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Volunteer of the month


Congratulations to

Cornelia Manta Cornelia has been working at Helpdesk, Office Administration Department and recently also joined the FAQ team. Cornelia is a kind and gentle individual, always ready to help with things - big or small. She is reliable and trustworthy, and she is always willing to take on new challenges and to learn new things. We enjoy her presence and her laughter in the office and also appreciate her kindness and helpfulness. Cornelia represents what ACCESS is all about - friendship which is built on professionalism and respect.

Thank you, congratulations and well done!       2    ⎜  ACCESS  for  &  by  volunteers    ⎜  March  2012  

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News from the departments

THD  –  HELP  DESK   Job  Hunting  in  the  Netherlands  workshop  by  Teresa  Moynihan   On   30th   January   2012,   Teresa   Moynihan,   one   of   our   ACCESS   trainers   and   a   HR   professional   and   certified  Career  Coach  with  over  20  years  experience  in  The  Netherlands,  gave  a  special  workshop  'Job   Hunting   in   the   Netherlands'   exclusively   to   ACCESS   volunteers.   It   was   a   great   success,   17   volunteers   took  part.  Teresa  not  only  gave  advices  on  topics  like  'Where  to  Find  the  Jobs',  'Where  to  Get  Started',   but  also  on  tips  about  how  to  improve  CV,  how  to  write  the  cover  letter,  how  to  improve  interview   skills,   how   to   handle   rejection.   There   were   also   interactive   practices   among   the   volunteers,   which   produced  some  lively  discussions  and  exchange  of  ideas.  Everyone  left  the  workshop  with  a  long  list  of   Employment   Agencies,   Job   related   websites   etc,   but   also   much   better   equipped   with   the   necessary   knowledge  and  skills  to  go  out  and  start  the  challenge  of  looking  for  some  employment  in  a  fiercely   competitive  job  market  at  present.  In  fact,  the  workshop  proved  such  a  success,  that  an  hour  after  the   workshop  finished,  many  of  the  volunteers  were  still  in  the  conference  room  chatting  with  Teresa.     Guest  speakers  at  the  THD  meeting  of  7th  February  2012:   Mary  Jane  Roy,  '  Creating  Waves'   Mary  Jane  Roy  is  a  new  ACCESS  trainer  and  provided  a  very  interesting  presentation  on  the  courses   she  offers  for  stress  management.    She  considers  her  role  to  be  a  facilitator,  teaching  people  how  to   control   their   emotions   and   practicing   techniques   that   help   with   relaxation.     The   courses   can   be   delivered   either   on   a   one-­‐to-­‐one   basis,   which   generally   involves   approx.   six   appointments   at   1-­‐1.5   hours   per   session.     The   group   sessions   tend   to   run   for   around   10.5   hours   over   2   appointments.   There   is  also  an  opportunity  for  individuals  to  tailor  the  programme  to  their  needs;  for  example,  a  simple   introduction  can  be  given  rather  than  a  person  having  to  commit  to  an  entire  programme.    Enquiries   from   clients   should   be   directed   to   and   further   information   can   be   obtained   from  where  a  form  can  be  compiled  online.     Mark  Drenth,  Social  Media   Mark   Drenth   is   another   new   ACCESS   trainer,   who   spoke   about   the   computing   and   social   media   courses   that   he   offers.     Mark   is   an   experienced   computer   trainer   and   management   consultant,   perceiving  himself  as  a  person  that  can  bridge  the  gap  between  computer  terminology  and  effective   computer   use   by   people.     The   courses   he   delivers   provide   the   concepts   of   an   ICT   model   in   this   workshop  where   individuals   are   trained   to   resolve   computer   issues   or   create   better   content.   Courses   include:     Working   with   MS   Windows   •   MAC   for   Mums   •   Kids   Computer   Club   •   Working   with   MS   Office   •   Advanced  Computer  Use  •  Relaxed  Computing  •  Benefits  of  Local  Media  •  Online  Savy  •  Why  Do  We   Need  Twitter  •  Photo  Fun  •  Smart  Phones  and  the  Future  •  Digital  Media  •  Kids  and  Computers     Further  information  can  be  found  on    There  is  also  the  facility  to  complete  an   online  form  regarding  any  course  that  is  of  interest.         4    ⎜  ACCESS  for  &  by  volunteers    ⎜  March  2012  

