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Resistive Exercise



REP BAND 45 metres 7-4000022 45m Peach Level 1 7-4000023 45m Orange Level 2 7-4000024 45m Green Level 3 7-4000025 45m Blue Level 4 7-4000026 45m Plum Level 5

* Has NO latex. It is made from espe cially engineered co-polymer * Has no powder and no offensive rub ber odor * Has a consistent linear resistance that is more physiologically correct * Has an indefinite shelf life - does not breakdown over time * Can be used in hydrotherapy pools

5.5 metres 7-4000027 Peach Level 1 7-4000028 Orange Level 2 7-4000029 Green Level 3 7-4000030 Blue Level 4 7-4000031 Plum Level 5

Progressive resistance exercise products are used for rehabilitating muscle and joint injuries, work hardening programs, and aerobic and aquatic exercise programs. REP Band® offer five levels of progressive resistance, REP Band® Products make it easy for each individual user to begin at the appropriate level of resistance and progress.

DISPENSER 7-4000124 45m RepBand Dispenser REP Tubing 100 Feet 7-4000056 Peach Level 1 7-4000057 Orange Level 2 7-4000058 Green Level 3 7-4000059 Blue Level 4 7-4000060 Plum Level 5 7-4000061 Rep Band Handle REP Tubing 25 Feet 7-4000056.25 Peach Level 1 7-4000057.25 Orange Level 2 7-4000058.25 Green Level 3 7-4000059.25 Blue Level 4 7-4000060.25 Plum Level 5

Exercise Band with Handles Total Body Exercise! Two levels of progressive resistance band with Handles . 75cm x 15cm lengths. Exercise suggestions printed on the band. Supplied in blister packs for retail display. 7-4000138 Medium 2050B 7-4000139 Heavy 2065B

Door Gym Set

Tube & Handles

Kit includes tubing, handles, ankle cuffs with velcro closure and door stopper. This stopper can be place above, below or at any point along the door for resistive exercise.

Sets of tube with handles. Comes in individual retail blister packs. 3 resistances: Heavy, Medium and Light. Strong Plastic handles #7-4000062 107A - Heavy #7-4000063 107C - Light #74000064 107B - Medium


Expander Set

Ankle Stretch Figure eight Expander and ‘O’ Expander tubing exercisers with foam handles Supplied in blister packs for retail display.

90 cm tubing with soft cuffs Supplied in blister packs for retail display. # 7-400021

# 7-4000137

Theraband and Tubing

Thera-Band - Resistance Exercise Bands The original THERA-BAND. 8 Levels of progressive resistance exercise bands. Also available: 45.5mtr rolls of band, 7.5mtr or 30mtr rolls of tubing, and all accessories and attachments • Latex Bands available in 8 color-coded levels of resistance. • Natural Rubber Tubing available in 7 color-coded levels of resistance.

Theraband 45 m 7-4000205 Tan (Extra Thin ) 7-4000046 Yellow 45m 7-4000044 Red 45m 7-4000042 Green 45m 7-4000038 Blue 45m 7-4000040 Black 45m 7-4000206 Silver (Super) 7-4000207 Gold (Max ) Theraband 5.5 m 7-4000047 Yellow 5m Light 7-4000045 Red 5m Medium 7-4000043 Green 5m Heavy 7-4000039 Blue 5m Ex Heavy 7-4000041 Black 5m XX-Heavy 7-4000203 Silver 5m 7-4000204 Gold 5.5m 7-4000049 Thera- Band Assist 7-4000 7-4000125 Therassist Webbing Loops (pair) Theratubing 100” 7-4000070 100’ Yellow 7-4000068 100’ Red 7-4000067 100’ Green 7-4000065 100’ Blue 7-4000066 100’ Black 7-4000069 100’ Silver 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Hand Exercise Devices

Puttyciser Over 30 Exercise Options for the Upper Extremity Puttycise® consists of 5 tools which all function by inserting the base into a resistant putty. The tool is pushed, pulled or turned through the putty to produce the specified exercise. Changing the resistance of the putty can easily increase or decrease the difficulty level. Each piece is specially designed to maximize function and versatility. • Easy to use, Easy to teach • Simulates functional activity • Teaches joint protection techniques • Adaptable to individualized patient needs • Works with all therapeutic putty (not included) • Makes writing functional goals easy Puttycise 5-Piece Tool Set, (Turn Knob, L bar, Peg Turn, key Turn, Cap turn ) Carrying Case, and Exercise Manual AND 4 x 500gms of putty (Yelloe. Red, Green. Blue) # 7-4000118

Xtensor™ finger extension exerciser

HandMaster Plus™

FOR: Tennis Elbow, Tendonitis in the Wrist, Overcoming the effects of a Stroke, Hand Trauma Rehabilitation, and much more! The Xtensor™ with continuous tension applied to opening the hands using an optimal line of motion replicating the exact opposite movement to closing the hands. #10-0960B blue Xtensor #10-0960Y yellow Xtensor

