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a+u 19:02, 581 The Thinking Hand – Takenaka Corporation and Takenaka Carpentary Tools Museum Edited by A+U Publishing Traditional Japanese carpentry is known throughout the world for the skill of its craftsmen. a+u 19:02 explores architecture built using traditional Japanese tools and methods. The wisdom of the craftsman over each era come together to form the historical knowledge of Japanese “craftsmanship”. This idea is reinforced with the introduction of projects by Takenaka Corporation, which combine traditional methods with modern techniques to continue the building tradition. A conversation with three master craftsmen reveals their journey from apprentices and their future goals in preserving the methods that were handed down to them.

9784900212329 Hardcover $55.00/CDN$74.00 9784900212312 Paperback $45.00/CDN$60.00 A+U Publishing 8.5 x 11.5in., 192pp., 148 col., 76 b.&w. Available, Non-returnable, English, Japanese

a+u 19:03, 582 Álvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura Edited by A+U Publishing

  Two Pritzker Prize-winning architects, Alvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura, are featured in a+u 19:03. The Portuguese duo have been collaborating together for the past 45 years, starting when Souto de Moura worked for Siza. The issue features their latest work, including projects they designed together.

a+u 19:05, 584 Mid-Century Modern Houses in New Canaan A+U Publishing

a+u 19:05 features a group of homes built between 1947-1979 by 9 Modern architects, including members of the Harvard Five. The Glass House by Philip Johnson, a well known example from this period, is presented alongside works by Marcel Breuel, Eliot Noyes, Frank Lloyd Wright, Landis Gores, and John Johanson.

An essay by Nuno Grande describes Siza as having an organicist sensibility, contrasted with Souto de Moura’s more rationalist view. Their approaches are apparent in the design of their individual projects. However, the buildings they collaborate on never resemble the work of either, but rather, represent a “third” personality.

Although now collectively called “Mid-century Modern”, no one style dominates these homes in New Canaan. An exclusive view of what these works look like today is captured through new photographs by Micheal Biondo. Guest editor Alan Goldberg, who worked with Eliot Noyes during that era, uses a collection of archive material published for the first time to introduce the thought process that went into their designs.

9784900212336 A+U Publishing 8.5 x 11.5in. 192pp., 201 col., 120 b.&w. Available $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback non-returnable, English, Japanese

9784900212367 A+U Publishing 8.5 x 11.5in. 206pp., 119 col., 113 b.&w. July 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback non-returnable, English, Japanese



9784900212350 A+U Publishing 8.5 x 11.5in. 191pp., 187 col., 122 b.&w. July 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback non-returnable, English, Japanese

9784900212381 A+U Publishing 8.5 x 11.5in. 175pp., 335 col., 73 b.&w. July 2019 $40.00/CDN54.00 Paperback, 32% prof discount, nonreturnable, English, Japanese

a+u 19:04 583 Coussée and Goris A+U Publishing

a+u 19:06 585 Diller Scofidio + Renfro Edited by A+U Publishing

  a+u 19:04 is our first monograph dedicated to Coussée and Goris Architects, a practice established 20 years ago in Ghent, Belgium. Marc Dubois, an accomplished Belgian architect, provides a concise overview of the architecture landscape in Belgium and the role the two architects have played in its development

The first a+u monograph of Diller Scofidio + Renfro features recent major projects that describe their approach to “democratizing spaces’” Established in 1981 as a New Yorkbased interdisciplinary design studio, the initial focus was on installation art, multimedia performance, digital media, and print.

9784900212299 A+U Publishing 8.5 x 11.5in. 230pp., 334 col., 34 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback, 32% prof discount, nonreturnable, English, Japanese

9784900212305 A+U Publishing 8.5 x 11.5in. 200pp., 226 col., 132 b.&w. Available $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback, 32% prof discount, nonreturnable, English, Japanese

a+u 18:12, 579 NBBJ – Creating Community Edited by A+U Publishing

a+u 19:01, 580 Re: Swiss – Emerging Architects Under 45 In Switzerland Edited by A+U Publishing

  NBBJ has been collaborating with the world’s most admired pioneering companies including Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, Tencent, and Alibaba, as well as designing for institutional leaders. Included are multiple interviews with their clients to explore why NBBJ continues to be their first choice. Marking their 75th anniversary, this publication is NBBJ’s first monograph. 2


  The January issue of a+u 19:01 describes the projects and design philosophy of an emerging generation of architects in Switzerland. This issue is presented in collaboration with Andreas Ruby, the director of SAM Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel. Each of the featured architects is younger than 45 and represent a shift of design in Swiss architecture.

9783899863123 av edition 9 x 12.25in. 256pp., 250 col. August 2019 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Paperback with flaps, English, German

9783899863130 av edition 9 x 12.25in. 288pp., 300 col. December 2019 $109.00/CDN$147.00 Hardcover, English, German

Event Design Yearbook 2019/2020 Katharina Stein

Trade Fair Design Annual 2019/20 Edited by Sabine Marinescu & Janina Poesch

This edition of the Event Design Yearbook presents the best and most interesting events of the last year informatively, with a wealth of pictures. Katharina Stein looks for small and large, private and public, cultural and corporate, exceptional and fascinating events, which all distinguish themselves through the ideas behind them and their realization.

  So-called “Instagramability” has become part of our communication policy - has the design of trade fair stands changed as a consequence? How important are live experiences? What effect does this have on the communication strategy and on the spatial design? These are questions pursued by the new Trade Fair Design Annual with 60 exceptional examples.

9783899863154 av edition 7.5 x 10.5in. 144pp., 80 col., 20 b.&w. December 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover, English, German

9788874398843 5 Continents Editions 9.5 x 11.25in. 184pp., 110 col. September 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

Paulskirche A Political Story of Architecture Ed. by Maximilian Liesner, Philipp Sturm, Peter Cachola

The Canada Pavilion at the Venice Biennale Edited by Réjean Legault

  On the occasion of the forthcoming renovation of the Paulskirche in Frankfurt am Main, this book recounts the history of its construction, reconstruction and refurbishment. In addition, the role of the Paulskirche as a seat of the nationwide debate culture is traced.

  This book examines the various figures and interests involved in the design and construction of the Canada Pavilion and explores how it was used over the past 60 years to exhibit the work of Canadian artists and architects.



9783899862911 av edition 9 x 12.25in. 264pp., 450 col. Available $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover, English, German

9783899862997 av edition 6.75 x 9.5in. 176pp., 200 col. July 2019 $39.00/CDN$52.50 Paperback

Retail Design International, Vol.4 Components, Spaces, Buildings. Focus. Retail & Food Jons Messedat

Computational Design From Promise to Practice Hank Haeusler, Nicole Gardner

9783899863048 av edition 8.5 x 8.75in. 152pp., 55 col. Available $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover, English, German

9783899863055 av edition 9.5 x 6.75in. 128pp., 200 col. July 2019 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover, English, German

Recyclable by Werner Sobek Frank Heinlein

Joyful Architecture European Architectural Photography Prize 2019 architekturbild e.V.

  The fourth volume in a popular series, this book profiles a cross-section of international retail projects, with an emphasis on food-related retail spaces. The author is a noted lecturer and expert on corporate architectural branding strategies.

  The Urban Mining and Recycling (UMAR) Experimental Unit was designed by Werner Sobek with Dirk E. Hebel and Felix Heisel. All the elements required to construct the unit had to be 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable. This project demonstrates how a responsible approach to dealing with natural resources can be applied to creating appealing and sustainable buildings, and places life-cycle thinking at the forefront of design.



  A cutting edge discourse on the theory and practice of a groundbreaking emergent technology. Includes case studies by leading researchers in the fields of BIM modeling, digital fabrication, smart cities, responsive environments, and gaming.

  A catalogue for an exhibition of photographs submitted for the architekurbild award 2019 on the theme of “Joyful Architecture”, which explores the playful in the built environment. This award highlights architecture – whether subtle or striking – which is joyful in shaping and positively influencing the built environment and those who move within it.

9781906257309 Fontanka with Ginzberg Design 8 x 11in. 88pp., 130 b.&w. October 2019 $40.00/CDN$50.00 Hardcover

9788855210034 Forma Edizioni 4.5 x 6.25in. 152pp., 82 col., 60 b.&w. October 2019 $22.50/CDN$30.50 Paperback

Architecture of the NKTP Sanatorium in Kislovodsk Moisei Ginzburg

Maggie’s Centres On the Road Edited by Caterina Frisone

  Third in the series of facsimile publications of the work of one of modernism’s most famous architects, Moisei Ginzburg, following on from Dwelling (2017) and Style and Epoch (2018). Previously unpublished in English, this book documents the building of a sanatorium complex in the modernist style at a time when architecture was subject to Stalinist diktat.

9781864708356 The Images Publishing Group 9 x 11.75in. 176pp., 176 col. Available $25.00/CDN$34.00 Paperback

Architecture China: Building for a New Culture Li Xiangning, Jiang Jiawei, Mo Wanli, Rebecca Gross, Gina Tsarouhas

This 2018 Fall issue of Architecture China, focusing on how a new culture might be constructed through the action of building, showcases 15 newly completed museums and galleries with certain characters from contemporary Chinese culture. Four essays provide different viewpoints on the topic, and expose critical thinking on cultural events that relate to contemporary China.

  For the first time, this book illustrates the most important Maggie’s cancer treatment centres in UK with precise itineraries, showing the importance of their role and their architecture. The book’s jacket opens out into a map marking the location of each center.

9781864708714 The Images Publishing Group 7.75 x 11.5in. 152pp., 378 col., 3 b.&w. July 2019 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Paperback

Architecture China Architects’ Offices Li Xiangning/Wanli Mo

  While architects’ offices are spaces where ideas are crafted, they’re rarely the subject of study. This volume offers an inside look at 14 outstanding Chinese architects’ offices and the desk of Pritzker Prize winner Wang Shu. The projects are accompanied by interviews with the architects to offer a better understanding of their work process and architectural ideas.



9781864708257 The Images Publishing Group 8.5 x 11.25in. 288pp., 400 col., 100 b.&w. July 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

Buildings Reimagined A Dialogue Between Old and New Introductory texts by Michael Low and Stella Stella Papanicolaou

The transformation and reuse of old buildings is about adjusting a certain site to accommodate new functions. This book provides an in-depth analysis of a selection of 30 building types: looking closely at the property’s background, the transformation of the motivation, and the transformation strategy, as well as the problems encountered during the transformation.

9788899534929 Forma Edizioni 11 x 13in. 438pp., 266 col., 92 b.&w. September 2019 $149.00/CDN$201.00 Hardcover

Archea Associati: Antinori Winery Diary of Building a New Landscape Laura Andreini, with texts by Piero Antinori and Marco Casamonti   This updated third edition of a classic book shows the Antinori Winery, located in the extraordinary hilly landscape covered by the vineyards of Chianti, halfway between Florence and Siena. Hundreds of photographs have immortalized years of work on the site, telling the story of all the phases that have made it possible to realize this extraordinary project.

9781864708363 The Images Publishing Group 8.25 x 10.25in. 272pp., 400 col. October 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

9781864708370 The Images Publishing Group 8.25 x 11in. 256pp., 300 col. October 2019 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

Building Character Transforming Old Homes for Modern Living Introductory texts by Santoso Budiman and Caleb Skene

Building on Tradition Repurposing Traditional Materials in Architecture Introductory text by Carlos García Fernández and Begoña de Abajo Castrillo

This book showcases a selection of examples demonstrating how people from around the world have refurbished an old house to meet their needs for a modern lifestyle. With descriptions, drawings and rich photography, this book provides several excellent strategies on how to approach restoration, and how to convey a modern life concept. 6


  Building on Tradition journeys through a curated selection of stunning buildings that incorporate traditional materials from across the world, showcasing how each material is creatively used over a diverse range of building types. It illustrates the possibilities and forms available to the modern architect who chooses to rework these age-old materials into a brand-new decorative yet functional form.

9781864708318 The Images Publishing Group 9.75 x 13in. 256pp., 400 col. October2019 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Paperback

9781864708400 The Images Publishing Group 10.25 x 10.25in. 164pp., 300 col., 100 b.&w. July 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback

Odile Decq The Wunderkammer of Odile Decq Lionel Lemire & Robin Thomas

Exhibition as Construction Experiment Yung Ho Chang

Chronicles Odile Decq’s impressive career trajectory, from once being told she’d never be an architect to then creating diverse works across art, architecture, interior design and more; from launching the Confluence Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture, in Lyon, France, now accredited by the RIBA, to receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

This is the first collection of exhibition designs from Yong He Chang and Atelier FCJZ. It showcases his approach to construction and shares his thoughts on the relationship between architecture and “exhibition.” It also includes a discussion of a series of issues Chang and his team have encountered in designing exhibitions and installations, and how they responded.

9789401461030 Lannoo Publishers 8.25 x 11.5in. 208pp., 180 col., 40 b.&w. October 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

9789401461696 Lannoo Publishers 10.5 x 10.5in. 208pp., 180 col., 40 b.&w. October 2019 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

Carchitecture Houses with Horsepower Thijs Demeulemeester, Thomas De Bruyne & Bert Voet

Beautified China The Architectural Revolution of China Kris Provoost

This book about beautifully designed cars and international architecture has been put together with an eye for pure aesthetics. Although architecture and cars are theoretically miles apart, the sources of inspiration for their designers are often strikingly similar. This book takes you on a trip through some iconic houses and the unique cars that match them.

  This book of stunning photographs by architect and photographer Kris Provoost captures the wave of the architectural revolution in China. Internationally renowned architects have been engaged in creative, futuristic, and flamboyant projects in China in recent years. The sky is literally the limit, both in terms of construction, use of materials and design. Architecture


9783037611890 Quart Publishers 8.75 x 11.5in. 72pp., 70 col., 30 b.&w. August 2019 $49.50/CDN$67.00 Paperback non-returnable, English, German

9783037611906 Quart Publishers 6.5 x 8.25in. 64pp., 30 col., 30 b.&w. July 2019 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Paperback non-returnable, English, German

Meyer Piattini Heinz Wirz

Felippi Wyssen Heinz Wirz

Lukas Meyer and Ira Piattini have been operating from their architectural office in Lamone, Switzerland since 1996. They have produced an exciting, mature oeuvre that represents a further development of the Ticino “Tendenza”.

  Since 2009, the two Basel architects Fabio Felippi and Thomas Wyssen have completed several fine buildings and conversions. These projects are precise structures that have been developed with extreme care out of themes such as structural presentation, conscious tectonics, typological clarity and a meticulous materialization that alternates between coarse qualities and elaborate surface treatment.

9788833670508 Officina Libraria 12.5 x 8in. 256pp., 235 b.&w. September 2019 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover, non-returnable, Ladin, German, Italian, English

9789401461610 Lannoo Publishers 8.25 x 10.5in. 192pp., 160 col., 40 b.&w. September 2019 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

Masi della Val Gardena Wolfgang von Klebelsberg, Paulina Moroder, Václav Sedy

Edgy Architecture Architecture in the Most Impossible Places Pierre & Agata Toromanoff

  A photographic atlas to map and document the vernacular architecture of one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys. The masi, historic alpine farms, are an example of integration between human activity and architecture and the Alpine landscape.



This beautifully photographed book of striking buildings in impossibly difficult locations features a carefully chosen selection of international projects. In more than 60 case studies, the authors profile houses built on cliffs, steep mountain slopes, and other treacherous places, like X house in Barcelona, Lookout in Norway, and the Capital Hill Residence of Zaha Hadid in Russia.

9789460582554 Luster 5 x 7in. 224pp. November 2019 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Paperback

9783037611913 - English, German 9783037611920 - German, French Quart Publishers 8.75 x 11.5in. 72pp., 70 col., 30 b.&w. September 2019 $49.50/CDN$67.00 Paperback non-returnable,

Best Buildings Britain Matthew Freedman

Vincent Mangeat Heinz Wirz

In this guide, Matthew Freedman presents 75 buildings completed after 1918 in Great Britain, each accompanied by a photo and a short text. The selection is based on the top ten lists of renowned British architects and architecture critics, including great names like Norman Foster, Piers Gough, Charles Holland, Jonathan Meades, Alice Rawsthorn and Richard Rogers.

