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• Being built on Foundry Street in Grants Pass • 17 tiny living units(bedrooms) to serve 17+ people (some couples) • A community building on-site with restrooms, showers, kitchens, laundry, case management space, and community room • Transitional housing preparing people to move forward to more permanent housing options.

What is Foundry Village? Foundry Village is a tiny house community designed to provide short term transitional housing for those seeking a “hand up” from homelessness. The goal is to support unhoused individuals by connecting them with pre-existing local resources. Giving them a place to sleep in peace supports their journey towards becoming more productive members of the community. The design of Foundry Village has been inspired by the tiny house community Hope Village in Medford. At Hope Village, case managers meet with residents weekly to discuss goals and objectives for the transition out of homelessness. Some of the first steps are helping residents get identification documents, food stamps, and medical insurance. Case managers also network residents with local mental and physical health services.

• Strong case management programs with five levels of work to lead to self-sufficiency. • Case management program includes living-unit inspections, weekly meetings with case manager and life-skills training. • Participants pay a monthly program fee to prepare them for exiting Foundry Village. • A similar program in Medford (Hope Village) has a nearly 60% success rate for participants. • The majority of Foundry Village participants will find employment (since they have an address and ability to keep clean and presentable.)

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Construction Budget including site $650,000. Donations needed: $170,000.

When the very poorest of our community gets help with their health, we are all safer and healthier. We are only healthy as a community if everyone has a chance to be healthy. Residents also find employment and establish a savings account to be used for moving onward and upward on their journey off the streets. The average stay at Hope Village is between 3 and 6 months. In the first 3 years Rogue Retreat helped more than 250 people exit homelessness, by individually addressing their needs and the barriers they face. The mission is to help local unhoused individuals become self-sufficient and establish a framework for continuing to build up the quality of their lives. Each participant pays a small monthly fee towards the community while living in a tiny house. This helps establish a pattern of paying rent. Together with case managers, residents design lasting solutions and create a plan for their future. Just like Hope Village, Foundry Village will be managed by Rogue Retreat, using a model that is known to be effective. This provides assurance that there will be uniformity between these two villages. With the achievements that Hope Village has demonstrated, we expect Foundry Village to be equally successful. ~ By Nahani


oundry Village will be the rst tiny house transitional community for those a ected by homelessness in Grants Pass and Josephine County. Foundry Village will provide short term housing and case management for individuals and families to help move up from homelessness and ultimately into long term housing. Designed as a gated community and sta ed so that only residents, their approved guests, and sta are admitted, Foundry Village will follow the Community Village Model and will be managed by Rogue Retreat once the program is operational. e site of Foundry Village (1020 Foundry St.) was purchased because of its a ordability and it’s zoning. e lot works well for our intended purposes of a community building along e zoning in the area is what’s with a number of tiny homes. called Business Park (BP) which has very few parking restrictions and allows for transitional housing. e site of the project is at which increases the costs required for storm water mitigation plans. Foundry Street does not have a sewer main which means that it must be installed from the adjacent street.. A small parking lot (6 spaces) and bicycle parking spaces are included in the design. e community building as well as the tiny homes will be concrete oor, wood stick framed construction. e insulation values will be greater than minimum standards. e community building will have 2 o ces for case management and a community kitchen with two sinks, two ovens and two microwaves. ere will be a walk-in refrigerator where each participant will have a designated space. ere will be 5 bathrooms with showers (one of these will be handicapped accessible). e laundry room will have 2-coin operated washers and 2-coin operated dryers. ere will also be an o ce for the 24 hours on duty person who monitors people coming and going from the property. e tiny houses (detached bedrooms) are roughly 8 . x 11 . with a front door and side window. ey are built in a “Duplex” style, two units attached to each other with a common wall. e units will have a bed, dresser and chair with electricity and a heater. e insulation values will be roughly equal to standard residential requirements. e area around the tiny homes will be fenced for health, safety and security reasons. In an e ort to be good neighbors the long street frontage will have extra (above city minimum requirements) raised planting beds for owers and extra plants /trees in the landscape design. Donations are needed to complete the construction of Foundry Village to give the unsheltered a hand up. ey can be mailed to P.O. Box 1972, Grants Pass, Oregon 97528 or the Donate section of our website www.FoundryVillageGrantsPass.com


