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President’s First Word

October 2012

Mr. Tony Sakuda, President 会頭 佐久田 トニー

It is the American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa’s pleasure to welcome new key players in our community, and are happy to make them ACCO family. Our new U.S. Consul General at the American Consulate Naha is on board. Consul General Alfred Magleby assumes the position held by Ray Greene, who departed Okinawa in July. The ACCO president and many of our members attended the House Warming Party at his quarters in mid-month. We also welcomed the new Commander, 18th Mission Support Group at Kadena Air Base. Colonel Jeffery R. Ullman is now in place, and your president and several members of the Board of Governors paid an office call on him September 6th. Our guest speaker at the September General Membership Meeting was Don Iwatani, former Chief Executive Officer of Panasonic USA. He shared his experiences and business successes. We’re pleased to have shared the spotlight with the American Consulate Naha in hosting an English language Power Point Presentation Contest to promote English and Information Technology in Okinawa. The contest was open to local junior and senior high school students, and was judged by officials of both the ACCO and American Consulate Naha. The special guest judge was actor Shin Koyamda, who appeared in the movie Last Samurai with Tom Cruise. We turn our focus now to the President’s Ball, which takes place December 22nd at the Okinawa Harborview Hotel Crowne Plaza. The event will be Semi-Formal civilian attire or Dinner Dress Military Uniform. Tickets are now on sale at the Chamber Office for ¥7,500 each for nonmembers and ¥7,000 each for ACCO members. Mark your calendar now, and make your reservations. Attendance numbers are limited.

在沖米国総領事館 アルフレッド・R・マグルビー総領 事が就任されました。ACCO役員・理事は、総領事邸に て開催された歓迎レセプションへ出席しました。 9月6日(木)、ACCO役員・理事は、米国空軍 嘉手納 基地第18任務支援群司令官 ジェフリー・ウルマン大佐 を表敬訪問しました。 ACCOは マグルビー総領事、ウルマン大佐の就任を 心より歓迎いたします。 9月定例会では、元アメリカ松下電器会長 ・ CEO、 ABPS代表幹事/Simeon Consulting Group LLC社 長&CEO 岩谷 英昭氏をお招きし、「私のアメリカンドリ ーム」と題しご自身の経験やビジネスの成功についてご 講演いただきました。大変有益で興味深いご講演をいた だきましたことに心よりお礼申し上げます。 在沖米国総領事館主催の中学生・高校生/英語パ ワーポイントプレゼンテーションコンテストが9月22日( 土)、カフーリゾートフチャクコンド・ホテルにて開催され ました。映画「ラストサムライ」に出演したハリウッド俳 優 小山田 真氏が特別ゲスト審査員として招かれまし た。 12月22日(土)、沖縄ハーバービューホテルクラウン プラザにてプレジデンツ・ボールが開催されます。料金 はお一人7,500円 となります。お席に限りがあります。ご 予約はACCO事務局までお早めにご連絡ください。 またお会いしましょう。皆様の日頃のご支援に心より お礼申し上げます。

See you all soon and thank you for your support.

AmCham Okinawa Colleague – October 2012

The American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa

2012 Officers President

Tony Sakuda Okinawa Tourist Service

Vice President

Lemont Whiteside American Engineering Corp.

Vice President

Justin Wentworth IV Lloyd & Heinz, Ltd.


Mickey Weissert KDDI Okinawa Co., Ltd.


Richard Boudreault American Engineering Corp.

2012 Board of Governors James Pogue, Immediate Past President Fareast Service Company Walt Christiansen United Seamen’s Service Hawari Habrawi Phoenix Corporation Nobukatsu Miyaguni NoBu Jarrett Ota Individual Member Bien Panganiban Ryukyu Classical Academy Ray Payne Eastern Star Corporation Joseph C. Thompson J.C. Thompson Corporation Sayaka Toyokawa Interlink Okinawa Ltd.