Vincent Mangeat was one of the most important protagonists of western Swiss architecture in 1980s and 1990s, as well as an influential teacher at the EPF in Lausanne. This volume presents some of his impressive buildings; they include the poetic primary school building in Tannay and the programmatic high school in Nyon, with its powerful architectural presence.

9783037611982 Quart Publishers 7.5 x 10.5in. 120pp., 45 col., 15 b.&w. July 2019 $54.95/CDN$74.00 Hardcover, non-returnable, German with additional booklet text in English

9783037611968 Quart Publishers 7.75 x 11in. 416pp., 299 col., 145 b.&w. July 2019 $95.00/CDN$128.50 Paperback, non-returnable, German with additional booklet text in English

A Place to Mourn Funeral Chapel in Buochs by Seiler Linhart Architekten Edited by Andrea Wiegelmann

Graber & Steiger Mongraphie Edited by Hubertus Adam

  Over the years, the ritual of bidding the departed farewell has transformed. This book, illustrating a funeral chapel in Buochs designed by architects Patrik Seiler and Søren Linhart, is also an investigation of the task of building the culture of valediction in our society, and the role that architecture can play in this respect.

  For around two decades, the Lucerne-based architectural duo of Niklaus Graber and Christoph Steiger have been continuously working on the design and construction of high quality buildings that can without doubt be regarded as an enrichment to Swiss building culture. This book sheds light of their architectural approach.



9784786902994 Shinkenchiku-sha Co. Ltd 9 x 11.75in. 128pp., 223 col., 53 b.&w. Available $42.00/CDN$57.00 Paperback, 32% prof discount, nonreturnable, English, Japanese

9784786903038 Shinkenchiku-sha Co. Ltd 9 x 11.75in. 176pp., 121 col., 189 b.&w. Available $42.00/CDN$57.00 Paperback non-returnable, English, Japanese

JA 112 Winter, 2019 Yearbook 2018 Edited by The Japan Architect

JA 113 Spring, 2019 Reprint Edition Expo ‘70 Edited by The Japan Architect

9782376660217 Editions Norma - BnF 6.5 x 11in. 192pp., 190 col. July 2019 $49.50/CDN$67.00 Hardcover, non-returnable, French

9787560879048 Tongji University Press 9.75 x 9.75in. 268pp., 386 col., 88 b.&w. July 2019 $59.95/CDN$81.00 Hardcover, English, Chinese

Jean-Jacques Lequeu Laurent Baridon, Jean-Philippe Garric, Martial Guedron & Corinne Le Bitouzé

Cultivating Compassion Humanistic Architecture as Practiced by JJP Architects and Planners J.J. Pan and Partners

  Taking the best projects in the last year from sister publications Shinkenchiku and Jutaku Tokushiu, JA112 is an architectural yearbook. As a recent works issue, it illustrates the architectural trends and movements of 2018. One goal of this issue is to show the designs responding to the changing social and environmental conditions.

  The work of Jean-Jacques Lequeu (1757-1826) work is filled with sumptuous monuments, fictitious factories, and landscapes of invention, alongside self-portraits, grimacing figures, erotic drawings and raw anatomical details. Trained as a draughtsman before the French Revolution, this enigmatic and deviant figure has been forgotten until recently.



  Expo ‘70 in Osaka was conceived in the late 1960s when the world was facing changing values in the midst of social and cultural turbulence. JA 113 is a reprint of selected articles originally published in the May 1970 issue of Shinkenchiku and May/June issue of JA, in commemoration of the upcoming Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025.

  The book Cultivating Compassion: Humanistic Architecture as Practiced by JJP Architects and Planners details the history and development of JJP. It contains 21 completed projects. The page layout of this book is elegant with abundant photos and illustrations. And through the dialogue, commentary articles, and other means, it fully demonstrates the firm’s philosophy and core values.

9788874398645 5 Continents Editions 9.5 x 13.25in. 240pp., 175 col. September 2019 $110.00/CDN$148.50 Hardcover

9788874398690 5 Continents Editions 9.5 x 11in. 88pp., 40 col. Available $34.99/CDN$47.50 Hardcover, English, French

Kifwebe A Century of Songye and Luba Masks François Neyt, Polly Nooter, Kevin Dumouchelle & Woods Davy

In the Atelier: Erik Desmazières Printmaker René Tazé Printer An Artistic collaboration 1978-2018 Erik Desmazières, with a text by Alain Madeleine-Perdrillat

  Kifwebe masks are ceremonial objects used by the Songye and Luba societies (Democratic Republic of Congo), where they are worn with costumes consisting of a long robe and a long beard made of plant fibres. This book offers a fresh perspective on the subject through the study of the Woods Davy Collection.

This book is a tribute by a leading contemporary graphic artist to his intaglio printer. While René Tazé made the prints, Erik Desmazières began to draw his surroundings. It illustrates an exemplary collaboration between an artist and his printer. Published to coincide with the exhibition at Galerie Documents 15, Paris.

9788874398744 5 Continents Editions 9.5 x 13.25in. 192pp., 148 col. September 2019 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

9788874398980 5 Continents Editions 9.5 x 11.25in. 272pp., 240 col. September 2019 $70.00/CDN$108.00 Hardcover

Allo Kafii Gida Secret Qur’anic Boards from Northern Nigeria Antoine Lema

In Praise of the Human Form Josette and Jean-Claude Weill Collection Edited by Charles-Wesley Hourdé

  Secrecy is the common feature of the allo kafii gida Qur’anic writing boards used by the Hausa of northern Nigeria. Every board in this book would have been destroyed by Islamic fundamentalists if it had not been saved. The artifacts in the book are unique in the field of extra-European art, coming from a private collection built over a period of 20 years.

  Presents the Josette and Jean-Claude Weill Collection. Expanded over the decades under the enthusiastic stewardship of their son Jean-Pierre, the collection now includes over 120 works of the very highest order, covering Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. This book provides an opportunity to unveil this collection, shrouded in mystery, whose importance is matched only by its confidentiality. Art


9788874398904 5 Continents Editions 11 x 11in. 128pp., 90 col. July 2019 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover, English, French

9788874398911 5 Continents Editions 9 x 10.25in. 176pp., 153 col. Available $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover, French

MUR l murs. Jacques Kaufmann, Ceramic Architecture Luca Pattaroni

Miró à Majorque Un esprit libre Essays by M. Punyet Miró, Pilar Baos, André Gilbert, and Patricia Juncosa

The book explores the role of Jacques Kaufmann in the world of international contemporary ceramics and his impact in architectural ceramics since he first became interested in the field several years ago. A total of 10 works are presented throughout the book.

Joan Miró moved to Majorca in 1956. Confident in his capabilities and status and spurred on by a kind of creative freedom, he spent these years in his studio experimenting to the greatest degree. This book includes over 150 illustrations of paintings, sculptures, and works on paper.

9788874398935 5 Continents Editions 6.75 x 9.5in. 224pp., 80 col. July 2019 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback, English, Italian

9788874399055 5 Continents Editions 8 x 10in. 168pp., 130 col. November 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback with flaps

Maria Lai. Holding the Sun by the Hand Maria Alicata, Antonella Anedda, Franco Farinelli, Davide Mariani and Elena Pontiggia  

Theatres Art Brut - The Collection Anic Zanzi

Maria Lai (1919-2013) is without doubt one of the leading figures in the history of contemporary Italian art. Published to coincide with an exhibition at the MAXXI Museum in Rome, this book presents 100 of Lai’s works, from the early 1960s to her very last works.



  The theatre is the central theme of this fourth volume in the Art Brut – The Collection series, published to coincide with the fourth Art Brut Biennale. The book includes over 100 illustrations, many of which are published for the first time, carefully chosen to enable the reader to explore the theme of the theatre in Outsider Art, or Art Brut.

9781788840279 ACC Art Books 9.5 x 11.75in. 352pp., October 2019 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

9781788840316 ACC Art Books 8.5 x 10.75in. 176pp., 68 col., 8 b.&w. August 2019 $40.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

Henry Wallis From Pre-Raphaelite Painter to Collector/Connoisseur Dennis T. Lanigan & Ronald Lessens

John Reeves Pioneering Collector of Chinese Plants and Botanical Art Kate Bailey

9783897905597 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.25 x 10.5in. 96pp., 66 col. Available $50.00/CDN$67.50 Paperback with flaps, English, German

9781910807330 Ashmolean Museum Publications 7.5 x 10.5in. 104pp. August 2019 $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

#material4.0 Madeleine Frey, Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen (ed.)

Rembrandt in Print An Van Camp

  Henry Wallis: From Pre-Raphaelite to Collector/Connoisseur – delivers the first comprehensive appraisal of this oftenoverlooked Pre-Raphaelite. Composed of three parts - a biography, a catalogue raisonné and a series of important appendices – this book demonstrates the full range of Wallis’s contributions to the world of Victorian art.

  Based on the omnipresent term “Industry 4.0”, #material4.0 presents numerous young international up-and-coming artists, and serves as an intriguing introduction to the most contemporary ideas in digital art. Accompanies an exhibition at Galerie Stadt Sindelfingen 13.

  The result of one man’s dedication to commissioning pictures and gathering plants for the Horticultural Society of London, this is the story of the Reeves Collection. Not only are the hauntingly beautiful Chinese botanical pictures accurate and richly colored portraits of plants, but they stand as a record of plants being cultivated in nineteenth-century Canton and Macau.

  The Ashmolean Museum holds a world-class collection of over 200 prints made by Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn (16061669). Widely hailed as the greatest painter of the Dutch Golden Age, Rembrandt was also one of the most innovative and experimental printmakers of the seventeenth century. This book presents Rembrandt as an unrivalled storyteller through a selection of over 70 prints from the Ashmolean collection, covering a variety of subjects ranging from 1630 until the late 1650s.



9781909492592 Archetype Publications 8.25 x 11.75in. 226pp. Available $95.00/CDN$128.50 Paperback, 32% prof. discount, nonreturnable

9781909492684 Archetype Publications 8.25 x 11.75in. 176pp. July 2019 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Paperback, 32% prof. discount, nonreturnable

Tempera Painting 1800-1950 Experiment and Innovation from Nazarene Movement to Abstract Art Heike Stege, Wibke Neugebauer, Patrick Dietemann, Eva Reinkowski-Häfner, Renate Pogendorf & Eva Ortner

Medieval Nubian Wall Paintings Techniques and Conservation Dobrochna Zielinska

The papers and posters in this volume were presented at the conference ‘Tempera Painting between 1800 and 1950: Experiments and Innovations from the Nazarene Movement to Abstract Art’ held at the Doerner Institut, in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich.

This volume, which draws on more than 50 years of research experience in Nubia, is the result of 4 years of collaboration between chemists, restorers and archaeologists. It is an extensive programme of research based on investigations of samples of Nubian wall paintings from the Middle Nile Valley dating from the sixth to the fourteenth century AD.

9781909492691 Archetype Publications 6.75 x 9.75in. 132pp., July 2019 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Paperback, 32% prof. discount, nonreturnable

9781909492707 Archetype Publications 6.75 x 9.5in. October 2019 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Paperback, 32% prof. discount, nonreturnable

Interactions of Water with Paintings Edited by Adele Wright, Rhiannon Clarricoates & Helen Dowding

On Theoretical and Ethical Principles in Conservation Salvador Muñoz Viñas

This volume contains the papers presented at the ICON Paintings Group conference ‘Wet Paint – Interactions between Water and Paintings’ held in Edinburgh on October 12th 2018. There are many ways in which water and humidity can physically alter paintings, sometimes with disastrous effect.



An examination of core notions of conservation ethics suggests that the subject might benefit from a different, less traditional interpretation of some of its ethical and theoretical tenets.

9781910807309 Ashmolean Museum Publications/ Woodstocker Books 8.75 x 11in. 224pp., 220 col., 50 b.&w. July 2019 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback

9783897905528 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9 x 12.5in. 224pp., 260 col. July 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover, English, Norwegian

Last Supper in Pompeii Paul Roberts

Pål Vigeland When Metal Becomes Nature Gunnar Danbolt / Jorunn Veiteberg

Last Supper in Pompeii looks at the traditions of Roman dining – including its political and religious role, and the ever-present link between feasting and death. Pompeii has always been one of our most valuable sources of information because of the sudden preservation in the midst of life.

Pål Vigeland has worked as a metal artist for nearly 50 years. Everything he has ever made, from jewelry and plates to public commissions and sculptures, has always been characterized by precision and stringency. This book shows the continuities between Vigeland’s earliest years and the present, while also exploring many of the surprising changes that have taken place along the way.

9783897905566 – English 9783897905610 - Norwegian Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9.5 x 11.75in. 286pp., 164 col. Available $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover

9783897905580 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.25 x 10.5in. 96pp., 122 col. July 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover, non-returnable, German

Sverre Bjertnæs Works Knut Ljøgodt / Joakim Borda-Pedreira (eds)

Oskar Schlemmer Das Bauhaus und der Weg in die Moderne Stiftung Schloss Friedenstein Gotha (ed.)

This authoritative monograph on Sverre Bjertnæs features his oeuvre from the 1990s to the present day, with more than 200 illustrations. The book presents the full range of Bjertnæs’s works, covering painting and drawing as well as sculpture and the tableaux installations he has developed in more recent years.

  Painter, draughtsman, graphic artist, sculptor, wall designer, set designer, choreographer, author: Oskar Schlemmer (18881943) is one of the most diverse artists of the modern age. Two inspiring essays, as well as a biography and chronology, serve as an introduction to this Bauhaus master.



9781910807316 Ashmolean Museum Publications/ Woodstocker Books 7.75 x 10.5in. 128pp., 60 col. July 2019 $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

9783899862973 AvEdition 9.75 x 11in. 256pp., 250 col. July 2019 $69.00/CDN$93.00 Paperback with flaps, English, German

A.R. Penck I Think in Pictures Lena Fritsch

Healing Art How Art in Hospitals Promotes Healing Isabel Gruener in collaboration with the Robert Bosch Hospital

This catalog showcases the work of internationally acclaimed German artist A. R.Penck (1939–2017). 2019 marks his 80th birth year; it is also the 30-year-anniversary of the end of the Cold War. The project honors an important artist who emigrated from East to West Germany, whose work addresses issues of forced emigration and conflict.

  How art can make a contribution to the “healing environment” is shown by the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart with a Germany-wide unique and pioneering art concept. They open the topic of an interdisciplinary approach and offer a view towards the future potential of healing art in an international context.

9789492677891 Hannibal Publishing 9.5 x 11.5in. 208pp., July 2019 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover

9789492677907 Hannibal Publishing 9.5 x 11.75in. 192pp., July 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

Armen Eloyan Laurence Gateau, Anne Bonnin

Fred Bervoets 2015 - 2019 Paul Huvenne

The expressive paintings by the Armenian artist Armen Eloyan (b. 1966) are as beguiling and seductive as they are repulsive. The publication is realized in collaboration with the FRAC des Pays de la Loire and the Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp.



This book presents the evocative work produced by Fred Bervoets, legendary Belgian artist, between 2015 and 2019, including his most recent Night Drawings series, the masterful embodiment of the nocturnal reveries and memories that persistently haunt his mind.

Art & Empire The Golden Age of Spain Mitchell A. Brown Spain’s Golden Age may be defined as the extraordinary moment when the country’s visual arts, architecture, literature, and music all reached unprecedented heights. Featuring a diverse selection of more than 100 outstanding works produced by leading artists from Spain and its global territories, Art & Empire: The Golden Age of Spain is the first exhibition in the United States (at the San Diego Museum of Art) to expand the notion of ‘Golden Age’ to include the Hispanic world beyond the shores of the Iberian Peninsula. Such far-flung Spanish-controlled centers as Antwerp, Naples, Mexico, Lima, and the Philippines are represented by paintings, sculpture and decorative arts of astounding quality and variety from the pivotal years of about 1660 to 1750.

