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n this typical mexican town square, centered with a bandstand, you can enjoy the real mexican ambiance with a and restaurants to choose from. Local band playing every Thursday and Sunday nights. On the ocean side of the plaza you can be part of the free musical and cultural events performed in Los Arcos outdoor theater on weekends. At the east side of the plaza stands Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, considered the heart of Puerto Vallarta´s downtown. It was built during a 12year period starting in 1921 and it´s original crown, damaged by an earthquake, is said to have been modeled after the one worn by Doña Carlota, the empress of the Emperor Maximilian in the XVIII century. MALECON Stroll along the beachfront boardwalk at downtown and be amazed by the impressive bronze sculptures by well known artists, street performances and beautiful sunsets. Paralell to the malecon you’ll find 10 blocks of shops, bars.



his picturesque little island located in the river cuale, four blocks south of the church of our Lady of Guadalupe, brings out a lively cultural atmosphere during the day and a becomes the perfect place to stroll out on its trails, suspension bridges and plazas. At the center of the island stands the Mercado Municipal Río Cuale, an open door market devoted to artisans shaded with enormous fig trees, where you can find ceramics, jewelry, a variety of souvenirs and typical Mexican clothing ware. You may also find different local artists displaying and making their own artwork at site but if its food what you´re looking for, you may choose the best view of the river from numerous cafes and restaurants providing diverse cuisine options. For cultural activities you have the Centro Cultural Río Cuale at the eastern tip of the island for afternoon theater performances or the Museo Río Cuale located at the eastern tip of the island to marvel at the collection of preColumbian ceramics of the state of Jalisco.

CONOCIENDO VALLARTA Recorre de norte a sur la ciudad entera y descubre la historia y las anécdotas de la Iglesia de Guadalupe, la Isla del Río Cuale junto con su Mercado de Artesanías, el Malecón y sus esculturas. Para una experiencia más citadina, Puerto Vallarta también ofrece grandes centros o plazas comerciales dentro de las cuales destacan Plaza Genoveza, Plaza Marina, Galerías Vallarta, Plaza Península y Plaza Caracol, con tiendas departametales, cadenas de comida y lugares de entretenimiento y en algunos casos cines.



uerto Vallarta is second only to Mexico City as a tourist destination for gastronomy in all of México. With more than 200 restaurants, Puerto Vallarta provides cuisine that is a true delight to the palate of visitors and residents who join in the joy of dining.

A wide variety of flavors, aromas, exotic spices, gourmet dishes, comfort food, as well as, tasty snacks are offered. Eateries, where an array of delicious food is served, begins with traditional Mexican dishes such as sea food and tacos. However, visitors also can easily discover many international cuisines, including Greek, Japanese, Italian, Argentine, Austrian, French, and German. You’ll find most of the best restaurants at downtown, some of them with a spectacular ocean view and others hidden away from the crowds but all of them with something special to offer you!


n la variedad está el gusto, los lugares para comer en Puerto Vallarta van desde la tradicional mexicana hasta la griega, japonesa, italiana, argentina, austriaca, china, francesa, y desde luego los mariscos, quesadillas, tacos y demás platillos tradicionales no sólo del destino sino de todo el país. Los chefs de Puerto Vallarta son reconocidos a nivel mundial por su calidad al cocinar, sin embargo la belleza de los restaurantes es poco superada por los de otra parte del país ya que la mayoría cuenta con vistas panorámicas, al mar los muelles e incluso a todo Puerto Vallarta. La mayoría de los mejores restaurantes se encuentran en el centro de Puerto Vallarta, aunque los hoteles tienen dignos representantes ante el mundo en esta materia. Más tradicional y vallertense, en algunas esquinas podrá encontrar tostadas de ceviche, quesadillas de carne asada, fruta picada, burritos, snacks diversos. Y de beber la tradicional tuba, tejuino, aguas frescas y por qué no, un vasito de tradicional Raicilla.



ven though Puerto Vallarta is considered the ideal tropical paradise to relax on the beach, it is also the perfect destination for those who enjoy extreme sports and any other recreational activity you may think of. There is always something for every type of traveler, from kite surfing and surfing off the beach to scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming with dolphins. If land is what attracts you, hikes through the jungle, horseback riding and mountain biking could be on your list; and for the more adventurous why not try a canopy tour or drive your own ATV through the countryside! As Puerto Vallarta prides itself on its friendly English speaking Tourist Police who are always willing to assist with directions, aid and present the feeling and reality of security for guests at its highest level. One will not feel uncomfortable walking the main Malecon along the beach or exploring the interior areas of Puerto Vallarta. Of course one must always use common sense and precautions.