Project “Guru” Doug Walker

Grants Pass & Josephine County Chamber of Commerce ~ www.grantspasschamber.org Page 2


How Can I Help Almost three years ago, I read an article about the four businessmen who purchased land to build a place for the homeless. I immediately called one of them and said, "How can I help?" I was then asked to join them to help with fundraising. Since then, I have spoken at churches sharing the vision of building Foundry Village, and helping out wherever I am able. Perhaps the single most significant reason I got involved with helping build Foundry Village was my experience as a volunteer chaplain at Three Rivers Asante hospital for the past six years. I have always had a heart for helping the less fortunate, but my visits with homeless patients at the hospital sparked me into action. Over and over, I visited with both men and women with frost-bitten fingers and toes, many requiring amputation. The fear and hopelessness I felt visiting with these beautiful people left me shaken. How do I go home to a warm house and comfortable bed knowing my neighbors were out shivering in the cold? The homeless patients, upon discharge, would be given a ride to the street corner of their choice. Many expressed fear that their meager belongings would have been stolen, or that someone else would have moved into their spot. How do you adequately recover from a stay in the hospital on a street corner, or tent in the woods? I am a Christian and the words of Christ recorded in the 25th chapter of the Gospel of Matthew has become my mantra: "Whatever you do for one of these, even the least of my brothers or sisters, you do for Me." Written by Joan V.


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Foundry Village’s objective is to provide a safe environment where the homeless can successfully start a journey to independent living and being part of a community. We are partnered with experienced case management professionals that can guide the residents through a structured process to graduate to independent living. We believe that many of those experiencing homelessness can develop the skills for living together where they can be good neighbors, capable employees, and contributors if they are provided training, counseling, and experience in living in a structured community --Given a hand-up, not a hand-out.

Vision Foundry Village provides a secure gated community with a collection of “Tiny Homes” (detached bedrooms), common area, kitchen and bathroom, and showers for participants where qualified, experienced service providers provide case management, counseling, guidance, and training for living in a community environment and provide the opportunity to move through a well-defined process and graduate to independent living.

Expectations Residents live in a community environment. Taking part in mandatory counseling sessions and required case management meetings. They are assigned tasks for the maintenance and operation of the Village and on-site drug or alcohol is prohibited. Villagers pay a required program fee, actively progressing toward independence. These parameters help the residents break the cycle of poverty and homelessness to find permanent ways to get off the streets, address their individual barriers and transition back into society.

Success Modeled after Rogue Retreat’s Hope Village in Medford, Foundry Village in Grants Pass anticipates similar results. Hope Village has been in operation since October 2017 and has a 62% success rate, meaning that 6 out of every 10 people are successfully moving forward and away from homelessness. We anticipate this same rate of success for Foundry Village.

Length of Stay Foundry Village housing is transitional in nature and the average length of stay is expected to be approximately 4 months as each of the Villagers has their own unique barriers that they need to address before they transition into more permanent forms of housing.

How Can You Help? Property has been purchased on SW Foundry St, near SW Fry St in Grants Pass, and we are raising the budgeted $560,000 to make this dream a reality.


Make your tax-deductible donation to: Foundry Village C/O AllCare Community Foundation

P.O. Box 1972 Grants Pass, OR 97528

Amount of Donation: $ 50

$ 1,000

$ 100

$ 2,500

$ 500 ____________________


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ACCF Presents: FOUNDRY VILLAGE NEWS, Volume 2, Issue 1 -- MARCH 2021  

News about the Foundry Village build, interactions, fundraising and how you can help! Foundry Village is a partnership project of AllCare Co...