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Enjoy Ireland’s Top Visitor Attractions Ireland has Wonderful Visitor Attractions

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Ireland is a country of rich colour and

prized resource – reflected in our

a people steeped in tradition and



What follows is a selection of Ireland’s

Our first known settlement dates to

best attractions - just a few of those

around 8000 B.C.E. Since then we have

which actively

experienced invasions, famine and wars.

promote and sell tickets to. Visit our website and you’ll discover some great

Our colourful history is preserved and placed on show in thousands of visitor attractions throughout Ireland, some of which inform or recreate the living

attractions including ancient castles, museums and interpretative centres, folk parks, sealife and wildlife centres, boat trips and more.

conditions and life-styles of the Megalitic, the Neolithic, the Medieval and the 19th

The Map of Ireland of Ireland below is

Century Irish. In Ireland our ancient and

provided to help orientate you.

our modern history is important and a

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Trinity College and Book of Kells Exhibition Dublin City, Ireland

Trinity College Old Library



 T r i n i t y C o l l e g e i t s e l f . I t s graduates include Swift, Goldsmith, Wilde and Beckett.

Trinity College Dublin provides for a

decorated copy, in Latin, of the four

fascinating visit and it is one of Ireland’s

gospels. It was probably produced early

top attractions. It is the oldest university

in the 9th century by the monks of Iona,

in Ireland, founded in 1592 by Queen

working wholly or partially at Iona itself or

Elizabeth I and is famous for its

at Kells, County Meath, where they

graduates such as Swift, Goldsmith,

moved after 806 AD, when Iona was

Wilde and Beckett.

attacked by Vikings.

Located in the heart of Dublin City, a

Trinity College Library is one of the

walk through the cobbled stones of

world’s great research libraries and holds

Trinity College Dublin will bring visitors

the largest collection of manuscripts and

back to the 18th century, when the

printed books in Ireland. There has been

magnificent Old Library building was

a library since Trinity College was

constructed. Inside is housed the Book of

founded by charter of Queen Elizabeth in

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Kells - a 9th-century gospel manuscript

1592. The earliest surviving building, the

famous throughout the world.

Old Library, was built between 1712 and

Tickets are instant and valid

The Book of Kells was written over 1000

for 365 days. They are also

years ago and contains lavishly hand

 T h e w o r l d - f a m o u s B o o k of Kells, produced by hand in the 9th century.

 T h e O l d L i b r a r y . B u i l t between 1712 and 1732, it holds the largest collection of manuscripts and printed books in Ireland.


‘Best Price’ Guaranteed.

1732. The main chamber of the Old Library is stunning. It houses around 200,000 of the Library’s oldest books.

Powerscourt House and Gardens Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Powerscourt Gardens



 4 7 A c r e s o f s t u n n i n g gardens.

Powerscourt House & Gardens is one of

landscape, creating one of the most

 V o t e d t h e # 3 G a r d e n i n

Ireland’s Top Attractions and was voted

majestic vistas in Ireland. Fine statuary

the world by National Geographic.

the #3 Garden in the world by National

and ironworks collected from across

Geographic. Set against the backdrop of

Europe adorn these magnificent

the great Sugarloaf Mountain, it is


stunning in every season. From the

The Palladian Mansion was destroyed by

ornate Italian Gardens, to the formal

fire in 1974 and it lay dormant for over 20

walks of the Rose and Kitchen Gardens,

years. In 1996 it was re-opened, but not

there are many hidden treasures to

to its original glory. It is now home to the

explore. With over 200 varieties of trees,

best in Irish Design in the craft and

shrubs and flowers on 47 acres, there is

interior shops.

 O v e r 2 0 0 v a r i e t i e s o f trees, shrubs and flowers.

 O n l y a 2 0 m i n u t e d r i v e from Dublin


something for everyone - from little

Buy your tickets online at

explorers to garden enthusiasts!

A Majestic Vista

audio-visual brings to life the rich history

Tickets are instant and valid

The Gardens were laid out over a period

of the Estate. Delight in the wonderment

for 365 days. They are also

of 150 years and were designed to create

of exploration with the little ones, take

a garden that was part of the wider

time to smell the roses and stroll at your

‘Best Price’ Guaranteed.

