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The Origins of the World Invention of Nature at The time of Darwin Laura Bossi The 19th century saw an unprecedented development of the natural sciences. Darwinian theory questions the origins of man, his place in Nature, his links with animals and his own animality in a world now understood as an ecosystem. This upheaval in the sciences, as well as the public debates throughout the century, deeply influenced the artists of the time. The Musée d’Orsay and the Musée des BeauxArts de Montréal are devoting an exhibition to the intersection of science and the arts for the first time, in partnership with the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, which will retrace the themes of this questioning and will confront the main milestones of scientific discoveries with their parallel in the art. Accompanies an exhibition at Musée d’Orsay in Paris: 9 November 2020 - 14 February 2021. The exhibition has been organized with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada, which will take place from 16 March - 27 June 2021.

At the crossroads of science and art, this catalog compares the main milestones of scientific discoveries with their parallels in the collective imagination.

9782072927003 Editions Gallimard 12.62 x 8.75in. 352pp., 300 col. March 2021 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover



Bruce Springsteen Live! Janet Macoska Five decades of blue-jeans, down-to-earth rock ‘n’ roll. Five decades of poetic, authentic performances, political commentary, global tours and even a Broadway show. Bruce Springsteen hasn’t just left an impact on the surface of modern music, he helped shape its foundations. From the early beginnings in 1974 to the seminal Born in the USA – one of the best-selling albums of all time – to the 2016 River Tour, the highest grossing tour of the year, Springsteen has a truly timeless appeal, captured here by lauded rock photographer, Janet Macoska. Macoska charts Springsteen through the ages. Through her lens we witness his enduring energy on the stage, from 1974 to 2016. Here is Springsteen at his finest: a down-to-earth superstar, whose powerful performances stand the test of time. “Bruce would rip his heart out and give it to his audience. He put everything into his performance. He was all over the stage, and the whole rest of the band was in lockstep, complementing that energy. It was going out to the audience in bundles. We were sending it back, too, and that’s really electric. That energy, those visuals? Photographers love that. It’s perfect to have something like that to photograph.” - Janet Macoska

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in glorious black and white and color photos, including iconic, rare, unseen and contact sheets.

9781788841191 ACC Art Books 9.5 x 11in. 208pp. May 2021 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover



Michael Caine Photographed by Terry O’Neill James Clarke “I had to be an actor,” Michael Caine once said. “[…] And of course, you have to remember with me, the alternative was a factory.” A working-class actor who broke through to stardom, Caine’s screentime involves standout performances across multiple genres. To this day, he is synonymous with a certain kind of urbane cool. No camera has captured this quality over the decades better than that of his collaborator and long-time friend, Terry O’Neill. Michael Caine: Photographed by Terry O’Neill offers an immersive visual journey through Michael Caine’s career, immortalizing Caine’s charm both in and out of character. Caine occupies a landmark position in cinema and O’Neill was there from the early days of his stellar career. From the comedy of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to the European drama of Seven Times A Woman; from the miasma of The Magus to the British cult classic Get Carter, this book combines black and white and color images and includes never-beforeseen contact sheets. Featuring the following films: Mona Lisa, Midnight in Saint Petersburg/Bullet to Beijing, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Blue Ice, Without a Clue, Get Carter, Deadfall, Magus, Woman Times Seven, Funeral in Berlin.

9781788841177 ACC Art Books 11.25 x 12.75in. 252pp. April 2021 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

Over the decades, no camera has captured Michael Caine better than that of his collaborator and long-time friend, Terry O’Neill. Amazing black-and-white and color images reveal Caine’s innate cool, both on and off-screen, as well as never-before-seen contact sheets.



Sukita Eternity Sukita “It’s very hard for me to accept that Sukita-san has been snapping away at me since 1972, but that really is the case. I suspect that it’s because whenever he’s asked me to do a session, I conjure up in my mind’s eye the sweet, creative and big-hearted man who has always made these potentially tedious affairs so relaxed and painless. May he click into eternity.” - David Bowie For Sukita, the creative mastermind behind David Bowie’s cover for Heroes, photography is an expression of a ‘fundamental secret’ shared between artists: a spiritual communication that transcends the minutiae of language. Born and raised in Kyushu, Japan, Sukita’s reverence of American counter-culture lured him to New York and London. He immersed himself in the western music scene which he loved, while his relaxed sessions endeared him to many celebrity figures, including David Bowie (with whom he enjoyed a 40-year professional relationship), Iggy Pop, Marc Bolan, and Japanese musician Hotei, best known for his work on the Kill Bill soundtrack. This is the first time the photographer has collaborated on a major retrospective of his career. It introduces the artist through a series of biographical essays that explore his place within the wider context of both Western and Japanese photography, presented alongside the iconic shots that earned him his eternal reputation.

A homage to Sukita: a legend in the world of music, film and celebrity photography – and the cult photographer of David Bowie’s Heroes, of Jim Jarmusch’s Mystery Train, and of iconic musicians Iggy Pop and Marc Bolan.

9781788841078 ACC Art Books 9.87 x 12.75in. 264pp. April 2021 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover



The Art of the Character Highlights from the Glenn Close Costume Collection H. Akou, L. McRobbie, J.E. Maher, L. Pisano In 2017 acclaimed film and stage actress Glenn Close donated her costume collection to the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design. The Art of the Character: Highlights from the Glenn Close Costume Collection is an exhibition and catalog at the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University, in partnership with the Sage Fashion Collection. This beautifully designed catalog spans Close’s career through film, television and theater, with a survey of beautifully crafted costumes from some of her most iconic performances, such as roles in Fatal Attraction, Dangerous Liaisons and 101 Dalmatians. Great designers featured include James Acheson, Ann Roth and Anthony Powell. “All my costumes are the product of an informed, passionate collaboration,” Close said. “ … And I’d like them to gain an insight into the creative process, which is basically the thing that keeps any artist’s soul alive: the actual process.”

This beautifully designed catalog spans Glenn Close’s career through film, television and theater, with a survey of exquisitely crafted costumes from some of her most iconic performances.

9781785513336 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 9.5 x 11in. 224pp. April 2021 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover



Lace Looking Through Flemish Lace Kaat Debo, Frieda Sorber, Tessy Schoenholzer, Ina van den Berghe Lace has been a luxury item, sought after by royalty and the aristocracy, since the early 1600s. Fashion has traditionally driven lace production, and in the 17th and 18th centuries the lace trade was a significant contributor to the economies of many European countries. This exhibition catalog for a show at MoMu, the Antwerp fashion museum, focuses on the venerable tradition of lace-making in Flanders, but places it within the larger context of the history of lace from the 16th century to the present. Historic pieces from international museums, including the Met (New York), the V&A (London) and the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam) are complemented by contemporary fashion (Van Herpen, Dior, Alaia, Prada, Loewe, Givenchy). These pieces, and their cutting-edge production techniques, bring the history of Flemish-made lace up to the 21st century.

9789401474337 Lannoo Publishers 8.62 x 13in. 256pp., 200 col.,75 b.&w. June 2021 $70.00/CDN$94.50 Hardcover



An historical overview of lace made in Europe, from 16thcentury handcrafted pieces to 3D design and laser printing, with a focus on lace made in Flanders.

New York A Photographic Journey Jacqueline Goossens, Tom Ronse It is often said that you can’t take the same walk twice in New York. Its history may be short compared to that of European cities, but it is also a history marked by lightning-fast change. This pictorial journey into the history of New York City starts from the small town that began as New Amsterdam in the 17th century, tracing the unbridled expansion of the 18th century and waves of mass immigration of the 19th and 20th centuries. The authors, both experienced NYC tour guides, explore iconic districts like Times Square, Harlem, Wall Street, Central Park, Ellis Island and the Bronx, bringing the past and people to life through engaging stories and images. An inspired selection of archival photos, prints, vintage maps, stereographs, and ephemera make this publication, with its elegant, giltedged finish, a fascinating visual homage to the vibrant city that is New York today.

A fascinating pictorial journey into the vibrant story of New York City, past and present, told through historical and archival photos, prints, stereographs, and ephemera.

9789463887540 Hannibal Publishers 6.37 x 9.5in. 240pp., 39 col.,117 b.&w. December 2020 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover



Venezia An evocative and atmospheric photo book, brimming with antiquarian treasures Serge Simonart This love letter in photographs to the unique beauty and mystery of Venice is an evocative compilation of vintage photographs, prints, and ephemera. It is a tactile ode to the sensuality of the city, filled to the brim with all manner of Venetian memorabilia: 19th-century photographs, engravings, hand-colored magic lantern slides, vintage postcards, old luggage labels, keys from long-lost luxury hotels, golden ducats from the 18th century, Carnival ball invitations. With gilt-edged pages and antique Venetian lettering, it is not a travel or walking guide, but an atmospheric pilgrimage that pays homage to this ever-fascinating city. Serge Simonart’s engaging commentary on Venetian history and culture introduces each subject with affection and insight. “Every day, a nervous traveller visiting the City of Doges for the first time asks the best way to get to their hotel. ‘The shortest or the most beautiful?’, I once heard the concierge at Hotel Des Bains ask. The tourist who opted for the most beautiful route is still wandering around the city. This is a unique photobook in which to wander and lose oneself.” - Serge Simonart

A photobook brim-full of antique memorabilia, vintage photographs, prints, and ephemera that pays homage to the melancholy beauty and mystery of Venice, with essays by Serge Simonart.

9789463887502 Hannibal Publishers 6.37 x 9.5in. 208pp., 43 col.,75 b.&w. January 2021 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover



Elements In Pursuit of the Wild Rucksack Magazine “I have to say that Rucksack Magazine immediately earned a spot as one of my all-time favourite travel related magazines out there.” - Elements: In Pursuit of the Wild, is a powerful and moving visual journey of discovery created by the editors of Rucksack Magazine. In this compilation are stories, interviews, and stunning photographs that highlight locations where we are overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. These wild places embody peace and tranquillity, and exploring them requires courage, a sense of adventure, and an intrepid curiosity about the world. Locations featured in this book include the Faroe Islands, the northwest Pacific, Scandinavia, and Scotland, among other places. The majority of the material in this book is previously unpublished, online or in print.

9789401471275 Lannoo Publishers 8.25 x 10.87in. 240pp., 50 col.,200 b.&w. December 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

A powerful visual journey of discovery of the outdoors created by the editors of Rucksack Magazine featuring stories, interviews, and stunning photographs that explore the world’s wild places.



Book Marks: An Artist’s Card Catalog Notes from the Library of My Mind Barbara Page Book Marks is a literary journey through artist Barbara Page’s imagination and memory. In 2008, Page began creating artworks on obsolete, three-byfive-inch library checkout cards.These richly illustrated “book marks” started out as a colorful system for remembering titles and ultimately became an ongoing art project that forms the heart of this book. Page began by making cards for books she was currently reading, and soon decided to retrace her reading history back to the very beginning. Represented here are over 430 of the cards housed in an antique two-drawer library case, symbolizing the books the artist has read and loved over seven decades. Interwoven with personal accounts of the different stages of her life – as a child, young housewife, pilot, artist, widow, and traveler – the artworks illuminate how our memories of books are anchored not only to the story itself, but also to events and images beyond the book’s cover. Book Marks is a captivating fusion of autobiography and art book that reminds us of how significant books can leave indelible impressions on our lives.

Over 430 richly illustrated artworks interpret a lifetime of reading and illuminate how books inform and are informed by events in our lives.

9781735600109 Bauer and Dean Publishers 7 x 11.75in. 224pp., 460 col.,10 b.&w. March 2021 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover



Tree Houses Escape to the Canopy Peter Eising Tree houses have come a long way since our collective childhoods. The very definition of a tree house has broadened to now include anything from a boutique hotel room where star gazing is a must, to exceptional viewing platforms and, of course, not forgetting a tree house for kids such as exists only in their dreams. This carefully compiled list provides an overview of striking tree houses across the globe, with designs that are truly unique, inspiring, and beautiful. Leafing through this enlightening collection, the reader will wonder in amazement at the exquisite and whimsical yet sophisticated constructions dreamed up by modern architects and designers. This beautiful edition is lavishly illustrated with evocative full-color images of ingenious arboreal architecture, with a focus on the forested surroundings, verdant treetop canopies, and rural experiences. This book will not only appeal to your inner child, but provide a welcome respite from the stresses of modern living by offering a pleasurable visit to the green world of tree houses.

A magical journey through the arboreal world of contemporary tree house design, incorporating accommodation options, artist spaces, dining experiences, modern offices, and so much more. Perfect for your inner child!

9781864708837 The Images Publishing Group 8.37 x 11in. 256pp., 280 col. March 2021 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover



Residences Reimagined Renovation and Expansion The Images Publishing Group Renovation continues to be an important and fundamental part of modern architecture, whether it be through a desire to preserve history, or resurrect an old family home. This book provides a useful overview of more than 30 case studies from across the globe, providing inspiring examples of how to refresh an old structure through sensitive modifications without changing the original architectural type. An inspiring guide to the daunting task of renovation, this book covers the whole process of refitting an old house, and provides fitting examples of work from around the world, including before and after photos to clearly illustrate the skilful work involved in adapting an older residence. The decision to renovate rather than rebuild brings its own set of complications, but this book reminds us that this is not a hopeless endeavor - instead it is one that refreshes the architecture and provides a revamped home, perfect for the modern world.

