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October 2010


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Visit our website and register. You will get A customized website in your field. A newsletter with a relevant selection of titles in your fields of interest. An easy way to order your books. Modern Soft Tissue Pathology Tumors and Non-Neoplastic Conditions

Miettinen M.M. 2010 Cambridge U.P. 1116 pp € 198.00

This book comprehensively covers modern soft tissue pathology and includes both tumors and non-neoplastic entities. Soft tissues make up a large bulk of the human body, and they are susceptible to a wide range of diseases. Many soft-tissue tumors are biologically very aggressive, and the chance of them metastasizing to vital organs is quite high. In recent years, the outlook for soft-tissue cancers has brightened dramatically due to the increased accuracy of the pathologist’s tools. All methods of diagnosis are covered here, with an emphasis on the newest immunoassays and other genetic, molecular, and immunologic diagnostic modalities. This book’s systematic description of benign and malignant primary soft tissue tumors with didactic, comprehensive panels of illustrations allows the reader to formulate a complete understanding of the morphology of tumor entities at one glance. The book covers both the most common tumor entities and more unusual diseases using more than 1,500 color images, making it a resource for beginning and senior pathologists. - Extensive panels of illustrations allow reader to quickly understand the histologic spectrum of tumors - Unique charts of tumor demography and anatomic location - Includes discussion of ancillary techniques Expanded definition includes metastatic melanoma and carcinomas, etc.

Hematopathology Expert Consult: Online and Print

Jaffe E.S. Oct.2010 WB Saunders ca 1024 pp € 298.30

The authors, primary architects of the World Health Organization schema for classifying lymphoid and myeloid entities, provide stateof-the-art information on all organs in the hematopoietic system. They integrate coverage of traditional morphology and cytology with the many advances in immunologic and molecular/genetic testing. With a focus on the differential diagnostic features of each disease category, this new reference reflects practice today.


Pediatric Pathology 3/e

New edition

Stocker J.T. Dec.2010 Lippincott W.&W. ca 1312pp € 322.10

Revised and updated for its third edition, “Stocker and Dehner’s Pediatric Pathology” provides encyclopedic coverage of the diagnosis of pediatric disorders from the neonatal period through adolescence. It covers all major aspects of the pathologic anatomy of childhood disorders ranging from chromosomal syndromes and neoplasms to forensic pathology. Sections are organized by disease classification and by organ system. The book contains more than 1,300 gross and microscopic images, including 1,200 in full color. This edition includes a new chapter on transplantation pathology. Other highlights include significant updates in the areas of pediatric autopsy, imaging techniques, molecular techniques, embryonic and fetal wastage, congenital abnormalities, metabolic disorders, SIDS and forensic pathology, the placenta, and the nervous system.

Sudden Death in the Young 3/e

Special price

Byard R. 2010 Cambridge U.P. ca 736 pp € 178.00 valid till 31/12/2010 After: :€ 198.00

Determining the cause of death in children and young adults can pose considerable challenges. Professor Byard provides for the first time a complete overview of pathological aspects of sudden death in the young, from before birth to middle adult life. Highly illustrated with more than 800 colour figures, this third edition contains new sections on sexual abuse, pregnancy-related deaths and rare natural diseases, as well as expanded coverage of unexpected death in young adults up to the age of 30 years. Chapters are organised by systems and cover all aspects of natural death, as well as accidents, suicides and homicides. Supported by extensive referencing and numerous tables, the book can also be used as a practical autopsy manual. An encyclopaedic overview and analysis of sudden death in the young, this is a key text for pediatric and forensic pathologists, pediatricians, and lawyers and physicians involved in medicolegal cases. - Describes all causes of sudden death in the young that may be encountered in clinical and pathology practice Extensive reference lists and more than 800 colour figures and tables - Expanded scope to include young adults up to the age of 30 years, sexual abuse, pregnancy-related deaths and rare natural diseases

