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President’s First Word Mr. Tony Sakuda, President 会頭 佐久田 トニー

We begin this month giving thanks for our freedom. America’s celebrating 236 years of Independence July 4th, and our American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa will formalize the honors with a Summer Barbeque on July 7th. We’re excited about the Summer Barbeque. This is the first year our Chamber has ventured forth to have its own celebration, and we look forward to a terrific day at Kadena Marina with our members and their families. The American Chamber of Commerce Okinawa shared a very significant day with our Okinawan neighbors June 23rd, commemorating the 67th Anniversary of the End to the Battle of Okinawa. Our Chamber, together with the United Services Organization and the United Seamen’s Service, held a memorial service at the Cornerstone of Peace at Peace Memorial Park, with U.S. Consul General Raymond Greene and Lt. Gen. Kenneth Glueck, the III Marine Expeditionary Force commander, as our guest speakers. From there, we joined Okinawa Governor Hirokazu Nakaima and Japan’s Prime Minister, Yoshihiko Noda, for the Prefecture Memorial Ceremony at the Peace Memorial Park. ACCO’s officers, past presidents and governors joined the American Consulate Naha for its celebration of America’s Independence Day, too. The Consulate hosted an Independence Day event at the Crowne Plaza Harborview Hotel on June 29th. May was Asia Pacific Heritage Month, and ACCO took time to join Lester Middle School and its APAH coordinator, Ms. Lisa Tunstall, with a program where students expressed their own heritage through poems, drawings, songs and a dance essay. ACCO assisted in selecting the winners and presenting certificates. Michael Martin and members of the Education Committee joined me for this event. We welcome a new member to our ACCO ranks: Mercure Hotel Okinawa is now part of our organization following its grand opening in Naha on June 5th. Mercure Okinawa Naha is a part of Accor, the largest international hotel operator in the Asia Pacific region. The downtown Naha has 260 guest rooms, all with contemporary designs. A very special ‘thanks’ to Dr. Robert D. Eldridge, Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, G07 Government and External Affairs, Marine Corps Installations Pacific, Marine Forces Japan. Dr. Eldridge addressed

July 2012

our Chamber General Membership Meeting in June on the theme “Enhancing the Relationship with Okinawa and Japan”. His insights on the Marine Corps’ Outreach and Community Relations Programs were much appreciated. See you all soon and thank you for your support. 7月4日(水)、米国は236回目の独立記念日を迎えます。 米国商工会議所(ACCO)は、7月7日(土)バーベキューを開 催します。 ACCO主催の米国独立記念日を祝うバーベキューは初 めての試みで、嘉手納マリーナにて会員の皆様とご家族を 対象に開かれます。 6月23日(土)、67年目の慰霊の日を迎え、ACCO は、USO沖縄、ユナイテッドシーメンズサービスと共催で糸 満市摩文仁(まぶに)の平和祈念公園にて追悼式を開催し ました。在沖米国総領事館 レイモンド・グリーン総領事、第 三海兵遠征軍司令官 ケネス・グラック中将をゲスト講演者 にお招きしました。追悼式後、沖縄県主催の沖縄全戦没者 追悼式へ参列しました。 6月29日(金)、沖縄ハーバービューホテルクラウンプラザ にて在沖米国総領事館主催の米国独立記念祝賀会が開催 され、ACCO役員・理事、元会頭らが出席しました。 5月にはレスターミドルスクール主催2012アジア太平洋ヘ リテージ・マンス・プログラム(APAH) (コーディネーター リ サ・タンストール様)が開催され、ACCO教育委員会が参加し ました。生徒たちは詩、絵、歌、ダンスなどを通し伝統、文化 を表現しました。ACCO教育委員会委員が審査員を務め、賞 状を贈りました。 6月5日(火)、メルキュール沖縄那覇が開業しました。メ ルキュールはフランスを拠点とするアコーホテルズのブラン ドで、世界50ヶ国以上で700のホテルを展開しており、メルキ ュールホテル沖縄那覇は、国内で6軒目のメルキュールブラ ンドのホテルとなり、客室260部屋を有します。メルキュール ホテル沖縄那覇は、沖縄都市モノレール(ゆいレール)の壺 川駅目の前に位置しています。 6月1日(金)に開催されました定例会では、米国海兵隊 太平洋基地政務外交部(G-7)次長 ロバート・D・エルドリッ ヂ氏をお招きし、「沖縄および日本全国との関係拡大へ 海 兵隊の広報外交と地域交流」と題してご講演をいただきまし た。大変有益で興味深いご講演をいただきましたことに心よ りお礼申し上げます。 またお会いしましょう。皆様の日頃のご支援に心よりお礼 申し上げます。

AmCham Okinawa Colleague – July 2012

The American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa

2012 Officers President

Tony Sakuda Okinawa Tourist Service

Vice President

Lemont Whiteside American Engineering Corp.

