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Thinking behind UK Government (Plan A)

Our Analysis and Strategy. Plain Talking

SURMISED THINKING BEHIND UK GOVERNMENT (PLAN A) “A well meaning concept of a UK with a vibrant Entrepreneurial spirit and culture that enables people who want to work hard and get on. A vision of Britain that will compete on a global stage, perhaps lead in the global race.”

WHAT HAS BEEN DONE SO FAR? For the above vision to be doable, first contract the state so UK Citizens are forced to do something and rely on them self’s.

What’s the problem with that? That’s all very good, but the mindset has not been created and enabled by government policy. It is silly to expect such a RADICAL SHIFT IN CITIZEN MINDSET TO HAPPEN NEAR OVERNIGHT.

WHY DOES IT NOT SEEM TO BE WORKING AND WHY? • Cuts, and more cuts creates a contraction that forces fear - You can’t take an Entrepreneurial Risk to start something, if you are fear full and don’t sense the economy is vibrant and half a chance of success. - So remove this fear by policy. • Banks will not lend, and why should they? When they have learnt that Risk has a nasty price to be paid when it goes wrong. It’s still going wrong. Banks will take QE and hold it, to protect its own interests. Think of it as a waterfall, Banks at the top, with a dam in the way that leads to the ‘man on the street’. The Banks control the dam. - Make your own BANK with no dam will help. • GROWTH , GROWTH, GROWTH is about Optimism, Money Supply to take on risk and a feeling of ‘Being free of fear to make it’. Not what we have now, FEAR, so the rational thing is to do nothing and sit it out. - Understand Growth is about people doing things and need tools to do it. UK Gov needs to provide it.

OUTLOOK AND WHAT COULD BE DONE. GROWTH is highly unlikely to take hold with current conditions and the fear is now entrenched and further enhanced by more cuts. What is needed is UK Gov policy that counters the above reasons fo poor UK performance.

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Our Analysis and Strategy. Plain Talking - UK Budget and why no growth for economy.

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