Differential Diagnosis in Exfoliative and Aspiration Cytopathology: An Atlas and Text, 2/e

Kini S.R. April 2011 Lippincott W.&W. ca 990 pp ca € 275.90

The primary thrust of this atlas is a comparison between different diagnostic entities with cytologic findings summarized in tabulated forms. The book contains over 3,200 full color photographs that illustrate the criteria for the cytology described. The book is an excellent reference for everyday use when difficult and challenging cases face both cytotechnologists and pathologists. A tabulated form of information saves valuable time while reporting cytopathology

Pathology of Solid Organ Transplantation

Liapis H. Oct.2010 Springer Verlag ca 480 pp € 171.90

Because of the progress in diagnostic transplantation pathology interpretation of transplant biopsies is increasingly becoming an attractive field for general surgical pathologists. The book focuses on the pathology of transplantation in the following organs: kidney, liver, lungs, heart, pancreas and small intestine. An introductory section addresses common entities that may complicate all transplant recipients such as infections, post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease and graft versus host disease, followed by 6 sections with detailed manifestations of rejection in each organ. This comprehensive, well-illustrated book serves the needs and meets the requirements of pathologists in training and those practicing in centers with limited volume of transplant biopsies in daily practice. Up to date comprehensive, “one stop” textbook on transplantation pathology Concise diagnostic features of entities illustrated by numerous high quality illustrations Hands-on instructions of how to interpret transplant biopsies Invaluable for beginners and trained pathologists alike

Manual of Surgical Pathology 3/e Expert Consult: Online and Print

New Edition Lester S.C. Sept.2010 Mosby ca 640 pp € 136.00

Dr. Lester’s Manual of Surgical Pathology, 3rd Edition offers complete, practical guidance on the evaluation of the surgical pathology specimen, from its arrival in the department to preparation of the final report. Inside, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on specimen processing, tissue handling, gross dissection technique, histological examination, application of special stains, development of a differential diagnosis, and more. This thoroughly revised New Edition integrates cutting-edge procedures well as the latest staging and classification information. Coverage of the latest standards and procedures for the laboratory and handling of surgical pathology specimens are valuable assets to pathologists, pathology assistants, and anyone working in a pathology laboratory. Plus, with Expert Consult functionality, you’ll have easy access to the full text online as well as all of the book’s illustrations and links to Medline.

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— a new in the Amyrsis Series — Designed as an easy-to-use and comprehensive reference for practicing pathologists Amirsys, creators of the highly acclaimed radiology series Diagnostic Imaging, proudly introduces its new Diagnostic Pathology series. Written by world-renowned experts, the series will consist of 15 titles in all the crucial areas of diagnostic surgical pathology. Each of these books contains Amirsys’s pioneering bulleted format, which distills pertinent information to the essentials. Every chapter contains a highlighted Key Facts box that summarizes the major points of the chapter, plus detailed sections on Terminology, Etiology / Pathogenesis, Clinical Issues, Macroscopic and Microscopic Findings. All the important Differential Diagnoses follow so the practicing clinical pathologist can find the information in the exact same place—every time. Most importantly, every diagnosis features numerous high-quality images, including gross pathology, H&E, and other immunohistochemical stains, correlative radiographic images, and richly colored graphics, all of which are fully annotated to reinforce the most important diagnostic findings. Lippincott W.&W./Amirsys

Diagnostic Pathology: Thoracic

Moran C.A., Suster S. Oct.2010 ca 875 pp € 275.90

Diagnostic Pathology: Soft Tissue

Diagnostic Pathology: Bone

Fisher C. Oct. 2010 € 275.90

Rosenberg A.G. Dec.2010 ca 800 pp € 275.90

Allready published in this series:

Diagnostic Pathology: Gastrointestinal

Diagnostic Pathology: Genitourinary

Greenson Oct-09 € 298.40

Amin Apr-10 € 289.10

The Hospital Autopsy 3/e A Manual of Fundamental Autopsy Practice

Burton 2010 Hodder Arnold 336 pp € 100.50 This new and revised edition of The Hospital Autopsy presents a clear and systematic approach to safe and effective modern autopsy practice. Like the extremely popular second edition, it begins by discussing issues of consent and mortuary design before going on to comprehensively cover external examination, evisceration, and dissection of internal organs. In this edition, new chapters have been added on the radiological autopsy, religious attitudes to autopsy and the implications of high-risk infections for autopsy practice. Specialist techniques are covered in depth, and chapters are devoted to complex issues including perinatal autopsies, maternal deaths and neuropathological examinations. • High quality colour photographs throughout • Employs a clear and systematic approach to hospital autopsy technique and the subsequent reconstruction of the body • Thorough coverage of legal and consent issues surrounding autopsy practice • The only book of its kind detailing autopsy techniques and providing fully referenced information

High-Yield Dermatopathology (High Yield Pathology Series) Expert Consult: Online and Print Mckee P.H. Dec. 2010 WB Saunders 624 pp

€ 170.30 Save time diagnosing skin diseases with High Yield Dermatopathology, edited by Drs. Nooshin Brinster, Vincent Liu, Hafeez Diwan, and Phillip McKee. Part of the High Yield Pathology Series, this title is designed to help you review the key pathologic features of skin disease, recognize the classic look of each disease, and quickly confirm your diagnosis. Its templated format, excellent color photographs, concise bulleted text, and authoritative content, will help you accurately identify more than 400 skin conditions.

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Breast Pathology 3/e Diagnosis by Needle Core Biopsy

New Edition

Rosen 2010 Lippincott W.&W. 432 pp € 172.90 DetailsEdited by two eminent authorities on breast pathology, this heavily illustrated text offers essential guidance on diagnostic evaluation of needle core biopsies. The focus is on the most common and challenging differential diagnostic problems encountered in these specimens. More than 1,100 full-colour illustrations depict the entire spectrum of breast pathology seen in needle core biopsies.

This edition includes new information on issues in the diagnosis of solid papillary carcinoma; molecular studies of microglandular adenosis; carcinoma with basal phenotype; the e-cadherin immunostain in the diagnosis of lobular carcinoma; use of immunostains to distinguish between papilloma and low-grade papillary carcinoma; and use of myoepithelial immunostains in the diagnosis of microinvasive carcinoma. The book also includes new data on treatment and prognosis.

Visual Guide to Musculoskeletal Tumors A Clinical - Radiologic - Histologic Approach Murphey M.

2010 WB Saunders 256 pp € 112.55 Visual Guide to Musculoskeletal Tumors: A Clinical-Radiologic-Histologic Approach, by Felasfa Wodajo, MD; Frank Gannon, MD and Mark Murphey, MD, uses a pattern-recognition approach to help you diagnose challenging musculoskeletal tumors with confidence. With an easy-to-use format, it is the only resource that correlates histology studies and imaging studies. By comparing images these superb-quality, large-scale images, you can master pattern recognition for the 30 most important musculoskeletal tumors and make informed, effective, and rapid decisions on diagnosis and treatment.

Practical Surgical Neuropathology: A Diagnostic Approach A volume in the Pattern Recognition series, Expert Consult: Online and Print

Perry A.G. 2010 Churchill Livingstone 600 pp € 238.95 Practical Surgical Neuropathy-a volume in the new Pattern Recognition series- offers you a practical guide to solving the problems you encounter in the surgical reporting room. Drs. Arie Perry and Daniel J. Brat present diagnoses according to a pattern-based organization that guides you from a histological pattern, through the appropriate work-up, around the pitfalls, and to the best diagnosis. Lavish illustrations capture key neuropathological patterns for a full range of common and rare conditions, and a “visual index” at the beginning of the book directs you to the exact location of in-depth diagnostic guidance. No other single source delivers the practical, hands-on information you need to solve even the toughest diagnostic challenges in neuropathology.