9780937108604 Ediciones el Viso 9 x 12in. 200pp., 230 col. Available $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

The Measurement of Presence: Iris Kensmil and Remy Jungerman Benno Tempel, Allison Young, Gregory Tate, Nick Aikens, Jessica de Abreu, Willem de Rooij, Jelle Bouwhuis & Charl Landvreugd For the Venice Biennale 2019, Benno Tempel, director of the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag curated the exhibition The Measurement of Presence, in which he combined installations by Remy Jungerman with wall paintings and paintings by Iris Kensmil.

Pedro de Mena The Spanish Bernini Xavier Bray, José Luis Romero Torres Pedro de Mena y Medrano (16281688) is the most highly regarded master of Spanish Baroque sculpture, on a par with his contemporaries, the great seventeenth-century painters Velázquez, Zurbarán and Murillo. Mena’s contributions to Spanish Baroque sculpture are unsurpassed in both technical skill and expressiveness of his religious subjects. His ability to sculpt the human body was remarkable.

A sensitive and critical stance towards abstraction and modernism is what connects the work of Jungerman and Kensmil. The exhibition also interacts with the architecture of the pavilion, designed by Rietveld.

This first monograph of Pedro de Mena shows incredible details and remarkable images of his hyper-realistic sculptures, full of passion. In addition to text by curator Xavier Bray, Pedro de Mena also features important contributions by José Luis Romeo Torres, curator of the exhibition Pedro de Mena, to be held in Málaga in 2019.

9789492677808 Hannibal Publishing 8.5 x 11.75in. 176pp. July 2019 $39.00/CDN$52.50 Paperback

9789492677914 Hannibal Publishing 9 x 11.75in. 244pp., July 2019 $59.00/CDN$80.00 Hardcover



9780875351643 Ediciones el Viso 9 x 11.75in. 376pp., 230 col. July 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Paperback with flaps

9783862067244 Verlag Kettler 7 x 8.25in. 120pp. Available $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover, English, German

Treasures From The Hispanic Society Museum & Library Mitchell A. Codding

Der Flexible Plan Das Rokoko in der Gegenwartskunst Museum Morsbroich

The Hispanic Society of America in New York was founded by Archer M. Huntington. He decided that his passion for Spain had to be reflected by a museum and library. A selection of more than 200 of these treasures is being presented at important museums.

  The Rococo style dominated the eighteenth century, from the Régence (1715-1723) until the end of the reign of King Louis XV (1774). For the first time ever, this book extensively examines the enduring impact of this major European style on contemporary art.

9788899534912 Forma Edizioni 9.5 x 11in. 152pp., 92 col., 15 b.&w. September 2019 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover, English, Italian

9788899534950 Forma Edizioni 9.5 x 11.75in. 176pp., 73 col., 92 b.&w. September 2019 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover, English, Italian

Pino Manos With a text by Sergio Risaliti

Arnaldo Pomodoro 1956-65 Edited by Luca Massimo Barbero

  This is the catalog of an exhibition held at the Opera Gallery in Paris, dedicated to the Sardinian artist Pino Manos. Manos is renowned for founding the movement called Rigorismo (Rigourism) in 2010, in the wake of Transpatialism and beyond.



The catalog of an exhibition that Tornabuoni Art gallery in Paris dedicated to Arnado Pomodoro, specifically to the years 1956-1965, a pivotal period of the artist’s production. Today, Pomodoro’s creations can be found in prestigious museum collections such as the Guggenheim in New York and the Vatican Museums.

9783862067169 Verlag Kettler 8.25 x 11in. 256pp., Available $60.00/CDN$81.00 Paperback, English, German

9789401459341 Lannoo Publishers 9 x 11in. 304pp., 120 col., 100 b.&w. Available $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

How to talk with birds, trees, fish, shells, snakes, bulls and lions Antje Majewski

European Old Master Drawings From the Bruges Print Room Virginie D’haene

Collaborative and trans-disciplinary artist Antje Majewski has opened a dialogue with colleagues across the globe. The presented works often focus on specific places that have been destroyed, altered, or are seriously imperilled by encroaching capitalism, colonialism, and other detrimental human influences.

This catalog features a selection of 50 exquisite European drawings dating from the sixteenth to the early eighteenth century in the Print Room of Musea Brugge. It brings together the most relevant findings of recent research, including new attributions and significant new insights into the drawing and workshop practices of the period.

9789401461597 Lannoo Publishers 8 x 10.75in. 272pp., 270 col. November 2019 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

9789401461672 Lannoo Publishers 9.5 x 11.75in. 352pp., 280 col., 40 b.&w. November 2019 $80.00/CDN$108.00 Hardcover

Street Art Today II The 50 Most Influential Street Artists Roday Bjorn Van Poucke

ROA Codex ROA, Lucy Lippard, Johan Braeckman, e.a.

Going beyond the cliché of street art as artistically responsible graffiti, this Who’s Who of the international contemporary street art scene features 50 of the top street artists working today, complete with exclusive interviews. Street Art Today is beautifully presented and written, in the main, with straightforward language accessible to all.

Fascinated by nature, the anonymous muralist and street artist ROA is inspired by the beauty of its non-human inhabitants. With great attention to detail, ROA draws oversized black and white impressions of endemic or endangered species on buildings around the world. His subjects are frequently survivors; scavengers, rodents, and unusual animals that thrive in their particular milieu.



9780999652275 Lucia Marquand 8.25 x 10.5in. 192pp., 105 col. July 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

9781911054375 The National Galleries of Scotland 6.5 x 8.5in. 48pp., 20 col. December 2019 $9.95/CDN$13.50 Hardcover

Inside the Head of a Collector Neuropsychological Forces at Play Shirley M. Mueller

Heart’s Desire: From Christ, to Crown, to Eros The Watson Gordon Lecture 2018 Cynthia Hahn

Collecting objects gives enormous pleasure to approximately one third of the population. On the other hand, the same pursuit can engender pain. Now, for the first time, scientific research in neuro- and behavioral economics gives us a way to enhance the positive aspects of collecting and minimize the negative.

The Darnley jewel, a heart-shaped masterpiece of the goldsmith’s art, has been deemed a love token, but also an emblem of political ambition. This book shows how the understanding of the heart changed during the Middle Ages, from spiritual locus of the body, to source of devotion to country, to the font of love and sentimentality.

9788833670324 Officina Libraria 4 x 11in. 192pp., 110 col. July 2019 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover, non-returnable, French

9788899765934 Officina Libraria 8.25 x 11in. 256pp., 120 col., 10 b.&w. November 2019 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback with flaps

Livre a dessiner de P. Devalenciennes Juliette Trey

Chapels in Roman Churches Form, Function, Meaning Chiara Franceschini, Steven Ostrow, Patrizia Tosini (eds.)

  Pierre Henri de Valenciennes, a young landscape painter from Toulouse, was in Rome (1778-1782) to study art but also to encounter Italy’s light and landscape. Valenciennes rarely copied ancient or modern art, but instead he filled his 96-page sketchbook. This is the first reproduction (almost a facsimile) of this beautiful sketchbook.



Roman church interiors throughout the Early Modern age were endowed with rich historical and visual significance. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, chapels emerged as sites for the self-representation of individuals, families, and social groups. This volume explores the patronage and the architecture and decoration of ten chapels in different churches of the Papal Capital.

9781938461903 Pointed Leaf Press 9.5 x 12in. 162pp., 120 col. Available $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover, non-returnable

9788833670300 Officina Libraria 9.5 x 11in. 256pp., 160 col., 41 b.&w. July 2019 $48.00/CDN$64.50 Paperback

In Dreams Awake Kathy Ruttenberg on Broadway Kathy Ruttenberg

Picasso The Sculpture Anna Coliva & Diana Widmaier-Picasso

On April 27, 2018, six large-scale sculptures were unveiled along New York’s historic Broadway – from across from Lincoln Center at 64th Street and extending up to 157th Street. The artist Kathy Ruttenberg spent months planning, designing, and executing the works. This book tracks the work from concept to final result.

Picasso’s contribution to the revitalization of modern sculpture cannot be underestimated. His work of over 50 years is examined in 7 essays and illustrated by more than 50 exhibited works.

9788833670331 Officina Libraria 8.25 x 11.25in. 56pp., 32 col. July 2019 $22.00/CDN$30.00 Paperback, English, Italian

9789058566232 Stichting Kunstboek 8.5 x 10.5in. 192pp., 100 col. July 2019 $37.50/CDN$51.00 Hardcover, English, Dutch

Vasari for Bindo Altoviti Christ Carrying the Cross Barbara Agosti, Michela Corso & Carlo Falciani

Bruegel’s Eye Reconstructing the Landscape Edited by Stefan Devoldere, with contributions by Manfred Sellink, Leen Huet, Katrien Lichtert, Marc Jacobs, Michiel Dehaene, Joachim Declerck and Bas Smets

Presents the recently rediscovered Christ Carrying the Cross by the mannerist artist Giorgio Vasari, painted in Rome in 1553 for Bindo Altoviti, banker and art collector. The artwork was painted just before Vasari’s return to Florence to take service as court painter of the Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici.

2019 commemorates the 450th anniversary of the death of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The city of Dilbeek celebrates this with an open-air exhibition with installations by 15 international artists and designers. The exhibition is a timewarp setting Bruegel against a 21st century backdrop. Art


9781785512094 Scala Arts & Heritage Inc. 9.5 x 11in. 192pp., October 2019 $49.95/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

9781785512322 Scala Arts & Heritage Inc. 13 x 10in. 204pp., December 2019 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

Form and Surface African Ceramics from the William M. Itter Collection Diane Pelrine

Art at the Table The Lotos Club State Dinner Tradition J. Robert Moskin and Nancy Johnson

This fully and richly illustrated book celebrates the outstanding collection of African ceramics held by the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art. Organized into 5 resourceful sections that explore virtuosity, form, color and burnishing, decoration and effects of use.

Founded in New York City in 1870, The Lotos Club is one of the oldest literary and arts clubs in the United States. Art at the Table is a lavishly illustrated retrospective of the Club’s 150-year-old-tradition, featuring the art of the menus and the stories behind them.

9781785512339 Scala Arts & Heritage Inc. 9 x 12in. 288pp., 438 col., 66 b.&w. September 2019 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

9781785512469 Scala Arts & Heritage Inc. 6.5 x 7.5in. 80pp., 40 col. November 2019 $14.95/CDN$19.95 Paperback

On Site 50 Years of Public Art of the University of Houston System Edited by María C. Gaztambide, with an essay by Alison de Lima Greene

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Director’s Choice Juan Ignacio Vidarte

This beautifully designed publication commemorates the 50th anniversary of the public art collection of the University of Houston System, including works by esteemed artists such as Frank Stella, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Alyson Shotz and Andy Warhol. The book highlights about 40 of the collection’s most notable works. 22


The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao opened in October 1997 as part of a large-scale urban renovation project, and since then its popularity has flourished. This guide takes the reader on a private tour of the remarkable collection through a selection of highlights, chosen by General Director Juan Ignacio Vidarte.

9780996200776 The Artist Book Foundation 11 x 11.5in. 200pp., 160 col., 20 b.&w. October 2019 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

9781732986411 The Artist Book Foundation 10.5 x 11.5in. 272pp., 297 col., 10 b.&w. September 2019 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover

John Van Alstine Sculpture 1971-2018 Foreword and Essay By Howard Fox. Contributions By Tom Moran, Tim Kane, and John Van Alstine

Tom Slaughter (Blue Cover) Foreword by Glenn Lowry. Essays by David Marshall Grant, Interview with Stephen Hannock,

For nearly 40 years, John Van Alstine has created abstract sculptures forged from steel and stone. In John Van Alstine: Sculpture, 1971-2018, three notable essayists explore the sculptor’s abstract landscapes that reveal the complex synergy between natural forces and man-made elements.

The Artist Book Foundation is pleased to announce the publication of Tom Slaughter, an extensive monograph of the artist’s enormous body of work that celebrates his enduring optimism, personal and artistic honesty, and charming brashness in a landscape of pure joy.

9781785512018 Scala Arts & Heritage Inc. 6.5 x 7.5in. 80pp., 58 col. September 2019 $14.95/CDN$19.95 Paperback

9781785512483 Scala Arts & Heritage Inc. 6.5 x 7.5in. 80pp. November 2019 $14.95/CDN$19.95 Paperback

Wolfsonian FIU Founder’s Choice Mitchell ‘Micky’ Wolfson, Jr.

Skulpturensammlung und Museum Byzantinische Kunst Staatliche Museen zu Berlin Michael Eissenhauer

As the first Founder’s Choice to join Scala’s popular Director’s Choice series, this stunning book highlights the favourite items of design and culture collected by museum founder Micky Wolfson, offering a unique and personal take on the museum’s rich and and varied collection of cultural artifacts.

  The Museum für Byzantinische Kunst is a collection of Late Antique sarcophagi and sculpture from the Eastern Roman Empire, and ivory carvings from post-pharaonic, early Byzantine Egypt. The works presented in this volume are amongst the most prized by the museum’s director, who combines expertise with a refreshingly personal perspective.



9789462583252 WBooks 9 x 11in. 144pp., 32 col., 68 b.&w. Available $27.95/CDN$37.95 Paperback

9789462583313 WBooks 9.5 x 12in. 320pp., 200 col. November 2019 $57.00/CDN$77.00 Hardcover

Rembrandt’s Social Network Family, Friends and Acquaintances Epco Runia and David de Witt

Abraham Van Dijck (1635-1680) David de Witt

2019 marks 350 years since Rembrandt’s death. This book accompanies the exhibition at The Rembrandt House Museum in Amsterdam, exploring Rembrandt’s network of friends and family. He portrayed them in remarkably informal paintings and prints, works that bring Rembrandt’s private world to life.

Abraham van Dijck developed an alternative to his master Rembrandt’s style: exploring inner life with daring experiments in light and handling. This is the first comprehensive monographic study of his his remarkable achievement in drawing and paintings and his distinctive contribution to the art of this period.

9789462621961 Waanders & de Kunst 9 x 11.5in. 192pp., 110 col., 75 b.&w. June 2019 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback, English, Dutch

9789462621992 Waanders & de Kunst 9.5 x 11.5in. 192pp., 150 col. June 2019 $29.95/CDN$39.95 Paperback, English, Dutch

Giacometti-Chadwick Facing Fear Michael Bird, Ralph Keuning

Zadkine By the Sea Flip Bool, Noëlle Chabert, Cathy Corbett. Véronique Gautherin, Feico Hoekstra, Jan Teeuwisse, Siebe Thissen

This beautiful book is the first time the sculptures of Lynn Chadwick and Alberto Giacometti have ever been explicitly compared and contrasted.



Zadkine’s capacity to reinvent himself, time after time, so he could respond to the changing world around him with new forms, distinguishes him as one of the greatest artists of his time. This book focuses particularly on Zadkine’s bond with the Netherlands, where his collectors and those who commissioned his work often counted as his friends.

9789385360039 Mapin Publishing 9 x 13in. 152pp., 170 col. Available $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover

9789385360213 Mapin Publishing 9.5 x 11in. 136pp., 96 col. Available $37.50/CDN$51.50 Hardcover

Meera Mukherjee Purity of Vision Dr. Geeti Sen, Dr. Nandini Ghosh,

Ganesh Pyne A Painter of Eloquent Solitude Pranabranjan Ray

Choosing bronze as her favorite medium, little-known Bengali sculptor Meera Mukherjee (1923-1998) formed her own simplistic, modernist, life-like world of sculptures. This volume, for the first time, explores her art and life.

This illustrated volume presents a rich, expansive study of Ganesh Pyne’s (1937-2013) creative career. Through sensitive essays, the author also brings to the fore the shy reticence of the artist himself, who nevertheless took a great interest in Calcutta’s artistic milieu, becoming a member of the Society of Contemporary Artists.

