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Hanover Street Primary beat off stiff competition from other Scottish finalists with their Totally Creative project called ‘Aliens from Planet Green land in Aberdeen’. To learn more about recycling the class created a video, in which aliens from 'Planet Green' landed in Aberdeen to teach the inhabitants of Earth about how to recycle, rather than throw away their rubbish. The children sold their highly entertaining and informative film on DVD to parents as a fundraiser, and in the first two days of sales, they raised £108 for Oxfam's Water Week.  They created all of the alien costumes used in their film out of recycled materials and wrote the film’s script.  This was a brilliant piece of work, from very young children who were determined to show us how they could make a difference. As Scottish champions, the children attended an award ceremony at the London Science Museum to receive their certificate and £1000 cheque. The school was joined by pupils from England and Wales to find out who would be awarded the title of overall UK Champions for 2013. Sponsored by energy giant TOTAL and managed by The Young People’s Trust for the Environment Aberdeen City CfE blog Keep up to date with all the latest developments.

Pupils from Hanover Street Primary jet off to London to collect their prize

(YPTE), the TOTAL Green School Awards aims to assist and encourage environmental education for young people aged 5-11. The Awards promote cross-curricular work on the environment and offer opportunities to study energy in a creative and fun way, linking with the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. Some 44,500 children took part in entries in 2013. Gayle Gorman, Director for Education, Culture and Sport, Aberdeen City Council said, “It is great to see pupils from Aberdeen achieving success at a national level. What is all

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the more promising is that these pupils are in P1 – what a great future we have with them contributing to future science and environmental projects.” Elizabeth Elrick, class teacher said, “'The children have worked hard during the year on this project, and have learned so much about environmental issues. Being named Scottish Regional Champions in the TOTAL Green School Awards is a great achievement for such young children. They are a credit to our school, and everyone is very proud.”

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ACTIVE LITERACY There have been a number of Active Literacy training events scheduled to maintain the momentum of this initiative. At the end of May Secondary English teachers were involved in CPD designed to raise awareness of Active Literacy strategies and good practice. This was well received and there will be further training offered to the Secondary sector aimed at using Active Literacy strategies across the curriculum. In September there was also a comprehensive schedule of training events for the Primary sector, covering p 1-3 and p 4–7. These training sessions ran from 1 -5 and we have to thank everyone for responding so positively despite the heat and the intensive nature of the day. We were also heartened by the response to calls for more teachers to get involved in Active Literacy and to support training. It is important to have trainers who are actually delivering these initiatives and can report on it from experience. If you have already noted an interest, or would still like to get more involved, could we ask that you sign up through your Head Teacher: all HT’s were e mailed the relevant forms so that we could take further details and secure each HT’s endorsement. We are also planning to deliver more focused CPD sessions on specific aspects of Active Literacy throughout this year.


We are aware that the delivery of Active Literacy still raises some concern with regards to how best to support our ASN, SFL children. There are plans in place to meet with the ASN, SFL team to discuss how we can support both staff and pupils in this area within both the Primary and Secondary sectors.


LITERACY COORDINATORS The dates for the meetings of the Literacy Coordinators for session 2013/14 are as follows: Term Term Term Term

1 2 3 4

– – – –

Friday 27th September 2013 Wednesday 27th November 2013 Monday 3rd February 2014 Thursday 15th May 2014

The first meeting will reflect upon not only the findings of the latest SSLN (Scottish Survey of Literacy and Numeracy) but also how these findings shape our practice. Literacy Coordinators have also been challenged to identify and promote projects and good practice going on within their ASG’s. We hope to showcase some of these projects throughout the year at the remaining meetings. We would also request that all schools update the contact details for Literacy Coordinators - whether or not there has been a change - by e-mailing:

