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Online Direct Debit Management Solutions Better payments collection & better customer services

Late or missed payments damage your business. They reduce cashflow, take time and effort to resolve and make a poor impression on customers. Online Direct Debit Management solution gives you support to: Manage and store Direct Debit agreements safely and securely Respond quickly to customer queries Easily retrieve mandates to resolve disputes Send automated messages to instantly chase up missed payments or incorrect mandates  Direct Debits are forecast to continue to grow, with over 4 billion transactions by 2021. Source: Payments Council    

Whether you are an Enterprise, Bank or Customer… Direct Debits make sense Banks


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Reduced manual entry saves time Faster settlement Lower transaction costs

Boosts customer retention Higher collection rates Interchange fees savings Payments flexibility Improves cashflow

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A quicker, more convenient way to make payments Helps prevent late payments Easy to set up Quick and easy to cancel Secure and trusted The Direct Debit Guarantee offers peace of mind

Direct Debits are a win for every link in the payments chain

Reduce missing payments to improve Cashflow

Customers business will benefit from:  Improved cashflow and payment collection rates  Less time and resource spent on chasing up payments  Data pre-validation to reduce errors Whilst your customers enjoy the ease and simplicity of Direct Debits – the preferred payment method of millions of customers right across Europe. Provide fast, Efficient Customer Service.

Growing stronger client relationships by letting customers:  Automate regular payments via Direct Debit to reduce hassle and improve budgeting.  Receive instant notification when problems occur and automated messages to explain what to do next. So, why not make life simpler for everyone. Find out how our subscription-based cloud solutions can help your business grow its way to a stronger future. IT can help eliminate the problem by letting you automate payment systems and communicate seamlessly with customers and the banks.

The right partnership can save you time and money Collecting payments via Direct Debit makes sense. You will get benefit from higher collection rates, improved cashflow and, of course, the significant cost benefit of online paperless processes. In-house collection, however, can be a lengthy and expensive process requiring sponsorship from a bank and capital security. Direct Debit module brings all of the benefits with none of the hassle. We will rapidly deploy our systems to let you securely manage payments from anywhere in the world.

We will automatically validate bank account numbers and sort codes to reduce errors and we’ll ensure that all of your customer processes are fully compliant. When it comes to reconciliation, you will find our instant reporting and transaction status updates invaluable and your real-time reports will clearly show the benefits that come from automatic validation and less manual data entry.

Best of all, your customers will be pleased too. Direct Debit is one of the safest, most flexible ways for a customer to transfer payments.

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