Strengthens the muscles that close and open the hand, in one continuous exercise. Maximizes strength, balance and blood flow to the hand, wrist and elbow. For: Carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, RSI’s, tendonitis, DeQuervain’s syndrome, Dupuytren’s contracture, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, stroke and neuropathy, post-surgical rehabilitation, sprain/dislocation/ fracture rehabilitation, subluxation and adhesion, and circulatory concerns. #10-0784 soft -purple. #10-0785 medium - red #10-0786 hard orange

Can Do Rubber Band Hand Exerciser

The Cando Rubber Band Hand Exerciser is ideal for finger flexion exercises. Easily vary the resistance by increasing or decreasing the number of rubber bands, or by changing to a different color-coded set of bands. Range of motion can be decreased by using the flexion limiter (spacer). Comes with 25 total rubber bands , 5 of each color/resistance. #7-4000230

Theraband Soft Weights

Flex Bars To strengthen the hand, wrist and shoulder using both extension and flexion exercises. The Bar maintains a consistent diameter and length regardless of resistance level. Available in 3 progressive resistances, each 5cm x 30cm. #7-4000220 Red (Light) #7-4000220G Green (Medium) #7-4000220B Blue (Heavy)


Theraband Soft Weights are available in 6 weights.Each weight size utilizes the same ball size of 4.5” in diameter. Soft weights from Theraband are an easy to grip, soft shape. Soft Weights are hand held, ball shaped isotonic weights- a soft alternative to the traditional metal dumbbell. Soft Weights provide users more versatility for strength training and rehabilitation exercises. They are unique since the size of the ball always remains the same diameter regardless of the weight. This feature allows for a predictable, functional, single-handed grip. #7-4000116 Tan 1.1lb/0.5kg #7-4000117 Yellow 2.2lb/1.0kg #7-4000115 Red 3.3lb/1.5kg #7-4000218 Green 4.4lb/2.0kg

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Hand Exercise Devices


Eggsercizer The ergonomically-shaped Eggsercizer® Hand Exerciser provides an effective means to rehabilitate and strengthen fingers, hands and wrists. Small and easy to use, it can be used anytime, anywhere, increasing patient compliance. The Eggsercizer can also be heated and chilled if necessary (see instructions for details). The Eggsercizer is available in 4 color-coded resistances from extra-soft to firm. 7-4000077 Yellow Extra Soft 7-4000074 Green Firm

7-4000073 Blue Medium 7-4000075 Orange Soft

Digiflex Develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination as it builds hand and forearm strength. Use the buttons alone to exercise fingers or the entire unit for complete hand and forearm exercise. Five resistance levels available to customize a therapy program: yellow (.68 kg), red (1.36 kg), green (2.27 kg), blue (3.18 kg), black (4.09 kg) Also available as a set with stand. 7-4000078 Set of 5 with plastic display Stand 7-4000079 Light Yellow 0.7kg 7-4000081 Heavy Green 2.3kg 7-4000083 Heaviest Black

7-4000078M Digi-Flex Set of 5 with Metal Display Stand 7-4000080 Medium Red 1.4kg 7-4000082 Very Heavy Blue 3.2kg

Rep Putty

7-4000100 80gm 7-4000101 2.5kg 7-4000102 500gm 7-4000103 80gm 7-4000104 2.5kg 7-4000105 500g 7-4000106 80gm 7-4000107 2.5kg 7-4000108 500g 7-4000109 80gm 7-4000110 2.5kg 7-4000111 500g

NO LATEX Each color-coded putty has a different consistency 5 Levels, beginning wth Peach for strengthening the weakest grasp to Plum for developing a stronger grip. Available in 3 sizes 100 gm., 500 grams and 2.5 Kgms in sealed plastic containers.

FingerWeights™ exerciser

Blue Level 4 Blue Level 4 Blue Level 4 Green Level 3 Green Level 3 Green Level 3 Orange Level 2 Orange Level 2 Orange Level 2 Peach Level 1 Peach Level 1 Peach Level 1

FingerWeights™ provide a total health system for your fingers and hands that is hard to achieve using other devices. Use FingerWeights™ for conditioning, performance, prevention and rehabilitation. 5-finger set multicolour # 7-4000119

Power Web For Rehab and strengthening the fingers, wrist and forearm using both extension and flexion exercises. Can also be used for ankle rehab and strengthening. Available in 6 progressive resistances and 2 sizes, both 14” (36 cm) and 7” (18 cm) and a variety of colors.

7-4000091 Ultra light Beige 7-4000092 Light Yellow 7-4000093 Medium Red 7-4000094 Heavy Green 7-4000095 Super Heavy Blue 7-4000096 Ultimate Black

Freeballs For Rehab and strengthening the fingers. These come packaged with 2 sized Freebals with a booklet of exercises. Because these balls are light, they can be used to increase dexterity without causing added pain associated with inflamed or stiff joints.

