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Dear friends, I hope you are feeling energised for the final quarter of the year. I returned inspired and refreshed from ministering both in Australia and around the world. Lyn and I were privileged to be at the All Nations Conference hosted by Steve Murrell in the USA in July, and then ministered in South Africa in August. The Pan Asia conference in Phuket with Alun and his team was amazing, and a fantastic showcase of the impact of our global outreach. The ACC field workers serving around the world are all great heroes in our movement. They heard the call to ‘Go’, they went to the nations, and the Lord is using them in incredible ways. (See page 5 for more reports.)

Left: Pan Asia Conference: They heard ‘GO’...and they went to the nations. Some of our ACCI team meeting with Aussie Pastors. Heroes!

NATIONAL EXECUTIVE UPDATE The National Executive met together in Brisbane at the end of August. We welcomed John Hunt to the team, and it was great to connect with the State Presidents as well. I am so grateful for the wonderful people serving with me in leadership of the ACC. They add faith, wisdom... and a good dose of humour! Please keep our leaders in prayer as they each do a wonderful job for our movement while carrying an enormous load and responsibilities. Some key points from the Executive meeting: • Church Planting: Michael Murphy shared the exciting news that by November, 69 churches will have been planted in 2013. • Ignite Church Planting Course: We have listened to church planters and senior pastors who told us that a one month course is too great a time commitment, so the program has been deferred until 2014. (See page 11 for more details) • Census 2013: Our partnership with NCLS Research is already giving us an encouraging snapshot of our movement. • National Prayer Network: We have launched the Prayer Network for ACC leaders and churches. • One Day Project: We want to see more churches than ever support this exciting initiative. (See page 13 for more details) • National Conference 2015: Join us on the Gold Coast: 21- 23 April 2015. More details to come early next year. There have been good reports from all the State Conferences so far. Let’s stay focused, upholding the faith and keeping one another in prayer. Warmest regards,


I pray our movement continues to grow stronger in our relationships and sense of family.




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CONFERENCE Gold Coast • 21-23 April 2015

wayne alcorn, acc national president

Follow Wayne Alcorn on Twitter: @wayne_alcorn | 2 |


Three Priorities By Wayne Alcorn




Having a strong core team who has been serving alongside each other on a long term basis is a great foundation. Take, for example, Hillsong Church, which over thirty years, has had a committed core team at the helm.

Unity, Friendship, Family Strength comes through unity around a cause, and friendship where families are valued. A team that does life together, celebrating milestones, sharing the joys of births and weddings, supporting and caring for one another in the dark days. I heard one of the best definitions of discipleship on my travels: “Discipleship is Relationship”. Think about those relationships that disciple you, and who you in turn are discipling. I pray our movement continues to grow stronger in our relationships and sense of family.


A PASSION FOR MISSIONS The second thing I noted about the ministries I visited was that they took the Great Commission seriously. Mark 16:15 says, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” It all hinges on the word ‘Go’. When it comes to missions, perhaps we need the Filipino approach to traffic lights: Green means Go; Yellow means Go Faster; and Red means Go Anyway! Our Pan Asia Conference in Thailand revealed incredible stories of how ACCI field workers are extending the Kingdom, even raising the dead. There are some phenomenal things happening among the missionaries who heard the call to ‘Go’ and went. However, I believe we need to be strategising NOW to bring through the next generation of missionaries.

The next generation of missionaries I’m convinced we need to be consumed with this task. Hebrews 12:29 says our God is “a consuming fire”. The big question is, what consumes you? You will know what your treasure is by what you think about, what you talk about and what you plan to do. Does it reflect a commitment to the Great Commission? Mission is both down the street and around the world. Let’s keep our passion for missions at the forefront of everything we do.

Keeping Jesus in first place is a leader’s greatest key to success.


During July and August, I was greatly inspired by the ministries I visited across three continents. Over this period, God arrested my attention about what we are doing and why we are doing it. All these ministries are about changing their world, and despite having different visions and styles, I saw some common denominators that are helping them bear great fruit. Keeping these three areas in focus will build a great platform as we go forward with our vision.


THE SUPREMACY OF JESUS Paul wrote about the pre-eminence of Christ, how He is “the head of the body, the Church…SO THAT in everything He might have the supremacy” (Col 1:18 NIV). As the New Living Translation puts it: “So He is first in everything.” We can talk a lot about vision, leadership styles and communication techniques – all of which are important - but keeping Jesus in first place is a leader’s greatest key to success. He is the reason for the ACC, for the administration process, for meetings, for blogs... everything we do. When Jesus Christ is Lord, it deals a deathblow to entitlement. His supremacy gives perspective to life and ministry. It helps set our priorities and gives an eternal focus to what would otherwise seem mundane.

– Wayne Alcorn (September 2013)

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Obligations of Celebrants The Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages has indicated that there has been incidences of Pastors (unauthorised marriage celebrants) officiating weddings where the authorised celebrant signed the marriage certificates prior to the service and did not attend the service himself. This is illegal and can bring into question the validity of the marriage. A pastor who does not hold a celebrants license can still marry someone, however the marriage celebrant needs to be at the wedding, noted during the service who the celebrant is, then at the appropriate time during the service needs to sign the certificate. Please note that until the proclamation for the Australian Christian Churches has been received and gazetted, please ensure you still marry couples under the ‘rites of the Assemblies of God in Australia’. We will notify you once this has officially changed.


Congregation Research NCLS CHURCH ATTENDANCE SURVEY The ACC National Executive has commissioned the National Church Life Survey (NCLS) team to conduct a targeted survey among 250 ACC congregations in mid November this year. Valuable research on your congregation This is not the same as the ACC Annual Census. The survey is directed at congregation members and will take around 20 minutes for individuals to complete. One of the benefits of participating in this project is that your church will receive the results of your congregation members which will help you identify and build strengths. ACC National to cover costs The National Executive has agreed to cover the costs of the survey for this national representative sample of 250 churches. If you want to be part of this, all we need you to do is indicate your interest in taking part before 14October 2013. You will then be contacted with further details about how the survey will be conducted. Don’t miss out so take advantage of this opportunity that will help you assess the views of your congregation on a wide range of topics. Email: National.Secretary@acc.org.au