Under the widening definition of text and the drive to connect with texts that are part of our pupils’ lives, media studies and the use of various media technologies will become of increasing importance in the next few years. There is an introduction to the use of media in the Active Literacy Stage 6 and 7 manuals that were issued to all schools before the Summer. An introduction to teaching ‘moving image’ was also delivered at the Active Literacy training sessions held last week and will be sent to schools on disc. Once again there was a request for staff with a particular interest or skills in this area to get more involved in developing media materials and initiatives for use across the city. For more information or to register your interest contact: curriculum for excellence



Bookings are now open for the first National Youth Film Festival! Running from 21 October - 8 November there will be loads of FREE screenings for all schools and youth groups at cinemas across Aberdeen. Schools and youth groups can also enjoy: -Exclusive previews -Current and old favourites plus independent highlights -Innovative educational resources -Filmmaking workshops run by industry experts -Q&A sessions with industry experts -Film character dress up In Aberdeen some highlights include Monsters University, Man of Steel, The Sword in the Stone, Frances Ha, Treasure Island, Kirikou and the Men and the Women, A Hijacking and Epic and much more. For more information about booking a visit:

BOOK TRAILER COMPETITION The Literacy team are launching a city wide Booktrailer competition as part of a wider initiative to engage young people across the city in reading. The recent SSLN Literacy survey revealed that between P4 and S2 those who ‘agree a lot’ or ‘agree a little’ that they enjoy reading drops from 92% to 62%. Booktrailers are a great way to engage pupils with reading in the digital realm with which they are familiar, and they are a fabulous way to combine a number of different skills across the curriculum. A booktrailer is just like a movie trailer, giving a ‘taster’ of a book for its potential audience, with the purpose of making them want to read the book. Because trailers are so keenly focused on purpose and audience, creating them requires a lot of critical decision making;and because they need to capture the essence of a book’s character, setting, plot and atmosphere, they encourage pupils to read a book critically so they have a strong idea of what their trailer needs to convey. You can find a resource pack and masterclass videos, including worksheets and assessment templates, on the Scottish Book Trust site. These resources support teachers through the process of working with students to complete their booktrailers. Schools who are FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: interested in taking part should register an expression of interest Or contact: by Monday 4th November so that IONA REID / LAURA MARTIN we can arrange suitable CPD to Development Officer: Literacy support this initiative. 01224 523909

READING BUS The Reading Bus continues to journey on. Barry Donaldson has joined the team as Development Officer and the team are shortly moving to new offices at Braeside Infant School.

This year the team are building on the success of last year’s ‘Scot’s Tales Around the World’ with a new project called ‘Global Blethers’. Sheena Blackhall will visit four city schools to encourage the Scots language to be embraced as part of the pupils’ learning. Sheena will encourage song, poetry and story to be created, while celebrating not only Scots but the rich diversity of other languages within each class.

Kirsty, Grace and Sheena are also collaborating with Music Without Bars to create promotional films for four country parks in Aberdeenshire. The children are learning about different film techniques and they are really enjoying using i-pads as a learning tool.

The team will also be working with Braehead Primary to deliver a creative writing session based on WWII, while Grace will be leading an interactive Gruffalo hunt with Kittybrewster to celebrate Book Week. Contact: for more about the Reading Bus’ travels.

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BUILDING CAPACITY IN MODERATION Funding (of up to £3000) can be allocated by Education Scotland to support schools, ASG’s etc in projects which capture emerging and interesting practice in relation to moderation. The aim is to further support the implementation of the BtC5 by creating projects which show manageable and sustainable approaches to moderation and so improve learning and teaching through progressive, professional practice. Bids for this funded moderation project have been invited from all interested establishments. This project will have a short timescale and has to be completed by early March to allow the transfer of the budget by the end of the financial year.

ASSESSMENT AND REPORTING – HEALTH AND WELLBEING Work carried out last year indicated that schools, on the whole, were in need of more guidance and support with the assessment and reporting of Health and Wellbeing. Action taken by the Authority was the issuing of a questionnaire to Head Teachers to gather the views and feelings of our Primary and ASN schools. The responses to this questionnaire have now been collated and a working group, nominated by the schools, will get together to produce some clarification on the needs indicated by the schools, in this area of the curriculum.

