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“Chocolat� between Romania and France By: Madalina

It may seem a crowded and not a ”very funny” city, but there are some amazing things about Bucharest. One of them is the fact that here, as in any other capital, we can find places that recall us about some other interesting and exotic countries. There is a little of China and Japan, Belgium and France. One of these places is “Chocolat, createur de gout”, a special sweetshop that reminds us of what France means and what makes it such an elegant and romantic country. Everything began when a young man, after spending 10 years in Belgium, learning from the greatest cooks, started to create a new concept for Bucharest - a sweetshop with the best recipes that France and Romania can give. This is how “Chocolat, createur de gout” was borne, showing us a part of an old stylish France from the 30s. There are lots of reasons to come here, whether you just want to relax and enjoy a fine refreshing fruit tart or you need to satisfy your hunger with a delicious and nourishing soup. And if the soup does not satisfy your hunger, you can anytime choose between a rich salad and a well cooked roast. Placed on Calea Victoriei street, no. 12A, Chocolat offers us plenty of products, from breakfast to dinner and from refined French meals to traditional Romanian food: croissants and salty tarts, sweet bread and cakes. And although it has so many excellent sweets, like Foret Noir, Strawberry mousse, Chocolate mousse, Cappuccino mousse and Tiramisu, the most interesting thing about Chocolat is the fact that it is

also a bakery. You can buy natural tasty bread, from seed bread and olive bread to poppy seed bread and black bread filled with nuts and raisins. And this is not the end. It is a bakery and a sweetshop at the same time, but we should not forget its name - Chocolat. Here you can find some of the best Belgian pralines, rock cakes and cookies, tasteful and, of course, sweet. As a matter of fact, the concept of Chocolat is so complex and it is difficult to describe it as one thing or another. It is a refined sweetshop and a traditional bakery, a classy bistro and a coffee shop. For those of you who are interested in it, you can find out more about Chocolat on site. Or even better, you can go on Calea Victoriei street or visit the other two locations of the sweetshop: Radu Beller street, no.13 and Bトハeasa Shopping City Bon Appテゥtit! ツゥ2012 Accenture. All rights reserved.


It may seem a crowded and not a ”very funny” city, but there are some amazing things about Bucharest. One of them is the fact that here, as...