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Opportunities and Hope for Brighter Healthier Futures 2017 Annual Report

Dear Friends: 2017 marked Access Esperanza Clinics Inc.’s 53rd year of providing preventive healthcare services in Hidalgo County. The Rev. Bruce Galloway founded our agency in 1964 to help people break the cycle of poverty and improve the qualify of life in our community. Our patients continue to rely on our clinics for family planning, health screenings, and disease management. For most, Access Esperanza Clinics is their only healthcare provider. After several years of budget struggles, 2017 was a time of tremendous growth for our agency, both in patient numbers and infrastructure. New state health grants helped our clinics serve 14,595 patients in 2017, a 10 percent increase over the previous year. Our innovative education programs taught over 14,000 women, men, and teens about the benefits of family planning and how to practice healthy life habits.

electronic health records system designed for continued quality improvement and patient communication in addition to complying with legal and grant requirements. New interactive tools on our website and a new online marketing campaign made it easier for people to learn about our clinics and get the healthcare they needed. We were fortunate to end our year in strong financial standing. This ensures our sustained growth and our ability to serve the people who need us most. Our many successes in 2017 were truly a team effort of our staff, volunteers, supporters, and our funders. We appreciate their dedication as we continue our work toward The Rev. Galloway’s vision of a high quality of life for all our people.

To maintain a high standard of care, we added 13 new staff positions, mostly for our Debra Goetz clinics and in direct support Chair services. We also began Board of Directors developing a new

Patricio Gonzales CEO

2017 Access Esperanza Clinics Board of Directors Debra Goetz, Chair Daniela Dwyer, Vice Chair

Bill Ruppert, Treasurer Megan Burk, Secretary

Directors Jeanette Broshears Beth Brown JoAnne Garcia Rey Jaquez Michelle Herrera

Mari Regalado Shawn Seale Lupe Silva Rosalie Weisfeld

Senior Staff Patricio Gonzales, MSSW-LMSW, CEO Melinda Cruz, Clinic Operations Director Norma Garza, Chief Financial Officer Norma Guerrero, Quality and Risk Management Coordinator Kathryn Hearn, Community Services Director Martha Leos, Education Supervisor

We lost a great friend in Melba Chapa during 2017. Melba was with our agency almost 50 years, first as a volunteer, then in many instrumental roles as our agency grew. In 1989, she helped establish our promotora program, the first peer-to-peer family planning program in Texas. In 2016, Melba received our first staff Legacy Award for her many years of dedicated service.

Lidia: “Through the clinic, I learned about the different forms of birth control and found the best solution for us. We were able to plan the rest of our family with the help of Access Clinics.

Clinical Impact 14,595 Patients* 18,696 Patient Visits In 2017, our Access Esperanza Clinics served an additional 1,509 patients over 2016, an increase of 10 percent.

11,629 34,762 14,386 9,979

people received birth control information, services, and supplies. STI Tests were conducted for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. women received clinical breast exams and/or Pap tests (checking for cervical cancer). people received a physical exam.

Clinic Services      

Reproductive physical exam Screenings for breast, cervical and testicular cancers Birth control methods– pill, patch, NuvaRing, shot, Nexplanon, IUDs, Essure permanent birth control, Plan B, condoms STD Testing– Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, hepatitis C, HPV, HIV (rapid and confirmatory tests) Vaccines for HPV, hepatitis A&B Diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension testing and basic management

Medical Volunteers Dr. Fernando Otero, an Ob-Gyn in private practice, served as the agency’s Medical Director. McAllen surgeon Dr. Fredricka Borland assessed patients with suspicious breast masses. The combined value of their volunteer work in 2017 was $250,00. Electronic Health Records (EHR) The agency updated its health records management. Staff completed initial training at the end of 2017 to begin the new system in 2018.

Building our Brand This past year, we worked to build our name recognition and clinic awareness to ensure those needing our services knew where to access them. We promoted on Google and through our pages on Facebook and other social media. We also ran paid ads on Spanish radio and launched our new website in Spanish. Staff developed new website interactive tools to help people access services. One allows new and returning patients to request appointments online. The other is a sophisticated tool that determines people’s eligibility for any of our agency’s available funding programs.


Interactive tools on our English site at and in Spanish Find us on Facebook at Access Esperanza Clinics and on Instagram and Twitter and at

Our Patients

Our patients come to our clinics not just for a pill, patch, or ring but to use family planning to improve the quality of their lives and those of their families. Some are college or technical students looking to the future to build a career. Others, who are uninsured, just need a hand up to get regular check ups and family planning care. Our typical patient in 2017 was a Latina, and 34% were in their 20s. About 10% of patients were male. Some 97% of patients had low incomes, and almost 80% lived at or below the federal poverty level ($23,480 for a family of 3). The majority of our patients– 82%were uninsured and relied on Access Esperanza Clinics as their sole healthcare provider. Josefa: “Being healthy is important to me, and if I don’t take responsibility for my health and take care of myself, no one else will. This is the only clinic I go to for cancer screenings and family planning.”

Community Education One of the oldest peer-to peer education programs in the U.S., the Entre Nosotros (Between Us) Promotora Project has promoted healthy family planning practices for Hidalgo County residents since 1989. Important and trusted resources, promotoras and other agency community education staff cooperate with health and social service agencies, along with schools, religious groups, and the media to link people to needed health services.

In 2017, promotoras worked with local Spanish-language and religious media to get out the word about new funding programs that support services at agency clinics with low or no-cost fees to patients.

In the past year, promotoras reached over 14,000 women, men, and teens to teach responsible choices and health life habits. They attended over 200 community events and gave over 200 health presentations at social service agencies and in schools.

Members of the Access for Sex Ed student organization volunteered to reach over 1,000 of their peers at the UTRGV campus in 2017.

Andrea: “My husband and I are really impressed by Access. We like that Access takes our opinions into account. We learn from you. You learn from us.�

2017 Revenue Government Grants | 82% In-Kind Donations | 6% Patient Fees | 5% Private Foundations | 4% Fundraising | 2% Investment Income | 1%

2017 Expenses Clinic Services | 80% Community Education | 11% Administration | 7% Fundraising | 2%

Grant Funding Thank you to the following groups for supporting our mission and our work in this community: Argosy Foundation City of McAllen Community Development Block Grant The Clayton Fund The Brown Foundation Peierls Foundation Texas Health and Human Services Commission Texas Department of State Health Services Women’s Health and Family Planning Association of Texas Zonta Club of West Hidalgo County For every $1 invested in public family planning programs like those at Access Esperanza Clinics, taxpayers save $7 in Medicaid prenatal and other pregnancy delivery costs. -Guttmacher Institute

Our Mission Is to provide education, advocacy, and affordable high-quality health care to ensure all individuals in our community can access sexual and reproductive healthcare services.

Access Esperanza Clinics Inc. is the largest and oldest family planning agency along the south Texas border and expect to provide preventive healthcare to serve at least 15,000 people in 2018.

We operate as an independent 501c(3) non-profit organization and are not affiliated with any other group.

Health Clinics Rev. Mary English Center 916 E. Hackberry Ave., McAllen

Rev. Galloway Center 1201 N. Conway, Mission

Edinburg 302 S. 18th St. (956) 688-3700

2017 Annual Report  

Access Esperanza Clinics' many successes in 2017 were truly a team effort of our staff, volunteers, supporters, and our funders. We apprecia...

2017 Annual Report  

Access Esperanza Clinics' many successes in 2017 were truly a team effort of our staff, volunteers, supporters, and our funders. We apprecia...