Vice President

Justin Wentworth IV Lloyd & Heinz, Ltd.


Mickey Weissert KDDI Okinawa Co., Ltd.


Richard Boudreault American Engineering Corp.

2012 Board of Governors James Pogue, Immediate Past President Fareast Service Company Walt Christiansen United Seamen’s Service Hawari Habrawi Phoenix Corporation Nobukatsu Miyaguni NoBu Jarrett Ota Individual Member Bien Panganiban Ryukyu Classical Academy Ray Payne Eastern Star Corporation Joseph C. Thompson J.C. Thompson Corporation Sayaka Toyokawa Interlink Okinawa Ltd.

Past Presidents Justin Wentworth III - ‘85, ‘88, ‘89 Lloyd & Heinz, Ltd. Gilbert Hoffman - ‘88, ‘94, ‘95 Sunabe Corporation Joseph Thompson - ‘96, ‘97, ‘05, ‘06, ‘07 J.C. Thompson Corporation Michael Oshiro - ‘98, ‘99 Ameku Enterprise, Ltd. Michael Kelly - ‘01, ‘02 Aladdin Trading Co. Walt Christiansen - ‘03, ‘04 United Seamen’s Service William Kelly - ‘08, ‘09 Trans World Assurance Company Colleague Editorial Staff Editor Mickey Weissert Layout Mickey Weissert Translations Megumi Shinjo

American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa

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AmCham Okinawa Colleague – July 2012

Voting Registration Assistance Day @ U.S. Consulate General Naha The American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa

Consulate Staff will help you with voting registration.

Committees Protocol Committee Committee Chair:

Prof. Bien Panganiban

Fridays @ 08:30am-11:30am & 1:00pm -3:00pm

Membership Committee Committee Chair:

Justin Wentworth IV

U.S. Consulate General Naha, Japan Consular Section Waiting Room

Trade & Labor Committee / OJACC Committee Chair: Vice Committee Chair:

Joseph C. Thompson Munenori Gushiken

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Financial & Tax Committee Committee Chair:

Richard Boudreault

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Special Events Committee Committee Chair: Walt Christiansen Vice Committee Chair: Rose Liggayu-Raymundo

Programs Committee Committee Chair: Advisor:

Sayaka Toyokaya James Pogue

APCAC Liaison Committee Chair:

Ray Payne

Military Liaison Committee Committee Chair: Vice Committee Chair:

Lemont Whiteside Art Arao

Constitution By-Laws Committee Chair:

Jusin Wentworth IV

Public Relations / Community Relations Committee Committee Chair: Vice Committee Chair:

Jarrett Ota Dr. Scott Goldberg

Local Liaison Committee Committee Chair: Vice Committee Chair:

Sayaka Toyokawa Nobukatsu Miyaguni

Information Technology Committee Committee Chair: Advisor:

Mickey Weissert

Nominating Committee Committee Chair:

Hawari Habrawi

Tourism & Hospitality Committee Committee Co-Chair: Committee Co-Chair: Committee Vice-Chair:

• All U.S. citizens who want to vote in the 2012 election need to go to to complete and submit a new Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) if they haven’t yet done so this calendar year. • Everyone should request electronic delivery of his/ her ballot and include an email address on his/her application. • Almost all adult U.S. citizens overseas can vote in 2012, even if they have never lived in the U.S. or have been away from the U.S. for a long time.

Dennis Tortona Carl Bastian Cindy Kawaguchi

Education Committee Committee Chair:

Mike Holland

AmCham Okinawa Colleague – July 2012


General Membership Meeting

June 1, 2012

2012年(平成24年)6月1日 開催定例会 For our June program, Dr. Robert D. Eldridge, Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, G-7, Government and External Affairs (G-7), Marine Corps Installations Pacific, Marine Forces Japan presented “Enhancing the Relationship with Okinawa and Japan: Marine Corps’ Outreach and Community Relations.“ The American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa thanks Dr. Eldridge for his informative and interesting presentation.

