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Report to the Community October 2011 Tishrei 5772 Dear Friends, As we begin 5772, I am delighted to share with you the 2010-11 Gateways: Access to Jewish Education Report to the Community. Here you will find compelling evidence of the ways your investment in Gateways programs and services transforms the lives of children with special needs who would otherwise be denied a Jewish education. The report invites you to experience first-hand why Gateways is so important to students and their classmates, parents, teachers, therapists and donors. The real-life experiences and photos gathered here tell the Gateways story better than we ever could, and we hope you too will be inspired by the strength, devotion and commitment of our children and families, our staff and supporters. We are all truly blessed that the Greater Boston Jewish community has identified Jewish education for children with special needs as a priority.

Working together, Gateways puts Jewish education within the reach of all our children and, in doing so, strengthens our community, our people and our future. We are proud to count each of you as a partner in Gateways’ sacred work, and we look forward to sharing even more successes with you in the coming year. Wishing you and yours a sweet New Year, Sincerely,

Arlene Remz, Executive Director

Alan Crane, President, Board of Directors

G at e way s : Access to Jewish Education

Gateways Fast Facts for 2010-2011 • 24 skilled Gateways therapists and specialists worked in area day schools • 65 teen volunteers were trained by Gateways and received ongoing supervision as they worked with individual students in Gateways programs • 10 area day schools received ongoing coaching and consultation from Gateways • 50 students, ages 4 – 20, participated in Gateways Jewish Education Programs • 172 students received speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, or learning specialist support in Boston area day schools

• 70 downloadable free resources were posted in the Gateways Resource Bank and can be accessed at • 27 congregation and community schools and early learning centers received personnel grants and consultation from Gateways • 5 workshops for early childhood educators and parents were offered through the Gateways Early Learning Series (GELS) • 3 Jewish communities outside Boston visited our programs and many others requested information • 8 new multi-year donors joined the Gateways family of supporters • 642 donors participated in the 2010-11 annual campaign

Report to the Community : G at e way s

We invite you to take a look inside

the Gateways services and programs you helped support in 2010-11. G ATEWAYS D AY SC HOOL PR OG R AMS “This year, we have seen advances in our son in self confidence. He is able to advocate for himself, he is not feeling as lost in class as he used to— he doesn’t feel stupid! He is really happy in school now.” —Camille Bressler, day school mother “The collaboration between the Gateways therapist and the teacher and the modification of the curriculum has really enhanced the students’ comprehension and engagement with the curriculum.” —Ann Gilmore, Learning Center Specialist at Maimonides Day School

“It is such an incredible feeling to communicate with a roomful of talented and inspired teachers who are all dedicated to educating your child and it is doubly meaningful when your child is one who could easily be misunderstood, but instead is recognized for all that he is, and can be, while at the same time, is lovingly provided with all the tools and supports that he needs to bring out his best. Thank you for today and all that you do every day.” —Elisa & Michael Deener-Agus, Kehillah Schechter Academy parents

“I want to congratulate the person who invented the special seat cushion to help students sit still. Before he had the cushion, my friend used to climb on his chair like a jungle gym and made so much noise. Now with his seat, he is able to sit and the classroom is nice and quiet.” —A classmate of a student receiving Gateways occupational therapy services

G at e way s : Access to Jewish Education

Gateways Jewish Education Programs

“Without Gateways, there would be no alef-bet, no holiday symbols, no prayers, no path to a meaningful bat mitzvah. There would just be a gaping hole in our daughter’s identity. For a child with disabilities there is a lot of brokenness and, by making Judaism accessible, Gateways brings wholeness for her … and for us.”

“We are extraordinarily grateful to all those who have worked with Josh at Gateways over the years. The program has been a real blessing to him and our entire family.”

—Frank Murphy, father of student in the Gateways Sunday program “The magic of Gateways is that it won over Hannah’s spirit - they taught her values, love, kindness, the real meaning of being a Jew—not just how to read Hebrew letters.”

