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Ultrasound Therapy


The ITO US-100 0.8 MHz is used for the deep tissue treatment and 3 MHz is used on tissue close to the surface. Sound waves heat the tissue. This is likely to improve blood circulaion and offer secondary benefits such as pain relief, promotion of healing of the injured area, and reduced recovery time. Features:

ITO US-100

• 0.8 MHz Frequency (penetrates deeper) • Very Low BNR: 2.9-4.0 according to IEC • Auto contact control • Large or small detachable treatment heads • Dual power source: AC mains or battery (Optional extra) • 10 preset programs and a free user programmable memory • Selectable coupling sensitivity Screens


Beam Distribution Low BNR

A.C. Adapter: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz Battery: 12V-2.6Ah(optional) Power Cons 30VA+15% or less Max. Intensity 3W/cm2 or 15 Watts total L size 4.9cm2/0.8MHz plus/minus 10% (BNR 2.9 +/- 30% ERA 4.0cm2) S size 0.93cm2/0.8MHz plus/minus 10% (BNR 4.0 +/- 30% ERA 0.8cm2) Safety Class Class 2 Type BF Dimensions 227(W)*206(D)*94(H)mm Standard Kit

Options: Battery

Small Transducer

# 2-1100006

ITO US-750 1 & 3 Mhz

Features: • Typewriting keybourd for entering patient info & protocols. • 100-item program memory • Very Low BNR: 2.9-4.0 according to IEC • Auto contact control • Large and small detachable treatment heads each deliver 1MHz & 3 MHz treatment.

• Selectable coupling sensitivity. • Enables Combo therapy in conjuction with the ES-320 electrotherapy unit.

• Optional Small Treatment head Specifications


Power supply 100-240 VAC plus/minus 10% 50/60Hz Intensity (max.) 2 W/cm2 plus/minus 20%,continuous 3 W/cm2 plus/minus 20%, pulsed U/S Freq 1 and 3 MHz each probe Free program 100 Timer 1-30min., counts only actual therapy time Dimension 285(W) x 250 (D) x 102 (H)mm Weight approx. 3 kg Safety class Class I, Type BF (IEC) Class IIa (MDD) Combo therapy can be linked with ES-320 electrotherapy unit LCD display touch panel,320 x 240 pixels 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.

2 Multi-Mode / Interferential Stimulation

& Vacuum

Electrical Stimulation Therapy Promotes or represses vital reactions through the application of Electrical Stimulation to the neuromuscular system or sensory nerves in order to reduce pain, improve muscle strength, inncrease joint mobility, suppress spasms, promote blood circulation, and reduce the severity of edema. Features:

ITO ES-521 Interferential +

• Dual-channel simultaneous monitoring: • Eight stimulation modes: 4-pole IF, 2-pole IF, EMS, Russian, TENS, Hi-Volt, Microcurrent (MCR), and DC. • Large LCD Screen • Programmable - 6 programs per mode can be stored. • Five to Seven pre-set programs per mode. • CC and CV modes • Connectable to Vacuum Specifications Power supply 100-240 VAC plus/minus 10% 50/60Hz Current Amplitude (max): 33mA (peak) No. of Channels : 2 LCD display touch panel,320 x 240 pixels Safety class Class I, Type BF (IEC) Class IIa (MDD) Dimensions 345(W) x 264 (D) x 180 (H)mm Weight: 5.5kg Standard Kit


Optional accessories

# 2-2000008

2 Channel low and Multi Frequency Electrotheray Unit Features:

ITO SU-520 Vacuum

• Blow-out Ejector vacuum sustem: NO WATER reservoir is needed. Virtually maintenance free, since dust or moisture does not adhere to inside tube or connections, resulting in the prevention of blackages or oxidisation. • Re-usable sponge disks. Specifications Power supply 100-240 VAC plus/minus 10% 50/60Hz Current Amplitude (max): 33mA (peak) No. of Channels : 2 Vacuum System: Blow out Ejector method Vacuum Mode: Continuous, Intermittant Safety class Class I, Type BF (IEC) Class IIa (MDD) Dimensions 345(W) x 267 (D) x 116 (H)mm Weight: 8 kg Standard Kit

Optional accessories

# 2-2000003

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Combined Ultrasound / Interferential


All the benefits of Ultrasound and Electrical Stimulation Therapy in one unit which eliminates the complexity associated with multi-channel systems. Features: • Touch panel for easy operation:. • 5-channel simultaneous monitoring: • Allows independent electrotherapy (ES) , independent ultra sound (US), independent US use while using ES, and a com bination of US and ES. • Multi Frequency ultrasound (1/3MHz) and 8 stim modes: 4-pole IF, 2-pole IF, EMS, Russian, TENS, Hi- Volt, Microcur rent (MCR), and DC. • 61 preset programs (ES x 44 and US x 17) • 80 free programmable areas. • The EMS training program is able to setup • High-quality ultrasound treatment head: Low BNR 3.2-3.6, auto contact control, auto-calibration, and waterproof construction. • 2-channel ultrasound: Both L and S size ultrasound probes can be connected at the same time, allowing use simply by switching channels.