Reply by 14 October

for Pastors

Changes to using radio microphones When Australia switches to digital TV in December 2014, most of the wireless audio devices, including radio microphones, will no longer be able to operate. It is estimated four in every five wireless audio devices will be affected. These changes could have a major impact on most churches across the country. What this means: • Changes to radio spectrum allocation from December 31st 2014 will mean that around 80% of the radio microphones in Australia will need to be scrapped. • In the future you will need to use a device that operates between 520MHz and 694 MHz. • The use of non-compliant devices beyond that date is illegal and their use is potentially punishable by fine or jail. • The costs of this change will be borne by users. Your church needs to be familiar with these changes as they will affect any audio support or reinforcement provided by your church (including your closed loop audio system) where the source of the sound is captured by a radio mic or wireless instrument audio transmitter. With just over a year before the date at which operations must change, community groups such as schools and churches are running out of time to prepare and budget for this event. Please familiarise yourself with these changes to ensure your church: • Operates legally from 1st January 2015; • Can continue to derive the benefits of wireless audio use in the delivery of your services, programs and activities. Australian Commercial and Entertainment Technology Association (ACETA) is an apolitical, industry organisation that has approached the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) with their concerns that the process hasn’t been adequately funded or educated users on the changes. The government have no plans to allocate any funding to a communications program or compensation scheme for having to replace your equipment. Churches can add their name to a petition to request the Senate for a reasonable transition plan.

ACC NATIONAL PRAYER NETWORK LAUNCHED The ACC National Executive has launched the ACC National Prayer Network to support our pastors in the midst of crisis. We have always been a family orientated fellowship, rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep. The establishment of the Prayer Network enables us to carry pastors and their families in prayer in their time of urgent need. A special email address has been set up to receive requests from ACC pastors. Pastor David O’Keefe has been appointed National Prayer Co-ordinator and together with a team of dedicated intercessors across the country, will be praying for every situation. The National Prayer Network will have a direct connection to the States, who will continue to operate their own pastoral care and prayer networks at state level. The Emeritus pastors under John Lewis will be supporting the network, following up every request with prayer and pastoral care across the nation. The ACC National Executive will still send out Call to Prayer alerts when there are grave national situations that need the entire ACC family to stand together in prayer.


SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION: www.wirelessaudioaustralia.org/


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A heart operation in progress, photo by Rebecca Nhep

photo by Sarah Wilson


There was so much to love about our week together in Phuket! With more than 260 people gathering together from Australia, Asia, Europe and Africa, the week was packed full of inspiration from our field workers, powerful preaching and lots of laughs with old and new friends. More than anything, the incredible stories and updates shared by our missionaries left the biggest impact on all who were at conference. So many thousands of lives have been changed around the world because of the ministries our field workers commit to – in developing nations, in politically unstable and dangerous countries, in remote and rural areas and in overpopulated urban slums. In each of these places we are seeing creative, grassroots solutions being developed to meet the needs of the community. This year at PanAsia we had fantastic ministry time with Wayne Alcorn, Alun Davies, Joel Chelliah, Darren Kitto, Douglas Morkel all the way from South Africa, and many more terrific leaders. They shared great words of wisdom and encouragement – it was a true blessing to hear from each of them. Volunteer teams from Canberra CLC, Faith Christian Church and Lightpoint Church provided an awesome worship team and a brilliant kids program. The pool, the beach, the shopping and the food kept everyone at conference refreshed and relaxed. We look forward to welcoming everyone to Phuket, Thailand, once again next year. Block out your diaries from Monday 4 to Thursday 7 August 2014, you won’t want to miss it!

} Wayne Alcorn preaching, photo by Kalvin Hart

Phuket street, photo by Petro Margaritis

Alun Davies preaching, photo by Adam Annear

One of the heartbreaking realities of life here in Central Vietnam is that many children are born with medical anomalies such as heart disease, cleft palates, harelips and clubfeet. The issue is, the cost of these life-saving surgeries is beyond the means of most Nguyen Tuan Anh with his family after a successful heart operation. Vietnamese. In response to this critical need, we established our medical program 13 years ago called Operation Heartbeat, which is all about saving the lives of these children and improving the quality of life for the whole family. The family of Nguyen Tuan Anh realised there was something wrong with little Anh when he was 16 months old. They began frantically seeking a way to be able to have the hole in his heart repaired but the cost of the surgery was simply too great. Someone told them about AOG World Relief Vietnam and they met with us to see if there was any possible way we could help. Thankfully, because of incredible partnerships with many generous individuals, organisations and Australian churches, we were able to assist Anh with the cost of the operation that was needed to save his life. As a result, Anh is now living a healthy, happy, normal life as a two year old and continues to be the delight of his family’s world. The support of ACC Churches around Australia is really making the most phenomenal impact in the lives of children like Anh and their families. We thank you for your generous support of ACC International, together we are changing the world, one life at a time! – Paul & Deb Hilton



ACCI Field workers Paul & Deb Hilton, assisted by Kelvin & Rebekah Windsor and Michael & Rhianon Walls, are achieving incredible impact in communities throughout Vietnam through AOG World Relief. One initiative they started 13 years ago was Operation Heartbeat, which has now helped save the lives of over 960 babies and young children suffering from heart disease by providing support for critical operations.

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net·i·quette [noun]

the informal code of behaviour on the internet; the rules of etiquette that apply when communicating over computer networks, especially the Internet.

NETIQUETTE Minding Our Manners Online

following the basic ‘netiquette’ rules and using wisdom. The Code of Conduct for ACC credentialed ministers gives guidelines for behaviour that includes taking care of how we speak of others in public, as well as being sensitive to matters of discrimination and vilification. It states, “Care must be excerised when Ministers express a personal opinion on contraversial matters..” Having a Code of Conduct and some basic netiquette rules, you and your team can avoid the negative fallout when digital communication goes wrong.


d cise r e x e ss be xpre n e o must sters n o i Care mini opin s. They r when ersonal matte essing l p sia sh expr ng on r a e v ui ro aki cont disting om spe rch or r hu must inion f ocal c thians n l p an o f of a (1 Cori l beha ovement M ed ential a] the . d e r rC ali ) uct fo d in Austr d n 7:12 o Go of C


Digital technology can be a great blessing to the Church – or it could be a curse. It all depends how you manage it. Love it or loathe it, digital communication has transformed society and is here to stay. The challenge for church leaders is to utilise its potential in a positive way to draw more people to Jesus. Bear in mind that the same technology that atttracts people can quickly turn them away, simply by careless words or images. Bringing down the credibility of the Church by irresponsible digital communication can be avoided, by

de s of ial Co Assemblie r e t s i [Min r s in the te Minis


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) YOU’VE GOT MAIL! Minding Our Manners Online: Emails

all demanding a response can become overwhelming. Which ones require your immediate attention and which ones don’t?