Message Board


I am  moving  to  Singapore  in  April,  and  have  this  car  for  sale:     Nissan  Primera  P12  Hatchback   Petrol,  5  gears  manual,  90kW,  1769  ccm3     2003,   165,000   km,   5   doors,   6   airbags,   ABS,   ESP,   pwr   steering,   air-­‐condition,   electric   windows   and   side   mirrors,   parking   camera   rear   (color),   CD,   hands-­‐free   and  navigation  setup,  reserve  full  size  wheel  &  tools  ,   inclusive     set   of   winter   tires   and   snow   chains,   full   service  history.   4500  Euro  or  near  offer   Contact:    Eva  +31  681  966  004     /Eva  Mala  


  HELP  ME  KICK  START  MY  COACHING  PRACTICE  BY  BEING  A  CLIENT       Hi  ACCESS  Colleagues,       The   past   two   years   have   been   a   roller   coaster   ride.     We   moved   back   to   Holland,  moved  house  twice  and  then  we  spent  a  year  renovating.   The  dust  has  finally  settled,  the  coaching  room  is  ready  and  I  am  eager  to   kick  start  my  coaching  practice  again.  I  have  just  offered  my  former  clients  a   special   deal   and   it   suddenly   occurred   to   me   that   perhaps   some   of   my   ACCESS   colleagues   would   like   to   take   advantage   of   such   an   offer.   I   am   offering  4  sessions  of  coaching  for  20  euros  per  session.     If  any  of  you  are   interested   then   please   drop   me   a   line.   I   will   have   to   limit   the   numbers   to   the  first  5  who  get  in  touch.  Furthermore,  I  live  in  Haarlem  but  this  isn’t  a   problem  as  you  can  come  to  me  or  we  can  meet  on  Skype  or  by  telephone.       To  book  your  sessions  email  or  even  better  give  me  a  call  06  5127669     /Jacinta  Noonan  

5  ⎜  ACCESS  for  &  by  volunteers    ⎜  March  2012  

Message Board

WALCHOW  DESIGN  –  CREATIVE  ACCESS  VOLUNTEER     During   my   free   time,   I   love   to   design   cards   and   bags.     If   you   are   looking   for   something   special   for   yourself  or  a  loved-­‐one,  this  is  the  correct  address  for  you.       Handmade  bags  and  cards  are  tailored  according  to  your  requirements.    Although  the  word  “tailor”   might  sound  expensive,  don’t  worry  this  will  not  burn  your  pocket!  You  will  be  able  to  find  cards  for   occasions  such  as  birthday’s,  invitations,  New  Home,  Graduation,  Halloween  and  gift  bags/  boxes,  gift   cards  etc.       If  you  would  like  to  see  more  of  my  work,  please  visit  my  blog  at   or  if  you  have  any  questions,  you  could  drop  me  an  email  at       Here  are  some  of  my  papercrafts  works:                  Mini  paper  gift  handbag  

                 Halloween  Gift  Milk  Box                                  Interactive  Any  Occasion  card  

           Any  Occasion  cards  


And here  are  some  bags  which  I  designed  myself:  


  6    ⎜  ACCESS  for  &  by  volunteers    ⎜  March  2012  


Message Board

    On the occasion of International Women’s Day Consul General Julie A. Ruterbories cordially invites you to a round table discussion on

Women’s Rights: Addressing Gender Based Violence

Thursday, March 8, 2012. 11:30 – 2:00 p.m.

