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Relevant & irrelevant questions in life by Monica

Did you ever spend time with your own thoughts? Questioning over life, over what happened in the past, why it occurred, what can you do to change some things or how not to modify them? Why are you happy or not? What brings you joy? And a lot of other questions… If you did so, maybe you considered some of them relevant or irrelevant for your decisions. Personally, even if my motto in life is “better to regret something that I did, than something I did not”, I found myself

sometimes confronting different questions like the above ones. And do you know which the surprise is? I am struggling to respond to them and only then I realize that not only bad things happen in life. You always know what is missing, but you need a lot of thinking and analyzing to see what you already have. I think the best approach when asking yourself something it’s the way you formulate the question. Do not ask it under a general aspect like: what is happiness, what is life, what is the Universe?

Ask yourself, having you in the center of the question... and in this way you will be contained in the answer too... maybe yes, maybe not... perhaps from these relevant and irrelevant questions, answers will arise. There is not a general rule for everybody, as what is relevant for me, maybe for others is not.

• Which is my contribution to humanity?

There is a statement saying that “if you ask a question you are stupid for 3 minutes, but if you are not addressing it, you will remain stupid for life”. So taking this into considerations, “there are no stupid questions, maybe just unintelligent answers”.

• What I cannot accept?

Relevant or irrelevant for you, I am noting below some questions to try answering to... and you will see then the impact on you, on your life and maybe on others’ lives that are nearby.

• What’s giving me power?

• What do I like most?

• What is boring me?

• How can I find out?

• What is relaxing me?

• For what am I grateful?

• What’s making me smile?

• What do I want to obtain? • Who do I want to become? • Which is my biggest dream? • How can I enjoy all around me?

• What’s making me attractive? • What’s my motivation? • What is depressing me?

• What can I leave behind? • What’s giving me enthusiasm?

• What’s fascinating me? • What are my minimum needs?

• What frightens me? • What makes me abandon? • What makes me start again?

• How can I be happy?

• How can I offer more love without expecting something in return?

• What makes my heart beat?

• What do I need?

• What’s making my soul alive?

• What protects me?

• How can I be connected to the reality?

• What exposes me?

• How can I serve the humanity?

• What’s giving me time?

• What’s spending my time?

• How can I help/support these changes?

• What is making me feel loved?

• How can I make their change easier?

• What’s making me feel accomplished?

• How can I accept I need a change?

• What’s making me honest?

• How can I use my intuition?

• What is making me lie to myself and the others?

• What do I need to offer myself?

• What’s giving me courage?

• What can I offer to the others?

• What’s giving me strength? • What’s giving me passion? • What’s making me love and hug others?

• What do I need to smile more? • How can I be prouder of myself? • What I am embarrassed of?

• What is the message I want to transmit to the world around me?

• What brings me joy?

• What is my legacy?

• How can I leave place for new in my life?

• Where do I want to weak up in the morning and how?

• What would make me more tolerant?

• What’s gives me peace?

• What gives me patience? • How can I love more?

• How can I hear my soul? • What is important to me? • How can I become attractive to the Universe? • What do I need for stopping the searching? • What I am searching for? • How can I accept the difference between me and the others? • How can I accept that people change? ©2013 Accenture. All rights reserved

Relevant & irrelevant questions in life by Monica  
Relevant & irrelevant questions in life by Monica  

Did you ever spend time with your own thoughts? Questioning over life, over what happened in the past, why it occurred, what can you do to c...