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A Design Competition for a New Maggie’s Centre an inspiring project for schools

In short This is an architectural design competition for a new Maggie’s Centre for Standard Grade and Higher pupils. The competition adds value to the current school curriculum as it touches upon Health and Wellbeing and combines Design, Science and Technology. It will provide a great opportunity to develop research and presentation skills, to introduce architecture in the classroom and to inspire pupils who have an interest in design. Kirsty Wark and architect Richard Murphy will judge the competition entries. The winner will be awarded a week long work experience at Richard Murphy’s architecture practice. A Design competition Maggie’s Centres are designed by some of the world’s leading architects. We understand the importance of good architecture and design and the difference our centres can make to people with cancer and their family and friends. With this competition we hope to inspire students to learn more about Maggie’s and architecture by designing their own centre. Maggie’s Centres Maggie’s Centres are for anyone with cancer and their families and friends. Sitting and working alongside NHS cancer hospitals they provide the emotional, practical and social support that people with cancer need. Designed by leading architects, Maggie’s Centres are warm, friendly, informal places, full of light and open space with a big kitchen at their heart. They provide a bridge from the stress of dealing with hospitals, appointments and treatment. The Entry Pack Additionally to this design competition brief there is an entry pack available through the website This resource pack will provide you with: • A short introduction to Architecture • Explanation about architecture plans, elevations, scale model, etc. • Case studies of some of the Maggie’s Centres with design statement, plans, elevations, sketches, models and images, both interior and exterior. • Suggestions for the classroom to explore architecture and to start this design competition. • Helpful information about submission requirements Submission requirements • A design statement (max 50 words) • A plan drawing 1:50 • Three images of a model scale 1:50 • Two sketches or images of the design development • Two interior images showing the intended atmosphere of your design

Award and Exhibition The competition will be judged by representatives from Maggie’s, Richard Murphy Architects and Maggie’s patron Kirsty Wark. Shortlisted entrants will be displayed at The Lighthouse in Glasgow as part of an exhibition in the summer of 2014. The overall winner will be awarded a week long work experience placement with a Maggie’s Centre architect. All transport and accommodation will be provided by The Lighthouse. Maggie’s will keep all the digital submissions as inspiration for the next new Maggie’s centre design team. Who can enter the competition? This competition is open to Standard Grade and Higher pupils. The project can be delivered in the classroom, outside school hours, or taken up by individual pupils. Deadline Please make sure you send your submission digitally to Kathryn Lamont at before 5pm on the 1st of March 2014. The e-mail size can be a maximum size of 10MB. Contact If you have any questions, please contact Kathryn Lamont at or 07557265462 The Design Brief Design a Maggie’s Centre that combines visionary architecture with a feeling of welcome and safety. The design should be small and domestic in scale. Maggie’s Centres are places where people feel at home and cared for. At the same time, the lively imaginative atmosphere encourages people to dare to explore, and stimulates them to want to do so. The aim is clear. The object is to encourage people who feel frightened and anxious about coping with cancer to feel better by developing their sense of confidence and resourcefulness. What they discover at a Maggie’s Centre may help them put a different perspective on what is happening to them and make a profound difference to their experience of living with cancer. The design should facilitate spaces where people can retreat with their families, where staff can meet with a centre user privately, where people can relax on their own, or with family and friends, where people can share their experiences with others. Spaces should enclose but also include a sense of openness. A variety of different sized rooms should accommodate for the different purposes. The kitchen table plays a key role for people to meet and should be at the heart of the design. The design should be sensitive to the surrounding landscape and provide an uplifting environment that inspires people to come in. Outdoor space is just as important and should be part of the design, with easy access between inside and out, and with views connecting the landscape with the building and its interior. Every part of the building should be accessible to all visitors. The approximate size of a Maggie’s Centre is 280m2. The original architectural brief for the Maggie’s Centres can be found in the Entry Pack. Architects have used this brief to design their unique contribution for Maggie’s. Some of these designs are documented in the Entry Pack. You can use the designs of the existing Maggie’s Centres to inspire you. You will find that each is original, surprising, full of light and the atmosphere which they create inside them is informal and even light hearted.

Maggie's Design Competition Brief  

Information for teacher's and students interested in entering the Maggoe's design competition.

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