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Friendship at Accenture by Monica

What is friendship? Why do we need it? Why do humans tend to make friends at their workplace? Is this helping us to make a balance between our personal and professional lives? Oscar Wilde defined friendship as being the “challenge through which a person is measured as human being”. Is this true for you, too? Are you considering

that having friends and being somebody’s friend is making you more human? Well… I do think so, but I have moments in my life when I am asking myself some questions and I want also to challenge you to raise them to yourselves as well: how many true friends do you have? But what is a true friend? Is there any standard definition of a true friend or does

this depends on each person? How would you classify your friends? Friends to go out and have fun, friends only at work with whom you are spending spare times and lunch breaks, friends with whom you are talking rarely because they are in another city or country, friends with whom you are sharing all the experiences good and bad, who would

wake up in the middle of the night to offer his/her help? Can all these examples be named “friends”? Maybe for some of us yes, but for some not. Personally, I noticed that many times I even call “friend” a person that used to be a good friend in the past but because of so many external influences (like different cities, jobs, methods of spending spare time, etc) we are kind of disconnected …but in my heart I still consider them my friends, a category called simple “friends”. Have you ever been asked: who is your best friend? Well… I have heard this question many times, and I recognize that “my

best friend” is different from one period of my life to another, and I always tended to say that will be my best friend for the entire life… I am still thinking about this but in a more mature way, not with a teenage mind. Further on, I want to open my soul to the readers and share with them my friendship experience at Accenture, and I do think I am not the only one having this great experience: having the best friends and some other persons close to me here at the office. In this moment I realized that I answered myself to some of the questions mentioned above: who are my best friends, which are

the categories in my life... I will not tell you this, as I think this is something to bear in mind and heart, and the answer should be kept there. The most important thing for me is that I succeeded to combine work with personal life in such a way to have balance between them. Maybe for some people mixing these two areas is not a success recipe but for me it is. And I will tell you why: because I want to have my best friends always near to me and it is happening. In this way I am working in a warm environment, where some of the people with whom I am working are not simple colleagues, and to be

honest this is one of my key to success: we always know to make a difference between work and personal stuff, but being more than colleagues is helping us to communicate, to enjoy lunch breaks, to interact, to enjoy business trips and not only. Related to the last business trip, I have to share with you that recently I travelled to Prague with four colleagues from four different projects and at the beginning of the trip I was not so in the mood as I was thinking: “I do not know these colleagues so well - will I enjoy the time spent together or we will make separate plans and staying each in our hotel

rooms?� Well, let me say that I had the most amazing and beautiful surprise: we had the best time during the voyage, we laughed a lot, we were always in agreement where to go and what to do, we even come up with some nicknames and a lot of funny moments that made me feel connected to them, and whenever I remember those days I am smiling. We even feel something special when meeting in the office as we keep in mind and heart how beautiful Prague was when visited with such wonderful people. To cut long story short, as I can speak about this subject for days,

I want to encourage you to be opened to receive new friends in your lives, but struggle every day to keep the best ones near you. In the end, I would like to tell you what is my definition for best friendship (the true case for me and my best friend): our friendship is a kind of music - two chords vibrating as one even if you are touching only one of them. Š2013 Accenture. All rights reserved

Friendship at Accenture by Monica  
Friendship at Accenture by Monica  

What is friendship? Why do we need it? Why do humans tend to make friends at their workplace? Is this helping us to make a balance between o...