An inspiring guide to the daunting task of renovation, this book covers the whole process of refitting an old house, and provides fitting examples of work from around the world.

9781864709001 The Images Publishing Group 7.87 x 10.25in. 256pp., 500 col. March 2021 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover



Architecture Is Fun Sharon Exley, Peter Exley In a follow-up to the very successful monograph Design for Kids (Images Publishing, 2007), here Sharon Exley and Peter Exley go about expanding on the key philosophies behind their unique practice. Namely, that play is an invitation to Architecture Is Fun. Through architecture, play can be manifest, challenged, and celebrated. Finding out who will play (and live, work, and learn) in our buildings is an intriguing challenge. The firm likes to discover the architectural catalysts that will give character to a building. Often this involves the universal language of Play. Play fits all bodies. Play is accessible. Play inspires innovation. Play puts us in the present. Play engages us. Play is memorable. Play connects us to others and to the world. This beautifully illustrated book offers a glimpse into the firm’s interdisciplinary and participatory processes and how it believes that architecture and play are transformative.

This highly illustrated monograph offers a glimpse into the firm Architecture Is Fun. Projects featured include the Mid-Michigan Children’s Museum, Young at Art Museum, Lincoln Park Zoo: Pritzker Family Zoo, The Latin School of Chicago Interactive Science.

9781864708943 The Images Publishing Group 6.75 x 9.5in. 192pp., col. March 2021 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Paperback



Equestrian Design Across the United States Blackburn Architects John Blackburn and Nancy Easter White Blackburn Architects leads the world in the design of equestrian facilities that are beautiful and innovative. The firm’s common-sense approach delivers impressive facilities for horses, while at the same time designing a structure that fits into the regional vernacular architecture with pleasing results. This is an exciting journey through a body of work spanning nearly four decades, with reviews of a plethora of designs that highlight discoveries and innovations made along the way. The firm also looks forward to a more sustainable future, as it continues to push for the inclusion of ever-more innovative systems and environmental protections. This lavishly illustrated monograph is a celebration of the history of this specialist architecture firm, a beautiful showcase of some of the most jaw-dropping designs for horse stables and barns.

This lavishly illustrated monograph is a celebration of the history of specialist architecture firm Blackburn Architects, offering a beautiful showcase of some of the most jaw-dropping designs of horse stables and barns.

9781864708950 The Images Publishing Group 9.25 x 12in. 232pp., col. March 2021 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover



Artists’ Homes Designing Spaces for Living a Creative Life The Images Publishing Group Creative souls have always craved a space in which to bring forth their artistic ideas and develop their practice. Continuing the tradition of the contemporary arts practitioner working from a home studio, many creative folks will often prefer to carve out a space within their own residence. Artists’ Homes examines the residences of a select group of professional artists who work across a broad range of artistic styles, from writing, photography, and painting through to music, sculpture, and pottery (and more). As well as presenting an exciting journey through the design, construction, and function of these spaces, this book provides a unique glimpse into these artists’ beautiful home environs from around the world, and shares the way in which each of these modern craftspeople and artists take inspiration from the transformation of their home interiors and surroundings to live a creative life.

This lavishly illustrated book offers a glimpse into the homes of contemporary artists and modern makers from around the world.

9781864709018 The Images Publishing Group 7.875 x 9.875in. 256pp., col. July 2021 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover



Old Homes, New Life The Resurgence of the British Country House Clive Aslet, Photographs by Dylan Thomas What it is like to live in a country house today? What role do they play in the 21st century? For many years after the Second World War, the country house was struggling. Now a new generation of young owners, often with children, has taken over. They’re finding innovative ways to live in these ancient, fragile and poetic places. While they treasure the history and beauty of the houses, they’re also adapting and enhancing them for a modern era. Old Homes, New Life is a behind-the-scenes account of today’s aristocracy, as they reinvent the country house way of life. Each family recreates the country house with their own point of view, maintaining the tradition of individualism, even eccentricity, which is so much associated with country houses. Dylan Thomas’s superb yet intimate photographs capture both the inhabitants of these houses and the spaces they occupy - from State dining to family kitchen, walled garden to attic. This feast for the eyes is accompanied by an equally mouthwatering text by Clive Aslet, based on interviews with family members and his long experience of the subject through his years as editor of Country Life.

9781916355408 Triglyph Books 9.25 x 11.25in. 304pp., 222 col., 15 b.&w. Available $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover



A behind-the-scenes account of today’s aristocracy as they reinvent the country house way of life. From State dining to family kitchen, this book is an exclusive tour of a dozen spectacular homes.

Oliver Cope Architect City - Country - Sea The firm of Oliver Cope Architect Foreword by Alisa Doctoroff, Foreword by Dan Doctoroff, Introduction by Clive Aslet, Text by Nicolas Kemper One of the premier residential firms in the country, Oliver Cope have earned a reputation for creating one-of-a-kind residences of the highest quality, crafted to meet the specific needs and desires of their clients. The firm’s unique combination of technical and artistic expertise results in projects that appear timeless, effortless and appropriate to their sites and surroundings. From Park Avenue apartments to historic brownstones, to houses large and small, they draw on their collective knowledge and experience to help clients realize homes. Here, in their first book, they share a selection of those homes with the world. Including drawn plans for all of the projects, original sketches illuminating the process, it is richly illustrated with commissioned photography throughout. This book is not only about a collection of homes, but the team behind them, and the way that they build.

An award-winning architecture firm practicing in the heart of New York City, Oliver Cope Architect has been building exceptional homes since 1988. This book is not only about a collection of homes, but the team behind them, and the way that they build.

9781916355415 Triglyph Books 9.5 x 11.5in. 288pp., 260 col., 76 b.&w. February 2021 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover



Art of Botanical Illustration Wilfrid Blunt, William T Stearn This major work, first published in 1950, is still considered the classic book on the subject. It provides a comprehensive, critical and well-illustrated survey of the portrayal of plants across over three thousand years, at a more compact size. Of the first edition, the poet and gardening writer, Vita Sackville-West said: “Let no one think this is a book only for the specialist. It is essential for the specialist, certainly, but it is also for all the flower-lovers and all those who enjoy the by-ways of biography and the added attraction of good writing”. This edition contains 126 color plates (more than twice as many as the first edition), alongside 140 black-and-white illustrations. It invites the reader to appreciate the works of the greatest botanical illustrators both past and present.

9781788841085 ACC Art Books 8.5 x 10.62in. 320pp., 126 col., 140 b.&w. March 2021; 3rd edition $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

This major work, first published in 1950, is still considered the classic book on the subject. It provides a comprehensive survey of plant portrayals spanning over three thousand years.

A Sameness Between Us The Friendship of Charmion von Wiegand and Piet Mondrian in Letters and Memoirs Martin Brauen In April 1941 Charmion von Wiegand (1896-1983), an American journalist and artist, met Piet Mondrian for an interview. From this very first meeting, a deep friendship and working relationship developed; she translated Mondrian’s texts into English and edited them, discussed art and philosophy with him, and played a part in the evolution of many of the works he created up to his death in 1944. The artist’s memoirs of their encounters and their comprehensive correspondence have now been published in full for the very first time. The texts portray a relationship fluctuating between burning affection and distant friendship, tenderness and harsh rejection, openness and reticence. A relationship that has left behind clear traces in Charmion von Wiegand’s life and works - far beyond Mondrian’s death. Nothing is the same as it once was!

9783897906068 Arnoldsche Verlagsanstalt 8.25 x 11in. 176pp., 30 col. December 2020 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover



In April 1941 Charmion von Wiegand, journalist and artist, met Piet Mondrian for an interview. A deep friendship and working relationship developed. Correspondence between the two of them is published here full for the first time.

Pre-Raphaelite Drawings and Watercolours Christiana Payne

The Works of Samuel Palmer Colin Harrison

An Instinct to Draw John Ruskin’s Drawings in the Ashmolean Museum Stephen Wildman

The Ashmolean’s collection of PreRaphaelite watercolors and drawings includes a wide variety of appealing works. It is especially rich in portraits, which throw an intimate light on the friendships and love affairs of the artists, and in landscapes which reflect Ruskin’s advice to ‘go to nature’.

The art of Samuel Palmer (1805-1881) is essentially a discovery of the 20th century. Although he exhibited widely during his lifetime, and found buyers for some of his watercolours and etchings, it was not until the retrospective exhibition held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1926 that the general public were able to enter the uniquely personal world of Palmer’s early years at Shoreham.

More than just an exhibition catalog, this book is a showcase of the Ashmolean’s incredible collection, and demonstrates the enormous range of Pre-Raphaelite drawing techniques and media, including pencil, pen and ink, chalk, watercolor, bodycolor and metallic paints. It will include designs for stained glass and furniture, as well as preparatory drawings for some of the well-known paintings in the collection.

The collection of paintings, drawings, watercolours, and etchings by Samuel Palmer in the Ashmolean Museum is the most important in the world. It is especially rich in the early works of the Shoreham period, from c. 1824 to 1835, notably the haunting self-portrait and the unique group of six sepia drawings of 1825, which represent the ‘visionary landscape’ at its most intense.

Ruskin’s life is one of the best documented of any in the 19th century, through letters, diaries and the many autobiographical revelations in his published writings: this allows the opportunity to give almost any drawing a level of context impossible for any other artist. When there is so much background information, a single drawing reveals much about its creator, and becomes a window into the great sprawling edifice of his life and work.

9781910807439 Ashmolean Museum Publications 8.6 x 11in. 240pp., 130 col. March 2021 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback

9781910807460 Ashmolean Museum Publications 7.63 x 10.5in. 120pp., 50 col., April 2021 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Paperback

9781910807453 Ashmolean Museum Publications 7.63 x 10.5in. 176pp., 95 col. April 2021 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Paperback

John Ruskin assembled 1470 diverse works of art for use in the Drawing School he founded at Oxford in 1871. They included drawings by himself and other artists, prints and photographs. This book focuses on highlights of works produced by Ruskin himself.



Thorvald Hellesen 1888-1937 Dag Blakkisrud, Matthew Drutt, Hilde Mørch Thorvald Hellesen (1888-1937) was a Norwegian avant-garde artist who lived and worked in Paris in the 1910s and ’20s. He and his wife, the French artist Hélène Perdriat, were part of a circle of artists that included Pablo Picasso, Fernand Léger, Constantin Brâncusi, Piet Mondrian, Theo van Doesburg, and many others. In his short life, Thorvald Hellesen created an impressive oeuvre, oriented on Modernism, consisting of oil paintings, watercolors, gouaches, drawings, design projects, and textiles. With this publication the authors Dag Blakkisrud, Matthew Drutt, and Hilde Mørch have created a written portrait of Hellesen. In addition to classifying him within the history of art, they try to find explanations as to why his artistic practice is only now being considered important and interesting for Norwegian and international art history.

9783897905948 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9.5 x 11in. 272pp., 280 col. January 2021 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover, English, Norwegian

Thorvald Hellesen (1888-1937) was a Norwegian avant-garde artist who lived and worked in Paris in the 1910s and 1920s. This is his first monograph.

A Woman’s Right to Pleasure BlackBook Publishing, Dr. Amir Marashi, Erica Jong, Roxane Gay Iconic and never-before-published works by Georgia O’Keeffe, Louise Bourgeois, Judy Chicago, Tracey Emin, Jenny Holzer, Marlene Dumas and Alice Neel run alongside original essays by New York Times bestselling authors Erica Jong and Roxane Gay, and contributions from photographers like Cindy Sherman, Carrie Mae Weems, Marilyn Minter and Nan Goldin, as well as by emerging talent such as Mickalene Thomas, Martine Gutierrez and Harley Weir in this ground breaking art book that sees the most critical female voices of the last century explore the idea of pleasure – and empowerment – in all its forms.

Alternative cover choice

9780578751931 BlackBook 10.5 x 12.5in. 274pp., 144 col., 188 b.&w. Available $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover



Curated, edited and published by BlackBook, this book features the most important women artists, writers and creative thinkers of the last century.

La Petite Escalère Garden of the Haims Marie-Laure Bernadac, Dominique Haim, Pierre Wat In the 1970s, in the region of the Landes, between Bayonne and Peyrehorade, on the banks of the Adour River, the photographer Jeannette Leroy and the art dealer Paul Haim created a sculpture garden around a modest farm, La Petite Escalère. With the help of the faithful gardener Gilbert Carty, amidst canals, bridges, paths made of railway ties, and many trees and flowers, they installed about 50 works, some of them monumental, by artists such as Rodin, Maillol, Niki de Saint Phalle, Zao Wou-Ki, Françoise Lacampagne, Cárdenas, Mark Di Suvero, Léger, Matta, Zigor… Paul positioned the sculptures, and to help them vanish into the natural environment Jeannette would plant a shrub, a rosebush, dahlias, an oak, a maple, a gingko, a Caucasian walnut… “I don’t want this garden to become ridiculous!” she said.

