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Finalist Best Green Initiative

Shining a light on energy performance: CityWest Homes project demonstrates the benefits of building upgrades

THE NEED Following major investment in its housing stock, in 2012 CityWest Homes set out to determine how these upgrades reduced energy consumption and benefitted residents.

THE SOLUTION Working with architecture and sustainability firm The Facility, CityWest Homes launched a radical project to energy benchmark its entire housing stock, quantifying in detail the annual energy consumption and CO2 production of each property. This would be no easy task; the properties ranged from detached houses to small apartments, with varying features, heating systems and orientation. The project included data collection, property surveys and detailed simulations and analysis.

THE RESULTS CityWest Homes now has a comprehensive

database of over 12,000 properties covering 1,200 building types, giving a detailed view of their individual and combined energy consumption. The ALMO can now demonstrate tangible results from the upgrades – a total annual decrease in emissions of 1,360,700kgCO2, which equates to a total annual financial saving to residents of £583,000. The ALMO can now: • Demonstrate the benefits of major investment in the housing stock • Use the data to quantify the impact of any future property upgrades on energy consumption and CO2 production

efficient in each case, helping to guide a longer-term building upgrade strategy.


“An excellent benchmarking project…” KEY LEARNINGS • This project demonstrates the importance of quality data. By taking the decision to evaluate the energy performance of its housing stock now, CityWest Homes will know precisely how it can help to reduce both energy usage and residents’ fuel bills in the future.

• Identify what type of upgrade is most

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS PROJECT David Scott, corporate communications team leader • T: 020 7245 2088 E:

Finalist Best Green Initiative

Pioneering renewable energy: Stockport Homes takes proactive approach to green schemes

THE NEED At a time of hardship and rising energy prices, Stockport Homes has been proactively working to reduce carbon emissions, improve energy efficiency and address fuel poverty through a range of schemes and renewable technologies.

THE SOLUTION Stockport Homes has a successful history of delivering low carbon solutions using external funding. Its CERT (Carbon Emissions Reduction Targets) programme saw over £3 million invested in cavity wall and loft insulation and its SHINE (Stockport Homes Investing in Natural Energy) project has led to solar PV panels being installed in 2,000 homes and 28 large commercial buildings to date. The ALMO has secured over £14 million of additional funding to implement five biomass district heating schemes and low carbon measures for 1,600 properties. Its Decent Homes Programme saw over £12 million of over-cladding and £7 million of new boilers installed across its housing stock. Stockport

Homes also employs two full-time energy advisers to raise awareness of energy efficiency.


“Impressive funding secured…”

THE RESULTS Thanks to this initiative, Stockport Homes now has one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable district heating portfolios in the UK social housing market. Benefits of the programme include: • Positive customer feedback • An estimated reduction in CO2 emissions by over 300,000 tonnes over the lifetime of the biomass heating and low carbon schemes, with some customers already reporting a 75 per cent reduction in their heating bills

KEY LEARNINGS • Stockport Homes is a prime example of an organisation embracing external and government funding geared specifically to reducing carbon emissions and improving energy efficiency. This is precisely what these schemes exist for.

• Industry recognition, including a Renewable Energy Association ‘Pioneer’ award in June 2012.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS PROJECT Tracy Sweeting, business support officer • T: 0161 474 2637 E:

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