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Debra Angilletta As a business owner, and former Wall Street executive, the world of finance has been my life for more than twenty five years. And I am here to talk to you about a mostly unrecognized word... Profits. According to Mike Michalowicz, “Seventy-eight percent of all U.S.based small businesses never see this. They just aren’t profitable.” Profits in your business mean you’re successful. But, it also means you have a clear understanding of how to run a business, while increasing your return on investment.


Think about this for a minute. When you’re collaborating with another business owner, they are likely talking about the benefits their company offers. But, when someone talks about how their efforts will increase your ROI, you sit up and really listen. Those are the business people who are winners every day because they reiterate the value they bring and help to manage expectations. Every contributor to this edition of Accelerate is having that conversation with their clients, and killing it every day! Here’s another way to look at it. Most business people are familiar with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), which is enforced by the SEC, and uses this formula:


Becky Livingston

Sales – Expenses = Profit There is just one problem… This formula hurts profitability. Let’s consider a new formula. It’s called Profit First and it looks something like this: Sales – Profit = Expenses That formula allows the business owner to take profits first rather than last and uses the remainder to pay for expenses. When the owner realizes there may not be enough money leftover to pay for additional expenses, he/she should re-evaluate the need for those expenses. Pretty smart, huh?


This edition focuses on ways to increase your company’s bottom line and return on investment, which, in turn, should free up the capital you need for expenses. Without this model, you will forego the profit to support the expense; an expense you may not even need. Stick with me on this. Take the tips in this edition to heart. And learn how you too can create a Profit First ROI mentality in your company. Enjoy!




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The Power of Influence How to Go From Obscurity to Popularity By Cindy Ashton As a business professional, your ability to walk into a room and persuade could make or break your success - whether it’s a difference of hundreds of thousands or millions in your annual bottom line. Igniting your team to be more productive could be as simple as being heard and respected.

are relaxed in your body and projecting great energy, you will be approachable and people will be drawn to you. You can’t influence others if they either want to run away from you or not even come near you to begin with. Let’s look at the absolute “do-not’s” when it comes to body posture.

Being able to earn trust, project sincerity, and be personable are all keys in inspiring people to take action, believe, and invest in you. When you have the power to authentically influence other people, you will be able to land and negotiate lucrative contracts, connections, and visibility.

Here the top four, which I have playfully named:

Influential presenters have great command over their speaking voice, body language, and how they shape and deliver their words. Let’s look at the top three strategies to boost your level of influence in your business and beyond.

BE APPROACHABLE Your body posture directly affects your speaking voice, presence, energy, and body language – all essentials in reading as magnetic, confident, and powerful. When you



a) The Sloucher – This posture is when your shoulders are rolled forward and chest caves in. The minute you slump, your voice tends to get quieter and between your appearance and how you sound, it reads as insecure and unsure. Hard for someone to feel confident in your abilities and move forward with working with you or taking action on your direction. b) The Pusher – In trying to have good posture, you end up sticking your chest out and carry tons of tension in your chest and shoulders. Not only does it read as trying too hard, but it often makes your voice sound rather aggressive. Both are a big turn off and makes the other person question your credibility. c) Roaming Pelvis – This posture is when your back is

A C C E L E R AT E swayed and pelvis forward. What can I say? If your pelvis is heading towards someone, they will get uncomfortable and find a way to get away from you. And if they exit the conversation, well...they won’t be your next client or follow your direction. d) Chicken Neck – Yup, your neck is stuck out. Like the sway back, a person will feel like their space is being invaded which makes them want to disengage with you.

BE PERSONABLE Influential people are loved and adored. Being personable is all about taking the attention off you and focusing on a real, deep connection. Here are some quick tips: • When talking with another person or an audience, focus on finding something lovable about them right from the beginning. People can sense if you like them or not. It is much easier to influence someone if they feel seen and heard.

• We all get nervous sometimes (even me!) when we are leading an important meeting, sales conversation, or deliver a message from stage. Conquer your nerves by putting your attention on them. Stop thinking of you. Really take them in and feel what they are saying and doing. Do this strategy and you will be too busy engaging with them to be nervous. • When another person is talking, we often hear something and then anticipate what we want to say back, tuning out the rest. Then we respond with something that makes no sense and frustrates the other, turning them off from you. LISTEN and be in the moment!

BE MEMORABLE If they remember you after your interaction, then you have succeeded in influencing them. Here are some quick tips to get you started: • People will pay more attention and take action on what you have to say if you give them experience. Think

CHECK OUT THIS QUICK 30-SECOND M E T H O D F O R E XC E L L E N T P O S T U R E ! H ere is a qu i ck 30-seco n d m eth o d t o g e t yo u e xc e l l e n t p o s t u r e while still looking relaxed, approachable, and engaged: a) Stand with your feet shoulderwi dth apart, sto m p th em several t i m es, a n d t h en b en d yo u r k n ees a n d b o u n ce fo r a few seco n ds. It will help stabilize and ground your energy. b) R a i s e yo u r a r m s a b ov e yo u r head. Notice where your ribs naturally rise up to.

c) While your arms are above your head, make sure your shoulders are down. d) Slowly lower your arms back down, keeping the ribs where they are. Your shoulders should be back, but not too far back, your chest open, and your stomach freer.



A C C E L E R AT E Nike: do people buy their running shoes because of the strength of their soles? Nope. They are buying into the feeling and dream of victory. What are your clients buying into, (and don’t tell me one of your products or services)? • Pushing the sale is old school and it feels crappy. Challenge the status quo. What fresh perspective can you bring to the table that will shift them to think differently and make YOU stand out from the crowd? They will either step up or walk away. Either way, it shortens the sales process and gets you bigger results. • Storytelling is the oldest profession in the world (okay, I know others will disagree). Think about what you need to communicate, and reflect on how you can deliver it via a story. It could be an analogy, story from your life, case study, or even a scene from a movie or TV show. When you are approachable, personable, and memorable, you will be in position to build your legacy, impact, and profits. Choose one tip from this article right now, and start to implement it. Your work deserves to be catapulted to the next level of influence. Shine on!

Catapault Your


Top 10 ways to Catapult Your Know, Like & Trust Factor & Increase Profits >>

shine on! About Cindy Ashton Cindy Ashton is a stage and presence coach and professional speaker with over 15 years experience. She is an expert in presentation skills, speaking voice, body language, content delivery, and leadership presence. Cindy is the master at drawing out relevant content from her clients and showing them how to deliver it with their natural magnetism on stage, in the boardroom, on the phone, and beyond. She has received awards from both President Obama and the Queen of England for her lifetime of volunteerism. She has appeared in multiple media, including the front page of the lifestyle section of the Times, Metro News, and Performance Magazine.




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The 3 Keys to Building Your ROI in your own BIG, BOLD Life & Biz by Mary Bicknell

You are ready to have a Big Bold Life & Biz. So what does it take? Being B.O.L.D. is all about being a Brave Outgoing Leader Deciding to make a Big Difference and a Big Profit doing something they love…and all unapologetically. Yes, whether we are a newbie business owner or a seasoned one, there is always the same daily task we must undertake. That is to DECIDE what we desire and figure out how we are going to get it. For example, it is not about what we think we deserve when we set our rates, it is about what we DECIDE that rate should be. I’ll show you how to think about that in a minute. Next, we need to utilize what I call the BIZ TRIFECTA. You must : 1.