Manuel de techniques d’anatomo-cytopathologie Théorie et pratique Marck V. 2010 Elsevier Masson 196 pp

€ 55.00 Voici le premier Manuel de techniques d’anatomo-cytopathologie, conçu dans une langue claire et concise, agrémenté d’une riche iconographie et de nombreux encadrés : Conseils, Recommandations, Attention, Glossaire. Après un rappel des bases biologiques, anatomiques et physiologiques (cellules, tissus, systèmes et organes), l’auteur propose une synthèse de la pathologie générale et tumorale. Sont ensuite décrits : la pratique dans le cadre d’un laboratoire d’anatomo-cytopathologie, hospitalier ou privé, (matériel, manipulation, protection, conservation des prélèvements, etc.), les différents types de prélèvement, les principes et techniques d’analyses cytologiques et histologiques, puis les actes médicaux.

Biopsy Interpretation of Soft Tissue Tumors

Fisher C. Jan.2011 Lipincott W.&W. ca 400 pp ca € 138.60 The book is a practical guide and bench reference for surgical pathologists for the interpretation of soft tissue biopsies, including open and percutaneous core needle biopsies. Each chapter guides readers in a logical way, with the key differential diagnostic features of specific tumours detailed within each category, using morphologic, immunohistochemical, ultrastructural and genetic data. This parallels and complements the normal diagnostic process. In addition to colour photomicrographs the book includes numerous tables for differential diagnosis of specific morphologic features and use of immunohistochemical panels. Relevant clinical and management points impacted by the pathologic diagnosis are included. A companion website includes the full text, an image bank, and an interactive question bank. Gastrointestinal Pathology

Atlas of Liver Pathology 3/e Differential Diagnosis and Liver Biopsy Interpretation, Expert Consult - Online and Print

Kanel G.C. March 2011 WB Saunders 480 pp € 212.50 The Atlas of Liver Pathology, by Drs. Gary C. Kanel and Jacob Korula, provides the visual guidance you need to accurately diagnose all forms of liver disease. Organized by disease type, it points out major histological features, updates disease parameters with new images and diagrams, and helps you understand the clinical aspects of each disease. In print and online, it provides quick and convenient reference to virtually all of the liver disorders commonly seen today. Nine-hundred-plus high-quality, full-color images capture the gross and histological presentation of liver pathology ideal for comparison to the specimens you encounter in practice. Search the complete text online and download all of the illustrations at

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Scheuer’s Liver Biopsy Interpretation 8/e Expert Consult: Online and Print

Scheuer P.J., Lefkowitch Jay 2010 WB Saunders 416 pp € 127.30

— new to this edition — • A brand new chapter: “Practical Principles in Biopsy Assessment”. Focus is on interpretation rather than a mere listing of pathological changes. The initial overview of the biopsy specimen provides critical clues to diagnosis and a highly illustrated guide to ddx will be of enormous help in avoiding diagnostic errors. • Expanded coverage throughout, especially of liver tumours, pediatric fatty liver disease, neonatal cholestasis. Keeps the user apprised of the key areas of growth and development in diagnosis and interpretation. • Histopathology correlated with molecular genetics and immunohistochemistry whenever clinically relevant. Keeps the user up-to-date with all of the latest tools for performing a complete and accurate diagnosis. • Many new high-quality colour illustrations. Helps the user identify a wide variety of pathologic lesions. • Text and images available online via Expert Consult.

