significant than ever, a sort of essence, whether that be elusive or illusive.

9781916237315 Lost Press 8.5 x 10.75in. 72pp., 33 col. May 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

A new book from photographer Nigel Grierson, joint creator of the legendary 4AD visual identity, featuring beautiful illusory photography, by way of long exposures. Photography


Icons The Ultimate Terry O’Neill Box Set Terry O’Neill This limited edition box-set, containing two of Terry O’Neill’s acclaimed books, is being released to celebrate his CBE. The two books, Terry O Neill’s Opus and Terry O’Neill’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Album – combined – contain more than 650 pages of the greatest photographs covering Terry O’Neill’s remarkable career. Widely considered one of O’Neill’s signature photographs, ‘Bardot with Cigar’ was taken on the set of Les Petroleuses, aka The Legend of Frenchie King, in Spain 1971. “I was watching Brigitte prepare for the next scene, and the wind kept blowing her hair – I saw the photo I wanted to take before I snapped the camera. I had to wait weeks before the film was developed to know if I got the shot,” remembers O’Neill. The 20 x 28cm print is stamped and framed with a deep bevel envelope mount in 50/50 UV Glass and is ready to hang. The two books and framed Bardot print come packaged in a stand-alone box and a certificate of authenticity, signed and numbered by Iconic Images.

9781788840668 ACC Art Books 10.75 x 12.75in. 652pp., 205 col., 362 b.&w. November 2019 $799.00/CDN$1080.00 2 volumes, hardcover, slipcase, print, maximum discount 40%, non-returnable

In celebration of Terry O’Neill being awarded a CBE for Services to Photography in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours list, ACC Art Books and Iconic Images are proud to release a limited edition box-set containing two of his most acclaimed books and a special ‘Bardot with Cigar’ stamped and framed print. Limited to 250 copies. Numbers 1-125: $799. Numbers 126-250: $999. 98


Oxford: The Last Hurrah Dafydd Jones Oxford University at the start of the eighties, rife with black ties and ball gowns. A change was on its way – best described by a newspaper as ‘the Return of the Bright Young Things’. At this time, Oxford University was synonymous with the wealthy, the powerful and the privileged. Many of the young people in these pictures moved on to have careers in the establishment – including Boris Johnson and David Cameron. In these photographs, however, their youth is undeniable: teenagers in full suits celebrate the rise of Thatcher in England and Reagan in America, in between punting on the river, chasing romance and partying through the night. Oxford shows a world that has been written about and dramatized, yet never photographed. Affectionate and critical, it pokes affectionate fun at its subjects while celebrating English eccentricity. From the architectural marvels of the colleges to misty mornings along the river at dawn, this is Oxford at its most beautiful – and the students of the 1980s at their most raw and honest.

9781788840712 ACC Art Books 7.5 x 9in. 96pp., May 2020 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Hardcover

A visual plunge into the student culture of Oxford University during the 1980s, by awardwinning photographer Dafyyd Jones.

Art of the Race - V18 Darren Heath, Andy Cantillon Art of the Race – V18 is book 5 in a series that encapsulates the very essence of Formula 1 motor racing through the lens of Darren Heath, one of the sport’s most celebrated photographers. Art of The Race captures the key moments and rarely seen images of each race as the 2018 season unfolds, culminating in Lewis Hamilton winning his 5th World title. “Formula 1 is the aesthete’s ultimate sport: an intoxicating cocktail of speed, spectacle, competition and power, at the heart of which are the thoroughbred racing machines – exquisite manifestations of form following function, driven at dizzying speeds by the quickest-of-the-quick, the best racing drivers on the planet.” Darren Heath – Multiple award-winning photographer with an Honorary Fellowship of The Royal Photographic Society in 2005.

9781916156708 The Art of Publishing 8.25 x 7.75in. 256pp., 234 col., 22 b.&w. November 2019 $29.95/CDN$39.95 Hardcover

Art of the Race – V18 is book 5 in a series that encapsulates the very essence of Formula 1 motor racing through the lens of Darren Heath, one of the sport’s most celebrated photographers. Photography


The Clash of Graffiti and Street Art Christer Löfgren In this collection of photographs taken in over 36 countries, Christer Löfgren explores the international art of graffiti and wall paintings. From his base in Stockholm, Sweden, Löfgren travels to places where street art can be found, including places like the Antarctic, Greenland, and Svalbard, where you may not expect to see it. The book addresses the current duality of opinion about street art: it is still viewed as a criminal act in many places, and yet at the same time it is accepted as a valid and important art form. It crosses boundaries to unite communities all around the world. Organized in two parts the first volume of this book explores the methods and motivations behind the work, while the second volume focuses on street art in specific countries around the world. Booxencounters 12 x 10.75in. 580pp., 606 col. January 2020

9789198465143 2 vols, hardcover, slipcase $175.00/CDN$236.00

9789198465150 2 vols, paperback, slipcase $70.00/CDN$94.50

In this two volume collection of photographs taken in over 36 countries, Sweden-based photographer Christer Löfgren explores the international art of graffiti and street art.

China Seen Through a Photographer’s Eyes Christer Löfgren These photographs by Christer Löfgren capture scenes of daily life in China from the final stages of the Cultural Revolution in 1974 to the present day. Images from the 1990s witness the first steps in rapid development: bicycles completely dominate the streets of the big cities, and new buildings appear almost overnight. With the significant expansion of modernity in China today, we get a close-up of how people live, both in towns and in the country.

