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Bulgaria - so close and so many things to be seen by Tatiana You don’t have to wait for your summer vacation to “recharge your batteries” and enrich your cultural knowledge, as you can easily do that in only two or three days. I convinced myself about that, one spring, when I had the chance to spend a weekend in Bulgaria and I was amazed about how many beautiful things and places I discovered. For accommodation we chose a hotel in the small village Nisovo that is located right in the heart of Russenski Lom National Natural Park, and fully enjoyed its picturesque nature, the fresh country air and, most important, it’s impressive silence. Bulgaria is known for its stone monasteries and their well preserved paintings, so after we crossed the border we visited the stone monastery “St Dimitrii of Basarbovo” that is situated in the picturesque valley of the

Rusenski Lom River at about 10 km away from the Rousse town. It is the only active monastery in Bulgaria and, as it is built entirely in rock at a significant height, you have to climb on some stone

stairs to get in the monastery. Inside we saw a carved wooden iconostasis and icons that describe its history. Also, up there is a store for the tourists who can buy icons, church objects or small

brochures. The landscapes created by the calcareous relief from this area are breathtaking. The ruins of the Cerven Medieval town, that are situated as well in the Russenski Lom National Natural Park, impressed us all by it’s complexity and the beauty of the nature. The actual ruins are well preserved and they kept the initial structure and the fortifications system of the medieval citadel. We made some effort to get up there, on the hill, but it was fully worth it! At the so called “entrance” in the medieval town there is a huge map that indicates the inside constructions, their role and importance they had in the “medieval” live. During our 2 hours walk on the hill through the “medieval town”, we discovered the old town by the ruins: a metropolitan church, a stone tomb, a great number of small churches, a stone cross, the citadel tower and many other impressive constructions. I can’t help myself to mention again the unique landscapes form the area. The Ivanovo Rock Monastery was the third touristic attraction we visited. It is situated at 32 m above the waters of the picturesque canyon of the Roussenski

Lom River and it’s surrounded by rock – massifs. We had to climb through the forest about 15-20 minutes to get to the monastery. Inside the monastery is very tight, especially the entrance and the walls are covered by paintings that depict its history and past. Another impressive element that draw our attention was the small balcony that “hangs” in the air and that gave us a great overview of the area. We definitely could not miss the The Orlova Chuka cave that is located on the left shore of the Cherni Lom River, near the village of Pepelina, Rousse region. It is the second longest cave in Bulgaria (13 km in length) and it was discovered by chance in 1941. During our “short” visit in the cave we walked through a complex labyrinth of interweaving galleries, tunnels, and abysses, big and small halls. It was quite cold there, but we had a wonderful guide who presented in French the cave and it’s “inhabitants” .He was very fun and even made us all sing with him at one moment. Most of the calcareous shapes were given, in time, a name so we had the chance to meet there many “people”, “animals”, “ tales

characters” and even famous “boulevards”” in the world. We “saw “ the Adam and Eva stone statues, princesses, a tortoise, a bid bird and had a pleasant walk on Champs Elyssee boulevard, so large was one of the cave’s hall. There also was a small spring that makes your wishes come true. The guide told us that if you drink water from it and make a wish, your wish will come true. I smiled, but I drank some water and I made a wish and ….surprisingly my wish came true faster than I expected… so you never now! The last, but not least…the Russenski Lom National Natural Park is one of the ten natural parks in Bulgaria and the most beautiful park I’ve seen so far. It covers an area of 3408 ha and it is known as a very interesting tourist attraction. Its value consists of the impressive landscape – terraces and meanders, steep and high cliffs, rocky areas, caves and natural monuments of national and international importance. My trip in Bulgaria lasted only 2 days and a half, but had such a good time there and I visited so many places during those days that I came back with a great

moral and with the impression that I stayed much more… So, I will end by saying that sometimes “Less is more…” and definitely I will go again in Bulgaria because there are still many things to be seen. ©2013 Accenture. All rights reserved

Bulgaria by Tatiana  
Bulgaria by Tatiana  

You don’t have to wait for your summer vacation to “recharge your batteries” and enrich your cultural knowledge, as you can easily do that i...