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FEATURED ARTICLE there is a high number of building occupants on a level of a building the number of spaces must be increased. EVACUATION CHAIRS Evacuation Chairs are compact and foldable mobile chairs used to evacuate people with disability downstairs. The chairs have wheels and rubber tracks which allow for controlled descent downstairs. Generally, evacuation chairs have speed regulating and braking systems that control the speed of descent and have additional brakes when stationary.


Evacuation Chairs are normally operated by one person. However, some models allow for 2 people to evacuate a person upstairs. They are particularly useful for people who require a mobility aid or have a health condition, wherein the event of an emergency are unable to use a lift and are unable to exit the building via the stairs.

IN SUMMARY At the end of the day, vertical schools are a positive contribution to urban areas however the result of a fire in a multi-storey building can be much more catastrophic than that of a single level school. As such, vertical schools, childcare and early learning centres must remain vigilant in undertaking regular fire drills and having comprehensive evacuation plans in place that suit the needs of all occupants. Additionally, our Building Regulations must change to reflect community expectations and accommodate how buildings are now used.


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Access Insight - November 2018  

Access Insight - November 2018