Booxencounters 12 x 10.75in. 336pp., January 2020

9789198465174 Paperback $70.00/CDN$94.50



9789198465167 3 vols, hardcover, slipcase $175.00/CDN$236.00

These photographs by Christer Löfgren capture scenes of daily life in China from the final stages of the Cultural Revolution in 1974 to the present day.

MAN - Thoughts About Mankind Christer Löfgren In this book of poignant and expressive images, Stockholm-based photographer Christer Löfgren captures the fundamental humanity of people from around the world. He addresses the credibility of documentary photography, which many believe was lost with the advent of Photoshop. The widespread practice of manipulating photos makes it difficult to judge their authenticity. In these images, the artist asserts that documentary photography has not drowned in the world of Photoshop, and addresses the importance of the ‘uncensored’ image. Booxencounters 12 x 10.75in. 300pp., 254 col. January 2020

9789198465105 3 vols, hardcover, slipcase $175.00/CDN$236.00

9789198465112 Paperback $70.00/CDN$94.50

In this set of poignant and expressive images, Stockholmbased photographer Christer Löfgren captures the fundamental humanity of people from around the world.

From the North to the South Pole - Latitude Christer Löfgren This book of photographs by Swedish photographer Christer Löfgren explores the diverse and multifaceted world in which we live, from north to south. In comparing photographs of various cultures, diversity is more noticeable: the colors, clothes, and food point to the identity of each place. The further north or south of the equator you travel, colors are paler, and the food is milder and less spicy. The more extreme nature is, the more difficult the lifestyle. These vibrant photographs ask us to broaden our vision and grasp the complexity and beauty of the world as a global whole. This deluxe edition consists of three hardcover books in a slipcase. Booxencounters 12 x 10.75in. 336pp., 131 col. January 2020

9789198465129 3 vols, hardcover, slipcase $175.00/CDN$236.00

9789198465136 Paperback $70.00/CDN$94.50

Photographs of the world from north to south by Swedish photographer Christer Löfgren, which invite us to broaden our vision and grasp the complexity and beauty of the world.



Wild Horses of Cumberland Island Anouk Masson Krantz; Oliver Ferguson (foreword) A longtime favorite getaway for America’s most influential families, Cumberland Island, off the Atlantic coast of Georgia, offers breathtaking white-sand beaches, rolling dunes, old-growth oak forests, and salt marsh tidal estuaries. At the center of it all is a population of horses that has thrived, untouched for generations, within this serene sanctuary. In Wild Horses of Cumberland Island, photographer Anouk Masson Krantz has captured the dramatic scenery and majestic horses as they have never been seen before. Her images show the remarkable animals in their naturally diverse ecosystems. A lone horse on a distant beach; four creatures peacefully grazing; a shy animal peering over its shoulder from a brushy thicket – Krantz’s portfolio, built over the last decade, is an intimate reflection not only of Cumberland Island’s exceptional beauty and spirited horses, but of the history and the safekeeping that have allowed both to flourish.

9781864708851 The Images Publishing Group 11 x 14in. 240pp., 150 b.&w. March 2020 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

This revised edition includes many new images and showcases Krantz’s expansive body of work that reflects the remarkable majesty of these horses as they continue to roam across this remote island landscape.

Rebel Lives Photographs from within the Lord’s Resistance Army Kristof Titeca The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), led by the infamous Joseph Kony, is a rebel group that was active in Northern Uganda from the second half of the 1980s. The rebellion became notorious for the use of extreme violence, in particular its large-scale abductions of civilians, of which more than half were children. Rebel Lives is a visual story about life inside the rebel group: based on photographs taken by LRA commanders between 1994 and 2004, the book documents life inside the group, and depicts the rebels as they wanted to be seen among themselves and by the outside world. This visual story is not only about the LRA. It is a story about conflict in all times, and all places, where the limits of victim and perpetrator have become blurred, where people struggle to survive and find their place, and where children in particular bear the brunt of this tension.

9789492677983 Hannibal Publihsing 8.75 x 11in. 288pp., Available $50.00/CDN$67.50 Paperback



“Based on meticulous research and astute writing, with beautiful poems and remarkable follow-up photos… It is a most important historical document.” – Sverker Finnström, author of award-winning Living with Bad Surroundings: War, History, and Everyday Moments in Northern Uganda

Hard Rock Hotel Tony Barrell With a finger on the pulse of the 20th century music scene – tapping along to the beat, in fact – the Hard Rock Hotel, previously known as the Cumberland, was second home to some of the brightest stars on record. From Bob Dylan to Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross, from Little Richard to Madonna and A-Ha, each suite is steeped in stories. Whether they were wining and dining, giving interviews to the press, or looking for a place within walking distance of Pye Studios, where some of the most iconic pop songs of the sixties and seventies were recorded, the Cumberland was the place to be. Hard Rock Hotel honors its roots with this incredible collection of shots, capturing the glamor, drama, sex, drugs and (of course) the rock ‘n’ roll.

9781788840095 ACC Art Books 9.25 x 11.5in. 192pp., 150 col. April 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover, previously announced

Delhi Then and Now Narayani Gupta, Dilip Bobb, Pramod Kapoor Delhi Then and Now comprises two masterful essays that trace the story of Delhi from the days when it was known by other names Indraprastha, Firozabad, Dinpanah to its reincarnation as New Delhi. Historian Narayani Gupta takes us through the city of Sultans, Mughal emperors and viceroys, while journalist Dilip Bobb shows us the face of New Delhi as it is now. A rich portfolio of archival photographs and illustrations, together with vibrant new pictures, edited by Pramod Kapoor, capture Delhi in all its glory past and present.

