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Quality Equipment from Quality Manufacturers We not only offer quality equipment, we listen, we adapt to your needs. We offer advice , we look for the best approach to your project. We recommend the most cost effective equipment without sacrificing quality. It is our responsibility to ensure that all our customers receive every attention to detail to make the installation successful, cost-efficient and profitable. We offer a labeler for many industries and applications. Our label machines can be integrated with many types of packaging equipment. We can integrate a label machine in line with a flow wrapper. A label applicator might be used for bottle labeling. Depending on the requirement, labeling equipment can also be manufactured as a top labeler such as a pouch labeler or clamshell labeler. With the Avery Dennison line of label heads, our labelers are designed for many years of trouble free labeling. Of course we do not only focus on label applicators. Among label applicators we also integrate weigh fillers such as the weigh filler model ME109. A weigh filler and an Auger filler have overlapping duties. For filling powder, we may offer you the ME109CP powder filler or the Tornado Auger Filler. This is really a question of speed and accuracy requirements. A filling machine used as bag filler in a semi automatic operation may very well be weigh filler. Especially if you are filling granular or chunky products. Many of our customers are Coffee Roasters that use the ME109 with a band sealer. With several different size weigh buckets and funnel styles, this is a much desired packaging machine. Form Fill Seal Equipment may be set-up with a combination scale or the Auger Filler to create an automatic bagging machine. For liquids we have piston filler or a Pressure Overflow filler. Piston Fillers are typically used for heavier viscosities such as creams and lotions. Do to their size however; they are ideal for a semi automatic operation with an operator actuating the machine. We integrate filling equipment and labeling equipment into your existing line. We have sources for many other types of machines such as metal detectors, x-ray inspection systems, bag sealer, band sealers, cappers and print applicators. How We Make it Work Purchasing equipment is a big decision. It can be scary.

 What if you end up with the wrong equipment?  What if you end up with faulty equipment?  What if there is no after sales support?  What if you buy a substandard machine that will not perform to what was claimed during the sales cycle?

So what do we do?

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We ask many questions to understand the requirement. We develop, integrate and execute modifications to suit the customers need. We test with customers samples to guarantee performance We give a performance guarantee! We include options needed and advise of performance enhancing options. We do not cut corners for the sake of saving money. We give live long phone support We make it our job to have your equipment producing.

Integration Integration may be a simple job, including one machine in the existing operation or connecting 2 pieces of equipment with each other. It can however also include an entire line layout. We integrate selected machines in either circumstances, we look after the enginnering, drawing, approval, completion and support of the line. Form Fill Seal Vertical Form Fill Seal Equipment is a combination of at least 2 separate components. The part making the actual bag, commonly known as the bagger. The part filling the product into the bag can be anything. • Auger Filler • Piston Filler • Combination Scale • Inline Weigh Filler • Volumetric Cup Filler It is mostly the integration of both components that make the installation successful. What type of filler is used is determined by the application. Auger filling into Form Fill Seal Equipment still is the most common way of filling integration. Obvious advantages of this technology are speed and versatility. Auger fillers dispense the product through auger rotation, limiting the impact of the product at the bottom of the bag and reducing "back splash" of a long drop you would see on cup or weigh filling. Piston filling of course is used if liquid products are being packaged. The piston nozzle can reach far down into the former funnel to again reduce product back splash. Combination Scales are needed when larger products such as tomatoes, lettuce, candy, gummies or products like it are to be packaged at high speeds. Inline weigh fillers may be used for blending different candy colors into the pouch or for slower operations volumetric cup filling is a great technology if a desired volume rather than weight is to be packaged. ie. popcorn. Piston Filler What is a piston filler? The principal operation of piston filler can be compared with the engine of a car. When the piston pulls back, the intake valve opens and the vacuum created by the retracting piston sucks the product into the cylinder. On the forward stroke of the piston, the intake valve closes and the fill valve opens. Now, the piston pushes the product into your container. Hence, it is called piston filler. For what products do you use piston filler? A piston filler is best used when the viscosity of the product to be filled becomes to heavy or particles are in the product. in the product. Products such as creams, oils, honey, shampoo, soap, dressings, ketchup. Products as liquid as water and as solid as cream cheese can be deposited with a piston filler. The ME109Coffee to the rescue Terrelli Coffee had 3 choices to continue business.


Continue as they have by dreading phone calls of coffee orders because that meant long hours of roasting and packaging. 2. Hiring people to help out with the packaging 3. Hire technological help So he decided on the ME109 from Accent Packaging Equipment. This seemed to be most versatile for starters yet more importantly, there was someone to talk to and someone that came by to assure the equipment would do the job in the environment it was meant for. 6 weeks later, the ME109 coffee weigh filler complete with • a vacuum loader, • 5lb. bucket and funnel kit • Hopper, Bucket and Funnel Vibrators • Nitrogen flush and side gusset former funnel Would Larry make the same decision again? “I was afraid that your competitors would drop the equipment off and expect us to put it together and figure it all out on our own. Also, you are the only guy that came out to see our set up before we even signed up!

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We not only offer quality equipment, we listen, we adapt to your needs. We offer advice, we look for the best approach to your project. We r...

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