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Report to the Community

Spring 2008

Foundation Florida Community College

Florida Community College

Board of Trustees


Chair N. Wyman Winbush II Vice Chair, Duval County Thomas R. McGehee, Jr. Vice Chair, Nassau County Suanne Z. Thamm Linda H. Asay, J.D. Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney, USN (Ret.) James E. McCollum Emily B. Smith Michael B. Weinstein Gwendolyn C. Yates

Foundation Mission Statement Our mission is to sustain and enhance the Foundation’s reputation as a respected, trusted and highly recognized organization among Northeast Florida residents, business and community leaders, students and alumni; and to secure sufficient financial resources for Florida Community College to provide access to an extraordinary educational experience and respond effectively to the most important needs of the community.

The Foundation is an IRS approved 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization. This means all donations are eligible for tax deductions depending on the donor’s financial situation.

A Foundation for Students Between the lines in our annual report, there is something called heart. All of the positive news, impressive facts and figures are generated by people who care about students, their future and the quality of life in our community. Each contributor to the FCCJ Foundation gives so that another student might have an opportunity for a college education and a proud, fulfilling career. We acknowledge each and every donor, and offer this message of deep appreciation on behalf of all Florida Community College students –– thousands each year who will have a better life because of this generous outpouring of support. We also wish to recognize and thank our dedicated Foundation Board of Directors for their exceptional service to the College. They are compassionate citizens who volunteer a great deal of time and energy while balancing their own successful, busy lives; all for the wonderful cause of student success. It is truly an honor and privilege to work with the Board, the excellent faculty and everyone associated with this incredible College. Again, for the students of FCCJ, thank you so very much for your continuing support. Every gift to the Foundation makes a difference in the lives of students and in our great community.

James F. Marlier, Jr. Chair FCCJ Foundation Board of Directors

Dr. Susan K. Chappell Executive Director FCCJ Foundation, Inc.

Report to the Community



Board of Directors


Chair Mr. James F. Marlier, Jr. First Vice Chair Mr. James H. Winston Second Vice Chair Mr. Edward S. Grenadier Secretary Ms. Marsha Myers Treasurer Mr. Donald D. Zell Immediate Past Chair Mr. Charles “Bucky” A. Clarkson Ms. Martha E. Barrett Mr. Carl N. Cannon Mr. Robert P. Cook Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney, USN (Ret.) Mr. John “Jack” J. Diamond Mr. Robert Helms Mr. Michael R. Hightower Mr. John Hirabayashi Ms. Teala A. Milton Mr. Michael R. Munz Mr. Edward A. Nimnicht II Mr. Alan W. Rossiter Mr. Timothy Tresca Dr. Steven R. Wallace Mr. Cleve E. Warren Ms. Lisa Weatherby Senator Stephen R. Wise Dr. Timothy A. Woodward Honorary Board Member Mrs. Betty P. Cook Student Representative Mr. Mark Musielak

A Word From the Foundation President Since its inception, Florida Community College has balanced its dual mission of university transfer and career related education within the context of a tuition structure that is affordable for most, but not all students. Our Foundation exists to fill this gap by providing scholarships to those who otherwise could not achieve their goals of earning a college degree. At the same time, the College is renowned for being responsive to the community’s ever-changing needs. Most recently, the addition of baccalaureate degrees in specific high demand areas have been developed to increase opportunities for training in fire science management, computer networking, nursing and business. The Foundation is dedicated to supporting Florida Community College and elevating the quality of life for all citizens on the First Coast.

Mason Dr. William ndation FCCJ Fou President,

A scholarship endowment that will extend the promise of higher education to hundreds of capable lowincome students each year is the best immediate and sustainable means of increasing economic opportunity, quality of life and per-capita income in our community. Dr. Steven Wallace President, Florida Community College

2 FCCJ Foundation

Doubling the Dollars, Doubling the Difference

Landwirth established a scholarship fund and in the first year 15 students were served.

Henri Landwirth knows better than most people what it feels like to have no control of your own destiny. At 13, he was shipped to the first of many concentration camps where he would spend the next five years.

At the end of the 2008 school year, 40 to 50 Landwirth Scholars will be earning their degrees. Like all scholarship gifts, Landwirth’s is eligible for a dollar-for-dollar state match, doubling its impact.

Following World War II, Landwirth came to America. He served in the military and attended college on the G.I. bill. He then embarked on a successful career in the hotel business. But through it all, he was left with a feeling that things should be different and this motivated him to make things better. He founded several foundations, along the way receiving an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from the University of Cincinnati. Through his work in Jacksonville, Landwirth met Florida Community College President Steven Wallace and learned that the College helps students transform their lives.

Landwirth speaks to student groups at the College and educates young students on the dangers of hate. Landwirth said, “I get inspired by the students. I get inspired by them asking good questions. I can’t wait to come here.” Find out how you can make a difference by visiting the Foundation Web site at

Keeping Families Together Students at the Lewis “Red” Bean Nassau Technical Career Center already have the lifelong opportunity for professional training. Thanks to Robert and Winette Odom, Nassau County students attending classes at the Bean Center will also have help paying for college. Winette, a fifth-generation Floridian and longtime community volunteer, said they support programs that benefit children and families. “That’s where our heart is,” she said. “We have been so blessed. We always try to put back.”

What we had in mind for the scholarship was to give it to married people who were displaced in their jobs. Maybe this will help keep a family together.

Robert agreed.

Rayonier Foundation Establishes First-Generation Scholarship A scholarship for first generation college students has been established by the Jacksonville-based Rayonier Foundation. Formed in 1952 by the international forest products company whose core businesses are timber, real estate and performance fibers, the Rayonier Foundation has long supported education, according to Vice President of Corporate Relations and President of the Rayonier Foundation, Jay Fredericksen. In targeting students whose guardian parents do not have bachelor’s degrees, Fredericksen said Rayonier felt it could maximize its investment in the community with this scholarship.

“We’re hoping our money will help people with limited financial resources or less opportunities,” he said. “It’s what students need in order to take that next step to success.” Partnering with Florida Community College was an easy decision, he added. “It wasn’t a stretch for us to say, here’s an organization we know does a great job and provides a lot of opportunity to people who need it.” As with all contributions to scholarships, Rayonier’s will be matched by the state.