9788194295907 Roli Books 11.5 x 11.5in. 202pp., 167 col. March 2020 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

You’ve Got Mail Quirky Belgian Letterboxes Peter Schouten As a Dutchman living in Belgium, Peter Schouten has an outsider’s view on the country that he loves and is fascinated by. As a photographer, he finds Belgium a rewarding subject: its infrastructure, its cities, the diversity of its architecture… Peter wanted to find a way to capture the uniqueness of his surroundings, and found the answer one night while looking through his photographs of an original house from the sixties. It wasn’t the house itself that grabbed his attention, but the strange letterbox in front of it: it had the shape of a big eagle sitting on a little concrete house, painted in bright colors. Ever since, Peter has been photographing the weirdest, most puzzling letterboxes all over Belgium. Over six years he has built a collection of over 300 photos of the most exceptional examples.

9789460582578 Luster 6 x 6in. 200pp., 200 col. November 2019 $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback



Why We Stop Growing Etienne Geraert The study of differential growth in various animals, including humans, suggests that a similar growth pattern occurs throughout the bilateral animals. This growth pattern is based on the assumption that a quadratic equation describes the relationship between two body measurements, yielding a quadratic parabola in a graphic representation. The study of differential growth by using a quadratic parabola gives the answers to the questions ‘Why do we stop growing?’ and ‘Why are women shorter than men?’. The conclusions for various animals are amply illustrated by graphic representations.

9789401462143 Lannoo Publishers/Academia 5 x 8.25in. 96pp., 25 col., 30 b.&w. Available $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover, 32% professional discount, non-returnable

A rediscovery of the works of Adolphe Quetelet, the inventor of the body-mass index (BMI).

FUNdamental Mathematics A voyage into the quirky universe of maths & jokes David Eelbode Mathematics does not have to be boring. On the contrary: it can be very funny. In this book David Eelbode takes you on a fascinating trip to the mathematical concept of space through personal anecdotes, sharp observations and absurd reasoning. To make the difficult parts more understandable he uses a proven concept: humor. The reader of this book will not only learn about mathematics but also about the enigmatic community of people who are working on and in this fascinating world. David Eelbode is able to capture our attention with original and intriguing metaphors.

9789401462617 Lannoo Publishers/Academia 5.5 x 8.5in. 280pp., 40 b.&w. November 2019 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback, 32% professional discount, non-returnable


Science & Education

A unique, humorous trip through the wondrous world of mathematics.

Legendary The Porsche 919 Hybrid Project Heike Hientzsch By 2017, the Porsche 919 Hybrid had three overall victories at Le Mans and six world championship titles for manufacturers and drivers. More is not possible. Legendary is the story of courageous inventors, world-class racers and the creation of a top team. This book not only looks back on successes, it also deals with setbacks and dramas. Author Heike Hientzsch herself was part of the LMP1 team. Profound and pointed, she takes the reader into the pits and behind the scenes of the Porsche racing department in Weissach. Always in dialogue with racing drivers likes Mark Webber or Timo Bernhard, developers and racing engineers. The fact that the 919 Hybrid will now be housed in the Porsche Museum allows the publication of this work, which has been researched in depth.

9783667116406 Delius Klasing Verlag 6 x 8.75in. 272pp., 28 col. Available $25.00/CDN$34.00 Hardcover

The fascinating history of the Porsche 919 Hybrid project.

1969 - The Year of Eddy Merckx Johny Vansevenant This book tells the story of the year 1969 in the extraordinary cycling career of Eddy Merckx, one the most successful riders in the history of competitive cycling. This year is engraved in the memory of every Belgian cycling fan as the year in which Merckx won his first Tour de France, the first time in 30 years that a Belgian had won this prestigious race. In 1969, however, he won much more: his first Tour of Flanders; Liège-Bastogne-Liège (also known as La Doyenne, or ‘The Old Lady’); and his third Milan-San Remo cycling classic. This book chronicles his career in interviews with Merckx himself, his family, friends, and rivals, and includes dozens of previously unpublished photos.

9789401462860 Lannoo Publishers 9.5 x 12.25in. 432pp., 100 col., 350 b.&w. Available $80.00/CDN$108.00 Hardcover

This book chronicles the year 1969 in the extra­ ordinary cycling career of Eddy Merckx, with dozens of previously unpublished photographs, and interviews with family and friends. Sport/Cars & Motor Vehicles


111 Places in Atlanta That You Must Not Miss Travis Swann Taylor

111 Places in Austin That You Must Not Miss Nick Yeager & Kelsey Roslin

Atlanta gifts her visitors a generous dose of Southern hospitality and international culture steeped in history, flavors, and high-tech, all on the wings of progress and a keen eye on the future.

Those who know Austin know it to be a magical place. Live music surges through the air and cleansing creek water flows through the hills. The motto, ‘Keep Austin Weird’, illustrates residents’ appreciation for small businesses and kooky, eccentric local characters.