Have a PLAN.


Have SYSTEMS to make the plan happen. Then you must,



Honestly, I can absolutely guarantee you something right now, if you don’t overcome all your baggage about money, and are you worth it, or deserve it…you will fail. You will screw it up by sabotaging yourself, not following through, sitting at the computer paralyzed at what to do next, waste money on some other new shiny idea, oh wait…I bet you have one or two you could add to this list. If you don’t work on the mindset, you will not be able to have the life you want, to do the things you have dreamt about, to have the time



A C C E L E R AT E and financial freedom that is so available to you!

making sure your client not only feels great about investing with you, but more importantly that at the end of working

So here is one easy way to eliminate the emotional ups and

together, they are feeling better off for hiring you. Say you

downs when it comes to making more money…ready for a

are a biz business coach, you want your clients to feel like


freakin’ rock stars, incredibly empowered, savvy business women! You want to be able to have them understand by

One of the six systems we must master is Client Acquisition.

hiring you, you will make sure they do not feel frustrated, or

One important piece of this system is all about what I call

overwhelmed, or burnt out because you have—-you guessed

CLOSING THE DEAL {CTD}. Yes, aka: sales calls. We must

it—-a plan and system for them.

master the Art of Asking for the Sale, we must master closing 80 percent of the deals.

Many of my clients have a massive shift when it comes to looking at ROI. They realize not only do they need to make sure that during their CTD calls with prospects they are focusing on ROI, but they need to get super TIGHT within their own businesses when looking at what they are investing in. Do you stop yourself before you pull out your business credit card and make a purchase, and EVALUATE from a place of a being solid business owner, and ask yourself, “Is this a sound return on my investment? How is this going to save me time, make me money, or help eliminate a business frustration?” Or are you someone who has a lot of great and grand ideas and wastes money on them? Or are you someone who doesn’t get the concept of having a plan/focus {F.O.C.U.S.=

Here are a few pieces of that puzzle. Focusing on ROI is criti-

follow one course until successful} and loves a bright shiny

cal. Being able to convey to a prospective client what their

new object/idea? Because let’s face it, there are a lot of fan-

return on investment is will make or break you actually CTD.

tastic ideas out there, but not all of them will give you and

Are you clearly able to articulate the three factors of ROI

your business the impact it may need to jump to the next

when it comes to your offer?


1. TIME: How are you able to assist your client in saving

We must be B.O.L.D. enough to become the LEADER within

time? Time is our most valuable asset and we want to pay

our own businesses and our own lives. The joy of this is when

an expert to collapse time by giving us answers, now. Today.

we really challenge ourselves to see what the hell we are

Your client wants to know you have a PLAN and the SYSTEMS

made of, we get serious real quick on making sure that our

to help her save time.

businesses are viable, profitable, and fun!


Yes, fun! There is something fun about being in charge and

How are you able to save your client mon-

ey? Or, how are you able to show them how to make more

making s**t happen! There is something exciting and fun

money? Can you be very specific about what they can do,

about having a plan, creating systems, and feeling like a bad-

what their daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly game plan is? Are

ass business woman!

you able to share why YOU are an expert at this so that they can see the BENEFIT of hiring you?


With that comes freedom! Time freedom and money freedom. And isn’t this one of the main reasons we have busiYes, part of ROI is

nesses??? So we can call the shots? SPRING 2016



See, you become powerful when you get disciplined enough to actually design your BIG, BOLD DREAM LIFESTYLE, and build an EMPIRE to support i! Whatever that looks like for

Here’s to you! Go out and build your own BIG, BOLD LIFE

you. There are more than enough clients out there to make

& BIZ…make a Big Difference and a Big Profit doing some-

your dreams come true!

thing you love! The world is waiting.

It’s all up to you to master the Biz Trifecta, get your CTD calls down tight, and use the lens of ROI for all your marketing, your sales calls, and your very own biz decisions. Simple. Stop making it so hard!


About Mary Bicknell Mary Bicknell is a business and success coach for women who are ready to skyrocket their businesses and finally have a biz that gives them more time, more money, and allows them to feel like a badass biz owner! She combines years of experience as a psychotherapist with her extensive knowledge of sales and business to mentor women on the “Biz Trifecta” needed to succeed. She has used this same system in her own business and increased her revenue 450 percent in a SINGLE YEAR. She teaches the reality of building a big bold life & biz that does not have to take years of struggle. Her mission is to create a multi-six-figure business working three days a week so she could still be a hands-on mama to her nine-year-old daughter, hang out with her hunky hubby, have several big getaways every year, and live a full rich life, all while making a big difference in the world and a big profit. She did it and now teaches her system to women all over the globe.




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EXACT TRAINING ON HOW I WENT FROM 35 NO’S IN A ROW TO CLOSING OVER $122K IN LESS THAN 70 DAYS. Are you ready for more confidence, clients, and cash? Do you ever feel like you have no real idea how to sign up new clients? Maybe you keep having “discovery sessions” and you think you have a connection, but they still don’t hire you. Or, you are actually so afraid you sound too much like a “salesperson” and it makes you even more “nervous” and you don’t ask for the “sale”. In this training you will learn how to close your clients instantly so you can finally build the biz you want and have awesome clients WANTING to work with you. SPRING 2016   11




As a two-time business owner and twenty-five year market-


day has happened?”

ing veteran desk jockey, I have heard it time and again from CEOs, “Why do I need marketing each month?”

In many cases the CEOs felt the business owner was either too busy to care about the change or didn’t understand their

Here’s what I often ask them, “If you had a brick-and-mortar

customers well enough to know it irritated them.

storefront with a large window at the front, would you keep the content in the window the same month after month?”

Has a light bulb gone off yet?

The answer is, “No!” If you’ve asked yourself the same questions I’ve asked other I then ask them, “When visiting their favorite brands, wheth-

CEOs, what were your answers? The same as those above or

er online or in person, do they notice changes in the dis-

did you have something else to say or think?

plays, products, sales, etc.?” In this case, the answer is “Yes!”

If you take the common answers above into consideration, you basically know why consistent marketing is important for

My last question is, “How do they feel when they see holiday

your brand and your bottom line.

decorations in a store either too early or long after the holi-






YOUR MARKETING STEP 1 Keep frequent visitors – your fans – interested in the products and services you offer. If you own a service-based company, updating images on your website, adding interesting posts to your social media profiles, including online ad buys to increase brand reach, and creating new and interesting content for them to consume is just like changing items in the store front window.


BY BECKY LIVINGSTON That Sales Person You’ve You’ve probably probably experienced experienced this this once once or or twice twice in in your your life. life. You enter a store and need help finding something. You You enter a store and need help finding something. You ask ask

the the first first sales sales associate associate you you can can find find ifif he/she he/she can can help help you? you? They They say, say, “Sorry, “Sorry, that’s that’s not not my my department.” department.” Then Then simply simply walk walk away. away. How How does does that that make make you you feel? feel?