9782376660392 Editions Norma 9.875 x 11.75in. 192pp., 150 col. November 2020 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover, English, French

Recently permanently closed, this fascinating sculpture garden created around a modest farm, La Petite Escalère, by art dealer Paul Haim, included monumental works by Rodin, Niki de Saint Phalle, Cárdenas, Mark Léger, and more.

Vera Székely Daniel Léger, Mathieu Buard After training as a graphic designer in Hungary, the plastic artist Vera Székely (1919-1994), a member of the Székely-Borderie ceramicist collective, tackled work in clay, metal, wood and glass to reach her artistic fulfillment in textiles. From this point on, Vera Székely acknowledged “swimming and dancing in space to leave a trace in it” with her ephemeral installations of bent felt, her stretched canvas structures and “braced sails” that would be exhibited throughout the world, notably at the Biennale internationale de la tapisserie, Lausanne (1981) the Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou (1982), the Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris (1985), the Lunds Konsthall, Sweden (1988).

9782376660330 Editions Norma 9 x 12in. 288pp., 400 col. November 2020 $95.00/CDN$128.50 Hardcover

Known for her ceramics, visual artist Vera Székely reached her artistic fulfillment in textiles with her ephemeral installations of bent felt, her stretched canvas structures and “braced sails” exhibited throughout the world. Art


Divine Comedy Illustrated by Mimmo Paladino Sergio Risaliti To mark the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri, Italian artist Mimmo Paladino has illustrated the complete text of Dante’s epic masterpiece, the Divine Comedy, with 50 original lithographs. In this beautifully printed book, edited by noted art historian Sergio Risaliti, Paladino has captured the unrestrained imagination and expressive force of Dante’s classical narrative poem. This exceptional publication includes essays by Risaliti, literature professor Riccardo Bruscagli, author and curator Cristina Acidini, and Giorgio Bacci, a professor of cultural studies at the University of Florence.

Marking the 700th anniversary of his death, this new publication of Dante’s Divine Comedy features 50 original lithographs by Italian artist Mimmo Paladino, and essays by notable Italian scholars and art historians.

9788855210591 Forma Edizioni 9 x 12.625in. 336pp., 50 col. February 2021 $130.00/CDN$175.50 Hardcover



Always Audrey Six Iconic Photographers. One Legendary Star. Introduction by Terence Pepper Edited by Iconic Images As one of the 20th century’s most loved icons, Audrey Hepburn’s face is instantly recognizable the world over. In this book, ACC Art Books and Iconic Images proudly present the work of six wonderful photographers – Norman Parkinson, Milton H. Greene, Douglas Kirkland, Lawrence Fried, Terry O’Neill and Eva Sereny – who were fortunate enough to capture the star at different moments of her life. In addition, Terence Pepper, opens up his personal archive of vintage press prints. Throughout the book, Douglas Kirkland, Terry O’Neill and Eva Sereny share their memories of working with the icon. They present a wonderful mix of on-set, fashion, portrait and behind-the-scenes photographs, including contact sheets and never-before-seen images.

9781788841269 ACC Art Books 9.76 x 11im. 288pp., 72 col., 106 b.&w. April 2021 $45.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

Features images from the archives of six top photographers in a newly formatted, elegant gift edition.



The Art of the 20th and 21st Centuries Francisca Vandepitte, Inga Rossi-Schrimpf, Pierre-Yves Desaive The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium has evolved from a single institution (founded by decree in 1801 by Napoleon Bonaparte) into a world-class, multi-museum showcase for art in Belgium. Over the past century, they have actively acquired a superb collection of modern and contemporary paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, videos, and installations. Featured here are works by, among others, RenĂŠ Magritte, Max Ernst, Marc Chagall, Salvador DalĂ­, Francis Bacon, Henry Moore, Joseph Albers, Donald Judd, Lucio Fontana, Pierre Alechinsky, Marcel Broodthaers, and Luc Tuymans.

Brings together in one volume the modern and contemporary masterpieces from the collections of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium.

9782390251477 Lannoo Publishers 8.25 x 10in. 240pp., 250 col. January 2021 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback



Mothmeister: Dark and Dystopian Post-Mortem Fairy Tales Mothmeister In Dark & Dystopian Post-Mortem Fairy Tales, Mothmeister pays homage to the muses who have sparked their alienating dream world. These range from artists worldwide, legendary figures, and their collection of taxidermy, to the lurid places where their figures were born, such as the catacombs of Palermo, Pyramiden or the disaster area around Chernobyl. It offers a special fairy tale world that flirts with the morbid, religious and grotesque, and in which stuffed animals are brought back to life in an extraordinary way.

In their second book, Belgian artistic duo Mothmeister bring together their signature mixture of creepy masks, taxidermy, and photography with lurid and cinematic effect.

9789401473644 Lannoo Publishers 9.5 x 11in. 272pp., 220 col., 40 b.&w. April 2021 $59.95/CDN$81.00 Hardcover



Magritte in 400 Images Julie Waseige Magritte in 400 images offers a selection of the most iconic paintings from the master Surrealist, René Magritte, along with a multitude of perhaps less well-known, but no less exciting jewels from his expansive oeuvre. The novel choice of works will surprise and delight the reader as they continue to uncover ever more facets of the celebrated painter, from his gouaches to his painted bottles and much more. Spanning seven chapters, this book brings together the myriad aspects of Magritte’s pictorial vision. Beginning with his first forays into abstract painting in the 1920s, navigating his search for solace in his Sunlit Period, as well as his brittle période vache and moving on to his Surrealist masterpieces of the 1950s and 1960s, it gently guides the reader through Magritte’s world. Each chapter opens with a summary of the artistic stakes at play during that period and Magritte’s place in them, immersing the reader in the contemporary artistic milieu. The 400 reproductions of Magritte’s work are complemented by a unique selection of historical photographs. Alive with images and information, this compact gem is a must-have for all art enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

9789493039162 Ludion 9.5 x 6.75in. 440pp., 400 col. March 2021 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Hardcover



Accessible yet original, a comprehensive guide to René Magritte, the master Surrealist still wildly popular today. This compact gem contains 400 color reproductions to delight the reader.

Art in Nature Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Founded by philanthropist Alice Walton and opened to the public in 2011, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art welcomes all to celebrate the American spirit in a setting that unites the power of art with the beauty of landscape. Including breath-taking views and vistas of the grounds and architecture, and intimate experiences with the artwork, this update to the 2013 edition includes new photography and content. Exquisite depictions of Moshe Safdie’s striking and graceful architecture, nestled in a creek bed fed by a natural spring, display perfectly the connections between art and landscape. Highlights from the Colonial to Contemporary periods of American art include Charles Wilson Peale’s George Washington, Asher B. Durand’s Kindred Spirits, John Singer Sargent’s Capri Girl on a Rooftop and Nick Cave’s Sound Suit, each accompanied by accessibly written interpretations by the museum’s curators.

9781785513701 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 6 x 9in. 64pp., 70 col. March 2021 $9.95/CDN$13.50 Paperback

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art welcomes all to celebrate the American spirit in a setting that unites the power of art with the beauty of landscape. Updated for 2021 with new cover design, photography and content.

Leonardo Nature in the Mirror Marco Versiero The first book in the new series Opera Maesta begins with Leonardo da Vinci, captured by the expert Marco Versiero. At the core of the analysis is the relationship between the artist, humanity, and nature. An essential biographical note introduces the reader to Marco Versiero’s pages, enriched with 61 detailed pictures. The pictures, proposing not only a selection of Leonardo’s paintings but also of his drawings, enhanced with comprehensive captions, chart the journey of the genius from the years of his apprenticeship in Verrocchio’s workshop till the days of his maturity.

9788874614103 Mandragora 8.25 x 10.625in. 64pp., 61 col. November 2020 $11.95/CDN$15.95 Paperback

The first title in a new series - Opera Maestra - specifically focused on the work and journey of artists who made history, from an unprecedented perspective. Art


Washi Transformed New Expressions in Japanese Paper Meher McArthur, Hollis Goodall, Edited by Zxachary Marschall Historically, washi paper has been used as a base for Japanese calligraphy, painting, and printmaking as well as a material in architecture, religious ritual and clothing. In recent years, contemporary Japanese artists have turned this supple yet sturdy paper into a medium for expressing their artistic vision – layering, weaving, dyeing, shredding, folding, or cutting the paper to form abstract sculptures, lyrical folding screens, highly textured wall pieces, and dramatic installations. This elegantly designed volume examines the extraordinary creations of these diverse contemporary artists from Japan, France, and the United States. The publication also demonstrates the resilience, versatility, and unique stature of this ancient artistic medium in the realm of international contemporary art. Published to accompany a traveling exhibition: Allentown Art Museum, Allentown, PA October 10, 2021 – January 2, 2022; Longmont Museum, Longmont, CO January 28, 2022 – May 15, 2022; D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield Museums, Springfield, MA June 11, 2022 – September 4, 2022; Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach, FL November 3, 2022 – April 2, 2023.

This exquisite new publication celebrates how Japanese contemporary artists push traditional washi paper beyond its historic uses to create innovative, highly textured two-dimensional works, expressive sculptures, and dramatic installations.

9781785513282 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 9 x 9in. 96pp., col. May 2021 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback



Saito Kiyoshi Graphic Awakening Rhiannon Paget This catalog is the first comprehensive, scholarly publication on the Japanese print artist Saito Kiyoshi to be published in English and accompanies the first major exhibition of his work in the United States since his death. Saito was a central member of Japan’s creative print movement (sosaku hanga), and one of the best known and most popular modern Japanese artists in the United States. His work is appreciated for his refined sense of design and active use of woodgrain. The fully illustrated book includes thematic essays, illustrations demonstrating Saito’s technique, discussion of seals and signatures, chronology, and bibliography.

9781785513015 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 11 x 9.5in. 208pp., col. March 2021 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback

An exhibition catalog from the John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art of the woodblock prints of the Japanese artist Saito Kiyoshi (1907-1997), highlighting early works and several never-before published.



Abstraction and Calligraphy Towards a Universal Language Didier Ottinger, Marie Sarré The Louvre Abu Dhabi’s exciting exhibition program explores the enduring dialog between Eastern and Western artistic expression. Abstraction and Calligraphy brings together a rich array of works, from 10th-century ceramics from Samarkand to paintings and drawings by Kandinsky, Matisse, Miró, Twombly and other modern masters. The ways in which these artists respond to Eastern calligraphic traditions enriches our understanding of the dynamic between modern art in the West and long-established forms from Asia and the Near East.

This catalog accompanies the latest in the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s exciting series of exhibitions charting the relationship between Eastern and Western artistic traditions.

9781785513527 – English 9781785513534 – French (non-returnable) 9781785513541 – Arabic (non-returnable) Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 8.62 x 11in. 232pp., 100 col. March 2021 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover



Word, Image, Music Essays on the Treasures of the Pepys Library, Cambridge M.E.J. Hughes Samuel Pepys’s (1633-1703) famous library, a remarkable collection of over 3,000 items and a rare surviving example of a private 17th century library, was willed by Pepys to Magdalene College, Cambridge. This celebratory volume has been edited by the Pepys Librarian and President of Magdalene College, Dr M.E.J. Hughes, in tribute to her predecessor Dr Richard Luckett (Pepys Librarian 1982-2012). Contributions from eminent scholars, including Professor Sir Jonathan Bate, Professor Helen Cooper, Dr Hester Lees-Jeffries and Professor James Raven, focus on items housed in the Pepys Library and on the illuminating narrative of how the collection was conceived and developed by its idiosyncratic owner.

A beautifully illustrated volume featuring essays from eminent scholars focusing on the magnificent holdings of the Pepys Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge.

9781785513183 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd 7.75 x 11in. 144pp., col. February 2021 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback



The Art of Thai Comics A Century of Strips and Stripes Nicolas Verstappen After the first Thai comic strip was published in 1907, comics flourished in Siam and developed in uniquely Thai ways. Gory horror tales, anti-communist propaganda and socially-engaged graphic novels bear witness to the country’s darker years. From 1990, Thai comics struggled to compete with the sudden influx of unlicensed Japanese manga and went through a hiatus, making a comeback in the late ’90s with a new and alternative scene that deserves wider recognition. Each page of The Art of Thai Comics opens a unique window onto Thai society – a distilled vision of its hopes, fears, delights and horrors. Thai comics past and present offer an entertaining and enlightening viewpoint onto the country’s history, culture and enduring creativity.

9786164510364 River Books 9.75 x 9in. 220pp., 200 col. January 2021 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback

The Art of Thai Comics is a ground-breaking look at the rich history and vibrant culture of comic art in Thailand.

Guy Yanai Monograph Guy Yanai, Edited by Stella Fitzgerald Israeli artist’s Guy Yanai is an overview of the past eight tenacious years of the artist’s practice. Designed by Aurore Chauve and printed in France, the hardcover book is just shy of 450 pages, including eleven essays and conversations by Matthew Israel, Charlotte Jansen, Cary S. Levine, and Timothee Chaillou among others. Guy Yanai’s first major monograph compiles for the first time all of the artist’s previous significant exhibitions, installation shots, works never exhibited, sources and studio shots.