Let’s explore the city from its Native American origins through the tumultuous U.S. Civil War, uncover contemporary oddities, and even venture all the way to 8,113 A.D. You’ll meet Atlanta’s first African-American millionaire, and learn the city’s Grammy connections to the State song, ‘Georgia on My Mind’. Striving to keep a grasp on her illustrious, rich history while simultaneously making magnificent strides, leaps, and bounds to continue growing as a major metropolitan area and international destination, Atlanta’s 111 places will fascinate and surprise even Atlanta natives.

The underbelly of Austin is just as full of strange delights as its surface is. Scandals and corruption reveal themselves in this political town. Yet despite its dark secrets, little-known stories of progress and creativity abound too. Music venues and local pools have fought and continue to fight racism. There is a universal love for queso, a Tex-Mex delicacy, and Leslie, an iconic cross-dressing homeless activist who was said to personify the city’s motto – these stories bring people together, and now they’re yours to discover.

9783740807474 Emons Verlag 5.25 x 8in. 240pp., 111 col. June 2020 $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

9783740807481 Emons Verlag 5.25 x 8in. 240pp., 111 col. May 2020 $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback



111 Places in Portland That You Must Not Miss Katrina Nattress, photography by Jason Quigley ‘Keep Portland Weird’ is just the tip of this delightfully bizarre city’s iceberg. Though the City of Roses has experienced its fair share of changes in recent years, the spirit of ‘Old Portland’ lives in the shadow of gourmet donut shops and farm-to-table restaurants, and that’s where the real adventure begins. Throughout these pages, you’ll learn about Portland’s (at times sordid) past; relive the pioneers’ gruelling trek to Oregon; discover the strangest museums you’ve ever heard of, and get the scoop on the restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that don’t come with an hour-long wait. Whether you’re a frequent visitor or first timer; recent transplant or Portland native, you will discover 111 hidden places that prove Portland is weirder than you could have ever imagined.

9783740807504 Emons Verlag 5.25 x 8in. 240pp., 111 col. March 2020 $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

111 Places in Calgary That You Must Not Miss Jennifer Bain Pay homage to the city that birthed a wrestling dynasty. Search for sidewalk stamps and manhole covers. Eat prairie oysters (that’s code for cow balls). Learn all about a flamboyant madam named Diamond Dolly. Fish – or surf – on a downtown river. Find a poem about a frog in a university stairwell. Listen for the carillon bells at lunch. Spot goats doing weed control in public parks. Discover these and many more hidden gems as the birthplace of ginger beef and the Caesar cocktail reveals to you why it’s so much more than just home to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. 111 Places in Calgary That You Must Not Miss reveals to Calgarians and visitors alike the city’s most interesting people, places and stories, some lurking off the beaten path and others hiding in plain sight. Join author Jennifer Bain as she takes you on a quirk-filled journey through the city that invites you to ‘Be Part of the Energy’.

9783740807498 Emons Verlag 5.25 x 8in. 240pp., 111 col. June 2020 $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

Where can you visit the graves of wrestling royalty? Go on a hunt for manhole covers and sidewalk stamps? Fish and surf downtown? Calgary may be home to the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, but it’s so much weirder than people know.

111 Places in the Hamptons That You Must Not Miss Wendy Lubovich While it’s famous for its magnificent mansions and coiffed hedges, there is so much more to the Hamptons than meets the eye. Come find the hidden secrets of the Hamptons waiting to be discovered with 111 Places in the Hamptons That You Must Not Miss. Hang ten at a secret surfers’ beach. See the studio where artist Jackson Pollock painted his masterpieces. Visit a haunted lighthouse. Ride a horse along a secluded beach. Take a stroll in the graveyard where Picasso’s forgotten muse is buried. From wood-shingled windmills to hydrangea-rimmed roads, from white, sandy beaches to calm, bay side views. These places of nature, history, art, and delightful quirkiness are the very reasons why the East End of Long Island has become one of the most beloved travel destinations in the world.

9783740807511 Emons Verlag 5.25 x 8in. 240pp., 111 col. April 2020 $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

Discover the hidden Hamptons – secret and unusual places, cherished by generations of beach lovers. Travel


111 Places in London’s East End That You Shouldn’t Miss Ed Glinert, photography by Marc Zakian

111 Places in Manchester That You Shouldn’t Miss Julian Treuherz, Peter de Figueiredo

111 Places in Leeds That You Shouldn’t Miss Kim Revill, photography by Alex Compton Welcome to Leeds; a great northern powerhouse of a city that has reinvented itself from an industrial center of wool, textiles and coal to one of the UK’s biggest financial and commercial cities outside of London. Leeds is famous for its beautiful Victorian arcades, its magnificent architectural landmarks, its eclectic mix of shops and bars and its sporting venues. But scrape its bare bones and you will find it is a city rich in history, heritage and culture.

Medieval no-go zone, Victorian hell-hole, war-ravaged bomb site, 21st century shining city, the most exciting area in one of the most exciting cities in the world - the East End has often been London’s strange alter ego. Ed Glinert trawls through the strange stories, the crazed characters, the violent vignettes, the driedup docks, the imaginative immigrants, the proud philanthropists to give a different history of the most misunderstood sector of the capital, from the Princes in the Tower to the Ratcliffe Highway murders; from Jack the Ripper to the Kray twins; the Jewish ghetto to Banglatown; Cable Street to Canary Wharf; Mahatma Gandhi to George Orwell.