Invisible? Invisible? Ignored? Ignored? Pissed Pissed off? off? Frustrated? Frustrated? Affirmed Affirmed (that (that people people suck)? suck)? You You may may think think this this only only happens happens in in physical physical businesses; businesses; howhowever, ever, II can can assure assure you you itit takes takes place place with with online online and and serviceservice-

Be like me. According to Andrew N. Meltzoff’s article “Like me: based based businesses businesses as as well. well. a foundation for social cognition”… “we believe others have

psychological states much like ours.” What does this mean for As As aa CEO, CEO, it’s it’s your your job job to to find find the the right right brand brand ambassadors ambassadors for you as a CEO? When you’re trying to attract a certain buyer, for your products services to help market your products andand services to help youyou market andand sellsell them. you must think, act, and “be” like them to draw their attention. Congregate where they live, eat, and hang out. Speak like them using the same tone, cadence, and grammar. Share stories they are likely to listen to. Dress like them. Act like them. Be them! Basically creating an environment that says, “Hey, I’m welcome here.”

STEP 3 Change things around now and again. Even if you’re a service-based company, updating a photo on a service page, changing banner images in social media, or swapping header

them. Oneapple bad apple can cause a deal greatofdeal of in harm in a peOne bad can cause a great harm a short short period On side, the flip side, staff having staff that emriod of time.of Ontime. the flip having that embrace your

brace and embody yourmission company mission is gold. causeyour and cause embody your company is gold. What What does does this this have have to to do do with with marketing marketing and and your your return return on on investment? investment? Everything! Everything! Having Having the the right right people people on on board board

who who deal deal with with anyone anyone at at any any level, level, from from customers customers to to supsupport port teams to third-party vendors, the right attitude teams to third-party vendors, and and havehave the right attitude can can create a first impression…that sticks. create a first impression…that sticks.

Taso Taso Du Du Val, Val, CEO CEO and and cofounder cofounder of of the the successful successful talent talent netnetwork Toptal, emphasizes importance of investing in work Toptal, emphasizes thethe importance of investing in smart,

smart, motivated regardless of the specific He motivated people,people, regardless of the specific job. Hejob. says, images in email templates can go a long way to generate new says, people determine your product.” In other words, a “Your“Your people determine your product.” In other words, a great interest. Simply changing a call-to-action button on a stan-

dard form can make frequent website visitors think the content is updated or new.

great product cannot be created without people behind product cannot be created without great great people behind it. it. Also, it cannot discovered without great people proAlso, it cannot bebe discovered without great people toto promote mote it. it.

Know KnowYour YourValue Value

I’m I’m not not talking talking about about the the price price of of products products or or services. services. I’m I’m SPRING 2016


A C C E L E R AT E talking about the value of your product to your consumer.

else was selling a similar product and if so, for how much?

How much do they need you in their lives? How valuable

She replied, “No. I think I’m the only one.”

are you to them? I quickly accessed a large, online store to see if that were If you answered, “I don’t know.” You’re in deep trouble and

true. I said, “Kristy, there a dozens of products like this for

may be holding onto your business by a thin string.

a much lower price. What makes yours so special?”

In many cases like that, business owners engage market-

I knew that if we could pinpoint the value of her product,

ers for the “pill” or be-all-end-all injection to help save

we could begin a marketing campaign with a direct value

their sales. I’ve been on that type of call too many times to

injection. Once identified, within three weeks we helped


her sell half of the inventory she needed to offload despite its higher price.

Why is marketing important in helping you determine your value?

When it comes to creating a great marketing strategy, these elements are key:

Here’s a hypothetical example. Kristy created a product for cat owners called a privacy


Think of your online space as a storefront.


Have great people to spread the word.


Know your product or service value to your client.

screen. It helped solve the problem for “shy” cats, as well as provided an elegant way to hide the box for owners.

Lastly, you don’t need to do this alone. There are a ton of online articles and plenty of people you can contact for ad-

She’d been selling the product for a few years, but sales

vice. In the short term, consider hiring a consultant to help

were at a halt.

you create the foundation and processes to help you move forward and increase your bottom line.

I asked if she’d researched the market to see if anyone

About Becky Livingston Becky Livingston, author of “The Accountant’s Social Media Handbook” and “SEO Secrets, Myths, and Truths to Being Found Online,” has over twenty-five years’ experience in marketing and technology. She is the President and CEO of Penheel Marketing, a marketing firm specializing in social media and digital marketing for CPAs. In addition to being a marketing practitioner, Becky is also an adjunct professor, author, and speaker. She is married to Chris. They have a chocolate Labrador, Cooper. They love to travel and have visited several counties in the past 10 years. Connect with Becky or her firm on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, and YouTube.





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A C C E L E R AT E s I progress along my life path, entrepre-

tion may feel real, but the reality is, it’s not. Words don’t

neurs gravitate toward me with the same

define you; you define words. The moment you let go of

goal – to create a successful, sustainable

what you believe is “expected” of you, and instead hold


onto the “authentic” you, doors will open where there were only windows before. Now, instead of simply looking out

How to get there is the question.

and daydreaming, you can walk through into your newlymanifested vision.

Believe it or not, there is a winning formula; however, it is different for each person.


As a raging nonconformist from birth, I’ve danced to the beat of my own drum, not realizing that not everyone saw

This may seem like it is out of place. However, simply by

the world in the same light. I found the loopholes in insults

pursuing to be treated with equality you are seeking ap-

turning them around into compliments. I’ve developed an

proval and external acknowledgement. You’re right back at

immunity to other people’s expectations and accept that

“Expectations,” chasing something that distracts from the

I cannot expect someone else to see my own vision until I

progress of your business as well as being lead right back

have personally manifested it into the world.

to your “Ego” trap.

It’s a lot like being pregnant. I know my baby, I can feel its heartbeat, and every time it kicks. Nobody else can, except

To chase “Equality” is to unconsciously say that you are

for maybe the doctor and my husband if they are touching

not treated equal. This means that you somehow see

my belly at the right time. It’s not until it’s born that it will

yourself as unequal. The realization necessary is that you

be seen and acknowledged, mainly because the world will

are already valuable and the individuality of your particular

have to, since it’ll be crying at the top of its lungs.

business might not be completely understood by others until it is manifested into real time, but that’s okay. Seek-

How can we nurture our visions until they’re ready to come

ing approval prematurely is a sure way to halt your current

into existence?

momentum. This is different than asking for opinions. This is necessary for growth and important to always take with

It starts by unlearning all of the unhelpful, limited beliefs

a grain of salt. Regardless, only you know the true extent

that we have adopted throughout our lives. Let’s call these

of what you are capable of.

limited beliefs “The Three E’s”.

Now that we have listed what habits to leave behind, let’s look at a mantra to help stay aligned in your personal vi-


sion. To fuel ambition is to manifest your vision; to do this you must befriend your intuition and unlearn your inhibition.

As cliché as it sounds, throw your ego out the window, it has no place in lasting success. Ego is what leads you

I’m sure you’ve heard “All the world’s a stage,” by William

down false paths simply to prove something or seek ac-

Shakespeare. To adopt this belief and live by it has been

knowledgement. It may create a specific result in the short

extremely helpful. My mom taught me, failure does not

term, but the success reaped will not be sustainable if ego

exist if you can see every opportunity as both a way to

based. Your ambition needs to come from 100 percent true

practice and perform simultaneously. The word “fail” was


created by those people who stopped before they started. I auditioned for a jazz choir in high school; they said


I wasn’t accepted because my voice did not blend in enough. So my voice was too unique? That’s one of the greatest compliments I’ve ever been given.