U.S. Consulate General Museumplein 19 1071 DJ Amsterdam

A light lunch will be served

The favor of a reply is requested via email by March 2, 2012:

We hope you can join us!

7  ⎜  ACCESS  for  &  by  volunteers    ⎜  March  2012  

Trainers’ Toast

FIRESIDE CHATS  –  FREE  FOR  ACCESS  VOLUNTEERS  IN  2012     FIRESIDE  CHATS  DAYTIME   €  10  per  person     Weekly   Discussion   Group:   Each   meeting   will   cover   a   new   topic   on   diversity   ranging   from   racial  identity,   ethnic   identity,   racism,   gender,   orientation,   accessibility,   to   power   issues   and   much   more.  Daytime  discussion  groups  are  done  on  Thursdays  at  Bagels  and  Beans,  but  also  can  be  done  on   demand  at  alternate  locations.     • Apr  5,  2012,  11  AM  -­‐  12  Noon   Topic  –  Can  you  see  me  Looking  beyond  labels   • Apr  12,  2012,  11  AM  -­‐  12  Noon   Topic  –  In  or  Out?  Discussing  attitudes  towards  sexual  orientation   • Apr  19,  2012,  11  AM  -­‐  12  Noon   Topic  –  Difference:  Learning  to  appreciate  one’s  own  cultural  background   • Apr  26,  2012,  11  AM  -­‐  12  Noon   Topic  –  Humanity:  Raising  awareness  how  labelling  reduces  people  to  one  aspect  of  their  identity   • May  3,  2012,  11  AM  -­‐  12  Noon   Topic  –  Similarities:  Learning  to  focus  on  similarities  rather  than  differences   • May  10,  2012,  11  AM  -­‐  12  Noon   Topic  –  Definitions:  Learning  the  terms  of  diversity   • May  17,  2012,  11  AM  -­‐  12  Noon   Topic  –  First  Impressions:  How  objective  are  you?     FIRESIDE  CHATS  EVENING   €  10  per  person     Weekly   Discussion   Group:   Each   meeting   will   cover   a   new   topic   on   diversity   ranging   from   racial  identity,   ethnic   identity,   racism,   gender,   orientation,   accessibility,   to   power   issues   and   much   more.  Evening  discussion  groups  are  done  on  Thursdays  at  Valkenboskade  131,  but  also  can  be  done   on  demand  at  alternate  locations.     • Mar  1,  2012,  7  -­‐  8  PM   Topic  –  Order  –  How  is  the  world  ordered?   • Mar  8,  2012,  7  -­‐  8  PM   Topic  -­‐  Challenge  the  “ism”   • Mar  15,  2012,  7  -­‐  8  PM   Topic  –  Take  a  look  at  this  –  Challenging  discrimination  based  on  appearance   • Mar  22,  2012,  7  -­‐  8  PM   Topic  –  What  is  Normal?:  Learn  to  question  the  ‘norm’   • Mar  29,  2012,  7  -­‐  8  PM   Topic  –  How  old  are  you?  Confronting  age  bias  in  daily  life  

8  ⎜  ACCESS  for  &  by  volunteers    ⎜  March  2012  

Trainers’ Toast


• • • • • • •

Apr 5,  2012,  7  -­‐  8  PM   Topic  –  Can  you  see  me  Looking  beyond  labels   Apr  12,  2012,  7  -­‐  8  PM   Topic  –  In  or  Out?  Discussing  attitudes  towards  sexual  orientation   Apr  19,  2012,  7  -­‐  8  PM   Topic  –  Difference:  Learning  to  appreciate  one’s  own  cultural  background   Apr  26,  2012,  7  -­‐  8  PM   Topic  –  Humanity:  Raising  awareness  how  labelling  reduces  people  to  one  aspect  of  their  identity   May  3,  2012,  7  -­‐  8  PM   Topic  –  Similarities:  Learning  to  focus  on  similarities  rather  than  differences   May  10,  2012,  7  -­‐  8  PM   Topic  –  Definitions:  Learning  the  terms  of  diversity   May  17,  2012,  7  -­‐  8  PM   Topic  –  First  Impressions:  How  objective  are  you?  