Advances in Surgical Pathology: Gastric Cancer

Dongfeng T. March 2011 Lippincott W.&W. ca 304 pp ca € 120.60 Advances in Surgical Pathology: Gastric Cancer provides a concise, updated review of the pathological characteristics of gastric cancer, with an emphasis on exploring practical issues and recent developments. The book features current and emerging concepts in the field of gastric cancer, a disease whose management requires a multidisciplinary approach in which pathology plays a key role. Its six sections cover the essential histopathology of gastric cancer as well as related topics such as imaging evaluation, molecular diagnosis, and personalized treatment, among other areas of interest. Individual chapters written by international experts in the fields of pathology, gastrointestinal medical oncology, cancer epidemiology, and gastrointestinal radiology, address the fundamental issues surrounding gastric cancer, including its epidemiology, basic diagnostic features, differential diagnoses, pitfalls and complications, and treatments. Endoscopic evaluation and histology correlation are emphasized. The screening, clinical management, and treatment of gastric cancer are summarized in related book sections. Recent findings regarding the roles of immunohistochemistry and molecular testing in the diagnosis, prognosis, and personalized treatment of gastric cancer are also reviewed. The book also includes current knowledge regarding the molecular alteration of gastric cancer carcinogenesis and its impact on patient care. Cardiac and Lung Pathology

Adcances in Surgical Pathology: Lung Cancer

Cagle P.T. Dec.2010 Lippincott W.&W. € 120.90 Advances in Surgical Pathology: Lung Cancer, a volume in the Advances in Surgical Pathology series, features chapters on current and impending changes in the field of lung cancer that directly affect pathologists. This includes the 2004 updates of the WHO Classification of Tumors of the Lung; the ongoing new classification of neuroendocrine carcinomas of the lung by the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer; the ongoing revision of the pathologic and clinical staging of lung cancer by the AJCC; molecular diagnostics in the diagnosis of lung cancer; the role of the pathologist in the new molecular targeted therapies for lung cancer; and the new use of image-guided, multimodality theranostics for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. Other current topics discussed include new understanding of the premalignant and preinvasive lesions and the controversies and revisions of the diagnosis of bronchioloalveolar carcinoma.

Practical Cardiovascular Pathology: An Atlas

Burke A. Dec.2010 Lippincott W.&W. ca 608 pp € 211.90 Featuring over 1,000 full-color illustrations, Practical Cardiovascular Pathology is a comprehensive reference guide to cardiac autopsy and surgical pathology of cardiovascular disease. The broad scope includes approaches to autopsy, devices, and molecular autopsy, as well as surgical cardiovascular disease, including biopsies, transplant, vasculitis, excised valves, and heart tumors. The book is geared to pathology residents and practicing surgical pathologists and focuses on illustrated practical diagnosis, including differential diagnosis. Each chapter includes eight to ten gross and microscopic photographs with legends highlighting the pathologic features of the disease, as well as succinct text covering etiology, clinical aspects, and differential diagnosis. Key information is presented in tabular format wherever possible. A companion website will offer the fully searchable text and an image bank.

Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions of the Lung and Pleura Expert Consult: Online and Print Suster S., Moran C.A. 2010 WB Saunders

512 pp € 145.20 Tumors and Tumor-like Conditions of the Lung and Pleura is a superb visual resource that brings the state-of-theart in thoracic diagnosis straight to the lab bench. Cesar A. Moran and Saul Suster are internationally recognized experts in pulmonary pathology who present a coherent and consistent approach to interpretation and diagnosis. Through more than 900 stunning photographs and a consistent, user-friendly format, this resource provides quality guidance on the diagnostic problems you face in everyday practice. You’ll get a host of innovative, practiceoriented features unavailable in any other text that streamline and facilitate diagnostic decision-making. Written by practitioners for practitioners, this visual resource is designed for quick and easy use. You can’t afford to be without it.