9789657725092 Yundler Brondino Verlag 9.5 x 11.75in. 444pp., 258 col. January 2021 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover


Art/Asian Art & Culture

Guy Yanai’s first major monograph compiles his exhibitions, inspiration, and essays by leading art curators.

Diamonds Across Time Facets of Mankind Usha R Balakrishnan Diamonds tell stories that are captivating and timeless. On the one hand, they are just stones, pieces of pure carbon with optical properties that make them glitter and sparkle like stars. On the other, they are mystical entities hypnotically drawing the viewer into a time machine as it were, wherein a cinematic montage of their journey unfolds. Diamonds Across Time presents a sweeping overview of diamonds across time and space, featuring ten essays by world-renowned scholars in love the stone. This book is a richly illustrated publication with high-quality images of gems and jewels, archival documents, rare drawings, and fabulous photographs. The volume places diamonds in the context of the time in which they were discovered, and on the political, social, and cultural stage on which their histories were etched. In a rapidly changing world, diamonds are eternal. They were created by nature and grew in the womb of the earth. They tell stories, and they record history. With this book, diamonds will finally have their own storytellers.

9781838048402 The World Diamond Museum 9.6 x 12.5in. 432pp., 270 col., 39 b.&w. December 2020 $125.00/CDN$169.00 Hardback

Diamonds Across Time presents a sweeping overview of diamonds across time and space, featuring ten essays by world-renowned scholars in love with the stone.

Decorative Arts/Jewelry


Forgotten Motoring A Miscellany on the Open Road Peter Ashley As the world speeds up, as technology takes over, it is worth remembering how we used to live. This three-book series is a nostalgic hymn to an era when life was slower: a meandering ramble through the British countryside by bicycle, automobile and train. This evocative volume gathers British motoring memorabilia, transporting us back to a time when roads were filled with bulbous Austin Somersets, humpbacked Standard Vanguards and unique road signs. Between cigarette cards advocating road safety, vintage motoring maps and black-and-white photos of classic cars in their prime, Forgotten Motoring packs an impressive cache of paraphernalia between its pages. A quaint, inspirational collection with delightful images at every turn of the road. No Sat Nav here.

9781788840934 ACC Art Books 4.87 x 7.5in. 96pp., col. March 2021 $17.5/CDN$24.50 Hardcover

An elegantly designed nostalgic three-book series celebrating a slower, old-fashioned way of life. The series includes The Bicycle, ISBN 9781788840941, and The Slow Train, ISBN 9781788840927.

The Age of Combustion Stephen Bayley The automobile is the ultimate analog machine and mankind’s most ingenious, seductive and damaging invention. For over a century, cars have provided reference points for our notions of style, status and desire. In design terms, the Age of Combustion was as rich and varied as architecture’s Baroque – and far more popular. And now it is coming to an end, as the internal-combustion engine is superseded by the battery and cars become wheeled computers, running on AI not oil. Together with a wide-ranging introduction, this book reproduces 60 of Stephen Bayley’s popular monthly columns between 20102020 for Octane, the outstanding classic car magazine where, for more than 10 years, he has provided the most consistent and insightful commentary on car culture, often based on privileged access to industry insiders.

9781911422136 Circa 6.29 x 8.26in. 208pp., col., 24 b.&w. spreads May 2021 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Hardcover


Cars & Motor Vehicles

Author Stephen Bayley considers the car as the greatest cultural and design phenomenon of the 20th century.

100 Belgian Icons Derek Blyth This affectionate cultural guide celebrates 100 icons that make Belgium different from any other country. The author examines themes that are famously Belgian, like comic books, mussels served with fries, cycle racing, art nouveau architecture and rain. You will find out about the monks who brew the best beer in the world, the largest dinosaur collection ever found, the curious charm of ugly Belgian houses, and how a country can survive without a government for more than 500 days. This book is not meant to be an exhaustive guide to Belgium, but a personal pick of the icons that make Belgium unique, along with a selection of useful addresses to visit. The texts are accompanied by 100 original illustrations by Antwerp illustrator Emma Verhagen that capture the unique sprit of Belgium.

9789460582738 Luster 6.25 x 7.87in. 224pp., 100 col. December 2020 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Hardcover

100 insightful and fun-to-read texts by Belgium connoisseur and fan Derek Blyth about iconic Belgian traditions, places, artists, oddities, buildings, sayings etc., with illustrations.

Brunelleschi The Genius of the Dome Text by Stefania Cottiglia, Illustrated by Andrea Orani This book’s ambition is to convey the fervor of the Renaissance’s cradle through the architect that created its symbol: Brunelleschi and his Dome. The volume is enriched with vivid illustrations created by Andrea Orani. The book details Filippo Brunelleschi’s ventures: from being a goldsmith apprentice to becoming the winner of the contest for the new door of the Battistero, passing through his Roman period and finished at his completion of the Dome for Florence’s cathedral, which put him in the history books. Step by step, the reader will understand how the Dome symbolized a whole new concept of the world. Thanks to the cut-out model, young readers will be able to build a reproduction of the ‘Cupola’, becoming active stars of the cultural revolution of the 15th century.

9788874613991 Mandragora 7.87 x 8.87in. 32pp., 12 col. December 2020 $15.95/CDN$21.50 Hardcover

An illustrated book that will entertain young readers with the tale of one of Renaissance’s biggest masters: Filippo Brunelleschi, the artist behind Florence’s most famous landmark, the Dome. Children’s Books/Cultural History


In Flux American Jewelry and the Counterculture Susan Cummins, Damian Skinner, Cindi Strauss In the 1960s and 1970s, a generation of young Americans rejected the promise of prosperity and the suburban dream embraced by their parents. Furious about the war in Vietnam, fighting for civil rights at home, and eagerly exploring the effects of psychedelic drugs, the delights of free love, and the mystical teachings of eastern religions, thousands followed the advice to “turn on, tune in, drop out,” bringing about a counterculture in the process. Jewelers, like other studio craftspeople, rode the wave of popularity for the hand-made and authentic that was at the heart of the counterculture. In Flux is the story of how their jewelry contributed to the raucous, contradictory, and enthusiastic clamor for a new kind of society that made the 1960s and 1970s so extraordinary.

9783897905979 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 6.75 x 9.87in. 184pp., 126 col. December 2020 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Paperback

The story of American counterculture from the perspective of jewelry-making, presenting the zeitgeist of the1960s and 1970s in the USA.

Modern British Jewellery Designers A Collector’s Guide Mary Ann Wingfield, Foreword by Lord Snowdon In the 1960s, British jewelry underwent a revolution. Natural, uncut stones exploded into vogue and a 1961 exhibition at the Goldsmith’s Hall kickstarted the nation’s new obsession with gold. The women who shopped at Quant’s Bazaar and Hulaniki’s Biba no longer just received jewelry as gifts. They placed their own orders, exploring Grima’s drizzled gold and Flöckinger’s fused metallic experimentations. This was an era of innovation – captured here through insights into the work of 25 major jewelers and sumptuous pictures of their work. This book introduces the most influential British designers, jewelers, goldsmiths and silversmiths of 1960-1980. Accompanied by new photography showing each designer’s creations, this is the perfect introduction for anyone with an interest in collecting, or learning more about this transformative period in British jewelry design.

9781788841214 ACC Art Books 8.62 x 8.62in. 208pp., 150 col. June 2021 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover


Decorative Arts/Jewelry

The illustrated work and biographies of 25 key British jewelers, including Stuart Devlin, Elizabeth Gage, Joseph Kutchinsky and Gerda Flöckinger.

Jewelry Stories Highlights from the Collection 1947-2019 Edited by Barbara Paris Gifford, and the Museum of Arts and Design, New York Jewelry Stories highlights the Museum of Arts and Design’s unique, worldclass collection of studio and contemporary art jewelry from the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia, a medium that comprises one-third of its permanent collection. Artists working in this field create jewelry rooted in sculptural experimentation and the concept of art as a wearable medium. The pieces featured represent the history of art jewelry as told from a largely US perspective. Jewelry artists are inspired by such subjects as found objects and materials, as well as by politics and pressing social issues, allowing for the development of unique, personal narratives in each piece. Each of the jewelry stories is written by an expert on the artist or subject, thus the book also celebrates the contributions they have made to the field.

9783897906020 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 4.62 x 11in. 160pp., col. January 2021 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

Published to accompany an exhibition at the Museum of Arts and Design, New York, 13 February 2020 - 24 January 2021.

Quiet Elegance The Jewelry of Eleanor Moty Helen W. Drutt English, Matthew Drutt, Bruce Pepich Eleanor Moty (American, b. 1945) is a seminal figure in the field of contemporary international studio jewelry. In a career that has spanned more than 50 years, she has been both a dedicated practitioner and a devoted teacher who has inspired succeeding generations of artists, collectors, and fellow professionals. She began to attract national attention in the late 1960s and early 1970s for her experiments with photoetching and electroforming metal. Later, mid-career, Moty made what seems like an abrupt shift in style and focus, with more abstract works whose designs were inspired by the natural inclusions within the non-precious gems used in their fabrication. This monograph is the first comprehensive in-depth examination of her career from its inception in 1967 through the present day.

9783897906082 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9 x 10in. 160pp., 200 col. December 2020 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

The first complete overview of Eleanor Moty’s oeuvre; six decades of jewelry from America.

Decorative Arts/Jewelry


Tadema Gallery London Jewellery from the 1860s to 1960s Beatriz Chadour-Sampson, Sonya Newell-Smith Tadema Gallery was founded in 1978 by Sonya and David Newell-Smith in London’s famed Camden Passage in Islington. They were successful photojournalists who ventured into the field of 20th-century abstract art and the decorative arts of the 19th and 20th centuries. By 1982 they had discovered a passion for artist-designed jewelry and showed in the gallery an eclectic choice of jewels from significant designers of the Revivalist, Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts, Jugendstil, Art Deco, and Modernist movements. With over 500 unique jewelry pieces from the 1860s to 1960s, the book reflects upon the 40-year history of the gallery and the superb eye of its inspirational founders.

9783897905986 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 7.87 x 11.37in. 520pp., 500 col. December 2020 $95.00/CDN$128.50 Hardcover

A century of jewelry history in one stunning volume, illustrating exceptional pieces from Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Modernist and Revivalist jewels.

Playground Le design des sneakers Constance Rubini, Étienne Tornier, Marie-Christine Vernay, Thibaut de Longeville Basketball shoe, tennis shoe, trainer or sneaker, regardless of the name, they have influenced the way we live, and the way we dress, since the early 20th century. Worn by millions of people the world over, sneakers have, in just a few decades, become a mass-market product that transcends gender, age, and social and cultural background. But how did a simple sports shoe make the leap from the playing field to become a genuine fashion accessory or even a piece of art? With over 600 pairs, films, and archival documents, photos and personal accounts, this book presents all the facets of this iconic object, from its success with New York break dancers to the cutting-edge technological research that goes on with that.

9782376660347 Editions Norma 7.87 x 12.25in. 256pp., 400 col. November 2020 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Paperback, English French


Decorative Arts/Jewelry/Fashion

600 pairs of sneakers, films, and archive document present all the facets of this iconic object, from its success with New York breakdancers to the cutting-edge technological research.

Italian Wines 2021 Edited by Gambero Rosso Italian Wines is the English-language version of Gambero Rosso’s Vini d’Italia, the world’s best-selling guide to Italian wine. It is the result of a year’s work by over 60 tasters, coordinated by three curators. They travel around the entire country to taste 45,000 wines, only half of which make it into the guide. More than 2,500 producers have been selected. Each entry brings together useful information about the winery, including a description of its most important labels and price levels in Italian wine shops. Each wine is evaluated according to the Gambero Rosso bicchieri rating, with Tre Bicchieri awarded to the top labels. The guide is an essential tool for both wine professionals and passionate amateurs around the globe.

9788866412168 Gambero Rosso Inc 4.37 x 8.87in. 1056pp., col. December 2020 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback

The most authoritative annual guide to the very best Italian wines; more than 2,500 producers have been selected, and 22,536 wines.

Peñin Guide Spanish Wine 2021 Guía Peñín Now in its 31st edition, the Peñin Guide Spanish Wine 2021 is the definitive guide to Spanish wine. Each year a team of tasters travels to every winegrowing area of Spain to taste and review new varieties, labels and vintages, and this year’s edition of the guide contains information on more than 10,500 new wines. Whatever your budget, the Peñín Guide is the indispensable guide for those who want to discover the best of Spanish wine.

9788412240214 - English 9788412240207 - Spanish (non-returnable) 9788412240221 - German (non-returnable) Pi & Erre Ediciones 5.87 x 8.25in. 990pp., 1000 col. December 2020 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback

The most authoritative reference book on Spanish wine with ratings on 10,500 wines and information about 1,900 wineries.