CHECKLIST 1. Remember who you are representing r Those who use an email address on behalf of a church or ministry

the preferred means of communication of our

should be mindful of who they are representing when writing emails. This applies to the style of writing and the content. Unless you know someone very well, it is better to adopt a polite, respectful style than an informal response with acronyms and shorthand which can appear rather abrupt to a stranger.

movement. There’s no way to measure if snail

r 2. Never reply in the heat of anger

Reports show that only approximately 50% of ACC pastors open and read the emails sent out from the National Office, despite this being

mail is more widely read, so it is hard to gauge if this is a better option. Email is now the older form of cybercommunication (as opposed to the new social media options) and a lot has been written on email etiquette and common problem areas. Although most people are familiar with these, it is always good to remind church staff of some of the basic parameters for email communication. Here are the top five checks:

If you receive an email that revs up your emotions, try not to reply in anger. Many an email has been sent in the heat of the moment, only to be regretted later. A good policy is to write your response, then save it as a draft. Return to it later when you’ve simmered down and see if you want to edit it before pressing ‘send’.


3. Proof-read and spell-check before you press send Typos are easy to make and can easily distort your communication. Consider how the omission of one word can radically alter the meaning of an email. Re-read your email to see if it can be misunderstood. Make clarity a priority in your emails.

4. Are you happy for your email to be read by r others? Emails are easily forwarded to others so it is a good policy to check how your content would be interpreted by a third party. If you have a confidential issue to discuss, rather pick up the phone than put it all in writing.

r 5. Is it worth sending?

Don’t waste people’s time with junk or chain emails. Does your email have a valid purpose for being sent? Respect the time of busy people before you start sending lots of jokes and attachments. It will never hurt to ask first if someone wants to receive extra content.

Email Tips 1. Treat others as you’d like to be treated. 2. Use good grammar and spelling. If u rite liek this ppl might start 2 get mad lol. 3. Don’t respond emotionally, and never resort to verbal abuse or name calling. 4. Give credit where it is due. Don’t plagiarise other’s material under your name. 5. DON’T TYPE EVERYTHING IN CAPS. No-one likes to be shouted at and it also is hard to read. 6. Don’t inundate people with too many irrelevant emails. They’ll stop reading yours. 7. Too many emoticons or acronyms lose their impact!!!! :)

look to deal } NEVER with serious issues, rebuke or bring correction via any electronic means.

– Shane Baxter


Having your Inbox bombarded with emails

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Minding Our Message Online: Social Media

A Vatican cardinal recently made news headlines when he described Jesus as the world’s first ‘tweeter’. “Christ used tweets before everyone else, with elementary phrases made up of fewer than 45 characters like ‘Love one another,’ ” Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi told a group of Italian newspaper editors. He was making the point to emphasise the importance of modern technology for the Church. “If a cleric or a pastor is not interested in communication, they are defying their duty,” he went on. As many churches leap to embrace the likes of Twitter and other social media, it pays to take care that the message isn’t overshadowed by the thrill of the technology and its power to captivate others. Adding value Mal Fletcher, social commentator and founder of Next Wave International believes “social networking is a communication platform that is here to stay - and it brings with it great potential for good.” “Social media are at the forefront of a revolution in the way people converse and build relationships,” he wrote in a recent commentary entitled ‘Three Keys to Making Social Media Work in your Enterprise’. “The strength of social media lies in its potential for viral communication. If people agree with or are intrigued by something you say - whether in text, audio or video - they will

pass it along. When enough people do this, the message goes viral.” Mal offers some practical insights. “People will only ever forward something if they feel it will add value to their friends, as it has to them. Unless you’re a celebrity, people will find details of your daily routine boring in the extreme. Not-so-well-known people try to play the same game and fail. For the sender, the minutae of his/her life makes for captivating reading. For the reader it is a surefire cure for insomnia.” Authentic and real One of the concerns relating to social media is the facades and false perceptions that are built, particularly through the visual media. Lyall Mercer of Mercer PR says, “Social media is a game-changer. Anyone can say anything on social media. They don’t need facts, nothing is verifiable and there are almost no consequences. They could be motivated by something personal or even have a vendetta and you’d never know.” You can’t go wrong if you follow a simple rule of posting an authentic, positive message. Don’t get drawn into criticism – you are asking for trouble. Lyall Mercer observes, “Many on Twitter and Facebook like to jump on a bandwagon and add their voices to criticism despite them not being aware of the facts or the authenticity of the original issue.” He describes the potential damage as “like a spark falling on dead grass and turning into a raging bushfire”. As a PR consultant who has often dealt with crisis management and

damage control, Lyall shares some valuable tips for those who plan on using social media. 1. Plan – Create a media policy that controls what is said on social media. 2. Filter – Ensure all outgoing messages are filtered through one channel that reflects the organisation’s values and affirms the core messages. 3. Be with proactive good news – Don’t wait for negative issues before engaging with your ‘public’. Send out positive news. Go beyond cyber-relationships It can be extremely encouraging to gain multitudes of followers and friends who ‘like’ or retweet your posts, but make it your goal to go beyond cyber relationships and connect face-to-face. Mal Fletcher affirms this. “For all its huge potential for enhancing and facilitating relationships, social networking still offers mainly arms-length connections,” he says. “If social media is to serve you well, you’ll need to look for ways to turn cyber-tribe to real-tribe.” He also advises that it’s worth noting that social media requires patience. “You won’t build a following or, more importantly, meaningful connections overnight,” he says. “However, when it’s done well, social networking is the most viral of all forms of communication.” More information: Mal Fletcher: www.2020plus.net Twitter: @malfletcher Lyall Mercer: www.mercerpr.com Email: info@mercerpr.com

Think before you tweet Lyall Mercer of Mercer PR warns of the dangers of social media for public figures and organsiations, describing them as “a pressure cooker that can explode at any time.” His advice is to consider the potential reaction and possible ramifcations before you post your tweet, photos or videos, by asking the following questions: • Could this be misread, misinterpreted, criticised or taken out of context? • Will it inflame, inspire or interest? • Will people agree or disagree? • Will it anger or cause offence with those who see things differently to you? • Is the subject politically sensitive? • Will it be re-sent, and if so, to whom? • What will your supporters or financial contributors think? • Will it increase or lose business? “If in doubt, don’t post,” warns Lyall. “If you’re confused, don’t play the media game... there is too much to lose.”