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Biopsy Interpretation of The Lung

Suster Summer 2011 Lippincott W.&W. ca 256 pp ca € 137.30 The majority of current texts on pulmonary pathology are based on the “whole picture” approach, that is, the presentation of the information as we have come to know it from the study of whole, resected lungs at surgery or at autopsy. In an era of increasingly non-invasive procedures and advanced and highly specific protocols for the treatment of malignancy and other diseases, it becomes imperative for pathologists to become conversant with the evaluation of disease processes of the lungs on very small and limited tissue samples. This volume in the series would be designed to fill in that gap and address that specific in detail. Hematopathology

Diagnostic Pediatric Hematopathology

Proytcheva M.A. Dec.2010 Cambridge U.P. 584 pp € 184.90 Diagnostic Pediatric Hematopathology is unique in providing an accurate and up-to-date guide to the diagnosis of benign and malignant hematologic disorders of childhood. The text discusses the development of the hematopoietic and lymphoid systems - and how this affects normal and abnormal findings in children at various ages. Also examined are the morphologic, immunophenotypic, cytogenetic, and molecular genetic characteristics of most pediatric-specific hematologic diseases. This is an excellent reference that ensures accurate diagnoses when evaluating peripheral blood, bone marrow, and lymph nodes of children. The text is written by a team of experienced pediatric hematopathologists and clinical scientists drawn from major academic children’s hospitals in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. It will be a valuable tool in the every day practice of pathologists, pediatric pathologists, and hematopathologists, and a ready educational resource for fellows, pathology residents, medical students, clinical scientists in the field, and pediatric hematologists/oncologists.

Leukaemia Diagnosis 4/e Bain B.J. 2010 Wiley-Blackwell 404 pp € 127.30 This practical reference source provides a guide to the principles of leukemia diagnosis and classification, incorporating the recent WHO guidelines. It has been completely revised and updated from the previous edition, with over 300 high quality full color digital images, including 50 completely new images. Although the book has a firm base in cytology and cytochemistry, it also reflects the major advances in the fields of immunophenotyping, cytogenetics and molecular genetics. It also contains a new section on genetics.

Neoplastic Diseases of the Blood 5/e

Wiernik P.H. Spring 2011 Humana Press ca 1200 pp ca € 230.00 Classification is at the crux of diagnostics and therapeutics in hematopathology and has been evolving constantly since the first descriptions of leukemia in mid-19th century. Although it does not form the structural framework for the book’s organization, the current World Health Organization classification of neoplastic diseases of the hematopoietic and lymphoid tissues is covered in specific chapters.

Flow Cytometry in Neoplastic Hematology 2/e MorphologicImmunophenotypic Correlation Gorczyca W. 2010 Informa Healthcare 400 pp

€ 198.00 Flow Cytometry in Neoplastic Hematology, 2nd Edition is a highly illustrated and practical guide which is not only a comprehensive primer on the aspects relevant for clinical diagnosis but also correlates histomorphologic features and explains causes of discrepancy between findings with the two modalities. This second edition has been updated to incorporate the new (2008) WHO classification of hematopoietic tumours, a new chapter on antigen expression during myeloid and lymphoid differentiation, significant expansion of all current chapters, an increased number of illustrations, new and expanded tables and updated and significantly expanded references to include newest research and clinical data. Uro- & Gynecological Pathology

Blaustein’s Pathology of the Female Genital Tract 6/e

New Edition

Kurman R.J. Dec.2010 Springer Verlag 1300 pp € 181.90 Since the publication of the 1/e in 1977, Blaustein’s Pathology of the Female Genital Tract has consolidated its position as the leading textbook of gynecological pathology. An essential reference for all pathologists and residents, this thoroughly updated Sixth Edition includes more than 1500 illustrations in color, informative tables and 28 revised chapters written by internationally recognized experts. New edition includes more than 350 new illustrations and 28 revised chapters Written by internationally recognized experts Each entry is structured the same way, from general to more specific information, which allows the reader to quickly access key information in every chapter

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Diagnostic Gynecologic and Obstetric Pathology 2/e Expert Consult - Online and Print Crum C. Feb.2011 WB Saunders

New Edition

ca 1280 pp € 237.60 Drs. Christopher P. Crum, Marisa R. Nucci, and Kenneth R. Lee help you diagnose neoplastic and non-neoplastic lesions of the female reproductive tract with their comprehensive update of Diagnostic Gynecologic and Obstetric Pathology. This 2nd Edition provides all of the latest guidance needed to accurately evaluate pathologic features and morphologic patterns. With 650+ new color images, an appendix with algorithms for the use of biomarkers, key points, diagnostic pearls, and more ...all now available with searchable online access…this title is a must-have for today’s pathologist. Search the complete text online and download the image library at

Atlas of Genitourinary Pathology With online files/update MacLennan G.T.