Report to the Community


Financial Highlights

The Dr. Philip Benjamin Matching Grant Program The Dr. Philip Benjamin Matching Grant Program for Community Colleges provides the community college system with the opportunity to receive and match challenge grants. The matching program continues to attract donors who want to see the effectiveness of their gifts maximized. Eligible donations that support scholarships are awarded one dollar of state funds for every one dollar of private funds. Program funds are matched 2:3 by the state. To learn how you can take advantage of this wonderful program, call the Foundation at (904) 632-3237.

4 FCCJ Foundation

Watching Your Investment Grow! The work of the FCCJ Foundation enables students to pursue college and rewarding careers by lessening their financial burdens. Student success is positive for employers, the local economy and all of Northeast Florida. Contributions to the Foundation help to fund student scholarships, education programs, new and upgraded facilities and technologies. Support from corporate, individual and organization partners is helping Florida Community College maintain its position as the leading provider of higher education and career-skills training

on the First Coast. The state of Florida fully matches scholarship contributions (100 percent) in total; program contributions are matched at the 66 percent level. Below are the significant financial achievements of the Florida Community College Foundation. Resources are used for student scholarships, program development and other educational opportunities for thousands of students. To learn how you can contribute, call the FCCJ Foundation at (904) 632-3237.

FCCJ Foundation, Inc. Cash Contributions


FCCJ Foundation, Inc. Net Assets


$25,000,000 $1,500,000




$10,000,000 $500,000










Scholarship Awards by FCCJ Foundation, Inc.





Investment Rate of Return on Assets





Annual Return %







9.3 7.8




3.5 3









FCCJ Foundation Rate of Return







National Average Colleges With Endowments Less Than $25 Million

Report to the Community


I’m one of ten children. In 2002, one of my own children was born with birth defects. The scholarship has allowed me to focus on school and to achieve the goal of educating my children on the importance of following your dreams. Jeralene Marshall, Nursing


6 FCCJ Foundation

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Fills Need In response to the community’s continuing need for welltrained nurses in a variety of specialties, FCCJ has been approved to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing with a focus in critical patient care. The new B.S.N. program targets nursing positions for which a four-year degree with an area of specialization is desired by hospital CEOs and chief nurse executives. The proposed degree will increase access for student populations who, in most cases, would not otherwise be able to participate in baccalaureate-level education in nursing, and will respond to significant needs identified by area employers, addressing educational and career advancement needs of incumbent and future workers in nursing. The proposed degree program would affirm North Florida’s response to the nursing shortage and provide highly skilled critical care nurses.

LandMar Gift Recognizes Potential The LandMar Group, a developer of residential communities, is known for recognizing potential. Since its founding in 1987, the company excelled at identifying emerging areas that would one day be “winners.” The recently established LandMar Group Endowed Scholarship at Florida Community College also recognizes potential. It looks not at just where students stand today, but where they can be headed with a little help. “By supporting the College, we are able to help improve workforce readiness by assisting young people to improve their skills and training,” said Jim Doyle, Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “This in turn makes Jacksonville and Northeast Florida a better place to live and a more attractive place for businesses considering relocation.” The gift was eligible for a dollar-for-dollar state match, and supports students who are enrolled either full- or part-time at the College in any degree-awarding program.

I’m really proud of myself now. I went through some things that made me mature and grow and I realize that everyone doesn’t have the opportunity to get an education. You never know who you’ll meet that will help you get to the next level, or open a door that wouldn’t be open to you. The main thing is to try to do something. Give me the chance and I’ll make the most of it. Willie Brown III Scholarship Recipient, Health Administration Major and 2006-07 Foundation Board Student Liaison

Report to the Community


TSIC Partnership Means Success Begins Early in Nassau County They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and a program affiliation that began at the Betty P. Cook Nassau Center in 2006 proved the point. Take Stock in Children (TSIC) identifies financially-challenged students in middle school and offers them the opportunity to earn four years of college tuition. The teens, all Nassau County public school students, sign an agreement to keep their grades up and stay out of trouble. Each is matched with an adult mentor who meets with them once a week to listen, encourage and offer guidance. When the students successfully graduate high school, most attend Florida Community College for the first two years, then transfer to a state university.

I enjoy coming to school. Most of my teachers go out of their way to help a student out. They have good office hours if I need to talk to them and they really check their e-mail. I’m excited about the scholarship because it allows me to not put extra stress on my mother. Kelsey Carroll Scholarship Recipient and Criminal Justice Major

Program Director Jody Mackle said the first year at the Cook Center was ideal. “It’s kind of a natural place for us to be because it’s the center of the county,” she said. “Being here helps us keep in closer touch with our students. It’s been terrific.” The program is funded by grants and private donations and managed by the College, with contributions to TSIC flowing through the Foundation. The Florida Pre-Paid Plan provides matching funds for tuition.

One Seed Grows a Big Crop at the Women’s Center Sometimes all it takes is one person or group to act, and the deed flourishes into much more. The “Bridging the Digital Divide for Displaced Homemakers” program at the College’s Rosanne R. Hartwell Women’s Center was made possible through such a strategy. Members of the Women’s Giving Alliance pool their individual annual contributions for community grants. Their initial gift to fund this program was matched by the state and then re-funded for next year. The merits of the program itself helped draw the funding. Through the Challenge Program for Displaced Homemakers, a threeweek class provides employment skills and career counseling to women whose former roles changed due to divorce, separation or a spouse’s death. The grant from the Women’s Giving Alliance enables these women to enroll in basic computer classes and become computer literate. At the end of three weeks, they are prepared to either re-enter the workforce or go back to college. The Florida Association of Community Colleges this year recognized the program with the Innovators’ Exemplary Practice Award, and 115 women were put on the path to self-sufficiency.

8 FCCJ Foundation

Pathways to Success

Virtual Cruise

Located at Florida Community College’s Downtown Campus, Pathways Academy Charter High School opened its doors in August of 2006. Although charter high schools affiliated with community colleges are not uncommon in the United States, Pathways is unique in its focus on students who have dropped out or who are at high risk of dropping out of traditional high schools.

In only its second year, the Set Sail to Achieve the Dream Virtual Cruise established itself as a successful fundraiser for the FCCJ Foundation — and one of Jacksonville’s up-andcoming events!

