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APPLICATION FOR TEEN NATURALIST ASSISTANT PROGRAM Sandy Creek Nature Center 205 Old Commerce Rd. Athens, GA 30607 Please complete and mail this form to the address above. Personal Information: ______________________________________________________________________________ Teen’s Last Name First (given) Middle

____________ Age

________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: Street City State ZIP

Telephone: Numbers

__________________ Home

___________________ Cell

____________________ email

When are you willing and available to volunteer? (Check all that apply) During the school day? [ ] after school? [ ] evenings [ ]

Weekend/Holiday [ ]

Questions: 1. Why do you want to join the Naturalist Assistant Program?

2. What do you think your job will be like at the nature center?

3. Do you enjoy working with children and/or animals? How comfortable are you speaking to adults?

4. Do you like to be outdoors, and what do you know about our local environment?

If you would like additional space for your answer, feel free to add another page.

5. Describe any hobbies or activities that would indicate an interest in the outdoors and/or working with kids and animals. Include any special skills you might be able to bring to our program (e.g. computer skills, drawing, experience with animals, etc.).


References- Give names, addresses, and telephone numbers of two references (e.g. teacher from school, friend, relative). Name

Phone #

Relationship to you?


Phone #

Relationship to you?


NAP Parental Permission Occasionally Naturalist Assistants will have the opportunity to leave the nature center grounds for special programs or for lunch. Some of our teens can drive and could possibly transport others off the nature center grounds. Please initial the following options in regard to this matter, you may choose several options. All Naturalists Assistants must sign in and out when they arrive and leave the nature center. _____ My child does not have permission to leave the nature center grounds. _____ My child may leave the nature center grounds and ride with a licensed driver. _____ My child may leave the nature center grounds only with a nature center staff person. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Applicant’s Certification and Agreement I hereby declare the information provided by me in this application is true and complete, and I understand that misrepresentations, omissions of facts, or falsifications of this information are grounds for dismissal from the Naturalist Assistant Program. I authorize you to request, receive, and verify all information given in this application. If I am accepted for participation in the Naturalist Assistant Program, I agree to conform to the Athens-Clarke County Department of Leisure Services Code of Conduct.

Teen Signature:______________________________________________


Parent or Guardian’s Signature:__________________________________


NAP application  

Naturalist Assistant Program application