FIRESIDE  WORKSHOPS   €  35  per  person     Workshop:   Each   meeting   will   focus   on   diversity   issues   that   specifically   affect   expats   and   internationals.   These   sessions   are   created   to   help   groups.   Whether   the   group   is   composed   of   members   of   a   board   room   or   sports   club,   everyone   benefits   from   learning   ways   of   dealing   with   homesickness,  stereotyping,  difference,  etc.  Workshops  are  done  on  demand  and  can  be  held  at  the   ACCESS  office  or  at  alternate  locations.   • Topic  -­‐  Homesickness  -­‐  How  to  keep  your  identity  when  your  home  keeps  changing   • Topic  -­‐  Packing  your  bags  -­‐  Preparing  for  your  trip  home  -­‐  (Reverse)  culture  shock.   • Topic   -­‐   Globalisation   is   knocking,   are   you   going   to   answer?   -­‐   Workshop   that   focuses   on   helping   people  become  comfortable  with  talking  about  diversity  issues.       FIRESIDE  SEMINARS   €  280  per  person     Seminars:  A  deep  exploration  of  the  pervasive  influence  diversity  has  on  one’s  own  identity.  Seminars   can  be  done  on  demand  and  at  alternate  locations.  Each  seminar  will  focus  on  a  particular  piece  of   research/   literature   in   the   diversity   field.  Seminars   are   done   on   demand   and   can   be   held   at   the   ACCESS  office  or  at  alternate  locations.       • This   seminar   explores   the   work:   Understanding   Race,   Ethnicity,   &   Power.   By   Elaine   Pinderhughes.   Students  are  expected  to  order  and  purchase  this  item  themselves.  Delivery  can  take  time  so  best   to  order  this  item  at  least  two  to  three  weeks  in  advance  of  the  seminar.       /Christine  -­‐  

9    ⎜  ACCESS  for  &  by  volunteers    ⎜  March  2012  

Trainers’ Toast

ART AND  ETIQUETTE  FOR  CHILDREN  (GROUP  7  -­‐  8,  AGE  10  -­‐  12)   Course  type   Date/time   Location  

Cost Trainer  name   Trainer  details   Registration   Description  

This program  provides  a  comprehensive  coverage  of  aspects  of  decorum  such  as  art   and  etiquette   For  six  weeks     This  program  will  be  continued  throughout  2012,  pls  call  for  dates   Christus  Triomfator  Church   Juliana  van  Stolberglaan  154   The  Hague   E  250  (inclusive  material,  student  will  take  home  own  canvas)   Marjolein  van  der  Sluis  (English  speaking  instructor)   Please  email  or  phone  06-­‐52190872   • Student  will  be  introduced  to  the  world  of  art  and  etiquette  in  a  playful   educational  manner  and  learn  to  enjoy  art  and  social  skills.  Student  will  learn   the  basics  of  painting  and  basics  of  etiquette   • Dutch  art-­‐  hidden  treasures  in  The  Hague  (student  will  learn  basic  paint   techniques  of  the  old  masters  as  well)   • Dutch  kitchen   • Etiquette   • French  cuisine   • Mom  as  model  (painting  class)   • High  tea  and  little  exhibition  of  work  (to  take  home)  

OIL PAINTING  AND  FRESCO  TECHNIQUES  FOR  ADULTS   Course  type   Date/time   Venue   Location   Cost   Trainer  name   Trainer  details   Registration   Description  

Painting techniques   Ongoing,  pls  call  06  52190872  to  schedule  at  your  own  convenience  or  email   Private  classes  in  the  convenience  of  your  own  home  or  at  artist’s  studio   Laan  van  Meerdervoort  52e,  The  Hague   Please  call  06  52190872  or  email  Marjolein  at   Marjolein  van  der  Sluis   Please  email  or  phone  06-­‐52190872   Learn  how  to  develop  your  own  style  of  painting  in  oil,  learn  the  fresco  techniques   of  the  renaissance  masters.  After  finishing  these  classes  you  will  be  able  to  make  a   composition,  underpainting,  use  build-­‐up  technique  (layering  process)  and  finish  the   painting.  Overcome  fear  of  the  empty  canvas!    

