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Get Ready to Ride



he iBike Coach is a tough, rugged, water-resistant case with a mount designed to protect your iPhone or iPod Touch while you ride. It provides true performance in security, stability, shock-absorption, and moisture protection. The anodized aluminum steer tube mounting bracket works perfectly with low angle stems. Just slide your iBike Coach onto the bracket and lock the iBike Coach into place with a thumb screw - simple, yet secure and safe. You can take the iBike Coach off your bike whenever you want, there’s even an optional pouch available for your iBike Coach so you can carry it with you wherever you go. The iBike Coach’s durable and resilient ABS plastic construction, reinforced with a strength-increasing internal rib cage, carefully absorbs shock. A watertight gasket seal on the door of the iBike Coach locks out moisture, and a glare-reducing touch screen cover keeps water from making contact with the surface of your iPhone or iPod Touch screen. Need to find out where you are, where you’re going, or maybe where you can stop for lunch? Just touch the map icon on the top right corner of the iBike App and the map

screen you’ve set up appears (requires data network). Weather can change dramatically during the course of a ride and no rider wants to get caught unprepared. Your weather apps are accessible any time you stop along your ride. Just pull over and use any of your iPhone Apps weather updates, web browser, anything you’d like. When you start riding again, the iBike App will update your ride data automatically. Some calls just can’t wait no matter how important your ride is. With the iBike Coach & the iBike App, you’ll never miss a call. iBike lets you take or make a hands-free call (using your iPhone and BlueTooth headset) whenever you’d like. And ride data collection won’t get interrupted! iBike’s innovative Always On feature insures that ride data is stored even when the iBike App is interrupted by phone calls or other apps. After your ride, the Mac and PC compatible iBike software lets you relive every aspect of your ride, analyze your data, and track your progress so that you can plan your next ride. If you’ve used an iPhone on your ride, you’ll even get a map/route display. For more information, visit

Move Twice your Gear with Half the Effort


he Train Reaction Device allows travelers to quickly connect and roll twice the luggage with half the effort. “Anyone on the road typically struggles with transporting all their clothes, shoes, toiletries and other belongings,” says company founder Jeff Herold. “It always amazes people how a device that costs so little can dramatically reduce the strain of getting bags from one place to the next.” Linking luggage in seconds, the Train Reaction Device creates a stable, balanced, four-wheel unit with a perfect

center of gravity. By using the smaller piece to leverage the larger, or connecting two of the same size, the device produces a weightless effect, allowing users to move their gear with a single hand -- leaving the other free for coffee, a cell phone or holding a child. To eliminate 100 percent of downward and upward force on luggage handles, users simply slip the device over the retractable handle of the smallest wheeled bag and through the riveted handle of the second. The process is completed by attaching the hook to the appropriate crossbar for desired incline, and quickly adjusting it to find the perfect balance point. A third, non-wheeled piece can be placed against the retractable handle. For more information, visit

Accent On Tampa Bay #173, March 2012  

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