These wonderful and gracious gardens are suitable for people of all ages and an

leisure through the themed gardens.

Dublinia - Dublin in Viking & Medieval Times Dublin City, Ireland




 A n o p p o r t u n i t y t o experience Dublin City as it was in times past.

 A n i n t e r a c t i v e a n d informative exhibition, that visitors of all ages will enjoy.

 Y o u n g v i s i t o r s

Dublinia is an exciting heritage attraction

Medieval Dublin

in what was the heart of mediaeval

Travel back to medieval Dublin! From

Dublin. It is ideal for all the family. There

Strongbow to the Reformation, Dublinia

are three themed exhibitions to enable

recreates the sights, sounds and smells

you experience Dublin city as it was in

of this busy city. Learn of warfare, crime

times past - 'Viking Dublin', 'Medieval

and punishment, death and disease and

Dublin' and ‘History Hunters’.

even the toothache remedies of 700

Viking Dublin

years ago.

Go back to Viking times in Dublin. See

History Hunters

what life was like on-board a Viking

See how the History Hunters dig deep to

Warship. Learn of their long and

uncover Dublin’s past! Learn how

challenging voyages, their weaponry and

archaeology works with history and

the skills of being a Viking warrior. Enjoy

science to piece together the jigsaws of

the myths and learn of the mysteries

our ancestor’s lives and lifestyles. See

surrounding the Vikings and their legacy.

genuine Viking and Medieval artefacts

particularly enjoy it.

BUY TICKETS ONLINE Buy your tickets online at Tickets are instant and valid for 365 days. They are also

including those of a medieval skeleton,

‘Best Price’ Guaranteed.

found in Dublin, and courtesy of the National Museum of Ireland.


King John’s Castle Visitor Experience Limerick City, Ireland

King John’s Castle



 T h e 1 3 t h C e n t u r y C a s t l e , used for defensive purposes

 A m o d e r n v i s i t o r c e n t r e with interactive activities and exhibitions.

 D i s c o v e r y d r a w e r s a n d audio visuals to help you explore, understand and imagine those times.

King John's Castle is located on 'King's

certainly made his mark in Limerick.

Island' in the heart of medieval Limerick

King John’s Castle retains many of the

City. The Castle was planned and built

pioneering features, which made its

between 1200 and 1212 as a defensive

construction unique for the day. Its

fortress. In the following centuries it was

massive gate house, battlements and

repaired and extended many times. The

corner towers await your exploration

Castle now features a new visitor centre

while the armoury and its contents

with state of the art interpretive activities

remain as evidence of its turbulent

and exhibitions that bring to life its


dramatic history . Visitors to the Castle can try on historic King John was the brother of Richard the

costumes to help imagine castle life.

Lionheart, associated with legends such

Discovery drawers and audio visuals help

Buy your tickets online at

as Robin Hood and the Knights’ of the

you to delve into the Castle's history.

Round Table. John, Lord of Ireland,

Children will also love the dazzling array

though not as popular as his brother, was

of computer-generated animations and

a formidable force in battle and when he

ghostly projections as they travel back

set about claiming territory in Ireland, he

through time.


Tickets are instant and valid for 365 days. They are also ‘Best Price’ Guaranteed.

Bunratty Castle and Folk Park Bunratty, Co. Clare, Ireland

Bunratty Castle



 M a r v e l a t B u n r a t t y Castle, built in 1425 as a protective fortress.

 M e d i e v a l f u r n i s h i n g s and tapestries.

 A s u p e r b 2 6 a c r e F o l k Park that recreates Ireland of the 19th century

Bunratty Castle is the most complete and

Built in 1425 by the powerful MacNamara

A Wonderful Folk Park - on 26 Acres

family, it was restored in 1954 to its

The 30 houses and cottages of the Folk

former medieval splendour by the

Park, spread out on 26 acres at the foot

Viscount Lord Gort. It contains mainly

of the massive castle walls, are a living

15th and 16th century furnishings,

reconstruction of the environment of

tapestries, and works of art which

Ireland in the 19th century. The houses

capture the mood of those times.

and shops in the Folk Park have been

You can wander through the castle and


marvel at the finest collection of medieval furniture in Ireland. It brings to life a vital

Buy your tickets online at

part of Ireland's Medieval past. The site

on which Bunratty Castle stands was in

Tickets are instant and valid for 365 days. They are also ‘Best Price’ Guaranteed.

stands peacefully in delightful grounds.

authentic medieval fortress in Ireland.

origin a Viking trading camp in 970. The present structure is the last of four castles built on the site. Today, the castle

chosen from many different areas, and recreated to form a collection of typical 19th century urban Irish buildings. Costumed characters recreate the traditions and lifestyle of a bygone age and animate the Folk Park. Traditional jobs and crafts are also represented at the forge, the mills, the pottery, the printers, the pub, the bakers and on the farms.

