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Your personal information RESIDENT EDITION

Your personal information

Your personal information

The list below contains some of the information we need so that we can carry out our duties to you. • your name, address and the names of people who live with you; • your contact details; • your gender and date of birth; • a photograph of you; • your rent or service charge details; • your benefits and other entitlements; and • details of any contact you might have had with us for example, by phone, email or letter.

There are other types of information that may only apply in special cases these include: • health and care details; • other agencies who may be helping you; • complaints; and • records of anti-social behaviour or criminal activities.

We take your privacy very seriously. You have the right to expect that the personal information we hold about you is managed properly and fairly.

Most of the information comes directly from you. We usually get most of it from your application form, other forms we ask you to fill in or when you contact us. Some of the information we have about you may come from other organisations. For example, housing benefit departments, social services or health professionals.

We want to make sure that the information we hold about you is accurate and up to date. You can help by telling us about any changes to your personal information, or by updating your information yourself on the Accent Customer Portal. We may also need to update your photograph from time to time.

Verifying and checking your information ➔

Keeping your Information up to date.

To ensure that the data we hold about you is accurate and up to date, we may occasionally use information sources that are in the public domain to verify your details. These include, for example, your postal and email addresses, telephone number, contact preferences, household details and other information you have given consent to share.

making a difference… improving homes, communities and lives

Sometimes, we may use third parties to supplement the information we hold on you so we can send you information we think may be of use to you, or which is necessary in respect of your tenancy with us.

Your personal information

Keeping your information safe ➔

You have the right to expect that we will keep your information safe at all times.

When you contact us by telephone, we will ask questions to make sure we are speaking to the right person.

If you would like someone to deal with us on your behalf, we will ask you to fill in a consent form with the person’s details.

How we use your information when you apply for a home ➔

So that we can process your housing application, we will ask you to provide information about you and the people who will be living with you. We will also need to take your photograph.

We will also ask for information about your financial circumstances, including any benefits you may be getting and details of any rent or mortgage arrears. We will ask about where you are living at the moment and where you have lived in the last five years. We will need to carry out some checks with your previous landlord and, in certain circumstances, contact other agencies for example, the housing benefit department, the police or the probation service. In certain cases we may need to carry out extra checks on the information you have given us. For example we may need to do a credit check or check the electoral register.

We will also ask about any health problems, disabilities or special family circumstances. You do not have to provide us with this information but it will help us find you the right home and provide you with the right services.

Your personal information

Sharing your information âž”

We often need to share your information with other organisations. The table shows the sort of information we share and who we share it with.


May be shared with

Rent, service charges, address, tenancy dates, other information to prevent & detect fraud (inc. your photo)

Local authorities

Details about your housing application

Local council

Details you give us about any previous tenancies

Past housing providers

Name, address, contact details, repairs information

Our repairs and service contractors

Name, address, tenancy dates, copy of your tenancy agreement or lease

Electricity, gas, water or telephone suppliers

Details of any pending eviction

Homeless department

Information about crime, alleged crime and antisocial behaviour

Police and local council

Details to support you in your tenancy

Our support partners

Enforcement action details

Our solicitors and the courts

Insurance claim details

Our insurers and their agents

Details of arrears, forwarding address

Debt recovery agents

Details needed for the sale of your home

Estate agents

Regulatory information (statistics)

Our regulators and our external auditors

Name, address, DOB, tenancy dates, contact details

National Fraud Initiative

The National Fraud Initiative matches information between public and private sector organisations to prevent and detect fraud. The information we provide is not used for any other purpose. To find out more

about the National Fraud Initiative contacting the business assurance team on 01274 717 581. We may also share your information if it is needed in connection with legal proceedings or if we have to do so by law.

making a difference‌ improving homes, communities and lives

We will never share your details with other companies for marketing purposes, and you will never receive offers from companies or other organisations as a result of you giving us your personal information.

How we use your information while you live in your home ➔

If we need to use your information for any purpose other than those listed below, we will where possible, tell you beforehand.

In special cases we may need to use your information, including your photograph, or other reasons. These might include:

We may use your information to help us: •  Collect your rent or service charge. •  Keep in touch with you about things that affect you; or things we think you may find of interest. •  Arrange repairs or servicing to your home. •  Improve our services to make sure they meet your needs. • Gain feedback from you on certain aspects of our services. • Communicate with you in your preferred way.

•  dealing with anti-social behaviour; •  investigating fraud (including tenancy or benefit fraud) or other criminal activity; •  protecting children, vulnerable adults or victims of domestic violence; and •  making sure that utility bills associated with your home are paid and up-to-date.

This may involve sharing your information with, and getting information about you from, other organisations. When you give us permission, we may use your photographs in our magazines, newsletters and annual reports, and on our website and our Facebook pages.

When you move out of your home we will keep your information for a specified period. This allows us to provide any further services you might need. Once this period has passed, we will destroy your information securely.

How can I find out more about my personal information? ➔

You have a right to know what information we have about you and who we share it with. If you would like to see your personal information or have a copy of it, please get in touch with us using the details opposite. We charge a £10 fee for processing requests for information.

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Your personal information - resident edition  
Your personal information - resident edition  

A guide to how we use your personal information.