#7-2000138 125mm #7-2000140 55mm diameter #7-2000132 Set of 4 70mm

Can Do fixed resistance grippers • Sturdy spring coil resistance • Strengthens grip and forearms • 5 strengths #7-4000210Y #7-4000210R #7-4000210G #7-4000210B #7-4000210BK #7-4000210 Set of 5 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Balance and Stretching Wobble & Rocker Boards Using a wobble board on a regular basis can help retrain the proprioceptors and improve coordination, hence preventing further injury. Metal dome on base with slip resistant top surface. Uni-directional #7-1000023

# 7-1000068 Wooden 50cm diam #7-60000010 plastic diam 41cm

Go Go Balance Board GREAT FOR rehabilitation, muscle strengthening, rotational balance, proprioception training, knee and ankle stability training, overall better posture. The Go-Go Balance Board includes two 90cm long tubes with handles that allow you to transform this balance tool into a total body exercise machine # 7-3000030


BOSU targets the core muscles of your body - those muscles around the abdominal and lower back area - helping ou to not only gain strength, trim and tone but to coordinate and stabilize your entire body. The BOSU Balance Trainer helps to strengthen and coordinate your core and proprioception system It has a platform that is 25” diameter and inflates to 12” high when fully inflated. For all practical purposes, there are no weight restrictions as the BOSU was made with burst-resistant material and designed to be used by professional athletes. # 7-2000052

Stretch/Incline Board

Pilates Magic Circle

Stretch Board is adjustable. You can set it in 6 different positions, from 15º through to 39º . Ideal for calf stretches or for a foot rest under a desk

The soft rubber ring provides resistance for faster, more targeted toning, improving muscle strength throughout the body...especially in problem areas like the inner and outer thighs, upper arms,and chest. # 7-2000125

# 7-1000030

Gym Step 1 FITBALL BASE: Use Your Gym Step and the tubing and handles included to design interesting and effective exercises, 2. AEROBIC STEP: Using the blocks provided you can use your Gym Step at 2 heights. Its shape makes for a safe corner free stepper increasing the range of exercises possible. 3. STRETCH BOARD : removing some blocks, your Gym Step is now a stretch board a recline board for heavy ball work. 4. WOBBLE BOARD: plus you can add interest and challenge with the tubing and handles. #7-3000027

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Balance Pad The Balance Pad the Balance Beam are two new forms of therapy & training equipment Their destabilizing properties make them suitable for use in the restoration of motor skills in rehabilitation preventive medicine leisuretime and professional sports . They allow the combined training of fitness and coordination skills such as for strength, stamina, differentiation and balance skills. 50cm x 41cm x 60mm #7-3000037 EMP Balance Pad #7-3000004 Airex Balance Pad #7-3000037R EMP Round Balance Pad

Balance Beam

Key aspects such as proprioceptive training and kinesthetics are not forgotten.


balance training - coordination and reaction training - mobility training - standing stability training - functional retraining of the muscles in the lower extremitiesmotor -skill training to maintain balance, e.g. for age-related physiological changes to the muscles and skeletal frame. 24cm X 160cm x 6cm # 7-3000036 EMP Balance Beam # 7-3000003 Airex Balance Beam

Roller Exercises

Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers act as a Spinal stabiliser to centre the body in floor routine. Improve strength, balance and flexibility. Gives a deep massage whilst improving back mobility. The half size foam Pilates roller offers even more stability. The short size foam Pilates roller improves balance for sports performance , rehab etc. D SHAPE Can be used for self mobilization of joints and spine.

# # # #

7-6000107 AH Small Round 30cm 7-6000108 AH Long Round 91.4 cm 7-6000109 AH Small 30cm D 7-6000110 AH Long 91cm D

Air Disc

Therapy Disc

Similar to the Therapy disc with one side dimpled. Ideal for sensory stimulation. # 7-3000001

The Balance / Stability Disc aids the management of lower limb stability. It promotes active sitting enhancing core stability. It can be inflated and deflated. # 7-3000013

Rectangular Board Round Board

The rectangular board limits range of motion. This is a useful tool in the early stages of ankle rehabilitation or early balance retraining. # 7-3000005

For use when greater ROM is required but before your client is ready for the Therapy or Air Disc. # 7-3000006

Disco Sport

The Disco Sport is the large version of the Disco’ Sit Measuring 55cm in diameter. This enables the therapist to device a huge range of exercises which can challenge almost any level of fitness, right through to the elite sports person. Will Float and is chlorine and UV tolerant. This NEW product will challenge balance over a range of activities for young and old. # 7-2000171 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Mats, Bolsters & Boxes Yoga Mats