/Marjolein  J.  van  der  Sluis    

10  ⎜  ACCESS  for  &  by  volunteers    ⎜  March  2012  

Trainers’ Toast



March  10th  from  13:00  to  15:00   March  13th  from  20:00  to  22:00   Het  Coachhuis,  Raamweg  4,  The  Hague     Introducing  ‘Big  on  the  Inside’  by  Jacinta  Noonan  and  ‘Mind  your  Stress’  by  Mary  Jane  Roy.  This  is  a   two   hour   presentation   providing   insights,   information,   and   tips   for   those   wishing   to   achieve   emotional  balance  and  eliminate  emotional  eating.    

Big  on  the  Inside  is  the  name  Jacinta  has  given  for  the  paradoxical  twist  many  experience  -­‐  feeling  

small on   the   inside   while   feeling   big   on   the   outside.   It’s   often   the   missing   or   ignored   link   in   the   battle   to  lose  weight.  In  her  one  hour  session,  you  will  learn  why  diets  are  not  the  answer  and  what  to  do   instead.  You  will  discover  that  developing  and  nurturing  yourself  on  the  inside,  has  a  direct  effect  on   what  happens  to  you  on  the  outside.       In   her   Mind   your   Stress   presentation,   Mary   Jane   will   share   with   you   tips   and   information   about   what   stress   is,   how   it   affects   us,   and   how   to   recognise   the   triggers,   which   set   the   stress   cycle   in   motion.   It   will   be   an   information   packed   one   hour   session   in   which   she   will   also   share   a   simple   technique   you   can   use   anywhere,   anyplace   to   transform   your   stress   reaction   into   a   supportive   emotion.     The   fee   for   this   2   hour   presentation   is   €20   inclusive   VAT,   coffee   and   tea,   and   a   summary   of   both   presentations.       Register  at   Visit            

        11    ⎜  ACCESS  for  &  by  volunteers    ⎜  March  2012  


Trainers’ Toast

DUTCHESSA  –  NEW  DUTCH  LANGUAGE  ACCESS  TRAINER   Dear  ACCESS  colleagues,   My   name   is   Amina   Abdelmoula.   It   is   with   great   pleasure   that   I   became   the   new   ACCESS   Dutch   trainer   recently.   I’m   a   people’s   person   and   I   love   the   intricacies,   nuances   and   playfulness   of   language.   Combine  the  two  ingredients  and  you  end  up  with  a  language  teacher,  me,  Dutchessa!   I  would  like  to  share  some  information  about  Dutchessa  and  my  teaching  philosophy  with  you.       THE  DUTCHESSA  METHOD   Classes   are   kept   small   to   maximize   each   learner’s   opportunity   to   participate   and   receive   personalized   guidance,  while  practicing  everyday  situations  makes  the  Dutch  grammar  easy  to  learn  and  simulate.   Some  things,  like  grammar  you  have  to  learn  from  a  book.  In  this,  Dutchessa  is  no  different  from  other   language   teaching   labs.   But   when   it   comes   to   learning   how   to   use   the   words,   Dutchessa   brings   a   new   dimension  to  the  concept  of  ‘classroom’.  Your  classroom  can  be  anywhere,  in  a  shop,  restaurant,  café   or   just   having   a   cozy   chat   by   a   fireside   (all   in   Dutch   of   course!).   This   highly   interactive   learning   experience  means  you  learn  how  to  use  the  words  in  the  environment  in  which  you  will  be  using  them   in  the  future.  This  makes  it  easier  for  you  to  remember  the  words  by  being  able  to  connect  them  to   situations,  and  by  experiencing  events,  which  will  help  you,  pick  the  right  words  at  the  right  time!   I  have  a  team  of  teachers  who  share  my  philosophy  about  teaching.  They  are  friendly,  dedicated  and   dynamic.   We   treat   each   student   as   an   individual   thus   ensuring   that   our   students   get   personalized   guidance.  All  of  my  team  members  are  experienced  teachers  of  Dutch.     Please  feel  free  to  contact  me  if  you  want  more  information  or  just  for  a  personal  introduction.  I  hope   to  meet  all  of  you  in  the  near  future.     Kind  regards,     Amina  Abdelmoula   Dutchessa   Haagsche  Bluf  17   2511  CN    Den  Haag   +31  6  81772950       12    ⎜  ACCESS  for  &  by  volunteers    ⎜  March  2012  