9789385360633 Mapin Publishing 9.5 x 11.5in. 148pp., 129 col. Available $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

9789385360671 Mapin Publishing 9.5 x 10.75in. 92pp., 59 col. Available $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback

Jangarh Singh Shyam A Conjuror’s Archive Jyotindra Jain

Portraits of Devotion Popular Manorath Paintings from Nathdwara in the Collection of Anil Relia Isabella Nardi

This volume constructs an account of Jangarh Singh Shyam’s prodigious body of work, which founded his legacy and grew into a movement. As a prime critical analysis of Jangarh Singh Shyam’s oeuvre, this book also serves as a model framework for the study of a contemporary individual folk and tribal artist.

This volume explores the genre of popular paintings commissioned by devotees of the Pushti Marg sect of India. As author Isabella Nardi demonstrates, the paintings in this collection are not merely souvenirs of a pilgrimage trip; they represent the worshipper’s journey to Nathdwara for a darshan with their beloved and revered deity. Asian Art & Culture


9781891640971 Floating World Editions 8.5 x 11in. 344pp., 124 col. September 2019 $70.00/CDN$94.50 Hardcover, 32% professional discount, non-returnable

9789385360572 Mapin Publishing 5.5 x 7.5in. 140pp., 69 col. Available $17.50/CDN$24.50 Hardcover

Seeing Zen Zenga from the Kaeru-An Collection John Stevens & Feliz Hess

When Seeing is Believing Poetry in Images Bina Sarkar Ellias

A catalog of 124 masterpieces of Zen art in the Kaeruan Zenga Collection, all presented through high quality illustrations and extended captions, including the original Japanese characters, English translations, and commentaries by John Stevens, a world authority on Zen art and artists.

This volume presents several of Bina Sarkar Ellias’s poems responding to images. All proceeds from sale of this book will be donated to the Morarka Foundation’s efforts to rehabilitate survivors of human trafficking.

9789386906717 Niyogi Books 7 x 8.5in. 364pp., 308 col. July 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover, non-returnable

9789386906823 Niyogi Books 9.25 x 12in. 244pp., 200 col. July 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover, non-returnable

The Great Himalayan National Park The Struggle to Save the Western Himalayas Sanjeeva Pandey & Anthony (Tony) Gaston

Baluchars The Woven Narrative Silks of Bengal Jasleen Dhamija

The Great Himalayan National Park Conservation Area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most important protected areas in the Himalayas. The book is intended both as a history and an ecological overview of the Park and as a plea for continuing conservation of the rich legacy of Himalayan plants and animals.

The historic Baluchar textiles of Bengal are a testament to a unique weaving tradition. This richly illustrated book traces the historical development of Baluchar textiles, especially saris, and the position this art form has come to acquire in the twentyfirst century.


Asian Art & Culture

9789385285912 Niyogi Books 9 x 9in. 420pp., 560 col., 4 b.&w. July 2019 $56.00/CDN$75.50 hardcover, non-returnable

9789386906632 Niyogi Books 8 x 11in. 464pp., 549 col. July 2019 $100.00/CDN$135.00 hardcover, slipcase, non-returnable

Picturesque India A Journey in Early Picture Postcards (1896-1947) Sangeeta and Ratnesh Mathur

The Story of the Jodhpur Lancers 1885-1952 Brigadier Mahendra Singh Jodha

The 550 postcards featured in this book visually document significant changes in the landscape of India that happened between 1896 and 1947, while also capturing evidence of earlier times in India’s fascinating polytemporal towns.

The Story of the Jodhpur Lancers is a remarkable narrative of the warriors of this Indian Princely State – prior to, and during the First and Second World Wars – and of how the friendship between an Indian Prince, Sir Pratap Singh, and British royalty contributed to the Allied War efforts.

9789386906885 Niyogi Books 7 x 9.5in. 360pp., 103 col. July 2019 $35.00/CDN$47.50 hardcover, non-returnable

9789386906908 Niyogi Books 9 x 10.5in. 272pp., 270 col. July 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover, non-returnable

Kathak The Dance of Storytellers Rachna Ramya

Lepakshi Architecture, Sculpture, Painting Anna L. Dallapiccola, Brigitte Khan Majlis & George Michell

Kathak: The Dance of Storytellers explores the philosophical and practical aspects of Kathak dance – its origin, development, and techniques. The author is a professional Kathak dancer and has been studying and performing Kathak for the past 46 years. She brings her experience about the practical aspects of Kathak in this book.

While the remarkable qualities of Lepakshi have long been recognized, particularly its unique series of ceiling paintings, this volume is the first to provide the temple with a comprehensive description. The volume is illustrated with more than 250 specially commissioned photographs of the temple’s exterior and interior by Surendra Kumar.

Asian Art & Culture


9789745241107 Orchid Press 5.75 x 8.25in. 120pp., 11 b.&w. September 2019 $16.00/CDN$21.50 Paperback

9789745242067 Orchid Press 6 x 9in. 278pp., 54 b.&w. September 2019 $21.95/CDN$29.95 Paperback

The Development of Ink, Printing and Paper in Asia Berthold Laufer

The Spell of Japan Isabel Anderson

Essays on the origins of ink, paper and printing in Asia, tracing the early development of these technologies in China, Korea and Japan, and their later migration westward. This is a concise and highly readable account of an important and complex subject.

It’s 1914 – Isabel Anderson, Boston heiress and wife of the US ambassador to Japan, submerges herself in the rich, little known culture of Imperial Japan, bearing witness first-hand to court custom, art, costume and ritual as few Western visitors have before. Yet her lack of pretension and keen observation allows her to describe the life of the common people of old Japan just as lucidly. An illuminating journey for the modern tourist, the armchair traveler and amateur historian alike.

9789745242081 Orchid Press 6 x 9in. 262pp., 24 b.&w. September 2019 $21.95/CDN$29.95 Paperback

9789745242272 Orchid Press 6 x 9in. 672pp., 41 b.&w. December 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Paperback

The Spell of China Archie Bell

The Religions of the Hindukush The Pre-Islamic Heritage of Eastern Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan Karl Jettmar et al.

It’s 1917. Tourists must first travel by steamer to British Hong Kong – a journey of some two weeks from America and a month from London. China has yet to establish a tourism agency, so visitors must rely on Bell’s book to make their way around. Taking us from Hong Kong to Canton, Macau, Shanghai, and Hangzhou, on to Peking and further to Japanese-occupied Korea, this book is a must read for the modern tourist, amateur historian and armchair traveler.


Asian Art & Culture

An authoritative primary source on the religions and customs of the tribal areas of eastern Afghanistan and northwest Pakistan, updated with an extensive new bibliography. This bibliography contains over 950 entries, listing works that have updated Jettmar’s original studies to the present time.

Bobogyi A Burmese Spiritual Figure Benedicte Brac de la Perriere and Cristophe Munier-Gaillard

Bobogyi: A Burmese Spiritual Figure is the first book dedicated to this Burmese ‘nat’, or guardian spirit, who features prominently in contemporary Burma (Myanmar). From an ethereal tree spirit to an established guardian at pagodas, the book examines the various trajectories of this ubiquitous figure. With essays from two prominent scholars and a selection of detailed photographs that document the daily activities of worship and maintenance at bobogyi shrines, this charming book chronicles the history and modern-day relevance of bobogyi and also charts the ever-evolving nature of sacred narratives.

9786164510272 River Books 7 x 9in. 80pp., 135 col., 2 b.&w. June 2019 $24.95/CDN$33.95 Hardcover

Lords of Life A History of the Kings of Thailand HRH Prince Chula Chakrabongse of Thailand with new foreword by Barend Jan Terwiel

Wanderings of a Naturalist in India The Western Himalayas and Cashmere Andrew Leith Adams

In this completely revised edition, the text remains the same but there are over 250 new photographs and a wealth of footnotes, together with a new introduction by B. J. Terwiel, a renowned historian of Thailand’s political history.

India is home to one of the richest and most diverse populations of wildlife of any territory on earth. At the beginning of the British Raj (1858) Indian wildlife populations were largely intact – with up to 100,000 tigers in the territory alone. The following 100 years saw this rich heritage greatly depleted. By the mid twentieth century the tiger population was reduced to less than 2,000. Recent Indian and international efforts have attempted to arrest or reverse the damage and today India hosts some 515 wildlife sanctuaries and 18 biosphere reserves. This volume presents a sampling of Indian wildlife in the mid nineteenth century, prior to the devastation that was to follow.

9786164510302 River Books 6.75 x 9.5in. 420pp., 565 col. December 2019 $40.00/CDN$50.00 Hardcover

9789745241138 Orchid Press 6 x 9in. 236pp., 1 b.&w. September 2019 $21.95/CDN$29.95 Paperback

Prince Chula Chakrabongse of Thailand was born in Bangkok in 1908. His childhood in the Grand Palace and his close relationship with the Thai royal family and government in the early twentieth century made him uniquely suitable for writing the history of the Chakri dynasty, who ruled Siam (subsequently known as Thailand) until the change of regime in 1932.

Asian Art & Culture


9788193750193 Roli Books 11.25 x 11.25in. 256pp., 293 col. September 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

9788193860809 Roli Books 6.75 x 9in. 192pp., 94 col. September 2019 $29.95/CDN$39.95 Hardcover

Calcutta Then Kolkata Now Calcutta Then - Sunanda K Datta-Ray & Pramod Kapoor. Kolkata Now - Indrajit Hazra & Anshika Varma

Jodhpur Lancers Michael Creese

Calcutta Then: Calcutta is where it all began. The city symbolized India’s transformation from medievalism to modernity. The British created the framework. The prophets and pioneers who operated within it were Indian. Kolkata Now: Love it, endure it, call it what you will, Kolkata is Life as “kháos” as no other city is.

This is the story of the magnificent Jodhpur Lancers – one of India’s most charismatic cavalry regiments – even as centenary celebrations begin of their finest hour, their extraordinary victory at the Battle of Haifa (now in Israel) in 1918. Laced with anecdotes and “inside stories”, Michael Creese traces the roots of the regiment from its raising by the legendary Sir Pratap Singh to its early actions in China.

9788193860816 Roli Books 8 x 10.5in. 200pp., 160 col. September 2019 $39.95/CDN$53.95 Hardcover

9788193860854 Roli Books 8 x 11in. 256pp., 298 col. September 2019 $49.95/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

Indian Life and People in the 19th Century Company Paintings In The Tapi Collection J.P. Losty & John Keay

Prince Patron & Patriarch Maharaja Jagatjit Singh of Kapurthala Brigadier H.H. Sukhjit Singh & Cynthia Meera Frederick

Defining a distinct style of painting produced in India during the British period and influenced by European artistic norms, this catalog of Company Paintings in the TAPI (Textiles & Art of the People of India) Collection is a unique illustration of the social milieu prevailing in India in the nineteenth century.

The historical crossroads that saw India’s transition from British Imperial rule to Independence coincided with the life of Maharaja Jagatjit Singh, the last Ruler of the erstwhile Princely State of Kapurthala (1872-1949). He was witness to some of the most epochal events, both within India and across the global stage during his reign, which spanned almost 60 years.


Asian Art & Culture

Ellora Gilles Béguin. Photographs by Iago Corazza

Gandhi’s Vision Freedom and Beyond Dr Aparna Basu

Ellora lies in the state of Maharashtra, in western central India. This pretty spot, surrounded by lush vegetation, is only a few kilometres from another place of great interest – the Ajanta caves. Ellora has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983 in recognition of its great importance as a repository of wonderful art and as a place of pilgrimage for followers of India’s three great religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism.

Gandhi’s Vision: Freedom and Beyond chronicles the principal events leading to India’s independence under Gandhi’s leadership and his vision of a free India. The book commemorates 71 years of Indian independence and is replete with portraits of the Mahatma in action – invoking the spirit of patriotism, uniting people from all religions, regions and social groups across the country. Among those stalwarts who led the freedom movement, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi shines not only for the novel means of non-violence, but also for simultaneously wanting to root out social evils like communal hatred, untouchability and gender disparity. With several such issues espoused by him continuing to dominate the social space, his teachings remain relevant even today.

This book explores a treasure of Indian art, benefitting from photos that do their marvellous subjects justice.

9788874398720 5 Continents Editions 10 x 13.25in. 284pp., 280 col. September 2019 $80.00/CDN$108.00 Hardcover

9789385285936 Niyogi Books 8.5 x 8.5in. 280pp., 193 b.&w. July 2019 $45.00/CDN$60.00 hardcover, non-returnable

Divine Encounters Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies in Asia Hans Kemp

In Divine Encounters, acclaimed Dutch photographer Hans Kemp explores an Asia hiding in plain sight, resilient and vibrant. For just behind the neon signs, the marble and stainless-steel facades, the luxury cars and glitzy shopping malls, lays a different world. A world revealing itself through elaborate spirit rituals, blood-curdling ceremonies and exuberant festivals taking place all over the continent. This is a true photographic odyssey to the spiritual heartlands of Asia.

9789881493927 Visionary World Ltd 9.75 x 13in. 400pp., 280 col. August 2019 $79.00/CDN$106.50 Hardcover

Asian Art & Culture


9789386906694 Niyogi Books 5.5 x 8.5in. 460pp., July 2019 $15.00/CDN$20.00 paperback non-returnable

9789401460224 Lannoo Publishers 5.5 x 8.25in. 232pp., Available $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback

GST (in India) Explained for Common Man Sumit Dutt Majumder

Digitalis How to Reinvent the World Thierry Geerts

Explains the critical issues and concepts of the Indian Goods and Service Tax in simple language, often in a story-telling style. This book is a product of the author’s rich experience and knowledge of GST. It is a must-read for someone who wants to do business in India.

All too often the digital revolution is depicted as a global nightmare: companies are shut down, jobs are cut, and the future is looking grim. Thierry Geerts, Director of Google Belgium and Luxemburg, argues for a stronger digital vision and makes a plea for the so-called “knowledge society” in response to this negative media coverage.

9789401462433 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 200pp., 15 col., 25 b.&w. October 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

9789401462525 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 252pp. July 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback

Marketing Bible for a Digital World, The Bert Van Wassenhove

Stakeholdering Diplomatic Skills for Successful Projects Jan Van der Vurst

Accessible, thorough and completely up to date, this is a complete guide to attracting customers in a digital world, with a holistic overview of all digital media and their uses. Adjust your marketing strategy to the digital world with all the basic principles of the three new M’s of marketing transformation: Medium, Message & Method.


Business & Marketing

Every stakeholder has his own objectives, interests and sensitivities. Trying to align all these things with your own agenda is no easy matter. Based on the series of practical examples, questionnaires and checklists contained in the book, you can learn how best to understand and influence your relations with stakeholders.

#99 x 911 The History of the Porsche 911 Jörg Walz

The Porsche 911, the epitome of a German sports car, is a world-renowned import success and dream vehicle. In this work, the 99 most important models of the legend are presented chronologically as miniatures in a 1/43rd scale, each with a picture and text page, all put together by author Jörg Walz, a collector since childhood. The author places the snapshots of vehicle miniatures in a “real” environment and presents a well-assorted digital car museum. The charming interplay between a small car model set into a lively background is fascinating. The original spontaneously created photo collection is completely “iPhonographed”, without further aids or artificial arrangements, initially taken for Instagram.

9783667116550 Delius Klasing Verlag 8.5 x 9.75in. 256pp., 131 col., 72 b.&w. July 2019 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

Holy Halls The Secret Car Collection of Mercedes-Benz Christof Vieweg

Porsche 914 50 Years Jürgen Lewandowski

The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart is one of the largest and most visited industrial museums in the world. But the 160 or so automobiles on display are only a small part of the treasures that form the Mercedes-Benz Classic vehicle collection. Another 1,000 historical models are “parked” in secret places outside Stuttgart – these secret places are called the “Holy Halls”.