This feels like a box around you and your vision. ExpectaSPRING 2016


A C C E L E R AT E I used to say, why are you trying to blend in with all the

need to see it, feel it kick, dream it, live it, breathe it, know

blades of grass if you were born to be a big beautiful rose?

it, trust it and be it. When you are fully aligned with your vision there is no separation anymore. You are it, and it is

I would like to extend that question to you now.


If your business is as unique as you are, ask yourself, how can you capitalize on what you may view as “weaknesses” to work for you? To set you apart from the competition? My Dad always told me, you only need the three P’s for success; persistence, persistence, persistence. What you resist persists also holds true. Are you resisting giving it your all for fear of failure? If you resist failure; failure will persist. Let go of the perception of “failure” and adopt the belief that everything you try is valuable on your path to finding true success. How can it be “failure” if you have gotten a beautiful lesson out of it? A beautiful rainbow? It’s not. It’s the road to success that has everything imaginable on it, including storms, sunshine, rainbows, and other drivers. Don’t worry about the person behind you by looking in the rear view mirror; focus on the tiny bit of illuminated road ahead of you and know piece by piece, you are getting


closer to your destination. Driving your vision forward. Get clear on your vision and you can illuminate anything that appears to be standing in your way. In order to do this, you

About Emily Halleran At twenty-three, Emily Rose is one-half of the international folk-music duet “Blue Rose Revival” with her husband, Tucker Blue. Meeting Tucker through her early YouTube music videos, Emily is a freelance video editor and designer. Specializing in social media and online marketing makes a rocking combo for anyone looking to streamline their business on the web. Emily’s soul mission is living her truth, perpetuating joy, and creating an ultimately freedom-based, positive, sustainable world impact. She enjoys travel, off-thegrid living, animals, and having sweet, stolen moments with dark “health” chocolate.




A download of “Blue Rose Revival’s” Debut Single called “Someday”. Receive a follow up e-mail with an invitation for a free consultation in creating your own personal “Vision Video” for your business. Nowadays it is proven that a landing page with a short video is way more effective in generating clients than a simple non-interactive web page. Your target audience wants authenticity, the real you. And they want to see it. SPRING 2016



Social Media: Successful Outsourcing Secrets To Stay Highly Visible



ocial media is one of the most powerful ways to grow

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER - a freelance contract position that

your community and your business. It’s also one of

focuses specifically on executing social media. This role is

the fastest ways to lose an entire day with very little

focused solely on the day-to-day tasks of managing social

to show for it.

media networks. The social media manager should be able to help with profile setup, posting, and monitoring. He or she

For most entrepreneurs this is reason enough to outsource,

should also be able to review and report on stats from net-

but because you’re amazing you know it’s about building a


plan and hiring the right people. That’s what we’re going to cover today.

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST - a freelance consultant who will develop (and sometimes oversee) social media strategy. This

First, let’s talk terms, because a virtual assistant, social me-

role is going to be focused on the big picture, not the day-to-

dia manager, and social media strategist are not the same

day. The strategist will need insights into larger marketing

thing. And more importantly, they won’t get you the same

plans, content plans, and networking, and will advise social

results. In the spirit of clarity, here are a few definitions.

media managers about day-to-day operations and engagement.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT - a freelance, contract position that can cover a whole scope of things. Traditionally a virtual assistant

The reality is that you can find a virtual assistant who will

helps with administrative tasks but can do everything from

manage your social media, but make sure they have a clear

social media support to customer support to bookkeeping. So

understanding of what that means. Also, know going into it

get really clear with your virtual assistant about what specific

that a social media manager will do best if you have a strat-

services they specialize in.

egy in place. Some can help with strategy tweaks and adjustments, but you’re going to find the best results when you



A C C E L E R AT E hire for what you need. If you’re struggling when it comes to


a plan for social media, start with a strategist. That will make your investment in ongoing help from a social media manager or virtual assistant a lot more beneficial. Once you’re clear on who you need, it’s about finding the right fit, and this is where I get the most questions about hiring. If you’re not confident with social media how are you supposed to know what to ask? Well, I can help with that. Start by asking them general questions, what’s most important is that you’re comfortable talking to them, because if that’s not there, nothing else matters. When you’re ready to dig into some social media stuff, I suggest asking them about their philosophy on social media marketing. The reality is this needs to align with how you feel about marketing. If you’re someone who is focused on community, and serving your people with value, and they come back with it’s all

you’re looking to implement social media ads, you also want

about numbers and buying as many followers as possible,

to make sure they can handle those for you. I always ask to

you know it’s not a fit. However, if they come back with a fo-

hear about how they’ve executed campaigns in the past.

cus on community and finding ways to provide value through

They may get a bit jargony here, but ask them to explain

powerful content, you’re going to be a much better fit.

things to you. If they can’t or are unwilling to, that’s a red flag. The best people will want to help you understand your

I always recommend asking them about their favorite re-

investment; it makes it easier for you to see its value.

sources, where they go to keep up with social media changes. If they can’t name a few resources right off the top of

Next, talk goals, this will give you an honest look at what you

their head, they’re simply not keeping up. No matter what

can expect from working together. No one, and I mean no

level they’re at, they should always be learning. If you get

one, should be making hard and fast number promises, but they should be able to give you some expectations of what’s possible, and how they’d like to make changes. Speaking of numbers, let’s talk about measuring the results of this work together. This is an investment after all, and we want to make sure we’re making the most of it. I suggest committing to 60 - 90 days as a trial period. That will give you a really clear look at what they can make happen in your social media, and also give you both an out if it’s just not a fit working together. Anyone you hire should be giving you bi-weekly or monthly reports. Reports should include a breakdown of content that

on the phone with someone who seems to think they already

did well, where traffic was generated from, and your follower

know everything they need, run, don’t walk. RUN as fast as

numbers. Ideally, they’ll also include suggestions and feed-

you can.

back based on those numbers, some entry-level virtual assistants and social media managers won’t be comfortable doing SPRING 2016


A C C E L E R AT E that. If it’s something you want, be sure you ask about that in the interviews. At the end of the trial period, look at all the reports. If you’re not seeing steady growth in not only followers but engagement, it’s time to make a change. Change doesn’t always mean firing someone, but it does mean revisiting the strategy. Remember that good quality growth takes time, but if you’re not seeing anything, that’s a big red flag. As you go through this process, remember that the more questions you ask, the better. You’re investing in your business and should be comfortable with that, even if it means first investing in learning a bit yourself. As you go through this process remember that the more questions you ask the better, you’re investing in your business and should be comfortable with that, even if it

Change doesn ’t always mean firing someone, but it does mean reviewing the strategy.

means first investing in learning a bit yourself.