6月定例会では、米国海兵隊太平 洋基地政務外交部(G-7)次長 ロバー ト・D・エルドリッヂ氏をお招きし、「沖縄 および日本全国との関係拡大へ 海 兵隊の広報外交と地域交流」と題して ご講演をいただきました。大変有益で 興味深いご講演をいただきましたこと に心よりお礼申し上げます。 From left: Dr. Robert D. Eldridge, Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff, G-7, Government and External Affairs (G-7), Marine Corps Installations Pacific, Marine Forces Japan and ACCO President Tony Sakuda 写真左より 米国海兵隊太平洋基地政務外交部(G-7)次長 ロバート・D・エルドリ ッヂ氏、 佐久田 トニーACCO会頭

On May 17th, ACCO Members Hazuki Oshiro from Louvre Hoikuen, Mike Holland from English Teachers in Okinawa & I ♥ Okinawa, Kae Chinen from Bloominghills Okinawa & Duo Language School, & Michael Martin from Busy Bee International School met with Tamaki Yuji & Nakada Mitsunobu from the Naha Board of Education to see how we could work together to help the youth of Okinawa.

5月17日(木)、ルーブル保育園 大城 葉月ACCO 会員、イングリッシュ ティーチャーズ オキナワ マイ ク・ホーランドACCO会員、ブルーミング ヒルズ オキ ナワ 知念 加恵ACCO会員、ビジー ビー インター ナショナル スクール マイケル・マーティンACCO会員 は、那覇市教育委員会 学校教育部 青少年育成課  主幹 玉城 裕二様、那覇市教育委員会 青少年育成 課 課長 中田 光信様とお会いし、沖縄の青少年のた め、どのように互いに協力できるかを話し合いました。

From left: ACCO Member Hazuki Oshiro from LouvreHoikuen, Tamaki Yuji Naha Board of Education, ACCO Member Mike Holland from English Teachers in Okinawa & I ♥ Okinawa, Nakada Mitsunobu Naha Board of Education, ACCO Member Kae Chinen from Bloominghills Okinawa & Duo Language School and ACCO Member Michael Martin from Busy Bee International School 写真左より ルーブル保育園  大城 葉月ACCO会員、那覇市教育委員会 学校教育部 青少年育成課 主幹 玉城 裕二様、イングリッシュ ティーチャーズ オキナワ マイク・ホーランド ACCO会員、那覇市教育委員会 青少年育成課 課長 中田 光信様、ブルーミング ヒルズ オキナワ 知念 加恵ACCO会員、ビジー ビー インターナショ ナル スクール マイケル・マーティンACCO会員

Member Profile

MICHAEL B. MARTIN, Retired CGFM, Education Director, Busy Bee International Elementary School. Date Joined ACCO: 2011. 1966-1987: Retired (MSgt, USAF); Musician, Administration and Resource Management. 1987-2007: Retired (GS12), Resource Management. (1988)HQ, USAF, Civil Engineering Civilian of the Year. (1994)15th AF Civilian of the Year. (1997) HQ Air Mobility Command, Civilian of the Year. (1998)HQ USAF Civilian Meritorious Service Decoration. 2007-Present: From a farm boy in Iowa, was provided a great opportunity to travel the world and experience a variety of cultures in both Europe and Asia for the past (40+) years. My most memorable times dealt with serving, meeting and working with members of the “Presidental Staff,” Congress, OMB and leaders within Asia; Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Singapore Diego Garcia, BIOT and others dealing with “cost sharing programs.” During the after hours, spent over (17+) years in the “hospitality” fields; hotel, clubs, youth and golf. I also get a thrill seeing the smiles on the faces of the children and elderly when I put on my Santa suit, which I’ve been doing for 19 years. I also spend a lot of time doing community work with ACCO, OCIA, PTPI and other agencies. Okinawa is my “home away from home!” See you somewhere soon!


AmCham Okinawa Colleague – July 2012

Recent Events

On June 5th ACCO Education Committee Chair Mike Holland (2nd from left) & Tony Sakuda (4th from left) attended the Mercure Okinawa Naha Grand Opening. The Mercure brand is a French Hotel Group that has over 700 hotels in the world and can be found in over 50 countries. The Mercure Okinawa Naha is the 6th Mercure Hotel in Japan and is located right across from the Tsubogawa Monorail Station in Naha. Sales & Marketing Manager Mr. Kozo Yoshida (1st on left) and General Manager Ms. Mika Umemura (2nd from right) hosted the event.

6月5日(火)、佐久田 トニーACCO会頭(写真左より4人目)、マイク・ホーランドACCO教育委員会委員長(写真左 より2人目)は、メルキュール沖縄那覇の開業記念式へ出席しました。メルキュールはフランスを拠点とするアコーホテ ルズのブランドで、世界50ヶ国以上で700のホテルを展開しており、メルキュールホテル沖縄那覇は、国内で6軒目の メルキュールブランドのホテルとなります。メルキュールホテル沖縄那覇は、沖縄都市モノレール(ゆいレール)の壺川 駅目の前に位置しています。メルキュールホテル沖縄那覇 総支配人 梅村 美嘉様(写真右より2人目)、メルキュー ルホテル沖縄那覇 セールス&マーケティングマネージャー 吉田 浩三様(写真左より1人目)へ開業記念式へお招 きいただきましたことに心よりお礼申し上げます。

Member Profile Hiroyuki Nihei was born in Sapporo City,Hokkaido.