In 1969 a very special sports car was born. The 914 rose from a marriage of convenience between Volkswagen and Porsche, because both companies wanted a small, modern and affordable sports car in their product range, but for little cost. Thus it was decided to combine the skills of both manufacturers.

This collection is the treasure trove of the brand. It has existed since 1923 and offers a comprehensive overview of the model history of Mercedes-Benz. For the first time, it has been possible to produce a book with panoramic and detailed shots from the “halls” – from the first Benz batting motor car to the latest Formula 1 racing car.

9783667116673 Delius Klasing Verlag 10.5 x 11in. 248pp., 220 col. November 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

Introducing the Porsche 911’s little brother...

The result was a light mid-engine sports car with a lively road performance. Even 50 years after its launch, it pleases the eye with its fresh design. Back then it was often ridiculed as a “housewife Porsche” or “Volks-Porsche”, but now, the 914 has come out of the shadow of its big brother the 911 and has a huge fan base; today it lives on in the Boxster and Cayman models.

9783667117175 Delius Klasing Verlag 9 x 10.5in. 176pp., 100 col. November 2019 $135.00/CDN$182.50 Hardcover, slipcase, limited to 314 copies

Cars & Motor Vehicles


Legendary The Porsche 919 Hybrid Project Heike Hientzsch

A lavishly illustrated two-volume history of the world-class Porsche 919 Hybrid proto-type racing car, which made its competitive debut in 2014 and marked the return of Porsche to top-tier racing. Volume I documents the history of the car. The text is by Heike Hientzsch, who was herself part of the LMP1 team. She takes the reader into the pits and behind the scenes of the Porsche racing department in Weissach, and interviews top race car drivers like Mark Webber and Timo Bernhard. Volume 2 features insider photographs by Jürgen Tap, who accompanied the Porsche team with his own team of photographers. It is an illustrated chronology of this exciting epoch of racing history.

9783667116413 Delius Klasing Verlag 9.5 x 12in. 612pp., 300 col. July 2019 $90.00/CDN$121.50 2 vols, hardcover


Cars & Motor Vehicles

Porsche 904 Jürgen Lewandowski

The 904, full name Porsche 904 Carrera GTS, was in many ways a special model for Porsche. In a record-breaking development period of 6 months, the Porsche 904 was implemented in 1963. This car is a true model in terms of innovation, and not just for its rapid creation. For homologation (the approval process) as a race car, about 100 units of the Porsche 904 were registered as road vehicles and sold to private customers. The demand was so great that the car soon became a highly exclusive rarity. The distinctive look that characterizes the Porsche design and the combination of technical innovations and low production costs did the rest to give the Porsche 904 a cult status that continues today.

Porsche Drive – Pass Portrait – Gotthard Schweiz – Switzerland – 2106 m Stefan Bogner

After his last project, Escapes, Stefan Bogner returns to the Alps again with this beautifully illustrated book. This time he not only photographed particular routes, but he looked for the ideal tour through the Alps: 3 countries, 14 passes – the perfect little escape for 4 days. Different from Bogner’s photographs in Escapes or Curves, where Bogner presents dreamlike empty streets, Porsche Drive focuses on the journey in Porsche models like Porsche 906, Porsche 911, Porsche 918 and more.

With text by Jürgen Lewandowski and photos by Stefan Bogner, two proven Porsche connoisseurs.

In addition to Bogner’s amazing photographs, Porsche Drive offers information on each route and height profile, allowing the reader to follow his itinerary.

9783667116765 Delius Klasing Verlag 10.5 x 11.5in. 418pp., 138 col. December 2019 $155.00/CDN$209.00 Hardcover, slipcase, English, German

9783667116772 Delius Klasing Verlag 8.25 x 11in. 320pp., 250 col. December 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover, English, German

9783667116567 Delius Klasing Verlag 8.5 x 9.5in. 320pp., 438 col. July 2019 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

9783667116987 Delius Klasing Verlag 11.5 x 11.5in. 208pp., 300 col. December 2019 $90.00/CDN$121.50 Hardcover

Porsche Model Cars 70 Years of Sports Car History Jörg Walz

Porsche Garages Christophorus Edition Edwin Baaske

A unique take on the history of Porsche – all photographs are of highly detailed miniatures in 1:43 scale, each one taken with an iPhone and uploaded to Instagram with the hashtag #PorschePur, creating an “Instagram car park”.

Porsche stands for a special passion between driver and vehicle. A garage with a Porsche is therefore more than just a garage. It is a museum, exhibition space and retreat, a place of passion and love for sports cars. Porsche Garages visits some of the biggest Porsche fans all over the world and offers unique insights into their sacred halls.

9789058566041 Stichting Kunstboek 11 x 9.5in. 208pp., 150 col. Available $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

9789462583221 WBooks 9 x 11in. 288pp., 250 col. December 2019 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

The Legendary DC-3 Around the World Francisco Agullo, Raphaël Favre, Photography by Katsuhiko Tokunaga

Welcome Aboard! 100 Years of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Bram Bouwens & Frido Ogier

Exactly 77 years to the day since its first flight, the Breitling DC-3 left for a unique journey all the way around the planet. The highlights of this epic journey have been captured in stunning images by world-renowned aviation photographer Katsuhiko Tokunaga.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines marks its 100th anniversary in 2019. This is a unique milestone in aviation history. This book, the official centenary publication, offers an analysis of KLM’s many ups and downs, and is richly illustrated with photos, aviationrelated memorabilia and objects that tell a story.

Cars & Motor Vehicles / Cultural History


9781732821460 Enamel Arts Foundation/Lucia Marquand 9 x 12in. 320pp., 290 col. September 2019 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

9781788840309 ACC Art Books 9.25 x 11.5in. 592pp., 1024 col., 1044 b.&w. October 2019 $99.00/CDN$133.50 Hardcover

June Schwarcz Artist in Glass and Metal Bernard N. Jazzar and Harold B. Nelson

Tiffany Lamps and Metalware Alastair Duncan

June Schwarcz (1918-2015) was among the most innovative artists working in the contemporary enamels field. Best known for her electroplated metal sculpture embellished with rich enamel color, she produced an extensive body of work that, while linked to long-standing vessel-making traditions, defied convention. This book is the first publication to investigate Schwarcz’s work in depth.

Comprehensive and beautifully illustrated, this expanded edition of Tiffany Lamps and Metalware presents a selection of items manufactured by Tiffany Studios over more than 30 years of production. As Tiffany Studios never published an official catalogue raisonné, this book is the closest one can come to a record of their prolific output.

9783897905573 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.75 x 11.5in. 192pp., 200 col. Available $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover, English, French, Dutch

9781785512650 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 9.5 x 12in. 376pp., September 2019 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

Amphora. Rogier Vandeweghe Ceramics 1957-1975 Marc Heiremans

Sculpture of Les Animaliers 1900-1950 Edward Horswell

Rogier Vandeweghe established himself as an independent potter in Sint Andries, near Bruges. Under the name Amphora, from 1960 on, his quickly expanding workshop produced entirely hand-thrown vessels. This book is a tribute to Rogier Vandeweghe and his wife, Myranna Pyck, for their unwavering commitment and their continuous quest for high-quality modern beauty in their ceramics.

Drawing on the rich archive of the Sladmore Gallery, this richly illustrated, comprehensive survey explores the work of 40 artists at the forefront of the “Les Animaliers” movement between 1900 and 1950; the heyday of animal sculpture throughout Europe. Includes 350 color photographs, individual biographies, and 2 informative essays.


Decorative Arts

9783897905047 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9.5 x 12in. 224pp., 200 col. August 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

9783897905504 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.75 x 10.5in. 112pp., 112 col., 30 b.&w. Available $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover, non-returnable, German

Materiality: The Miller Ceramic Art Collection Wayne Higby (ed.)

Barbel Thoelke Porzellan Hans-Peter Jakobson (ed.)

The Miller Ceramic Art Collection features masterpieces highlighting the artistic ideals of numerous luminaries of midtwentieth century to early twenty-first century American ceramic art. In addition, the collection includes important examples of European and Japanese ceramic artworks from the same period. This book is a comprehensive presentation of the collection.

The life’s work of the Berlin porcelain designer Bärbel Thoelke unites the strictest design discipline with creative imaginings to produce a superb, coherent and, in her own way, unique oeuvre in contemporary German studio porcelain. This finely balanced book includes both traditional manufacturers and one-offs.

9783897905542 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 4.75 x 9in. 112pp., 100 col. Available $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

9789058566225 Stichting Kunstboek 9.5 x 11.75in. 160pp., 50 col. July 2019 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover, English,Dutch

Gene Koss Sculpture Tina Oldknow / James Yood / Erik Neil / Andrew Page

Artglas Artistic Glass Panels John Dierickx & Christophe De Schauvre

Gene Koss creates majestic works in glass and steel that require demanding techniques to realize their monumental scale. The first monograph published on the work of this groundbreaking glass artist features Koss’s most important achievements and, through insightful essays by curators and critics, places them in historic perspective.

Artglas, the brainchild of John Dierickx, is a renowned glass studio that sublimates the craft of stained glass making into contemporary design. Artglas creates unique, bespoke stained glass windows that shed new light on the age-old Arts and Crafts metier, both for private homes, office buildings and the hospitality business.

Decorative Arts


9782376660248 Editions Norma 9.5 x 12in. 304pp., 250 col., 150 b.&w. November 2019 $95.00/CDN$128.50 Hardcover, English, French

9783897905443 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.5 x 12in. 96pp., 48 col. Available $50.00/CDN$67.50 Paperback, English, Chinese, German

Lacloche Joaillers Laurence Mouillefarine & Véronique Ristelhueber

Red X Thread: Franz Bette Jewellery Sabine Runde / Yaman Shao (eds)

Founded in Paris in 1901 by three brothers, Lacloche Frères sold jewelry created by the best Parisian workshops. This is the first monograph to trace the dazzling history of the Lacloche family business, including an extraordinary album of gouaches that recreates the 21 clocks and 63 pieces of jewelry from their award-winning booth at the 1925 Paris Exhibition des Arts Décoratifs.

For Red X Thread, the designer, goldsmith, and silversmith Franz Bette (b. 1941) developed a new body of work that reflected his experiences in Asia. For this, he incorporated new elements into his artistic approach, extending his Western-influenced vocabulary of steel, silver, gold, and plastic by adding materials with Asian connotations, such as porcelain, paper, bamboo, wood, and textile.

9783897905511 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 7 x 9in. 160pp., 150 col. Available $50.00/CDN$67.50 Posters, Swiss binding, English, German

9789058566133 Stichting Kunstboek 8.25 x 10.25in. 128pp., 75 col. July 2019 $32.50/CDN$44.50 Hardcover, English,Dutch

SCHMUCKISMUS Angelika Nollert, Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum (ed.)

Pia Burrick Lines and Light Johan Debruyne, Pia Burrick & Eline Maeyens

Karen Pontoppidan (b. 1968), Curator and Professor of Jewellery and Devices at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, invited 30 international artists to the annual jewelry exhibition at The Design Museum to present contemporary positions in studio jewelry. This book is a valuable contribution to the positioning of jewelry in the arts.

Pia Burrick is a remarkable artistic personality who made glass art her favourite form of expression. Her oeuvre testifies of a harmony between lines and surfaces in search of the ultimate connection between substance and emptiness, color and transparency, image and shadow.


Decorative Arts

9781788840408 ACC Art Books 9 x 12.25in. 320pp., September 2019 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover

9781898113645 Hali Publications 9.75 x 12.5in. 320pp., 350 col., 20 b.&w. Available $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover, non-returnable, German

Traditional Costumes of Saudi Arabia The Mansoojat Foundation Soraya Altorki

The Handmade Carpet A Comprehensive Guide to Contemporary Rugs Fritz Langauer & Ernst Swietly

Born out of 14 years of collaboration with the Mansoojat Foundation, this book pays homage to Saudi Arabia’s rich textile heritage. From the Labah Sadr of the Bal Harith tribe to the resplendent jasmine headdresses worn by the Jazan, Traditional Costumes of Saudi Arabia captures the stunning scope of traditional accessories and garb.

The handmade rug industry has gone through a revolution in the past 25 years, and no one is better placed to explain how and why than Fritz Langauer and Ernst Swietly, who have been buying, making, collecting and writing about rugs for over half a century.

9783897905498 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 8.25 x 9.75in. 144pp., 102 col. Available $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover, English, French, German, Dutch

9783897905559 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 6.75 x 10.5in. 160pp., 120 col. July 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Paperback with flaps, English, German, Italian

David Huycke Risky Business. 25 Years of Silver Objects Piet Salens (ed.)

Gabi Veit Creatura | Geschöpf Nichka Marobin / Pravu Mazumdar et al.

The Belgian artist David Huycke is one of the most important silversmiths working today. This is the first monograph on his work. The book includes close-ups that show the meticulous granulation of his silver objects.

Gabi Veit takes an artistic stance on one of the most elementary cultural objects in the world: the spoon. Each work is an expression of a playful engagement with the possibilities of design.

Decorative Arts


9782376660255 Editions Norma 9.75 x 12in. 160pp., 90 col. August 2019 $70.00/CDN$94.50 Hardcover

9783897905535 Arnoldsche Art Publishers 9.5 x 11in. 592pp., 140 col., 140 b.&w. July 2019 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover, English, German

Dysfunctional Beyond the Boundaries of Form and Function Glenn Adamson

Bauhaus Saxony Olaf Thormann for the GRASSI Museum Leipzig (ed.)

The catalog of a major show at the Ca’d’Oro in Venice, which presents site-specific work by 17 established and emerging artists who explore the boundaries between art, architecture, and design. These contemporary artists draw on the rich heritage of Venetian craftsmanship and the museum’s exceptional collection of Italian masterpieces to create a meaningful dialog.

The state of Saxony occupied a special place in the history of the Bauhaus. In this 592-page work, the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts in Leipzig showcases works by Bauhaus icons. On the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, this publication is an indispensable research tool.

9783899863116 av edition 8.5 x 10.75in. 208pp., 300 col. December 2019 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Paperback, English, German

9789881879943 Artpower International Publishing 8.5 x 11.25in. 304pp., 400 col. July 2019 $48.00/CDN$64.50 Hardcover

Focus Open 2019 Baden-Württemberg International Design Award and Mia Seeger Prize 2018 Design Center Baden-Wuerttemberg

Red Print Propaganda Posters Tell the Story of New China Hon Bingwah

Pioneering and exceptional design trends are at the heart of Focus Open 2019. Companies and professional designers from around the world were invited to participate. This publication presents all the award-winning products that persuaded the jury with their exceptional design quality. 40


Packed with pictures, Red Print tells the story of modernday China through its propaganda regime. It encourages a review of the past of this fascinating country through how the governing bodies presented themselves to the Chinese people. The book contains a gallery of splendid posters organized by theme, which demonstrate the passion and fervor of the designers.

9782376660170 Editions Norma 9.25 x 12in. 304pp., 200 col., 150 b.&w. November 2019 $95.00/CDN$128.50 Hardcover, non-returnable, French

9782376660279 Editions Norma 8.75 x 11in. 192pp., 200 col., 200 b.&w. September 2019 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover, English, French

Pierre Legrain Laurence Salmon

Memphis. Plastic Field Constance Rubini & Jean Blanchaert

Pierre-Émile Legrain (1889-1929) was a French bookbinder, framer, landscape designer, furniture designer, and interior architect. This is the first full-length monograph about him, exploring his life and his creations in every genre, and highlighting the formal links between his work as an ensemblier, bookbinder, and draftsman.

Memphis. Plastic Field, the catalogue for a show at MADDBordeaux, looks at the genesis of the Memphis collective and the furniture, household objects, glassware, lighting, ceramics, and textiles they designed. It reproduces nearly all the pieces they produced between 1981 and 1988 – around 400 works – and includes first-hand accounts by some of its founding members.