About Stacey Harris The Stacey Harris is a powerhouse, online entrepreneur helping her clients reach rockstar status with communities full of raving fans who follow them anywhere. She has a passion for building and being active in communities and teaching folks to use networking to build relationships that grow businesses, which led to the launch of her community, Hit the Mic Backstage. Her passion for rock stars goes back to her roots. She graduated with a degree in audio engineering ready to take the music scene by storm. She quickly started working with an upand-coming record label, finding bands to sign and feature on their web radio station. Now, returning to her web radio roots, Stacey is the host of her own show Hit the Mic with The Stacey Harris. Connect with The Stacey Harris at and on Twitter at @TheStaceyHarris.




social media success bundle SPRING 2016  



Two Hours You're Losing Everyday (AND WHAT IT’S REALLY COSTING YOUR BIZ)

By Terry Monaghan Does this sound familiar?

Cooker with Duane Trammell (Bowen & Rogers, 1993).

You are out with friends for dinner and drinks, but your

Having worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and pro-

mind keeps wandering to the unfinished project you left

fessionals in many different fields, I would assert that at

behind at work.

least two hours of work time is lost each day because of being tired, distracted, and overwhelmed. And more of

Or, you are sitting down to work on a big project on the

our day is spoiled because we’re too tired, too worried,

job, and your mind keeps drifting to the decisions you

or too distracted by family and personal matters and

need to make about your ailing parent.

other responsibilities to enjoy the time we have for relaxation and fun.

Or, you are in a meeting with your team, but your attention is pulled to the phone that just vibrated…

If we can even remember what relaxation and fun are!

All of these scenarios are examples of what experts call

What can we do to transform this?

“contaminated time.” A good place to start is to confront how much of your “We contaminate time when we are not able to stay

time actually is contaminated.

focused in the moment, or when we are trying to do one thing, but are thinking about another. If our time is con-

Estimate how much time you lose by not being totally

taminated, we don’t get the full benefit of either work

productive during an average work day. For example,

(peak productivity) or play (total relaxation).”

taking an hour to complete a twenty-minute budget draft because you are worrying about a problem with your car.

That quote is from one of my favorite books: Time Management for Unmanageable People by Anne McGee-



Now estimate how much time you destroy on average

A C C E L E R AT E over the weekend or on days primarily dedicated to play,

Start small. It may even feel like you are having to force

relaxation and renewal. For example, taking a series of busi-

yourself, but give it a try.

ness calls, or checking business email while on vacation and spoiling your mood for family fun.

Choose one thing at work that you want to focus on. Set a timer for yourself. It doesn’t matter if it is 15, 30, 60 min-

Average your work-day and weekend hours, and multiply by

utes, but set the timer. Turn off every other thing that could

30 (days in the month). Now you have an estimate of the

interrupt you. Turn off the email, the phone ringer, put your

average total time you contaminate in a month that could

cell phone on airplane mode if you can. Put a sign on your

be reclaimed for refreshing play or productive work.

door if you have one, or on your desk. Now, just focus on that one activity until the timer goes off.

Did you shock yourself with how much time you are giving away? Can you even imagine what might be possible if you can reclaim even some of that time?

CONTAMINATED TIME – A SOLUTION After confronting this problem, we find we get caught up in doing one thing and thinking about another, leading to a complete inability to focus. When we operate this way, we don’t get the full benefit of being productive nor total relaxation. You estimated how much time you lose by not being totally productive during an average work day. Taking an hour to complete a twenty-minute budget draft because you are worrying about a problem with your car, or your kids.) And you estimated how much of your relaxation time you

If/when your mind wanders in search of that next squirrel,

surrender (taking a series of business calls or checking busi-

make a quick note (and I do mean literally write down the

ness email), spoiling your mood for family fun.

distracting thought), and refocus.

Did you do the work to confront that? Did you take the aver-

The time will go by far more quickly than you think. AND,

age of the two and multiply by 30 (days in the month) to

if you are like most of those I’ve worked with, you will find

see how much time you could actually reclaim for refreshing

that you have accomplished far more on that one task than

play or productive work?

you believed possible.

Let’s assume you did! Let’s also assume that you discov-

Now, try it for your relaxation time. Choose an activity you

ered you were giving up about two hours each day. What

love to do. Remove all the distractions you possibly can,

do you think would be possible if you reclaimed those two

and allow yourself to indulge fully in that activity. I promise,

hours and put them towards focused work on business, or

you will find yourself more refreshed and renewed at the

complete relaxation during your time off?

end of the time you set aside.

To put it in perspective: Two hours a day, every single day,

The same rules apply – when you find yourself distracted by

adds up to over 18 forty-hour work weeks each year. More

a work-related thought or concern, write it down and set it

than four months lost to this. Yikes!

aside. It will be there when you finish. Unless, of course, it resolves itself in your absence. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

OK, I promised a solution. Here you go. SPRING 2016


A C C E L E R AT E Remember, I said to start small. You don’t have to do this every day, although you will most likely work up to that. Start with one thing in each category each week, and see where you end up. Terry Monaghan is an author, speaker, coach, consultant and founder of Time Triage™ a consulting firm specializing in performance and productivity. She can be reached at terry@

About Terry Monaghan With over thirty years of business and entrepreneurial experience, Terry’s unique technology has dramatically increased the productivity of Fortune 100 executives and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. Whether it’s a corporate executive or a “solo-preneur,” the outcome of Terry’s methodology will give you an expanded level of freedom and productivity with results you can measure. Eliminating overwhelm, giving clients more time and clarity to focus, and implementing what it takes to produce results beyond what is predictable are what Terry’s efforts are all about. Her high integrity, no-nonsense, practical approach to business operations has helped build trusted relationships with many high-performing professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives. Terry’s work was recently featured in the New York Times best-seller Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has The Time by Brigid Schulte (Sarah Crichton Books, March 11, 2014).




IN THIS HOME STUDY PROGRAM, YOU' LL RECEIVE IMMEDIATE ACCESS TO: • One CD containing the complete Six Steps to Take Control of Your Email workshop audio recording (digital download) • The Six Steps to Take Control of Your Email workshop workbook – filled with exercises and plenty of room for notes (digital download) • Plus, you get a complimentary subscription to my newsletter “Now What”, providing quick, easy to implement productivity tips and insights Take control of your email before it controls you! Get the tools and techniques to take back control of your email. Get rid of that overflowing inbox once and for all. • You have 4872 email messages waiting for you in your inbox • You have attempted to get through it daily, but it is really hopeless • You try to get work done, but keep getting interrupted by new incoming mail

• You check your email at night, on the weekends, and on vacation • You are tired of having emergencies and drama. • You know there ought to be a better way. If any of this sounds familiar - you are in luck!


In this home study version, we go over six simple steps to take back control of your email. Using these six simple steps, you will: • Free up at least two hours every day • Empty your inbox every day • No longer be losing track of what is coming in to be acted on • Give up the dread that something is going to be overlooked • Be able to focus on what is really important Individuals have paid up to $2500 for this topic in private sessions. –

In this home study program, you’ll receive immediate access to: • One CD containing the complete Six Steps to Take Control of Your Email workshop audio recording (digital download) • The Six Steps to Take Control of Your Email workshop workbook – filled with exercises and plenty of room for notes (digital download) • Plus, you get a complimentary subscription to my newsletter “Now What”, providing quick, easy to implement productivity tips and insights SPRING 2016






Oy V e y , F e n g S h u i ! H ow C l e a r i n g Yo u r S pac e Ca n R a c k U p ®

Big Revenues

By Lois Kramer­Perez CHt.


he roadblocks in our business that we can clearly see are not necessarily what is holding us back.