Exercise Mats

EMP Ribbed Mats

To prolong life of mats, use without shoes is recommended. To clean mats use only mild detergents

# 7-1000025 1800mm x 700mm x 10mm

Airex Mats

# 7-1000026 175cm x 61cm x 5mm

7-3000016 Coronella 185cm x 60cm x 15mm

7-3000015 Corona 185cm 100cm x15mm

7-3000014 Atlas 200cm x 125cm x 15mm

7-3000032 200cm x 120cm x 15mm 7-3000021 180cm x 99cm x 15mm 7-3000020 180cm x 60cm x 15mm

7-3000017 Hercules 200cm x 100cm x 15mm

The highly compressed smooth moulded skin guarantees durability. The closed-cell structure makes the mats impervious to water and extremly easy to wash and keep clean. Although light-weight and easy to roll-up, the mats still offer a flat, non-slip, well-cushioned surface - a surface that won’t chafe, or rub against the skin ... and one which always feels warm and comfortable to touch. AIREX® mats offer outstanding value:

Body Bolster The BodyBolster is made from Torflex™, a soft, latex-free medical grade PVC that gives it malleability and a comfortable skin-like feel. What makes the BodyBolster unique is its adjustability—a valve allows you to deflate it with a squeeze, and with another twist of the valve it self inflates—there’s no need to blow it up! • Allows self management of postural problems. • Stretches and strengthens the whole body. • Helps make activities like Pilates, yoga, stretching & conditioning easier, & increases free movement. • Lengthens your muscles • Reduces muscle tension • Relieves muscle cramps • Increases suppleness The BodyBolster comes with a DVD user guide demonstrating: 13 Neck and back release exercises, #8-4000027 11 Core strength and stability exercises, 13 Stretches for the whole body, 10 Seated back and neck stretches

Step Up Boxes 40cm x 40cm with hand Holes Four different heights of sturdy construction. Lifetime Warranty. Weight Capacity 200kg #7-1000061 Step Up Box 350mm #7-1000058 Step Up Box 150mm

#7-1000060 Step Up Box 230 mm #7-1000057 Step Up Box 100mm

Fitball Base Aerobic Step

Fitball Exercise Base w/tube & Handles Fits 65cm Ball (does not include fitball) # 7-2000169

The adjustable Step, with black slip resistant step and coloured platforms. Supplied with 4 platforms for simple height adjustment

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Exercise Devices for Arms & Legs


Vertical Fitness Trainer

• The Vertical trainer comes with handles and pedals • The Flywheel is height adjustable(15 levels) from 30cm (sitting) ~ 110cm(standing)

by hop pin knobs • Manually adjustable resistances • Very Stable assembly • Light weight & portable • Suitable forall ages • Accessible by disabled persons • For use in homes, community centers & Clinics

Agility Ladders Agility ladder creates extra workout space for advanced sessions, A third 3.7m length web strap with snaps for attaching the rungs provides unlimited flexibility for placement of the flexible 61cm length vinyl slats. Snaps are placed every 15.2cm along the outside and centre of the nylon web strips. You can create one 11m length ladder, or a 3.7m length x 1.9m rectangular jumping grid, or other combinations that meet your workout needs. Complete with storage bag. # 7-20000010 DVDs AVAILABLE

# 4-2000156

Shoulder Finger Ladder • This self-challenging tool is designed to offer progressive motion exercises for the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints. • Offers a range of 36 steps at 1-1/4in (3.2cm) intervals. Smooth finish hardwood construction. • Can be used while seated or standing. • The ladder measures 2in x 54in (5 x 137cm). Mounting hardware is not included. #7-1000070


Chattanooga Deluxe Pedals

Comes fully assembled. Perfect for any type of rehabilitation and incredibly affordable. Lightweight (2.5kg). Sleek chrome finish. Wrap-around foot straps. Non-skid foot pads Great exercise for lower or upper body! # 7-1000021

Electronic controls. LED display: speed, distance, time, calories. Non-skid foot pads. Great exercise for lower or upper body!

Duo Bike


• • • •

Ideal for light aerobic training

Magnetic Resistance 1 window display. Computer. Use by foot or hand.


# 7-1000033

Strong robotic welds, Single window LCD computer display use only #4-4000014 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Weights & Strength Equipment

EBCO Vinyl Cuffs

Soft Ankle/Cuff Weights • Very Soft Vinyl Cuffs • velcro Closure. • Washable CUFFS 7-5000015 7-5000016 7-5000017 7-5000018 7-5000019 7-5000020 7-5000022 7-5000023

0.5kg 1.0kg 1.5kg 2.0kg 2.5kg 3.0kg 4.0kg 5.0kg

Pair of Soft Fabric cuffs. Gentle on the skin. # 7-5000040 0.5kg pair # 7-5000039 1kg pair

#7-5000041 1.25kg ( Pair 2.5kg ) #7-5000110 2kg pair

Adjustable Cuffs with Poles • Pair of Neoprene cuffs with pockets, each able to hold 0.5kg metal poles. Velcro Closure.

