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As the #1 supplier of Woodfold Doors and Panelfold Doors in the USA, we’re able to offer accordion doors at the lowest prices, guaranteed. Accordion doors are ideal for both commercial and residential use, are simple to install, and provide long-term durability. Residential accordion room dividers conveniently divide living areas, while acoustic partitions provide sound reduction at a minimal cost. Whether you’re looking for decorative room division, partitions for sound control, or window security grilles for businesses, we have it all at a price you can afford combined with friendly service. The exclusive steel hardware hinge system of Woodfold accordion doors provide durability and long-term performance and can be used in both residential and commercial capacities. If you’re looking for attractive and modern folding doors, Panelfold accordion doors are ideal for you. Each door is custom made to fit your opening and won’t interfere with the placement of furniture or walking clearances. AluFlex Aluminum Sliding Doors are custom built and delivered ready to install. These sliding doors feature soft and self-closing systems to prevent door slam. Acoustical partitions are designed to provide optimum appearance, function, durability and economy. Acoustical vinyl doors are used extensively in educational and healthcare facilities where visual and audio separation is of concern. In areas where noise is heavy, acoustical steel side folding doors can accommodate virtually any width opening and store virtually out of sight allowing for full use of the building space. Our MobilFlex security accordion doors are ideal for areas where people and/or space need to be separated by a simple, yet secure, screen system. They’re perfect for use in airport terminals, retail stores, schools, and in store concessions. Additionally, MobilFlex grilles are easy to retract, built to discourage thieves and allow for an unobstructed view of your merchandise, even when in place.

Panelfold Acoustical Folding Partitions

Panelfold is the first company in the world to invent, patent and commercialize folding doors incorporating flexible panel connector hinges. After five decades, Panelfold doors remain among the better engineered, more durable and more attractive on the market. Whether you are looking for a space-division solution for your residential, small commercial or large commercial application, Panelfold partitions are trouble free. Each partition is custom made to fit your opening, so that you don’t have to make your opening fit the partition. Panelfold’s partitions have been the perfect solution for millions of customers worldwide. From the handsome, rigid folds of our single-panel Scale and twin-panel Sonicwal models to the soft folds of our Fabricwal model, Panelfold provides a solution for almost every conceivable sound and sight division requirement. Panelfold partitions are installed throughout all types of educational institutions, convention centers, hotel conference rooms and meeting rooms, medical and religious facilities, corporate offices, training facilities, restaurants and lounges, apartment complexes and homes worldwide. This is just to name a few. Because of their design statement and performance, Panelfold partitions have become the product of choice, preferred over other comparably priced accordion partitions that offer so much less. Our accordion partition line of products consists of the following models. Each of the following models is offered with one or more acoustical ratings. The Scale/8, Scale/12 and Fabricwal are offered in acoustical, as well as non-acoustical form. Click on the links for information and pictures of each model.

AluFlex Aluminium Sliding Doors

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Custom sliding doors and tracks are delivered ready to install Ecoresin and glass infill panels offer numerous design possibilities Soft and self-closing systems are available to help prevent door slam Ceiling and Barn door mounting options available

Silent Aluflex 40 for doors Weight: Up to 40 kg (88 lbs.) Height: Up to 2.5 m (98 7/16”) – Mullions are recommended for doors taller than 2000 mm (6’ 6 3/4”) Width: 500 – 1500 mm (19 11/16” – 59 1/16”)

Silent Aluflex 80 for doors Weight: Up to 80 kg (176 lbs.) Height: Up to 3 m (118 1/8”) Width: 500 – 1500 mm (19 11/16” – 59 1/16”)

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Accordion Doors As the #1 supplier of Woodfold Doors and Panelfold Doors in the USA, we’re able to offer accordion doors at...