ITO EU-940 Combined US / IF

Specifications Power supply 100-240 VAC plus/minus 10% 50/60Hz Intensity (max.) 2 W/cm2 plus/minus 20%,continuous 3 W/cm2 plus/minus 20%, pulsed Ultrasound frequency 1 and 3 MHz each probe Free program memories 100 Combo therapy can be linked with ES-320 electrotherapy unit Timer 1-30min., counts only actual therapy time LCD display touch panel,320 x 240 pixels Safety class Class I, Type BF (IEC) Class IIa (MDD) Dimensions 285(W) x 250 (D) x 102 (H)mm Standard Kit


#2-2000001 Optional Small Transducer

ITO EU-920 Combined US / IF

• 3-channel simultaneous monitoring: # 2-2000017

Features: • 1 or 3MHz Frequency available • Very Low BNR: 2.9-4.0 according to IEC • Organic EL Display • Light Weigh 200 grams • Waterproof • On hand operation • Rechargeable Batery option


Specifications A.C. Adapter: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz Battery: (optional) Power Cons 30VA+15% or less Safety Class Class 2 Type BF Dimensions 134(H)*59(W)*\\5594(D)mm Weight Approx. 200 grams Water-proof construction # 2-10000010 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Shortwave Shortwave therapy is the therapeutic application of high frequency electrical energy in either the electromagnetic or electrical field, commonly referred to as “diathermy”. It is known for its heating effects. Vasodilation, increased circulation, increased out-flow of lymph, increased removal of waste products, relaxation of spastic muscles and an overall reduction of pain are attributed to therapeutic heat.


ITO SW-201 Shortwave +

• The main unit measures a mere 194 mm in width for use in confined spaces. The unit can be mounted on the supplied mobile cart or simply set on a desktop. • Delivers high power despite compact dimensions and lightweight:Generates peak power of 132 W and mean power of 44 W. The main unit weighs a mere 17 kg. • Wide range of applicators:Capacitive or Inductive applicators or Disc or Plate applicators, to achieve the optimal match for a treatment objective. • Solid-state oscillation and Auto-tuning functions # 2-5000002C

Specifications Power supply: Freguency: Output Power: Safety class: Dimensions: Weight:

110 or 220-240 VAC ± 10 % 50/60 Hz 27.12 MHz ± 162.72 kHz (max.) 132 W(peak), 44 W(mean) ± 30 % Class I Type BF (IEC), Class II a/MDD 194 (W) x 375 (D) x 450 (H) mm 7 kg


ITO SW-180

• • • • • • • •

Pulsed & Continuous Shortwave Low interference level Large LCD screen Solid state Automatic tuning Capacitive, inductive, disk or plate applicators Twenty-eight (28) free program memories Simultaneously displays both preset and actual values

# 2-5000001

Power supply 220-240 or 110-120 VAC 50/60 Hz Frequency 27.12 MHz ± 162.72 kHz Output power (max.) 80 W (peak), 5-30 W (mean) Safety class Class I Type BF, Class II a/MDD Dimensions 380 (W) x 320 (D) x 835 (H) mm Weight 26 kg

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Microwave A type of deep heat therapy in which electromagnetic waves pass between electrodes placed on the patient’s skin. This therapy creates heat that increases blood flow and relieves muscle and joint pain.

Features: Athermal Therapy with Pulsed Mode: In the pulsed mode, high-output microwave energy is delivered in repeated pulses, providing deep penetration into body tissue. This provides superior therapeutic effects, wider applications and reduces the possibility of burns. This mild thermal therapy is suitable for both acute and chronic conditions. • New Type Applicator Users no longer need to change the applicator, even when using applicators for different purposes or in different treatment areas. • Space-saving design This unit is smaller than previous models allowing it to fit into smaller areas. • Peak Power of 1500W The unit raises tissue temperatures – giving a mild sense of warmth even at peak output to promote blood circulation, with dramatic benefits for joints, muscles, neuroplexuses etc. • New Alternate Oscillation Mode (PM-820 only) Advantages of alternate oscillation mode: 1.Two patients can be treated simultaneously 2.The treatment are and related nerves can be irradiated simultaneously, reducing treatment time and creating synergetic effects. 3.Radiation can be applied from two sides, with the treatment area placed in between.

ITO PM-810 & PM-820

Specifications Power supply: 110 or 220VAC 50/60Hz Power Consumption: PM-810 700VA, PM-820 760VA Frequency: 2450Mhz + 50 MHz Output Power: Max.200W with a fixed peak power of 1500W or 100W (mean) Timer: 0-30 minutes Safety Class: Call I, Type B Dimensions: 330(W) x 395(D) x 290(H)mm

Microcurrent Features: Packed with the essential stimulation modes for low-frequency electrotherapy, including TENS, EMS, and MICROCURRENT. • AC/DC dual power supply • Eighteen(18) preset programs • Programmable... up to six(6) programs may be stored • A full range safety functions • An excellent value/performance ratio

ITO ES-420

TENS EMS Microcurrent

Specifications No. of Channel 2 channels, independently controlled Amplitude TENS, EMS: 0-99mA plus/minus 10% Micro Current: 10-150µA plus/minus 50% 160-750µA plus/minus 30% Phase Duration TENS: 50-250µs plus/minus 20% EMS: 100-500µs plus/minus 20% Micro Current: 1.65-1667ms plus/minus 20% Frequency 0.3-400Hz plus/minus 20% Timer 1-99minutes Power Souce Six(6) alkaline LR6 batteries or AC

Standard Kit

# 2-2000004 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.



Traction Traction is a conservative treatment for cervical or lumbar spine problems. Ambulatory traction elongates intervertebral spaces of the spine by lifting the head or upper body. Traction therapy stretches the neck or lumbar area Intervertebral spaces are widened and the foramina, through which nerve roots pass, are widened, too.