9782376660286 Editions Norma 9.25 x 12in. 336pp., 250 col., 250 b.&w. December 2019 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover, English, French

9781864708233 The Images Publishing Group 7.75 x 10.25in. 240pp. December 2019 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Hardcover

Pierre Guariche Delphine Jacob & Lionel Blaisse

Creative Spaces Workplaces for Artists

The first monograph on French mid-century modern designer Pierre Guariche, whose innovative lighting and furniture is still popular today. Previously unpublished archives shed light on this preeminent interior architect whose work forged a new aesthetic in furniture and lighting fixtures.

This book offers a peek into the often secretive and off-limits creative spaces of artists. More than 30 case studies examine how artists have created their unique working environment. The reader will also gain a new understanding of how artists flourish in their own space, and find inspiration from the diverse range of creative studios.



Minimalist Packaging Enhancing Creative Concepts Chris Huang

Packaging plays a very important role in changing the design of our quality of life. Starting from the concept of minimalism, this book discusses simple yet innovative packaging design styles, design points, design elements, etc., and combines the corresponding cases for in-depth analysis. The book also contains dozens of outstanding cases from all over the world, showing the design highlights of minimalist packaging, it has a high reference value for graphic designers, students, teachers, and other readers.

9781864708189 The Images Publishing Group 6.75 x 9in. 240pp., July 2019 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Flexibind



The Food Store 50+ Stunning Interior Designs & Branding Concepts Paolo Emilio Bellisario

Critical Skills for Design ProblemSolving Thinking like an Architect

This book breaks through the boundaries between “interior design” and “graphic design” showing readers the birth of a small commercial space: from logos, packaging, menus, and product design to the interior design of space, and even to uniforms. In addition to displaying space and graphic design through extensive photographs, the book will present readers with interviews from professional designers. Through their analysis, readers can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the features and trends of interior and graphic design in food stores, as well as brand promotion and store operations.

Architectural plans generally are beset by problems as the project develops. A prospective architect needs to learn how to critically assess and problemsolve any design issues. For every problem there is a solution, especially when using the “Fifteen Principles” for solving design problems efficiently. With nearly 20 projects from wellknown architects, this book provides an unmissable opportunity to learn from the experts. Famous architects walk through the design process, with full-color photographs, drawings, and sketches of ideas. Each architect examines design problems encountered during this project, and offers examples of critical thinking that resulted in practical solutions. This book will form a valuable reference for architects and students.

9781864708424 The Images Publishing Group 7.75 x 10.25in. 256pp., 400 col. July 2019 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Paperback

9781864708554 The Images Publishing Group 6.75 x 9.5in. 248pp., December 2019 $24.00/CDN$33.00 Paperback

9783899392135 Red Dot Edition 11.75 x 11.75in. 480pp., 750 col. August 2019 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Hardcover, English, German

9783899392142 Red Dot Edition 11.75 x 11.75in. 352pp., 550 col. August 2019 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Hardcover, English, German

Living 2019/2020 Peter Zec

Doing 2019/2020 Peter Zec

Year after year Living, edited by Peter Zec, one of the best design experts in the world, combs the domestic sphere for innovation in design, whether it be in living rooms or bedrooms, kitchens, tableware or cooking utensils, lighting or lamps, interior design, or public spaces.

Doing 2019/2020 compiles the best design innovations and new design developments from the area of activity. In these pages, you can find award-winning products for your garden, leisure, sport and play, but also for children and babies.

9783899392166 Red Dot Edition 11.75 x 11.75in. 488pp., 600 col. August 2019 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Hardcover, English, German

9783899392173 Red Dot Edition 8.25 x 10.5in. 200pp., 300 col. August 2019 $38.00/CDN$51.50 Hardcover, English, German

Enjoying 2019/2020 Peter Zec

Design Diary 2020 Peter Zec

Enjoying 2019/2020 presents products from work- and technology-oriented fields such as offices, heating and air conditioning, industry and crafts, life science and medicine, as well as computers and information technology. Focuses on design products such as bathrooms and spas, vehicles, consumer electronics and cameras, as well as communication.

Red Dot’s annual agendas have become coveted collector’s items in their own right. The 52 weeks of the year are each given a full page, while the facing pages feature the latest outstanding design achievements, including winners of the Red Dot Design Award.



9783899392128 Red Dot 11.75 x 11.75in. 1844pp., 2500 col. August 2019 $55.00/CDN$74.00 Hardcover, English, German

9783899392159 Red Dot 11.75 x 11.75in. 524pp., 600 col. August 2019 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Hardcover, English, German

Red Dot Design Yearbook 2019/2020 Living, Doing, Working & Enjoying Peter Zec

Working 2019/2020 Peter Zec

Red Dot Design Yearbook 2019/2020 set (Living + Doing + Working + Enjoying) marries the areas of life and living, activity and lifestyle, and work and technology, as well as leisure and relaxation. Year after year, Red Dot provides a vibrant picture of the design industry and its current developments, broken down into different thematic categories.

Working 2019/2020 is the new design yearbook for connoisseurs and people who love the beautiful and good things in life. Around 500 pages of inspiring images and informative texts will guide you through areas such as offices, heating and air conditioning, industry and crafts, life science and medicine, as well as computers and information technology.

9789058566119 Stichting Kunstboek 6.25 x 9in. 240pp., 100 col. Available $40.00/CDN$54.00 Paperback with flaps, English, Dutch

9787560881898 Tongji University Press 6.75 x 9.5in. 312pp., 460 col., 20 b.&w. July 2019 $39.95/CDN$48.50 Paperback

Fibre-Fixed Composites in Design Edited by Lut Pil and Ignaas Verpoest

The Rise of Biodesign Contemporary Research – Methodologies for Natureinspired Design in China Edited by Mary Polites

Charts what can be achieved when tried and tested fibers are combined with other materials. The projects presented in this book are diverse and originate from different sectors such as mobility, sports, medical applications, energy supply, infrastructure, architecture, and products for daily use.



To provide insight into a process that engages nature and design, this collection of work shines light on the educational methods currently being explored in China’s top institutions.

9781785512636 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 8.25 x 9.75in. 112pp., 75 col. December 2019 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback

9781864708530 The Images Publishing Group 6.75 x 9.5in. 208pp., 200 col. October 2019 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Flexibind

African Apparel Threaded Transformations across the 20th Century MacKenzie Moon Ryan, PhD

Fashion Illustration: Contemporary Haute Couture Eris Tran

Featuring African textiles, clothing, headwear, and jewelry, this book celebrates African dress as a product of global interactions, generational conflict and continuity, and expressions of gender. Accompanies a major exhibition at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Rollins College (18 January-15 May 2020).

Fashion illustration: Contemporary Haute Couture showcases 100 exquisitely hand-painted evening dresses, each one captioned by Eris Tran, an emerging artist and fashion illustrator from Vietnam. The captions are in Tran’s own words, offering a wonderful insight into his inspiration, drawing style, and individual dress motifs.

9781938461910 Pointed Leaf Press 9 x 12in. 216pp., 138 col., 34 b.&w. Available $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover, non-returnable

9781938461958 Pointed Leaf Press 9.5 x 12in. 208pp., 61 col., 48 b.&w. Available $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover, non-returnable

Super F**king Lucky Lucien Pellat-Finet: King of Cashmere and (Anti) Fashion Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni

Dawn The Career of the Legendary Fashion Retailer Dawn Mello John A. Tiffany, Foreword by Tom Ford

As Lucien Pellat-Finet and his eponymous fashion label celebrate 25 years, he looks back on his life and career and how he became the King of Cashmere. Super F**king Lucky traces the moments and places that have left a lasting effect on his style and aesthetic.

Pointed Leaf Press is proud to present the first monograph on Dawn Mello in a lavishly illustrated book that spans her impressive career. Including quotes from some of the biggest names in fashion, this is the untold story of an essential figure in the history of fashion retail.



Day and Dastan Two Novellas Intizar Husain, Nishat Zaidi & Alok Bhalla

Ocean of Melancholy The Tragedy that was Karbala Mir Mosharraf Hossain

Intizar Husain is the finest writer of Urdu prose and the most brilliant storyteller of the post-partition generation. The two novellas, Day and Dastan (Din Aur Dastan), his favorite texts, show his versatility and fictional inventiveness. Day, a realistic story, is a meditation on the cruellest of events to have scarred our times – migrations. In contrast, Dastan is a traditional tale of wonder. Its language is lyrical and exaggerated; its narrative, obsessed with action. It weaves dreams and adventure, heroism and mercy, beauty and love, magic and grace.

One of the best-known works of Mir Mosharraf Hossain, Ocean of Melancholy is an epic historical novel centered around events that led to the battle of Karbala and its aftermath. The book revolves around the tragic story of Hassan and Hussein, grandsons of the great Prophet Muhammad, who were exterminated by their bitter enemy Yazid, the son of the king of Damascus, for his desire for Zainab – Hassan’s beautiful wife – and his greed for the throne of Medina.

9789386906274 Niyogi Books 5.5 x 8.5in. 192pp., July 2019 $15.00/CDN$20.00 Hardcover, non-returnable

9789386906502 Niyogi Books 5.5 x 8.5in. 208pp., July 2019 $14.00/CDN$19.00 Paperback non-returnable



Windhorse Warrior R C Friedericks

Windhorse Warrior offers an inside look at the struggles and aspirations of the Tibetan people during the 1950s. It is a tale that weaves together the politics of occupation and resistance, an otherworldly romance between a Chinese communist and an educated Tibetan woman, and the soaring vision of the Tibetan spiritual heart. This is a story that extends beyond the decade in which it is set. Its message is true today in the global context of oppression and disparity, fake news, and injustice. Those who believe in a just and beautiful world will find themselves longing for an “enlightened society” filled with spiritually awakened women and men, free to pursue their true potential and eager to enrich the lives of others.

9789386906519 Niyogi Books 5.5 x 8.5in. 468pp., July 2019 $25.00/CDN$34.00 Hardcover, non-returnable

9781938461873 Pointed Leaf Press 9.5 x 12in. 200pp., 178 col. July 2019 $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover, non-returnable

9781938461897 Pointed Leaf Press 8 x 10.25in. 136pp., 96 col. Available $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover, non-returnable

Bloom The Luminous Gardens of Frederico Azevedo Frederico Azevedo

Artifact The Art and Gardens of Jeff Mendoza Jeff Mendoza

Bloom: The Luminous Gardens of Frederico Azevedo presents the accomplished work of Frederico Azevedo – the Brazilian landscape designer who has established himself as the leading gardener of the Hamptons. With stunning projects all over Long Island, Azevedo’s work carries an emphasis on flowers that he uses to “lure the eye through the flow of the design”.

Artifact presents the thoughtful and sophisticated landscape designs of Jeff Mendoza. A formally trained artist, his work often reflects the natural world – depicting botanical forms with earthy palettes. Artifact is a portfolio of Mendoza’s accomplished career tracing his various projects – whether a city terrace or a country yard – which are intellectually planned for each unique environment and spatial layout.

9789058566218 Stichting Kunstboek 9.5 x 13in. 144pp., 75 col. July 2019 $85.00/CDN$115.00 Hardcover, English,Dutch

9789710579396 ArtPostAsia 9 x 9in. 164pp., 302 col. Available $30.00/CDN$40.00 Paperback

Elements Per Benjamin Per Benjamin

Philippine Herbs For Healthy Cooking, Common Cures, and Concoctions Dr. Domingo Madulid, Michaela Fenix, Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan & Josefa C. Reyes

Per Benjamin is still one of the most exciting floral designers in the world. This updated and revised edition of his very successful monograph Elements (2004) demonstrates how his pieces have stood the test of time and are still refreshing and relevant today.

This book focuses on indigenous and “naturalized” plants, serving as an easy and popular reference on Philippine herbology. The plants covered in this book are herbs, vines and some shrubs with herbaceous habits in their early periods.

Floral Deaign & Gardening


9781785512346 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 9.5 x 11in. 208pp., November 2019 $39.95/CDN$53.95 Paperback

9781785512421 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 6.5 x 7.5in. 80pp., 40 col. January 2020 $14.95/CDN$19.95 Paperback

Cardiff Castle and the Marquesses of Bute Matthew Williams

Library of Trinity College, Dublin, The Director’s Choice Helen Shenton

This sumptuous illustrated study traces the transformation of Cardiff Castle across 250 years of history, honoring what is now one of the most iconic and popular buildings in Wales. This is an expertly personal history, drawing on the family, designers, and architects who brought these changes about.

The Library of Trinity College Dublin dates back to the establishment of the College in 1592 and is the largest library in Ireland. Its extensive collection of journals, manuscripts, maps and music amounts to over 6 million volumes. The selection of objects included here highlights the diversity of the holdings and illuminates their fascinating history.

9781785512537 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 6.25 x 9.25in. 296pp., January 2020 $22.95/CDN$30.95 Hardcover

9781785512568 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 6 x 9.25in. 160pp., January 2020 $25.00/CDN$33.95 Paperback

For Her Good Estate The Life of Elizabeth de Burgh, Lady of Clare Frances A. Underhill

First Celebrating 100 Years of Women in Law Lucinda Acland and Katie Broomfield

Beautifully illustrated in full color throughout, this updated biography of Elizabeth de Burgh is a reprint of the original biography published both in Britain and America in 1999, containing new illustrations and additional material.

Marking the centenary of the 1919 Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act, First tells the story of women in law in their first 100 years of practice. It offers a unique insight into how women have made their way in a profession still dominated by men, and looks ahead to the prospects for women in law over the next 100 years.



Pitzhanger Manor John Soane’s Country Home The story of this remarkable house and of its creator, John Soane, whose influence is as strong today as it ever was.

Science City: Craft, Commerce and Curiosity in London 1550-1800 Alexandra Rose and Jane Desborough Science City surveys London’s rich history as a world-leading nexus of scientific learning.

9781785511530 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 7.5 x 9.5in. 56pp. January 2020 $8.95/CDN$11.95 Paperback

9781785512032 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 6.5 x 7.5in. 48pp., Reprinting $8.95/CDN$11.95 Paperback

9781785512049 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 6.25 x 8.25in. 180pp., 107 col. January 2020 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Hardcover

Royal Academy of Dance Celebrating 100 Years Pamela Hartshorne This volume celebrates 100 years of dancing, education, performances, and competitions at the Royal Academy of Dance.

Somerville 140: 1879-2019 A Celebration of Somerville College, Oxford in 140 Objects Lizzy Emerson Commemorates the 140th anniversary of Somerville College, Oxford.

A Drama in Time The New School Century John Reed A centenary celebration of New York’s academic home for progressive thinkers, illustrated with over 400 images from the School’s archive.

9781785512179 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 7.75 x 9.75in. 176pp., December 2019 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

9781785512254 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 7.75 x 9.75in. 208pp., October 2019 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

9781788162852 Profile Editions 8.5 x 12.25in. 240pp., September 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover




The Palace of Holyroodhouse Official Souvenir Pamela Hartshorne This guidebook recounts the fascinating story of Holyroodhouse, The Queen’s official Scottish residence and a Royal palace for over 500 years.



9781864708295 The Images Publishing Group 7.75 x 10.25in. 248pp., 400 col., 447 b.&w. July 2019 $30.00/CDN$39.99 Hardcover

9781864708547 The Images Publishing Group 7 x 9.5in. 240pp., 230 col. December 2019 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Paperback

Bakery Design Athanasios Tzokas

Interior Design Planning to Succeed

In the baking industry the competition is stiff; it’s not just the quality of the food that attracts customers, so it’s often necessary to ensure the design of the bakery itself is both creative and eye catching, while still being functional. This book includes 50 bakery designs from all over the world.

World-renowned interior designers provide detailed analysis of diverse projects, guiding the reader through the development process. Covers a wide range of projects, from commercial spaces to large and luxurious residences.