Aqua Hand Weights • Water filled Dumbells. • Weight can be adjusted by the volume of water. • Smooth durable plastic.

# 7-5000032 5kg cuffs Pair #7-5000013 10kg pair # 7-5000042 Poles 10 x 0,5kg


Gymstick GYMSTICK is a new fitness tool which was developed to effectively train: total body fitness and is ideal for improving cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, balance and flexibility, muscle toning, fat loss and coordination. • Improves Muscular Strength • Improves Muscular Coordination • Improves Dynamic Core Strength • Improves Balance & Flexibility • Improves Cardiovascular Fitness • Improves Fat Loss & Toning 7-7000140 Light (Green) 1 - 10kg includes DVD 7-7000141 Medium (Blue) 1 - 15kg includes DVD 7-7000142 Strong (Black) 1 - 20kg Includes DVD 7-7000143 Extra Strong (Silver) 1 - 25kg Includes DVD 7-7000144 Super Strong (Gold) 1 - 30kg Includes DVD 7-7000139 Gymstick Pilates DVD 7-7000145 Gymstick Fitness DVD

Dumbells - Vinyl DUMBELLS 7-5000002 l 0.5kg ea Purple 7-5000003 1kg each Pink 7-5000004 1.5kg ea Green 7-5000005 2kg ea Mauve 7-5000006 2.5kg ea RED 7-5000007 3kg ea Blue 7-5000009 4kg ea Yellow 7-5000011 5kg ea Black 7-5000013 Adj 2 x 10kg


How does it build muscles? While the rate of oscillation stays the same, the workout intensifies when the amplitude, or magnitude of the flexing tips, increases. Over the course of just one minute, the ends of the Bodyblade® move back and forth 270 times, and that’s 270 times your muscles have to resist the movements. The resistance needed to control the blade can range from 1 to 34 pounds depending on the amplitude of the flexing tips.

Dumbell Handbook

Gym Bar For shoulder exercises : Aerobic, Flexibility, Strength training workout Comes with resistive tube Size: Bar - 90cm, Tube - 125cm # 7-4000140


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Aqua GymStick The new Aqua Gymstick is a functional fitness tool used for training in the pool. Designed like the standard Gymstick, except with parts that are resistant to the wear from water and chlorine. The Aqua Gymstick is a revolution in water fitness training and rehabilitation! #7-7000140AG Aqua Gymstick GREEN (Light). For group aqua training, rehabilitation and seniors. Resistance range 1-10kg #7-7000141AB Aqua Gymstick BLUE (Medium). For group aqua training, junior athletes & women. Resistance range 1 to 15kg # 7-7000142ABL Aqua Gymstick BLACK (Heavy). For group aqua training, fit women and men. Resistance range 1 to 120kg

Airex Hydro-Bouy • Comfortable - Soft, supple and warm to touch • Absorbing - Yielding and supportive, protection against injuries • Long Life Span - Hard wearing materials for years of use • Hygienic - Simple to clean Antimicrobial Sanitized finishing • Water Repellent - Closed cell foam. No penetration of water • Multifunctional - Versatile - indoors, outdoors and in water • Slip Proof - Special foam technology prevent slipping • Flat Placement - No tripping • Conforms to CE - High quality materials. Strict quality controls Ideal for: Fitness, Physiotherapy rehabilitation Club/School Sport #8-6000015 Airex® Hydro-Buoy 45 N Length: 86cm Width: 38cm Depth: 2.5cm Weight: 0.8kg #8-6000015-1 Airex® Hydro-Buoy 50 N Length: 96cm Width: 40cm Depth: 2.5cm Weight: 0.9kg

Aqua Bells Aqua Fit: Medium resistance hand held AquaFit Bells tone, strengthen, and support your upper body #HYAFB Aqua Fit Pro: Heavy Resistance • Quality construction at a great value • Soft, padded grip • Includes workout guide #HYAFPB 8-6000012 AquaFit Bells- Medium Resistance

8-6000013 AquaFit Pro Bells - Heavy

Aqua Cuffs X-Cuffs: Resistance cuffs for ankles and arms. #HYXC Aquarunners RX: Resistance footwear Use them to increase cardiovascular workouts, tone, and strengthen muscles. Soft, durable, chlorine resistant EVA foam. • Can be used in deep and shallow water increases ardiovascular workout, • Slip-on design features strapping system • Free Workout Guide included #HYARX 8-6000019 Aqua X-Cuffs #HYXC 3 8-7000017 Aqua Runners RX Blue #AJAP432

Aqua Webs Pair

Non-Slip Mat

Add intensity to upper body movements, varying intensity by cupping or flex • First glove to feature new anti-microbial polyolefin fabric • Durable, long lasting stretch material fits like a second skin # 8-6000003

• Non-slip surface • Maximum shock absorbtion & portability.

