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The Quest for Justice in the Days of Helter Skelter


by Lis Wiehl with Caitlin Rother

n the late summer of 1969, the nation was transfixed by a series of gruesome murders in the hills of Los Angeles. Newspapers and television programs detailed the brutal slayings of a beautiful actress as well as a hair stylist, an heiress, a businessman, and other victims. In the weeks and months that followed, law enforcement faced intense pressure to solve crimes that seemed to have no connection. Finally, Charles Manson and members of his “family” were arrested. The trials that followed once again captured the nation and forever secured Manson as a byword for the evil that men do. Former federal prosecutor Lis Wiehl has written a propulsive, page-turning historical thriller of the crimes and manhunt that mesmerized the nation.

A prominent trial lawyer, Lis Wiehl is also a professor at NY Law School and host on the Law & Crime live trial network. Caitlin Rother is a NY Times best-selling author or co-author of 12 books, and is a writing and research instructor. Nelson Books •



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