American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa


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He was transferred to Okinawa in November 1990 and he started working when EM Wellness Resort Costa Vista Okinawa Hotel & Spa was opened. After working as a General Manager, he is now in charge of International Sales as the Councillor. He lives with his wife and two sons in Ginowan City. He has been an ACCO member since 2010.

AmCham Okinawa Colleague – July 2012


Memorial Service for the Battle of Okinawa ACCO members represented the ACCO at the annual Irei No Hi (Memorial Day) ceremonies, jointly hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa and USO Okinawa, at Peace Prayer Park. Mr. Sakuda and Mr. Oshiro placed a wreath at the memorial which signifies the end of the war in Okinawa that took the lives of over 200,000. The memorial lists the names of all the Japanese, Americans and others that were killed in the battle. The American portion of the ceremony was also attended by Consul General Raymond Greene and Lieutenant General Kenneth J. Glueck, Jr., Commanding General, 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force/ Marine Corps Installations Pacific.

6月23日(木)慰霊の日、USO沖縄、ACCO、ユナイテッドシーメンズサービス共催の追悼 式が糸満市摩文仁(まぶに)の平和 祈念公園にてが開かれ、ACCOを代表し佐久田ACCO会頭と大城ACCO元会頭が沖縄戦で亡くなった20万人を越えるの戦没者 を追悼し献花を行いました。平和の礎(いしじ)には沖縄戦で亡くなった日本人、米国人、韓国人の名が記されています。追悼式 へは在沖米国総領事館 レイモンド・グリーン総領事、第三海兵遠征軍司令官 ケネス・グラック中将も出席されました。


AmCham Okinawa Colleague – July 2012

ACCO Past President Michael Oshiro and ACCO President Tony Sakuda place the ACCO wreath. 写真左より 大城 マイコルACCO元会頭、佐久田 トニ ーACCO会頭

USO Operations Clerk Miki Diebert and USO Okinawa Director Robin Miller place the USO Okinawa wreath. 写真左より USO沖縄 美樹・ダイバート様、 USO沖縄 ディレクター ロビン・ミラー様

Invocation and Benediction delivered Remarks delivered by Lt.Gen. Kenneth Glueck Jr, ComACCO members (From Left): Secretary Mickey Weis- by Lt. Aaron C Carlton, Chaplain H&S manding General, III MEF/MCIPAC, USMC. 追悼式であいさ sert, Edo Heinrich-Sanchez, Robin Miller, Michael BN, US Navy. 慰霊の祈祷を行う米海軍 ア つする第三海兵遠征軍司令官 ケネス・グラック中将 Martin, President Tony Sakuda, Past President Walt ーロン・カールトン牧師 Christiansen, Past President Michael Oshiro, Hiromitsu Kishimoto, Carl Bastian. 写真左より ミッキー・ワイザートACCO書記、エド・ハインリック-サンチェスACCO会 員、ロビン・ミラーACCO会員、マイケル・マーティンACCO会員、佐久田 トニーACCO会頭、ウォルト・クリスチャンセンACCO理事・元会頭、大城 マイコルACCO元会頭、岸本  弘光ACCO会員、カール・バスティアンACCO会員

AmCham Okinawa Colleague – July 2012



Front row from left: Airi (Emma) Hibler, Christina Babbitt, Zane Frilles, Junnell Layug, Morihito Rempola. 2nd row from left: Stephen Loftesnes, Victoria Quintanilla, Chris Jordan, Ilijah Washington, Kristen Molina. 3rd row from left: Dr. Masaichiro Nashiro, ACCO President Tony Sakuda, Andrew Dumenigo, Kyle Kaiser, Don Goodes, Charlie Meier, Marisa Gudino, Ms. Lisa Tunstall (APAH Coordinator), Professor Ryunsosuke Megumi. Back Row: Yuki Chinen and Sarah Harrell (Family Services Support), (EC Committee Members:) Gordon Bolton, Dr. Scott Goldberg, Paul Wojtalewicz, Michael Martin, Ms. Kae Chinen and Mike Holland, Chairman, ACCO EC Committee. 写真前列左より アイリ(エマ)・ヒブラー、クリスティーナ・バビット、ゼ ーン・フリルズ、ジュネル・ラユーグ、モリヒト・ランポーラ 写真二列目左より スティーブン・ロフテスネス、ヴィクトリア・クインタニラ、クリス・ジョーダン、イライジャ・ワシン トン、クリステン・モリナ、写真三列目左より 沖縄尚学高等学校・付属中学校 名城 政一郎副理事長・副校長、佐久田 トニーACCO会頭、アンドリュー・ドゥメニゴ、カイ ル・カイザー、ドン・グディズ、チャーリー・マイヤー、マリサ・グディーノ、リサ・タンストール(APAHコーディネーター)、恵 隆之介 写真後列左より ユキ・チネン、サラ・ハ レル(ファミリーサービスサポート)、ゴードン・ボルトンACCO教育委員会会員、スコット・ゴールドバーグACCO教育委員会会員、ポール・ヴォトヴィッツ、マイケル・マーテ ィンACCO教育委員会会員、知念 加恵ACCO教育委員会会員、マイク・ホーランドACCO教育委員会委員長