Aqua Noodles

Aqua Step

• These colourful noodles are use as a floatation device while exercising in pools # 8-6000008

# 8-6000021

• Low impact step therapy with the support and cushioning of hydrotherapy. Supported secure in the bottom of the pool by large rubber feet. • Positioned or removed quickly and easily. Indus trial strength polyethylene. # 20cm high 8-7000013 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Fitball™ - Fitness & Rehab


Body Ball

500 kg load

Made of PVC- foam and therefore softer and less dynamic than the Gymnic-Line. Soft and pleasant surface, kind to the skin and therefore often used in therapy, for geriatric, paediatruc, when playing with children in kindergarten, for yoga and relaxation and while nursing. Ideal for use by pregnant women. The gentle surface is more conforming and comfortable whilst still giving the benefits of fitball therapy.

9000kg load The Fitball™ can be used for all ages and fitness levels. It improves endurance, strength and mobility. It provides exercises for better posture, balance, body awareness and coordination It can be used for group and individual exercise at the club or at home It promotes functional movement for everyday life Fitball 300kg BRQ #7-2000012 55cm, #7-2000013 65cm, #7-2000020 75cm

#7-2000102 85cm Red, #7-2000100 65cm Blue,

#7-2000101 75cm Yellow, #7-2000099 55cm Red


Opti Ball

The classic gymball with an extra feature. The little points stimulate blood circulation, the reflexology zones and provide lymph drainage. Suitable for both children and adults. An important piece of equipment to soothe the emotions of the user. Also necessary for kids who have tactile disorder problems. It is a proven medical device that is safe for children.

The only real transparent ball on the market; of course in the same superior quality of the Gymnic-Line. Advantageous for therapists for they can observe their patients movements. Besides the „Opti” looks elegant and light #7-2000036 55cm, #7-2000112 65cm #7-2000113 75cm, # 7-2000114 95cm

Physio Gymnic Classic Gymnic Arte

Same product as the Fitball™ but with different colour pattern. The colours are added during the manufacturing procedure. The result: every ball is unique! For all who like something special beyond uniformity.

The classic line in 3 sizes for all applications in therapy, sports and gymnastics. Excellent dynamic performance. #95.85 85cm, #95.95 95cm, 95.98 120cm,

Core Balance Core Balance is a PVC half-sphere of 40 cm. diameter, inflatable resistive rubber which can be embedded on a rigid basis. By varying the inflation many activities are possible to work on static and dynamic balance & improve musculature and vertebral stabilization. The Core Balance enables fascilitates exercises for: co-ordination, stretching, flexibility and still inflections, small jumps, dashes, didactic plays and sporting dives.

#7-2000069 65cm Green, #7-2000070 100cm Red

#7-2000074 55cm, #7-2000046 65cm , #7-2000106 75cm

Mega Ball

For a great fun activity, this Mega Ball is the perfect choice! For all who like something special beyond uniformity and for school camps where group co-operation can be encouraged. # 7-2000071

# 7-2000105180 cm, #7-2000104 150 cm

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Fitball™ - Fitness & Rehab Disc’o’Sit


Mov’n’Step A circular cushion, which can be slightly inflated, giving a degree of instability. It can also be used to challenge the balance of someone exercising on a ball. By putting one or both feet on the Disc, the base of support is reduced and also made unstable. By using a combination of Ball/Disc and adding a Medicine Ball, a huge range of exercises can be devised. It is UV and chlorine resistant, so the disc is good in the pool as a “floatie” and can also be used for walkin exercises, challenging balance and for foot/ankle strengthening and mobility.

#7-2000105 80 cm, #7-2000104 150 cm

Fitball™ Roller

A unique innovation combining two different functions in one product. When Valve Open : It serves as an “air stepper” for cardiovascular (low impact) and strength-endurance training. When Valve Closed : Two independent and unstable cushions for coordination and proprioceptive exercises. The valve allows fine adjustment of the air-flow between the cushions. 12-Page brochure


35 x 35cm Purple/Blue

Heavymed Small in volume but heavy in weight. These balls bounce and provide a good grip. They are terrific for training for all ball games, including cricket, basketball and football, or strength. #7-2000041 500gm Green, #7-2000043 2kg Yellow #7-2000045 5kg Orange

#7-2000042 1kg Red, #7-2000044 3kg Yellow,

Med Ball The new exercise tool that combines the best of the Fitballs and Foam rollers. The Roller allows many exercises for toning the ABS and the core muscle groups, stabilization relaxation, yoga, Pilates etc. Ideal as a stability cushion for prone and supine exercises. Supplied with detailed exercise booklet. #7-2000035

75cm long x 18cm dia Grey

Training Bowl

Bigger in size than the HeavyMed. Can be filled with water or sand to provide extra weight #7-2000116 1kg Blue 23cm #7-2000117 2kg Blue 23cm #7-2000118 3kg Blue 32cm


Approved by the FIG (Intern. Federation of Sports Gymnastics); an affordable model for practise and competition; 400g. #7-2000054 280gms 17cm dia

Excellent alternative to ordinary dumbbells, these two 19cm diameter training bowls can be weighted down with sand or water. Hand grip. Max weight with: Water 3.5kg each Sand 5.5kg each

#7-2000055 400gms 18cm dia #7-2000056 Competition 400gms

Ball Supports Ball supports assist who people who may need the benefits of ball therapy, but who are unable to sustain balance over longer periods.