Past Presidents Justin Wentworth III - ‘85, ‘88, ‘89 Lloyd & Heinz, Ltd. Gilbert Hoffman - ‘88, ‘94, ‘95 Sunabe Corporation Joseph Thompson - ‘96, ‘97, ‘05, ‘06, ‘07 J.C. Thompson Corporation Michael Oshiro - ‘98, ‘99 Ameku Enterprise, Ltd. Michael Kelly - ‘01, ‘02 Aladdin Trading Co. Walt Christiansen - ‘03, ‘04 United Seamen’s Service William Kelly - ‘08, ‘09 Trans World Assurance Company Colleague Editorial Staff Editor Mickey Weissert Layout Mickey Weissert Translations Megumi Shinjo

American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa

The AmCham Colleague is published by the American Chamber of Commerce Okinawa (ACCO Okinawa), a member of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States. ACCOkinawa, P.O. Box 235, Okinawa City, Okinawa, Japan 904-8591 Phone (098) 898-5401 Fax (098) 898-5411 Office Hours 9am – 5pm Mon-Fri



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AmCham Okinawa Colleague – October 2012

October 2012 Guest Speaker Jun Yasunaga 安永淳一 (ジュン・安永) The American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa

President Ryukyu Golden Kings (Okinawa Basketball Inc.) 琉球ゴールデンキングス (沖縄バスケットボール株式会社) 取締役

Committees Protocol Committee Committee Chair:

Prof. Bien Panganiban

Membership Committee Committee Chair:

From NBA to Oki - Okinawa’s Spectator Sports NBAから沖縄へ - 観客を楽しませる沖縄のスポーツ

Justin Wentworth IV

Trade & Labor Committee / OJACC Committee Chair: Vice Committee Chair:

Joseph C. Thompson Munenori Gushiken

Financial & Tax Committee Committee Chair:

Richard Boudreault

Special Events Committee Committee Chair: Walt Christiansen Vice Committee Chair: Rose Liggayu-Raymundo

Programs Committee Committee Chair: Advisor:

Sayaka Toyokaya James Pogue

APCAC Liaison Committee Chair:

Ray Payne

Military Liaison Committee Committee Chair: Vice Committee Chair:

Lemont Whiteside Art Arao

Constitution By-Laws Committee Chair:

Jusin Wentworth IV

Public Relations / Community Relations Committee Committee Chair: Vice Committee Chair:

Jarrett Ota Dr. Scott Goldberg

Local Liaison Committee Committee Chair: Vice Committee Chair:

Sayaka Toyokawa Nobukatsu Miyaguni

Information Technology Committee Committee Chair: Advisor:

Mickey Weissert

Nominating Committee Committee Chair:

Dennis Tortona Carl Bastian Cindy Kawaguchi

Education Committee Committee Chair:

1998-2007, Director of Operations – New Jersey Nets 1995-1998, Sales Representative – New Jersey Nets

Indiana University, Bloomington, BS Sports Management & Marketing 1995

Born in Kyoto in 1966 *Achievements in Okinawa in 5 years: ☼☼

Established the first professional basketball team in Okinawa in 2007.


Responsible for day-to-day operations of the Kings.


Created the economic effects over ¥2,200,000,000 in Okinawa in 2012-13 season.


Sold most tickets in the Japanese basketball leagues.


Won the national championships in 2009 & 2012.

*Achievements in the U.S. in 12 years: ☼☼

Became the only Japanese working in an NBA franchise for over 10 years.


Worked to rebuild the Nets from the bottom to the top in the winning, operations and sales.


Built and operated a state-of-the-art basketball practice facility in New Jersey.


NBA FINALS in 2002 & 2003.


Responsible for the total of 1,030 games (495 wins and 535 losses)

Hawari Habrawi

Tourism & Hospitality Committee Committee Co-Chair: Committee Co-Chair: Committee Vice-Chair:

2007-Present, Chief Operating Officer - Okinawa Basketball Inc., managing company of the Ryukyu Golden Kings Basketball Team

Mike Holland

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AmCham Okinawa Colleague – October 2012


General Membership Meeting

September 7, 2012

2012年(平成24年)9月7日 開催定例会 For our September program, Mr. Don Hideaki Iwatani, Former Chairman/CEO of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America, President/CEO of Simeon Consulting Group and Chief Executive Director, Alliance for Business Professional Services presented “My American Dream.” The American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa thanks Mr. Iwatani for his informative and interesting presentation.