Mrs. Lisa Tunstall, Lester Middle School’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Coordinator, got an immediate response from the newly formed ACCO Education Committee and the Camp Family Services Center regarding their 2012 Asian Pacific American Heritage (APAH) program initiative. After careful consideration and timing, Ms. Kae Chinen, Mr. Paul Wojtalewicz and Mr. Michael Martin outlined the requirements for the school. Between Ms. Tunstall and Mr. Martin, the guidelines and cutoff dates were established and the topics suggested by Ms. Heather Eaton along with DODEA committee members were quickly released to the teachers and students to get ready for the 18 May 2012 submission deadline. There were some very outstanding events conducted throughout the month May, some of which were the; Eisa Dancers from Busy Bee International Elementary School, Amelia Earhart Intermediate School Taiko Drummers, Chinese Chorus, and “Hip Hop” Performer from Lester Middle School. In addition to the great publicity support from; “Japan Update,” “This Week On Okinawa Magazine and “Stripes Okinawa,” the Lester IT and “news team” did a great job in sparking a great turn out. There were (69) entries, which was about a 16% participation rate, not to mention over 20% of the (507) student/staff participated as volunteers. The (EC) judges; Chairman, Mr. Mike Holland, Ms. Kae Chinen, Mr. Gordon Bolton and Mr. Michael Martin had a very hard time of it, however, the winning contestants were; (POEMS/11 Years Old – 1st Place: Stephen Loftesnes, 2nd Place: Chris Jordan and 3rd Place: Rosemary Lavelle),(POEMS/12 Years Old – 1st Place: Donald Goodes, 2nd Place: Charlie Meier and 3rd Place: Marisa Gudino), (LOGO: 1st Place: Victoria Quintilla,) (ART/11 Years Old – 1st Place: Andrew Dumenigo, 2nd Place: Kyle Kaiser, and 3rd Place: Ilijah Washington, (ART/12 Years Old – 1st Place: Christina Babbitt, 2nd Place: Airi Hibler and 3rd Place: Kristen Molina, and (Art/13 YEARS OLD: Zane Frilles, Junnell Layug, Morihito Rempola) and “Special Recognition to; Ms. Sabina Meeker, “Master of Ceremonies,”, Ms. Lisa Tunstall, (APAH Coordinator) and “Outstanding Teacher’s Support,” – Mrs. Heather Brown and Mrs. Cara Kaiser. It was a great success and “special thanks” goes to; Tony Sakuda, President of the American Chamber of Commerce Okinawa (ACCO), Mike Holland, the Chairman of the ACCO’s Education Committee, ACCO Education Committee Members Mr. Michael Martin, Mrs. Hazuki Oshiro, Mrs. Kae Chinen, Dr. Scott Goldberg, Mr. Gordon Bolton, and Mr. Paul Wojtalewicz, Mrs. Sachiko Arakaki, Director and Owner of Busy Bee International Elementary School and her staff/students, and finally and most importantly, Mrs. Lisa Tunstall, Lester Middle School teachers and students. Members of the ACCO and (EC) were presented School Coins by Marti, the Vice-Principal who remarked; “The students and teachers will be looking forward to the next year, as they were very impressed with what they saw!”