Manchester is far more than a grey provincial city preoccupied with the business of making money. The bales of cotton goods awaiting export have gone from the grand warehouses, and the cotton mills no longer hum with the sound of machinery. Yet the buildings remain in all their glory – converted to hotels, offices, chic apartments, hipster bars, fine eateries or gritty drinking dens. This book will also take you to alternative Manchester – Radical Manchester from Peterloo to the Pankhursts, Literary Manchester from Elizabeth Gaskell to Anthony Burgess, and of course to Madchester, the crazy music scene of Morrissey, Tony Wilson, the Hacienda and Factory Records.

Can you really sit in Her Majesty’s seat, catch a Dutch water taxi, go otter spotting in the center of town or get married on a tiny island in the city? Leeds offers so much to locals and visitors alike and you can discover the answers to these questions and much, much more in this guide to 111 places in the great city of Leeds.

9783740807528 Emons Verlag 5.25 x 8in. 240pp., 111 col. March 2020 $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

9783740807535 Emons Verlag 5.25 x 8in. 240pp., 111 col. April 2020 $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

9783740807542 Emons Verlag 5.25 x 8in. 240pp., 111 col. May 2020 $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback



An Opinionated Guide to London Green Spaces Harry Adés with photography by Marco Kesseler Don’t be fooled by London’s concrete landscape: it is, in fact, one of the greenest cities in the world. This small paperback featuring the top 50 green spaces to visit is part of a series of opinionated guides that offer simple, highly-curated advice on what to do and see in the capital. Illustrated with original photography and compelling text including insider’s tips, it will cover the most impressive large and medium-sized parks, lesser-known green spaces, enchanting walks and pathways, urban zoos and more.

9781910566688 Hoxton Mini Press 4.5 x 6.25in. 160pp., 65 col. May 2020 $12.95/CDN$17.50 Paperback

Experiencing Mexico City’s Historic Center The Guide Claudia Itzkowich The Historic Center of Mexico City protects 500 years of history, and cultural and artistic wealth. In addition, it is the scene of an effervescence that keeps it alive and transforms it every day. This guide has two objectives: to educate the traveler on the history of this unique place and to provide the important practical information for planning a visit. Whoever has this guide in their hands will discover the center of the hand of curators, music lovers, chroniclers, foodies, landscapers and amateurs, whose very different outlooks and recommendations have only one common denominator: an excessive passion for the Center.

9788412084610 Editions el Viso 6.5 x 8.5in. 288pp., 280 col. January 2020 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Paperback

Bruges City Guide 2020 Sophie Allegaert This definitive little guide will lead you on an adventure through the heart of a city you thought you knew, introducing the best shops, hotels, bed and breakfasts, cafés and restaurants. It includes three atmospheric walks through the city, which showcase Bruges’ range of diverse museums: from the Groeninge Museum, featuring fine art from the 15th to the 21st century, to the Hospital Museum – two medieval hospital buildings in the centre of Bruges, enjoying a new lease of life as art galleries. With a fold-out street map, this book confidently directs you to Bruges’ finest sights.

9789401464901 – English 9789401464895 – French 9789401464932 – Italian 9789401464918 – German 9789401464925 – Spanish Lannoo Publishers 4.75 x 7.5in. 160pp., 200 col. March 2020 $9.50/CDN$13.50 Paperback, French, Italian, Spanish and German editions, non-returnable



The 500 Hidden Secrets of Hamburg Malte Brenneisen In this new title in the successful series The 500 Hidden Secrets journalist and writer Malte Brenneisen shares his favorite insider tips, tricks and places – in short, the things that he loves most in and about his hometown Hamburg. Malte enjoys exploring Hamburg and its surroundings in his vintage VW van, with his family and dog in tow. His book contains interesting lists such as 5 places to eat with that typical cool Hamburg vibe, 5 small museums really worth a visit, 5 great skate and surf shops, 5 wine bars for a lovely date, 5 unique spots in the harbor, and much more.

9789460582493 Luster 4.75 x 7in. 264pp., 70 col. Available $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback

Malte Brenneisen shares in this insider’s guide to Hamburg his favorite places in savvy lists of 500 hidden secrets and addresses.

The 500 Hidden Secrets of The Hague Tal Maes The Hague is the third largest city in the Netherlands; it’s the home of many national and international public services and, subsequently, of a substantial English-speaking community. Many think of The Hague as a stately, regal place, but it’s also a warm and bustling cultural hotspot. On top of that, it’s the only large Dutch city by the North Sea, with an 11-kilometer-long coastline. As an author and a photographer, Tal Maes has published several city guides to The Hague, so it’s safe to say she knows the city like the back of her hand. For this book, she listed her 500 favorite places and tips, presenting them in original and interesting lists such as 5 historic houses of famous Dutchmen, 5 fun boat trips, the 5 best spots for Dutch “maatjes” herring, 5 museums around the Binnenhof, the 5 best lifestyle and concept stores, and much more.

9789460582509 Luster 4.75 x 7in. 264pp., 81 col. Available $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback



Tal Maes shares in this insider’s guide to The Hague her favorite places in savvy lists of 500 hidden secrets and addresses.