9月定例会では、元アメリカ松下電器会 長・CEO、ABPS代表幹事/Simeon Consulting Group LLC社長&CEO 岩谷 英昭氏をお招き し、「私のアメリカンドリーム」と題してご講演を いただきました。大変有益で興味深いご講演を いただきましたことに心よりお礼申し上げます。 From left: Mr. Don Hideaki Iwatani, Former Chairman/ CEO of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America, President/CEO of Simeon Consulting Group and Chief Executive Director, Alliance for Business Professional Services and ACCO President Tony Sakuda 写真左よ り 元アメリカ松下電器会長・CEO、ABPS代表幹事/Simeon Consulting Group LLC社長&CEO 岩谷 英昭 様、佐久田 トニ ーACCO会頭

Courtesy Call

From left: ACCO Vice President Justin Wentworth IV, ACCO Vice President Lemont Whiteside, ACCO President Tony Sakuda, Consul General Alfred R. Magleby, U.S. Consulate General, Naha, Japan, ACCO Governor Bien S.P. Panganiban, ACCO Treasurer Richard Boudreault 写真左より ジャスティン・ウェントワースACCO副会頭、レモント・ホワイトサイドACCO副会頭、佐久田 トニーACCO会頭、在沖米国総領事館 アル フレッド・R・マグルビー総領事、ビエン・パンガニバンACCO理事、リチャード・ブドゥローACCO会計

On 4 September, 2012, ACCO Representatives called on Consul General Alfred R. Magleby, U.S. Consulate General, Naha, Japan. The American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa welcomes Consul General Magleby to Okinawa.

9月4日(火)、ACCO役員・理事は、在沖米国総領事館 アルフレッド・R・マグルビー総領事を表敬訪問しまし た。ACCOは マグルビー総領事の着任を心より歓迎いたします。


AmCham Okinawa Colleague – October 2012

General Membership Meeting

September 7, 2012

2012年(平成24年)9月7日 開催定例会

New Member

From left: Mr. Eduardo Oyadomari, Okinawa Industry Promotion Public Corporation and ACCO President Tony Sakuda 写真左より 沖縄県産業振興公社 親泊 エ ドワード様、 佐久田 トニーACCO会頭

American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa ®

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October 2012 Guest Speaker

Jun Yasunaga 安永淳一 (ジュン・安永) President Ryukyu Golden Kings (Okinawa Basketball Inc.) 琉球ゴールデンキングス (沖縄バスケットボール株式会社) 取締役

