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T H E B E AT L E S 57 Wimpole Street, W1

In November 1963, not long after Paul McCartney began a relationship with Jane Asher, he left the group’s communal pad in Green Street and went to live with the actress and her family here in Marylebone until early 1966. John Lennon was a frequent visitor, and many Beatles songs were worked on in the Ashers’ music room in the basement, including ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’, ‘And I Love Her’ and ‘Eleanor Rigby’. Not all of this music was conceived while McCartney was conscious: one day, he awoke here after dreaming most of the melody to ‘Yesterday’.

CLIFF RICHARD A N D T H E S H A D OW S 100 Marylebone High Street, W1

Cliff and two members of the Shadows, guitarists Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch, were living in a humble flat here in 1959 when they had a musical epiphany: they took delivery

P I N K F L OY D 2 Earlham Street, WC2

In 1966, Pink Floyd’s original singer, guitarist and chief songwriter, Syd Barrett, moved in to a top-floor flat in a row of run-down houses near the Marquess of Granby pub,

of the first Fender Stratocaster guitar to be imported into

off Shaftesbury Avenue in Covent Garden. Here he would

England. Marvin was the first known English player of the

take LSD, tinker with the I-Ching and, most importantly,

iconic American model launched in 1954, and the bright

experience a prolific burst of creativity, writing most of the

red Strat, with its tremolo arm for heavenly vibrato effects,

songs that would appear on the band’s debut album, The

became his signature instrument – sparking a craze for

Piper at the Gates of Dawn. By the following year, Barrett

electric guitars that has never died.

had become withdrawn and his behaviour increasingly unpredictable, and his place in the band was eventually taken by David Gilmour. After a short solo career, Barrett

T H E B E AT L E S 57 Green Street, W1

The Fab Four stayed together in hotels when they came

became rock music’s most famous and tragic recluse,

to London. But it presented problems for the hotels,

living in his birthplace, Cambridge, until his death in 2006.

which were continually besieged by screaming girls. So in

He was the subject of the Floyd’s 1975 anthem ‘Shine

late 1963, while they were recording their second album,

on You Crazy Diamond’. The original row of houses in

With the Beatles, their manager Brian Epstein rented a

Earlham Street has long been demolished and replaced by

flat in Mayfair where they could supposedly live peacefully

unremarkable new buildings.

together. Flat L on the fourth floor of 57 Green Street became the only home that the foursome ever shared – though this top-secret domestic arrangement only lasted a number of weeks, because Beatlemaniacs quickly sussed their whereabouts and became a nuisance.


One of the greatest singers ever to emerge from Britain lived in this three-storey house in Notting Hill between 1968 and 1972, during which time she recorded classic songs including ‘Son of a Preacher Man’, ‘Breakfast in Bed’ and ‘How Can I Be Sure’. The house contained a huge



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