Nov.2010 Springer Verlag ca 590 pp € 192.50 A single referral source to find images and information concerning all pathological entities in the field of genitourinary pathology, this book contains gross photos and photomicrographs of virtually every pathologic entity, and variants of those entities, occurring in the following organs or anatomic sites: adrenal, kidney, renal pelvis and ureter, urinary bladder, urethra, prostate, seminal vesicles, testis, spermatic cord and testicular adnexae, penis, and scrotum. The book is lavishly illustrated with images accompanied by text explaining the key diagnostic points to be noted, as well as features that help separate the entity from others included in the differential diagnosis. This book is designed for practicing pathologists and pathologists in training as well as urologists, GU radiologists, GU radiation oncologists, and GU medical oncologists.

Biopsy Interpretation of the Bladder 2/e

Epstein J.I. 2010 Lippincott W.&W. ca 304 pp € 126.00 This book focuses on state-of-the-art, practical information that is required to properly evaluate biopsies of the urothelial tract. From normal anatomy and histology to a range of both common and unusual pathological findings, this clinically essential diagnostic resource delivers current information to help accurately identify all lesions, tumors, and tumor-like lesions for the bladder.

Molecular Pathology

Essential Concepts in Molecular Pathology

Coleman W.B., Tsongalis G.J. 2010 Academic Press 462 pp € 58.10 This streamlined “essential” version of the Molecular Pathology (2009) textbook extracts key information, illustrations and photographs from the main textbook in the same number and organization of chapters. It is aimed at teaching students in courses where the full textbook is not needed, but the concepts included are desirable (such as graduate students in allied health programs or undergraduates). It is also aimed at students who are enrolled in courses that primarily use a traditional pathology textbook, but need the complementary concepts of molecular pathology (such as medical students). Further, the textbook will be valuable for pathology residents and other postdoctoral fellows who desire to advance their understanding of molecular mechanisms of disease beyond what they learned in medical/graduate school.

Molecular Pathology of Hematolymphoid Diseases (Series: Molecular Pathology Library, Vol. 4) Dunphy C.H. 2010 Springer Verlag

620 pp € 139.90 The Molecular Pathology Library Series fills the gap between basic science and clinical application. Each userfriendly reference brings together diverse topics about molecular pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment in one volume. The series serves physicians and healthcare providers in multiple disciplines who need to understand and apply molecular diagnostics and therapy to patient care; residents and fellows who integrate molecular medicine into their curricula and future practice; and basic and translational researchers who must define the impact of their research on clinical medicine. Integrated with a medical perspective. Divided according to neoplastic and non-neoplastic disease. Each chapter focuses on a specific disease entity. Quick and user-friendly reference

Molecular Pathology of Endocrine Diseases (Molecular Pathology Library Series, Vol. 3) Hunt J.L.

2010 Springer Verlag 618 pp € 139.90 The Molecular Pathology Library Series fills the gap between basic science and clinical application. Each userfriendly reference brings together diverse topics about molecular pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment in one volume. The series serves physicians and healthcare providers in multiple disciplines who need to understand and apply molecular diagnostics and therapy to patient care; residents and fellows who integrate molecular medicine into their curricula and future practice; and basic and translational researchers who must define the impact of their research on clinical medicine. Integrated with a medical perspective Divided according to neoplastic and non-neoplastic disease Each chapter focuses on a specific disease entity Quick and user-friendly reference