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What about a


By Quentin Mylet



We are seeing exponential growth both in the number of people using smart phones and also the extent to which they are using apps to view media and engage information. There are 1.5 million smart phone activations a day and people are spending an average of over two hours per day engaging the apps on their phones. There is no argument that this medium has the attention of more people than ever and is at least challenging, if not overtaking, traditional media like radio and television. I believe that this is mainly due to two things: (1) people have their devices with them everywhere they go, and (2) the content is on demand so that they can fit it into their schedule however they want (e.g. on the way to work, during a work out,...etc). So why not use an app to share the Gospel? Why not speak the new ‘native language’ of apps to ‘the people in the square’? If each of your congregants had your church app on their phone, right next to their Facebook app, we would be challenging the way that they are spending their time on their device. Cost of an app The great news is that apps are no longer a tool only for huge ministries. Custom app development is not only costly, but incredibly time consuming as well. Today, we have the advantage of utilising platform based apps which gives each ministry access to high quality software and an easy to use system to build and manage their app. The net result is that the cost of updating the software for new devices and system updates is shared, instead of bearing the burden individually. This has the added bonus of giving ministries the ability to update the content and layout of their apps in real time, bypassing the need to resubmit to the stores or update the app on individual devices. Apps can be used for discipleship by including Bible reading plans, delivering content like sermons and bulletins, or implementing devotionals. You can also support real life interactions with people by offering web forms to connect, sending prayer requests, signing up for events, and equiping your app users with evangelism material. With Jesus ascended into heaven, He is no longer physically present but using us as his hands and feet. When we share the Gospel, He is the one speaking through us to save the lost. The impact of using apps as a microphone for Jesus and His good news has already been huge and global but the truth is that we have many more people to reach. So, let us redeem technology not for technology’s sake but for the glory and fame of our good and faithful God!

Quentin Mylet manages the business and ministry development of the Church App (www.thechurchapp.org), committed to ‘making the truth of Jesus accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime’. for more information contact: quentin@thechurchapp.org | 9 |


Perpsectives from the AC President

think higher. be greater.

An interview with the new President of Alphacrucis College (AC) – Michael Murphy

Q: What is your vision as President for Alphacrucis? Michael: I see a College that has an incredible heritage – blessed with many miracles and extraordinary believers obedient to God that have brought AC to where it is today. This heritage is a catalyst for the future with the goal of becoming Australia’s first ‘Spirit-filled’ University. The announcement of these new courses is a step in the right direction towards this aim, and an exciting development for the ACC movement. My vision for AC is that it not only takes the steps toward this goal – but that it will continue to serve the churches of the ACC movement as priority as we continue to raise up more leaders of immense impact in Australia and internationally.


I see study as an investment into the work that God has blessed me to do.

training Christian leaders since 1948 New in 2014


Q: What are the benefits for further study for ACC Pastors and leaders? Michael: As a pastor, I believe it’s important to be teachable and open to the personal development and spiritual growth that comes with further study. When you are hungry to build upon your foundations–no matter how long you have been a Christian–it is a powerful testimony to your church. The greater insights and depths of understanding I have experienced from my own studies at AC have challenged me in how I lead my church that I have been given the privilege to minister to. I see study as an investment into the work that God has blessed me to do and have felt inspired from my study at AC to believe for even greater things for our movement and His Kingdom. With the new Awards on offer from 2014 means that AC will be able to represent our movement to the wider public and further enhance our profile.

Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Ministry Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Ministry Bachelor of Theology Master of Theology

– Michael Murphy Q: AC recently was approved for five new higher education courses – what does this mean for AC? Michael: The scope of these Awards are a major step forward for AC and signal the beginning of an exciting new era for the ACC movement! AC’s new Bachelor of Business program integrates a Christian worldview into the business program. The blend of business subjects with Biblical ethics makes this degree unique. By introducing Business into AC’s course offerings, we are expanding the influence of the ACC movement to both the church and the marketplace. The Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Ministry double-degree is the first of its kind in Australia. By combining a solid core of subjects in business and ministry, graduates will be equipped to combine their expertise in business with practical skills in ministry. I am excited to see what students of this course will go on to do as the emerging leaders of the ACC and beyond.

Certificate III in Discipleship Certificate IV in Pastoral Care Cert III/Cert IV/Diploma of Music Cert III/Cert IV in Outdoor Recreation Diploma of Counselling Vocational Graduate Diploma of Relationship Counselling

Study on campus or online

Ps Michael Murphy AC Alumnus




www.ac.edu.au Global Online / ac.edu.au | 10 |



DOUBLE DEGREE Ps Michael Murphy AC Alumnus




Global Online



at Alphacrucis Ps_Mike_Murphy.indd 1

5/09/13 3:48 PM


new double degree sets a standard in australian higher education

Alphacrucis College (AC) has announced the launch of the new Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Ministry – the first double-degree of its kind in Australia. “This dual discipline program has been designed to meet a demand for an undergraduate business program integrated with ethics and theology,” said Professor Paul Oslington, Professor of Economics and Dean of Business at Alphacrucis College; and Adjunct Professor of Economics at Australian Catholic University. “This is the first combined business and ministry double-degree in Australia, and marks a significant breakthrough in Christian higher education.” Commencing in 2014, the Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Ministry is accredited by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) - Australia’s independent regulator of the higher education sector. The BBus/BMin will be delivered at AC Central in Parramatta as well as through AC’s Global Online campus. “The BBus/BMin reflects both the burgeoning growth of the Australian Christian Churches movement and the increasing role Christian institutions play in providing important services in our education, health and social services sectors,” said Professor Oslington, who’s extensive research framed the design of this four-year program. He has authored numerous academic publications, including Economics and Religion (2003), Adam Smith as Theologian (2011) and Oxford Handbook of Economics and Christianity (2013). “Our goal is not just to provide students with a viable alternative to university,” said Dr. Stephen Fogarty, AC Principal and CEO. “Through innovative content and delivery, we hope to contribute to a higher standard of undergraduate business training, where both ethical practice and societal outcomes are front and centre of the discussion.” Along with the double-degree, AC also launches a suite of new Higher Education courses in 2014 - namely the Bachelor of Business, the Bachelor of Ministry, the Bachelor of Theology, and the Master of Theology degrees. -endFormerly known as Southern Cross College, Alphacrucis College has been the national training provider of the Australian Christian Churches (Assemblies of God Australia) since 1948, providing VET and Higher Education awards in leadership, ministry & theology, chaplaincy, education, business and creative arts.