The Ulster Museum Belfast City, Ireland

The Ulster Museum



 A r i c h c o l l e c t i o n o f a r t , history and natural sciences.

 I m p r e s s i v e g a l l e r i e s a n d interactive discovery zones.

 T e l l s t h e s t o r y o f t h e people of Northern Ireland from the earliest times.


As Northern Ireland's treasure house of

Gaze in Wonder

the past and the present, the Ulster

The engaging and stimulating history

Museum is home to a rich collection of

galleries tell the story of the people of

art, history and natural sciences and is

Ireland from their first arrival on the

free to all visitors. From Ireland to the

island until the present day. Visitors can

South Pacific, from ancient relics to

gaze upon the fabulous treasure from the

modern masterpieces, the museum

Spanish galleon, Girona, the best

offers something for everyone, from the

Armada collection to be seen anywhere

simply curious to the enthusiast.

outside of Spain. Another 'treasure' and a

The revitalised museum tells the story of

firm favourite with all generations is

the people of the north of Ireland from

Takabuti, an Egyptian mummy from the

earliest times to the present day.

7th century BC. For those interested in Northern Ireland's recent history, it is

The Ulster Museum is FREE. Impressive galleries and interactive

Check out other free and

discovery zones bring history, science

ticketed attractions on

and art collections to life for visitors of all


sensitively explored in the newly developed Troubles Gallery. The science galleries are a 'must-see' for anyone with an interest in the richness and diversity of the natural world.

Irish National Stud and Gardens Tully, Co. Kildare, Ireland

Irish National Stud and Gardens



 M a g n i f i c e n t S t u d F a r m — the beating heart of Ireland’s thoroughbred industry.

 T w o s t u n n i n g g a r d e n s .  H o r s e M u s e u m .  M e e t t h e l i v i n g h o r s e racing superstar legends.

BUY TICKETS ONLINE Buy your tickets online at Tickets are instant and valid

Nowhere better symbolizes the beating

finest in Europe. Follow the path called

heart of Ireland's thoroughbred industry,

the 'Life of Man' which traces the

than the Irish National Stud & Gardens, a

passage of a soul from birth to death and

unique attraction of outstanding natural

beyond, at the same time providing a

beauty and home to some of the most

meeting place for the cultures of East

magnificent horses and sumptuous

and West.

gardens to be found anywhere in the

Saint Fiachra's Garden: A spiritual


haven inspired by the Patron Saint of

Stud Farm: The Stud Farm is the home


of equine royalty, immaculately-bred

Horse Museum: which includes the

stallions who can be seen and admired

skeleton of the legendary Arkle.

alongside protective mares, frolicking foals and athletic yearlings. Visit and observe the remarkable thoroughbred journey from Conception to Champion.

Living Horse Legends: You can see some of the living horse racing superstars enjoy life at the Stud, including Vintage Crop, Moscow Flyer,

for 365 days. They are also

The World Famous Japanese

‘Best Price’ Guaranteed.

Gardens: Created in 1906 they are the

Kicking King and Beef or Salmon.

The House of Waterford Crystal Waterford City, Ireland

The House of Waterford Crystal



 H o m e t o t h e l a r g e s t collection of Waterford Crystal in the World.

 A F a c t o r y T o u r t a k e s you through all stages of the production process—from design, through to engraving of completed pieces.

 A R e t a i l S t o r e s e l l i n g Waterford Crystal.