Hidden Cuba Magalie Raman For the past 15 years, Magalie Raman has been spending several months a year in Cuba, visiting her in-laws and friends. She sometimes guides people around the island, and she is the author of The 500 Hidden Secrets of Havana ISBN 9789460581892. In this book, she shares her love for the versatile and sensuous country that is her second home. She writes about the overwhelming nature scenes and about bustling rumba nights with lots of percussion and locals of all ages. Lush green sites, marvels of the colonial era, a history that feels like the story in a novel... Cuba has it all, and this guide will help you discover the best of it. It contains out of the ordinary and interesting lists such as: places where you’ll relive the revolution, the best street food stalls, rocking chairs with a view, inspiring artists’ studios, breath-taking landscapes crossed by historical steam trains and much more.

9789460582516 Luster 5 x 7in. 272pp., 200 col. February 2020 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Paperback

Magalie Raman has written an ode to Cuba, her second home, detailing all there is to see and do, with a focus on the unusual.

South Africa A Road Trip Mirjam Bleeker & Frank Visser For the past twenty years, photographer Mirjam Bleeker and stylist Frank Visser have traveled around the world together. A few years ago they fell in love with South Africa. This book is an ode to South Africa’s stunning nature and to its people. It’s a report of Mirjam’s and Frank’s road trip along the coasts and through the inland, passing vast nature reserves and bustling cities. Along the way they catch up with old friends and make new ones, forging bonds for life. South Africa: A Road Trip holds beautiful photos of these inspiring people and their homes, as well as breath-taking photos of nature scenes. The book is divided into chapters corresponding with the different regions. A separate practical guide with useful addresses and tips is enclosed with the book.

9789460582547 Luster 5 x 10.5in. 256pp., col. Available $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

An ode to South Africa’s stunning nature and to its people. A story of magnificent discoveries and meeting new friends. Travel


Endless Summer 52 Sunny Destinations Around the World Edited by Monaco Books Summer, sand and sunshine – walking barefoot, the sound of the sea, a cloudless sky, a happy ambience, and feel-good temperatures. If only it could last forever! Nothing’s easier: our planet offers sunny destinations that promise endless summer all year round with enchanting beaches, vibrant cities, and spectacular landscapes. In January, explore temple complexes in Thailand; in March, soak up the sun on a small, palm island in the Maldives; in October, go hiking on Cyprus. This book will take you to the most beautiful warm weather, sun-lit travel destinations month by month, introduce the sights, indicate the best time of year to travel to each location, and recommend hotels and restaurants – carrying you off to the places where the long summer days seem to last forever.

9783955049386 Monaco Books 7.25 x 9.5in. 312pp., 500 col. April 2020 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover



An illustrated month-by-month guide to the most interesting, sun-lit, warm-weather destinations in the world, with insider local travel tips and recommendations.

Japan Highlights of a Fascinating Country Edited by Monaco Books Cherry blossoms, Mt. Fuji, tatami mats, karaoke, manga, geishas, samurais, sushi, ramen, and sake - all this, and more, is Japan! This lavishly illustrated book invites you to explore the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, a country of 6,852 islands and 127 million people, a place of extraordinary beauty with a fascinating cultural heritage. In vivid color photography and insightful texts, Japan presents fire-spitting volcanoes and steaming hot springs, opulent buildings of the imperial dynasties and graceful temples. From Hokkaido to the island of Honshu, where you’ll find the busy metropolis of Tokyo and the imperial city of Kyoto, to the natural wonders of the smaller islands, this journey of discovery brings you to devotional places of tranquillity amidst the metropolitan bustle, contemplative lakes picturesquely situated at the foot of steeply rising volcanoes, traditional gardens framed by modern skyscrapers, and much more.

9783955049379 Monaco Books 9 x 11.5in. 256pp., 700 col. April 2020 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

This lavishly illustrated photography book captures the beauty of Japan, from Hokkaido to the metropolis of Tokyo, to the imperial city of Kyoto and the natural wonders of its many small islands.



111 Places in Fife That You Shouldn’t Miss Gillian Tait Fife is an ancient Scottish county, proudly known as the Kingdom. Its distinctive, selfcontained identity is summed up in the old adage ‘Bid farewell to Scotland, and cross to Fife!’ A compact peninsula shaped like the head of a Scottie dog nosing the North Sea, it boasts magnificent approaches from south and north via the celebrated bridges over the Forth and Tay. Tourists flock to the world-famous golf courses in the old university town of St Andrews. But Fife is packed with all manner of much less-visited treasures, places of stunning natural beauty as well as fascinating monuments of every era. You will discover a land where generations of the illustrious and the powerful, the humble and the hard-working have all left their mark.

9783740805975 Emons Verlag 5.25 x 8in. 240pp., 111 col. April 2020 $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback, previously announced



Discover Thailand The Big Travel Handbook Edited by Monaco Books

Very Bangkok In the City of the Senses Philip Cornwel-Smith

This lavishly illustrated handbook will inspire your next trip through Thailand, a paradise whose fascinating culture and incomparable natural beauty draw travelers from all over the world. Its treasures include historic places like Sukhothai and Ayutthaya – with their temple ruins and giant Buddha statues – floating markets, splendid temples, and exotic landscapes. The lively chaos and high-octane nightlife of Thailand’s largest cities, Bangkok and Pattaya, are legendary. Away from the hustle and bustle, unique island worlds like Phuket enchant visitors with fabled beaches and lush tropical rainforests teeming with abundant and exotic fauna and flora. This journey around the ‘Land of Smiles’ features a selection of the most beautiful beaches and places to visit, with background information on the country and its customs.