Food & Drink


Afro Vegan Family Recipes from a British-Nigerian kitchen Zoe Alakija Introducing Zoe Alakija, a London-based cook, whose rich recipes blend modern British flavors with the rich colors and tastes of her Nigerian upbringing. African food in general, and Nigeran food in particular, is on the rise in the UK and dishes like cheesy kokoro and nutty plantain brownies take European vegan food far beyond the more muted flavors and colors that we are used to. Zoe’s immaculate balance of tastes combined with playful presentation ensures these are recipes to remember for those willing to explore broader, more environmentally responsible horizons.

9781910566909 Hoxton Mini Press 9.62 x 7.5in. 196pp., col. May 2021 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Hardcover

Vibrant plant-based dishes fusing African and European flavors, from a young British-Nigerian cook.

Low Carb Cookbook with 4 Ingredients 2 Pascale Naessens Nutritionist Pascale Naessens is a forerunner, trendsetter and success author in the culinary field. In 2019 she won the Gourmand Award “Best in the World” and Low Carb Cookbook with 4 Ingredients (ISBN 9789401461481) was the best-selling book in Belgium in 2018. In this second volume she presents more than 70 new tasty and inspiring low-carb dishes according to her well-known method. She also examines the ketogenic diet and the similarities with her proposed way of eating.

9789401468411 Lannoo Publishers 7.5 x 9.87in. 224pp., 260 col. Available $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover


Food & Drink

Pascale Naessens presents more than 70 new lowcarb dishes according to her well-known method. She also examines the ketogenic diet and the similarities with her proposed way of eating.

The Keto Cure Two weeks that will change your life Pascale Naessens, Dr. William Cortvriendt, Prof. Hanno Pijl From Pascale Naessens’ keto-friendly kitchen, she shares her vision of the ketogenic diet cure and explains what it is and for whom it works best. There are contributions from two healthcare experts: Dr. Hanno Pijl examines the pros and cons of the keto diet for diabetics, and Dr. William Cortvriendt writes about the positive effects of the keto diet during cancer treatment. For this new book, Pascale Naessens has created low-carb recipes (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for a two-week keto cure, which can be extended to a third week.

9789401474191 Lannoo Publishers 7.12 x 9.5in. 224pp., 75 col., 10 b.&w. March 2021 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

Culinary and lifestyle personality and best-selling author Pascale Naessens has created 60 ketofriendly diet recipes (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for a program lasting either two or three weeks that addresses stubborn health concerns.

The Way of the Savoury The Official Umamido Cookbook Guy Quirynen, Femke Vandevelde This cookbook is an ode to Japan’s real, genuine ramen culture. The recipes are created by Guy Quirynen, the man behind the Umamido ramen shops and restaurants in Belgium and Switzerland. In every shop, Guy and his team aim to immerse their guests in their passion for Japan by serving pure and authentic ramen; in this cookbook you’ll discover some of their closely guarded kitchen secrets, along with inspiring and mouth-watering photos.

9789460582752 Luster 7.87 x 9.87in. 208pp., col. November 2021 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Hardcover

Authentic Japanese ramen recipes and secrets from the Umamido kitchen, with mouth-watering photos and tips and tricks to create authentic ramen dishes at home. Food & Drink


Where the Wildness Pleases The English Garden Celebrated Caroline Holmes The ‘Garden of England’, ’The High Weald’, these are phrases that describe a 70-year-old Area of Outstanding National Beauty in Southern England. Among these dramatic landscapes and ancient woodlands stand many castles, mansions and cottages, ringed with orchards, meadows, drifting flowers and horticultural exotica. Featured gardens range from grand landscapes to works of glorious eccentricity, Arts and Crafts green rooms to postage stamp-sized plots of ingenuity. Wilderness weaves into floral genius, while native and exotic species stand side-by-side – all within the unique climate of the English garden. Including chapters on English Parks, Arts and Crafts Gardens and Woodland Gardens, Where the Wildness Pleases – The English Garden Celebrated pays homage to English horticultural excellence and tells the gripping stories behind some of our most breath-taking landscapes. This book also features a handy Who’s Who of designers, gardeners, plant hunters and nurserymen, and a brief guide to English playing greens – cricket, bowling, croquet and tennis. This is a welcome guide for anyone interested in visiting this astonishingly beautiful part of the country, or those thinking of buying a plot.

9781788841153 ACC Art Books 8.5 x 10.62in. 176pp., 200 col. May 2021 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover



A detailed guide to many of the most attractive gardens in Southern England’s unspoilt High Weald.

Toxic Garden AN+, Edited by Stella Fitzgerald Foreword by Piet Oudolf, designer of the New York highline Published at a crucial time in which we are being forced to reconsider our relationship with the planet, this book explores the irony of toxic plants. Through exposing the fragile beauty of dried specimens in photographs, the reader learns of their physical potency in their potential to cause detrimental harm. Part I is an index of toxic plants and has an accompanying text to describe the adverse effects of their toxins on living beings. Part II is a reflective, philosophical meditation, which considers the different facets of reality, providing the reader with an opportunity to encounter the speculative aspects of architecture through plantscapes. Toxic Garden is a beautiful, philosophical and scientific book which creates a space for readers to grasp the qualities of poisonous plants. It is a story of their delicacy, resilience and power – characteristics which must be retained as the plants’ fragility is under threat.

By exposing the paradox between plants’ beauty and toxic qualities, readers learn of their physical potency and potential to cause detrimental harm.

9789657725078 Yundler Brondino Verlag 8.25 x 10.75in. 164pp., 69 col., 3 b.&w. January 2021 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback



LandRush Ventures into Global Agriculture Frauke Huber, Uwe H. Martin Agriculture drives climate change, extinction, erosion and water depletion. It uses about 40 percent of all land on earth and more than 70 percent of all freshwater. Due to over-exploitation of the soil and climate change, desertification is one of the greatest threats to life on earth. The authors have been documenting the social and environmental consequences of global agriculture since 2007. The book is divided in three parts: White Gold (2007-2012) examines the social and ecological effects of global cotton production; LandRush (2011-ongoing) analyzes the impact of large-scale agro-investments on rural economies, the boom of renewable fuels, and the future of agriculture around the world; Dry West (2014-ongoing) documents the hydrological society and human-shaped landscapes of the American West.

9783947641093 Sieveking Verlag 6.75 x 9.5in. 450pp., 350 col. December 2020 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

Explores the impact of large-scale agriculture investments on rural economies and land-rights, the boom of renewable fuels, the reallocation of land and the future of agriculture around the world.

Urban Homesteads Be the Change You Want to See Edited by The Images Publishing Group In a fast-paced world with mega upheaval, including climate crises and a global pandemic, the allure of growing your own food, being self-sufficient, and living green is immense. As showcased in Urban Homesteads, the benefits of a productive garden on your doorstep, tending to chickens, harvesting your own honey, and using eco-friendly water-harvesting techniques are clear: fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruit on tap. Of course, a healthy garden and environment also attracts beneficial insects and birds. Get inspired with this book’s range of eco-friendly possibilities from around the globe. With beautiful full-color photos, gathered here are stories of people who have set up their own productive and abundant back yard or patio, as well as examples of great vertical planters, indoor gardens, and those who have reached into the urban community allotment.

9781864709049 The Images Publishing Group 7.87 x 9.87in. 240pp., col. May 2021 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback


Gardens/Natural History

A beautifully presented practical guide on how to create a gorgeous urban homestead, filled with tips on building productive vegetable and fruit gardens, saving water, harvesting honey and eggs, and much, much, more.

Easy Projects for The Little Book ® LEGO Classic Bricks of Symbols Tips for Kids: Creative Christine Barrely Ideas with 2x2s and 2x4s Achim Schuck Why is the bee a symbol of immortality? This new instruction book features 40 easy to build LEGO® projects, aimed especially at young children from 5 years up, only using the basic 2x2 and 2x4 bricks. Clear step-by-step-instructions will guarantee quick results and lots of fun while building models and sceneries ranging from farm and safari park through exploration of the sea bottom and outer space. All the building instructions can be applied to LEGO® and LEGO® Duplo bricks as well as any other kinds of nub bricks.

9783866642040 HEEL Verlag 8.46 x 11in. 92pp., 100 col. April 2021 $12.99/CDN$17.50 Paperback

How did a lamb come to symbolise Jesus? What does a snail shell mean? And a hand? What’s the sacred meaning of mistletoe? What is the significance of the sapphire? And the ruby? This book explains 80 esoteric, magical or mystical symbols, alongside beautiful illustrations.

9782379641060 EPA 4.12 x 6.25in. 176pp., 80 col. Available $16.95/CDN$22.95 Hardcover

The Little Book of Witches Dominique Foufelle How does one become a witch? What is the difference between white and black magic? What does a witch look like? Why do witches get together for a sabbath? What do they put in their potions? Why do we associate them with black cats? How were witches punished in the Middle Ages? Beautifully illustrated, this little album is a pocket-sized encyclopaedia, presenting the stories of witches and witchcraft through history.

9782379641053 EPA 4.12 x 6.25in. 176pp., 78 col., 2 b.&w. Available $16.95/CDN$22.95 Hardcover



The Little Book of Astrology Fabienne Tanti With this little book of antique chromo prints, dive into the fascinating world of astrology, from its origins and history, to its most eminent figures, mysteries, and prevalent myths. By discovering the influence of the planets and the uniqueness of each zodiac sign, you will learn how to interpret their meanings in your own personal star chart. Beautifully illustrated, this little album is a pocket-sized encyclopedia, dedicated to astrology.

9782379641336 EPA 4.125 x 6.25in. 176pp., 80 col. April 2020 $16.95/CDN$22.95 Hardcover

Discover all there is to know about astrology in this richly illustrated gift book. Beautifully packaged Hardcover, foam-filled, with gilt edging.

The Little Book of Esoterica Denis Montagnon With this little book of antique chromo prints, dive into the fascinating world of everything esoteric. From alchemy and divination, to horoscopes and satanic rituals, this beautiful little encyclopedia is the perfect gift for anyone interested in the supernatural and all things otherworldly.

9782379641343 EPA 4.125 x 6.25in. 176pp., 81 col. April 2020 $16.95/CDN$22.95 Hardcover



Dedicated to everything esoteric, this little encyclopedia is a richly illustrated gift book.

Absolute Architecture by ABS Bouwteam Anton Gonnissen ABS Bouwteam is a high-end contractor of exclusive residential projects: villas, country houses and mansions in timeless and contemporary style. This first monograph highlights the most important projects by the company, with an overview of 30 years of exceptional architecture and interior design.

9782875500748 Beta-Plus 9.25 x 11.75in. 256pp., 140 col., 20 b.&w. December 2020 $105.00/CDN$142.00 Hardcover, slipcase, English, Dutch

The first monograph for this high-end Belgian contractor: 30 years of innovative architecture and interior design.

Tailor-Made Kitchens Wim Pauwels Thirty-five new contemporary and timeless kitchens by renowned interior designers and kitchen specialists from all over the world are presented in this inspirational book. In our rapidly changing living environment, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. It is here where family members meet every day, where they cook and eat, and where they also work and play. As such, interior architects and kitchen designers pay a lot of attention to the arrangement and organization of open-plan kitchens in their new projects. This book offers readers dozens of inspirational ideas for the design and realization of their dream kitchen.

9782875500984 Beta-Plus 9.25 x 11.75in. 288pp., 230 col. January 2021 $80.00/CDN$108.00 Hardcover, English, French

Thirty-five new contemporary and timeless kitchens by renowned interior designers and kitchen specialists from all over the world.

Interior Design


Contemporary Living Houses & Interiors Wim Pauwels

9782875500953 Beta-Plus 8.62 x 10.37in. 400pp., 350 col. December 2020 $69.50/CDN$93.95 Hardcover, English, Dutch, French

In this new book Contemporary Living: Houses & Interiors the emphasis is on top design, sleek yet warm architecture, interiors and gardens. The other new book Timeless Living: Houses & Interiors appears simultaneously and emphasizes classic and more traditional forms, the integration of antique building materials, wood and natural stone, exclusive fabrics and objects, the restoration of homes and farms. Both yearbooks complement each other perfectly and together offer a special selection of dozens of recently finished villas, country houses, townhouses and apartments. All participants in this new edition guarantee years of experience, exceptional craftsmanship and creativity tailored to their customers.

Timeless Living Houses & Interiors Wim Pauwels

9782875500960 Beta-Plus 8.62 x 10.37in. 400pp., 350 col. December 2020 $69.50/CDN$93.95 Hardcover, English, French


Interior Design

30 new residential projects from leading architects and interior designers.

Artisans in Architecture & Interior Design Wim Pauwels Exquisite craftsmanship in materials and design is the hallmark of an exceptional home. The artisans who work with these materials play an important role in the way a space is perceived and lived in. This large-format linen-bound book gathers an array of projects from around the world that highlight craftsmanship in interior design, and the finishing touches that make these spaces stand out. Included here are beautifully photographed images of bespoke furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, fireplaces, lighting, fabrics, natural stone and wood.