The House of Waterford Crystal in

the Master Blowers shape the molten

Waterford City and is where you can

crystal flawlessly with the use of wooden

witness the creation of crystal stemware,

moulds and hand tools. Visitors then visit

giftware and other crystal masterpieces.

the blowing department where they see glowing balls of crystal transformed into

The factory tour is a unique and captivating experience that will enthrall visitors of all ages. The tour lets people go behind the scenes for over an hour and see exactly how Waterford Crystal

majestic shapes as they are put through the 1300-degree furnace. The Waterford Crystal pieces are then hand-marked for precision and accuracy, and they are then cut, sculpted and engraved.

pieces are made. Visitors can witness

BUY TICKETS ONLINE Buy your tickets online at

every stage of production, from the initial

If it fails to reach the required standards

design stage right up to the final

at any stage it is smashed and returned

engraving of the piece.

to the furnace to be re-melted so that the piece can be started again.

On the tour, visitors first visit the mould

Tickets are instant and valid

room where they witness the mould

The House of Waterford Crystal is also

for 365 days. They are also

making – a technique that has remained

home to the largest collection of

unchanged throughout the centuries, as

Waterford Crystal in the world.

‘Best Price’ Guaranteed.

The Aillwee Cave and Birds of Prey Centre Ballyvaughan, The Burren, Co. Clare

The Aillwee Cave and Birds of Prey Centre



 A s h o w - c a v e b e n e a t h t h e world-famous Burren National Park.

Aillwee Cave and its Birds of Prey Centre

The Birds of Prey Centre

are two great attractions in one - in the

 A B i r d s o f P r e y C e n t r e

Visit the Birds of Prey Centre, home to

heart of the Burren National Park, a very

one of the largest and most varied

special part of Ireland.

collection of Birds of Prey in the Ireland –

The Aillwee Cave – a dramatic tour of

Eagles, Falcons, Hawks, Owls, and

the Burren’s Underworld

Vultures. Daily flying displays provide a

with flying displays.

 A n o p t i o n a l H a w k W a l k . It costs more, but is a once in a lifetime experience.

 G i f t & f o o d s h o p .

rare opportunity to see many of these The Aillwee Cave tour consists of a 35 minute guided walk through beautiful

wonderful species in dramatic free flight set against the Burren Landscape.

caverns, over bridged chasms, under

BUY TICKETS ONLINE Buy your tickets online at Tickets are instant and valid for 365 days. They are also ‘Best Price’ Guaranteed.

weird formations and alongside the

If you want the ultimate experience Book

thunderous waterfall which sometimes

‘A Hawk Walk’. It’s a once in a lifetime

gently sprays the unsuspecting visitor.

opportunity to interact with one of nature's top predators. Guided and

Marvel at the frozen waterfall and explore the hibernation chambers of the long extinct brown bears.

instructed by experienced falconer, this hour long "Walk with a Hawk" through woodland and across Burren Limestone pavement is tailor made for anybody seeking a totally unique experience.

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral Dublin City, Ireland

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral



 1 3 t h C e n t u r y C a t h e d r a l at the core of Irish life for over 800 years

 T h e r e s t i n g p l a c e o f over 700 people, including Jonathan Swift—author of Guliver’s Travels.

 O v e r 2 0 0 m o n u m e n t s a n d statues onsite.

BUY TICKETS ONLINE Buy your tickets online at

Saint Patrick's Cathedral is one of

The Cathedral is also the final resting

Ireland's most popular attractions. This

place for around 700 people including

medieval gothic place of worship has

Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's

been at the core of Irish life and history

Travels; Richard Boyle, the first Earl of

for over 800 years and is today the

Cork and the Duke of Shomberg killed at

National Cathedral of the Church of

the Battle of the Boyne.


Nearly 200 monuments and statues

The Cathedral is built on the site of a well

make the building a veritable treasure

which it is thought to have been used by

trove of those who love history and art

Saint Patrick to baptise Christians.

Living Stones, the Cathedral’s permanent

Saint Patricks is still the largest Cathedral

exhibition, celebrates the Cathedral’s

in Ireland and is a wonder of the

place in the life of the city, its history and

medieval world. The current building was

its role in a fast changing world. It

erected in the 13th Century and was

emphasises that the Cathedral is not a

Tickets are instant and valid

restored in the 19th Century by Benjamin

museum but a building embracing the

for 365 days. They are also

Lee Guinness.

past to herald the future.

‘Best Price’ Guaranteed.


Ireland's top attractions