京都市立葵小学校、京都市立下鴨中学校、京都府立洛北高校、滋賀大学卒業。 1990 年よりアメリカ留学。ミシガン州立大学(Michigan State University)語学留学。 1995 年インディアナ大学(Indiana University)スポーツ経営学学位取得。 1995 年NBA New Jersey Nets 球団入社。チケット営業部門で入社1 年目から24 名の営業部で1 位の売上成績を残す。 1996 年 11 月 東京ドームでNBA が2 試合開催、New Jersey Nets を率いて来日、2 日間で 78,000 人を集めた興行で成功を納 める。 1998 年 7 月 オペレーション部(総務・試合運営)の現場最高責任者Director of Operationsとなる。NBA 初の球団本社兼チーム 専用練習場を建設。ホスピタリティーの充実をモットーに、チーム遠征や試合開催決定と運営の責任者となる。特 に9・11 同時多発テロ以後は、毎試合2 万人の命を預かる試合運営の責任者としてFBI と密に連携、危機予防と 対策に力をいれ、来場者の安全を確保。 2002 年 6 月 New Jersey Nets 球団がNBA Finals(決勝戦)に出場。 2003 年 6 月 New Jersey Nets 球団がNBA Finals(決勝戦)に出場。 NBA 生活の12 シーズンではNets の公式戦が1,030 試合、通算495 勝535 敗。NBA 球団フロントで働き続けた唯一の日本人。ま た代理人として、日本人選手のアメリカ挑戦を手伝い、アメリカ人選手の日本国内チームとの契約も多く行った。 2007 年 6 月 New Jersey Nets 球団をアメリカで学んだ経験を日本で活かすべく、退団。 2007 年 7 月 琉球ゴールデンキングス球団取締役就任。新規設立のプロチーム運営事業で試合開催・運営・営業が主な職 務。 2008 年 5 月 琉球ゴールデンキングスリーグ最下位(10 勝34 敗)。 2009 年 5 月 琉球ゴールデンキングスリーグ初優勝。 2010 年 6 月 琉球ゴールデンキングス単年度黒字達成。 2010 年 9 月 沖縄県観光商工部スポーツ産業創出戦略構築検討委員会委員就任。 2011 年 6 月 琉球ゴールデンキングス2 年連続単年度黒字達成。 2011 年 6 月 沖縄県振興審議会産業振興部会観光スポーツ専門委員会委員就任。 2011 年 8 月 財団法人沖縄観光コンベンションビューロー専門委員会誘致推進委員会委員就任。 2012 年 5 月 琉球ゴールデンキングス2 度目の日本一。 講演(企業・団体)ANA 沖縄パートナー会、日経ビジネス定期講演会、琉球ダイハツ労働組合、沖縄事業再生研究会、沖縄県 人材マネジメント研究会、沖縄県中部地区歯科医師会、沖縄県みんなでグッジョブ2009&2012、沖縄県ビルメンテ ナンス組合、沖縄県石油業商業組合、沖縄県求人おきなわ合同企業説明会、京都表具協同組合、沖縄県体育指 導員協議会、京都府異業種交流会連絡会議総会、全国私立保育園連盟山形大会、全国私立保育園連盟東京本 部、沖縄県公立小中学校事務職員協会、西原町教育委員会、大宜味村教育委員会、ニューヨーク野村経済研究 所 講演(小学校・中学校・高校・大学)西原町立坂田小学校、恩納村立山田小中学校、那覇市立石田中学校、那覇市立仲井真中 学校、那覇市立神原中学校、浦添市立仲西中学校、豊見城市立豊見城中学校、名護市立久辺中学校、大宜味 村立大宜味中学校、浦添市立神森中学、糸満市立西崎中学校、沖縄県立小禄高校、沖縄県立浦添高校、大阪 体育大学、琉球大学、早稲田大学、天理大学、桜坂市民大学講座、Seton Hall 大学(米国),Rutgers 大学(米国) TV 出演:NHK(NBA 特番、スポーツ番組)、TBS(NBA 試合中継)、テレビ朝日(NBA 番組) 執筆:月刊HOOP(日本文化出版社NBA バスケットボール月刊誌)2000 年より毎月連載中、momoto 季刊誌2011 年より連載 尊敬する人:Willis Reed (New York Knicks 優勝チームのキャプテン背番号19 番) 座右の銘:A Will To Win AmCham Okinawa Colleague – October 2012


Courtesy Call

From left: ACCO Tourism & Hospitality Chair Carl Bastian, ACCO Vice President Justin Wentworth IV, ACCO President Tony Sakuda, Colonel Jeffery R. Ullmann, Commander, 18th Mission Support Group, Kadena Air Base, ACCO Governor Bien S.P. Panganiban, ACCO Treasurer Richard Boudreault 写真左より カール・バスティアンACCO観光&ホスピタリティー委員会委員長、 ジャスティン・ウェントワースACCO副会頭、 佐久田 トニーACCO会頭、米国空軍 嘉手納基地第18任務支援群司令官 ジェフリー・ウルマン大佐、ビエン・パンガニバンACCO理事、リチャード・ブドゥロ ーACCO会計

On 6 September, 2012, ACCO Representatives called on Colonel Jeffery R. Ullmann, Commander, 18th Mission Support Group, Kadena Air Base. The American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa welcomes Colonel Ullmann to Okinawa.

9月6日(木)、ACCO役員・理事は、米国空軍 嘉手納基地第18任務支援群司令官 ジェフリー・ウルマン大佐を表 敬訪問しました。ACCOはウルマン大佐の着任を心より歓迎いたします。