ACC NAtioNAl ExECutivE, iN CoNjuNCtioN with AlphACruCis CollEgE, prEsENts thE igNitE ChurCh plANtiNg CoursE with loCAl ANd iNtErNAtioNAl spEAkErs.

IGNITE Rescheduled For 2014 CoursE fEEs ArE $1000 pEr pErsoN or $1500 pEr CouplE

Val and I have returned from our recent ministry travels and are excited about some initiatives that involve our Pastors Emeritus. ACC National Prayer Network Pastor Wayne and the National Executive have mobilised our movement into a mighty prayer chain for the many special needs of ACC pastors that arise across our churches. Pastor David O’Keefe is heading up this important ministry and our Emeritus pastors are assisting in mobilising this great army for prayer. Care for the widowed Each State has appointed Pastors Emeritus Leaders who are doing a great job caring for the retiring pastors and those facing health challenges. We are also reminded of the ongoing grief many of our pastors/spouses face when losing a loved one. My encouragement is the ongoing contact weeks and months after the funeral. For some, that can be a time of increased loneliness and the sense of disorientation. A phone call, a coffee, a meal is so appreciated by those experiencing such loneliness. You don’t have to be a close and personal friend to let someone know you care and you’re praying for them. – John Lewis

4 th - 2 9 th N o v e m b e r 2 0 1 3


02 8893 9000


The National Executive is passionate about the potential of the IGNITE Church Planting Course to impact our nation in years to come. Since launching the course at this year’s National Conference, we have had good interest and excitement is building. However, we noted that the feedback from some leaders indicated that the length of the course and the notice given were challenging factors. In consultation with the National Executive and State leaders, we have taken this feedback on board and therefore decided to run the first intensive course over ONE WEEK instead, starting 17 November 2014. This will now allow you or others with a desire to plant a church to access this course more easily. In making this adjustment, it is our hope on the National Executive that as many people as possible can attend. Whether you are considering planting a church or if you have already commenced, this course will practically equip and inspire you. Many of the National Executive members will be speaking and we are very keen to connect with our future church planting champions personally. To find out more, please contact (02) 8893 9000 or email futurestudents@ac.edu.au . – Gerard Keehan

Email: emeritus@acc.org.au


Jack Allsop Pastor Jack Henry Allsop was promoted to Heaven on 23 July 2013 at the age of 92. Jack was one of the great fathers in our movement, pastoring and mentoring so many lives across the many decades of his ministry. He was a great hero of the faith; loved husband of Mavis Jean, father of Martin and Lenore, Granddad to Rachel, Julia, Rebecca, Joshua, Jessica and Chloe. Our prayers are with the Allsopp family at this time.

Jeff Beacham Pastor Jeff Beacham, founder of Firepower Ministries International (FMI), died in August after a long battle with esophageal cancer. Jeff and his family moved to the USA 14 years ago, after being involved with Sydney Christian Life Centre for many years. He spearheaded an awakening campaign in the northeast region of the USA under the banner of Firepower Ministries International. Even throughout his battle with cancer, he continued his work in ministry. Please keep Melva and the rest of Jeff ’s family in prayer. | 11 |




revealing the

WILLIE DUMAS to chair ACC Indigenous Initiative

Pastor Willie Dumas

Neil Scott has handed over the Chairmanship of the ACC Indigenous Initiative to Willie Dumas of Ganggalah. Neil has been instrumental in establishing the committee who is committed to bridging the gap in cross-cultural ministry activities across Australia. Willie is honoured to lead this initiative into the future, as his passion is to train up and empower new generations to be aware and engage on Indigenous issues. “I want to thank Pastor Wayne and the National Executive for their vision to raise up the next generation of leaders through the Indigenous Initiative,” said Willie. For more information, email: indigenous@acc.org.au

Sandra and Willie Dumas


GOD’S SUPERNATURAL POWER IN INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIA Australia has two Indigenous peoples – Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders – and the diversity around our nation is vast. Australian Indigenous people are inherently spiritual and their instincts for ‘the real’ demonstration of God’s power can’t be imitated. What is Aboriginal spirituality? The term ‘spirituality’ is used rather than ‘religion’ because the traditional western idea of religion is too confining. It is not possible to divide the land and sea from spirituality, the nature in which Aboriginal life and communities are connected. Aboriginal spirituality is a way of life, and of belonging. Everything from where to hunt to the meaning of existence is explained in Aboriginal culture through the power and telling of stories. Aboriginal spirituality is enacted through art, song, dance and music, rather than the written word. It is experienced, not discussed. There is something to be learnt from the way that Aboriginal people connect with their stories – they live them, sing them and feel them. Fundamental values The fundamental values of Aboriginal spirituality are compatible with Christianity. Using the values in the Ten Commandments to represent the fundamental values of Christianity, both sets of values, while not identical, are in line with one another. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to separate Aboriginal culture from their spirituality. There are no specific parts that can be called religion or culture, so the values of the community are representative of the spiritual values. These values and lores are passed down from generation to generation, often through story telling. There is no single set of values in Aboriginal culture that apply to every Indigenous group but the values of all stem from the needs of the community. Respect for your family, elders and tribe; respecting life; sharing resources and not being selfish are all common values across multiple groups. Signs and wonders Pentecostal Christianity focuses on God permeating every aspect of your life. This is the same with Aboriginal worship. In Pentecostal services there is an emphasis on song and movement. The service isn’t something that happens around you; it’s something to experience and participate in, through active worship. The power of the Godhead, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, working in and through us, we experience it,. That’s the essence of Aboriginal spirituality. This is more in line with the traditional way that Aboriginal people experience Christ. Long, drawn out sermons and even theological teaching loses most audiences, especially those in the Indigenous communities. However, a demonstration of the power of God when evangelising is the most effective tool. Seeing the supernatural power of God in action moves Indigenous people from a place of traditional lore to the truth and reality of Jesus Christ. It’s the supernatural power of God manifested in miracles, signs and wonders that creates the shift. Our Pentecostal heritage is vital to our movement, that in all our church services, we continue to allow the power of God to be revealed through the supernatural. Not only does this ‘speak’ to the Indigenous peope of our land, but draws people of every culture to recognise the sovereignty of our Lord. – Willie Dumas | 12 |

2013 ONE DAY Campaign launched Over the past three years, together ACC churches have raised over $1 million through the One Day campaign. These funds have been used to assist 80,790 people and restore justice, promote equality, give voice to the oppressed and liberate families from the cycle of poverty. “One Day will give you a great mission focus in your church,” said Alun Davies, President of ACCI. “Imagine the difference your church can make, giving together to see many lives changed.” This year, we need your partnership to see thousands more people receive clean water, education and vocational training, and access to trained, local pastors who will be planting churches and bringing the gospel into unreached communities. How you can support One Day To take part, set aside just one Sunday of the year to ask your church members to contribute one day’s income or other amount to see lives changed through One Day. Simply register your interest at www.acci.org.au/oneday or call Sarah at ACCI on 1300 997 502.