The Pathways model, designed to provide students with the opportunity to complete a traditional high school diploma in addition to completing college course work, continues to evolve to meet the unique needs of its student population. This innovative partnership, which serves students who do not ordinarily have the opportunity to be located on a college campus while attending high school, is a true innovation that is changing the lives of young people who may not have otherwise pursued their educational opportunities. Brittany Barnhart, a Pathways student who, at one time, lived in a domestic violence shelter with her mother and siblings and who did not see college as a possibility, was invited to give the keynote address at the Jobs for America’s Graduates National Student Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. in December, 2007. Last semester, Brittany successfully completed her high school graduation requirements and 12 credit hours through dual enrollment at Pathways and Florida Community College. She is currently enrolled full-time at the College and is on her way to fulfilling her dream of becoming a physician assistant.

The night began in the specially transformed Deerwood Center with a bon voyage reception hosted by co-chairs James and Mary Winston and FCCJ President Steven Wallace. From there, the evening showcased some of the College’s many programs, including visual and performing arts. The Caribbean marketplace offered wares and wonders of the virtual islands featuring items made by FCCJ students and faculty. At the Lucky $$ Casino, passengers played for chances to win prizes donated by area businesses and by programs at the College, such as a gourmet meal in the North Campus Mallard Room or tickets for Artist Series performances. Guests also watched as talented FCCJ students and faculty members created beautiful paintings, had a picture taken in the photo gallery, and tried to choose from the plentiful array of desserts prepared by Culinary Arts students. The event raised in excess of $60,000, of which $36,000 was submitted for a matching grant, resulting in over $90,000 raised to support first-generation college students. Jacksonville-based Rayonier Foundation was the event’s title sponsor and established the Rayonier Foundation Scholarship to benefit first-generation college students.

Make plans now to join us as we set sail for Venice during our 2009 virtual cruise scheduled for March 7, 2009, at the College’s Deerwood Center.


ays Studen

art, Pathw

rnh Britany Ba

“Set Sail to Achieve the Dream” Virtual Cruise at FCCJ’s Deerwood Center.

Report to the Community


Community Enrichment

FCCJ Golf Classic Raises More Than $20,000 for Athletic Scholarships The April 2007 Golf Classic, held at St. Johns County’s Palencia Golf Club, raised $20,660 for scholarships. That money will be effectively doubled by the Dr. Philip Benjamin Matching Grant program. The course was packed with 104 eager golfers, including 25 student-athletes. Another 20 volunteers made the event a success through their gifts of time and labor. Results of the 2008 FCCJ Golf Classic will be announced soon.

10 FCCJ Foundation

First Coast Community Music School

all over the area. Jim Winston, one of our supporters, came to College President Steve Wallace, and now, here we are.”

Before the opening of the First Coast Community Music School (FCCMS), most residents were unaware of how much better things could be with a place where people from all backgrounds, ages and financial abilities could learn music. Jane Condon knew. As the first principal of arts magnets, La Villa Middle School of the Arts and Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, she knew that Florida schools had shifted away from the arts. She also knew there were more than 300 community music schools across the country, and that Jacksonville was likely the largest city still without such a resource. There was only one problem. “It became clear to me that Jacksonville was not in a position to build, fund and run, from the ground up, such a facility,” Condon said. “But Florida Community College has programs

After its first year ended in July 2007, the school had 200 students, 160 summer camp participants and 37 faculty members. FCCMS’s first location was at South Campus, since the College’s own performing arts programs are based there. To achieve one of its original goals of increasing diversity, the Community Music School has now opened its second site at the College’s North Campus. “All people need music. It just makes you have a better soul,” Condon said with a smile. “Until now, there has not been a place in Jacksonville for that to happen. People are happy we’re here.”

For more information on how you can support the First Coast Community Music School, contact the FCCJ Foundation at (904) 632-3237.

Artist Series The FCCJ Artist Series grossed over $11.4 million in revenue during Fiscal Year 2007, its best year ever. The Series presented 72 productions for 303 performances or services and was anchored by several long-running productions such as — The Lion King and Menopause, the Musical. Contributions reached an all-time high of $221,683 which, after expenses, was matched by the State of Florida. As of June 30, 2007, the Artist Series Scholarship Endowment had assets of over $6.3 million. The endowment earnings provide support to the student performing arts talent grant program. A second Artist Series Endowment of over $2.1 million provides program support to the Series and to student performing arts groups.

“The rmance of Disney’s A spectacular perfo s ow many Broadway sh Lion King.” One of CJ unity through the FC brought to the comm Artist Series.

The State of Florida continues to recognize the Series status as one of Florida’s Major Cultural Institutions in the Sponsor/Presenter category. One of eight organizations in Florida to receive this designation, the Artist Series is the only organization in North Florida to receive this honor. The designation also comes with a major grant projected to total in excess of $350,000 over a four-year period: 2007–2011.

Report to the Community


Donor Acknowledgments

We thank you,

our donors, for

choosing to invest in the Florida Community College Foundation. Higher education is more relevant to economic prosperity than at any time in history, and no higher education institution is more relevant to local prosperity than Florida Community College.

12 FCCJ Foundation

A Salute to our Trailblazers The Florida Community College Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following individuals and organizations that have led by example through their gifts of $25,000 or more. These investments in our students form the core of our endowment, and have created hope for thousands of families. Our Trailblazers provide powerful proof that together, we can change lives, turn dreams into reality, and brighten the future for all of Northeast Florida. Thank you for making an enormous difference.

Alfred I. duPont Foundation, Inc. American Veterans Advocate, Inc. AT&T Bank of America Baptist Medical Center Baptist Medical Center Downtown Fred and Joyce Barnes Beaver Street Foundation, Inc. Berg Family Charitable Foundation Bethel Baptist Institutional Church Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Steven and Olivia Bowers Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital and Centers Carter and Cheryl Bryan Cascone Family Foundation Mary-Virginia Christakos and Friends Cisco Systems City of Jacksonville Charles A. Clarkson Community First Credit Union of Florida Compass Bank Betty P. Cook CSX Corporation Demetree Family Foundation Dignity U Wear Foundation, Inc. E.I. Dupont De Nemours and Company Eartha M.M. White Health Care, Inc. Elizabeth Edgar Hall, Inc. Elkins Constructors, Inc. Emily Balz Smith Foundation

Far East Brokers Federal Express Corporation Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, Inc. Florida Rock Industries, Inc. Friends of Ralph Daniel Gasper and Irene Lazzara Charitable Foundation General Motors Corporation Gifts In Kind International William and Gayle Gower Haskell Company Isuzu Motors America, Inc. Jacksonville Electric Authority JM Family Enterprises, Inc. Key Buick Landmar Group, Inc. Henri and Linda Landwirth Mac Papers, Inc. William and Julie Mason Mike and Marilyn Mass Mayo Clinic Jacksonville Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research Memorial Hospital Jacksonville Merrill Lynch Methodist Medical Center David and Gloria Miller, Sr. David and Kathy Miller, Jr. Nimnicht Cadillac Robert and Winette Odom