ITO TM-400

Features: • CE(MDD), FDA, UL • Simple and Easy Operation Through a Large-LCD Display and Pro grammable Memory • Large graphic LCD display panel measuring 121 x 92 mm • Eight traction modes • Concurrent display of preset and on-going values • Memory storage up to thirty (30) therapeutic patterns • Filing in memory of previous or interrupted treatment parameters • Automatic callibration of traction force • Easy ten-key input • Durable and soft nylon-coated metal traction cord • Safety-oriented design • SEE TRACTION TABLE Page Screens

Specifications Power Source AC110/115/120V or AC 220/230/240V, 50/60Hz LCD Display 121 x 92mm, or 320 x 240 dots 10 languages Traction Force Display kg or lbs High Force Range 1-90kg(198 lbs) Low Force Range 0-89kg(196 lbs) Hold and Rest Time 0~99sec No. ramp Steps 2-9 steps Pause time of ramp steps 2-20 secs Traction Speed 1:, 1:2, 1:4, 1:6, & 1:8 Timer 1-99 minutes Program memory 30 Data Input ten-digit keypad Conformity CE(MDD), FDA, UL Dimensions 260(W) x 350(D) x 295(H)mm Weight 12kg


Saunders Cervical Traction

Traction Belts Heavy Duty Pelvic Traction Set REF: 1433 Includes: Thoracic Restraint, Pelvic Belt and Restraint Straps Universal fit to 52” (132 cm) For pelvic or lumbar traction applications up to 200 lbs (91 kg). #3-5000020

Universal Thoracic Harness 1431 For thoracic traction applications up to 200 lbs. One size fits all. # 3-5000055

Saunders Cervical Traction System #7040 Can be attached to the TM-400 This unit pulls at the base of the occiput for more effective cervical traction and adapts easily to all Chattanooga Group traction devices. • One size fits most patients. • Clevis included to mount to traction device. • Available in Black #3-5000005

Universal Traction Pelvic Harness 1421 For pelvic or lumbar traction applications up to 200 lbs. One size fits all. # 3-5000056

Universal Cervical Traction Halter 1401

Saunders Lumbar Traction

# 3-5000057

Also Available Canvas Traction Belts

# 3-6000040 Includes Thoracic Harness, Pelvic Harness, Head Halter and Harness Straps #3-5000015

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Osteotron U/S & Portable Interferential OSTEOTRON: The use of capacitively coupled electric field to Stimulate Bone growth. Very Low Intensity Pulsed UltraSound (LIPUS)

Features: A Bone Growth Stimulator of capacitively coupled electric field (CCEF), a method develpoed by Dr C.T. Brighton Uni Pennsylvania, in 1981. Non-invasive (LIPUS) • Two channels • Can be used regardless of intramedullary nails, plates or other internal fixation materials • Digital display of cumulative hours of treatment to 9,999 • A single probe capable of both 1 MHz or 3 MHz output is used according to treatment objectives and areas: 1 MHz for a deep area and 3 MHz for superficial area. • The probe BNR (beam nonuniformity ratio), a key factor in the efficacy & safety of ultrasound therapy, is 3.1–3.5 (IEC) • Lightweight and compact

ITO Osteotron Low Intensity Pulsed UltraSound (LIPUS) #2-100150

ULTIMA Portable Interferential # 4160 Superb new unit with the benefit of choice between 2 and 4 pole modes. Reduces inflammation and pain rapidly. Professional unit which can also be used in the home by patients. Ideal for post operative knee reconstruction pain. • 2 Preset programmes with different ranges of frequency sweeps • 4 programmes with adjustable frequency ranges and their rates of increase • Continuous and Stepped modes • Built in rechargeable battery Includes unit, leads, charger, pads, pouch and instructions The EPM IF4160 The well written user manual includes specific instructions addressing: * Ankylosing Spondylitis * Rheumatic Arthritis, Osteo Arthritis, Spondylitis * Recent Injury (including Sports Injury) * Post Operative Pain, Edema * Tennis and Golf Elbow * Post Op (Ankle) Surgery * Plantar Facilitis Ultima IF has 6 adjustable programmes, variable output in 15 steps plus timer function. - Selectable (Beat) frequencies 2 - 160Hz (full TeNS range) - Clear LED display - Timer (normal treatment 20 - 30 mins)

Ionto™ Iontophoresis Device Kit 1335 Iontophoresis, a transdermal method of delivering medication via an electrical field, is a non-invasive technique providing the perfect alternative to injection or pills. • Independently controlled 2 channel device: treat two sites at once, deliver two different medications to one site, or treat a large surface area. • Precise delivery dosage with constant current stimulation, regardless of skin impedance. • Easy set-up by dosage. • Automatically calculates time based on individual patient settings. • Automatically adjusts for intensity changes during treatment • Patient comfort considered with automatic 30 second ramp up and down of current intensity at the power on/off setting. 2-100179 2-100180 2-100181 2-100186 2-100187

Ionto Ionto Ionto Ionto Ionto


# 2-100178

Small Electrode Pkg 12 medium Electrode Pkg 12 large Electrode Pkg 12 Snap Adapters Pkt 4 Lead Wire (1) 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Compression Therapy External-pressure massage is used to carry lymph fluid rhythmically from the extrmeties to the centre of the body (heart), and reduce swelling of the limbs caused by the reduced lymph-fluid flow. Promoting lymph flow also encourages the development of lymph-fluid bypasses. Air pressure is used, thereby eliminating any concerns involving side effects.

ITO Medomer DM-5000

Intermittant,Sequential Compression


What makes the DM-5000 different? • Overlapping inflation system offers even, effective, comfortable compression. • Three (3) different compression patterms: sequential, squeeze and simultaneous • Microcomputer-controlled: the force remains constant, irrespective of your leg’s or arm’s size • The soft air pressure compress the body evenly from the toes to the thighs, free from localized pain Specifications Power supply: AC 110 or 230V, 50/60Hz Pressure Range: 30-130 mmHg Dimensions: 315(W) x 222 (D) x 155 (H)mm Weight: 5.7kg

2-1000062 Air Tube For Lower Limb Cuff H50A 2-1000066 Extension Zipper For Upper Limb Cuff Y51A 2-4000025 Lower Limb Cuff B50A 2-4000026 Upper Limb Cuff U50A


• Lymphedema resulting from trauma, tumers or Surgery

ITO Medomer 101A Compression

• Reduction of Limb size. • Promotion of blood circulation.

• Venous Stasis Ulceration

Features: Effectively designed pulse pressure intensity based on relevant research and experimental findings Very comfortable and no physical irritation Small, light weight for ease of transport Use of the linear air compressor of low noise, easy maintenance, Applications:

Lymphedema resulting from trauma, tumors, or surgery Venous stasis ulceration Reduction of the limb size Promotion of blood circulation Easing of muscular fatigue and pain



Handy-Cure is a small and portable laser device that is based on Quantum Medicine technology. Handy-Cure combines four energy sources, each is known for its therapeutic effect. The combination of low-level pulse laser radiation, infrared radiation, visible red light, and static magnetic fields provide synergic therapeutic effect. Handy-Cure provides cure for acute and chronic pains, improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation. Handy-Cure reduces the need for analgesic and anti-inflammatory medication. • Non-invasive treatment • Painless • Safe to use • Portable • No side effects • Easy to use • Compact • Low cost Typical pain-producing conditions which are treated by Handy-Cure include: • Spinal diseases comprising early osteochondrosis, scoliosis, intervertebral disk hernia, posttraumatic pain, carriage disorders, radiculitis, ischialgia. • Joint diseases, such as arthritis, arthrosis, coxarthrosis, contractures, myositis. • Muscle and ligament strains.

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Laser therapy offers a safe therapeutic medical modality that is free from side effects. For conditions such as pain, oedema, zoster, paraesthesia and herpes can be treated, laser therapy also has a general beneficial influence on the immune system, thus enabling healing processes to start.

Features: • • • • • •

The World’s smallest laser acupuncture unit 5mW Folding type - easy to operate and carry Continuous and pulse (10 Hz) modes Visible infrared laser output of 670 nm wavelength Economical price

ITO Pocket Laser


Features: Both lasers offer Nogier and Bahr frequencies in addition to a Continuous Wave. The required power can be freely adjusted in 10 mW intervals. In addition to the parameters mentioned above, the 150 mW laser offers Reininger frequencies. Any other required frequencies can be programmed.

Laser Pen 3B

Four exchangeable, maintenance-free high-performance rechargeable batteries ensure adequate operating times. Like in a mobile phone, batteries are recharged with a practical fast charger. No expensive, bulky charging station is needed. Instead, the unit is placed in an elegant acrylic stand. Both units also include an integrated point finder. As soon as a point is located, laser treatment can be started automatically.

Features: The pulse frequency is fixed at 10 Hz. A flashing light and sound indicate when detection is made. The spring activated detection probe allows a uniform pressure when searching. The grounding circuit is made by holding the metal plate on the side of the unit or with the hand grounding pole.

#2-3000036 150mW #2-3000037 50mW

Pointer Plus

Accessories include 2 probe tips (ear 2 mm 0.08” and body 4 mm 0.16”), hand grounding pole with attached wire, 9 volt battery, carrying case, and instructions. # 8-8000151

Features: The latest and most advanced user friendly hand held point locator and stimulator. Features a built-in 9 x 25mm (0.35” x 1.0”) LCD digital display meter for location of acupuncture and trigger points. The meter reading increases in relative value from 1 to 500 due to a lowering of the electrical resistance of the skin at the acu-point location. Besides the meter, point location is also indicated with sound and a pilot light on top of the unit. Point location sensitivity is adjustable. Effective push button adjustable stimulation offers immediate point treatment. The frequency is adjustable (1 to 16 Hz) and is also displayed on the LCD digital display when the stimulation button is pressed. Furthermore, a polarity reversal switch offers the options of tonification (-) or sedation (+) treatment. # 8-8000150

Pointer Excel ll


Pointer Pulse

The Pointer Pulse is the first all-in-one unit that combines laser therapy with electrical stimulation, allowing both methods of treatment to be used simultaneously or separately. The device measures relative skin resistance at the treatment location through sound as well as a green light indicator found on the top of the unit. Location sensitivity and sound level are adjustable. Laser therapy is administered using a 650 nm, 5 mW laser contained in the device. Three modes of treatment are available. # 8-8000152 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Electroacupuncture & Zen Trainer

ELECTROACUPUNCTURE: Acupuncture using current ZEN TRAINER: Designed to provide the means of eliminating stress. This Biofeedback devise monitors the users mental state and emits both visual and auditory signals.


ITO IC-1107+

• For busy clinics that require several units • Palm-sized and lightweight • Three output channels • Low/High intensity settings • Unique asymmetric bi-phasie pulse Specifications Frequency 0-500Hz, variable Amplitude Low setting: Max. 9.0mA plus/minus 10% High setting: Max. 15mA plus/minus 10% Phase Duration 100µs Pulse Shape Asymmentric bi-phasie No. of Channel 3 channels Others Battery checker Pulse rate indication Power Source 9V battery Dimensions 61(W) x 96(D) x 27(H)mm Weight Approx. 200gr.

# 2-7100094


ITO ES-160

• Allows simultaneous stimulation with 12 acupuncture needles (6 channels) • Provides eight(8) different stimulation modes • Saves parameters of the previous treatment and incorporates six teen(16) free programmable memory settings • Enables user to find and stimulate acupuncture points • Allows measurement of Ryodoraku points and storage of data • Environment-friendly electrode cords of TPU, non-PVC material • Comes with a full range of safety functions Specifications

# 8-800128

ITO Zen Trainer

Power supply Four(4) alkaline LR14 batteries Supply voltage 6V No. of Channel 6, independently controllable Pulse Shape Symmetric, bi-phasic square pulse Amplitude Stimulation by pen electrode: 0-48mA (peak) Phase duration 50-400µs, adjustable Timer 0-60 minutes Dimensions 239(W) x 174(D) x 41(H)mm Weight Approx. 1.2kg Electroacupuncture: high: 0-32mA plus/minus 25% (peak) low: 0-16mA plus/minus 25% (peak)


RELAX THE MIND AND BODY! GET RID OF STRESS AND TENSION! • Induces a relaxed, hypnotic state in a short time to alleviate stress and anxiety • New applications can be developed by the users themselves • Built-in bio-feedback function

Specifications Bio-feedback unit Display: Sound frequency: Stimulation unit Output voltage: Phase duration: Spike pulse Timer Dimensions Weight

# 8-800129

Electric current: DC 55µA max. LED 0-3kHz Frequency: 8Hz Max. 60V(1k ohm load) Square pulse 0.5ms 0.1 ms-0.5ms 60min 296(W) x 275(D) x 120(H)mm 2kg. incl. battery


ITO Trio-300

TRIO 300 offers world’s first integrating three functions of TENS, EMS and Micro-current, plus programming capability in a palm-sized unit. Keyboard Lock function • Five free program memories, 10 steps each. • Previous therapy modes and parameters kept in the memory. • Memory maintains contents even when the power is off. • Different parameter settings possible on each channel • Safety oriented design: - Self-test, constant current output, zero start off output. • Other functions:Digital timer, low battery power warning, automatic power off.

# 2-7000010 Microcurrent Screen

EMS Screen

TENS Screen-

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TENS EMS and Microcurrent


TENS is short for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS Units generate electrical impulses that are sent through electrodes placed over nerve centers. The various pulses employed by TENS can block pain signals normally sent to the brain through nerve fibers, thereby interrupting the brain’s awareness of pain. TENS may activate the release of endorphins. These are chemicals in the control system used by the body to suppress pain naturally.

ITO ES-320 Combination TENS EMS • Memory protection function for parameters programmed • Records total number of treatment sessions and treatment time • Records previous treatment mode • Includes Sweep mode (frequency modulation) and Random mode to prevent accommodation • Co-contraction and alternate contraction can be selected • Auto power off function • Keyboard lock function • Low battery power warnings # 2-7000030

ITO 120Z Analogue TENS • Three therapy modes: Constant, Burst and Modulation (AM) • Safe - Lock lever for control knobs • No. of Channel 2 channels • Pulse Shape Asymmetric bi-phase rectangular pulse • Amplitude 80mA peak at 500ohm load • Phase Duration 50-200µs steplessly adjustable • Frequency (1) Constant mode: 2-200 pulses per second (2) Modulation mode: 2-200 pulses per second, 2 seconds-On and 1 second-Rest (3) Burst mode: 2 bursts per second, fixed Power Source 9V battery Conformity CE(MDD), FDA Dimensions 96 x 61 x 27mm Weight 142 gr. including a battery

# 2-7000009

LogiStim 19T Digital TENS • • • • • • • • •

Dual isolated channels Vast LCD with operation information Digital control panel design, easy-to-operate 19 programs available for selection Pocket size with flip cover Auto shut-off function Treatment timer preset High technical outlook design High reliability

# 2-7000211

Channel: Output: Loading: Pulse Width: Pulse Rate: Wave shapes: Asymmetrical Mode:

Dual (Isolated channel) Max. 130mA (peak value) 500 Ohm 50μs ~ 250μs 1Hz~ 150Hz adjustable Symmetrical Biphasic rectangularal Biphasic rectangular Monophasic rectangular 8 Manual Modes 12 Preset Modes are available Treatment time: Selectable; Continuous, 15,30,45,60,90min Power supply: 2 Alkaline AA 1.54v(LR6) batteries



• Intensity protection (Safety) • Treatment Timerit will automatically shut off • Auto Repeat: • Precise Intensity Adjustment • Switch Between Waveform Settings: By pressing “PR-”, key and “PW-” keys simultaneously, the 2 types of waveforms can be changed. • Lock the Settings in Place By pressing “timer key” for 2 seconds

Dual Channel Analogue Tens unit Channels : Two • Power Source : One 9V battery • Wave form : Rectangular, constant current alternation biphasic with “0” net DC component • Pulse Frequency : Variable,2-150Hz • Pulse Width : Variable, 60-250μsec • Charge per Pulse : 80Ma x 250μsec : 20μsec • § 500ohm test load • Maximum Current : 80 mA

# 2-100160

#2-7000220 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


TENS EMS and Microcurrent

EMS is short for Electronic Muscle Stimulator. This type of stimulation is characterized by a low volt stimulation targeted to stimulate motor nerves to cause a muscle contraction. Contraction/relaxation of muscles has been found to effectively treat a variety of musculoskeletal and vascular conditions. MS differs from TENS in that it is designed to stimulate muscle motor nerves, while TENS is designed to stimulate sensory nerve endings to help decrease pain.

COMBI-Stims Programmed Combination TENS / EMS TENS And EMS stimulator Combo Stim – is a dual channel device that performs full function TENS and EMS treatments. This muscle stimulator has a large LCD screen, and has option for two wave forms. This Tens stimulator unit helps in treating sports muscle injuries and muscle exercises. 10 PROGRAMS This TENS And EMS stimulator is the most advanced portable combo stim available. Package includes: • 1 pair of lead wires. • 3 packs of electrodes (4/pack). • Carrying case. • Users manual. • Belt clip. • Batteries. • 5-year Warranty. Dual Channels, Isolated between channels Pulse Amplitude (mA) : Ch1 intensity Up/down 20 steps of 5V, 5 to 100mA into 1KO Ch2 intensity Up/down 20 steps of 5V, 5 to 100mA into 1KO • Pulse Frequency (Hz) : 2 to 120hz, adjustable Pulse Width (us) : 50-400µs in steps of 50µs Wave form : Asymmetric biphasic square pulse - Symmetrical bi-phasic rectangular : Symmetrical bi-polar rectangular. Timer control (mins) : Continuous 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes #2-7000210 Stimulation Mode : On time: 1-40s in steps of 1s •: Off time: 0-40s in steps of 1s.

EMPI 300PV™ KEY FEATURES FES (NMES)for muscle stimulation TENS for Pain control High Voltage for treatment of swelling Digital on screen display External trigger capabilities used for Drop foot rehab Dual channel 300PV™ - The 3 in 1 replacement for the FOCUS FES unit: FES (NMES) The only unit with external trigger capabilities for GAIT TRAINING and FES Rehab Guidelines Hand Rehabilitation - Gait Training - Lumbar Stabilization - Neurologic Shoulder Spasticity Treatment - Wrist Rehab - Low Back Pain - Post-Op Shoulder Management Orthopaedic Knee Rehab


• Hand Trigger # 2-7000026


• Foot Trigger: # 2-7000025

Neurotrac Sports XL Dual Channel Muscle Stim with ramp & rest settings • Wave form : Modified square wave with zero net direct current (DC) component • Pulse Amplitude : Constant current 0 to 80Ma each channel, adjustable (500ohm) • Pulse Frequency : 5,30,100Hz • Pulse Ramp : 1,3,5 seconds • Contraction:Variable control (1-30 Sec.) • Relaxation : Variable control (1-45 Sec. ) • Power Source : 9V alkaline battery • Size : 24x64x95 mm • Weight : 130 grams ( including battery) • All values have 10% +/- tolerance

The NeuroTrac™ Sports XL(EMS) is an advanced and modern digital dual channel STIM unit with support for 4 lead wires. It features 21 built in sports and muscle rehabilitation programmes and 3 custom programmes. • It has a wide variety of functions including muscle building, toning, rehabilitation and cellulite reduction. • 5 segment programmes can be customised #2-7000039


FD Wireless TENS

• Uses low and medium frequency stimulation • Vaccum Cup Therapy - Each electrode is a self contained unit! • Water is used as the contact medium • The vacuum cup attachments are ingrained with Nanover™ Nano-Silver technology which possess a strong anti-microbial effect for advanced hygiene and easier cleaning. • Remote control programs each electrode seperately.

# 2-7000215 FD-2C 1 Remote Controller 2 Cups # 2-7000216 FD-4C 1 Remote Controller 4 Cups in Alluminium box

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EMS & Continence Neurotrac Rehab

Neurotrac Sports

This is the same as the Neurotrac 3 Tens unit combined with a Neurotrac Sports Muscle Stimulator. Includes remote hand control for rehab applications. The REMOTE SWITCH

The NeuroTrac™ Sports (EMS) is an advanced and modern digital dual channel STIM unit featuring 15 built in sports and muscle rehabilitation programmes and 3 custom programmes. • It will help with a wide variety of muscle related problems

The remote hand-held switch allows the user to manually trigger stimulation to contract a muscle. This method is very useful for treating conditions such as dropfoot.




Intellistim UG Digital Continence Unit • • • • • • • • • • •

Professional Medical Unit for Incontinence treatment Dual isolated channels Vast LCD with operation information Digital control panel design, easy-to-operate 15 programs available for selection Doctor lock facility available Pocket size with belt clip, be portable Auto shut-off function Treatment timer preset High technical outlook design High reliability # 2-7000212

Channel: Dual Output: Max. 130mA (peak value) Loading: 500 Ohm Pulse Width: 50s ~ 400s Pulse Rate: 1Hz~ 150Hz Wave shapes: Symmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular Alternated Symmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular Mode: 15 Modes are available Treatment time:Continuous, 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 90min Power supply: 2 Alkaline AA 1.54v(LR6) batteries # 2-7000217 Vaginal Probe PERIPROBE URT - 02 # 2-7000218 Anal probe PERIPROBE URT - 03

Neurotrac Pelvitone Continence Unit • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Dual Channel 11 Pre-set programmes for ease of use 3 Customisable programmes with up to 5 different phases Frequency output range 2 Hz - 100 Hz Pulse width from 50 - 300 µS Ability to lock the unit Recordable “time in use” and “average” of the current Waveform symmetrical rectangular bi-phasic Selectable time duration 1 to 90 minutes Ramp up time 0.1 - 9.9 seconds Low battery indicator Open electrode detector User friendly Compact and very light

NeuroTrac Pelvitone has stimulation programmes for the following pelvic floor muscle problems: • Pelvic Floor Pain (1) • Urge Incontinence (1) • Stress Incontinence (2) • Frequency & Urge (3) • Lack of sensitivity (1) • Pelvic Floor Workout (1) • Endurance Increase (1) • Pelvic Muscle Relaxation (1) # 2-7000205



Feedback provided by PFX2 will help you: • Learn how to make effective pelvic floor contractions • Measure your improving muscle tone • Motivate you to complete the exercise program • As the PFX score increases it provides great motivation to continue

Air pressure in an anal sensor produced by a pelvic floor contraction is transferred by a tube to the PFX indicator Unit where its strength is displayed on a 0-12 scale. Feedback from PFXA is useful for: • Learning how to make effective pelvic floor contractions • Measuring progress • Feedback to learn how to RELAX their pelvic floors

# 4-9000001


# 4-9000025

Peritron is a hand-held clinical Perineometer intended for assessing the strength of pelvic floor (PF) muscles and teaching pelvic floor exercises. Both vaginal and anal sensors are available. In operation, air pressure in the sensor caused by a pelvic floor contraction is transferred by a tube to the Readout Unit where it is displayed in several ways. Peritron displays the value of the contraction numerically in cm water. The value is updated once per second during the contraction. Peritron can recall the peak and average values of the contraction and also its duration. #4-9000007 #QPERA (anal) 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.


Obstetric TENS & Accesories Neurotrac Obstetric TENS he NeuroTrac Obstetric TENS is porbably the best Obstetric machine on the market it is an advanced and modern digital dual channel TENS unit featuring a dedicated Labour Pain programme. Three different treatment modes provide maximum flexibility for pain relief. Used throughout the NHS, this is an excellent machine that is reliable and easy to use. The NeuroTrac Obstetric TENS Is dedicated to treating Labour pain and is not recommended to be used for any other purpose. This unit should only be used during Labour. The NeuroTrac Tens Machine comes complete with one 9V Battery, One Packet of 100mm x 50mm skin electrodes, Two Lead Wires, operating manual and plastic carry case. TGA Approved Device # 2-7000045

Mama Obstetric TENS The NeuroTrac Obstetric TENS is porbably the best Obstetric machine on the market it is an advanced and modern digital dual channel TENS unit featuring a dedicated Labour Pain programme. Three different treatment modes provide maximum flexibility for pain relief. Used throughout the NHS, this is an excellent machine that is reliable and easy to use. The NeuroTrac Tens Machine comes complete with one 9V Battery, One Packet of 100mm x 50mm skin electrodes, Two Lead Wires, operating manual and plastic carry case. # 2-7000045

Ultrasound Gel • Conductor™ Transmission Gel • 5 Liter Container • Water-soluble, non-geasy ultrasound and electrical coupling gel. • Packaged with a 8.5 oz. (250 ml) container for easy refill.


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Electrocardiograph EDASE12E - ECG with 12.1inch Colour Screen The twelve-channel ECG SE-12 Express supports both resting ECG and Exercise ECG . Alphanumeric keyboard and one touch operation design makes it the perfect choice for you. Big brand functionality and reliability without the big price tag. Features • 12.1 inch high-resolution foldable color TFT touch-screen • Specific function keys for Exercise ECG test • Various treadmills or bicycles and Suntech tango+ exercise blood pressure monitor supported • Customized exercise protocols • ST analysis and reports • Complete digital filters, resisting baseline drift, AC and EMG interference • Ethernet and RS-232 interface for data transmission to PC • Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery • Sleep mode for saving energy and extending LCD life • Real-time waveform freezing • 120 seconds ECG waveform reviewable • Waveforms and auto-diagnosis results preview before printing • Automatic arrhythmia detection and recording • 200 ECGs in internal memory • Automatic measurement and interpretation tested with authoritative CSE database • Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis • PC-based data management and measurement software “Smart ECG Viewer” (Option) • Trolley and cable bracket (Option) # 8-1100033

EDASE1200 - ECG with 5.7 inch Mono Screen Excellent cost performance with built-in high-resolution thermal printer. You can record 12 ECG traces on A4 paper. Features: • 8.4″color touch-screen • Alphanumeric keyboard and one touch operation • Sleep mode to save energy and extend LCD life • Automatic measurement and interpretation tested with authoritative CSE database • Real-time waveform freezing • 120 seconds ECG waveform reviewable • Two-step exercise test with periodic recording • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery • 100 ECGs in internal memory # 8-1100034

HeartSine Samaritan PAD Adult Defibrillator Kit The HeartSine Samaritan PAD (1x Adult PAD-PAK) is truly an innovative AED with its compact size, ease of use for operation, outstanding technical specifications and durability. It won a prestigous Australian Internaional design award in 2005. • 1 Adult PAD-PAK electrode/battery •1 Soft carry case two parts (yellow-blue) , • USB data port, • user nstruction, • quick ref card, • poster • 2005 Guideline compliant • 7 year warranty • Adult PAD-PAK shelf life 3.5 yrs # 2-9000026

YM 1000 Multi Parameter Patient Monitor • • • • •

Progressive YM 1000 Multi-Parameter Spot Check & Continuous Monitoring Available parameters NIBP, SPO2, Pulse Rate Temperature. Battery is included. Optional Cart and Built-in Printer. Simple and Straightforward.