Congregation gives to ONE DAY on Christmas Day The congregation at Hope Centre in Brisbane generously gives to the One Day campaign on Christmas Day. ‘We’ve found this is a great time to take up a One Day offering in our congregation,’ said Senior Pastor Wayne Alcorn, ‘and we’ll be doing it again this year.’ Why not get your church to do something similar? Go to: www.acci.org.au/oneday

http://accim.org.au/action/oneday.html Click here to view the video below, explaining the purpose of ONE DAY


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KIDSHAPER CONFERENCE BACK TO BASICS In August, Kids pastors and leaders from all around Australia came to Melbourne at Bridge Church for the annual Kidshaper Conference. This years theme was ‘Back to Basics’ with the aim to point the delegates towards the following 3 ‘BASICS’: 1. Get Back to Basics with your relationship with God 2. You are a Family in church before you are a department 3. Basic practical skills in Children’s Ministry


From the opening night, God began healing broken hearts, tired minds and weary souls. Kidshaper has moved from being just a conference to teach practical steps in Children’s Ministry to a conference that prepares the Leader to live a life that includes serving children but this only comes from your own relationship with God. We are looking forward to next year’s conference already and Early Bird registrations are available now at www.kidshaper.com – Andy Kirk

The launch of Hillsong’s latest album, ‘We Are Young & Free’, has captured the excitement of Christians across Australia and the globe, debutting at number 6 on the ARIA charts. Young & Free is the sound of Hillsong Youth. Energetic, electronic and exuberant, it’s the fresh sound of a youth generation that celebrates their faith and love for Jesus. Laura Toggs, Hillsong’s youth pastor and the driving force behind the new youth-focused team, says, “Young & Free exists to give voice to this generation and to give our youth an identity.” “God is calling a generation who would rise up, and who would know deep and unending joy in Jesus Christ.” The first album, ‘We are Young and Free’ is now available world-wide and the reaction has been nothing short of astounding, hitting the iTunes charts in Australia while on preorder. Hillsong senior pastor Brian Houston, said the launch of ‘Young and Free’ was intentional. “I feel very strongly that we are called to release generations, to be more loyal to the future than we are to the past,” he said. He explained that while the new team was “created for teenagers, the whole church comes alive” to the music. ‘We are Young and Free’ is now available in a 15 track CD with bonus DVD content.


We Are Young & Free Track list: 1. Brighter (Live) 2. Alive (Live) 3. Wake (Live) 4. Lifeline (Live) 5. Close (Live) 6. Love Goes On (Live) 7. Gracious Tempest (Live) 8. End of Days (Live) 9. Back to Life (Live) 10. In Syn (Live) 11. Embers (Live) 12. Sinking Deep (Live) 13. Alive (Studio Version) 14. Wake (Studio Version) 15. Back to Life (Studio Version) 16. Alive (Live) Video 17. Back to Life (Live) Video


www.hillsong.com/youngandfree www.hillsong.com/youngandfree hillsong.com/youngandfree | 14 |


NATIONAL CHAPLAINCY CONFERENCE Over 130 delegates from across Australia (and also New Zealand) travelled to beautiful Stanwell Tops, south of Sydney, to attend the inaugural Chaplaincy Australia National Conference at the end of August. ‘Be The Connection’ was the theme, and participants had the opportunity to meet and network with other chaplains, chaplains-intraining and ministry workers, many of whom are pioneers in their fields both here in Australia, and internationally. Sessions over the three-day program focused on four key areas of connection, essential for effective chaplaincy ministry. Anne Iuliano, founder of Chaplaincy Australia, spoke about the importance of connection to self, highlighting the need for supervision and self-care in every aspect of chaplaincy work. Anne shared about her own prompting to become a chaplain after watching news reports regarding the Port Arthur massacre in 1996. Captain Nesan Kistan, a police chaplain, shared the moving story of his father’s death at the Broad Arrow café in Port Arthur attempting to disarm Martin Bryant. These stories highlighted the fact that many chaplains are activated into chaplaincy because of their deep connection to a story; their own, or others. Ralph Estherby, a chaplain with the Australian Defence Force, shared concerning the vital part a strong connection with God plays in any chaplaincy ministry. Susan Marcuccio, National Training Director for Chaplaincy Australia, facilitated presentations from a panel of chaplains representing industry, health, disaster relief and prison chaplaincy. Delegates also attended special interest electives, providing invaluable insight for those interested in exploring new areas of chaplaincy. Guest speaker, Alun Davies, President of ACC International, brought a stimulating message on ‘ethical issues’. He encouraged chaplains to embrace the fact they frequently see the world a little differently from others, both because of their experiences and also because of their God-given aptitude for stepping outside their own and others comfort zones. Alun continued to provoke our thinking with a message from Genesis 3, reminding us of the importance of boundaries in chaplaincy ministry. Few delegates will be able to forget his sober reminder, “There’s a snake in your garden”. Five newly accredited chaplains were commissioned into the ministry and presented with their certificates. Anne Iuliano and Ken Fischer, NSW/ACT State Director shared with the delegates about the Mission and Vision of Chaplaincy Australia moving forward into the next year. Delegates left refreshed, well-resourced and inspired to continue to grow their own ministries, as well as innovate chaplaincy into new areas in the community. Nesan Kistan www.chaplaincyaustralia.com

Anne Iuliano

Alun Davies

Pentecostals give VOICE FOR JUSTICE The Pentecostal churches, particularly the Australian Christian Churches, now represent a large and growing sector of the church and therefore a key constituency in Australian society. After joining with other senior church leaders in a Micah Challenge lobbying visit to Canberra, ACC Pastor Donna Crouch is passionate about seeing the church use its voice to ensure justice in Australia and across the world. “I’m becoming increasingly aware of the importance of advocacy in achieving real and lasting societal change, and I believe there is great power when the church stands together in unity, such as under an umbrella like Micah Challenge,” said Donna. “The church is generally good at helping people in poverty, but it’s time for us to start addressing the causes of poverty. To do that, we need to raise our voices and speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves.” Thousands of Christians from churches all across Australia have been educated on the UN Millennium Development Goals which aim to halve poverty by 2015, and joined in calling on the Government to increase Australian aid to the international target of 0.7% of Australia’s national income by 2020. Support Micah Challenge and the goal to make poverty history: www.micahchallenge.org.au