Orange Park Medical Center PGA Tour, Inc. Richard and Mary Phillips Rayonier Foundation River Branch Foundation Herbert and Miyuki Scheidel Schultz Foundation, Inc. Scott-McRae Group, Inc. Sea Star Line, LLC Shands Jacksonville Signature Flight Support Smith Barney Hawley and Emily Smith St. Joe Company St. Luke’s Hospital Association St. Vincent’s Health System, Inc. Stein Mart David and Linda Stein Steller’s Gallery Swisher International, Inc. Dekle and Jeanne Taylor The Scheidel Foundation Thomas M. and Irene B. Kirbo Charitable Foundation Wachovia Steven and Amelia Wallace Ted and Ann Watts Weaver Family Foundation W.G. Mills, Inc. James and Mary Winston Donald D. Zell

Report to the Community


The donors listed in this book gave

contributions either directly to the Florida Community College Foundation or to another college department that reported the gift to the Foundation staff. Other gifts and in-kind services to the College are not noted in this document but are greatly appreciated. The Florida Community College Foundation salutes the individuals who contributed to the College by helping to increase enrollment and to enhance programs throughout the College. Though this kind of support cannot be quantified in the publication, it is exceedingly important and most appreciated. The Florida Community College Foundation made every attempt to list accurately all contributors who made donations from July 1, 2006 through March 31, 2008. We apologize for any inadvertent errors or omissions that may have occurred.