Recent Events

From Left Front: ACCO member Eduardo Oyadomari, ACCO President Tony Sakuda, Mr. Don Hideaki Iwatani, Mrs. Fumiyo Iwatani, Mrs. Etsuko Oshiro, ACCO Past President Michael Oshiro, From Left Rear: ACCO Past President James Pogue, ACCO Education Committee Chair Mike Holland, ACCO Governor Jarrett Ota, ACCO Governor Sayaka Toyokawa, Ms. Elizabeth Oshiro, ACCO Vice President Lemont Whiteside. 写 真前列左より 親泊 エドワー ドACCO会員、 佐久田 トニー ACCO会頭、元アメリカ松下電 器会長・CEO、ABPS代表幹事/ Simeon Consulting Group LLC 社長&CEO  岩谷 英昭様、岩 谷 様、大城 悦子様、大城  マイコルACCO元会頭. 写真後 列左より ジェームス・ポーグ ACCO前会頭、マイク・ホーラン ドACCO教育委員会委員長、ジ ャレット・オオタACCO理事、豊 川 明佳ACCO理事、大城 エ リザベス様、レモント・ホワイト サイドACCO会頭

On 6 September, 2012, ACCO representatives hosted an informal dinner in honor of the September General Membership Meeting guest speaker Mr. Don Hideaki Iwatani, Former Chairman/CEO of Matsushita Electric Corporation of America , President/CEO of Simeon Consulting Group and Chief Executive Director, Alliance for Business Professional Services.

9月6日(木)、ACCO役員・理事は、9月定例会ゲスト講演者 元アメリカ松下電器会長・CEO、ABPS代表幹事/ Simeon Consulting Group LLC社長&CEO 岩谷 英昭様ご夫妻を主賓として夕食会を開催しました。 6

AmCham Okinawa Colleague – October 2012

ACCO TRADE COMMITTEE FREE MARKET PRINCIPLES And the Consumption Tax System in Japan The main purpose of the American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa, is to further the development of commerce and trade between the United States of America and Japan and particularly within Okinawa Prefecture. A healthy economy that contributes to the welfare of all requires government involvement as an effective regulator who is deeply committed to such free-market principles as competitive and free and open trade and investment. One of the basic principles is a free trade agreement with the principles of lowering import taxes on products. While Japan has lowered or exempted many products from import duties and taxes in accordance with agreements with the United States and the WTO (World Trade Organization), the Japanese Government’s Consumption Tax system of 1989/1997 effectively increased costs and taxes on imports across the entire import product line. The Consumption Tax system is a multi-step system: (VAT) Value added tax is assessed at each stage of the manufacturing, import, wholesale and retail processes (all stages of the Distribution system). The importer is required to pay the consumption taxes when products leave bonded warehouses. The consumption tax is levied over the current import taxes payable. This rule was enacted as a reason to protect locally produced and manufactured products. However, payment of consumption taxes for locally manufactured goods and products and other stages of the distribution system are not paid until the end of the fiscal year. We oppose Japan’s consumption tax system (Value Added Tax) on imports and any proposed consumption tax increase at this time. We believe the existing business atmosphere in Japan is not in a position to absorb additional taxes at this time. Recommendations We propose that the existing consumption tax system be revised to benefit the Japanese government, businesses and end-users by: 1. Eliminating the consumption taxes on importation and the (Value Added Tax) on distribution businesses. Levy the Consumption tax only on the end-user (Consumer) at the retail sale. 2. Revise the collection system of consumption taxes by preventing non-payment of taxes (closing loopholes). 3. Consumption taxes should be collected by the government within 60 days after payment by the end-user (at the retail level- the consumer). This method (instead of at the end of the Fiscal year), would guarantee collection of taxes in a timely method, providing taxes to the government at a faster rate and alleviate the tax burden of the business by paying monthly instead of paying accumulated taxes at the end of the fiscal year. REASONING a. Japan’s consumption tax (called VAT –Value added Tax) is levied on all businesses in the distribution system by adding 5% on each level. Imports of products are taxed and paid by importers when goods leave a bonded warehouse. b. The consumption tax is levied on imports in addition to customs duties on certain imports. The government claims this tax on imports is necessary to maintain the balance between imported goods and domestic goods. c. Point of issue is that importers pay consumption tax upon receipt in Japan – whereas local businesses pay on a yearly tax year, with over 60% of small businesses not paying the tax to the government due to exemptions in the consumption tax laws. However, the tax applied by law, has effectively increased the cost of products by 20 to 30%, resulting in higher cost of goods. d. Since institution of the consumption tax law in 1997, manufacturers have departed Japan. Twenty years ago manufacturing in Japan was 40% (as stated by the President of Toyota). Today, manufacturing in Japan is only 19%. His forecast is that the proposed increase in consumption taxes will drive more companies out of Japan – further reducing the manufacturing base in Japan. By: ACCO TRADE COMMITTEE