9782875500861 Beta-Plus 9.62 x 13.37in. 208pp., 200 col. Nocember 2020 $80.00/CDN$108.00 Hardcover, English, Dutch, French

This large-format, linen-bound book gathers an array of projects from around the world that highlight craftsmanship in interior design, and the finishing touches that make these spaces stand out.

Occhio A New Culture of Light Axel Meise, Christoph Kügler The innovative German company Occhio (which means ‘eye’ in Italian) has specialized in the design of timeless and elegant modular lighting systems for the past two decades. They see their lights (‘luminaires’) as part of an holistic approach to creating vibrant living and working environments. This book gathers together the best of their projects, showcasing the way in which cutting-edge lighting technology and design can seamlessly unite the disparate functions and elements of a space.

9782875500908 Beta-Plus 10.62 x 13.37in. 216pp., 200 col. December 2020 $98.00/CDN$132.00 Hardcover

Elegant and timeless lighting designs and solutions from an innovative German company that takes an holistic approach to creating optimal living and working spaces. Interior Design


Urban Mansions & Apartments Wim Pauwels This carefully curated book of international urban residential design presents 14 contemporary private mansions and exceptional apartments, showing the great diversity of their function and design possibilities. These modern lofts, grand houses, industrial-style spaces, and Haussmann-style apartments are often surprising and always interesting. This book showcases interiors from cities all over the world, including Amsterdam, Antwerp, Chicago, New York, Paris, Stockholm, The Hague, and Toronto, among others.

9782875500878 Beta-Plus 10.87 x 14.25in. 224pp., 200 col. November 2020 $98.00/CDN$132.00 Hardcover

A carefully curated book of international urban residential design, presenting 14 private mansions and exceptional apartments which show the great diversity of their function and design possibilities.

Let’s Play House Inspirational Living with Kids Joni Vandewalle Whoever welcomes children says goodbye to a tidy and perfectly-styled house. Babies and children grow and develop through play, and that means lots of toys. This can create chaos and sometimes less attractive corners in the home that are expertly hidden, moved, or simply ignored in most residential magazines. Lifestyle journalist and young mother Joni Vandewalle knows that a messy house, where children can play freely, is a happy house. Creating children’s rooms for optimal use is a challenging job, but one that is immensely rewarding for the whole family. In this book, she has selected 20 houses where clutter creates atmosphere, and where colorful play spaces and creative storage solutions prioritise activities where children can grow and play. This book is full of design inspiration for all parents and parents-to-be.

9789401471374 Lannoo Publishers 5.87 x 9.87in. 224pp., 200 col. November 2020 $39.95/CDN$53.95 Hardcover


Interior Design

Design inspiration in a book of interiors profiling 20 houses where controlled clutter, colorful play spaces, and creative storage solutions prioritise activities where children can grow and play.

Ultimate Wonder Plants Your Urban Jungle Interior Irene Schampaert, Judith Baehner Ultimate Wonder Plants bundles together the best and most beautiful plant-filled interiors from all over the world, inspiring you to create a green oasis of your own. It includes a helpful plant overview section and a number of useful tips and tricks for selecting and maintaining your personal urban jungle. This is the ultimate urban plant bible and a practical reference book, the perfect resource for bringing more green into your daily life. All plants are child and pet friendly. Praise for Wonder Plants 2 (9789401449274): “A luxuriously illustrated coffee-table book, Wonder Plants may have significant side effects. The overload of green interior design might have you grow green with envy and scurry off to a nearby garden centre.” – ELLE

Showcases the most beautiful interiors of the greatest plant lovers from all over the world, selecting the best projects from Wonder Plants (9789401472050) and Wonder Plants 2 (9789401449274), bringing them together in one book.

9789401472050 Lannoo Publishers 9 x 11in. 304pp., 320 col. December 2021 $39.95/CDN$53.95 Hardcover

Interior Design


Icons Portraits by Andy Gotts Andy Gotts Foreword by Stephen Fry “His forté is the absolutely direct black and white portrait, full-on, sometimes grainy and remorseless in the detailing of complexion, sometimes mischievously witty and unexpected, always completely unforgettable.” - Stephen Fry “Andy Gotts is a genius of his craft” - Tom Hanks In 1990 Andy Gotts, then a young photography student at Norfolk College of Arts and Technology, approached Stephen Fry at an event to ask him for a portrait. That brief meeting led to an even briefer photographic session (90 seconds), during which Andy realized he had discovered his photographic approach: “I cannot remember what I said to provoke the expressions and reactions I had in these 10 frames, but that was it... BOOM! ... my eureka moment. It was like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders and I knew celebrity portraits were the way for me.” Some 30 years later, Andy’s unique portrait style – rapidly taken and often face-on – is admired for capturing the charisma of famed sitters such as Kylie Minogue, Meryl Streep, Harrison Ford and Kirk Douglas. Andy’s chatty, quick-fire approach led Paul Newman to nickname him ‘One Shot Gotts’. The photographs that Andy creates are naturalistic, eschewing the seductive technological traps of airbrushing and heavy styling. Andy Gotts was awarded an MBE in 2012 for his contribution to photography.

9781785513718 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers 9.64 x 11.61in. 240pp., 215 col., and b.&w. March 2021 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover



A sumptuous celebration of photographer Andy Gott’s unique style of portraiture, charting his 30-year career. With contributions from Kate Winslet and John Hurt; and appreciations by David Gandy, Brian May, Michael Palin, Ringo Starr, Dick van Dyck, Vivienne Westwood.

Photographers on the Art of Photography Charles Moriarty Charles Moriarty, Stills department manager for Star Wars and photographer for Amy Winehouse, presents Photographers on the Art of Photography: a series of intimate conversations with some of the most highly regarded names in photography. Twenty celebrated photographers discuss how they got started, as well as their favored techniques, motivations, inspirations and greatest accomplishments. Discover each artist’s vision in their own words and reflect on what makes their talents unique. Interviews with: Ed Caraeff (music); Terry O’Neill (celebrity portraiture); Norman Seeff (music); Johnathan Daniel Pryce (fashion); Douglas Kirkland (Hollywood); Gerd Ludwig (National Geographic); Slava Mogutin (queer fine art); Jerry Schatzberg (fashion, film, music, portraiture); Tim Flach (wildlife); Richard Phibbs (fashion, commercial, portraiture); Eva Sereny (Hollywood, celebrity portraiture); Sue Flood (wildlife); Tom Stoddard (photojournalism); Steve McCurry (culture, wildlife).

9781788840880 ACC Art Books 7.5 x 7.5in. 240pp., col., b.&w. April 2021 $27.5.0/CDN$37.00 Hardcover

From celebrity portraitists such as Terry O’Neill, to famed fashion photographers like Jerry Schatzberg and wildlife specialists Tim Flach and Sue Flood, this book offers a unique insight into all angles of the profession.



Venice in Silence Gaby Wagner When news of the coronavirus arrived, the lockdown came fast to Italy. The figures were scary and the disaster bigger every day. But it also became a rare opportunity to truly see and share this magical city that I love so much. I photographed its overwhelming beauty, reflected in the liquid mirror of the canals, the glorious vision of architectural perfection, the colors enhanced by the incredible sun and deep blue sky we had every day. It was the most incredible experience of my life and the images and feelings will stay with me forever, hoping sincerely you will have the impression you have been there with me. – Gaby Wagner

9788412155020 – English cover 9788412155013 – Italian cover Ediciones El Viso 11 x 14.62in. 176pp., 100 col. December 2020 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover, English, Italian

Gaby Wagner photographed Venice’s overwhelming beauty throughout the lockdown in Italy. The images show the liquid mirror of the canals, the glorious vision of architectural perfection, the colors enhanced by the incredible sun and deep blue sky.

Urban Japan Richard Koek The Dutch-Argentinian photographer Richard Koek is a visual storyteller with a gift for being in the right place at the right time. For this book, he turns his gaze to contemporary urban Japan behind the iconic landmarks, kimonos, and cherry blossoms. He captures the raw edge of these common clichés, revealing the authentic Japan in the process. This book will be published on the eve of the Tokyo Olympics (July 23–August 8, 2021).

9789089898524 Lannoo Publishers 9.625 x 12.75in. 256pp., 250 col., 30 b.&w. June 2021 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover



Contemporary urban Japan captured in photographs that go beyond the clichéd landmarks to reveal the authentic Japan, full of color and diversity by the photographer of New York New York (9789089896759).

Single Dad Harry Borden The image of the single dad is often distorted by out-of-date notions of masculinity – the strong and resilient father, the working father, the emotionally distant dad. In this book, esteemed portrait photographer, Harry Borden, himself a separated father with four children, reveals the vulnerabilities, tenderness and love of 48 single fathers. Each has suffered a loss and struggled to adjust to being the main carer, but through their heartache and with the help of their children they have come to a renewed sense of love and purpose. This book contributes to the ongoing debate about what it is to be a man in the modern world.

9781910566893 Hoxton Mini Press 6.5 x 8.5in. 112pp., 48 col. April 2021 $25.0/CDN$34.00 Hardcover

Intimate portraits of single parent fathers alongside stories of love, loss and the healing power of family.

In Your Face Paul Trevor Photographer Paul Trevor has been documenting the East End of London for over 25 years. This new book of black-and-white close-ups, made spontaneously on the streets of east London, capture Britain’s perennial social divide. They contrast the people in the City – London’s money market – with those in the nearby street market of Brick Lane. Paul Trevor shot these images between 1977 and 1992 – but mostly in the ’80s, provoked by Thatcherism and a polarized debate on market forces vs community values. The imagery is as fresh and relevant today as it was then.

9781910566800 Hoxton Mini Press 6.25 x 8.75in. 128pp., 62 b.&w. January 2021 $22.95/CDN$30.95 Hardcover

Extreme close-ups of Londoners in the ’80s show the class divide between the City and the East End.



When We Were Young Memories of Growing Up in Britain The Anonymous Project Filmmaker Lee Shulman, founder of The Anonymous Project, has spent years collecting almost 800,000 color slides from members of the public. His new book, When We Were Young, records memories of growing up in Britain between the ‘50s and ‘80s: picnics beside cars, ice creams at the seaside, paddling pool dips, even a baby’s first sip of stout... These richly emotive images are at once unknown and deeply familiar, and looking at them is akin to discovering an old relative’s long-lost photo album.

9781910566879 Hoxton Mini Press 8 x 6in. 192pp., 153 col. January 2021 $24.95/CDN$33.95 Hardcover



The Great Escape Photographs of Seafaring Life 1950-1970 Julia Dellith A life on the high seas has always promised freedom and adventure. Like no other profession, seafaring provided the chance to explore remote regions of the world and offered an incomparable experience removed from everyday routines. As evidence of their international travels, the sailors brought home all sorts of unusual souvenirs in addition to countless photos.

Urban Geometry Andrés Gallardo Albajar Spanish photographer Andrés Gallardo Albajar has traveled the globe to capture the mesmerizing silhouettes, colorful juxtapositions and angular forms of the world’s most exciting buildings. Symmetry, line, shadow and color: these photographs, taken in 20 cities across the world, provide an immersive visual tour of contemporary architecture. From Bilbao to Beijing, Stockholm to Seoul, journey through the urban geometry that forms the spatial soundtrack to our lives.

The photographers not only focused on stunning natural spectacles and picturesque sights, but also on the many hardships of their daily life. This book unites more than 170 pictures from the 1950s to 1970s which offer an unprecedented insight into a fascinating and almost forgotten universe.

9783862068272 Verlag Kettler 6.5 x 9.5in. 256pp., 170 col. December 2020 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover, English, German

9781910566831 Hoxton Mini Press 6.25 x 8.75in. 128pp., 69 col., 3 b.&w. January 2021 $22.95/CDN$30.95 Hardcover

World Press Photo 2021 World Press Photo Foundation The renowned World Press Photo Foundation, “Connecting the world to the stories that matter”, publishes a compilation of prize-winning press photographs each year. Carefully selected from thousands of entries, they present the most celebrated, powerful, moving, and often disturbing images from around the world, often putting a face on conflicts in far-flung places and reminding us of our shared humanity. The 2021 Yearbook, bringing together the best press photographs from 2020, will reflect the joy, anguish, and upheaval of this incredible year. “World Press Photo gives my photos the legs they need. They raise the voice of these images” Syrian Photographer – World Press Photo Awards 2019

9789401474108 Lannoo Publishers 7.5 x 9.625in. 240pp., 120 col., 120 b.&w. April 2021 $34.95/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

After Us The Deluge The Human Consequences of Rising Sea Levels Kadir van Lohuizen In After Us The Deluge, Dutch photographer Kadir van Lohuizen, cofounder of the photo agency NOOR Images, shows the consequences of rising sea levels for mankind. He traveled to six different regions in the world (Greenland, the US, Bangladesh, the Netherlands, the UK, and the Pacific) and captured the effects of global warming. The resulting photo essay is thought-provoking, illuminating, and aesthetically powerful Each chapter includes a contribution from a local expert that addresses the specific problems in their region.