thank you Donations From Individuals Orpah Abbott

Ruben Allen

Linda Asay

Norma Baker

Edythe Abdullah

Marla Allen

Christine Aung-Din

Margaret Bald

Jeanette Abich

Ellen Allen

Frank Autry

Elizabeth Baldwin

Richard Abis

Barry Allender

Fawn Avant

Sandy Baldwin

Jay Abraham

Barry Allred

Joe Avirett

Jo Ball

Ricky Adams

Gabrielle Amason

Cherye Aycock

Anne Banas

Imogene Adams

Janice Amos

James Bace

Richard and Nancy Banks

Barry and Patty Adeeb

Richard Anderson

Dietmar Bachmaier

Barbara Banks

Bal Aguila

Norley Anderson

Freida Bachmaier

William Barfield

Iola Aikens

Mary Andrew

Tracey Bachtell

Susanne Barker

Julie Aires

Susan Andrews

David and Josephine Bahn

Marty Barna

Cynthia Alderson

Mark Aquino

Brenda Bailey

Fred and Joyce Barnes

Laura Allen

Lou and Christine Arab

Larry and Brenda Bailey

Kimberly Barnes

A. and Marjorie Allen

Barbara Arkin

John Bailey

Wade Harrison Barnes

14 FCCJ Foundation

Kristanna Barnes

Kim Bowers

Margarita Cabral-Maly

Roosevelt Cobb

Martha Barrett

Vanessa Boyer

Susan Calfee

Bobby Coffey

George Bartley

Michael and Susan Boylan

Susan Calhoun-Lewis

Sarah Colangelo

Michael Bartley

Deborah Brabham

Susan Campbell

Nicholas Colbert

Amy Baskin

Martha Brack

Richard Cannizzaro

Willie Cole

Lenora Basso

Edward Brackett

Rita Cannon

Lori Collins

Sam Bateh

Mike Bradberry

Mary Cannon

Bobby Colony

Judy Batson

Jill Bradberry

Joe Caparros

Gennaro Confuorto

Michael and Susan Batten

Robert Brann

Davron Cardenas

Ruth Conley

Doris Batten

Linda Bravard

Stephen Cargile

Patricia Conway

Marian Beaman

Linda Brazer

Jason Carnaghi

Betty Cook

William and Sandra Beck

Cherie Breault

Bert Carpenski

Lisa Cook

Catherine Beckham

John and Barbara Brede

Joann Carpenter

Ray Cooper

Donna Bell

Eileen Brelsford

David Carroll

Janis Cooper

Nicholas Belloit

Gary Breuklander

Merry Carter

Michael Corby

Judson Bennett

John and Ann Brickert

Doward Carter

Kathleen Corey

Valerie Bennett

Joanne Britton

Pamela Caven

Andrew and Bette Corlew

Wesley Benwick

Susanne Brock

Michael Cavinder

Gary and Janette Corona

Frederick and Deborah Berbig

Donna Brooks

Nancy Cavins

Debra Cotner

Karen Bernath

Wallis Brooks

Monty and Marcia Chamberlain

Kevin Cotton

Jeffrey Bertsch

Beverly Brooks

Jack and Ruth Chambers

Paula Coughlin

Constance Best

David Brown

Melissa Chandler

Harriet Courtney

Peter Biegel

Ida Brown

Tom and Susan Chappell

Helen Cox

Anthony Billingslea

Alison Brown

Scott and Alyssa Chappell

Charles Cramer

David Birkelbach

Karen Brown

Alan and Tracy Chappell

Nancy Crawley

Kathryn Birmingham

Pamela Brown

Tammy Cherry

Patricia Crews

John Bishop

Angie Browning

Sandra Chestnut

Theresa Criss

Anthony Bivins

Bruce Brunson

Arthur Chiang

James Crooks

Maryann Blackburn

Carter and Cheryl Bryan

Joann Chick

Lynne Crosby

David Blackburn

Patricia Bryan

Lucretia Childers

Janice Crysel

Juliann Blackmon

Rhonda Bryan

Mike Choat

Elizabeth Cueroni

Robert and Anna Blade

Jane Bryant

Wally Chown

Fred Culvyhouse

Christopher Blaquiere

Dick Buchanan

John Christian

Annette Curtis-Williams

Steve Bludsworth

Sue Buck

Samuel Christian

David Dagenais

Sandra Bluteau

Thomas Buck

Thomas Chronister

Linda Daigle

Brenda Boccard

Audrey Bullard

Dwight Cicero

Howard Dale

Gregory Bohm

James and Mary Burke

Christine Clark

Laura D’Alisera

James Bolton

Judith Burnett

Margaret Clark

Ralph and Joan Daniel

Lewis Booker

Lucy Burns

Brenda Clark-Mitchell

Anne Daniel

Camille Borden

John and Jametoria Burton

Charles Clarkson

Aubrey Daniel

Marcia Borg

Dawn Button

Hope Clayton

Lad and Carol Daniels

Bert Bost

Maria Butts

Joseph Clemmons

Ernestine Daniels

Steven and Olivia Bowers

Linda Byrd

James and Kathleen Clower

Dale Daniels

Report to the Community


Bob Danisavage

Zenona Eberle

Rod Fulgencio

Orrin Hall

Celeste Danos

Everett Eddy

Stephanie Galloway

Mary Hamilton

John and Barbara Darby

Daniel Edelman

Kathryn Gamble

Arnold Hanley

William and Sherry David

Steven and Phyllis Edgerton

Vandaren Gantt

Sue Hansens

Emma Davidson

Edith Edsall

William Ganza

Hector Harima

Eric Davidson

James Edwards

Gladys Garabito

William Harp

Elizabeth Davis

Broderick Edwards

Alfredo Garcia

Cynthia Harpman

Julius and Joann Davis

Michael Edwards

Phyllis Gardner

Patricia Harrell

Jacqueline Davis

Efi Elkins

Christina Garmon

Carol Harrell

Larry Davis

Marc Elliott

William and Eloise Gay

Frank Harrell

Belinda Davis

James and Nancy Eschen

Jessie General

Lynne Harris

Alice Davis

Dan Eubanks

Carolyn Gentry

Kathryn Harris

Billy Davis

Peter Eveleth

Robert and Mary Gentry

Charlotte Hartwell

Joe Davis

Sandra Fane

Cornell George

Eldert Hartwig

Sharon DeGesu

Cynthia Faustino

Denise Giarrusso

Elizabeth Harvey

Kevin and Patricia Delaney

Flossie Felton

Linda Giddens

Sonya Harvey

Shirley Delauter

Emmet Ferguson

Julie Giuliani

Carol Hashey

William Deleeuw

Melanie Ferren

Ernest Glover

Mark Hashman

Barbara Dellano

Jacqueline Fickling

Melba Goetter

Preston Haskell

Ruth Dellinger

Linda Fife

Phyllis Goff

Deborah Haskill

Genevieve Deloach

Fernando Figuerrez

Edward Goins

James Hatfield

Willye Dennis

Herschel Finch IV

Bill Gonter

William Hattori

Curlene Denson-Wims

Margaret Fisher

Shirley Goodson

Susan Haunty

Arthur and Marcella Deters

Robert and Pamela Fitch

Melvin and Debbie Gottlieb

Bettie Hausman

Joyce DeZaiffe

Walter Fitzpatrick

William and Gayle Gower

Chris Haynor

Coleman Diamond

Kathleen Foley

Deborah Gozdur

Marjorie Heatherington

Debbie Dickerson

Miriam Folk

Benedette Graf

Fred Heaviside

Dominique Dieffenbach

Victoria Ford

Catherine Grant

Orlando Heggs

David Dill

Richard Ford

Donald and Deborah Green

Mike Heisler

Barbara Drake

Stephen and Pamela Fordham

Michael Green

Margaret Helfrich

Val Draper

Dorothy Foulks

Chad Green

George Helker

Marcus Drewa

Edward Fox

Barbara Green

Robert and Lindsay Helms

Ray Driver

Miles Francis

Susan Greene

Jack Henderson

Michael Drylie

Kenneth Francis

Edward and Ann Grenadier

Shirley Hendley

Lawrence and Linda DuBow

Phyllis Frank

Rosalee Griffin

Nobuko Hendricks

Jim Duck

Janet Frazer

Linda Griffin

John Henninger

Carolyn Ducote

Rosa Frazier

Carol Grimes

Jeffrey Hess

Joe Dunn

Helene Friedman

Catherine Groh-Tamasi

Ronald Hetz

Steve Durkee

Ernest Friend

Cynthia Groves

Robert and Diane Hickman

Janet Duvall

Darlene Friend

Paul and Lois Grunder

Lili High

Amelia Dyar

Linda Friend

Janet Guerra

Michael and Sue Hightower

Paul Dyer

Ryan Fryman

Pat Gurley

Richard Higingbotham

Elizabeth Ebbinghouse

Shunicho Fukata

Gayle Guthrie

Gary Hill

16 FCCJ Foundation

James and Mary Hinson

Laura Jeffries

Dennis Kennedy

Harriet Lemaster

Nadia Hionides

Beverly Jelinek

Virginia Kennedy

Michael and Patricia Lepianka

John Hirabayashi

Hugh Jenkins

Karen Kenney

Richard Lester

Cathy Hively

Eric Jenkins

Shiela Kerr

Catherine Lester

Casty Hobbs

Leerie and Norma Jenkins

Michael Kessel

David Levy

Beverly Hodgins

Carla Jenkins

Robin Kessler

Jerry Lewis

Mary Hoffman

Barbara Jenkins

Alan Kimball

Jim Lewis

Daryle Holbrook

Robert Jerido

Karen Kincade

Lynda Lewis

Judy Holcomb

Lona John

Eleanor King

Lora Lewis

Henry Holdren

Karen Johns

Thomas Kirbo

Alfred and Isabel Lies

Genara Holladay

Janice Johnson

Jane Kirby

Jami Lind

John and Kathryn Hollett

Amy Johnson

Cyrus and Wei Kitto

Xiaoping Linn

Sara Holloway-Smith

Ted Johnson

Janice Knapik

Almira Linnenbank

Lavon Holly

Troy Johnson

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18 FCCJ Foundation

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Elaine Woo

Donations From Organizations 100 Black Men of Jacksonville, FL, Inc.

Arnold Securities, Inc.

Berg Family Charitable Foundation

Adult Studies Club, Downtown Campus

ARS, Inc. of Florida

Bethel Baptist Institutional Church, Inc.

Advanced Data Systems of Jacksonville


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida

Advanced Otolaryngology Services, P.A.

Auto Masters Fleet Services, Inc.

Broadbased Communications, Inc.

Alfred I. duPont Foundation, Inc.

Bank of America

Brooks Health System

Alliance for the Lost Boys

Bank of America Foundation

C.C. Borden Construction, Inc.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

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American Culinary Federation-First Coast Chapter, Inc.

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Arlington American Legion Arlington Lions Club

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Coffman, Coleman, Andrews, and Grogan P.A.