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Frozen Section Pathology

A Practical Guide to Frozen Section Technique

Peters S.R. 2010 Springer Verlag 194 pp € 80.20 A Practical Guide to Frozen Section Technique offers an easy to learn approach to frozen section technique in the form of a highly illustrated handbook intended for onsite use in the laboratory. The book begins with a novel, clearly delineated, step by step approach to learning continuous motion brush technique. Emphasis is placed on recognizing and correcting artifacts during the preparation process. The book addresses all of the steps in the preparation of slides from cutting through cover-slipping. The author’s unique, original techniques for tissue embedding including face down embedding in steel well bars, frozen block cryoembedding and paper cryoembedding are detailed. Variables key to the quality of the preparation including block temperature, tissue properties and section thickness are detailed. The book also covers understanding the cryostat and basic maintenance and care.Sections covering techniques used in Mohs dermatologic surgery, and techniques used in basic animal and human research are discussed by noted experts in their field. The Frozen Section Library series will provide concise, user-friendly, site specific handbooks that are well illustrated and highlight the pitfalls, artifacts and differential diagnosis issues that arise in the hurried frozen section scenario

Frozen Section Library: Pleura (Frozen Section Library Series, Vol. 3)

Cagle P.T., Allen T.C. 2010 Springer Verlag 115 pp € 64.90

Frozen Section Library: Appendix, Colon, and Anus (Series: Frozen Section Library, Vol. 4)

Yantiss R.K. Nov.2010 Springer Verlag ca 88 pp € 64.90

Frozen Section Library: Head and Neck (Frozen Section Library Series, Vol. 5)

Zhai Q. Dec.2010 Springer Verlag € 65.95

— latest additions to the AFIP collection —

AFIP Atlas of Tumor Pathology, Series IV Vol. 12: Melanocytic Tumors of the Skin (Elder, Murphy) – 2010 – € 175 Vol. 11: Tumors of the Mediastinum (Shimosato, Mukai, Matsuno) – 2010 – € 145 Vol. 10: Tumors of the Mammary Gland (Tavassol, Eusebi) – 2009 – € 150 Vol. 9: Tumors of the Salivary Glands (Ellis, Auclair) – 2008 – € 165 Vol. 8: Tumors of Adrenal Glands and Extraadrenal Paraganglia (Lack) – 2008 – € 160

AFIP Atlas of Nontumor Pathology, Series I Vol. 8: Non-Neoplastic Diseases of the Central Nervous System (Frosch) – 2010 – € 165 Vol. 7: Benign and Reactive Conditions of Lymph Node and Spleen (O’Malley, George, Orazi, Abbodanzo) – 2010 – € 165 Vol. 6: Non-Neoplastic Disorders of Bone Marrow (Foucar, Viswanatha, Wilson) – 2009 – € 130 Vol. 5: Gastrointestinal Diseases (Noffsinger, Fenoglio-Preiser, Maru, Gilinsky) – 2008 – € 170 acco Leuven - Maria-Theresiastraat 2-4 - 3000 Leuven - T: 016/291100 - F: 016/207389 - acco Heverlee - Celestijnenlaan 200P - 3001 Heverlee - T: 016/327870 - F: 016/327871 - acco Antwerpen - Prinsstraat 21 - 2000 Antwerpen - T: 03/2266402 - F: 03/2268153 - acco Adrénaline (St-Luc) - 43, rue Martin V straat - 1200 Woluwe - T: 02/7631686 - F: 02/7706528 - acco Gent - Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 105 - 9000 Gent - T: 09/235 73 00 - F: 09/235 73 01 - for more information and ordering visit our website acco Brugge - Xaverianenstraat 10 - 8000 Brugge - T: 050/71 08 74 - F: 050/71 08 75

Pathology Newsletter  

New books in Pathology - a selection by Acco Medical

Pathology Newsletter  

New books in Pathology - a selection by Acco Medical