SEPTEMBER 20, 2012

AmCham Okinawa Colleague – October 2012


Reception for Shin Koyamada at Kafuu Resort on Monday, September 17th

Book reading with Louvre Preschool at American Corners at Urasoe Library on Wednesday, September 19th

FM 21 radio show on Wednesday, September 19th

Meeting with Urasoe Mayor on Wednesday, September 19th Visit to Commander Fleet Activities Okinawa (CFAO) CFAO Facebook Page Photo Album:


AmCham Okinawa Colleague – October 2012

Hollywood Actor/Producer Shin Koyamada Visits Okinawa Shin Koyamada was born on March 10th, 1982 in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. In 2000, he moved to Hollywood all by himself to pursuit his dream of being a Hollywood actor and learning English. He became best known to audiences after his co-starring roles in the Warner Bros. blockbuster Tom Cruise film “The Last Samurai” as Nobutada, with a worldwide box office of $456 million and Shin also starred in the Disney Channel hit feature movie “Wendy Wu Homecoming Warrior” (TV) as Shen, which had over 5.7 million viewers at its premiere. Shin also founded the Shin Koyamada Foundation (SKF), a U.S. charitable organization dedicated to help children succeed in martial arts programs and educate youth and children to achieve their goals and dreams. The foundation also promotes study abroad and cross cultural exchange programs in the United States. One of the many things SKF did recently was to raise funds for the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami victims. Shin Koyamada was in Okinawa for one week (September 17th to 24th) to promote study abroad, English education, and his foundation, the Shin Koyamada Foundation. On Monday September 17th, there was a reception at the Kafuu Resort in Onna Village to welcome Hollywood Actor Shin Koyamada to Okinawa. This event was sponsored by the American Consulate General Naha and was attended by many key people in the international business and education community. On Tuesday September 18th, Shin had several courtesy visits to VIPs around Okinawa but he also found time to be interviewed by FM Okinawa and NHK TV. On Wednesday September 19th, Shin was one of three book readers at an English book reading with the Louvre Preschool at the American Corner at Urasoe Library. After the book reading, there was a meeting with Urasoe Mayor Gima. After meeting the Mayor of Urasoe, Shin was the special guest for two hours at FM 21, a radio show in Urasoe that featured representatives from the Naha Young Entrepreneurs Group (YEG), Junior Chamber of Commerce International (JCI) Naha, and the American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa (ACCO). Thursday the 20th was a very busy day! He started with a lunch meeting and with Enlisted Airmen on Kadena at the Kadena Chapel. Shin talked about his foundation called SKF (Shin Koyamada Foundation) and answered several questions from the military community. Shin was then greeted at White Beach Naval Facility by Captain Richard Weathers and then taken by tug to the USS Hawaii. There he got a tour of the ship and was presented with a command coin as well as a command ball cap. He was then taken to Kadena Air Base where he was given a tour of by the VP-5 Squadron where they gave him a close up look at one of their P-3 aircraft. Later that evening, Shin-san spoke to over 130 people at an event organized by Naha YEG. Shin’s speech was about his experiences in becoming a movie star and the things he learned while studying English in America. After his speech, Shin took pictures, signed autographs, and exchanged business cards with many in attendance. On Saturday September 22nd, Shin was one of the judges for the first ever English presentation contest named “My Dream Trip to the United States.” The other judges were representatives from the American Consulate General Naha, the American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa, the Okinawa Prefectural Government, Kafuu Resort, and United Airlines. There were 13 junior high and high schools throughout Okinawa involved in this English contest. The first place winner was Kouichi Kinjo from Urasoe Junior High School and he won two round trip tickets to Guam donated by United Airlines. The second place winner was Ms. Arisa Shiroma from Naha International High School and she won a 3rd generation 64GB iPad, and the third place winner was Ms. Hikaru Kyan from Koyo High School and she won a 3rd generation 32GB iPad, both of which were donated by the U.S. Consulate General Naha. The 13 schools involved in the My Dream Trip to the United States English presentation contest were: Chubu Shogyo High School, Futenma High School, Haebaru High School, Ishimine Jr. High School, Koyo High School, Naha Kokusai High School, Naha Shogyo High School, Okinawa Catholic High School, Showa Yakka Jr. High School, Urasoe High School, Urasoe Jr. High School, Urasoe Shogyo High School, and Yokatsu High School. This English presentation contest was a huge success and next year we hope to make it even bigger and better!! None of the above events would have happened if it was not for the amazing support of the following organizations/ companies: American Forces Network, American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa & its’ Education Committee, American Consulate General Naha, Association of Government Accountants, JCI Naha, I ♥ Okinawa, Japan Update, Kafuu Resort, Lorina, Naha YEG, NHK, Okinawa Cable Network, Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education, Okinawa Times, OTV, Ryukyu Glass, Rykuku Shimpo, Shin Koyamada Foundation, This Week on Okinawa, United Airlines. Extra special thanks goes out to Aya Haemori, Chikako Onabe, Heather Eaton, and Makiko Morita from the American Consulate General Naha, Carl Bastian from Kafuu Resort, Dr. Scott Goldberg from the University of Phoenix, Hazuki Oshiro from Louvre Preschool, Kae Chinen and Mike Martin from Bloominghills Okinawa, Masato Chinen from Okinawa International School, Hiroshi Oshiro and Hiroshi Tamaki from the Okinawa Prefectural Board of Education, Mike Holland from English Teachers in Okinawa, Mitsuaki Tabata from Island Boat, Sayaka Zacharski and Takeshi Higaonna from Naha YEG, SgtMaj Brent Cook and the Futenma MCAS volunteers, Yukiharu Sekiya from United Airlines, and countless members from the American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa, Naha YEG, and JCI Naha. AmCham Okinawa Colleague – October 2012