For some of us, we are affected more by what we can’t see. It’s about what we feel. All appears clear and in order on the outside, but on the inside, we still feel uneasy. That feeling of uneasiness speaks to the laws of Feng Shui. It’s a system of laws that focus on how you arrange your space in relation to the flow of energy and the results you receive. Feng Shui “speaks” in metaphors. What is happening in your space is a reflection of what is happening in your life. Those principles take into account the places where we you physically store your things as a reflection of the thoughts stored in your mind - or your subconscious space. We’ve all had that feeling when entering a room or a space, that something just was not right. How many of us actually take the



A C C E L E R AT E time to stop, notice, and become aware? Here is your

Does everything look perfect, clean, clear, and appeal-

first success key - without awareness, there cannot be

ing? But, you know something just doesn’t feel



I have found most people’s perceptions regarding Feng

Bingo...That’s awareness!

Shui relates to where you place your desk, files, or chair. Maybe it’s all about the color or décor. They presume

Let’s take an example of how this affects realtors:

there are just one or two choices. That’s it.

You have a listing on the market that just won’t sell. You have diligently worked with the client... cleaning, purg-

Whoa, it is so much more!

ing, painting, staging – it looks fabulous. The price is right. The location perfect! All properties in the area are

It is that moment we say, “Oy vey, I just can’t take this

moving; but, this one property – nothing.

anymore!” “Oy Vey!” you say. The realtor did everything right, by painting and staging. But, there is something in the way of the desired outcome of the sale. Think about it this way - all of those efforts are like putting fresh flowers in dirty water. Time to call in Feng Shui. The ultimate Feng Shui process includes a practice called “dowsing” - the time tested tool for accessing information in our environment. Very scientifically, it accesses the information beyond the physical. First, we use dowsing to identify the energy of our environment that we can feel. Just like on a cold, blustery day, you can feel the wind as you step outside. We do not see it. But, we know it is there. On the other end of the spectrum, we have energy that we may identify in our physical space. It comes in the shape of the objects that direct our movement and flow. Take a moment; what is your “Oy vey?”

Is a chair blocking your direct path to something you access every day?

Does it feel like new clients aren’t coming through the door?

Together these energies create our experience, each just as important as the other.

Do you feel stuck in the mud, and can’t seem to move forward?

Dowsing provides information without judgement. We ask to find the information creating the disturbance. The

Are files and papers piling up all around you?

disturbance would be isolated based on the issue. In this case for the realtor, it would be preventing the sale of




Together these energies create our experience, each just as important as the other. the property.

The most important part of this equation is YOU!

The desired outcome is to sell the house, which is

Here’s a favorite Feng Shui tip that will get you on your

reached by releasing stress and clearing the energy.

way to solving your “Oy Vey!”

Whether preparing a property for sale or moving clients into a new home, it’s important to clear the energy of

" Fabulous FirstS "

any stress or leftover residue from prior occupants. Be aware of the first thing you see when you awaken This can also be said of clearing the residual energy of

each morning. Or, the first thing you see as you enter

the builders and landscapers!

your office, or sit at your desk, or in your favorite chair. Use these first images to fill you up with feelings sup-

Everyone involved in that home leaves their imprint, or


their “scent” so to speak. We are made up of many different thoughts and feelDowsing may be just part of the prescription to clear the

ings, all of which are on-call 24/7. They guide us to keep

roadblocks to your desired outcome.

us safe, to make decisions, and to direct us to our desired outcome.

Once the fog has lifted, you feel like a million bucks – and have the potential to earn that as a realtor!

Use these “firsts” to create supportive feelings. Now, start to observe when those feelings aren’t so nur-

Feng Shui resources use tools, such as dowsing, to cre-

turing. When do you find yourself getting irked, annoyed

ate the right prescription to integrate the seen with

or frustrated?

the unseen.



A C C E L E R AT E For example, take notice of your experience when you enter

day. But, here is how it’s affecting us in a bigger way.

your office. Is it easy? Is it a struggle? Is it effortless to get

Back to our example of the office door that sticks. Since your mind anticipates that is going to happen, even before you start your trek to your office, you feel the tension in your neck starting to build, and soon your back hurts, and your mood turns sour. Why? Because your body knows it’s about to go into war with that office door again. Can you see how powerful noticing these “firsts” are and how you can remedy your roadblocks? It is in your best interests to set your stage, to create your best-intention imprints. It’s easy. Begin by noticing how you feel during one of your fabulous firsts – if the feeling does not serve you, take a moment to decide what one thing you can do to change it? In this case, a good handyman! Begin with just one thing, then move on to notice the next. Small steps yield powerful results.

to the door? Does the door open easily or does it stick? How

Ready for more tips?

does the first thing we see make us feel? Get your free gift (name) and start turning your “Oy Vey” These are all of the “imprints” we are creating day after

into big returns.

About Lois Kramer Perez Lois Kramer-Perez CHt. is the go-to expert when you’re finally ready to receive passionate relationships, a peaceful home, and a life you love. She puts her 10+ years of feng shui energy clearing to work for realtors, divorcees, business owners, and busy women, to put them in the driver’s seat with their relationships and spaces. She is a sought after speaker, expert, and author; creator of popular programs such as “Clearing Meditation Circle” and the “Feng Shui Jumpstart.” Lois is a faculty member at Emerson and Ridgewood Community Schools in NJ, a top contributor to Inner Realm and Natural Awakenings magazines,’s Feng Shui Expert, Teacher, and sits on the board of the International Feng Shui Guild. Lois is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology, Feng Shui Alliance School, and Institute of Hypnotherapy.




Five feng shui tips to help you sell your click for

free gift

house and rake in the money!

SPRING 2016  



What’s Missing in


Conversation by Debra Angilletta

What’s the true value of a partnership?

Revenue Returns Cost of Investment

A partnership that impacts your company’s bottom line and influences how you compete in the marketplace is a deeper

Let’s say you have $1M in revenues and the cost of an invest-

conversation than just calculating your basic return on in-

ment was $500,000.

vestment (ROI). $1,000,000 Let’s take a look.


Gary Vaynerchuck, entrepreneur, investor, and Internet per-

Your ROI is 200 percent.

sonality, said it well, “Saying ‘Hello’ doesn’t have an ROI. It’s about building relationships.”

But, there is much more to this story than just the numbers.

The basic return on investment (ROI) formula sounds like a

What if we also measured relationships?

pretty straight-forward concept. If you invest money in people, a process or a product, how much does that investment bring back to you in returns? Here’s the problem...many people either don’t take the time to evaluate it, nor to fully understand that there is more than one way to capture it. Here’s an example: So what does this all mean? In 2012, I invested over $5,000 in a new Apple MacBook Pro® Let’s start with the basics.

for my business. Pricey? Yes. But, that investment paid me back so much more when I look at the relationship I have with

According to Investopedia - Entrepreneurs’ Small Business En-


cyclopedia, ROI measures the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment’s cost.

As I business owner, I rely on my computer for pretty much everything--from serving my clients, email correspondence, to

To calculate ROI, the benefit (or return) of an investment is

giving presentations.

divided by the cost of the investment, and the result is expressed as a percentage or a ratio.

Here is where the gold lies in my relationship with Apple.

The simplest way to determine your business ROI is:

It’s when the problems arise.



