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Call for applications

Awards/Competition TAIGO 2013

Transparency, Access to Information and Open Governance

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Transparency, Access to Information and Open Governance

The Association Citizens Governance Initiatives through the project Access Cameroon launches the 2013 edition of the Transparency, Access to Information and Open Governance (TAIGO) Awards to encourage excellence in journalism, civil society activism and citizens’ participation through transparency, freedom of information and accountability mechanisms. All citizens, civil society actors, public service users and media practitioners in the national territory are cordially invited to submit applications or nominate candidates for the Competition.

The TAIGO competition seeks to encourage:


The active involvement of citizens and public service users in general, in requesting information and demanding a public service that meets modern and international democratic standards.


Media who play a leading role in the quest for information and open governance, as well as the development of investigative journalism in Cameroon.


Non-State actors acting sustainably for transparency and open government, through detailed research based on the law and oriented towards the improvement of citizens’ wellbeing.


Greater realization by public and private organs of the requirements of a modern administration at the service of users, through the proactive disclosure of information and responses to users’ requests.

Transparency, Access to Information and Open Governance

PARTICIPATION Applications are accepted based on three (03) participation mechanisms: Self-Nomination: qualifying individuals or organizations for any given category may

submit their applications themselves by filling the application form and providing the required relevant documentation. Nomination by a third party: any individual or organization may nominate an

individual or organization in each of the relevant categories. To do so, please fill the nomination form and provide the required relevant documentation. Nomination by the Organizing Committee: the Organizing Committee may identify

individuals or organizations that it deems to fulfill the participation criteria and submits their application.

REGISTRATION & DEADLINES Applications should be sent electronically or in print to CGI’s office on or before December 5th 2013 All applications must be typed (hand written applications will be disqualified) and submitted by: or Drop at CGI office - Mini Prix Bastos (Behind G4S office & opposite Embassy of the Central African Republic)

For all inquiries about the Awards please call or send an email to: TĂŠl. +237 22 01 15 68

Awards will be presented to ceremony in December 2013 presided by a Honorary Guest Speaker. The exact date and place will be communicated later

Transparency , Access to Information and Open Governance

PRIZES & AWARDS Prizes are awarded for activities or initiatives carried out between 1 January 2013 and 31 October 2013, in the following categories:


Associations, NGOs, trade unions, GIC, religious organizations, or any other entity with assimilated legal personality are accepted as Civil Society actors. Rewarded initiatives may include research or advocacy projects, whose impact leads to the 1 prize promotion of TAIGO values. FCFA 400.000


This category recognizes the action of an individual public service user, of Cameroonian or other nationality, resident in Cameroon or outside of the country, whose action or work has impacted on the functioning of the public administration or a 1 prize FCFA 200.000 private organ exercising a public service mission, or on Cameroon’s public life in general. Legal actions against the refusal by public information holders to communication information or deliver public documents are accepted.


Media are rewarded for journalistic investigation or research that lead to promoting or realizing TAIGO values: 10 prizes FCFA 2,4 Millions

- Print or Online Media: 03 Prizes (CFA Francs: 400,000 – 200,000 – 150,000) - Radio: 03 Prizes (CFA Francs: 400,000 – 200,000 – 150,000) - TV: 03 Prizes (CFA Francs: 400,000 – 200,000 – 150,000) - Blog: 01 Prize (CFA Francs: 300.000)

Call for appplications TAIGO 2013  
Call for appplications TAIGO 2013