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001 | ACC in 2022

is a small self-publishing initiative by Craig Selbrede, notable for its novels and webseries.

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is a fantasy miniseries created by Craig Selbrede of Ellicott City, MD. Through a series of fortunate events, it was picked up and filmed by Unthank Productions of Norwich, UK-- The University of East Anglia's Filmmaking Society.

Craig, head writer of Relic and founder of ACC Pub Ink.


Rory Raines is thrust into a world of magic and mystery when she is unexpectedly bonded to the soul of a long dead dragon.

Bex Goulding as Rory Raines

A Series of Fortunate Events

Relic began with an odd text message to the current Head of Programming for UEATV. Initially, it was intended to be a Season 2 for the webseries Craig was working on at the time, but COVID inspired Craig and newfound collaborator Elle Rose Guyan to move in a different direction, drawing from a pitch from Craig and Zoe Traub.

Costume Sketches

Alix Burgess and Mae Duval created these costume sketches while building the world of 'Relic'!


Shooting commenced in Summer 2021 under showrunners Henry Webb & Idunn Marthinsen

'Relic' releases Summer 2022, exclusively on the Relic Webseries YouTube channel!



is a Micro Memoir inside, Craig Selbrede discusses every friend he's ever had.

illustrated by Gabrielle Jolie.

I've had many friends. Each has held a special place in my heart.

Jolie dots the book with beautiful sketches of items and moments that matter.

Deluxe Editions

A limited quantity of deluxe hardcovers was ordered, with beautiful blue endpapers and a ribbon bookmark.

ESoRaW is available now from Amazon!

Craig with his proof copies!

what is ? 'Hurt' is a 7-episode webseries about mental illness, for mentally ill people. It's designed to tell a powerful, visceral story without causing harm. 'Hurt' was created by C.M. Selbrede & Liam Gilbey. It is helmed by Selbrede and Sonia Forcada and features a dedicated team of young adults. 'Hurt' films July 2022.

Selbrede and Gilbey

Clarksville, MD

is where 'Hurt' is set and filmed.


produces 'Hurt'. 'Hurt' is ACC's first solo venture after co-producing fantasy miniseries 'Relic' with Norwich, UK's Unthank Productions. 'Hurt' is led by Selbrede and Alvin Edwards III

a first look at Chapter One,

"We Are Who We Are"!

Jack Hawes, a staff writer on 'Relic', and Martu Lezana provided early feedback on 'Hurt'.

costume designer Maz Taylor sketched these designs for Stone and Fin, although their final designs would be different after Marshall Gibbs and Anthony Phelps, the original Stone and Fin, both exited the project.

Benjamin McWhirter (Scotland), Cole Hediger (Philly) and Jesse Radwell (Australia) recently came on board as producers / social media strategists!

Episode Guide 101

"We Are Who We Are"

102 103

"What is Right?"

"You Just Kind of Have to Hope"

104 105 "Things Happen for a Reason"

"It Looks Like Nothing"


"It Doesn't Have to End this Way"

107 "The Only Way Out"

The specter of death bears down upon Stone and Fin throughout the series... can they escape it?

Check out 'Hurt' on social media and get ready to support us as we begin this important filmmaking journey!


Coming in 2023...

Makeshift a one act play

Liv Merryman expertly adapts and expands the world of Makeshift from my award-winning novella for the stage in this moving, timeless production staged in Ithaca, NY.

It doesn't matter what they call me, it matters who I am. MAKESHIFT

a webseries

a fantasy miniseries

EVERY SPECK OF RAIN, a world a micro memoir