The MEDIANA Vital Sign Monitor features are very short learning curve. Just 15 minutes lookover the quick guide, it explains everything how operate this well-design monitor. And MEDIANA representative will provide complete service training for your convenience. Simple, push-button programming and a large digital display make argument-free when monitor is in use. # 8-1100032 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.




EDAN DUS3 Diagnostic Ultrasound The DUS 6 Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System is intended for diagnostic ultrasound imaging analysis in gynecology rooms, obstetrics rooms, examination rooms, intensive care units, and emergency rooms. The DUS 6 is intended for use by or on the order of a physician or similarly qualified health care professional for ultrasound evaluation of Fetus; Abdomen; Pediatrics; Small Organ; Neonatal Cephalic; Cardiology; Peripheral Vessel; Musculo-skeleton (both Conventional and Superficial); Urology (including prostate); Transrecta and Transvagina Features This portable device, Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System (DUS 6), is a high-resolution linear/convex scanning diagnostic apparatus. Applied technologies: Tissue Specific Imaging (TSI), Tissue Harmonic Image (THI), Digital BeamForming (DBF), Dynamic Receiving Focusing (DRF), Real-time Dynamic Aperture (RDA), Dynamic Frequency Scanning (DFS), and Dynamic Apodization.

EDADUS6C3631 - Portable Digital Ultrasound

EDADUS60 - Digital Ultrasound with PW Doppler including convex transducer

Display modes: B, B+B, 4B, B+M, and M. Measurement and calculation functions: B-mode generic measurement and calculation: Distance, ircumference, area, volume, ratio, % stenosis, and angle; M-mode generic measurement and calculation: Time, slope, and heart rate. File management: It supports local disk and removable disk storage. USB 1.1 interface enables fast image uploading to your computer in the real-time mode. It has a huge storage capacity. Operation: The folding keyboard designed with trackball is easy and convenient for various types of operation. In addition, 10” non-interlaced progressive display and diverse probes are adopted to provide a clear and stable image # 2-2000015

EDAN F9 Fetal Monitor F9 is high-end fetal & maternal monitor, it offers the most advanced integrated monitoring for the delivery room in big hospital;private obstetrician’s office;antepartum clinic. F9, designed for moving situations, covers the entire continuum of antepartum, intrapartum and postpartum applications. Features: • Basic parameters: FHR, TOCO, Event Mark, AFM • Internal parameters: IUP, DECG (optional) • 24 hours waveforms playback • Optional Built-in wireless module • Software for data transmission to PC • 150/152mm wide paper • Support US/International standard paper • 1,2,3cm/min real-time printing speeds • Quick printing for stored waveform • Lithium battery for 4 hours continuous working • 12.1- inch high-resolution color folding up LCD touch-screen • Probe rack and wall mounting rack • Handle for easy carry • Optional Fetal Stimulator • 12 - crystal pulse wave Doppler water-proof transducer for FHR detection • Signal Overlap Verification • Maternal parameters: MECG, NIBP, MSpO2 are available # 2-2000016

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OsteoPro Ultrasound Bone Densitometer OsteoPro Produces more accurate prognosis by using bone density data achieved through a variety of clinical diagnoses. # 2-110007

More Accurate • Using WHO’s diagnostic standard parameter, OsteoPro provides the reliable diagnostic results. • OsteoPro uses oil medium and it is similar to water, but oil is not affected by temperature changes. It reduces diagnostic errors and improves the reproducibility remarkably. More Economical • One of the strong points of OsteoPro is the ballon with durable material. • The ballon is permanent, so it has no risk of the ballon blowout. • Longer ballon replacement cycle, so it saves the cost of consumables. More Convenient • It’s easy to move around and can be used in limited space. • It has reduced inconvenience to correct pulse every time.

Osteoporosis Diagnosis for Adult Advanced technology to achieve the highest accuracy A convenient user friendly interface • Provides simple and easy entry of patients’ information, and supports • Korean, English and Chinese languages. • An external printer and monitor can be used together. • Up to 100,000 patients’ data can be stored automatically Result Sheet • Use standard bone density data • OsteoPro Produces more accurate prognosis by using bone density data that have been achieved through a variety of clinical diagnoses. • Reflect the WHO’s osteoporosis diagnosis standard • It adopts the osteoporosis diagnosis standard established by WHO(World Health Organization) • T-score(Young-Adult) • Z-score(Age Matched)

Sweat Control Drionic Sweat Control system Battery-operated Drionic contains absolutely no active chemicals and are therefore a purer sweat control method with no additives. Mild currents from Drionic causes a temporary plug to develop in the sweat duct. This is exactly what the chemical antiperspirants attempt to do that always fail except in the mildest sweating cases. Applications of Drionic to the Underarms, Hands and Feet will keep them comfortablydry for up to six week periods. Underarm Drionic (shown with strap) prevents embarrassment and ruined clothing. # 6-100240 for Underarm units (pair) # 6-100241 for Underarm unit (single) Foot treatment helps stop odour and sweat-caused problems and ruined shoes. Hand treatment provides sweat-free handshakes and smear-free work. #6-100242 Hand/Foot units (pair) #6-100243 for Hand/Foot unit (single) 5% off all purchases ordered and paid for on-line.

Electrotherapy/Medical Catalogue  
Electrotherapy/Medical Catalogue  

The ITO US-100 0.8 MHz is used for the deep tissue treatment and 3 MHz is used on tissue close to the surface. Sound waves heat the tissue....