A C C E L E R AT E Their ability to solve problems is where the value lies for me. I know where to go for the help; how to access it; how to schedule it; and knowing that it will be resolved in a timely manner. While in the middle of editing this magazine issue, I started having issues with my trackpad. If that has ever happened to you, it’s like trying to work with one hand tied behind your back. On a Friday night, I went online and booked an appointment at my local Apple Store for the next morning. Now, a Saturday is definitely busy; so, I had to wait a few extra minutes for a Mac Specialist to become available. This person was knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and most importantly, solved my problem. Even though I could not get a repair that day, she gave me a temporary work around, ordered the part, and told

Don’t get caught up in stories.

me when it would be fixed. In this case, the Mac Specialist then turned and asked some Let’s look beyond the obvious though.

great questions about my business, and soon figured out I was a very good customer of Apple.

How could I get more ROI out of this interaction? Now, I had done a bit of research about how much the reI knew I had to stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips:

pair would cost me before entering the store--about a cool $100.00. She explained the process thoroughly and was clear of how and when my problem would be fixed. She also provided some interim suggestions to alleviate my pain in the meantime. Then to my surprise, upon her final review of the expected

by Debra Angilletta costs, she shared that she was able to “waive” the labor fee. My total? Fifty bucks!

That was $40.00 back into my pocket. Nice return for developing a relationship with my Mac Specialist – just by treating them the way you want to be treated, and expecting the same in return. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Greet your service provider with a smile and warm introduction. That will put

In turn for the appreciation, I asked what would help her out

you ahead of the pack in the person’s mind.

as far as giving a recommendation or a positive review for her service?

Ask questions about them, making a personal connection. Be patient.

Her smile got wider and she introduced me to her store manager who instructed me how to send in feedback for. Right

State the problem clearly and what you want the result to be.

then and there, I plugged in the email address into my smartphone and wrote a review for my technician, which took two SPRING 2016



minutes of my time. Bottom line? You have to love the people you surround yourself with. Start by crunching the numbers first, but be sure to also evaluate your relationships. What part are you playing? What are you getting back? I encourage you, in the words of long-time ABC Radio anchor, Paul Harvey, to get “The rest of the story” on your return on your investment. Learn from our contributors. But, don’t let the conversation stop there. Reach out and start developing that ROI through fostering relationships. In the end, impacting your ROI is well more than just a series of numbers on a spreadsheet. It’s about surrounding yourself with the right people who share your vision. It’s about getting up each and every day believing in what you’re offering, with clarity and focus. It’s about developing critical action steps that lead to the end result of what you want to achieve. Now you have the insights on where you can capture higher returns.

Are you ready to reap the rewards of a big profit business? Debra puts her 20+ years of Wall Street finance expertise to work for 6-figure & multiple 6-figure coaches, consultants, speakers & experts showing them how to pull big money right out of their current business, and leverage powerful profit opportunities hiding right under their nose. Working just three days a week, three weeks a month she built her company, to over six-figures and has mastered the techniques to be profitable year over year. She’s a sought-after speaker, author, and creator of popular programs, such as “5 Steps To Accelerate Your Business” and “The 6 Figure Schedule,” and is the publisher behind “Accelerate: The Magazine” for entrepreneurs on the fast track to financial freedom.






Social proof



by Karen Yanokvich roudly displaying social proof is a sure-fire way

profile. Personal accounts of your work ethic, ambition,

to grow your network, increase your reach, and

and skill sets are extremely powerful. With business in-

attract more customers.

teractions occurring more and more online, it is crucial to make a positive first impression with a stellar profile.

Wikipedia defines social proof as a “psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an

One of the best ways to get recommendations on LinkedIn

attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation....

is to ASK for them. Happy clients are almost always willing

driven by the assumption that surrounding people possess

to spread the love with some kind words. So don’t be shy!

more knowledge about the situation.”

Writing recommendations for others and supporting fellow colleagues or business partners will also likely result in

In simpler terms, it’s a way of increasing a prospect or

them returning the favor.

customer’s confidence in you, your product, and your service by publicly sharing positive experiences or interactions.


The more connections you have on LinkedIn and the more

-Building Your Social Proof-

you engaged you are with those connections, the more credible you become in the eye of the viewer.

LinkedIn being one of the top professional platforms is a powerhouse for building a collection of social proof. Start

Set a goal of reaching 500+ connections. Regularly write

by optimizing and enhancing your profile. Providing and

posts on relevant topics within your industry. Join groups

receiving endorsements is a quick and easy way to begin

and actively participate in conversations. Create and

the process. Simply:

nurture new relationships. These are simple ways of gain-

Add skills;

ing recognition and building social proof. If you want to be

Order them as you deem appropriate; and

viewed as a knowledgeable leader in your field, you must

Request endorsements from colleagues past and present.

be authentic and interact with those in your network.

Keep in mind, endorsements alone aren’t enough. You also need to build and share strong recommendations on your



-Subscribers, Followers, Fans-

A C C E L E R AT E Sharing your social proof on your website is great way to gain credibility. Do you have a lot of Facebook fans? Add a Facebook “Like” box and share button to your home page. Do you have a Twitter following that just keeps growing? Then, a tweet button is necessity! Is Google+ part of your social media strategy? Incorporate a button on your blog. You get the idea. Be seen. Be heard. Be credible. Use your social media to your advantage!


Need help figuring out what works best? Analyze your

Be seen. Be heard. Be credible. use your social media to your advantage!



A C C E L E R AT E analysis will reveal the key insights on what turns visitors into paying clients.

-Social Proof is in the Pudding-

Invest the time building, engaging, and authentically communicating with your customers and your business will reap the benefits. Social proof is powerful and can result in more clients, new products, partnerships, and more!

social media to discover where your most successful leads are being generated. Track your efforts with Google Analytics or a paid service like Kissmetrics. Proper

Proper analysis will reveal the key insights on what turns visitors into paying clients

About Karen Yankovich Social Media Brand Strategist, Business Consultant, and Speaker, Karen Yankovich is the CEO of Dimare Group, LLC. Having “been there and done that” in the arena of losing (and then re-finding) a focused approach to business and life, Karen now offers coaching and consulting for entrepreneurs. Her unique specialty blends her “get it done” attitude with a passion for soulful living in her personal services and online workshops. Social Media and LinkedIn Evangelist, Karen guides entrepreneurs to creating wealth by combining smart business practices with simple proven systems that develop and maintain strong customer relationships. She offers results oriented and expert Conversational Marketing strategies that position her clients to bring in instant results. Karen’s background includes over twenty years in the fields of information technology, marketing, and customer relationships, making social media her ideal niche.






THINGS TO DO ON LINKED IN The top 3 things you need to do to have an upleveled LinkedIn profile that will get you more leads, clients and help your business soar!

SPRING 2016  



5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Multiply Your Money

by Starr Oldorff

INVEST MONEY TO MAKE MONEY Ever had one of those days when you wish there were two

very clear in his article, “How Much Does an Employee

of you? So much to do, so little time?

Cost.” An in-house assistant costs time and money to recruit; employee taxes have to be paid; benefits provided

Hiring a virtual assistant can be one of your biggest assets

(think health care). An in-house assistant needs space to

in helping solving this age old problem.

work and furniture, and equipment to work with.

