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There are 6 million bicycles in Shanghai By: Rodica

Or maybe 7. You should not hesitate to try one, it’s an experience. Of course another aspect that I want to share with you is that being a pedestrian you are at the lowest level of the road society. You don’t matter, your only concern is to stay alive... A black start. I promise that word by word the perspective will change. Still the bicyclists are dangerous, but it’s China specific flavor – bitter sweet. So, welcome to Shanghai! Please don’t be fooled by the gipsy look-like of the suburbia, with all the clothes hanging on the bamboo sticks and dusty windows, the city is very cosmopolite and alive. Ah, you feel like your look is a little bit foggy, no need to worry it’s just the smog. And the cars…ohh, the cars look like toys, they do have something unnatural. Shanghai, or the “sin city” how it was called back in the 20th, it is overwhelming. Just imagine the active force of 18 million people turning around at every corner, walking, talking, breathing... I myself felt helpless but totally amazed. It is certain that Chinese people love skyscrapers...everything has a tower shape, the competition to build the highest building in the city is important. In an area of 5 square kilometers you can find some of the highest constructions in the world. Besides concrete and state of the art technology, outside the city there are the so called “secret gardens”. A green oasis, Chinese flavored. Ohh, and the flavor is at every corner...fried tofu flavor. And that one is nose-blowing...It is said that as bad as it smells as good it tastes. I can only believe it. Surprising tastes I have tried in this amazing city...

The fried dumplings and noodles are by far the best, but of course for more extravagant tastes a well cooked turtle, or some lobsters can make a real difference. That was when I realized that I am not extravagant. The diversity in food is also present in every aspect of Shanghai’s life. Stores, underground stations, bicycles, cars, people, night life. Don’t be fooled by Shanghai, as is not the real China, it’s a country inside a country. Beijing is more suitable to that. The short virtual tour finished. Enjoyed it? ©2012 Accenture. All rights reserved

There are 6 million bicycles in Shanghai