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A clear path to value creation for private equity firms and portfolio companies.

acco r d i o n

Accordion Partners provides corporate and operational finance and interim CFO leadership services to private equity portfolio companies.

A C l ea r pat h to va lu e c r eat i o n

For a private equity investment to realize its full growth potential, both the sponsor and portfolio company must identify and achieve goals together. Enter Accordion. A specialized financial consulting firm established to work with private equity firms and their portfolio companies. We work to understand and achieve sponsor expectations, while allowing management to maintain focus on business, so that maximum value and growth potential can be realized.


Maximizing value creation by: 1 Increasing investment visibility for private equity firms.

2 Providing the resources and expertise to help management teams make and execute informed strategic decisions.

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Fig 1

Path to Value Creation

Value Creation

De v e lop

Reco g n i z e

C ap i ta l i z e

Deeper understanding of the business

Ongoing opportunities and business drivers

On the acquired information to make informed strategic decisions

Accordion provides the hands-on functional expertise needed to identify, develop, and execute clear and actionable quantitative strategic initiatives, while deploying the expert manpower required to update, communicate, and iterate alongside management and sponsor.



Execution Ready Tactical

Growth Drivers Proven

Industry Leaders

oUR t E A M

At Accordion we believe that the path to value creation requires financial expertise combined with proven private equity experience. Our team is highly seasoned, specialized, and built to deliver results at any stage of a project.

V Ps a n d A ssoc i at es Every member of Accordion’s team trained at top private equity funds, investment banks, and consulting firms and has the unique functional and industry expertise needed to contribute and communicate in a private equity relationship.

S e n i o r F i n a n c i a l Lea d e r s h i p Accordion’s directors are experienced private equity leaders, defined by their creativity and deep industry knowledge. Our senior leaders understand the value creation focused environment in private equity and guide peer-driven execution.

Ve t e r a n P r i vat e E q u i t y C F O s Accordion’s CFO partners are experienced former leaders of private equitybacked companies who have guided organizations through high growth situations and change environments. Our CFO Partners work with clients to accelerate key initiatives by delivering critical strategic and functional financial leadership.

a few of o u r co r e C apa b i l i t i es

// Interim CFO Leadership Services // M&A Transaction Support // KPI Dashboards & Board Reporting // Forecasting Tool Development // Financial Budgeting Process Improvement // Liquidity Cash-Flow Management // Financial Reporting & Accounting Controls Improvement // Project Management

At Accordion we have the abiltity to handle a wide range of strategic financial initiatives. It’s in our DNA. But we also know that driving value requires much more than a set of out-of-the-box services. We work with clients to define and customize a strategy and team to the specific requirements of a project.

C l i e n t s we ’ v e d r i v e n va lu e fo r

General Atlantic Providence Equity Partners Regiment Capital Advisors The Riverside Company Global Enviroment Fund Comvest Partners Symphony Technology Group Pouschine Cook Toyota ICF International Credit Suisse US Navy

a few wo r d s f r om o u r C l i e n t s

“The Accordion team provided us the perfect solution for what we needed, within an extremely tight time frame... We had access to a financial expert who worked very closely with our team, and delivered us a final product which we can leverage for years to come. They were a true partner, tailoring to our needs and providing insights and advice throughout the process. We will definitely look to work with them again in the future.�

Gilt Groupe * *

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a few wo r d s f r om o u r C l i e n t s O u r se r v i ces

“I worked with Accordion over the past three years and their aptitude for understanding our business, the problem at hand and conducting analysis on the information to derive financial forecasts has been impressive... As our activities involve developing future business strategies, Accordion’s thoroughness and attention to detail are appreciated, as well as Accordion’s consistency in excellent customer service and ability to meet deadlines. I recommend Accordion to businesses that are looking for high quality financial consulting services.”


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