#7-2000087 set pcs 2

#7-2000121 “S” 47cm dia 44/55cm balls

#7-2000122 “M” 60cm dia 65/75cm balls 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Fitball™ Wellness and Relaxation


Mov’n’Sit The “Dynamic Cushion” for your back. The Comfort’a’Back absorbs the movements of your spine making it more comfortable whilst sitting.

A wedge-shaped “cushion” which may be inflated slightly. The spine should have a natural S-curve, which is often flattened out when seated on normal chairs, or with habitual poor posture. The Movin’Sit tips the pelvis slightly, helping the spine maintain its correct curve. Because the wedge is slightly inflated, it is therefore unstable - just like the ball. So it gives almost any chair many of the benefits of “active” or “dynamic” sitting. If you already have a good natural S-curve in your spine, the Disc’o’Sit might be more appropriate.

#7-2000093 33 x 24 x 5cm

Vita Roll

The Vita Roll is a multifunctional comfort cushion for travel and leisure. Can be used as back support, pillow or bolster; inflatable.

Faster Blaster The Faster Blaster Pump enables you to rapidly inflate the product to your needs.

# 7-2000072

Pilates Ki Ball

# The Ki ball is used in pilates classes and in yoga and relaxation classes. It is used to focus the attention while movements are performed. The Ki ball comes with a pamphlett setting out a variety of movements for relaxation, stretch and core strength activities

7-2000050 Junior 26 x 26cm Blue #7-2000010 adult


Aku Ball Akuball: Inflatable and firm. Comes with a pamphlet with many ideas for use.

# 7-7000062 20cm Green

Activ Roll Inflatable, same applications as the Aku Ball but especially recommended for foot massage.

#7-2000027 15 cm Blue

#7-200002915cm long

Pilates Soft Gym

Reflex Balls

Because of its soft cover and light weight the Soft Gym OVERBALL has been popular as a slow-motion ball. Ideal for Pilates, strengthening exercises, pelvic floor training or even as a support cushion. Each SOFTGYM-OVERBALL is delivered with an exercise brochure ( 8 pages ) & a straw for inflation.

These Reflex balls come in 4 sizes and are suitable for stimulation and relaxation of the muscles and they promote blood circulation. The products can be used on various parts of the body by a therapist or by yourself. #7-2000026 10cm #7-2000025, 9cm #7-2000028 #7-2000030 6cm

Sensy Balls Inflatable! Very soft! Gentle to touch, provides a good grip. For massage, reflexology, hand therapy and relaxation exercises. #95.09

Pilates Softgym Ball

#7-2000040 28cm, #7-2000039 20cm, -#7-2000038 10cm (Pair)

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Fitball™ for Kids - Balance/Co-ordination




Sally takes the challenge for the child a step forward. It has feet at the front only. This encourages more controlled balance while providing hours of fun.

The Hop comes in bright colours Originally designed to increase balance and co-ordination with lots of enjoyment for the child. Has a reinforced bottom with extra grip for non slip and safety.

#7-2000060 Blue, )


#7-2000063 Fantasy (45cm), #7-2000005 45cm Yellow, #7-2000048 55cm Red, #7-2000080 66cm Blue - teenage/adult size

Gym Ball This 30cm Gym Ball is just right for the child now ready to move on to a unidirectional ball. As with adults the ball as a seat helps develop core stregth and good posture.

The Teddy is also designed for children 3+, to encourage and enrich co-ordination and balance. #7-2000078 ( Pink, Blue, Yellow)

Sit’n’Gym A perfect alternative to the chair. It has all the benefits of the Fitball but this ball has little “feet” to prevent from rolling away when used as a sitting ball. This comes in handy in classrooms. A neat detail: if the floor has to be cleaned, the ball can be placed on the table. #7-2000095 35cm #7-2000075 45cm Yellow #7-2000076 55cm Red #7-2000095 65cm Blue #7-2000098 75cm #7-7000068 30cm - Green 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Fitball™ for Kids - Early Learning Disc’o’Bocce

MultiActive Stone

Disc-O-Bocce is a motor planning skill activity designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, mobility, balance, or neurological disabilities. This set of 12 large discs has a variety of uses: the discs can be tossed on the ground and users can step on them to follow their path, tossed with the intent of hitting another disc of the same color, tossed in a game of floor tic-tac-toe. A storage box with carrying handle is included.