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Community First Credit Union of Florida Community Nutcracker, Inc. Compass Bank Compass Group, USA d/b/a Chartwells

Greater Jacksonville Lions Club Haskell Company IATSE Local 115 IBM International Foundation

New Life Community United Methodist Church Nimnicht Cadillac North Council Regional Chamber of Commerce Northeast Chapter of Florida Nurseryman and Growers Assoc. Northeast Florida Area Health Education Center Northeast Florida Endocrine & Diabetes Assoc. P.A.

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Independent Living For the Blind Alumni Group

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Jacksonville Warehouse Companies Jax-Bay Hotel, LLC JM Family Enterprises, Inc. Joy to the Children Key Buick L B Bryan and Company Landmar Group Inc. LCI, Ltd. Learning Technologies Ltd. Legacy Trust Company, Inc. Mac Papers, Inc. MacClenny Optical Maddie Clifton Memorial Fund Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research

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Perry-McCall Construction Company Pitman & Sons, Inc. PQH Architects Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Publix Super Markets, Inc. Rayonier Foundation Renaissance Behavioral Health Systems, Inc. Retina Associates, P.A. Reward Technologies Rex Corporation Reynolds, Smith & Hills, Inc. River City Association of The Deaf, Inc. Riverside Avenue Christian Church Rock Creek Investment Advisors, Inc. Rogers Tower, P.A. Ronsonet Buick-GMC Truck, Inc. Sand Dollar Cleaners Scheidel Foundation Schenkel Schultz Architects Schultz Foundation, Inc. Scott-McRae Group, Inc. Sea Star Line, LLC Shands Jacksonville Sinsinawa Dominicans #7113 Software AG, Inc.

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In my culture, the kitchen is the center of things — the good times, the people, the company. To be a successful student, you have to have a balance of commuting, attending school, work, volunteer and family time. The scholarship definitely is essential.

The Ribault Garden Club, Inc. The Rotary Club of Ponte Vedra Beach Charities, Inc. The Sontag Foundation The West & West Group, Inc. Thomas M. & Irene B. Kirbo Charitable Foundation Timbervest, LLC Trane Company Trudy’s/Hallmark (Nature’s Bird House) Union Catholic Regional High School Unisource United Technologies Matching Gift & Volunteer Grant Programs United Way of Northeast Florida Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Verizon Wireless VHS Investments, Inc. Vistakon, Inc. W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, Inc. Wachovia Foundation Wal-Mart Stores Weaver Family Foundation Westside Business Leaders’ Association

Ricco Casanova Scholarship Recipient and Culinary Arts Major

22 FCCJ Foundation

WG Pitts Company Willie Brown III and Associates Winn-Dixie Stores Foundation Winston Family Foundation

Artist Series Donations Angels — $1,000+ Charles Arnold John Billings Vicki Hatch Gleith Mann Tom Martin

Producers — $550–$999 James Abercrombie Shearer Anderson Jeffery Berk Michael Blackstone Steven Bowers Arthur Browning Patricia Cannan Debra Crosby David Derbabian Kim Dewan Jerry Dixon Ron Dixon James Duffy Ben English Ronald Evens Reginald Exum Robert Frenzel Brad Glass Michael Glisson Pamela Green Cara Hanburry Jim Harrison Jessie Hernandez Judith Hicks Jeff Hurley Herbert Jervis Leslie Krieger Joseph Krol Bud Kuthan Helen Lane Carole Lanzi Gasper Lazzara Michael Lindell George Mann Adam Marko Bradley McLeland Richard Morehead Holly Murphy Shahriar Nabizadeh Robert Nalven Photis Nichols

John Obi Alice Parker Sue Parman Gary Pease Gaylon Powers Marta Powers Edwin Rock John Rogers John Rood Roy Ryscamp Nathan Schelle Karen Seals Paul Sievert J.R. Slaughter Rebecca Spangler John Spies William Steitz Mary Thomas Stephen Tunstill Gene Walden Larry Wilf Victoria Wyckoff Jeff Yonge Donald Zell

Benefactors — $150–$549 Gerald Abdelnour Scott Abramson Walter Abstein Craig Adams Frank Adams Mary Adams Philip Adler Harold Aken Theresa Alexander Dan Alexander Haddon Allen Mary Allman Susan Amatrudi Barbara Ames Mike Anderson Miriam Andersen Raymond Anderson Gary Andrews Steven Andrews Kris Antkiewicz Charlie Arnold Herb Arteaga Kim Ashley

Patricia Ashley Phillip Atter Jeffery Aull Jim Ayersman David Bahn C. Baker Tim Baker Sandra Banning Ronald Bare Keith Barker Minerva Barncastle Bailey Barnes Patricia Barnett William Baxter Chris Beatty Harriett Bechem Robert Becker Susan Beevers Anna Bell Teddy Bennett Alan Berman Lawrence Bernard R. Berte James Bieber Gene Bissell James Black Don Blackburn Joyce Blackburn Max Block James Bolling Deborah Boney Kent Bonney Michael Borbely Thomas Borowy Aubrey Boutin W. Boyd Molly Boyd Richard Bradburry Robin Bradbury Daniel Brennan Don Brewer Don Brindley Richard Brock Rod Brock David Brook Richard Brooke Amy Brown Douglas Brown Katharine Brown Neil Brown

Stella Brown Joe Bucher Roger Budden Ted Burfeind Jason Burnett Jerry Bussell William Caldwell Chuck Calloway Bob Campbell Joy Campbell Samuel Cantor Richard Carlson C. Carter Patricia Carver Michael Castner Barbara Catalano Mike Catto Walter Chaboude Joseph Chancey Tracy Chapman O. Chasteen Mark Cheiken Mark Chowaniec Judy Chrisman Phillip Church Stephen Clark Robert Claypoole Chris Clore Anne Cohen Edward Cohill Frank Collier Cecilia Collins Michael Collins Fred Cone June Conlin Joan Conners Martin Connor E. Cook Lisa Cook Michael Coonan James Cooper Maxine Cooper Susan Corey Frank Corso Rob Cote Charles Cotten Toni Crawford Billy Creech James Cress Darryl Crisp