Bangkok arrests the visitor with a bewildering juxtaposition of old and new, high-tech and impromptu, sacred and profane. While modernizing apace and a myriad outside influences, the Thai capital draws equal vigor from its historical communities, cultural diversity and contemporary urban tribes. Author of Very Thai and Time Out Bangkok, Philip Cornwel-Smith takes an alternative look at the subcultures of his adopted town in this practical thematic handbook. With the aid of maps, listings and references, the visitor can engage with Bangkok’s contradictory character according to their mood or interest.

9783955049393 Monaco Books 7.25 x 10.5in. 304pp., 650 col. April 2020 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Flexibind

9789749863503 River Books 6.5 x 9.5in. 360pp., 300 col. March 2020 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Hardcover


International Space Station Architecture Beyond Earth David Nixon 9780993072130 Circa $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

The Beatles London, 1963. Norman Parkinson Norman Parkinson 9781851499144 ACC Art Books $45.00/CDN$60.75 Hardcover

The Bad Movie Bible The Ultimate Modern Guide to Movies That Are so Bad They’re Good Rob Hill, edited by Emma Hill 9780993240775 Art of Publishing $24.95/CDN$33.95 Hardcover

Orient Express The Story of a Legend Text by Guillaume Picon, Photography by Benjamin Chelly, Preface by Sir Kenneth Branagh 9781851499151 ACC Art Books $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover

The Wristwatch Handbook A Comprehensive Guide to Mechanical Wristwatches Ryan Schmidt

Why Vinyl Matters A Manifesto from Musicians and Fans Jennifer Otter Bickerdike

9781851498291 ACC Art Books $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover

9781851498635 ACC Editions $35.00/CDN$47.00 Hardcover

Bookstore Cats Brandon Schultz

Jean-Michel Basquiat Dieter Buchhart

9781943876525 Glitterati Editions $20.00/CDN$27.00 Hardcover

9782072801532 Editions Gallimard $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

Surf Tribe Stephan Vanfleteren

Urban Jungle Living and Styling with Plants Igor Josifovic and Judith de Graaff

Canada and Impressionism New Horizons National Gallery of Canada (ed.)

Goats and Sheep A Portrait Farm Kevin Horan, Elena Passarello

9783766722447 Callwey $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

9783897905474 Arnoldsche Art Publishers $65.00/CDN$85.00 Hardcover

9788874398409 5 Continents Editions $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

9789492677365 Hannibal Publishing $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover




Hedgehog in the Fog Sergey Kozlov and Yuri Norstein, Illustrated by Francesca Yarbusova

Bunnies Hunt Slonem; Foreword John Berendt; Essay by Bruce Helander

Tel Aviv Food. People. Stories. A Culinary Journey With NENI Haya Molcho and Nuriel Molcho

Zaha Hadid Architects Redefining Architecture and Design Zaha Hadid Architects

9780984586707 Rovakada $17.95/CDN$24.50 Hardcover

9780989170451 Glitterati Editions $95.00/CDN$128.50 Hardcover

9781788840293 ACC Art Books $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

9781864706994 The Images Publishing Group $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

Ladurée: The Sweet Recipes Philippe Andrieu, Photography by Sophie Tramier

Ladurée Macarons Recipes by Vincent Lemains, Photography by Antonin Bonnet

111 Porsche Stories That You Should Know Wilfried Müller

Pantone Foodmood Edited by Guido Tommasi Editore

9782812304439 Editions du Chêne $39.95/CDN$53.95 Hardcover, boxed

9782812310737 Editions du Chêne $39.95/CDN$53.95 hardcover, boxed, full trade nonreturnable

9783740800352 Emons Verlag $32.95/CDN$44.50 Hardcover

From the Markets of Tuscany A Cookbook Giulia Scarpaleggia

The Well-Read Cat Michèle Sacquin & Pierre Rosenberg

High Tide A Surf Odyssey Photography by Chris Burkhard Chris Burkhard

9788867532193 Guido Tommasi Editore $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover



9788889854563 Officina Libraria $24.95/CDN$29.95 Hardcover

9789089896544 Lannoo Publishers $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

9788867532087 Guido Tommasi Editore $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover, die-cut

Roaming America Exploring All the National Parks Renee & Matthew Hahnel 9789401453486 Lannoo Publishers $49.99/CDN$67.50 Hardcover


111 Places in Queens That You Must Not Miss Joe DiStefano. Photographs by Clay Williams 9783740800208 Emons Verlag $19.90/CDN$26.90 Paperback

111 Places in Washington, DC That You Must Not Miss Andréa Seiger 9783740802585 Emons Verlag $19.90/CDN$26.90 Paperback

111 Places in Miami and the Keys That You Must Not Miss Gordon Streisand 9783954516445 Emons Verlag $19.90/CDN$26.90 Paperback

111 Places in the Twin Cities That You Must Not Miss Elizabeth Foy Larsen

111 Places in Chicago That You Must Not Miss Amy Bizzarri

9783740800291 Emons Verlag $19.90/CDN$26.90 Paperback

9783740801564 Emons Verlag $19.90/CDN$26.90 Paperback

111 Museums in New York That You Must Not Miss Wendy Lubovich. Photographs by Ed Lefkowicz

111 Places in New York That You Must Not Miss Jo-Anne Elikann

111 Places in San Francisco That You Must Not Miss Floriana Petersen

9783954510528 Emons Verlag $19.90/CDN$26.90 Paperback

9783954516094 Emons Verlag $19.90/CDN$26.90 Paperback

33 Getaways from San Francisco That You Must Not Miss Marissa Guggiana

111 Places in Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss Laurel Moglen and Julia Posey; photographs by Lyudmila Zotova

