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How to bare the summer by Madalina

The last time I wrote something about seasons, I was longing for the summer to come. We were in full winter and my only wish was to get rid of all the heavy snow, all the clothes I had to put on and, eventually, the cold weather that

forced me to wear my overcoat. Now it’s full summer and, though I like it a lot, I’m beginning to think of different ways to bring the coolness closer. Basically, in this story, we are more or less alike. In the winter we wish for the summer

and in the summer we search for some ice. But don’t get me wrong! The summer is still my favorite season. I only want to make it perfect. So, if you are part of the people who like summer only from

the window or from some seaside pictures, here is a recipe that can help you to have a delightful summer right at your office. First of all, besides your light, white clothes, don’t forget to bring your positive attitude at the office (by the way, this one is an all-seasons accessory). If you are at the subway, don’t think of the crowd and how hot it is there. Better yet, take a music device with you and listen to some summer songs and don’t read the daily newspapers, because they can ruin your good humour. This is on your way to the office. Once you reached it, don’t forget it’s a delightful summer outside, although the high temperature can’t touch you that much when you are at your desk.

it’s still summer outside and, even if you don’t believe it; you are still affected by this. So while you are at the office, try to drink as much water as you can, more than you used to do in the winter or in the spring. Maybe you don’t see a big difference but your body feels it. Another useful advice that doctors give us is to avoid consuming coffee or alcohol after 16.00 pm. This will help our body to maintain really hydrated. And about food, try not to consume so much meat, but vegetables and fruits. It’s not a coincidence the fact that summer, with its rough heat, gave us such an immense variety of fruits. Ultimately, we can use fruits also for a very refreshing natural juice.

So you are sitting on your chair, taking advantage of the conditioned air and trying to solve all your daily tasks. However, I said it before and I’ll say it again:

The tips and tricks for a better summer can continue for many pages. For the moment, I think the best advice is my own recipe of a cool summer:

• 6 lemons • 1 cup of sugar or honey • 6 cups of cold water Juice the lemons. Combine the lemon juice with the sugar and the 6 cups of water. Serve it with ice. Additionally, you can spice it with some mint, cinnamon, or even cold sweetened condensed milk. Or, you can make fruity lemonade by using raspberry and strawberry juice, pineapple and even watermelon. It’s your own choice how to better bare the summer. ©2013 Accenture. All rights reserved

How to bare the summer by Madalina