Know your fellow volunteers

    WELCOME  TO:     Best  Mercy  Aketch   Gulce  Isoglu   James  Webber   Marian  Hartzema   Roland  James  Stockton   Geetha  Rajasimha   Hafizh  Atfin   Giorgia  Murihead  


A C C E S S D R I N K S   TUESDAY  20  MARCH   17:00  –  19:00   @   HET  HEDEN,  NOORDEINDE  148    

  WE  HAD  TO  SAY  GOODBYE  TO:     Jiselli  Simao   Audrey  Dickinson   Fatirah  Sabil   Irene  Musvipa     We  thank  you  for  your  time,  energy   and  work,  and  we  wish  you  best  of  luck         HAPPY  BIRTHDAY!     8th     Nelofer  Eachiampatti   Mohamed  Ali     11th   Amanda  Van  Mulligen   13th     Namure  Akpengbe     14th   Elizabeth  (Aine)  Campbell   16th     Bozena  Pajek     18th     Gillian  House     24th     Amee  Shukla   27th     Lucy  Bosscher  Fazilova   30th   Maggie  Thompson                 ACCESS  social  media    



A Facebook  group  for  ACCESS  volunteers  has  been  created,  it  is   called  ‘ACCESS  volunteers’,  search  for  it  (ACCESS  in  uppercase!)  or   use  below  link.  Please  do  join! 

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What’s on

You   can   also   read   about   March   events   in   the   ACCESS   E-­‐zine:   Shen   Yun   performing   arts,   TEFAF   Maastricht,  Movies  that  matter  Festival,  Cirque  du  Soleil  &  Warhol’s  World.         Until  4  March,  15:00   CONTEMPORARY  ‘SWAN  LAKE’  AT  FOKKER  TERMINAL  –  MAGAZINE?   A  contemporary  version  of  the  ballet  ‘Swan  Lake'  called  'Swanlake,  Siegfried  and  Odette’  will  be   performed  to  live  music  at  the  Fokker  Terminal  in  The  Hague.   €  28.00  per  person  (some  discounts  apply)  and  €  52.50  with  dinner.   Fokker  Terminal,  The  Hague    

  Until  14  March   JOEL  STERNFELD:  COLOUR  PHOTOGRAPHS   The  first  exhibition  in  the  Netherlands  of  the  work  of  the  New  York  photographer  Joel  Sternfeld   (1944),   one   of   the   pioneers   of   colour   photography.   It   features   hundreds   of   photos   from   ten   different  series  from  the  1970s,  such  as  American  Prospects  made  during  a  journey  through  the   United  States.  The  constant  factor  in  his  work  is  America  and  her  people  and  the  traces  they  leave   in  the  landscape.     Foam,  Amsterdam  

  1  -­‐  8  March   8  MARCH  FESTIVAL   From  1  to  8  March  female  emancipation  and  empowerment  will  take  centre  stage  during  the  8   March  Festival.  It’s  an  exciting  week  filled  with  culture,  networking  and  inspiring  stories.  The  8   March  Festival  marks  the  8th  of  March,  which  is  International  Women’s  Day.  This  year’s  theme  is   ‘Male  Emancipation'.  