9789401473590 Lannoo Publishers 9.625 x 12.625in. 272pp., 240 col., 20 b.&w. February 2021 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Paperback

Berlin Guide for Instagrammers Silvie Bonne The perfect guide for those who want to explore a different, trendy side of Berlin. Photographer Silvie Bonne presents 100 scenic, impressive and ‘Instagrammable’ spots in Berlin. Some are classics but most are hidden gems only locals know about. Every hotspot is accompanied by a fascinating background story, some fun facts, and practical information. The true eye-catchers are of course the original Instagram images, along with some expert tips and tricks on how to shoot them. Also available: NYC Guide for Instagrammers ISBN 9789460582264

9789560582744 Luster 6.25 x 8.625in. 224pp., January 2021 $23.00/CDN$29.95 Paperback



In Praise of Hands Woodcuts by Naoko Matsubara Poems by Penny Boxall Edited by Clare Pollard This creative collaboration between artist Naoko Matsubara and poet Penny Boxall celebrates in words and colors the beauty and variety of the human hand. The series of dynamic woodcuts at the heart of this book was initially inspired by the artist’s wonder at the busy hand movements of her baby son. The woodcuts convey a sense of joy and energy, whether exploring the symbolism of gestures, playing with form and color, or expressing a mood or emotion. Penny Boxall’s new poems were specially written to accompany the woodcuts. In their clarity and playfulness, their range of mood and their deceptive simplicity, they form a remarkable creative synergy with the art works.

9781910807446 Ashmolean Museum Publications 5.87 x 8.25in. 76pp., 32 col. December 2020 $15.00/CDN$20.00 Paperback

The distinguished woodcut artist Naoko Matsubara collaborates with award-winning poet Penny Boxall to celebrate the beauty and versatility of the human hand.

Courtly Companions Pugs and Other Dogs in Porcelain and Faience Gun-Dagmar Helke, Hela Schandelmaier In the 18th century pugs found their way onto the laps of noblewomen and, with this, into the portraits of contemporary rulers. Small and forever panting, the pug could not be put to use as a watchdog or a herding dog, but it compensated for this with its charm. The dog ultimately found its way onto porcelain and faience. Johann Joachim Kändler, the most significant modeler of the Meissen porcelain manufactory, designed over 60 variants of the pug between 1740 and 1760 – standing, lying, scratching, and performing tricks. This southern German collection comprises over 150 ceramic pugs as well as other dogs.

9783897906006 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.625 x 11in. 200pp., 249 col. November 2020 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover, English, German


Decorative Arts/Ceramics/Poetry

More than 150 18th-century pugs and a wonderful variety of other dogs.

Olga de Amaral: To Weave a Rock Edited by The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston A visual artist based in Bogotá, Colombia, Olga de Amaral (b. 1932) is one of the most recognized names in craft and Latin American art. Drawing on techniques like plaiting and wrapping and materials such as horsehair and gold leaf, Amaral’s transformative woven sculptures result from a lifetime of experimentation. Olga de Amaral: To Weave a Rock traces Amaral’s career over five decades, features more than 40 key pieces of work, and examines the artist’s oeuvre through the lens of contemporary and fiber art. Published to accompany an exhibition at Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, between 19 November 2020 and 7 March 2021, and The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, between 27 June to 19 September 2021.

9783897905962 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9 x 11in. 144pp., 91 col. September 2020 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

Traces Amaral’s career over five decades, featuring more than 40 key pieces of work, and examining the artist’s oeuvre through the lens of contemporary and fiber art.

Bente Sætrang Edited by Nina M. Schjønsby This monograph presents the Norwegian artist Bente Sætrang (b. 1946) and her forty years of commitment to the medium of textile. Sætrang is known for her intensive investigation of trompe l’oeil drapery, bold textile printing, monumental abstract color studies, and juicy charcoal drawings. She was Norway’s first professor of textile art, and her political engagement and unique knowledge of color and textile qualities permeate her work. Through essays, poems, interviews, montages, and rich imagery, this monograph sheds light on the different phases of Sætrang’s artistic practice and provides an excellent overview of this exciting artistic work.

9783897906105 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9.62 x 13.25in. 260pp., 190 col. December 2020 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover, English, Norwegian

The first monograph on Norwegian artist Bente Sætrang (b. 1946), illustrating contemporary textile art at its finest.



9783740808945 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in. 240pp., 111 col. March 2021 $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

9783740808952 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in. 240pp., 111 col. June 2021 $20.00/CDN$26.99 Paperback

111 Places in Boston That You Must Not Miss Heather Kapplow, Kim Windyka Photographs by Alyssa Wood

111 Places in Hollywood That You Must Not Miss Paul Zollo Photographs by Brian Joseph

Faneuil Hall is fine and the duck boats are just dandy, but if you want to go beyond the Boston of brochures you have to dig deep and be willing to get a little weird. Throw on your Red Sox cap, hop on the T, and uncover some secrets with this unusual guidebook.

Though known the world over as the metaphor for the entertainment business, Hollywood is a real place built on an empire of the unreal – and the surreal. With this book you’ll discover everything from movie studios built on historic cemeteries, wonderful street art, haunted comedy venues, and sites of famous deaths, suicides, murders and illicit liaisons.

9783740810450 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in. 240pp., 111 col. April 2021 $20.00/CDN$26.99 Paperback

9783740810467 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in. 205pp., 111 col. June 2021 $20.00/CDN$26.99 Paperback

111 Places in Walt Disney World That You Must Not Miss Amy Bizzarri

111 Places in Whistler That You Must Not Miss Dave Doroghy, Graeme Menzies

With an average annual attendance of over 52 million visitors, Walt Disney World is one of the most visited vacation destinations in the world. Covering 43 square miles, it shares the same area as all of San Francisco! This unique guide provides a checklist of 111 stops that you’ll want to make as you explore the park’s endless attractions.

Four seasons of surprises await the adventurous in Whistler, BC. Take a ride along the Sea-to-Sky highway and discover the scenic vistas, ancient legends, quirky characters, unusual places, and the stories behind them. When you know where to look, you’ll be amazed by Whistler’s rich diversity and quirky surprises.



9783740810313 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in. 240pp., 111 col. June 2021 $20.00/CDN$26.99 Paperback

9783740810443 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in. 240pp., 111 col. March 2021 $20.00/CDN$26.99 Paperback

9783740811075 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in. 240pp., 111 col. June 2021 $20.00/CDN$26.99 Paperback

111 Extreme Places in Europe That You Shouldn’t Miss Patricia Szilagyi

111 Places in Coventry That You Shouldn’t Miss Rob Ganley

Chasing world records through Europe: this book takes you to 111 truly unique and record-setting places. Dress warmly for the coldest music festival. Ride on the fastest roller coaster. And come with us to the highest church tower.

The city of Coventry’s storied past lives on in its architecture and artworks. From the remnants of the ruined cathedral to the boho Fargo village, to the impact of the city’s status as UK City of Culture 2021, it’s all uncovered inside.

111 Places in Greenwich That You Shouldn’t Miss David Dunford, Solange Berchemin

9783740810498 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in. 240pp., 111 col. March 2021 $20.00/CDN$26.99 Paperback

Make the most of Greenwich, with this new guide to the sights and secrets of London’s maritime borough, from the hidden treasures of the Maritime Museum to the engineering marvels of the Thames Barrier.

9783740810436 Emons Verlag 5.375 x 8.125in. 240pp., 111 col. July 2021 $20.00/CDN$26.99 Paperback

111 Places in Mallorca That You Shouldn’t Miss Rüdiger Liedtke

111 Places in Newcastle That You Shouldn’t Miss David Taylor

This book guides even Mallorca connoisseurs to places that will amaze them. You think you already know everything about this picturesque island, and then you find it’s full of big and small surprises – 111 times!

Facing each other across the River Tyne, Newcastle and Gateshead are a heady mix of culture and commerce. This book will help you explore the quirkier side of both, and discover their hidden gems.



Berlin: On the Road Architecture Guides Claudia Saglimbeni Berlin has proved to be an active stage for all the most important social transformations since the 20th century, marking a blurred boundary between Baroque and contemporary, within which fervent cultural and intellectual seasons, plans for massive industrialization, World Wars, the establishment of schools of architecture and modern thought destined to make history have taken hold. This contemporary guide to the architecture of Berlin, the purpose of which is to tell about the city through its architectural works, includes general information about Berlin, and useful tips for travelers. The book’s jacket opens out into a map, marking the locations of the architectural works and interesting sites to visit.

9788855210560 Forma Edizioni 4.5 x 6.25in. 224pp., 97 col., 84 b.&w. February 2021 $25.50/CDN$34.50 Paperback



Hamburg: On the Road London: On the Road Architectural Guides Architectural Guides Edited by Matteo Moscatelli Edited by Andrea Nastri, Giuliana Vespere This publication is the second edition of this contemporary guide to the architecture of Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city and one of its most fascinating destinations. The guide’s introduction features three critical treatizes and outlines the historic and urban profile of the city. The selection of 74 projects, organized in 5 itineraries, provides a full-immersion in architecture, allowing the reader to dwell on the functional, typological and compositive aspects of the buildings, which are rendered even more legible by images and technical drawings that supplement the descriptions. The book’s jacket opens out into a map, marking the locations of the architectural works and interesting sites to visit.

9788855210454 Forma Edizioni 4.5 x 6.25in. 192pp., 82 col., 60 b.&w. December 2020 $24.95/CDN$33.95 Paperback

This publication is the second edition of London: On the Road, and features new insights and new itineraries. The architectural and cultural expansion of the largest city in Western Europe is constantly evolving, confirming year after year its multi-ethnic and innovative soul. The itineraries featured include about 80 architectural works, both historical and contemporary, which are fully illustrated with images, drawings and descriptions, and are marked on the front of the map with a reference number corresponding to the section in the book and the icon on the back of the map.

9788855210416 Forma Edizioni 4.5 x 6.25in. 224pp., 97 col., 84 b.&w. December 2020 $24.95/CDN$33.95 Paperback

Curves: Germany Volume 13: BadenWürttemberg / Bayern Stefan Bogner On tour with photographer Stefan Bogner: scenic roads in Southern Germany, captured in fantastic photographs of breath-taking landscapes, endless curvy routes, and gastronomic highlights make this a very special guidebook. The book offers route suggestions, maps, and recommendations for restaurants that will enhance your driving experience. Buckle up!

Curves: Portugal Volume 14 Stefan Bogner CURVES goes to Portugal! It goes without saying that this country offers great opportunities for sophisticated curve chasers. The mix of mountains, rolling hinterlands and coast is extremely rich in variety. Densely populated regions alternate with almost uninhabited areas. And no matter whether you wish for high waves or prefer to enjoy Vinho Verde, grilled sardines and pastel de nata - Portugal has lots of off-road highlights to offer. Also available in the series: Curves: Mallorca ISBN: 9783667114037

Also available in the series: Curves: Germany’s Coastline/Denmark ISBN: 9783667110909

9783667119902 Delius Klasing Verlag 8.25 x 11in. 288pp., 288 col. Available $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback, English, German

9783667120786 Delius Klasing 8.25 x 11in. 288pp., 300 col. February 2021 $20.00/CDN$26.99 Paperback, English, German

Queer London A Guide to the City’s LGBTQ+ Past and Present Alim Kheraj, Photographs by Tim Boddy A new volume in ACC Art Books’ London series, focusing on the capital’s vibrant LGBTQ+ scene. Queer London is a timely and accessible introduction to the city through a LGBTQ+ lens, and will appeal to anyone with an interest in London’s thriving queer landscape. Celebrating the diversity and innovation of queer individuals in London, both historically and today, Queer London features a range of bars, clubs, shops, Pride events, charities, community organizations, saunas and sex shops that cater to the LGBTQ community. Along with highlighted features on influential queer Londoners, this book delves into the cultural history of queerness in the UK capital.

9781788841023 ACC Art Books 5.87 x 8.25in. 192pp., col. March 2021 $19.95/CDN$26.95 Paperback



50 Ways to Cycle the World BelĂŠn CastellĂł, Tristan Bogaard 50 Ways to Cycle the World presents 50 unique cycling adventures gathered from more than 70 cyclists representing 22 nationalities. It is the ultimate visual guide and encyclopedia to traveling by bicycle, whether you are traveling alone, as a couple, or as a family with small children. Featured here are inspiring stories and advice, accompanied by breath-taking photographs taken all over the world by the many contributors who share their cycling stories.

9782390251514 Lannoo Publishers 9 x 11in. 320pp., 380 col., 40 b.&w. May 2021 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

50 Ways to Cycle the World is the ultimate visual guide and encyclopedia to traveling by bicycle, with advice, stories, and photographs gathered from over 70 cyclists from 22 countries.

The Complete Vanlife Book Culture, Vehicles, People, Places Calum Creasey, Lauren Smith From the fringes of society to the envy-inducing images on social media, how and why has vanlife become more popular than ever before? And how do camper vans address issues of minimalism, freedom and sustainability? The creators of The Rolling Home Journal bring you a timely, attractively priced reissue of The Complete Vanlife Book, with essays, interviews, illustrations, and photographs that tell you everything you need to know about vanlife culture. On a practical level the authors impart the basics of compact interior design and van conversions, along with inspiring personal accounts of living and traveling by van.