Explore Mexico’s countryside on your own semi-automatic, four-wheeled ATV. From the streets of beautiful local villages to off-road dusty trails and scenic rivers of the Sierra Madre mountains, get to know Puerto Vallarta up close.


Zip lining or “tirolesa” in Spanish, consists of hooking yourself to a cable, then jumping off either the top of a tree or the edge of a mountain, “zipping” effortlessly through the air over huge tropical trees at speeds of 30 to 40 miles per hour while enjoying spectacular views, and arriving safely at the other end of the line. If you dare to let the adrenalin pump through your veins zip into this adventure at any of the many series of thrilling zip lines in Puerto Vallarta. DOLPHIN ENCOUNTERS

If you have dreamed of a chance to swim with dolphins, ever marvelled at their overwhelming beauty and intelligence - then Vallarta is an option. Listed below are operators with captive dolphin programs as well as one with an open-ocean encounter.


As Puerto Vallarta is nestled between the Sierra Madre foot hills, hiking around it promises magnificent views and an unforgettable experience for anyone interested in nature. Hike through picturesque mountain towns, along rivers with its fresh waters and waterfalls deep in

the jungle or simply wander around the coast from one fishing village to another. The options are ample and the reward is imaginable. HORSEBACK RIDING

Experience the beautiful countryside area of Puerto Vallarta and be part of the breathtaking natural scenery as you ride along rivers or on jungle and mountain trails surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. Magnificent views of the Banderas Bay and town below will make your ride even more beautiful.

MOUNTAIN BIKING Explore the essence of México on a full-suspension mountain bike in surrounding scenic country locations like Ixtapa, el Río Cuale and Yelapa or in mountain destinations, such as San Sebastián, Mascota and Talpa.

SCUBA DIVING & SNORKELING Puerto Vallarta’s underwater world is unique, from the tiny invertebrates crawling on the ocean floor to the majestic manta rays gliding through the water. Caves, coral reefs and numerous species of colourful fish are also part of the display that you may encounter in popular diving spots such as Los Arcos, Majahuitas and the Marietas Islands.



acia el sur de la bahía, hay numerosas playas a las que sólo se puede acceder por mar. Paradisiacos paisajes que conforma la selva, la montaña y el océano se pueden observar fácilmente tomando alguno de los diversos tours que se ofrecen en la terminal marítima o vendedores ubicados en diferentes puntos de la zona turística. También se puede hacer de manera independiente tomando un taxi acuático desde $30 que lo lleve a las playas de Quimixto, Yelapa o Las Animas. En estos lugares le esperan actividades como buceo, caminatas, cabalgatas a caballo ó simplemente recostarse en la suave arena de estas playas casi vírgenes.



he jungle terrains of the mountain foothills reach directly down to the shore on the south side of the bay all the way to Cabo Corrientes, creating a more secluded atmosphere on its small coves and attractive b e a c h e s surrounded by large boulders and vegetation. Banderas bay, considered México´s lar- Some of the remote southern beaches, most easily accessible by boat, include Yelapa, a beach of golden gest and one of the world’s deepest na- sand set on a fishing village; Majahuitas, a beach tural bays has recorded depths of more with swaying palm trees and crystal clear water ideal than 3,000 feet. Its deep waters shelter for snorkeling; Quimixto, a quaint fishing sea a broad spectrum of marine life such side village with a tropical ambiance and a white beach; and Las Animas, as dolphins, humpback whales, manta sand a pictures que beach with blue calm waters and beachfront restaurants. rays, and sea turtles among others spe- Boca de Tomatlán, is a tranquil country village cies, while the 100 mile C-shaped coastli- with a unique cove, rustic restaurants, a small ne, surrounded by a stunning and diver- beach, and the Horcones River emptying into the se landscape, displays everything from ocean; Pangas frequently depart from here for further south. majestic tropical mountainsides to huge beaches Mismaloya, accessible by road through a gorgeous coastal drive, is a pretty mangroves and estuaries full of wildlife. jungle-backed cove where John Huston´s “The Night of the Iguana” was filmed; and Conchas Chinas, also with road access and in proximity to downtown, is a series of small sandy coves separated by rocky formations with luxurious homes, condominiums, and hotels as a background. DOWNTOWN & HOTEL ZONE BEACHES The most popular beach areas of Puerto Vallarta are at downtown. Los Muertos beach, a 2 km strand of fine sand and calm waters visited often by locals with a great variety of restaurants, beach clubs, and shops; Olas Altas, an extension of Los Muertos beach, offers

Acces Vallarta Julio 2010  

Acces Vallarta Julio 2010

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