  2  &  4  March   ROTTERDAM  PHILHARMONIC  MATINEE   Conductor  Robin  Ticciati  and  violinist  Christian  Tetzlaff,  both  young  and  highly-­‐praised,  appear   together  to  perform  Beethoven's  violin  concerto.  Also  on  the  programme  are  works  by  Ligeti  and   Haydn.   Jaap  van  Zweden  conducts  Mahler's  fifth  symphony  and  Wagner's  overture  to  Lohengrin.   De  Doelen,  Rotterdam  

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What’s on

    3  March,  19:30  -­‐  Midnight   NOORDEINDE  NOCTURNE   You   are   invited   to   this   special   evening   on   Noordeinde   where   you   will   be   swept   away   by   the   musical   sounds   produced   by   a   variety   of   musicians.   Come   and   enjoy   a   nice   glass   of   wine.   The   event   begins   at   19.30   hrs.   and   lasts   until   midnight.   The   art   galleries   on   the   Noordeinde   will   be   open  from  19.30  until  22.30  hrs.  

  6  March   WOMEN  DESIGNERS  OF  THE  ARTS  AND  CRAFTS  MOVEMENT   Art  historian  Sally  Hoban  talks  about  the  women  designers  who  played  an  important  part  in  the   English  Arts  and  Crafts  Movement  of  the  late  19th  century.  The  names  of  the  male  designers  such   as   William   Morris   and   Edward   Burne-­‐Jones   are   well-­‐known.   Sally     Hoban   examines   the   contributions  of  women  such  as  Jan  and  May  Morris,  Evelyn  de  Morgan  and  Georgina  Gaskin,  as   well   as   recently   rediscovered   regional   designers   working   in   enamels,   jewellery,   textiles   and   painting.   Decorative  and  Fine  Arts  Society,  The  Hague       6  –  11  March   HISWA  –  BOAT  SHOW   The  annual  boat  show  presents  hundreds  of  boats  and  thousands  of  nautical  accessories.  There  is   a   DIY   pavilion   for   maintenance   and   a   series   of   fashion   shows.   A   water   fun   zone   offers   demonstrations  by  professional  sailors  and  canoeists.   RAI,  Amsterdam  

7  –  25  March   BLUES  BEFORE  SUNRISE   The   British   artist   and   film   director   Steve   McQueen   was   invited   by   the   Stedelijk   Museum   in   Amsterdam  to  come  up  with  an  idea  to  enhance  the  visibility  of  the  museum  in  the  run  up  to  its   reopening  in  September.  The  result  is  Blues  Before  Sunrise,  an  ambitious  intervention  by  Steve   McQueen  that  will  take  place  in  Amsterdam’s  largest  public    park,  the  Vondelpark.  For  two  weeks,   all   275   streetlamps   in   the   park   will   emit   blue   light   instead   of   white;   vividly   transforming   the   night  time  experience  of  Amsterdam’s  most  well  known  urban  ‘green  space’.   Vondelpark,  Amsterdam    

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What’s on

  8  March   DEBORAH  SCROGGINS;  WANTED  WOMEN   Journalist  Deborah  Scroggins  talks  about  her  book  Wanted  Women,  in  which  she  looks  at  militant   Islam,   Muslim   women's   rights   and   the   war   on   terror   through   the   stories   of   two   women   on   opposite  sides:  activist  Ayaan  Hirsi  Ali  and  religious  extremist  Aafi  Siddiqui.   West  Indisch  Huis,  Amsterdam   www.john-­  

