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arra m Netwerx TV hosts thousands of locally produced video and movies. Featuring regional news and profiles of the region’s influencers Netwerx TV is a popular channel for viewers inside and outside the region. Netwerx TV provides video production services.





WEXPO is the region’s popular expo series. Grow you and your business with a stall at the WEXPO events held at Penrith, Blacktown and Parramatta.

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OUR PRODUCTS WHO WE ARE For 15 + years we have been supporting the business community of Western Sydney with the region’s only specialist business – lifestyle newspaper. WSBA is connected to more business networking groups and enjoys more partnership relationships than any other regional media channel in Australia. WSBA reports on the forces that drives Western Sydney which is Australia’s fastest growing region and home to the world’s newest 24-hour airport. We are a trusted source of information and more for hundreds of thousands of decision makers, businesspeople and residents looking for insights into the people and projects that shape our region.

OUR COMMUNITY We are Australia’s one-stop-shop for reaching Australia’s Western Sydney region. Our community of readers includes members of business chambers, corporations, SMEs and residents interested in the growth and development of the region they live in.

OUR VALUES WSBA is part of the Access News Australia group (ANA), which includes as its foundation values: support for local business communities, excellence and inclusion.

OUR PARTNERSHIPS WSBA is proud of our many partnership relationships developed over years in the spirit of delivering mutual value and support. Business chambers: Sydney Hills, Parramatta, Penrith Valley, Liverpool, Blacktown, Cumberland, Sydney Olympic Park Business Association.

Business awards: Parramatta Local Business Awards, Sydney Hills Local Business Awards, Inner West Local Business Awards, Blacktown Local Business Awards and the region’s flagship business awards program – Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence. Gold media support partner: Western Sydney Business Connection. Media support partner: Western Sydney Academy of Sport. Media support partner: Regional Round Table. Media support partner: WEXPO business events series. Media support partner: Salvation Army’s Western Sydney Red Shield Appeal. Media support partner: Western Sydney Forage. Media support partner: Michael Hughes Foundation. Media support partner: Western Sydney Chamber Alliance.

HOW ARE WE DISTRIBUTED WSBA is a produced as a monthly full colour newspaper and distributed over 200+ strategic outlets in Western Sydney and ACT. Each edition is also produced as a digital flip book and hosted permanently for reading any time on any device.

PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES In consultation with you and in consideration of your campaign objectives and budget we can tailor flexible and creative marketing programs that deliver successful results. WSBA offers a range of bespoke marketing services which can be used to engage audiences for promotional and advertising opportunities. These include: Email marketing: Database of over 6,500 businesses. Banner advertisements: On Display advertising: Hard copy and digital editions. See rates on page 7. Tailored editorial: Our talented writers work with you to create compelling content. Get packaged: Visit www.accessnewsaustralia. to see the range of affiliated business and publications. We will work with you to develop a package that speaks to the audiences you most to attract.



Defining the Region

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Enquiries: Mail: PO Box 186, Kurrajong NSW, Australia 2758.

The University of Western Sydney defines greater western Sydney as comprising 14 local government areas; namely located within Auburn, Bankstown, Blacktown, Blue Mountains, Camden, Campbelltown, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Holroyd, Liverpool, Parramatta, Penrith, The Hills Shire and Wollondilly. Western Sydney is home to the world’s newest 24-hour international airport to be completed by 2026.

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“I can highly recommend WSBA for business promotion and branding as the audience is perfectly positioned for this market. We have used WSBA for our own requirements and client campaigns for many years now. Michael and his team are always ready to help get the best result for your advertising and promotion. Overall I believe the paper is a success as it is so relevant to the audience (businesses in the area of Western Sydney) for it to be effective” – Chris Hekeik. Managing Director, Mode Media. “Over the years, we’ve successfully utilised the Access platforms to showcase various projects and initiatives being undertaken by our clients in Western Sydney. WSBA and Netwerx TV have provided us with the opportunity to connect with local communities and decision-makers across the region.” – Richard Lenarduzzi, Group Director, Premier Communications Group. “At a time when there is so much happening in Western Sydney, Western Sydney Business Access is the go-to publication to stay up to date with the latest news. Michael and his team are committed to the region and take the time to understand the people, businesses and issues that make Western Sydney unique. Western Sydney Business access has been a part of the local landscape for many years and in the era of fake news remains a trusted source of information.” – Amanda Brisot, General Manager Western Sydney Business Connection. “Has been a long-standing supporter of the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce and has been an active media partner with our flagship event-Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence (WSABE) for many years. WSBA produced a fantastic souvenir edition for the WSABE finalists and winners at the gala evening. The supplement was exclusively produced and included images and stories on each of the winners. It was given to 500 guests that evening, as well as being featured in the following edition of WSBA. The ACCESS souvenir edition has evolved into a high-value tradition for the WSABE program and is highly sought-after within our region.” – Romina Bousiman, Business Relationship Manager Parramatta Chamber of Commerce. “The WSBA Round Tables are an important forum for business, social and Western SYDNEY specific issues. KPMG has participated over the last 4 years as the forum is unique in the issues raises and the attendees it attracts. The round tables are well run and consistently raise issues that surprise participants as it is the interaction between participants that brings issues to the fore.” – David Pring, Managing Partner KPMG Western Sydney.

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