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Input + Ideas Rethinking Scotland’s Policy on Architecture and Place


What methods could be used to involve you in the development of buildings and places? Respondents were asked to select the three best methods. Number of responses: 82





1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Providing opportunities outside long dull council meetings is key. Local exhibitions would use local spaces and be more interactive. Committees = very bad idea, limits involvement.

6 5

Selection of Comments:

2 3

Events and Exhibitions 26% Online Information and Activities 15% Workshops 15% Local Meetings 10% Volunteering 9% Social Media groups 9% Questionnaire 8% Membership Groups or Committees 7%

“Explain to people why they should care about their urban environment. Explain how the design process and end result can be shaped by their actions..”

Social/online media reaches such a large percentage of the population, it allows people to really connect with ideas. Questionnaires allow limited expression, long process. Meetings are better in order to express opinions + involve the community - so long as they are well advertised + accessible to all. Needs to be balance between new and old ways of engaging. One obstacle is always getting beyond the interested few. That’s why I think committees should be avoided in favour of open meeting and social media. People need to be aware that they have the option to input, often this is poorly advertised.