Supporters of Micah Challenge to achieve the MDG by 2015 gathered at Manly Beach

Campaigning for global justice: Attenders’ attitudes Influencing a changing world Our world is increasingly connected. Technology, communications, and travel have brought about heightened awareness of how others live around the globe. Church attenders are part of this cultural shift. Awareness of inequality, and of popular responses to poverty such as charity giving and mass advocacy campaigns, has grown significantly since the late 1 1990s. What are church attenders’ views concerning support for, and participation in, these responses to poverty? Should the church campaign for global justice? In late 2011 as a part of the 2011 National Church Life Survey, a sample of Catholic, Anglican and Protestant church attenders were asked the following question: “Do you believe it is a Christian responsibility to take part in mass campaigns designed to address issues of global poverty or injustice (e.g. Make Poverty History, Micah Challenge)?”

The question and overall response Figure 1: Church attender views about campaigning for global justice Yes, active


Yes, not active




Don't know

18.3 0








When asked this question in 2011, a large majority (69%) thought that Christians have a responsibility to take part in mass campaigns to address global poverty or injustice. This represents a significant commitment to forms of political engagement that attempt to bring about social change. However, the survey reveals that only 13% have been actively engaged in a recent campaign. A minority remained unconvinced (13%), with 18% undecided. It would appear that the challenge for churches and Christian NGOs is to enable those who support campaigning to take action or to remain active.

Pentecostals and young activists Pentecostal churches are mobilizing the largest proportion of those who are active on this issue with 20% of their attenders recently active. Youth and young adults are the most likely to be active in campaigning generally, with a quarter of people under 30 actively engaged. The Pentecostal churches, who have a large young adult demographic, appear to be effectively channeling the commitment of this age group. The Baptists and Churches of Christ have the second most active memberships, and the largest combined group (76%, slightly larger than the Pentecostals) who are affirmative and/or active on this issue. Some 70% of Anglican attenders are affirmative of Christian action for global justice, but they have the smallest proportion (9%) who have been active in a recent campaign. Is action on global poverty acceptable as part of Christian faith for these Anglicans, but not a priority? The relatively low level of activity among Anglicans may also be due in part to the older age profile of Anglicans. Table 1: Views about campaigning by denomination

Source: 2011 NCLS Attender Sample Survey N (n=1,306). 1

Significant majorities of publics in all developed countries support development assistance for poor countries. See Council on Foreign Relations, Chapter 7: World Opinion on Economic Development and Humanitarian Aid, Public Opinion on Global Issues, January 26, 2012. www.cfr.org/public_opinion

NCLS Research E: info@ncls.org.au, Tel: 02 9701 4479, W: www.ncls.org.au P: Locked Bag 2002, Strathfield, NSW 2135

Campaigning view Yes, active Yes, not active No Don't know

Angli- Baptist/ Cath- Luth- Pente- Unit- Other can Church- olic eran costal ing Protes of estant Christ Percentage

9 18 11 15 20 61 58 55 54 55 14 9 13 14 17 16 16 22 16 8 Source: 2011 NCLS Attender Sample Survey N (n=1.306).

16 51 16 18

11 51 12 27

NCLS Research Fact Sheet Campaigning for global justice: Attenders’ attitudes Catalogue number 01.13001 © Copyright 2013 NCLS Research

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TRIUMPH THROUGH THE TOUGH TIMES Twelve ACC leaders share how the emerged through personal challenges Twelve ACC leaders share how they emerged through personal challenges in a new inspiring book, Triumph through the Tough Times. With 50% of the proceeds going to ACCI and the other 50% donated to an ACC Pastors Relief Fund, this book has been compiled to be an encouragement to all those facing challenging seasons in ministry. Email andrew@connectcc.com.au to order your copy. Contributors include: Wayne Alcorn, Marie Cartledge, Don Dawson, WIllie Dumas, George Forbes, Robbie Housen, Gerard Keehan, John McMartin, Michael Murphy, Ben Naitoko, Sean Stanton and Ian Woods.

HOW TO MAXIMISE YOUR LIFE By Brian Houston ‘How to maximise your life’ is a compiled and revised edition of ‘the maximised life series’ by Brian Houston. First published as five separate books, this complete collection brings together several biblical truths for living with purpose, building intimate and meaningful relationships and finding the balance to healthy living and wholeness. How to live a blessed life How to build great relationships How to flourish in life How to make wise choices How to live in health & wholeness You were not only born with divine purpose and destiny but you were also called to live it abundantly. This book is about living your maximised life today.


ne of the greatest characteristics and most unique teachings of the Christian faith is the demonstration of how we can triumph in tough times. The Scriptures don’t say we can live without trouble and difficulty, but they do reveal to us how we can endure with dignity the suffering we experience in the darkest times, developing our faith and becoming stronger in character. Often it is not a matter of coming through our tough times with the outcome we desire – it is usually about finding the purpose of God through our troubles, allowing the experience to change us and fashion us into people of stronger faith and Christ-likeness. In 2009, my daughter entered a coma after a series of operations on her brain. When she woke, she was ‘locked in’, unable to talk, eat, drink or move. After several weeks, the doctors told us they could do no more for her and she would never recover.Throughout this long and tough time, we prayed every

SOMETIMES YOU WIN, SOMETIMES YOU LEARN Life’s greatest lessons are gained from our losses By John C. Maxwell John Maxwell believes that the greatest lessons we learn in life are from our losses. Everyone experiences loss, but not everyone learns from it. In Sometimes You Win--Sometimes You Learn, Dr. Maxwell explores the most common lessons we learn when we experience loss. He then explains how to turn a set-back into a step forward by examining the eleven elements that make up the DNA of those who learn: Learning is not easy during down times; it takes discipline to do the right thing when everything is wrong. This book provides a roadmap to doing just that. As John Maxwell often points out--experience isn’t the best teacher; evaluated experience is. www.johnmaxwell.com/store/products/Sometimes-You-Win%2C-Sometimes-You-Learn.html

way we knew how, enlisted many hundreds of friends to pray with us, and they in turn enlisted thousands to stand with us in prayer. We believed and wept many tears through sleepless nights, but nothing seemed to change. During this trial, Proverbs 3:5 was laid on our hearts: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” Through this, the Lord challenged us that we need to just trust Him. Regardless of the situation and its ups and downs - trust the Lord. Never waiver in trust. When we had yet more bad news, we realised we would have to say, “Well Lord, we just trust You.” When we lean on our own understanding, we get confused and discouraged because things do not unfold as we want. It is then we need to learn to just trust in the Lord. Not trust for what we want. Not trust for what we demand. Not trust for what we think should be happening. We need to just simply trust Him and let Him do what is right and best.