Visit to Kadena Air Base (Kadena Air Base Youtube Video)

Naha Chamber of Commerce & Industry YEG Speech

My Dream Trip to America English Contest 2012 Grand Prize Winner

Kouichi Kinjo Urasoe Junior High School Two round trip tickets to Guam donated by United Airlines


AmCham Okinawa Colleague – October 2012

OKINAWA INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (OIST) CONTRIBUTION DRIVE In June 2001, former Minister of State for Okinawa and Northern Territories Affairs and Science and Technology Policy, Koji Omi announced a plan to establish a new graduate School on Okinawa. In April of 2003, the site in Onna village was selected as the venue for the campus. The objective of the graduate university is to contribute to the self-sustaining development of Okinawa and to conduct world-class research and education in science and technology in Okinawa. In September of 2012, the OIST accepted the first group of graduates, over half from countries throughout the world, to begin the long-awaited opening of the graduate school. The ACCO has been involved in the OIST since the beginning, working with Onna Village delegates and Mayor Shikiya to assist in venue selection and continuing by serving on the Board of Directors of the Council for Promotion of OIST of the OPG since 2005. The ACCO asks its members’ kind cooperation by contributing to the fund in order to offset some of the expenses by the OPG covering publications and workshop programs. The contribution drive began September 14th . You may contribute at the ACCO General Membership Meeting, or contact the ACCO office directly. No minimum amount is required. Donations of any amount are welcome. Present list of Contributors: Company


J.C. Thompson Corporation

Joseph C. Thompson

Ryukyu Classical Academy

Bien Panganiban

Okinawa Tourist Service

Tony Sakuda

NOBU Nobukatsu Miyaguni Eastern Star Corporation

Ray Payne

Interlink Okinawa Ltd.

Sayaka Toyokawa

Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa

Cindy Kawaguchi

Phoenix Corporation

Hawari Habrawi

American Engineering Corp.

Lemont Whiteside

Tatsumi USA Inc.

Munenori Gushiken

Corporate Personnel Investigator

Hiromitsu Kishimoto

*Contributions will be made to the Okinawa Prefectural Government in the name of ACCO. • All U.S. citizens who want to vote in the 2012 election need to go to to complete and submit a new Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) if they haven’t yet done so this calendar year. • Everyone should request electronic delivery of his/her ballot and include an email address on his/her application. • Almost all adult U.S. citizens overseas can vote in 2012, even if they have never lived in the U.S. or have been away from the U.S. for a long time.

AmCham Okinawa Colleague – October 2012


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October 2012 Issue of the AmCham Colleague, the monthly publication of the American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa