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“Whatever the Mind of Man Can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve” - - W. Clements Stone What if I said to you anything is possible if you focused on your next accomplishment?

Lori Feldman

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Would you believe it‘s that simple? The people who are drawn to this magazine will be seeking something extraordinary in their life. Some of the people I want you to meet will be well-established and enjoying a phenomenal lifestyle.






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I personally selected this format to delivery this magazine to give our audience a new experience. It will be interactive and more dynamic than a traditionally printed magazine. You‘ll be able to listen in on some “Up Close & Personal” interviews I did with people who have accomplished

Each month we will feature amazing stories from people from across the country. Some have achieved great success while others share their lifetime dream and vision. Every accomplishment is important and we hope you will take a few minutes and share your story with us.

amazing things and hear their stories. PLUS, there are links throughout the magazine that will lead you to more information. Creating this magazine was a dream of mine for many years and I‘m beyond excited to be sending you this premier issue! I want to personally recognize one of my best friends, Shelly Rice, who encouraged me to accomplish this magazine. Along with my husband, family and friends who believed in me. I love you guys! It‘s my wish that you feel inspired by what you read, listen to and learn from this magazine. No matter what, “You Can Accomplish Anything!”

Simply visit amstory then answer the questions to take our online interview. All stories, big and small, will be reviewed and may be featured in a future issue of ACCOMPLISH Magazine! If you like what you see, please tell your friends!



Fear the Creative Process, Then Do It Anyway By Lori Feldman

Feel the Fear AND Do It Anyway!

Sometimes a diva needs her own personalized silver soldered tiara. That was the mission on my recent vacation to beautiful San Diego where I was fortunate enough to land a spot in Portland artist Sally Jean‘s workshop, ―Totally Tiara.‖

“You must think of exactly the right words or offer”

I‘ve been designing and creating jewelry for the past five or six years as a hobby. In my recurring fantasy, I quit my day job, liberate my 70s Bohemian skirt and peasant top (again in style, I might add) and set up a table selling my handmade wares at the Farmer‘s Market. But then Carolyn, our bookkeeper, reminds me that payroll is Friday, so I get back to work. (My good friend, Sue, says, ―Why do you think they call it work? If it was fun, they wouldn‘t pay you to do it.‖)

Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis!

There were about 20 of us aspiring artists in this class. Besides me, two others had traveled great distances to study with the Queen of Silver Solder. O n e wom an flew in from Hawaii, another was from upstate IlliA CCO MP LISH


nois. All the rest were from up and down California. Besides trekking home with my very own tiara, my other objective was to master a new skill that used an entirely different section of my brain. As The Database Diva, I spend a lot of time thinking about the best way to present complicated relationship-building tactics to my clients who want to leverage their customer databases.

You burn a lot of brain cells mastering the creative process for email or drip marketing campaigns. You must think of exactly the right words and offer such compelling ideas that your readers are entertained or educated enough to buy what you‘re selling or ask to stay on your list. (Or at least not opt out). Very. Tough.

With sol dering there‘s a specific hand-eye coordination required–while holding a soldering iron that‘s 100-plus degrees Fahrenheit. I sat across from a woman who had taken Sally Jean‘s class 13 times. She owned many crowns. I was in awe of her prolificness. Her pace was brisk as she added spikes to the base, and she was very fluid in her work, even though she was conducting 7 or 8 simultaneous conversations around the room. I thought I was a multi-tasker. I was truly amazed. Within the first few hours of the 3-day class, I had dripped molton solder on my index finger. It was so hot, I didn‘t even feel it at first. (Just a flesh wound, as Monty Python used to say.) Within 5 hours I felt like a dismal failure. Everyone was soldering much faster than I was, and my iron was operating on the scorched earth principle. Instead of beautiful shiny charms, I was cremating my pieces (or inventing the Goth look of the technique…never one of my favorites). I burned a lot of skin cells in that class. I could not get the hang of Sally Jean‘s loving command, ―Melt and Flow! Melt and Flow!‖ I had soldered


precisely zero times before this. Why did I think I could show up and master it in a mere 3 days when almost everyone else had been a Sally repeat offender? My fellow artists were encouraging. ―Keep going, you‘ll get better; it takes practice,‖ they all said. ―When you get home, solder something everday,‖ said another. I doubted this advice as I pushed yet another ashy charm off to the side and picked up my next victim– with a death grip on the pliers.

How much longer would I have to endure this ego bashing (which hurt more than my finger)? And, surely, Sally was not serious about taking a group picture with all of us wearing our crowns. I guess I could hold up my iron as a lightsaber. Darth Diva. But then a miracle happened. I realized I was trying to be perfect. I was totally out of

my comfort zone–where I typically live everyday. I was being tentative because I didn‘t want to ruin my expensive stash Then a of class supplies. Miracle I didn‘t want to wear a Goth tiara Happened or put it on display as evidence of my vacation at the art colony. I was putting a ton of pressure on myself expecting to produce firstclass craftsmanship, while the reality was I was a soldering virgin! And I was failing anyway. (Ironically, Sally had also taught ―Soldering for Virgins‖ a few days before, but I couldn‘t attend. Even if I could have, I proabably wouldn‘t have signed up. I assumed it was the ―beginner‘s class.‖ I wanted a challenge–until now that I had one.) With the realization that there was no way I was going to produce jury-level art, I relaxed. I breathed. I ate some chocolate (not on the low-carb diet, but, heh). And I created my first beautiful silver-soldered charm. It was magnificent. I didn‘t care that I had 45 more charms to go.

did not finish my project in Sally Jean‘s class. I did not fly home wearing a tiara. But I did turn on the soldering iron as soon as I got home. The solder am azi ngl y ―m elt ed and flowed.‖ I am now a soldering addict. You can see my finished masterpiece, entitled ―Inspiring Divas‖ above. It features pictures of the wonderful line of women in my family tree that I am lucky enough to descend from. The spool of thread is from my great-grandmother‘s Marshall, TX, dry goods store. It‘s close to 100 years old. The brooch in front was my grandmother‘s.

“I was putting a ton of pressure on myself expecting to

Your art could be your career, produce firstyour writing, your marketing, your tiara. How committed are class you? Only you will know where all the little flaws in your crown craftsmanship” are. So to some degree, you must suffer for your art if you care about it and you want it to someday be better. The secret is to fear the creative process, and then do it anyway.

So, success. I got my new learning experience. But I

Lori Feldman, aka The Database Diva, speaks frequently to business leaders, sales organizations and service professionals who have a customer database and want to leverage their valuable online communities and offline database assets to generate more visibility, more referrals and more revenue. She is a popular speaker who inspires her audiences to “think like a customer” by encouraging 2-way conversations between you and your target audience. “I do one thing and one thing only: I work with business owners, sales executives and solo professionals to squeeze every drop of profit out of their customer database.”

Lori Feldman, aka The Database Diva




Up Close & Personal

Interview with Shelly

Hear Her Success Story

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Radio Talk Show Host


Let me introduce you to Shelly Rice who has been hosting events for over 20 years and is a well-connected business professional. In fact, she’s known as THE REFERRAL MACHINE! Chocolate Blues is one of the largest, most exciting and most productive business to business networking events in the country. She has successfully brought more than 2,700 people together at a single event! Shelly has been recognized by her peers and nominated as America's Most Influential Business Connector from the U.S. Small Business Conference. Listen to our show and learn more about this incredible networker! MAG A ZINE


Caption describing picture or graphic.

This story can fit 100-150 words. The subject matter that appears in newsletters is virtually endless. You can include stories that focus on current technologies or innovations in your field. You may also want to note business or economic trends, or make predictions for your customers or clients. If the newsletter is distributed in-

This story can fit 75-125 words. Selecting pictures or graphics is an important part of adding content to your newsletter. Think about your article and ask yourself if the picture supports or enhances the message you’re trying to convey. Avoid selecting images that appear to be out of context. Microsoft Publisher includes thousands of clip art images from which

ternally, you might comment upon new procedures or improvements to the business. Sales figures or earnings will show how your business is growing. Some newsletters include a column that is updated every issue, for instance, an advice column, a book review, a letter from the president, or an editorial. You can also profile new employees or top customers or vendors.

you can choose and import into your newsletter. There are also several tools you can use to draw shapes and symbols. Once you have chosen an image, place it close to the article. Be sure to place the caption of the image near the image.

Caption describing picture or graphic.




10 FREE, Creative, Low-Cost Marketing Tips By Katrina Sawa Here are the Top 10 Tips I give small business owners and entrepreneurs on a daily basis when I see them out at networking functions. These 10 things will be the least expensive and probably the most effective forms of marketing that you could do to promote your small business.

Less Expensive


More Effective

“Put your sales message and/ or logo on everything and everywhere” 2.

“I recommend these businesses…”


sure you plan it well in advance and publicize the event to the media and your database. I can help you plan and promote your events in the media and to your database! 3.

Display your cards or brochures at coffee shops, book stores, businesses of people you know, membership stores like Costco and Sam‘s Club, anywhere that will allow it; all of these are free. Seek out ones locally that will allow you to do this and replenish them frequently. You can also approach other business professionals that compliment what you do and have a similar target market as you to swap marketing materials, meaning you display or carry theirs and they yours. Hold an Open House, Ribbon Cutting or some kind of an event to attract the public or your specific target market to your business. You can partner with another business to split the cost, you can bring in a charity to raise money for or have a client appreciation night of some sort. Whatever you do, make MAG A ZINE


Networking is the cheapest form of advertising you can do – find organizations, associati ons, ch am b er s, groups and monthly meetings that have attendees and members that fit your unique target market client or referral source and visit them first, then join if you see the value. The key to networking is frequency. You need to go to the organization‘s events that you join each month for greater visibility, to be recognized and ultimately to be the go-to person for your particular industry. V i s i t www.ksawamarketing.c om each month for a FREE monthly Networking Calendar and numerous organization links! Put your sales message and/or logo on everything, your car, shirts, nametag, building, invoices, envelopes, sales flyers, receipts, tags, etc. Simple name/logo branding can be a huge asset for a small business (everyone will say ―I‘ve seen your stuff somewhere‖). Ask me for a

referral for companies who do these things! 5.

Invite trade for services for things you may need (bookkeeping help, CPA, financial or attorney advice, marketing, advertising, promotions, signs, promo items, printing, products, services, etc.). This will save you money and give you other avenues to pursue for referrals as well.


Go in with other small businesses that compliment your business on advertising opportunities, chamber inserts or in their newsletter, inserts in the local papers, direct mail pieces, target mailing list purchases, door to door flyers, etc. (i.e.; housekeeping business and carpet cleaning business). This will keep your costs lower for these items and give you greater credibility by partnering with other professionals. I can help you design and coordinate these marketing pieces so they STAND OUT!


Make sure you are listed on all local area or national website directories necessary that will target your message for you. Do the free ones for sure, but evaluate them if they charge a fee. When you consult with me – I give you a list of these for FREE!


Include links to other people‘s websites on yours and ask to do the same for added expo-


sure. Have an ―I recommend these businesses‖ page. Reciprocal links helps both websites get higher up on the search engines. I offer low cost advertising on my email newsletters which reach 1,500 business professionals and my clients are listed for no extra charge on my client list on my website! 9.

other? You need to develop a system for this so it gets done. Whether it‘s add them to your mailing list and mail to them once a month, add them Take to your email list if Yourself they opt-in and Out of email them weekly the Pic- or calling them, stopping by or ture faxing them on a monthly basis to keep in touch. Having a system or guideline written down that you can follow easily each month is the key. I can help you put together an effective and efficient, low cost follow up marketing system that‘s easy to follow!

Follow up, Follow up, Fol- 10. Never base your advertising low up with everyone you decisions on what YOU do, meet and ask them what take yourself out of the pictheir business is all about ture and think like your cusand how could you work tomer and what they would together to promote each generally do. Always ask

pertinent questions of any media before buying it such as ―What is their circulation or reach‖ and ―How do they market themselves or how is their medium distributed‖. Research all your options first, figuring out which ones reach your target market the best, then evaluate their cost per thousand. I can put together an Advertising Plan for you so you know where to and NOT to spend your money! if you want help developing marketing your business, I would suggest signing up for one of my JumpStart Your Marketing 1-On-1 coaching services or a 1 Hour Business Brainstorm Session! You can find out what those entail and how they will benefit you on the products page of my website at www.JumpStartYourMarketi!


Katrina Sawa is an Award -Winning Author, Speaker and International JumpStart Your Biz Coach who’s helped hundreds of small business owners take dramatic steps in their businesses to get them to the next level in business, revenues and their personal life. She offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching and do-it-yourself businessbuilding products. She’s been featured on various news talk shows and radio shows including Oprah and Friends XM Radio. Go online now to get started with her Free Entrepreneur’s Success Kit.



Up Close & Personal

Interview With Tessa

Hear Her Success Story

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Let me introduce to you...Tessa Greenspan. Tessa is one of the most successful women in St. Louis. She has received a variety of awards including the SBA Award for Women in Business Champion of the Year, St. Louis' Most Influential Women, and Grocer of the Year a national award. Her passion is showing people how to Dream Big, to help them release their brilliance and the greatness that is inside themselves. You can learn more about Tessa Greenspan at






Speed Write Your First Book in Just 90 DAYS, Investing Only 7 MINUTES of Time Per Day! By Mark Victor Hansen and Steve Gottry

Well, we both know it can be done. We‘ve done it! In fact, Steve is doing it right now, and by the time you read this, we will all know whether or not he achieved his goal…because we‘ll tell you.

“Furthermore, you will be proud of what you have

But being completely candid here, we realize you will not finish writing a 300-page New York Times bestseller in that amount of time. You WILL, however, have written an actual book of 50, or 75, or 100 pages or more. It‘s up to your decision, desire, dedication and determination to write, write, and write some more.

accomplished!” Furthermore, you will be proud of what you have accomplished! People in your life will want to read it, and they will enjoy it!

What happens to your new ―baby‖ after that is entirely up to you. Do you want to find a publisher for your work? Do you want to selfpublish your book or offer it as an online download— either free or for sale? Do you want to find a literary agent and launch a new career as an author? Only you can determine the answers to those questions. Whatever you decide, we will stand behind you! There are other books in ―Mark and Steve‘s Writers Wisdom Course‖ that will guide you through the myriad aspects of selling, marketing, and even (gulp!) speaking in public about your book. Visit us online to learn how you can Speed Write a Book in 90 Days!

America’s Ambassador of Possibilities

Steve is the coauthor of A KICK IN THE CAREER, and the author of COMMON SENSE BUSINESS published by HarperBusiness, New York (July, 2005). He has coauthored a novel and also wrote a book to help would-be screenwriters develop stories. He has written the screenplays for four produced television and video/ DVD projects, and also writes, produces, and directs commercial and industrial video projects.

With his endearing charismatic style, Mark captures his audience's attention as well as their hearts. With his one -of-a-kind technique and masterful authority of his work, time and again he continues to receive high accolades from his audiences as one of the most dynamic and compelling speakers of our time. The Chicken Soup idea was just one of many that has propelled Mark into a worldwide spotlight as a sought-after keynote speaker, best -selling author and marketing maven. His credentials include a lifetime of entrepreneurial success, in addition to an extensive academic background. He is also a prolific writer with many popular books such as The Power of Focus, The Aladdin Factor, Dare to Win and others. A CCO MP LISH




Seven Steps to Getting Known — Guerrilla PR for the Entrepreneur By Jill Lublin So you've started your own business and you're ready to let the world (or your neighborhood) know. Now it's time to add public relations to the list of your entrepreneurial skills.

Public Relations is Human Relations

“Determine your Ooh-Ahh Factor and stand out in the media”

Grab & Keep their Attention

Public relations is human relations and a critical aspect of growing your business. Everything you say and do is part of your PR campaign. It is the image you project every day to everyone you meet. It is about you and your company becoming a force in the public eye on a regular basis PR that you undertake yourself can be a primary way to grow your business and become known without major expense. There are seven basic steps involved in mounting your campaign. Step #1 involves figuring out who you are, what you do and how to express it in the most succinct and interesting way possible. There may situations such as networking functions where you have only 30 seconds to introduce yourself and make that all important first impression. Spend as much time as necessary practicing your "intro" until it truly flows in a positive, strong, and confident manner. Re-



member that success begets success and great first impressions will speak volumes about you and your business. Now that you have developed the most effective message possible, Step #2 is to determine your oohahh factor, the "story" about you. It's important to understand why you are news from the media's perspective and how your products help people or your service gives value and benefit. Once you know your "ooh-ahh" factor, you can begin to create materials, which will tailor your story to the specific media, whose attention you wish to gain. And this leads to Step # 3 which is to define your audience and create a media list. Your list will, of course, be determined by the nature of your product or service, whether you are a local, national or international company and on which markets you are focusing your growth. If you are a "local trying to build a business in your community, then you will focus on local media. On the other hand, if you are pursuing national growth, you will want to check out major newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, entrepreneurial publica-

tions such as Fortune or Inc., or gender specific magazines such as Good Housekeeping or Men's Health. There are sources for purchasing media lists such as Bacon's in Chicago or the United Way. It's important to familiarize yourself with all the media you contact and to make preliminary phone calls to get the appropriate name for directing your release or media kit. Do an update at least every three months. At Step #4 it is time to put together a press release a simple 3-4-paragraph onepage document that tells your story clearly. It must be unique to grab media attention FAST. The first paragraph must contain the "catch‖ phrase to grab them quickly. It should contain the who, what, when, where, why, and how of your story and begin with the city and state of origination. Techniques for grabbing attention include giving a statistic that shows that their audience needs this information, which makes it relevant to current events or business


the third should contain a quote from the highest source you can find. Sometimes the press will only use the first paragraph so it must contain all the relevant information. The press release should be done on your letterhead on the top left hand column; it should say FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. The upper right hand should show the CONTACT and give the name and phone number of your publicist (or yourself). Be absolutely sure it is 100% accurate in terms of grammar, facts, punctuation, spelling, and names. Step #5 will involve creating a media kit, which will include a copy of your press release(s) as well as other information. This is used to create interest for the press to do a full story or having you appear on a TV or radio show. It should also include a company background piece or brochure, a pricing sheet, any press clippings (reproduced on your stationary) and any other public relations materials. Grabbing attention is imperative so packaging is critical. It involves the careful selection of eye-

catching colors for the folder as well as the contents. Quality says a lot so don't skimp. Now that you've assembled your kit, it's time for Step #6, the all-important mail out. Presumably you have created your media list and have the appropriate names with (correct spelling) and titles. Now comes the most critical part, the follow up! The phone may not ring. It is up to you to make the calls. Start by saying, "hello, my name is "and start your pitch within 10 seconds Remember your hook and tell them in 30 seconds or less why you are the news. A good rule of thumb on follow up calls is within one week for national, within three to four days for local/regional or if email, with a day or two. You might want to create a one page synopsis to use as a guide when you call which should include who are you, why are you news, and how your product or service benefits people and gives value.

to capturing the media's attention! 

Make personal contacts as often as possible.

Always carry your business card and materials.

Know what is special about you and get the word out using the media.

Know the media you are pitching—always watch or listen to a show before you are on it.

Be prepared for interviews. They might just call you before you call them.

Be consistent with your image and make sure all your materials reflect the image you desire to project. Participate in social and civic activities and help others get business by networking.

Step #7 is a series of seven reminders to help you create powerful publicity 365 days a year. If you follow these tips, you will be well on your way

Praised as a modern-day Dale Carnegie for how to be influential, Jill Lublin authored the bestselling book Get Noticed…Get Referrals: Build Your Client Base and Your Business by Making a Name for Yourself (McGraw-Hill 2008). She is also the coauthor of two other national bestselling books, Networking Magic which rose to #1 on the Barnes and Noble charts for three weeks, and Guerrilla Publicity, the PR bible. Jill is the founder of GoodNews Media, Inc. and hosts the TV program, Messages of Hope, and the nationally syndicated radio show, Do the Dream. In addition she has created two audio programs, three DVD training videos, and a workbook. Jill is a popular international speaker who teaches powerful publicity, networking, and how to be influential techniques. As the CEO of the strategic consulting firm, Promising Promotion, Jill has trained companies in innovative techniques to improve bottom line results. In the past twenty years, she has worked with ABC, NBC, CBS, and other national media, and knows what the media wants. Jill has been featured in The New York Times, Women’s Day, Fortune Small Business, Inc, and Entrepreneur Magazine, and on ABC and NBC radio and TV national affiliates.


powerful publicity 365 days a year”




Up Close & Personal

Interview With Kelly Lamm & Gina Keeven

Hear their Success Story

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Let me introduce you to Kelley Lamm and Gina Keeven. Talk about a dynamic duo! These two women accomplished an incredible task of hosting the "Be Deliciously Alive" EXPO and fundraiser in only 90 days! Listen and learn how they managed to create a wildly successful event!

Talk Show Host







4 Secrets to Attain Productivity By Eileen Roth One of the key myths about not being productive is saying, ―I was not born organized.‖

Productivity Secrets Revealed

“You can relax when you know that everything is in its place”

Actually no one was. There is no gene with a DNA code that says Jim will be organized and Rich will not; Sally will get the code but Betsy will not. Organization is not an inherited trait; it is a learned skill. It is just that no one ever taught you how. It wasn‘t a subject you learned in school; and if your parents, or an office assistant, didn‘t teach you, you never learned how to be organized. When I was little my parents taught me to put away a toy before I took out a new one. I taught my daughters the same thing. When they were done with the Barbie® dolls, they had to put them away before they pulled out Legos® or coloring books or whatever else they wanted to do next. Putting everything in its place saves time the next time you want to find it, or anyone else in the office! The secret – Just like you learned your computer programs, learn office organization. A second myth is that many people say ―I

You Can

don‘t have time to organize my office.‖ When you think about it, how much more time do you waste to search through the clutter because it isn‘t organized and is piled up even higher! When you spend time to organize your office, you can find information in less time, and have more time to do the things you really want to do – like read a book or work on your favorite hobby. Essel t e Cor por ati on (makers of Pendaflex® and Oxford® files) did a study that showed people lose as much as six weeks a year. Do you want to find more time – here it is, six weeks a year--or five hours a week. ―I don‘t have the time.‖ mixes up the excuse with the real reason to do it – you will save time. Want the secret to better time management? Make time for office organization. A third myth is that getting organized will make you less creative. How can you be creative when you are stressed and thinking about 10 others things? Getting organized will actually free you up. And when you are less stressed, you will be

relaxed and freer to open your mind to new ideas. The secret to being creative - Reduce your stress by getting organized. The fourth myth is that getting organized will turn you into a control freak. Really? Actually getting organized will put everything in its place, so you won‘t have to be over-controlling – instead you will relax because you will know where everything is. That‘s why I named my company Everything in its Place. By putting items in their place, I know where they will be when I want them. The secret to finding information - establish a place, and put it there, always. Now that we have exposed the secrets to organization, office organization should be one of your top priorities. Accomplish it! Organize daily and we will see you at the swimming pool!

Eileen Roth, author of Organizing For Dummies®, is your Tour Guide for Success. As you travel on the road of your L.I.F.E.™ , you want to organize your 4 lanes – Location, Eileen Roth, Focus authorand of Organizing ForSign-up Dummies®, is your TourOrganizing Guide for Success. As 4 Information, Experiences. for free monthly ideas for the you travel on the road of your L.I.F.E.™ , you want to organize your 4 lanes – Location, lanes: Information, Focus and Experiences. Sign-up for free monthly Organizing ideas for the 4 lanes:

Do It!





Up Close & Personal Interview with

Michal Abney & Jaimes McNeal

Hear Their Success StorY

To Listen to the interview from our Radio Show, simply click on the blue button

Go to: What if there is more to life than what people are seeing? What if people could break through the barriers that keep them in their current state of suffering into the full glory of their desires? What happens when people wake up to the possibility of living the life they only dared to dream? How do we master this thing called life? Do we have an inner guidance system? Michal Abney embarked on a quest where he confronted these questions in order to eliminate his suffering. This documentary vulnerably explores his journey from his search outside to discovering the power within.

Radio Talk Show Host







June Promotion! Buy One Full Page Ad, Get One FREE! That’s ONLY $300 For TWO ISSUES! Half Page ONLY $100 (Reg. $150) Business Card Ad ONLY $50 Full Page Advertisers Get Exclusivity First Come, First Served Reserve Your Space Online at A CCO MP LISH






Expect Success to Accomplish Your Goals By Caterina Rando, MA, MCC

Expect More Success

“You will never be more successful than you expect you can be.”

To accomplish your goals attitude is key. Do not rob yourself of the learning and fulfillment that lies on the path along the way to your goals—enjoy every call you place, every trip you take, every accomplishment you make. Revel in the process of being a success—today do not wait till you get to your goal. To expect more success, while pursuing your goals, follow these steps: Acknowledge all the small successes in the process. Count your ―wins‖ daily. Wins are all those things that go your way in a given day—the letter you wrote, the VIP you finally got hold of, the parking ticket you eluded, the compliment you received. Smile. Both psychologically and physiologically, this simple, easy action improves our well-being, which improves our outlook, which prepares us for all the great

things we are expecting to happen to us. To become fit and healthy from a success standpoint, give your smile muscles a workout just like the rest of your body. Hold your success attitude in your body. Stand up straight, raise your chin up, keep your shoulders back and feet firmly planted. Feel the power of personal success in every cell in your body. Create a compelling success image in your mind. Once you expect your success, see it. Imagine it vividly and in color—what are you doing, where are you, what are you wearing, how does it feel like in your body? Make your success as real as possible in your mind, so your expectancy is even stronger and, as a result, your actions even bigger.

successful. That is how you will create the success you strive for in your business and life. You will never be more successful than you expect you can be. Greet every day with the belief that good things are going to happen to you. Expect to be successful with your calls, appointments and projects. Your work life will be enriched; you will take more risks, make more requests, and seize more opportunities. That will result in a better life, and that is what success is all about.

Be bold. Do all those things today that you know you will do when you are more

Make it as REAL as

Caterina Rando shows entrepreneurs how to build thriving businesses. She is sought after business strategist, speaker and founder of PowerDynamics Publishing which creates books that build businesses. To learn more about upcoming projects visit our website.








Up Close & Personal

Interview with Linda

Hear Her Success Story

To Listen to the interview from our Radio Show, simply click on the blue button

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Let me introduce you to Linda Bosch from Just Cruises, Inc. For more than 19 years, Just Cruises owners Jerry and Linda Bosch and their staff have been helping people get the most out of cruise and land packaged vacations. Just Cruises, Inc. has received several awards and recognized as experts in the travel world. She and her husband have been on over 200 cruises. Their staff is dedicated to making your experience unforgetable. You'll soon hear them say, "Land or Sea, What Shall it Be?"






Social Media and Social Networking: A Business Strategy that Accomplishes More Results! By Ann Evanston

Ann believes in strategy. Strategy that can be replicated for success. For two years she quietly tested her strategy and it has achieved great results. See as a small business owner, being online is about creating: 1- visibility; 2-recommendations and referrals; 3-stronger ORGANIC search engine presence; 4-opportunity to establish yourself as the true expert you are; 5-increased interviews, blog posts and publicity that comes to you; 6-raving fans (not just Facebook fans on your page, REAL fans) and customers.

Research shows that the majority of people are not active users, and most small business owners and entrepreneurs are struggling how to accomplish more for their business through social media. My role, as America‘s Social Media Psychologist, is to help you vision the why, determine the values, overcome the limiting beliefs that hold you back, and develop a system that accomplishes visibility and sales! Being amazing, and achieving what you want doesn't have to be hard, you just have to be smart! I mentioned that social networking has increased my ability to grow my business, and the feedback was how! These ten tips are starting points! 1 – There really are 3 sites to have a presence on, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. We can talk about video and blogging later. 2 - When you create an account make sure you are a REAL person, use your name! Don't be "sxychk2008" or "businessmama". Your

real name creates organic search engine visibility, which out ranks page ranking techniques. 3 - Actively participate by commenting on discussions and starting your own discussions. At the same time, don't be the person that only shows up to market YOUR stuff! When you do that you are NOT being social. 4 - Social Networking is about showing up for others! It is social first, and networking second. I firmly believe that good networking techniques work. Worry less about the sales and more about relationship building and sales will follow. 5 - When you create your accounts make sure your name is the same for all account and you complete brand your page. 6 - Get a quality picture (head shot, known as an avatar) of yourself and use it - it will post everywhere you post! People always tell me they can feel my positive energy from my picture. (AND if you know me personally, not on the internet

that is MY personality!) A good picture should showcase your energy. 7 - Do not use a system that merges all your social media accounts and posts the same thing to all of them. Yes, great for time management, horrible sales strategy (more in a future article) 8 - Change how you feel about the word ―friend‖ – it‘s different online. Could that person be a raving fan, a referral source, a potential customer? Then friend them. 9 - Make sure you set up your settings to get email reminders if people comment or leave messages for you! You do not want to forget, and you want to be prompt, and it's a good way to remember to check out what's going on, especially until you are in the habit of logging in everyday. 10 - Lastly, Show up! Social networks will not help you grow if you do not show up! Plan to be on the site your customers are most on daily. 30 minutes is all it takes.

Ann Evanston, MA is a social psychologist who has taken her networking strategies and tactics and applied them in person and online with great success. Over the last year and a half she has received a book series deal (first released April 2009), 14 speaking engagements, and over $50,000 in closed business through social networking. She is ranked #2 of top influencers in the SF bay area on Twitter and has over one million Google-able hits. In addition, she has been interviewed for the American Management Associations podcast on using Twitter and countless other radio shows and teleseminars. All due to social media. Her success comes from understanding the social psychology of networking online, a point many people miss.







Passionately Pursue Your Purpose By Lethia Owens

Progress Increases Clarity

“With a clear understanding of what you really want in life and a mindset for success, you are sure to reach

Rick Warren begins his book The Purpose Driven Life with a powerful statement, "It's not about you." Many of us have a hard time believing this life is not all about us, our dreams, our goals and our desire to accomplish great things. But Rick was right. This life is about a very unique and powerful calling to fulfill a higher purpose that only we can bring to completion. There is a contribution to society that only you can make. Unfortunately too many people leave this earth, never having fully lived to their highest potential and they take their talent with them to the grave. Begin exploring your purpose by discovering your passion. Let's imagine for a moment that your purpose is like a jigsaw puzzle.

know. When putting a puzzle together, most people start with what they already know; the boarder pieces because they are easiest to solve.

