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A funny story a funny bride By Ana

I remember how this began... I was in the 8th grade and he was in the 7th grade; I was the only girl playing football in our school. All I knew back then is that I hated the fact that his class was way better than ours. But good for me that I was way better than him at basketball, so during break time I was playing with “the competitors” who would try to prove they are superior to me. They would say: “I bet that you cannot score from half court, but if you do I will buy you an ice cream”. What can I say? I won so many times, they had to buy me coke, sweets, ice cream! I was having so much fun that I could not stop doing it. Now when I meet with these guys, they remind me of those fun times and we laugh so hard. Getting back to the point, I went to high school and after three years, a friend of mine, tells me: “Do you remember that guy, Cristi, you went to the same school, now he is a colleague of mine.” Of course I would not remember him, so I told him: “I must see him to remember.” It didn’t take long, they came together to our old school basketball court and told me: ”This is the guy.” And all started here... If today you go in the club to meet someone back then we would meet and play football or basketball. To be honest, I never thought I will be getting married with the guy I was trying to beat on the court. It took us two years to realize we like each other, during this time he improved so much his basketball skills, a thing that made me like him even more. He asked me to be his girlfriend on 14th of February 2006 and after another five years, on 14th of February 2011 he proposed. >>

On the 12th of June 2011 we got married and had a super great wedding, with dear friends and family around us. I was so impressed and happy to see everyone who joined us for our joyful celebration. It was an unique experience and it felt extraordinary to perceive all that love that was floating around us. Most of my friends told me that I was a one of kind bride. As you can also see in the pictures, I dedicated a drum solo to my husband and told him that this is how my heart beats for him. I played football in the ballroom where we had the wedding party. When my colleagues from Accenture stole me at midnight, with a super ride‌>>

Yes! A cab whose engine died on our way back, but who cared?! No one, because everyone was happy. We went to Izvor Park to play basketball, luckily there were some guys who had a ball so the mission was accomplished! It is amazing how all things work together for our good. I could not have asked for a better husband and I am so grateful for that. I am a happy and a loved wife. My advice for all the single girls out there is that a prince charming exists for each and every one of you. And also there is a time for everything. Š2012 Accenture. All rights reserved

A funny story, a funny bride  

I remember how this began... I was in the 8th grade and he was in the 7th grade; I was the only girl playing football in our school. All I k...