9789401475198 Lannoo Publishers 8.25 x 11in. 256pp., 240 col.,30 b.&w. March 2021 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Hardcover



An inspiring book about the freedom and mobility of van life and creating an alternative, on-the-road, lifestyle.

Florence Just Add Water... Manuela Benedetti, Donata Buttafuoco, Laura Ciuccetti, Diletta Corsini A colorful and entertaining guide for visiting - or getting better acquainted with – the city of Florence and its artistic wonders. The guide entertains with fun facts and anecdotes narrated through the story of Philip and his guides: his uncle Charlie, a world-famous archeologist, and his friend Giulia, a talented restorer. On this fascinating journey, our heroes venture out into the streets, palaces, churches, museums and gardens of Florence. Through their journey, they meet the most diverse characters (saints, painters, scientists, architects, popes, politicians), some famous, and others less so – but all of them quirky. This book will bring together young readers and adults, entertaining both with the most interesting facts about the city, through the simple and discursive way of its narration.

9788874613847 Mandragora 5.875 x 8.875in. 216pp., 400 col. November 2020 $16.90/CDN$22.90 Paperback

An innovative travel guide book, Florence: Just Add Water... entertains the reader through narration, while providing insights and anecdotes about one of the most famous art capitals of the world.

Petra Revealed History, Civilization and Monuments of the City carved into the Rock Fabio Bourbon The ancient city of Petra, in what is now southwest Jordan, has long been a pilgrimage for adventurous travelers. Built over 2,000 years ago, the Rose City (it is famously carved from red sandstone) holds a unique place in the world of archeological wonders. This beautifully photographed book, a revised and expanded edition, is for tourists and armchair travelers alike. With an updated text and over 350 photographs, maps, drawings, and plans, the author discusses every aspect of Petra, illuminating both the history and splendor of this astonishing site.

9788895847696 Scripta Maneant Editori 8.125 x 11.25in. 176pp., 350 col. December 2020 $17.50/CDN$24.00 Paperback

The splendor of Petra is revived in a comprehensive text, 350 stunning photos, maps, drawings, plans, and unedited digital reconstructions of its main monuments. Travel/Children’s


Icons of Modern Art The Morozov collection Anne Baldassari

Leng Bingchuan Master of Chinese Black and White Art Leng Bingchuan

Tokyo Art & Photography Edited by Lena Fritsch and Clare Pollard Â

9782072904592 Editions Gallimard 11 x 11.75in. 520pp., 545 col. March 2021 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

9781788840798 ACC Art Books 7.25 x 10.25in. 300pp., 200 col. March 2021 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback

9781910807392 Ashmolean Museum 9 x 11in. 288pp., 280 col. June 2020 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback

Beauty of China Show the World Zhu Zheqin (Dadawa)

The Beatles: Fab Four Cities Liverpool - Hamburg - London - New York - The Definitive Guide Richard Porter, David Bedford, Susan Ryan

Bike London A Guide to Cycling in the City Charlie Allenby

9781788840781 ACC Art Books 7.5 x 9in. 200pp., 200 col. March 2021 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback

9781788840910 ACC Art Books 5.37 x 8.25in. 260pp. February 2021 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Paperback

9781788841030 ACC Art Books 5.87 x 8.25in. 176pp. April 2021 $19.95/CDN$26.95 Paperback


Previously Announced

Drive Your Adventure Portugal Clémence Polge, Thomas Corbet

Camper-food & Stories Els Sirejacob, Photographs by Bram Debaenst

Infinity House An Endless View The Images Publishing Group, Introduction by Cathi House

9789401467032 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 8.62in. 224pp., 180 col. January 2021 $29.95/CDN$39.95 Paperback

9789460582691 Luster 7.625 x 9.87in. 240pp., 200 col. April 2021 $28.00/CDN$38.00 Paperback

9781864708622 The Images Publishing Group 8.37 x 11in. 264pp., 153 col. March 2021 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

World Street Food Cooking and travelling in 7 world cities Tom Vandenberghe, Luk Thys

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Porto Joana Lacerda, Sofia Lacerda

Belgium for Foodies Femke Vandevelde

9789401469470 Lannoo Publishers 7.5 x 9.12in. 384pp., 300 col., 20 b.&w. March 2021 $39.95/CDN$53.95 Hardcover

9789460582646 Luster 4.75 x 7.12in. 264pp. March 2021 $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback

9789460582684 Luster 5.62 x 7.5in. 272pp. March 2021 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Paperback

Previously Announced




111 Places in Atlanta That You Must Not Miss

111 Places in Austin That You Must Not Miss

9783740807474 Emons Verlag $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

9783740807481 Emons Verlag $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

111 Places in Chicago That You Must Not Miss 2nd edition 9783740810306 Emons Verlag $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

111 Places in Houston That You Must Not Miss

111 Places in the Hamptons That You Must Not Miss

150 Bars You Need to Visit Before You Die

9783740808969 Emons Verlag $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

9783740807511 Emons Verlag $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

9789401449120 Lannoo Publishers $34.95/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

150 Restaurants You Need to Visit Before You Die

The 500 Hidden Secrets of San Francisco

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Toronto

9789401454421 Lannoo Publishers $34.95/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

9789460582196 Luster $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback

9789460582622 Luster $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback



Francis Bacon or the Measure of Excess


David Bowie: Icon

9788874399284 5 Continents Editions $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

9781788840965 ACC Art Books $70.00/CDN$94.50 Hardcover

Beautiful Beach Houses: Living in Stunning Coastal Escapes

Bond: Photographed by Terry O’Neill

The Book of Rolex

9781864708615 The Images Publishing Group $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

9781788840729 ACC Art Books $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover


Charlotte Perriand

The Bad Movie Bible

9789058566249 Stichting Kunstboek $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

9782072857195 Editions Gallimard $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

9780993240775 Art of Publishing Limited $24.95/CDN$33.95 Back in print Hardcover

9781788840996 ACC Art Books $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

9781788840231 ACC Art Books $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover





The Joy of Dahlias

Dream Lovers: John and Yoko in NYC

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Vancouver

9781788840972 ACC Art Books $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

9789460582639 Luster $23.00/CDN$31.00 Paperback

Kaiser Karl

Ladurée Macarons

Always Audrey

9781788840705 ACC Art Books $25.00/CDN$34.50 Hardcover

9782812310737 Editions du Chêne $39.95/CDN$53.99 Hardcover

9781788840323 ACC Art Books $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover



New Orleans

9789463887373 Cannibal/Hannibal Publishers $69.95/CDN$94.00 Hardcover

9781864708707 The Images Publishing Group $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

9781864707175 The Images Publishing Group $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover


9789089898258 Lannoo Publishers $39.95/CDN$53.95 Hardcover


Notre-Dame de Paris

Out of the Blue

Remembering Cheetahs

9782376712008 EPA $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

9781788840743 ACC Art Books $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

9781999643331 Remembering Wildlife $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

Roaming America

Stones from the Inside: Rare and Unseen Images

Surf Tribe

9789401453486 Lannoo $49.99/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants 9783766722447 Callwey $35.00/CDN$48.00 Hardcover

9781788840699 ACC Art Books $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover

West 9781864708394 The Images Publishing Group $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

9789492677365 Cannibal/Hannibal Publishers $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

Wild Horses of Cumberland Island 9781864708851 The Images Publishing Group $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover



INDEX 100 Belgian Icons, 35 111 Extreme Places in Europe That You Shouldn’t Miss, 61 111 Places in Atlanta That You Must Not Miss, 68 111 Places in Austin That You Must Not Miss, 68 111 Places in Boston That You Must Not Miss, 60 111 Places in Chicago That You Must Not Miss, 68 111 Places in Coventry That You Shouldn’t Miss, 61 111 Places in Greenwich That You Shouldn’t Miss, 61 111 Places in Hollywood That You Must Not Miss, 60 111 Places in Houston That You Must Not Miss, 68 111 Places in Mallorca That You Shouldn’t Miss, 61 111 Places in Newcastle That You Shouldn’t Miss, 61 111 Places in The Hamptons That You Must Not Miss, 68 111 Places in Walt Disney World That You Must Not Miss, 60 111 Places in Whistler That You Must Not Miss, 60 150 Bars You Need to Visit Before You Die, 68 150 Restaurants You Need to Visit Before You Die, 68 50 Ways to Cycle the World, 64 500 Hidden Secrets of Porto, The, 67 500 Hidden Secrets Of San Francisco, The, 68 500 Hidden Secrets of Toronto, The, 68 500 Hidden Secrets of Vancouver, The, 70 Absolute Architecture by ABS Bouwteam, 47 Abstraction and Calligraphy, 30 Afro Vegan, 40 After Us The Deluge, 57 Age of Combustion, The, 34 Always Audrey, 23 Architecture Is Fun, 13 Art In Nature, 27 Art of Botanical Illustration, 18 Art of Thai Comics, The, 32 Art of the 20th and 21st Centuries, The, 24 Art of the Character, The, 5 Artisans in Architecture & Interior Design, 49 Artists’ Homes, 15 Bad Movie Bible, The, 69 Beatles: Fab Four Cities, The, 66 Beautiful Beach Houses, 69 Beauty of China, 66 Belgium for Foodies, 67 Bente Sætrang, 59 Berlin Guide for Instagrammers, 57 Berlin: On the Road Architectural Guides, 62 Bike London, 66 Bond: Photographed by Terry O’Neill, 69 Book Marks: An Artist’s Card Catalog, 10 Book of Rolex, The, 69 Bouquets, 69 Bruce Springsteen Live, 2 Brunelleschi, 35 Camper-food & Stories, 67 Charlotte Perriand, 69 Complete Vanlife Book, The, 64 Contemporary Houses & Interiors, 48 Courtly Companions, 58 Curves: Germany, 63 Curves: Portugal, 63 David Bowie: Icon, 69 Diamonds Across Time, 33 Divine Comedy Illustrated by Mimmo Paladino , 22 Dream Lovers: John and Yoko In NYC, 70 Drive Your Adventure: Portugal, 67



Easy Projects for LEGO® Classic Bricks, 45 Elements, 9 Equestrian Design Across the United States, 14

Remembering Cheetahs, 71 Residences Reimagined, 12 Roaming America, 71

Florence, 65 Forgotten Motoring, 34 Francis Bacon or The Measure of Excess, 69

Saito Kiyoshi, 29 Sameness Between Us, A, 18 Single Dad, 55 Stones from The Inside, 71 Sukita, 4 Surf Tribe, 71

Great Escape, The, 56 Guy Yanai, 32 Hamburg: On the Road Architectural Guides, 62 Icons of Modern Art, 66 Icons: Portraits by Andy Gotts, 52 In Flux, 36 In Praise of Hands, 58 In Your Face, 55 Infinity House, 67 Instinct to Draw, An, 19 Italian Wines 2021, 39 Jewelry Stories, 37 Joy of Dahlias, The, 70 Kaiser Karl, 70 Keto Cure, The, 41 La Petite Escalère, 21 Lace, 6 Ladurée Macarons, 70 LandRush, 44 Leng Bingchuan, 66 Leonardo, 27 Let’s Play House, 50 Little Book of Astrology, The, 46 Little Book of Esoterica, The, 46 Little Book of Symbols, The, 45 Little Book of Witches, The, 45 London: On the Road Architectural Guides, 62 Loving, 69 Low Carb Cookbook with 4 Ingredients 2, 40 Magritte in 400 Images, 26 Michael Caine, 3 Modern British Jewellery Designers, 36 Mood/Mode, 70 Mothmeister: Dark and Dystopian Post-Mortem Fairy Tales, 25 Nantucket, 70 New Orleans, 70 New York, 7 Notre-Dame De Paris, 71 Occhio, 49 Old Homes, New Life, 16 Olga de Amaral: To Weave a Rock, 59 Oliver Cope Architect, 17 Origins of the World, The, 1 Out of The Blue, 71 Peñin Guide to Spanish Wine 2021, 39 Petra Revealed, 65 Photographers on the Art of Photography, 53 Playground, 38 Pre-Raphaelite Drawings and Watercolours, 19 Queer London, 63 Quiet Elegance, 37

Tadema Gallery London, 38 Tailor-Made Kitchens, 47 Thorvald Hellesen, 20 Timeless Houses & Interiors, 48 Tokyo: Art & Photography, 66 Toxic Garden, 43 Tree Houses, 11 Ultimate Wonder Plants, 51 Urban Geometry, 56 Urban Homesteads, 44 Urban Japan, 54 Urban Jungle, 71 Urban Mansions & Apartments, 50 Venezia, 8 Venice in Silence, 54 Vera Szekely, 21 Washi Transformed, 28 Way of the Savoury, The, 41 West: The American Cowboy, 71 When We Were Young, 56 Where the Wildness Pleases, 42 Wild Horses of Cumberland Island, The, 71 Woman’s Right to Pleasure, A, 20 Word, Image, Music, 31 Works of Samuel Palmer, The, 19 World Press Photo 2021, 57 World Street Food, 67

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