The journey may look something like this:

your goals!”

Focus on the Big Picture. The big picture may not be clear immediately but when you plan a strategy and diligently work to solve the puzzle, piece by piece the big picture emerges. Focus

Start with th e Boarder Pieces. Begin with what you already

On The Big Picture

Placing the inside pieces. Once you complete the border of your own life's puzzle, your eyes will be drawn to points of interest and your efforts will gravitate towards these areas. These points of interest serve as clues to your passion and areas of talent and strength. By studying your areas of brilliance, you'll begin to learn more about your natural gifts and talents which in turn answer questions related to your purpose. Progress increases clarity. As each puzzle piece is placed, you'll find that the overall picture becomes clearer and clearer until one day you realize the meaning of the picture before you. It is important to realize that the process is a journey to be enoyed and there are many wonderful discoveries along the way.

much like solving a jigsaw puzzle, there is one main difference. When the jigsaw puzzle is solved it is clear you have reached the end of the journey. When the picture of your purpose emerges, you will realize the journey is only beginning. The emergence of your purpose will open up intriguing, exciting and boundless opportunities for you to continually reinvent yourself. In studying numerous successful individuals such as Mary K Ash, Michael Jordon, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Linda Larsen, I've discovered there is one primary principle that separates these individuals from people who do not reach their highest levels of success and fulfillment. These individuals have proven over and over again that they are willing to do what unsuccessful people are not. Once they reach their limit they give just a little more and push just a little farther. With a clear understanding of what you really want in life and a mindset for success, you are sure to reach your goals.

Enjoy the journey. While this discovery process is

As a personal branding and social media strategist, Lethia Owens is passionate about teaching people how to think, work and live powerfully! She works with enterprising entrepreneurs who want to build a million dollar brand using cutting edge online marketing strategies that attract massive leads, more clients and endless referrals. For more information on Lethia Owens International, Inc. please visit







Book Accomplishment At ACCOMPLISH Magazine, we see publishing a book as a HUGE accomplishment! Each month we will feature someone who has written and published a book. This month, we want to SPOTLIGHT and recognize, Denise Pellow, author of “The Five Dangerous Trends Concerning Kids, Technology and the Internet.”

Join her Facebook Group!

We asked Denise to share her story with us and she replied, ―It was my dream to become a writer. I always wanted to write a book, so once I combined my talents, years of life experience with my career skill set it brought my first published book to light. The Five Dangerous Trends Concerning Kids, Technology and the Internet has been out almost a year and it's definitely true what they say it takes a year to get recognition and exposure for your work - that is a major accomplishment!‖

sistence, but that‘s only half of it. The real challenge begins AFTER it‘s published and that‘s marketing it through the media. Denise was recently featured in Better Homes & Gardens Magazine and landed this television interview on Great Day St. Louis, KMOV Channel 4. (see picture below). We also asked Denise what inspired her to achieve this goal and write a book. She responded, ―I wanted to make a difference in the world where kids their interactions with technology are concerned.‖

Her driving force was all about having passion, ―If what you do is your passion there is no stopping you‖ said Pellow. What advice would you give to an aspiring author? ―Promotion first and foremost before anything else, start promoting a year before publication and don't give up once it's published. The worst thing an Author can do is give up too soon, because you never know when your next big break is around the corner.‖ Congratulations Denise for publishing your book and sharing your wisdom to the world!

We couldn‘t agree more with Denise. Writing takes focused time, commitment and per-

Denise Pellow, in June 2006, created KidsBeSafeOnline LLC. She is passionate about educating parents regarding technologies and its interaction with youth. Denise is an entrepreneur, Internet safety speaker, advocate, and educator. Denise is also the author of The Five Dangerous Trends Concerning Kids, Technology and the Internet and most recently featured in March 2010 Better Homes and Gardens Magazine for Family 2.0 Our Gadgets, Ourselves.







I’ve Collected All These Business Cards From Networking, Now What? By Darlene Willman

Get Control of all Those Business Cards!

“Getting them in electronic format will instantly allow you to access the information FAST, saving you tons of time and money”

Set a goal to enter 10 names per day!

I get asked this question all the time from someone in the audience and tell them it‘s critical they process them immediately, make them digital right away and get an organized system in place. Making the cards digital simply means entering it into a database, contact management system (CRM) or an excel spreadsheet. Once the contact is digital, you can manipulate the information easily and retrieve the data on command. Sounds technical right? Not really. I‘m sure you‘ve experienced this when you attend a networking event or two and come back to your office with a stack of cards only to put a rubber band around them and stick them in your desk drawer. Maybe you take the time to write on the top card in the stack where you were or the date, then again maybe you do nothing with them.

You remember meeting someone previously that could help someone new you just met and would like to send them a referral but can‘t remember their name or find their business card with their contact info.

How much business are you losing because you can‘t locate the information and how many other people are doing the same thing? No wonder you can‘t give or receive enough referrals, there‘s no system in place!

After a while, you let the business cards take over and the piles get out of control. They appear everywhere in your office, on your desk, in drawers, envelopes, shoe boxes and simply clutter your space.

If you‘re networking on a small scale, get one of those cute card holder organizer books that hold about 20 cards. These are perfect for a particular networking group such as BNI (Business Network International) that meet on a regular basis and rely on each other for referrals.

Typical Sc ena r io :

However, if you get seriously aggressive with your net-

working and meet 50-100 people a week, you need another method. In the beginning, I purchased a Rolodex Business Card Book from OfficeMax that could hold up to 240 business cards. I organized them by company name vs. the individuals name because our mind remembers the bigger name more than the individual‘s name. Before too long, I had to buy several of the books and sorted them by women and men. I would spend at least 15 minutes each day flipping through the pages to become familiar with who is in my network. It still took time to sort through them and didn‘t make them in digital format so I could use it in different applications like email, SendOutCards or a contact management system. Getting them in electronic format will instantly allow you to access the information fast, saving you tons of time and money. One of the best investments I have ever made was buying the CardScan device that quickly converts the information into digital format. It‘s not perfect and you‘ll have to proofread and edit some cards but it definitely makes a big difference.

Darlene Willman is dedicated to supporting small businesses. She continues to find and share resources, referrals, and business tools for businesses locally and across the nation. Having hosted over 100 networking events in her career and publishing over 100 articles, she is a predominant leader in her field. A CCO MP LISH






CEO Space The World’s Oldest & Largest Private Entrepreneur Club CEO Space has helped countless entrepreneurs raise millions of dollars, as investors come to CEO Space confident they will always find new and exciting products, and a wide variety of businesses in which to invest. Plus, members tap into larger networks for problem solving, CEO-to-CEO role modeling, and for accountability of measura b l e

“We’re a private club that delivers superior business training and a NEW Style Trade Show experience, 5 times a year, for one intense week, with hundreds of people from all over the world.”

objec- tives.

Attract investors

Thrive in an uncertain economy

Create a powerful team

Attract new clients & customers

Drastically increase your income

Bring a new product to market

Patent & manufacture inventions

Develop multiple streams of income

Publish your book

And so much more…

Join us at our local networking previews or contact me directly to have a FREE Business Strategy Coaching Session!


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Your Secret Keys to Accomplishment and Miraculous Creation By Julie Renee Doering “The state that you are in, in any given moment determines your perception of reality and thus your decisions and behaviors. Your behavior is not a result of your ability but rather the state that you are in, in this moment” Anthony Robbins

Discipline The Mind

Today‘s secret Key is that of disciplining the mind to stay forward moving and positive regardless of how your outer circumstances are flowing in the moment. Are you diving down the rabbit hole or are you reaching towards the heavens?

“When the mind is focusing on blessings, we can move towards great accomplishments”

Adopt an

There was a point in my life where I decided to call an end to drama. My life was full of extremely difficult circumstances with long term cancer treatment, a severe pain condition, a brutal accident that had left me wheel chair bound and unlucky stream of relationships that never seemed to go the distance and provide for me the safe haven I longed for. I remember that day very clearly. It had occurred to me that even if difficult things were happening I would choose to find a space of gratitude for the opportunities to grow. When I made this decision, I had been one of the biggest rabbit hole runners of the century. I

would dive down the rabbit hole every chance I got. Let me explain what that means.

Having long conversations with everyone who will listen about how difficult life is.

Finding other friends to commiserate and listen to everything that is wrong in their life.

Amplify a problem, churn on it and broadcast it.

Be the state of ‗poor me I am innocent‘ they are at fault.

Attract more drama partners who were committed to experiencing life difficultly.

When I made this choice to find the wonder and opportunity in my life it was a huge step.

Focus on the goodness and rightness of everything


Stop rehashing the past.

Quickly end conversations that were taking me down the rabbit hole

Adopt an attitude of gratitude

When you get off the drama cycle, you take a step in the direction of being a powerful contributor in the world. With your new found power….which is funded by a mind aligned with a loving Universe that is working for your good and the good of all others you can move rapidly into the state of unconditional love. What you do with this state of being has no limits. When the mind is focusing on blessings we can move towards great accomplishment, and the creation of daily miracles. What could you do if you stopped going down your rabbit hole? Bliss, it’s an inside job!


Stop blaming and to take

Attitude Of

I get excited about a world filled with humans, being human, living in balance and joy! I love the thought that I could be at cause for a movement of awakening, born out of this era, where people are naturally seeking to find the inner truth of this moment and this reality. I imagine people living a life fully embodied and in balance, moving towards a spiritual awakening where facade (the things we identify as us like the things we own or the people of importance we know etc) falls away and the real human is present. In this reality love lives; truth, compassion and a person’s real worth emerges.






May 28th—Girls Night Out! Sex in the City 2 Movie (Chesterfield) Contact: Gina Keeven, 636-734-3470 June 3rd—Indianapolis, IN Chocolate Blues & Business Festivals June 19th—Fundraiser Notes for Hope: Jazz Gala Contact: Caryn Burstein, September 11-12—Dallas, TX U.S. Small Business Conference Feature Your Event for ONLY $25




Special Guest, Tom Haupt, author of Time-Out!

Accomplish Magazine May 2010  

The premier issue of Accomplish Magazine has arrived! Make sure to download your copy and share it with your friends!

Accomplish Magazine May 2010  

The premier issue of Accomplish Magazine has arrived! Make sure to download your copy and share it with your friends!