“Can you imagine a mother’s and father’s enormous joy and pride when a child they never thought would have the opportunity to celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah steps forward to read from the Torah? Each of you can take deep satisfaction along with them knowing you helped make the B’nei Mitzvah program possible.”

—Amy Trombly, mother of a student in the Gateways B’nei Mitzvah and Mitzvah Mensches programs

—Rachel Chafetz, Trustee, Gateways B’nei Mitzvah tutor, and mother of a student in the Sunday program

Report to the Community : G at e way s

—Jeff Krane, father of student in Gateways Sunday and B’nei Mitzvah programs

G ate way s C ommu n it y Sp ecial Education Se rvice s

“The challenges and stress of looking out for a child with special needs inside and outside of school can be overwhelming. Our Hebrew School program makes our daughter feel comfortable both with her Jewish identity and within her Jewish community….We are truly grateful for the support our school receives from Gateways. It is responsible for creating a spiritual light in Emma that we know will continue to shine.” —Nancy and Erick Weihrauch, Congregational school parents “I love walking through the halls of the school and seeing kids and madrichim (teen aides) sitting on the floor in small groups, working and reading head to head… It is a gift to have these teens in our school and I am grateful for the consultation and training provided by Gateways along with the support of our synagogue community for enabling us to continue this program.”

“Gateways intervention is paramount to future success of children with special needs.” —Vicky Benedek, Director of the Jewish Preschool of Lexington

—Ilene Beckman, Director, Rabbi Albert I. Gordon Religious School, Temple Emanuel Newton

G at e way s : Access to Jewish Education

G at e way s P rofession al Developme nt Programs

Gateways professional development is the touchstone for all of Gateways programs. Sharing best practices, providing peer reviews, integrating new modalities and consistent assessment and evaluation contribute to the high standard Gateways has established for training and coaching educators who work in day schools, self-contained Jewish education programs, congregational and community supplementary schools and Jewish early learning centers.

“You have worked with truly challenging students this year and have repeatedly demonstrated your dedication. The child was always your priority and you have made an incredible difference. The entire JCDS community is truly fortunate, and I am in awe of your amazing work and partnership.”  —Roxanne Pappenheimer, Coordinator of Support Services at JCDS: Boston’s Jewish Community Day School. “Following center-wide faculty professional development and consultation provided by Gateways along with direct in-classroom coaching, allowed our teachers to take the next steps in their professional practice…by opening our eyes to new possibilities and new ways of thinking is critical to being able to include all children in our classes.” —Jewish Early Learning Center Director on the observation and reflection cycle her teaching teams engage in throughout the year.

“By opening our eyes to new possibilities and new ways of thinking, Gateways is critical to being able to include all children in our classes.” —Ellen Dietrick, Director of Temple Beth Shalom Children’s Center, Needham.

Report to the Community : G at e way s


In addition to creating and providing educational resources for students and their families, Gateways continues to engage in the development of community resources – volunteers and funds – to ensure that Gateways is sustainable in both the areas of finance and lay leadership. Annual fundraising reached a new high this year, in large part due to the existing 26 multi-year gifts that continue to provide the foundation of Gateways’ annual campaign. This past year, another eight new multi-year gifts were added to this total to help ensure a seamless pipeline of support for our programs and services. Based on Gateways’ strategic plan, volunteers were recruited to serve on the board and committees to share their specific expertise in finance, marketing, communications, professional development, and advocacy. Our lay leadership and volunteers’ commitment to the Gateways’ vision and mission positions our agency for the growth we are experiencing as we serve increasing numbers of students in more and diverse educational settings throughout the community.