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Ann Cross Mike Crothers Harold Crum Bryan Curren Maguerite Cushing Dale Daak Gordon Daivs Lorraine Dajani Peter Dalmares Michael Daly John Damico Sine Darlow Katherine Davidson Betsy Davis Marshall Davis Peter Davis Deborah Deangelo Greg Delaney Stephen Delegal Art Demaio S. Demeranville Louis Deppe Carl Dietz Salvatore Diloreto Brian Dixon Ben Doerr Larry Donfrio Kevin Donovan Ed Dowling Claire Doyle John Dressler Kevin Driscoll K. Dufford Bob Duffy Normand Dufresne Patricia Dukat Joey Duncan Gerald Durrett Peter Dutton Jon Ebacher Everett Eddy Albert Edinger David Edwards Willard Egan Herman Eisenberg Ron Eittreim Susan Ellis Chris Emanuel Mark Emas John Essex Jeffrey Evans

24 FCCJ Foundation

Gayle Eyster Robert Fairley Gary Fane Dave Fanney Nancy Federico Jim Feeser Nancy Ferdman Lenny Ferman Joe Fernandez Mary Ferreira Gary Fierro Wendell Finner John Fitzgerald John Fletcher Doris Flythe Greg Forbes Mary Fowler Carolyn Fox Teresa Frame Sharon Fredenhagen Reed Freeman Hans Frisch Patricia Frisch A. Fuller Arnie Fust Brigid Garbini Michael Garner Russell Garrison Genevieve Gasque John Gavin Michael Gayle Irwin Gendzier Don George Michael George Donald Gerarde Robert Gillespy Charles Gilman James Gilmore Matthew Godek John Goff Lorraine Goldhill David Goldman Rick Goss Ray Gottschalk Dave Gowan Kay Gowan M.T. Gower Lloyd Granat Kirk Gravelle Debra Green-Hoefer Adrian Greenhut

Williams Gregory Andrea Griffin Bernard Grobman Harry Gudenberg Jennifer Guidry Joann Gurley Danny Gurr Lee Guthrie Sally Hall Michael Halloran John Hamilton Robert Hamje Juledell Harbison Debbie Harbour David Hardegree Paul Hargreaves Tom Harmon Jim Harrell John Harrington Jeffrey Harris Mary Hawk William Hayes Kip Heaton Terry Henderson Roberta Henry Susan Hewell Joel Hickox Robert Hicks James Hill Norma Hitchcock Robert Hochwald Patricia Hoffman Gil Hoffmann T. Holt Bill Hopfer Hugh Hopkins Robert Houston Stephanie Ibach Scott Imray W. Inge Mary Irwin Lawrence Jaben Lynne Jackson Matthew Jackson Jeffrey Jacobs Ken Jacobs Stephen Jacobs Lorraine Jacobsen Derrick Jenkins Julia Johnson Alan Johnson

Paul Johnson Douglas Johnson Bunky Johnson David Johnston Willie Jones Michael Jones Curtis Jordan Jeannie Jordan Michael Joseph Sharon Juhasz Brian Kage Vickie Kaiser C. Kalapp Arielle Kantor Dorothy Karkanen Holly Kartsonis Kathryn Kassees Matthew Kelley David Kelly Edward Kelly Thomas Kemp Joy Kempkes Cathy Kenyon Gary Kerner Ray Ketcham Jack Keyser Richard Kidwell David Kight Miles King Stephen Kitchen Donald Klaras Sean Klicker Fred Koberlein Kenneth Kochan Bette Korkos Diane Koslowski Mark Kraemer Harry Krop Connie Kuncicky Clark Lablond Bronson Lamb Bob Larose Ruth Larsen David Laurie Randy Lawrence Joanne Lawson Fredia Layton Napoleon Leano Meredith Leckie Betty Lee Mirte Lee

Wayne Lemery William Leseur Daniel Lestage Fred Lester David Levesque Michael Levin Heidi Lichtenstein John Lindsey Debra Lister Michael Lithman Robert Livingston John Lobb John Lochner Bill Logay Tom Lucas Phyllis Luther Philip Lyons Cindy MacDonald Richard MacKey George Mackoul Patrick Madigan R. Maguire Dennis Maiman Patricia Mallon David Mandel Donald Mann Dottie Manning Mike Marino Cindy Marsee Gary Martin David Martinak Mary-Virginia Mason Laura Matheny Ken Mattiace Walter Maupay Bob Maxwell Phil Mays Joseph McCauley Wayne McClow

FCCJ Dance students perform with Professor Rosemary Fletcher.

Marjorie McComas Bill McCrea Donald McCurry Mary McElroy Peter McGraw Deb McKemey Alan McLemore Gary Meeks Jim Menard Michelle Mendez Debbie Merinbaum Dale Merrell Tammy Merritt James Mesing David Mette Charles Miller David Miller, Jr. J. Mitchell Robert Mizell Raymond Mock Daniel Mollitt Alan Monday Doug Moody Mary Moore Melanie Moore Michael Moore Paul Moore Maria Mora George Morar D.J. Morgen Andrew Morris Wellington Morton Dave Mosborg Mary Moses Richard Mueller Craig Munn Brian Murray

David Murray Sylvia Murray Mark Musick John Myers Pia Myers William Napier Mina Nelson Susan Nelson Lisa Nesbitt Cliff Newton John Nichols James Nicholson Luciano Noir-Jones Michael Norman Susan Norman Kent Northey Amy Nottingham Lena Null Suzanne Nygren Dorothy Oberg Wayne Oberti Lawrence Obrien Janice O’Brien Jock Ochiltree Robert Odom Kathleen O’Malley Benjamin Ossi Marohn Pacitti Gary Page Mark Palau John Papageorge Harry Pappas Michelle Paxton Louise Pelham Joseph Pence Tom Perry Joseph Persons Herb Pfeiffer Michael Phelan Seth Phelps Connie Philips Ronald Pickett Linda Pierle Harvey Pies Carol Pittman Colette Platts Toni Pledger Richard Polisner Douglas Pollard Mark Popovich Jay Portnoy

Larry Powell Jack Price Kay Price Ned Price Drew Prusiecki Alec Pueschel Stephen Puldy Brian Putzke Tom Quinn Alberto Quiroz John Ranes James Rapley Steven Rausch Kelly Raven Anita Ray Allen Reddy William Reed Jill Reichert Bruce Reid Alex Reid Harry Reiff Doris Remine Louis Rice Carmen Richter Aina Ridley Patrick Riley David Robertson Gerry Roche Susan Roche Lorraine Rodriguez Steven Rohan Lawrence Rollins Yolanda Rollins Ginny Romano Alan Romans Norbie Ronsonet Craig Rookmaaker Vickie Rose Mark Rosenblum Larry Rosenquist Fidelia Roster Joel Roth Mark Rowden Tom Roy James Royal Van Royal Heidi Ruff Susan Ryzewic Jim Sabo Russell Sachs Neil Sager