9783954516469 Emons Verlag $19.90/CDN$26.90 Paperback

9783954518845 Emons Verlag $19.90/CDN$26.90 Paperback

9783740803797 Emons Verlag $19.90/CDN$26.90 Paperback

111 Places in New Orleans That You Must Not Miss Michael Murphy and Sally Asher 9783954516452 Emons Verlag $19.90/CDN$26.90 Paperback

111 Places in Baltimore That You Must Not Miss Allison Robicelli; photographs by John Dean. 9783740801588 Emons Verlag $19.90/CDN$26.90 Paperback




Don’t be a Tourist in New York The Messy Nessy Chic Guide Vanessa Grall 9781916430914 13 Things LTD $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

The Little Book of Paris Dominique Foufelle 9782812313318 E/P/A $16.95/CDN$22.95 Hardcover

Route 66 The Main Street of America

The 500 Hidden Secrets of London Tom Greig 9789460581731 Luster $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Barcelona Mark Cloostermans 9789460581748 Luster $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Lisbon Miguel Júdice 9789460581755 Luster $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback

The 500 Hidden Secrets of New York Michiel Vos 9789460581779 Luster $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Los Angeles Andrea Richards, photography by Giovanni Simeone 9789460582073 Luster $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Miami Jen Karetnick, photography by Valerie Sands 9789460582097 Luster $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback

The 500 Hidden Secrets of San Francisco Leslie Santarina 9789460582196 Luster $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Tokyo Yukiko Tajima, photographs by Koji Ishikawa 9789460582202 Luster $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback



9783955047573 Monaco Books $29.95/CDN$39.95 Hardcover

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Paris Marie Farman 9789460581373 Luster $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback

INDEX 100 Best Posters 18, 61 100 Iconic Bollywood Costumes, 58 100 Plants that (almost) changed the World, 73 111 Museums In New York That You Must Not Miss, 117 111 Places in Atlanta That You Must Not Miss, 106 111 Places in Austin That You Must Not Miss, 106 111 Places In Baltimore That You Must Not Miss, 117 111 Places in Calgary That You Must Not Miss, 107 111 Places In Chicago That You Must Not Miss, 117 111 Places in Fife That You Shouldn’t Miss, 114 111 Places in Leeds That You Shouldn’t Miss, 108 111 Places in London’s East End That You Shouldn’t Miss, 108 111 Places In Los Angeles That You Must Not Miss, 117 111 Places in Manchester That You Shouldn’t Miss, 108 111 Places In Miami & The Keys That You Must Not Miss, 117 111 Places In New Orleans That You Must Not Miss, 117 111 Places In New York That You Must Not Miss, 117 111 Places in Portland That You Must Not Miss, 106 111 Places In Queens That You Must Not Miss, 117 111 Places In San Francisco That You Must Not Miss, 117 111 Places in the Hamptons That You Must Not Miss, 107 111 Places In The Twin Cities That You Must Not Miss, 117 111 Places In Washington That You Must Not Miss, 117 111 Porsche Stories You Should Know, 116 1969 - The Year of Eddy Merckx, 105 33 Getaways From San Francisco That You Must Not Miss, 117 500 Hidden Secrets of Barcelona, The, 118 500 Hidden Secrets of Hamburg, The, 110 500 Hidden Secrets of Lisbon, The, 118 500 Hidden Secrets of London, The, 118 500 Hidden Secrets of Los Angeles, The, 118 500 Hidden Secrets of Miami, The, 118 500 Hidden Secrets of New York, The, 118 500 Hidden Secrets of Paris, The, 118 500 Hidden Secrets of San Francisco, The, 118 500 Hidden Secrets of The Hague, The, 110 500 Hidden Secrets of Tokyo, The, 118 a+u 09:02, 461: Houses by Louis I. Kahn, 26 a+u 11:06, 489: Geoffrey Bawa - Essence of Sri Lanka, 26 a+u 17:07, 562, 27 Aebi & Vincent, 21 Alejandra Guerrero - Wicked Women , 89 Alison Watt, 45 Architecture as Space Research, 16 Architecture of the 1950s to 1970s in the Ruhr Area, 20 Art & Court of James VI&I, The, 46 Art of the Race, V18, 99 At Home, 11 Australia, 90 Bad Movie Bible, 115 Bauernhaus am Zürichsee – Käferstein & Meister, 21 Baumeisterhaus – Käferstein & Meister, 22 Bea, 61 Beatles: London 1963 Norman Parkinson, 115 Beautiful Beach Houses, 12 Beauty of China, 44 Bernardo Bader Architekten – Bregenz, 22 Bernd Gruber - Interior Design & Craftsmanship, 76 Best Buildings Britain, 21 Best Of: 500 Contemporary Interiors, 82 Best Of: 500 Timeless Interiors, 82 Best Of: Gardens & Swimming Pools, 82 Biotope, 67 Bistro Belge, 68 Bodies in Spaces, 23 Bond, 1 Book of Noble Purpose, The, 51 Bookstore Cats, 115 Bridget Riley, 47 Bruges City Guide 2020, 109 Buddhist Ritual Art of Tibet, 48 Bunnies, 116 Burri. Painting, an irreducible presence, 34

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