“I truly feel valued as a committee member working on our annual event.” —Gateways Jewish Education Program mother and Sweet Sounds Event Committee member “Thanks for giving me responsibility for a project that speaks to my strengths as a volunteer.” —Gateways Development Committee member “The best part of my Gateways volunteer work is seeing the sense of accomplishment the children feel when they’ve mastered a Torah blessing.” —Gateways B’nei Mitzvah volunteer tutor

G at e way s : Access to Jewish Education

Gateways: Access to Jewish Education is grateful to our philanthropic partners for their 2010-11 commitment to our mission and vision. F O UN D ER S $50,000 - $100,000+ Anonymous (3) Robyn Belek and Lawrence Gottesdiener Wendy and John Pereira Ruderman Family Foundation

B EN EF A CT ORS $20,000 - $49,999 Anonymous

Amy and Natan Parsons Dena and Michael Rashes Barbara and Frank Resnek Nancy and Edward Roberts

Phyllis Hammer Robert Korff

Joan and Steven Rosenthal

Jonathan L. Levitt and Marni Smilow Levitt

Liz and Todd Ruderman

Rabbi Suzanne and Andrew Offit

Shira and Jay Ruderman

Cynthia and Bill Marcus

Sharon and Rony Shapiro

Jill and Mitchell Roberts

Charles Walsh III

Gilda and Alfred Slifka

Cindy Kaplan and Marc Weisskopf

Sharon and Jerome Smith

Rae Alberts Trust Roberta and Irwin Chafetz

Stephanie Gertz and Cantor Steven Weiss

Christina and Philip Pastan

KE EPE RS OF TH E G ATE S $1,800 - $4,999

Yasmin and Oren Lukatz


The Slingshot Fund

Yrina and Mark Barrocas

Fiona Mudge Weissman and Evan Weissman Marla and Jeffrey Wolk

Beverly and Donald Bavly

PATRONS $1,000 - $1,799

M EN T O R S $5,000 - $19,999

Arlene Bernstein

Lorraine and Mendy Balkin

Emilia Black


Joyce and Michael Bohnen

Nancy Kaplan Belsky and Mark Belsky

Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson

Joan and Bob Bramson

Ruth Nemzoff Berman and Harris Berman

Carol Singer and Daniel Bricklin

Amy and Howard Chafetz Rachel and Larry Chafetz Leslie and Alan Crane Joan z’l and Theodore Cutler

Louise and David Citron Ruth Coakley Lisa Popik Coll and Arieh Coll Dorit Harverd and Richard Dale Arthur J. Epstein

Jennifer and Erik Bittner Rosalind Goren and Matthew Budd Sara and Robert Dickman Madelyn and Bruce Donoff Rachel and David Fine Renee and Steven Finn Temple Israel of Boston

Rena Gray Fein and Robert Fein

Karen Kames and Christopher Gaffney

Lisa Rosenbaum and Ronald Fisher

Michelle and Marc Gary

Goldman Family Fund

Helen Tager-Flusberg and Martin Flusberg

Rhonda Glyman

Judith and Douglas Krupp

Cheri Fox

DeNoble Family Foundation Catharyn and Michael Gildesgame Diane and Mark Goldman

Lizbeth and George Krupp

Report to the Community : G at e way s

Barry Goldman David and Michael Goldman

Marion and Lawrence Green

Michelle Alkon and Mark Finkelstein

Michael Strauss

Eloise and Elliot Kaplan

Charlotte Florence

Yehudit and Herman Swartz

Jill and Stephen Karp

Helen and Martin Flusberg

Lisa and Neil Wallack

Shannon Floyd and Daniel Leibholz

Scott Frank

Rose Weinstock

Sue Rodgin and Warren Manning

Valerie and Mark Friedman

Laura and Bernard Zigman

Grace and Scott Offen

Laurie and Paul Gershkowitz

Yadira and Todd Patkin

Helen and Alfred Girard

Arlene and Sanford Remz

Debi and Ken Golden

SUPPORTE RS $250 - $499

Melvin F. and Adele S. Roman Foundation

Julie and Anthony Goschalk

Elisa Deener-Agus and Michael Agus

Diane Troderman and Harold Grinspoon

Rebecca Drill and Peter Alpert

Dundi and Lyon Sachs Ami and Steven Samuels

Roslyn Gill Weiner and Morton Heafitz

Eileen Hagerty and Rabbi Thomas Alpert

Susan and William Schweber

Sari Korman and John Hunt

Debbie and Shaul Berechman

Debbie and Neal Shalom

Barbara and Leo Karas

Mandy and Seth Berman

Erica and Jerry Silverman

Amelia and Joshua Katzen

Maxwell V. Blum Foundation

Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Boston, Middle Division Student Council