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Ismail Salahi Robert Salay Linda Sallette Edmond Saoud William Saunders David Schachnovsky Jan Schantini Denise Scheffer Herbert Scheidel Mike Schiff Jack Schmidt Mike Schmitz Robbie Scholl Darrell Schwertner Michele Segars Fred Senftleber Janice Senftleber Floyd Sewell Joe Sherin Kathryn Shipman Jack Shorstein Mark Shorstein Michael Shortstein Freddie Shugrue Debra Siebold Mary Sikes Sam Silberstein Gregory Simms Charles Skarbrevik John Skoglund Mark Slyter A. Smith Brad Smith Craig Smith Julie Smith Kathleen Smith Kenneth Smith Mary Smith George Snow Elana Steinberg David Stelbrink Bob Sternfeld Cliff Stewart Stephen Stewart Delores Stine Joseph Strength David Strickland

26 FCCJ Foundation

Richard Stromberg Randy Stroupe Russell Stuart Jack Sullivan Evans Sumner Bob Svirsky Arthur Swain Catherine Swann Ward Sweat Martiza Swinderman Frank Tassone Raymond Tatuel Raymond Taureck James Taylor J. Taylor Mary Taylor Mary Teague Sheldon Teitelbaum Carolyn Thibodeau Merlene Thomas Peter Thomas Jackie Thomason Mary Thornton Don Toce Karen Tovey Erin Towers Joseph Train Alex Treadaway Bob Trethaway George Trotter John Turbidy Diane Turnipseed Rand Tuttle Nancy Ulerick Farid Ullah David Vandroff David Vaughn Richard Vermut Claudio Vincenty Scott Vining Vivian Virga Benard Walker James Walker Richard Walker Robert Wallo Roberta Walters Art Wampler

Donald Webb John Weber Jonathan Weber Kathryn Weedon Bill Weedon Bill Weise Howard Weiss Tracy Wells Jeff Werch Jeffrey West Ron Whitaker Marlene White Joan Whitfield Jim Whitlow Jason Widrich Charles Wilkerson Bernadette Williams Dan Williams Liz Williams Richard Williamson Betsy Wilson Bob Wilson Daniel Wilson Denver Wilson Ken Wilson William Wilson Kevin Winslow William Womble Royce Wood Tod Wood Tom Woods Nancy Woodward Polk Woolford Patrick Wright Stephen Wyand David Yarbrough Karel Yedlicka Bruce Yergin Larry Yost Gary Young Jeanne Young Rey Yvars Melanie Zakikhani Frances Zeller Joseph Zito

Artist Series Organization Donations Producers — $1,000+ AT&T Eisman & Russo, Inc.

Benefactors — $550–$999 Spartan Development Group Specialty Hospital Jacksonville PGA Tour, Inc. PALS, Etc. Promo Depot Gottlieb and Associates Martin R.W. Sage Enterprises, LLC Bank of America Harden & Associates Note-Able Music Services, Inc. Hope Nutritional Services New World Realty and Property Management, Inc. Solantic LLC Paul Davis Restoration Briggs & Cromartie Bloodstock Age Ladies Night Plantation Theatre Group Interline Brands, Inc.

Bestrate Mortgage Kayak Amelia Ling Media, Inc. Pats Foundation Law Office of Connie L. Heller Law Office of Terry Byrd Northwestern Mutual Financial Network Saliantech, Inc. Scott Media Stevens, Powell, and Company, P.A. Studio One Dance Company Sullivan Theatre The Vanderbeck Group Streamline Outdoor Services, LLC

Patrons — $300–$549 Logical Business Solutions, Inc. Southern Air Specialties, Inc. Compass Bank Home Care Advantage, Inc. CMR Group, LLC PVB Theatre Girls Sapelo National Bank Scheuble Family Broudy’s Fine Wine and Spirits Capri Industries, Inc. Auto Buffs Drummac, Inc. Hope Clinic The Schantz Family Specialty Underwriters, Inc. Southland Waste System Beachcombers North, Inc. Bubble’s Car Wash Medical Care Products, Inc. The Grays and The Stephens Advantage Medical Staffing First Bank of Jacksonville Bill Simpson Roofing, Inc. Fernandina Beach News Leader Don Brown Realty Dynamics Dance, Inc.

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Ways to Give

28 FCCJ Foundation

There are so many ways to support the students and programs at Florida Community College that you may not know about all of them — or their tax benefits.

Here are a few. Cash and gift pledges — If you or your spouse’s employer has a matching program for philanthropic gifts, we will work with you to request the matching funds and apply them to the fund of your choice. Stocks and bonds — If you have held the asset for more than one year, you can deduct its fair market value, up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income. You will also owe no capital gains tax on its transfer to the Foundation. Real estate — Please contact us so we can meet with you to determine the best use of your property. Equipment — The Foundation welcomes gifts of equipment of use to the College or that can be quickly sold. Please contact us to discuss your item. Estate plan gifts — Your will can include any of the types of donations listed above, along with a specified percentage of your estate and/or the balance of your estate after providing for family members. Life insurance — You can make a substantial gift with only modest premium payments, or through current policies no longer needed for family members. Retirement accounts — You can name Florida Community College as a beneficiary for a portion of your IRA, profit-sharing account, or other retirement plan. Charitable remainder trusts — A trust can provide lifelong income to you and your beneficiary, then pass the remaining assets to the College. This option is appropriate for those considering a gift of at least $50,000. Charitable lead trusts — You can transfer assets to a trust for a fixed number of years with the interest going to the Foundation. When the trust terminates, the principal is distributed back to you or your beneficiaries. This is an ideal option is you do not need current income but want the asset to pass along to a future beneficiary.

Your qualified tax expert can give you information about how each option applies to your situation. Foundation staff members can also give more information about each type of gift. Contact the Florida Community College Foundation at (904) 632-3237 for more information on how you can support the Foundation. No matter how you choose to give, your donation to the Florida Community College Foundation will help ensure access to higher education and job training for those who need it, as well as improve the quality of life for the entire community.

Thank you! Report to the Community


30 FCCJ Foundation

FSCJ Foundation Report  

FSCJ Foundation Report to the community Spring 2008