It was while doing this that we became convinced the doctors had overlooked something. One morning as the surgeon explained how they had done everything possible, he paused and said, “Actually I just thought of one other thing we could do! It’s an old idea that we don’t practice anymore, but it is the only thing we can do now.” As a result of that moment, the doctors found the cause of our daughter’s condition. Following several operations, she recovered, and after months of rehabilitation she returned home – walking, speaking and happy! We learned that we can triumph in tough times when you “trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding”. I’m sure this book with its compilation of challenges leaders faced will bless you and help you find triumph in your own tough times. – Alun Davies

YOU’LL GET THROUGH THIS By Max Lucado God doesn’t promise that getting through trials will be quick or painless. It wasn’t for Joseph - tossed in a pit, sold into slavery, imprisoned, forgotten and dismissed - but his story is in the Bible for this reason: to teach us to trust God to trump evil. With the compassion of a pastor, the heart of a storyteller and the joy of one who has seen what God can do, Max Lucado shows that what Satan intends for evil, God redeems for good. You fear you won’t make it through. We all do. We fear that the depression will never lift, the yelling will never stop, the pain will never leave. In the pits, surrounded by steep walls and aching reminders, we wonder: Will this gray sky ever brighten? This load ever lighten? In You’ll Get Through This, pastor and New York Times best-selling author, Max Lucado offers sweet assurance. “Deliverance is to the Bible what jazz music is to Mardi Gras: bold, brassy, and everywhere.

You’ll get through this. It won’t be painless. It won’t be quick. But God will use this mess for good. Don’t be foolish or naive. But don’t despair either. With God’s help, you’ll get through this.

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The ground-breaking, ten hour miniseries will be available on DVD from 23 October 2013, following the success of The Bible’s broadcast airing on the Nine Network in July 2013. AR GOD’S VOICE The Bible features powerful performances, exotic locales and dazzling visual effects that breathe spectacular life into the dramatic tales of faith and courage from Genesis through Revelation. The DVD further explores this to recognise God’s voice? Yet, the ans from the time of the Early Church. impressive production with hours of never before seen behind-the-scenes footage and making-of featurettes. ation will be launched on the The four-disc DVD set dives deeper into the making of the series and istry resource in Koorong bookstores. features a behind-the-scenes look at how the ground-breaking docudrama DVD came together. Interviews with producers, directors, and cast illustrate release es and equips people to recognise date: 23 creative collaboration on-set and off and show how the remarkable HE GROUND-BREAKING AWARD NOMINATED OctoberEMMY® 2013 Moroccan scenery was transformed into the world of the Bible. IES FROM ROMA DOWNEY AND MARK BURNETT he series aims to address one of the I, know God?’ and will appeal Roma to 2013] –it’sFrom Executive Producers Downey (Touched by an Angel)

National ACC Women’s Conference





r Yo u

e Voice, Survivor) THE BIBLE — the Emmy® nominated, epic 10-hour o Blu-ray and DVD October 23rd and may be pre-ordered now from JB Hi oday Twentieth Fox Home Entertainment. Digital HD episodes x* setby comes with Century guidebook to efor onpastors iTunes. who Theare home entertainment wanting to equip release follows THE BIBLE’s ring on Nine Network. church communities.




ss powerful performances, locales and dazzling visual effects that voice - and follow it. It exotic was never fe into the dramatic tales of faith and courage from Genesis through ay and DVD further explore this impressive production with hours of never -scenes footage and making-of featurettes.



E ts B



G ue s


winning actor Keith David THE BIBLE features a stunning international A 6-part DVD teaching series with guidebook by Tania Harris uese actor, Diogo Morgado as Jesus Christ and beloved actress, Roma Mary. And for the first time since their award winning collaboration on Didreunites you know the vast majority of Christians struggle to recognise God’s d Grammy® winning composer Hans Zimmer withthat acclaimed Yet,epic theproduction. ability to hear God directly is a promise given to all Christians a Gerrard to create the majestic musical backdropvoice? for this



from the time of the Early Church.

and DVD set dives deeper into the making of A thesix-part series and features a The Other Side of the Conversation was teaching series: kStudy at how the ground-breaking docudrama came together. Interviews with screened on the Australian Christian Channel in July 2013 and the ministry and cast illustrate creative collaboration on-set and off and show how the resource is available in Koorong bookstores. scenery was transformed into the world of the Bible. The new Australian-made 1 documentary style series inspires and equips 351. people to recognise the voice of God.

ACC pastor and series presenter, Tania Harris says: “The series aims to address one of the most commonly asked questions by Christians - ‘How do I know it’s God?’ and will appeal to church goers and spiritual seekers alike.” Designed for individual and small group use, the DVD box* set comes with guidebook to facilitate Bible study and discussion. It is an excellent tool for pastors who are wanting to equip their churches to live a Spirit-led life in the context of their church communities. “Jesus promised us that we would be able to recognise his voice - and follow it. It was never meant to be a one-way conversation,” Tania said. Available: At Koorong and as a heavily discounted church package at www. godconversations.com.



, For 17 years, Colour Conference has been investing into women and now all these years later every week in all our ACC churches we have over 27,000 women involved in womens ministry. The goal of Colour Conference is to gather women, equip them and then send them back to their local churches, ready to be mobilised to outwork vision. So think about which girls you could send as a team. They’re going to get built up, come back and continue to spread the cause of Christ in your local church.” - D O N N A C R O U C H (ACC National Executive)

Resources available: www.koorong.com.au | 17 |

2014 DIARY

National ACC Women’s Conference




r Yo u






E ts B



G ue s








, For 17 years, Colour Conference has been investing into women and now all these years later every week in all our ACC churches we have over 27,000 women involved in womens ministry. The goal of Colour Conference is to gather women, equip them and then send them back to their local churches, ready to be mobilised to outwork vision. So think about which girls you could send as a team. They’re going to get built up, come back and continue to spread the cause of Christ in your local church.”

- D O N N A C R O U C H (ACC National Executive)



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