レスターミドルスクール主催2012 アジア太平洋アメリカン・ヘリテージ・マンス・プログラム(APAH) (コーディネー ター リサ・タンストール様)が開催され、ACCO教育委員会、キャンプファミリーサービスセンターが参加しました。詳 8

AmCham Okinawa Colleague – July 2012

From left: ACCO President Tony Sakuda, Ms. Sabina Meeker, Master of Ceremonies, Ms. Lisa Tunstall, Ms. Heather Brown, Ms. Cara Kaiser and ACCO Member & Education Committee Chair Mike Holland. 写 真左より 佐久田 トニーACCO会頭、司 会 サビナ・ミーカー様、リサ・タンストー ル様、ヘザー・ブラウン様、キャラ・カイザ ー様、マイク・ホーランドACCO教育委員 会委員長

From left: Ms. Lisa Tunstall and ACCO Member Mr. Michael Martin 写真左より リサ・ タンストール様、マイケル・マーティンACCO教育委員会会員

細に検討した結果、知念 加恵ACCO会員、ポール・ヴォトヴィッツ様、 マイケル・マーティンACCO会員が学校への条件をまとめました。タンス トール様とマーティンACCO会員がガイドラインと締切日を決め、5月18 日(金)の提出期限に向け、在沖米国総領事館 ヘザー・イートン広報・ 文化領事とDoDEA(国防省教育活動)委員会が提案したトピックが先生 方や生徒たちに公表されました。5月中、ビジービーインターナショナル エレメンタリースクールのエイサー、アメリア・イアハート中学校の太鼓 演奏、中国コーラス、レスターミドルスクールのヒップホップパフォーマ ンスなど大変素晴らしいイベントが開催されました。また、ジャパン・アップデート、This Week ON OKINAWA、スターズ アンドストライプス(星条旗新聞)、レスターIT、ニュースチームに取り上げていただきました。約16%参加率にあたる 69の参加、507名の生徒とスタッフの20%以上がボランティアとして参加しました。マイク・ホーランドACCO会員、知念  加恵ACCO会員、ゴードン・ボルトンACCO会員、マイケル・マーティンACCO会員が審査員を務め、詩の部・11歳 一 位 スティーブン・ロフテスネス 二位 クリス・ジョーダン 三位 ローズマリー・ラベル、詩の部・12歳 一位 ドナルド・ グディズ 二位 チャーリー・マイヤー 三位 マリサ・グディーノ、ロゴの部 一位 ヴィクトリア・クインタニラ、アートの 部・11歳 一位 アンドリュー・ドゥメニゴ 二位 カイル・カイザー 三位 イライジャ・ワシントン、アートの部・12歳 一 位 クリスティーナ・バビット 二位 アイリ・ヒブラー 三位 クリステン・モリナ、アートの部・13歳 ゼーン・フリルズ、ジ ュネル・ラユーグ、モリヒト・ランポーラが受賞しました。司会を務めていただいたサビナ・ミーカー様、APAHコーディネ ーター リサ・タンストール様、ヘザー・ブラウン様、キャラ・カイザー様に心よりお礼申し上げます。また、佐久田 トニ ーACCO会頭、マイク・ホーランドACCO教育委員会委員長、ACCO教育委員会委員のマイケル・マーティンACCO会 員、大城 葉月ACCO会員、知念 加恵ACCO会員、スコット・ゴールドバーグACCO会員、ゴードンボルトンACCO会 員、ポール・ヴォトヴィッツ様、ビジービーインターナショナルエレメンタリースクール校長 新垣 幸子様、スタッフ、生 徒の皆様、レスターミドルスクール リサ・タンストール様、先生方、生徒の皆様に心よりお礼申し上げます。ACCO教 育委員会委員は、レスターミドルスクール教頭 マーティ様よりスクールコインが授与され、マーティ様は、生徒たち、 先生たちは来年を楽しみにしていますと述べました。 On June 21st the US Consulate General Naha & ACCO had their first joint English book reading at American Corners in the Urasoe Library. 66月21日(木)、浦添市図書館アメリカ情報コーナーにて在沖米国総領事館・在沖米国商工会議所共催によ


Back row from left: Volunteer book readers Mr. Brent Cook & Mr. Brandon Reynolds, Mr. Brandon Porterfield, Mike Holland (ACCO Education Committee Chairman), Robert Duckworth (OIS), ACCO member Kae Chinen, ACCO member Masato Chinen, ACCO member Hazuki Oshiro, Ms. Aya Haemori (US Consulate General Naha). Front row: 8 Middle School Students from Okinawa International School (OIS) ) 写真後列左より ボランティア ブレント・クッ ク、ブランドン・レノルドス、ブランドン・ポーターフィールド、マイク・ホーランドACCO教育委員会委員長、ロバート・ダックワース(オキナワインターナショナルスクール)、知念  加恵ACCO会員、知念 正人ACCO会員、大城 葉月ACCO会員、南風盛 綾様(在沖米国総領事館)写真前列 オキナワインターナショナルスクールに通う生徒8人

AmCham Okinawa Colleague – July 2012


Top Level Domains トップレベルドメイン Mickey Weissert, ACCO Secretary & IT Committee Advisor