These textured Domes provide a variety of activities which help the child to practise balance on stable and semi-stable surfaces. These domes can be placed on the flat surface then later on the ‘domed’ surface. They can also be filled with water for an additional challenge.

#7-2000141 Set of 6(16cm diam x 8cm height ) set of 2. Sticks not included.

Multiform Set For playful games to promoteco-ordination,, locomotor exercises etc.. They stick on polished surfaces and glass. They encourage identification of geometrical shapes and colour. #7-2000062


( 95mm diam 8 pieces ) Red, Yellow, Blue,

Thera Bolly The Thera Bolly is a Playful game to promote co-ordination, locomotor exercises etc. They stick on polished surfaces and even on glass. They suction onto each other. The 12 bases of the Thera Bolly enable all kinds of construction, counting, colour sorting and recognition. Helps to improve the motricity.

#7-2000086 (28 pieces in clear container) Red, Yellow, Blue,

Educ’o’Disks Educ’o’Disks come with hand, foot and arrow stickers that can be applied as required, many games and exercises can be devised to stimulate co-ordination, colour recognition and spatial awareness.

#7-2000061( set of 12pieces) Stickers include feet x 6. hands x 6, Arrows x 3

Diceball Junior and Baby Dice Baby Dice are a fun safe colourful toy. The Dice Ball Junior can involve children in larger motor activity games. The dice have indented spots for visually impaired children. The Dice Ball also Float. Available in two sizes.

#7-2000146 30 x 30cm BabyDice (20 x 20cm ) Red, Yellow, Blue, Green #7-2000142 Junior 20x20cm Red, Yellow, Blue,

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Fitball™ for Kids Disc’o’Sit Junior


Movin’Sit Junior

The alternative to the sitting ball. These inflatable cushions still provide dynamic sitting postures. They can also be used in training for balancing exercises. Ideal in the pool as a kick board.

#7-2000011 Junior 32cm dia Red

Physio Rolls

Similar to Disc’o’Sit but wedge-shaped to provide a seated posture with a forward pelvic position. Can be easily inflated and deflated.

#7-2000050 26 x 26cm Blue

Physio Activity Roll

The „double” balls are ideal for the use in therapy, especially for the work with people who have problems with balance and co-ordination. The therapist can sit on the ball and support the patient’s movements. It is also a nice toy for kindergarten. Big in volume but light.

A fun “double” ball ideal for the use in therapy with children and adults who have problems with balance and co-ordination. The therapist see through the ball making it easier to assett the patient’s movements. It is also a fun toy for kindergarten. Big in volume but light with colourful balls inside it. #88.05 (55cm diam x 90cm long)

#7-2000001 #7-2000006 #7-2000007 #7-2000009 #7-2000008

30cm 40cm 55cm 85cm 70cm

diam diam diam diam diam


x x x x x

50cm Long Blue, 65cm Long Red 90cm Long Yellow 130cm Long Red 115cm Long Blue

Activity Ball This transparent ball contains small clourful balls to stimulate the child and challenge their catching skills. #7-2000089 (50cm diam)

This transparent ball contains small jingling balls, ideal for both children and adults who are visually impaired. #7-2000115 (55cm diam) 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Fitball™ for Kids Soffy Play and Beach Ball

Over Ball A very nice play-ball for all ages, especially kids and seniors, which is soft on impact. Can also be used as support or cushion if not fully inflated.

This 45cm diam play-ball is suitable for all ages, especially kids and seniors. It is soft on impact.

# 7-2000057

# 7-2000079

Gym Rings Easy Grip Balls

These colourful soft rings are fun for the child to catch. They float making them an ideal pool toy. #7-2000085 Red, Green, Yellow & Blue Set of 4

These soft spikey colourful balls are easy to grip and catch. #7-2000049 Red, Orange, Green, Yellow Pink & Blue Set of 6

Aku Rings Gently to touch, provides a good grip. For massage, reflexology, hand therapy and relaxation exercises. The Aku Rings sink making them a great aquatic addition. # 7-7000072 Red, Green, Yellow & Blue Set of 4

Paint Your own Globe

Freeball A transparent Ball. The child learns about our planet by colouring the continents and countries and then have their very own ball to play with and to sit on.

#7-2000081 55cm - Clear Markers not included.

Robust play-ball in 4 different colours for multiple use. These colourful ballalso have “Extra Bounce” for extra challenge. #7-2000132 set of 4 70mm, #7-2000140 55mm, #7-2000138 125mm,

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Small Exercise Equipment  

Ankle Stretch Figure eight Expander and ‘O’ Expander tubing exercisers with foam handles Supplied in blister packs for retail display. REP B...