  10  –  11  March   TATTOO  CONVENTION   Check  out  the  latest  designs  and  techniques,  and  admire  the  tattoos  on  display  in  the  various   competitions.   Ahoy,  Rotterdam  

11  March   CITY-­‐PIER-­‐CITY  RUN   Attracting   around   18,000   participants   annually,   City-­‐Pier-­‐City   Loop   is   an   international   half-­‐ marathon  held  in  The  Hague.  It  begins  in  the  city  centre,  heads  out  to  the  pier  at  the  coastal  resort   of  Scheveningen  and  back  to  the  starting  point.   The   day   also   includes   a   10km   fun   run   and   other   recreational   walking   and   running   events   of   various  distances.  

  16  –  18  March   FOOD  FILM  FESTIVAL   Following   the   success   of   the   first   edition,   this   festival   featuring   around   20   films   and   documentaries   about   food   returns.   This   year   the   focus   is   on   films   from   Brazil,   Africa   and   Asia   showing  the  life  of  farmers  and  factory  workers  and  the  power  of  large  food  processors.   There  are  also  workshops  and  debates,  and  the  venue  also  offers  a  restaurant  during  the  three   days  of  the  festival.   StudioK,  Amsterdam  

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What’s on

  19  March   TRIBUTE  TO  WHITNEY  HOUSTON   A  number  of  Dutch  singers  pay  tribute  to  Whitney  Houston,  who  died  suddenly  on  February  11,   by   singing   her   best-­‐known   songs.   Among   them   are   Trijntje   Oosterhuis,   Edsilia   Rombley   and   Glennis  Grace.     Melkweg,  Amsterdam,  March  19.  

24  March,  14:00  –  18:00   EXPATICA’S  EXPAT  EDUCATION  FAIR   Expatica's  Expat  Education  Fair  offers  free  resources,  information  and  networking  opportunities   to  internationals  living  in  the  Netherlands...all  under  one  roof  and  in  one  day.   Entrance  is  FREE  when  you  order  your  tickets  online:   Hotel  Krasnapolsky,  Amsterdam   www.access-­­in-­the-­netherlands/lifestyle/events/expatica-­expat-­education-­fair.aspx  

  24  March   CITY  BALL  IN  CITY  HALL   The  Atrium  of  City  Hall  will  be  transformed  into  the  largest  dance  hall  of  The  Hague  for  the  City   Ball;  an  evening  full  of  live  music  and  dance  demonstrations.   Dance-­‐loving  residents  of  The  Hague  can  expect  an  evening  programme  with  DJs,  live  musicians,   a   dance   competition,   workshops   and   spectacular   dance   demonstrations.   The   rhythms   of   ballroom,  salsa  and  Argentine  tango  will  sweep  you  off  your  feet.  The  City  Ball  is  the  big  event  for   everyone  who  is  crazy  about  dancing  –  from  the  European  champions  in  salsa  to  total  beginners   looking  to  take  a  crash  course.  Last  year’s  ball  was  completely  sold  out.   Tickets   for   this   evening   cost   €15   in   advance   and   can   be   purchased   via   the   City   Ball’s   website.   Tickets  at  the  door  cost  €20   City  hall,  The  Hague  

  28  March  –  1  April   HOLLAND  ANIMATION  FILM  FESTIVAL   Over   1300   international   entries   ranging   from   short   films   to   applied   animation   such   as   commercials   and   leaders   compete   for   various   awards   in   several   categories,   including   web   and   game  animation.  As  well  as  the  screenings,  there  are  also  lectures,  workshops,  talk  shows  and  a   number  of  special  programmes.     Various  locations,  Utrecht  

Thanks  to  Rohini  Patil  for  sourcing  &  collecting  these  special  events!   17    ⎜  ACCESS  for  &  by  volunteers    ⎜  March  2012  

ACCESS Volunteer Newsletter March 2012  
ACCESS Volunteer Newsletter March 2012  

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