A top-level domain (TLD) is one of the domains at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet. The top-level domain names are installed in the root zone of the name space. For all domains in lower levels, it is the last part of the domain name, that is, the last label of a fully qualified domain name. For example, in the domain name, the top-level domain is .com (or .COM, as domain names are not case-sensitive). Management of most top-level domains is delegated to responsible organizations by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which operates the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and is in charge of maintaining the DNS root zone. (Full article at

トップレベルドメイン(TLD、英: top level domain)はインターネットで利用するDNS(ドメインネームシステム)において利用さ れ、ドメイン名をドットで分割した際の最後の項目の事を指す。例えば、「」の場合は「.org」である。 (トップレベルドメイン) ICANN recently announced a “New Generic Top-Level Domain Program” which “was developed to increase competition and choice by introducing new gTLD’s into the Internet’s addressing system.” There are now only about two dozen Top-Level Domains available but, in the near future, hundreds may be available. Please see the ICANN gTLD website for more information on how this may affect you and your business. (

インターネットのドメイン管理を行う非営利法人ICANN(The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers、アイキャ ン)はこのほど、新ジェネリック・トップレベル・ドメイン(gTLDs)・プログラムを発表しました。現在、トップレベル・ドメインは22あり ますが、今後、企業名、団体名などをトップレベル・ドメインに使うことができるようになります。詳細についてはhttp://newgtlds. をご覧ください。

What does The American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa (ACCO) do? * We are here to help you promote your business in Okinawa * Meet leaders of the Okinawan & American business community: From company presidents to American & Japanese military leaders. * Networking is easy within the ACCO * Make important contacts with the Okinawan & US government. Many are strongly involved in the ACCO. * Attend events held by Okinawan & American government agencies as an ACCO representative. * Support business with the US Military * Support Japanese companies that would like to import or export * Our members are involved in the following business industries: Automobiles Construction 在沖米国商工会議所活動内容 Education * 沖縄での事業を促進します。 Food & Beverage * 企業代表者、軍など沖縄、米国の実業界のリーダーに対面することができます。 Hotels, Import/Export * 在沖米国商工会議所内では人脈作りがしやすい。 Insurance * 在沖米国商工会議所に積極的に参加する沖縄、米国政府職員との接点を作ることができます。 Information Technology * 在沖米国商工会議所代表として沖縄、米国政府機関が主催する行事へ参加できます。 Logistics Support/Moving * 米軍との取引を支援します。 Luxury Goods * 輸出入を行う日本企業を支援します。 Real Estate * 在沖米国商工会議所会員は、以下の事業に携わっています。 Restaurants Temp Staff The ACCO’s vision and themes for 2012 Travel Industry etc., etc, 1. Promote Okinawa’s Internationalization and Multiculturalization 2. Voice our support for the U.S. Forces in Okinawa 3. Support and promote Information Technology (IT) initiatives for Okinawa 4. Focus on attracting new ACCO members 5. Strengthen the English language programs in Okinawa and promote it as the English prefecture 6. Promote Okinawa’s Tourism and Hospitality industries to the world. 7. Provide events for members to network with potential customers and suppliers

自動車 建設 教育 食品飲料 ホテル、輸出入 保険 情報技術 物流のサポート 高級ブランド品 不動産 レストラン 人材派遣 旅行産業 など

American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa


Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

2012年度のテーマ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

• • • • • • •

沖縄県の国際化と多文化化を促進する。 在沖米軍を支援する。 沖縄県の情報技術(IT)イニシアティブを支援、促進する。 会員拡大に焦点を合わせる。 沖縄県の英語力向上への取り組み、英語立県として促進する。 沖縄の観光とホスピタリティ業界を促進する。 会員向けにポテンシャルカスタマー(顧客候補)とのネットワークイベントを提供する。

