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Accessorizing Your Living Room When you make the choice to renovate your living room with new furniture and accents, you aren't just looking to put a furniture throw over the couch. You are looking to create a whole new atmosphere in your living room. As such, you need to plan carefully and consider the small details so that you can create a masterpiece you will be proud to have worked on. Your couch is your centerpiece, so it has to be absolutely stunning in a style that is going to fit in with the theme you have chosen. Butler living room furniture offers a wide variety of furniture for you to get started with, so start with your couch and then combine items to create the look you want. Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone either. You may be used to coffee tables, but you may want to take a look at the Butler furniture collection and choose something like a cocktail table instead. If you plan to have other chairs in the room, make sure they coordinate with the couch, but don't necessarily have the same material as the couch. For instance if you choose a leather couch from the Butler furniture collection, you might want a soft material for your chair. Naturally you need to have accent tables. Consider a sofa table for behind the sofa. This table can hold a vase of flowers and one or two small decorative items, but can often be the thing that ties a room together. Place an accent table in the corner with a lamp for soft lighting so you can enjoy relaxing evenings in your living room. You should also have a chair side table available to place next to your chair for guests who might sit there. When it comes to color, don't be afraid to choose bright colors. You don't have to overwhelm the room with them, but you can choose a throw pillow from the Butler collection that has a splash of color in it. This splash of color brightens up the room, but does not overwhelm it or make it feel cluttered, provided you don't go overboard with the rest of the room. Consider some unique pieces from Butler living room furniture, such as a bookcase that is more than just something to hold your books. The Butler furniture collection includes sturdy bookcases that are crafted so well that they could be the centerpiece for a room. You might keep your favorite book collection on these bookcases and complete the ensemble with a small lamp that has a shade with a bit of color. If you want to create an old world feel, you might place an antique book and wire rimmed glasses on top of the bookshelf. Don't forget to include a high quality TV stand that provides as much in the way of decoration as it does functionality. Small items like an umbrella stand or ottoman can also add personality and comfort to a living room while still maintaining the feel of quality and classic grace.

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Accessorizing Your Living Room | Accessorizing your living room can be extremely exciting if done with style and class. With B...

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