9783899862980 av edition 8.25 x 11in. 280pp., 225 col. Available $64.00/CDN$86.50 Hardcover

9781864708486 The Images Publishing Group 8.25 x 10.25in. 256pp., 600 col., 300 b.&w. September 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

off the wall flying thoughts: hotel, restaurant and bar design. Dreimeta 2003-2018 Armin Fischer, Andrea Kraft-Hammerschall

Inspirations! Small Apartment Interiors

A beautifully photographed compendium of inventive and inspiring work created over the last 15 years by the awardwinning German interior design firm Dreimeta. Featuring international hotel and restaurant design at its best, created for brands such as Designhotels, 25 Hours, Superbude, NeniRestaurants. 50

Interior Design

With the increasing urbanization of the world today, the importance and practicality of apartment design research has become increasingly evident. A truly good design can provide people with a comfortable and warm place to live. This book presents readers with a selection of small apartments from all over the world, ranging from 300 square feet to 1300 feet.

9780985225667 Shannongrove Press 7.25 x 10.25in. 240pp., 200 col. Available $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover, non-returnable

9781938461880 Pointed Leaf Press 9 x 12in. 240pp., 148 col. Available $75.00/CDN$100.00 Hardcover, non-returnable

Rooms to Remember A Designer’s Tour of Mackinac Island’s Grand Hotel Carleton Varney

Jennifer Post Modern Jennifer Post

In Rooms to Remember, Carleton Varney – in his usual colourful and anecdote-filled style – walks the reader through over 200 lavish photographs of the 43 Named Rooms and Suites, providing decorating details, history, and insights.

The book features Post’s latest and most significant projects to date – the majority of which have never been published before. Featuring 3 double-page gatefolds showcasing a few especially jaw-dropping interiors, Modern is a reflection on her recent transformation as she looks forward to her next brilliant act.

9789058566195 Stichting Kunstboek 10.25 x 13.75in. 324pp., 200 col. December 2019 $90.00/CDN$121.50 Hardcover, English, French, Dutch

9789401461832 Lannoo Publishers 8.25 x 11in. 272pp., 290 col., 20 b.&w. August 2019 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

Isabelle Onraet Interiors Karolien Van Cauwelaert & Isabelle Onraet

Nordic Moods A Guide to Successful Interior Decoration Katrine Martensen-Larsen

Belgian interior architect Isabelle Onraet is known for designing warm, contemporary spaces. With her team she transforms the intimidating blank canvas of a newbuild or a big renovation project into an intimate interior where people immediately feel at home.

Step by step instructions for using mood boards, themes, materials, light, furniture, and floor coverings in order to create your own ideal Scandinavian interior. This is a visually powerful and practical book for creating the perfect Nordic-inspired home.

Interior Design


Karlheinz Stockhausen Klangbilder Kunstmuseum Villa Zanders

Waiting People in Transit Dieter Leistner

In the late 1950s, avant-garde musicians were exploring new ways of expressing their experimental compositions in writing.

Since 1978, Dieter Leistner has been photographing people waiting at public transport stops throughout the world. Whether in Asia or Europe, South America or around the Indian Ocean, in the countryside or in town, under capitalism or socialism – Leitner captures those waiting subtly and with a professional perspective. He opens up a cosmos of instantaneous shots with their own particular personality: sometimes cheerful, sometimes melancholic, sometimes busy, sometimes lonesome. The observer is always part of the composition, recognizing themselves in some of those waiting.

Karlheinz Stockhausen, who was one of the leading pioneers in those days, used every conceivable form in order to give expression to his musical universe like no other. This publication, for the first time ever, provides insights into an aspect of his work that has been previously overlooked. It features drawings showing that Stockhausen developed a unique pictorial language for ideas that could not be expressed through music or words. The book includes sheets that explore performance practices or even present time specifications, different timbres, or dynamics in colors.

9783862067251 Verlag Kettler 9 x 6.5in. 144pp., 71 col., 7 b.&w. Available $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover



9783899863147 av edition 9.5 x 7in. 156pp., 80 col. December 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover, English, German

Béatrice Helg Robert Wilson, Philippe Piguet, Serge Linares, and Sylviane Dupuis

With her great passion for music, architecture, the theater, and opera, Helg’s photographs create monumental spaces in which sculpture, painting, installations, and most of all light are constantly interwoven. Like a window opening onto the invisible, giving glimpses of the mind, her light-filled world is weirdly beautiful, at once poetic and spiritual. Béatrice Helg’s work ultimately explores the infinite; it is a quest for the absolute, or rather a delving into the boundless identity of an inner mystery. This book presents a selection of her photographs taken over the past 25 years, accompanied by a wonderful original commentary by Robert Wilson, as well as critical writings and poetry by Philippe Piguet, Serge Linares, and Sylviane Dupuis.

9788874398966 5 Continents Editions 10.75 x 14in. 136pp., 48 col. October 2019 $60.00/CDN/$81.00 Hardcover, English, French

Portrait of Britain 2 200 Photographs that Capture the Face of a Changing Nation Various

Coming at a pivotal time in UK politics, Portrait of Britain, the British Journal of Photography’s annual photography exhibition, is back for 2019 and Hoxton Mini Press will once again be producing the accompanying publication. The winning photographs from this opencall competition are selected by a panel of expert judges and will be displayed on digital billboard screens across the UK – in train stations, airports, shopping centers and on high streets – where they are seen by over 10 million people. These captivating portraits celebrate the diversity, culture, and identity of Britain at a critical time in its history. Like the fastselling 2018 edition, this book will feature the full shortlist of 200 photographs alongside quotes from the photographers and information about each image.

9781910566541 Hoxton Mini Press 6 x 7.75in. 332pp., October 2019 $30.00/CDN$40.00 Hardcover

Fadia Ahmad. Beirut Pascale Le Thorel Spanish-born photographer Fadia Ahmad (b.1975) lives and works in Lebanon. Her poetic series of photographs of Beirut eloquently capture the street life of that resilient city: merchants on street corners, grocers, fishermen, bathers, street artists, collapsed buildings, new construction. This is the first monograph of her vibrant and intuitive work on the people and places of Beirut. She has been crisscrossing her city with a camera since 2003. District after district, house after house, she explores the complexity and humanity of Beirut and the Lebanese people. Fadia Ahmad imagines her photographs as paintings, which mirror Beirut and capture the poetry of place and people which is nestled in the slightest details.

9782376660262 Editions Norma 9.75 x 12in. 192pp., 180 col. October 2019 $70.00/CDN$94.50 Hardcover

Photobook Belge 1854 - Now Edited by Tamara Berghmans

Since the birth of photography, the photobook has always been an essential medium for photographers wanting to display and distribute their work. But the photobook is more than just a display case: it’s a means of expression, an art object, a historical record, a propaganda tool, a multi-sensory experience. Photobook Belge is the first ever overview of photobooks created by Belgian photographers. Covering a period of more than 150 years, from the mid nineteenth century to the present, it features almost 250 photobooks, all carefully described and illustrated. Over time, the Belgian photobook has become well established. With Photobook Belge, it finally gets the recognition it deserves.

9789492677884 Hannibal Publishing 9.5 x 11.5in. 352pp., July 2019 $69.00/CDN$93.00 Hardcover



9781910566497 Hoxton Mini Press 6.25 x 8.75in. 128pp., 47 col. August 2019 $22.95/CDN$30.95 Hardcover

9783862067268 Verlag Kettler 4.25 x 6.5in. 20 col. Available $35.00/CDN$47.50 post cards boxed non-returnable, English, German

Urban Gypsies Paul Wenham-Clarke

Nevin Aladag Best Friends / Social Fabric Kestner Stiftung

The Westway, a mundane and ugly slab of tarmac connecting London to south England’s motorways, is also the roof of a traveler community. Paul Wenham-Clarke spent many months gaining the trust of the community’s leaders here for unrivalled access to this otherwise secret world. His resulting portraits, accompanied by quotes, are intimate, arresting, and at times strangely comic.

Focuses on two series of works by Turkish artist Nevin Aladag that explore issues of self-determination, identity, and community in society and culture. Presented as a set of postcards, accompanied by two booklets.

9783862067275 Verlag Kettler 11.75 x 8.75in. 96pp., 52 b.&w. Available $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover, English, German

9783862067374 Verlag Kettler 7 x 8.75in. 96pp., Available $45.00/CDN$60.00 Hardcover

Hugo Schmölz / Karl Hugo Schmölz Cinemas van der Grinten Galerie, Archiv Wim Cox

My Friends Got Famous Martin Lamberty

For the first time ever, this book presents a series of photos, taken mostly in the Rhineland and the Ruhr district between 1935 and 1957, together with pictures showing movie theaters which were brand new at the time. These dazzling pictures capture the architecture of a bygone era.



AnnenMayKantereit is one of the most popular bands in Germany. Martin Lamberty’s pictures tell the story of how the young musicians started their careers by performing on the streets of Cologne, right up to the development of their current album ‘Schlagschatten’.

9781785512087 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 9.5 x 12in. 64pp., 25 b.&w. July 2019 $500.00/CDN$675.00 Hardcover, slipcase, non-returnable

9781906506698 Papadakis 7.25 x 9.5in. 192pp., 146 col. October 2019 $28.00/CDN$38.00 Hardcover

Distracted Focus Photography by Michael Shea, essay by James Wilson

How to See Birds An Enthusiast’s Guide Matthew Stadlen

A sumptuous limited edition of just 250 copies, comprising a series of haunting black and white photographs of British landscapes by up-and-coming photographer Michael Shea. Destined to become a collector’s item. Includes a print, numbered by the photographer.

The perfect book for the amateur bird watcher, this is a personal and witty approach to bird watching by a British enthusiast who wants to open our eyes to the beauty of birds. Features a wide range of birds, from the common woodpigeon to exotic South African sunbirds.

9788833670492 Officina Libraria 11.5 x 7.5in. 192pp., 96 b.&w. October 2019 $50.00/CDN$67.50 Hardcover

9789401462013 Lannoo Publishers 10.25 x 13in. 192pp., 180 col. November 2019 $65.00/CDN$88.00 Hardcover

Gambling with Life Images from China’s Detention System (1986-1997) Niu Guozheng, Monica Dematté

Moving Through Contrast Suzanne Jongmans Suzanne Jongmans

Rarely seen images from China’s centers for custody and interrogation (closed in 1997); the stark and beautiful photography is accompanied by texts that place the images in a precise historical period and explain the context.

The traditions of sculpture and costume design meet contemporary sustainability in the serene, Old Master inspired photographs of interdisciplinary artist Suzanne Jongmans. This if the first monograph by this award-winning Dutch photographer.



9781785512278 Scala Arts & Heritage Publishing Inc. 6.5 x 7.5in. 80pp., 40 col. December 2019 $14.95/CDN$19.95 Paperback

9789058565921 Stichting Kunstboek 10.5 x 15in. 200pp., 150 col. Available $80.00/CDN$108.00 Hardcover, English, French

Museum of Photography in Krakow Director’s Choice Marek Swica

Congo Revisited Angelo Turconi, Guillaume Jan, Lye M. Yoka

Published to coincide with the completion of an ambitious renovation project, this book presents a selection of highlights from the diverse and unique collection of the Museum of Photography in Krakow.

A giant country like Congo with such huge ethnic diversity will always remain an inexhaustible source of wonder and astonishment. Congo-expert and photographer Angelo Turconi dwells on the country’s nature, the daily life, its people, Congo’s art and culture, and its economy.

9789401459501 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 326pp., July 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Flexibind

9789401461382 Lannoo Publishers 6.75 x 9.5in. 264pp., October 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Flexibind

Optichannel Retail. Beyond the Digital Hysteria Develop and Implement a Winning Strategy as a Retailer or Brand Manufacturer Gino Van Ossel

The Immortal Enterprise Survival in the Age of Disruption Fons Van Dyck

This book offers a realistic view of the retail sector of the future and sets out a practical framework for a successful strategy that combines profit, competitiveness and customer focus. It is an accessible and complete overview on retail, separating hype from actual trends. 56

Photography/Business & Marketing

The Immortal Enterprise offers a selection of important survival lessons for any manager concerned about the future of their company, in any corporate sector. Written by a leading corporate brand manager and consultant.

Exploring Old Bangkok Royal Palaces - Temples - Streetlife Narisa Chakrabongse

Exploring Old Bangkok is a guide to all the most important sights in Thailand’s capital Bangkok, as well as explaining the meaning of lesser-known landmarks, such as the Pig Memorial or the Monument to the Expeditionary Force. The guide also includes iconic sights on the west bank of the river, such as Wat Arun and the royal barge museum. With the opening of the magnificent metro station, Sanam Chai, access to this center of culture and Thai art has never been easier. Alternatively, visitors can reach the area via the ever-popular tourist boats and maybe take a khlong trip from Tha Chang. Exploring Old Bangkok also features two fascinating walks and a pullout map with suggestions of where to stay and where to eat.

9786164510319 River Books 6.75 x 9in. 208pp., 200 col. November 2019 $35.00/CDN$47.50 Paperback

An in-depth guide to the most important and sacred sites in Bangkok.

Glorious Hotels of India Cosmo Samuel Brockway & Harriet Compston. Photographer - Karam Puri

Glorious Hotels of India is a luxury illustrated book featuring a hand-picked collection of the subcontinent’s most spectacular places to stay. It gives a grand yet intimate tour of 40 properties, with half of the properties being recent openings. The majority have never been featured before in a publication of this kind. Celebrating India’s splendid heritage while showcasing exciting contemporary design, each subject is captured like a jewel in a box with panoramic detail and portrait shots. Properties include historic palaces, destination spas, seductive beach resorts, and romantic houseboats. With insightful and meticulously researched material, Glorious Hotels of India is a fresh, dynamic, and informed book that captures the zeitgeist of various parts of India and avoids the clichés.

9788193750186 Roli Books 8.75 x 12in. 272pp., 437 col. September 2019 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

A grand tour of 40 properties in India, a selection of the sub-continent’s most wonderful places to stay. Travel


Georgian Jewellery 1714-1830 Ginny Redington Dawes with Olivia Collings

Georgian Jewellery is a celebration of the style and excellence of the eighteenth century, and of the ingenuity that produced such a wealth of fabulous jewelry. Much disparate information about the jewelry has been gathered together and the period is brought alive by portraits and character sketches of famous Georgians in their finery, fashion tips, gossip, and some rather outrageous cartoons of the time, as well as fascinating recently discovered facts. With information on how to identify, buy and repair pieces, this sumptuously illustrated volume contains the largest single catalogue of eigtheenth century jewelry.

9781851499212 ACC Art Books 9.5 x 11.75in. 192pp., 295 col., 7 b.&w. Available $85.00/CDN$115.00 Laminated paperboard


Previously announced

Evans + Shalev Architecture and Urbanism Introduction by Joseph Rykwert

It is difficult to imagine the history of modern architecture in Britain being written without reference to the work of Eldred Evans and David Shalev. From 1967, when they won the international competition for Newport High School, Evans and Shalev maintained a distinctive presence as designers. Together they created a body of work that is uniformly innovative, elegant and sensitive to place, and realized with care, skill and intelligence. This new monograph documents their remarkable oeuvre as it developed over 6 decades. Introduced by Joseph Rykwert, the book includes critical commentaries by David Dunster, Patrick Hodgkinson and others.

9781911422174 Circa 11.5 x 11.5in. 240pp., 450 b.&w. September 2019 $60.00/CDN$81.00 Hardcover

The Well-Read Cat Michèle Sacquin & Pierre Rosenberg From medieval manuscripts to Japanese prints, from Steinlen’s splendid drawings to seventeenth century prints, the author introduces the reader to the hundreds of books and manuscripts (belonging to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris) in which the lovely feline is represented. The cat has been the main character of many tales, but also the inhabitant of the most diverse books: from natural histories to household manuals, from medieval prayer books to famous writers’ manuscripts. A wonderful selection for all who love cats and books!