U.S. TREASURY DEPARTMENT JOINT STATEMENT FROM THE UNITED STATES AND JAPAN REGARDING A FRAMEWORK FOR INTERGOVERNMENTAL COOPERATION TO FACILITATE THE IMPLEMENTATION OF FATCA AND IMPROVE INTERNATIONAL TAX COMPLIANCE I. General Considerations: A. Building on their longstanding and close relationship with respect to mutual assistance in tax matters, the United States and Japan wish to intensify their co-operation in combating international tax evasion. B. On 18 March 2010 the United States enacted provisions commonly referred to as the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), which introduce reporting requirements for foreign financial institutions (FFIs) with respect to certain accounts. FATCA, however, has raised some issues, including that financial institutions in Japan may not be able to comply with all of the reporting, withholding and account closure requirements of FATCA because of legal restrictions. C. Intergovernmental cooperation to facilitate FATCA implementation would address these legal impediments to compliance, simplify practical implementation, and reduce FFI costs. D. In furtherance of the policy objectives of FATCA, the United States is open to adopting with interested countries, either an intergovernmental approach to implement FATCA (which would involve reporting by FFIs to their own governments followed by the automatic exchange of this information with the United States), or a framework for intergovernmental cooperation to facilitate the implementation of FATCA (which would provide for reporting directly between the FFIs and the United States in a manner consistent with FATCA requirements, supplemented by exchange of information on request). E. Japan is supportive of the underlying goals of FATCA, and is interested in exploring a framework for intergovernmental cooperation to facilitate the implementation of FATCA and improve international tax compliance. The United States affirms its willingness to cooperate with Japan by collecting and exchanging information under the existing income tax convention on accounts held in U.S. financial institutions by residents of Japan. F. The United States and Japan would be willing to work with other FATCA partners and the OECD in the medium term on developing a common model for automatic exchange of information, including the development of reporting and due diligence standards. Such collaboration ultimately would enhance compliance and facilitate enforcement to the benefit of all parties. The United States and Japan are cognizant of the need to keep compliance costs as low as possible for financial institutions and other stakeholders and are committed to working together and with other cooperative jurisdictions over the longer term towards achieving common reporting and due diligence standards. G. In light of these considerations, the authorities of the United States and Japan have agreed to explore a framework for intergovernmental cooperation to facilitate the implementation of FATCA and improve international tax compliance based on the existing bilateral tax treaty between the U.S. and Japan. II. Key Elements of the Framework: A. The U.S. authorities (the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)) and the Japanese authorities (the Ministry of Finance (MOF), the National Tax Agency (NTA), and the Financial Services Agency (FSA)) would agree to a Framework pursuant to which, and subject to certain terms and conditions: 1. The Japanese authorities would agree to: a. Direct and enable financial institutions in Japan, not otherwise exempt or deemed compliant pursuant to the Framework, to register with the IRS and confirm their intention to comply with official guidance issued by the FSA that is consistent with the obligations of participating FFIs under FATCA, including: (i) applying the due diligence rules prescribed under FATCA to identify U.S. accounts; (ii) annually reporting, in the time and manner prescribed by the FATCA rules, the information required with respect to identified U.S. accounts directly to the IRS if consent is obtained from the U.S. account holders; and (iii) annually reporting, in the time and manner prescribed by the FATCA rules, the aggregate number and aggregate value of accounts held by recalcitrant account holders to the IRS. b. Accept and promptly honor group requests made under the Framework by the U.S. competent authority for additional information about U.S. accounts identified as recalcitrant and reported on an aggregate basis by Japanese financial institutions. The Japanese competent authority would obtain the requested information from the identified Japanese financial institution and promptly exchange the information with the U.S. competent authority under Article 26 of the Convention Between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of Japan for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion With Respect to Taxes on Income, signed on November 6, 2003, at Washington, DC. 2. The U.S. authorities would agree to: a. Eliminate the obligation of each FFI in Japan to enter into a separate comprehensive FFI agreement directly with the IRS, provided that each FFI is registered with the IRS or is excepted from registration pursuant to the Framework or IRS guidance; b. Identify in the Framework specific categories of Japanese financial institutions or entities (including in particular certain Japanese Pension funds) that would be treated as deemed compliant or exempt due to presenting a low risk of tax evasion; c. Eliminate U.S. withholding under FATCA on payments to Financial Institutions in Japan that have registered or entered into an FFI agreement with the IRS and conduct due diligence and reporting in a manner consistent with FATCA requirements or are treated as deemed compliant or exempt pursuant to the Framework (i.e., by identifying all such financial institutions as participating FFIs, deemed-compliant FFIs or exempt as appropriate); and d. Provide certain other measures to reduce burdens and simplify the implementation of FATCA. B. In addition, as a result of the Framework, financial institutions in Japan that comply with their obligations would not be required to: 1. Terminate the account of a recalcitrant account holder; or 2. Impose passthru payment withholding on payments to recalcitrant account holders, to FFIs organized in Japan that have registered or entered into an FFI agreement with the IRS, or are otherwise exempt or deemed compliant, or to FFIs in another jurisdiction with which the United States has in effect either an agreement for an intergovernmental approach to FATCA implementation or an agreement such as the Framework for intergovernmental cooperation to facilitate the implementation of FATCA and improve international tax compliance. ###

AmCham Okinawa Colleague – June 2012


The American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa congratulates

The United States of America on its

236th Anniversary of Independence


AmCham Okinawa Colleague – June 2012


July 2012 Issue of the AmCham Colleague, the monthly publication of the American Chamber of Commerce in Okinawa