Susan and David Kraemer

Harvey N. Bock

Thomas Leavitt

Laura and Bart Brass

Marcia and Alan Leifer

David and Melissa Braverman Goldstein

Naomi and Jeffrey Stonberg David M. Stone

Lisa and Ethan Lerner

Arnee R. and Walter A. Winshall

Shelley Levine

Sarah Riedner Brown and Stephen Brown

Marilyn and Lawrence Liederman

Susan Podziba and Scott Cassel

Roberta and Ronald Loberfield

Amy and Michael Chartock

Newton Center Tuesday Morning Minyan

Judith and Jonathan Chiel

Deanna and Sidney Wolk

LEAD ER S $500 - $999 Jean and Sol Berg Julia and Paul Bleicher Sally Bock Antoinette and Shawn Bryan Ellen and Richard Calmas H. T. Cobey Amy Abramowitz and Ethan Corey Andrea and Herbert Daroff Debbie and Hershel Ellenbogen Joni and Rodney Falk Ruth and Gene Fax Michelle and Andrew Feinberg

Bonnie Orlin Nina and Jeremy Price Leona z’l and Jordan Rosenkrantz Karen and Ezra Shammay Lisa and Roy Schreiber Nancy and Ron Shaich MaryAnn McDonough and Lester Shoap

Kathleen and Scott Cohen Sharon and Chuck Diamond Suzanne and David Diamond Maggie Cooper and Jim Drazen Terri and Solomon Eisenberg Judy and Joshua Elkin Rachel Goldstein and James Elkind Dena and Gary Elovitz

Danya Handelsman and Jed Shugerman

Trudy and Lester Fagen

Gloria and Sanford Spitzer Foundation

Cheryl and Sruli Feuerstein

Sharon Stein (The Allen A. Stein Family Foundation)

Zelda and Elkan Gamzu

Marcia and Alan Feld Phyllis and Stephen Fish

G at e way s : Access to Jewish Education

Eric Giesser

Lori Barnet and Jeffrey Savit

Amy Weinstock and Michael Coln

Carrie Fuchs and Gary Girzon

Linda and Richard Schaye

Congregation Beth Israel, Malden

Rachel and Allan Goldstein

Audrey and Harvey Scher

Myrna and Cantor Steven Dress

Laurie Lefkowitz and Rabbi Leonard Gordon

Nathaniel Schreibman

Ilana and Yizaq Edry

Naomi and Sidney Schulman

Deborah and Marc Fogel

Rebecca and Steven Schwartz

Sara and Russ Forman

Miriam Sheftel and Family

Vicki and David Gale

Carl and Toby Sloane

Cheryl and Robert Gerson

Susan and James Snider

Risa and Zev Gewurz

Margie and Jerry Somers

Barbara Neufeld and Edward Goldberg

Janet and Mark Gottesman Rosalind and Mervin Gray Joan Blum and Daniel Hassenfeld Esther and Elliot Israel Susan and Frederic Jacobs Ronda and Joshua Jacobson Elizabeth and Daniel Jick Constance and William Cantor Harriet and Ralph Kaplan Trudy and Bruce Karger Heidi and Isaac Kohane Eileen and Jerry Kramer Margaret Albright and Robert Krauss Sybil and Steve Levisohn Nancy and Ralph Lieberman Miriam May and Shaye J. D. Cohen Jeffrey Marcus

Rabbi Keith Stern Judith Sydney Dorothy and Richard Tatelman Temple Shalom of Newton