Bringing on a new team member to make more

Not mentioned in this article is the cost of down time. You

money may seem counterintuitive at first. It’s defi-

pay a wage or salary for an in-house assistant whether

nitely not one of the usual tactics, most look to increase

there is work for them to do or not; not the best way to

prices or reduce expenses. That’s not what most business

maximize productivity. This places huge drains on your

owners do to increase profits, but you’re not like everyone

revenue and profits.

else, right? A virtual assistant, on the other hand, pays their own taxBut if you compare hiring a virtual assistant to hiring an

es, health care costs, and equipment and furniture costs.

in-house assistant you can see the potential cost savings

They are also far more productive; you don’t pay for their


down time.

Joseph Hadzima, Jr., Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School

Not only can outsourcing increase your profits in the ob-

of Management and Managing Director of Main Street

vious ways, but consider the intangible ways that out-

Partners, LLC made the expense of hiring an employee

sourcing a virtual assistant can boost your operations. “It



A C C E L E R AT E boosts your operations in four ways: enhancing

Second, think about when you bring a new member

employee performance, developing current staff, reduc-

onto your team. No matter how skilled they are they will

ing risks and promoting continuity.”

have to get up to speed quickly and function at the level you desire.

A virtual assistant is far from just another expense. They can be worth their weight in gold, if you hire the right

If your processes and procedures are documented in

one. Not only can the right virtual assistant save you

detail and well-organized, your new team member is go-

money, but the right virtual assistant can increase

ing to have a much easier time finding what they need,

your profits and maximize revenue in your busi-

when they need it. It will take them less time to do so.


The ability to be efficient finding and learning things means less of a labor expense for you. The quicker they

Here are five areas a virtual assistant can bring their

learn your business, the quicker they can max out their

expertise and efficiency to your business:

skills, gifts, and talents for you, increasing your revenue

• Process and Procedure Development

and profits.

• Project Management • Strategic Thinking

A detailed-oriented and organized virtual assistant, who

• Automation

understands business processes, can create and update

• Passion for your business

your processes and procedures for you.


Process and Procedure Development


Project Management

If you’ve ever worked in a traditional, brick-and-mortar

American businessman and former chairman and CEO of

business, you may equate business processes and

International Business Machines, Thomas J. Watson said,

procedures to a giant, dusty notebook full of the break-

“Wisdom is the power to put our time and our knowl-

down of the company and how each piece is supposed

edge to the proper use.”

to function. A virtual assistant, skilled in project management, posBut, having your business processes and procedures

sesses the capability to manage a company’s time

developed from the perspective of

and resources, while harnessing the knowledge and

your day-to-day business functioning, recorded and

strengths of its team to produce the desired end result.

updated in real time, and readily available increases the

They are also able to drive revenue, stay ahead of the

efficiency of your business.

competition, and increase profits. Lack of project or program management, at its worse, is tantamount to

This helps you drive revenue in several ways.


First, if you want to sell your business, a potential buyer

Project management takes many forms. On a large

is going to want to see how your business operates.

scale, project management can look like a virtual assis-

They want to see how your business achieves its suc-

tant who runs your business for you, freeing you up to

cess. They want to imitate your processes and proce-

spend your time on revenue-generating activities.

dures to achieve the same success.

It can also look more like team management or strictly SPRING 2016


A C C E L E R AT E managing specific projects either ongoing or as they

method that takes difficult, redundant or otherwise com-


plex tasks and simplifies them into a streamlined, hands-

03 Thinking

free process.” A high-level virtual assistant knows that business process automation saves business owners


time and money by reducing the cost of labor-intensive activities, and knows how and when to implement it for your business. If you operate an online business, commonly-used, basic automation might look something like this:

Strategic thinking is defined by the businessdictionary. com as “the ability to come up with effective plans in line

• Google Drive® for document sharing and management

with an organization’s objectives within a particular eco-

• MailChimp® for marketing campaigns

nomic situation. Strategic thinking helps business man-

• Infusionsoft® for administrative tasks, marketing

agers review policy issues, perform long-term planning, set goals and determine priorities, and identify potential

campaigns, CRM, and • Asana® for project management

risks and opportunities.” Strategic thinking and implementation are key in keeping your business ahead.

Ensuring these basics are up and running saves you dollars in labor costs while maximizing your re-

The current business environment is very uncertain and


fast-moving, even more so if you operate an online business. What if you had someone within your business,

Take project management, for example. Have you ever

besides yourself, who knew your business so well that

tried to manage a project through an email thread? If you

they could take past data, anticipate future trends, think

have endless time to waste, enjoy missed deadlines, and

outside of the box, question everything, see short- and

communication breakdowns, then go for it. You’ll quickly

long-term outcomes, recognize patterns, risks,and oppor-

see how automation can help with this.

tunities, and stay abreast of competitors’ movements? Then in turn, provide you with growth strategy recom-

Many business automation software applications are also


free or low-cost. Compare this to the savings you’ll get in the short- and long-term, not to mention they are tax

Don’t forget, virtual assistants are business owners too.

deductible as well.

They share best business practices across everyone they support. This creates a huge win/win scenario that di-

Covering the basics in business automation is great. But,

rectly feeds into your bottom line.

a good virtual assistant can take your automation to the


next level, maximizing efficiency and returns.




According to this Business News Daily article, Business process automation “is a type of software or systemized



People who are passionate about what they do tend to be

A C C E L E R AT E optimistic, driven, and self-aware. They eat, drink, and sleep

If your virtual assistant just as passionate about your busi-


ness as you are, it will be a common practice, almost instinctive, to identify trends to keep you ahead of the curve in your

A virtual assistant who is passionate about what they do is

industry. They already know how it will apply to your busi-

going to be “all in” when it comes to your business. They

ness and will then decide if your business can grow from the

set the highest goals for themselves and your business, and

new information, figuring out how to make it happen. This

expect nothing less than success. Your achievement brings

helps you and your business stay ahead of the com-

great joy to the passionate virtual assistant.

petition, laying the groundwork for new business and revenue opportunities.

Essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson put it like this, “Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it.


Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing

First and foremost, the intrinsic value of a virtual assistant is

great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

in the implementation of your ideas. When you think about it, your virtual assistant’s skill as an implementer is a true

One foundational business principle is to stay ahead of the

extension of you - partnering with a strong virtual assistant

competition. If you are functioning at the same level as the

who possesses the depth of knowledge to increase your com-

competition, you are behind.

pany’s bottom line puts you well on your way to more time, increased revenue, and increased profits.

About Starr Oldorff Virtual assistant, Starr Oldorff, has over 20 years experience in small business strategic operations and development, project management, program development, and traditional marketing and sales. She is President and CEO of Starr Oldorff Group, an online business management company specializing in business and project management and operations, Infusionsoft, and process development. With a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a passion for business, Starr is also experienced in strategy implementation, revenue and sales forecasting, and client management. She is known for loving her clients’ businesses as much as they do. Starr is a single mother of five adult children; two attending college while living at home. She loves spending time with family and friends, cooking, baking, urban gardening, reading about business, nature photography, and beach trips. The family has a super-smart, handsome, loving Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix named Bear. Find Starr and connect on Facebook, Linkedin, or Google+ or



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