9788889854563 Officina Libraria in association with Bibliothèque National de France 6.5 x 9.5in. 212pp., 135 col., 20 b.&w. Reprinting July 2019 $24.95/CDN$29.95, Hardcover

They Must Fall Muhammad Ali and the Men He Fought Photography and Words by Michael Brennan, Introduction by Jimmy Breslin

From award-winning photographer Michael Brennan comes a book highlighting his extensive archive of powerful and sometimes very moving images from the world of boxing. They Must Fall: Muhammad Ali and the Men He Fought features images of not only Ali, the “Greatest of All Time”, but also of the men he fought in the ring. Brennan located former opponents for a special feature that ran over several pages in Sports Illustrated, to discover for himself where these great athletes ended up. This unique book is a look through Brennan’s archive with a spotlight on the 1970s. It will contain several never-before-seen photos. With text throughout by Michael Brennan, including his original 1981 Sports Illustrated essay, this is an eye-opening and fascinating account of Ali and the men who challenged him in the ring.

9781788840187 ACC Art Books 9.75 x 9.75in. 128pp., 80 b.&w. October 2019 $40.00/CDN$54.00 Hardcover

Exclusive never-before-seen photos of Ali and other stars of the 1970s boxing scene.

Mercurio Design Lab Italian Design in Asia Massimo Mercurio

Formed in 2008, Mercurio Design Lab (MDL) masterfully manages to express its design potential in Singapore. Lead by Massimo Mercurio, a rare architectural polymath who is motivated by a strong spirit of innovation, philosophy and experimentation, MDL seeks to elevate and balance the synergies of the Asian architectural context with indomitable Italian style and tradition. MDL considers its projects as artistic masterpieces and makes a special contribution to the architectural scene of the city through the creation of dramatic and futuristic buildings, always respecting three fundamental criteria: the functional, the aesthetic, and the social. This richly illustrated monograph is a comprehensive review of MDL’s exceptional artistry and diversity, and it’s another icon for IMAGES’ Master Architect series, an absolute must for all collectors of beautiful books on sophisticated global architectural culture.

9781864705829 The Images Publishing Group 8.75 x 11.75in. 280pp., 350 col. August 2019 $80.00/CDN$108.00 Hardcover

Celebrates Massimo Mercurio’s architectural experimentation and sculpture in Singapore, combining architecture in Asia with Italian design. Previously announced


Best of 500 Contemporary Interiors Wim Pauwels Beautiful and inspirational, this book is filled with sumptuous color photographs of projects from around the world.

Best of 500 Gardens & Swimming Pools Wim Pauwels Each project included here illustrates details of the overall design and offering ideas for your own garden or pool project.

Best of 500 Timeless Interiors Wim Pauwels Showcases the 500 best projects over years of BetaPlus features on timeless architecture and interiors.

9782875500724 Beta-Plus Publishing 10 x 11.75in. 448pp., 500 col. August 2019 $99.50/CDN$134.50 Hardcover

9782875500731 Beta-Plus Publishing 10 x 11.75in. 448pp., 500 col. August 2019 $99.50/CDN$134.50 Hardcover

9782875500717 Beta-Plus Publishing 10.25 x 10.25in. 526pp., 500 col. August 2019 $99.50/CDN$134.50 Hardcover

Private Spaces Wim Pauwels Renowned architects and interior designers show their most remarkable new projects from all over the world.

Timeless Interiors & Renovations Wim Pauwels Timeless Interiors & Renovations presents sixteen diverse renovations and interior projects from all around the world.

Timeless Living: An Anthology Wim Pauwels Twenty-three beautiful timeless interior design projects from around the world.

9782875500540 Beta-Plus Publishing 11.75 x 11.75in. 320pp., 300 col. August 2019 $89.00/CDN$120.00 Hardcover

9782875500410 Beta-Plus Publishing 9.75 x 12.25in. 240pp., 200 col. August 2019 $69.00/CDN$93.00 Hardcover

9782875500533 Beta-Plus Publishing 9.75 x 11.5in. 384pp., 300 col. August 2019 $69.00/CDN$93.00 Hardcover


Stop Press

100 Plants that (almost) changed the World Chris Beardshaw

From the technologically revolutionary to the downright ridiculous this collection of concise musings documents the varied and often humorous relationships humans have developed with members of the plant kingdom. From cars made of carrot to tea-smuggling spies; Popeye’s spinach to the hallucinogenic effects of lettuce, renowned garden expert Chris Beardshaw takes us on a journey though history’s most fascinating plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs: the ones that changed the world, the ones that almost did, and the ones that certainly didn’t! If you have ever wondered why carrots are supposed to help you see in the dark or why we hang fairy lights and decorations on our Christmas trees then this is the book for you a fun and quirky new volume that offers unique exploration of our planets most fascinating plants.

9781906506711 Papadakis 6 x 7in. 168pp., 200 col. October 2019 $19.95/CDN$26.95 Flexibind

The Illustrated Book of Songs Colm Boyd They say that whatever you’re going through in life, Aretha has probably recorded a song about it. Well, it’s not just Aretha. Just been dumped? Roy Orbison has the song to get you through. Furious about the state of the world? Patti Smith knows how you feel. The Illustrated Book of Songs is a collection of lists about the music that makes up the soundtrack to our lives, featuring hundreds of songs, old and new, famous and not-so-famous. With intriguing trivia, idle musings and cool illustrations of your favorite performers and songs.

9789460582486 Luster 6 x 7.5in. 300pp., November 2019 $28.00/CDN$38.00 Hardcover

You’ve Got Mail Quirky Belgian Letterboxes Peter Schouten

As a Dutchman living in Belgium, Peter Schouten has an outsider’s view on the country that he loves and is fascinated by. In Belgium, it sometimes seems as if everyone just does as he pleases, unbothered by rules or regulations. Peter wanted to find a way to capture the uniqueness of his surroundings, and found the answer while looking through his photographs of an original house from the sixties. It wasn’t the house itself that grabbed his attention, but the strange letterbox in front of it: it had the shape of a big eagle sitting on a little concrete house. Ever since, Peter has been photographing the weirdest, most puzzling letterboxes all over Belgium. Looking at those photos, you’ll agree with the photographer that the Belgian letterboxes form a unique little piece of the country’s cultural heritage.

9789460582578 Luster 6 x 6in. 200pp., 200 col. November 2019 $20.00/CDN$27.00 Paperback

Stop Press


Icons of Street Art Big Murals Michael Harker, Suzanne Bäumler

Big murals – giant works of art covering entire house façades, often with a political message. In his book Icons of Street Art, photographer Michael Harker demonstrates the special power and meaning of this kind of street art with photos taken in Berlin, Lisbon, Paris and New York City. His large-format pictures present the art of various artists, with one focus on the works of Bordalo II. With his Trash Animals, the Portuguese artist draws attention to the subject of environmental pollution. His unique mix of upcycled sculptures and spray graffiti is in great demand at art fairs worldwide.

9783955049287 Monaco Books/Kunth 11 x 14in. 288pp., 300 col. November 2019 $110.00/CDN$148.50 Hardcover


Stop Press

Bridget Riley With contributions from Bridget Riley, Robert Kudielka, Eric de Chassey, David Sylvester, Michael Bracewell, John Elderfield, Dave Hickey, Richard Shiff

This landmark book reflects on almost 70 years of works by Bridget Riley (b.1931), from some of her earliest to very recent projects, providing a unique record of the work of an artist still very much at the height of her powers. In the last decade, Riley has continued to push her practice considerably, producing several large-scale site-specific wall paintings as well as continuing to develop new paintings. This book will explore these recent developments. It will also examine the notable influence that other artists such as Georges Seurat and Piet Mondrian have had on Riley’s work.

9781911054320 National Galleries of Scotland 9.5 x 10.5in. 280pp., 120 col. July 2019 $45.00/CDN$60.00 Paperback

Mohammad, My Mother & Me Benoit Cohen

Benoit Cohen, a French filmmaker living in New York learns that his mother MarieFrance is about to welcome Mohammad, an Afghan refugee, into her mansion in the center of Paris where she lives alone. Cohen can’t help but worry about his mother who is opening her home to a stranger. He returns to France to encounter Mohammad. Between Cohen who had chosen to leave his hometown, and Mohammad who had no choice in his fate, an intense relationship is born under the gaze of Marie-France who completes this unlikely trio. In this singular narrative, the author describes with warmth and humor the exhilarating and circuitous path that defines what ‘to give’ means in the complexity of the modern world. Also available: Yellow Cab ISBN 9781938461354

9781938461859 Pointed Leaf Press 6 x 9in. 168pp., 1 col. August 2019 $24.95/CDN$33.95 Hardcover

#99x911 33 #material4.0 13 100 Plants that (almost) changed the World 61 50 Years Porsche 914 33 a+u 18:12, 579 2 a+u 19:01, 580 2 a+u 19:02, 581 1 a+u 19:03, 582 1 a+u 19:04 583 2 a+u 19:05, 584 2 a+u 19:06, 585 2 Abraham Van Dijck (1635-1680) 24 African Apparel 45 Allo Kafii Gida 11 Amphora. Rogier Vandeweghe 36 Antinori Winery 6 Architecture China: Architect’s Offices 5 Architecture China: Building for a New Culture 5 Architecture of the NKTP Sanatorium in Kislovodsk 5 Armen Eloyan 16 Arnaldo Pomodoro 18 Art & Empire 17 Art at the Table 22 Artglas 37 Artifact 47 Bakery Design 50 Baluchars 26 Bärbel Thoelke 37 Bauhaus_Saxony 40 Béatrice Helg 52 Beautified China 7 Best Buildings Britain 9 Best Of: 500 Contemporary Interiors 60 Best Of: 500 Timeless Interiors 60 Best Of: Gardens & Swimming Pools 60 Bloom 47 Bobogyi 29 Bridget Riley 62 Bruegel’s Eye 21 Building Character 6 Building on Tradition 6 Buildings Reimagined 6 Calcutta Then Kolkata Now 30 Canada Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, The  3 Carchitecture 7 Cardiff Castle and the Marquesses of Bute  48 Chapels in Roman Churches of the Cinquecento and Seicento 20 Computational Design 4 Congo Revisited 56 Creative Workplace for Creative Ideas 41 Critical Skills for Solving Design Problems  42 Cultivating Compassion 10 David Huycke 39 Dawn 45 Day and Dastan 46 Der flexible Plan 18 Design Diary 2020 43 Development of Ink, Printing and Paper in

Asia, The 28 Digitalis  32 Distracted Focus 55 Divine Encounters 31 Doing 2019/2020 43 Drama in Time, A 49 DysFunctional 40 Edgy Architecture 8 Elements 47 Ellora 31 Enjoying 2019/2020 43 European Old Master Drawings 19 Evans + Shalev 58 Event Design Yearbook 2019/ 2020 3 Exhibition as Construction Experiment 7 Exploring Old Bangkok 57 Fadia Ahmad. Beirut 53 Fashion Illustration 45 Felippi Wyssen 8 Fibre-Fixed 44 First 100 Years: Celebrating Women in Law  48 Focus Open 2019 40 Food Store, The 42 For Her Good Estate 48 Form and Surface 22 Fred Bervoets  16 Gabi Veit 39 Gambling with Life 55 Gandhi’s Vision 31 Ganesh Pyne 25 Gene Koss 37 Georgian Jewellery 58 Giacometti-Chadwick 24 Glorious Hotels of India 57 Graber & Steiger 9 Great Himalayan National Park, The 26 GST (in India) 32 Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: Director’s Choice 22 Handmade Carpet, The 39 Healing Art 16 Henry Wallis 13 Holy Halls 33 How To See Birds 55 How to talk with birds, trees, fish, shells, snakes, bulls and lions 19 Hugo Schmölz / Karl Hugo Schmölz 54 Icons of Street Art 62 Illustrated Book of Songs, The 61 Immortal Enterprise, The 56 In Dreams Awake 21 In Praise of Human Form 11 In the Atelier: Erik Desmazières Printmaker René Tazé Printer 11 Indian Life & People In The 19th Century  30 Inside the Head of a Collector 20 Inspirations! Small Apartment Interiors 50 Interactions between water and paintings  14 Interior Design 50 Isabelle Onraet Interiors 51 JA 112 Winter, 2019 10 JA 113 Spring, 2019 10

Jangarh Singh Shyam 25 Jean-Jacques Lequeu 10 Jennifer Post Modern 51 Jodhpur Lancers 30 John Reeves 13 John Van Alstine 23 Joyful Architecture 4 June Schwarcz 36 Karlheinz Stockhausen 52 Kathak 27 Kifwebe 11 Lacloche Joaillers 38 Last Supper in Pompeii 15 Legendary 34 Lengendary DC-3, The 35 Lepakshi 27 Library of Trinity College, Dublin, The 48 Living 2019/2020 43 Livre à dessiner de P.H. De Valenciennes  20 Lords of Life 29 Maggie’s Centres: On the Road 5 Maria Lai 12 Marketing Bible for a Digital World, The32 Masi della Val Gardena 8 Materiality: The Miller Ceramic Art Collection 37 Measurement of Presence, The 17 Medieval Nubian Wall Paintings: Techniques and Conservation  14 Meera Mukherjee 25 Memphis. Plastic Field 41 Mercurio Design Lab 59 Meyer Piattini 8 Minimalist Packaging 42 Miró à Majorque 12 Mohammad, My Mother & Me 62 Moving Through Contrast 55 MUR | murs. Jacques Kauffmann, Ceramic Architecture 12 Museum of Photography in Kraków 56 My Friends Got Famous 54 Nevin Aladag 54 Nordic Moods 51 Ocean of Melancholy 46 Odile Decq 7 off the wall 50 On Site 22 On theoretical and ethical principles in conservation  14 Optichannel Retail. Beyond the Digital Hysteria 56 Oskar Schlemmer 15 Pål Vigeland 15 Palace of Holyroodhouse, The 49 Paulskirche 3 Pedro de Mena 17 Penck - Love and Cold War 16 Philippine Herbs 47 Photobook Belge 53 Pia Burrick 38 Picasso: The Sculpture 21 Picturesque India 27 Pierre Guariche 41 Pierre Legrain 41 Pino Manos 18

Pitzhanger Manor 49 Place to Mourn, A 9 Porsche 904 34 Porsche Drive - Pass Portrait - Gotthard  34 Porsche Garagen 35 Porsche Model Cars 35 Portrait of Britain 2 53 Portraits of Devotion 25 Prince, Patron & Patriarch 30 Private Spaces 60 Recyclable by Werner Sobek 4 Red Dot Design Yearbook 2019/2020  44 Red Print 40 Red X Thread: Franz Bette 38 Religions of the Hindukush, The 28 Rembrandt in Print 13 Rembrandt’s Social Network 24 Retail Design International Vol. 4 4 Rise of Bio Design, The 44 ROA Codex 19 Rooms to Remember 51 Royal Academy of Dance 49 SCHMUCKISMUS 38 Science City 49 Sculpture of Les Animaliers 36 Seeing Zen 26 Skulpturensammlung und Museum für Byzantinische Kunst: Director’s Choice  23 Somerville 140: 1879–2019 49 Spell of China, The 28 Spell of Japan, The 28 Stakeholdering 32 Story of the Jodhpur Lancers 1885-1952, The 27 Street Art Today II 19 Super F**king Lucky 45 Sverre Bjertnæs 15 Tempera Painting 14 Theatres 12 They Must Fall 59 Tiffany Lamps and Metalware 36 Timeless Interiors & Renovations 60 Timeless Living: An Anthology 60 Tom Slaughter  23 Trade Fair Design Annual 2019/20 3 Traditional Costumes of Saudi Arabia 39 Treasures From The Hispanic Society Museum & Library 18 Urban Gypsies 54 Vasari for Bindo Altoviti 21 Vincent Mangeat 9 Waiting 52 Wanderings of a Naturalist in India 29 Watson Gordon Lecture 2018, The: Heart’s Desire 20 Welcome Aboard 35 Well-Read Cat, The 58 When Seeing is Believing  26 Windhorse Warrior 46 Wolfsonian–FIU 23 Working 2019/2020 44 You’ve Got Mail 61 Zadkine 24



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