Sharon and David Goldstein Marla Choslovsky and Elsa Sachs

Suzanne and Herbert Tobin

Jennifer Wolfsberg and Richard Greene

Beverly and Benjamin Weiner

Ruthanne and Ken Grundfast

Susan and Larry Weiner

Rachel Herschenfeld

Elizabeth Wilson

Dahlia Rudavsky and Robert Jampol

Judith and Albert Zabin

Robert and Diane Jaye

Robert Zimring

Irene Jortner Harriet and Bob Kahn

Beth and Michael Moskowitz

FRIENDS $180 - $249

Dorie Alexander Mufson and Michael Mufson

Lynn and Sandy Auerbach

Rabbi Carl Perkins

Shelly Bazes-Bard and Rabbi Dov Bard

Roni and Robert Pick

Lynn and Stephen Baum

Daniela and Michael Rader

Phyllis Berman

Anita and Sidney Redner

Regina and George Berman

Mary and Lee Rivollier

Cindy and Mark Blotner

Shuli and Avi Rockoff

Nancy and Gary Brandeis

Joanne and Adam Rose

Paul Bresler

Susan and Steven Rosenzweig

Barbara Lapidus Brown

Congregation Shaarei Tefillah

Betty Brudnick

Ruth Langer and Jonathan Sarna

Jane and David Cohen

Report to the Community : G at e way s

Beth and Rafi Goldstein

Leslie and Alan Kaplan Jodi Hoffman and Amir Karger Shira Horowitz and Maurice Karpman Amy and Nathan Katz Shari and David Katz Jennifer and Matthew King Ellen and Ernest Kornmehl Rachel and Bryan Koplow Devorah and Joshua Kosowsky Elka Sachs and Seth Kosowsky Doreen and Andrew Kriegel Gila and Bruce Kriegel

Michael Levitt

Nancy and Sidney Lejfer

Iris and Chen Schor

Judith and Mayer Levitt

Shiri and Ilan Segev

Reina and Charles Lightdale

Harriet and Stuart Sherman

Myrna and Robert Lipsky

Marcia and Daniel Shimshak

Carol Lobron

Harriet and Clement Shugerman

Naomi and Carl Lopkin

Jennifer Skolnick

Vicky and Lionel Lyon

Marsha and Mark Slotnick

Lisa and Bruce Micley

Paula and Eliot Sommer

Yael and Stuart Miller

Ricki and Neville Sonnenberg

Shira and Josh Musher

Jan Glassman and Joel Sowalsky

Judith Neiterman

Marcia and Roger Spellman

Joanne and Eliahu Niewood

Sherry Grossman and Allen Spivack

Linda and Bill Novak

Sara Abromovitz and Lawrence Sternberg

Alice and Alan Oliff Naomi and Keith Osher Samuel Perlman Leslie and Ken Pucker Zori and Inbal Rabinovitz Judy and Jeff Remz Diane and Martin Richler Sarine and Steven Rodman Cantor Elias Rosemberg Judith and Ira Rosenberg Judi Roth Valerie and Paul Sassieni

Martha Simmons and Martin Terzian

The Gateways Board of Trustees 2010-2011 Alan Crane President* Rachel Chafetz Vice President, Development* Robert Fein Vice President, Finance* Louise Citron Vice President, Governance* Jerome Smith Vice President, Strategic Planning* Hershel Ellenbogen Treasurer* Arlene Bernstein Clerk*

Helene and Joe Tischler Susan W. Tofias

Michelle Alkon

Tami and Samuel Wald

Erik Bittner

Judy and Marc Weinberg

Joyce Bohnen

Laurie Alpert and Barry Weiss

Christy DeRoche

Phyllis and Richard Wilker

Sara Dickman

Joyce Zakim

Madelyn Donoff

Lorel and Arnold Zar-Kessler

Laurie Gershkowitz

Shoshana and Harold Zazula Janet Zimmern Sarah Clark and Micah Zimring Judy and Paul Zorfass

Stephanie Gertz Catharyn Gildesgame Rhonda Glyman Danya Handelsman Marni Smilow Levitt Miriam May

Gateways is grateful to Combined Jewish Philanthropies for it’s continuing commitment and support.

Susan Rosenzweig Sharon Shapiro Naomi Stonberg

*Executive Committee Member

G at e way s : Access to Jewish Education

Gateways Report to the Community  

Annual Newslettter to the Gateway community

Gateways Report to the Community  

Annual Newslettter to the Gateway community