INTER-AUTHORITY PARTNERSHIP WORKING Aberdeen City Assessment Team has established close relations with our Aberdeenshire counterparts and we are working closely with them to share resources and ideas. Our first collaborative meeting will be the Inset Day (Monday 11 Nov) where we are hosting a joint input to both City/Shire schools. The event will be held in the Beach Ballroom and places made available for each authority to take up. Details of these have been made available to Head Teachers. The main focus of the Inset Day will be the showcasing of Paul Black’s work on Dialogic Teaching and Moderation, interspersed with workshops, in the morning. TACLAN workshops will take place in the afternoon to reinforce planning for learning, teaching, moderation and assessment.


The opportunity has arisen for schools to be involved in yet another funded project. On this occasion the funding of up to £3000 will be awarded for an inter-authority project which must illustrate collaborative approaches to moderation involving two or more authorities. Projects will focus on creating interauthority networks with the aim of continually improving Learning and Teaching through progressive, professional practice. Projects can exemplify a new approach to moderation or develop existing or emerging practice within authorities.

Development Officers: Anna Royle Lynda Blackwood Anne Bonsall Shona Milne

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1.0 0.6 0.4 0.4

Mon-Fri Tues-Thurs Tues +1 Tues +Wed

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Since August, Shona has been class committed and is enjoying putting numeracy into action in the classroom! This arrangement will continue until the October break. Meantime Helen Cowie QIO continues to have strategic lead for Numeracy.

Head Teachers have been asked to provide updated contact details for Numeracy Co-ordinators/Leads. It is really important that we have a contact name and email address for all Numeracy Coordinators/Leads so that we can keep schools informed of forthcoming CPD opportunities and information. Please pass on these contact details to Shona as soon as possible.



Information and resources have been sent to schools regarding the promotion of Numeracy through a Numeracy Notice Board. Please engage with the materials as a means of promoting numeracy in your schools. The focus for development for Term 1 and 2 is Effective Questioning.

The Numeracy Steering Group comprises a wide ranging membership, all of whom are committed to supporting the development of numeracy. The group has representatives from across the E, C and S Service and partnerships including Early Years, Primary and Secondary sectors, Family Learning and Aberdeen University. To support the development of numeracy in your school the Steering Group have identified key themes on which to focus throughout school session 2013/14. These are: Term 1 and 2 - Effective Questioning and Term 3 and 4 - Mathematical Language.

BIG MATHS At the time of print, we have 46 teachers signed up to participate in Big Maths training on 16th and 17th September. It is very encouraging that schools are keen to engage with this opportunity. We look forward to supporting teachers and schools implement aspects of Big Maths throughout the current school session.

NUMBER DAY 2013 Why not register your school for Number Day 2013 and use Mathematics as a tool for raising money for NSPCC? Use the day to promote a ‘can do’ and fun approach whilst supporting a very good cause. For more information Google ‘NSPCC Number Day’ and remember to share your achievements.


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Or contact: SHONA PATTERSON Development Officer: Numeracy 01224 522429

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“You don’t need to be an adult to cook or bake” A group of eight Primary 6 pupils from Sunnybank School recently took part in an after school cookery club held at the attached Community Centre. The group were able to try out the new training kitchen facility which was installed earlier this year in collaboration with the NHS Public Health Team. The pupils attended six Confidence to Cook sessions, working in pairs to produce a selection of different dishes. The young people decided to have different countries as themes for the recipes used each week. They sampled foods from Mexico, China, America and Italy as well as having a ‘Round the World’ theme one week to link in with a school project. The pupils were very enthusiastic about trying each others dishes and were able to take some food home to share with their families. Parents were also invited to the last session, with the young people preparing a selection of home baking for them to sample. Evaluation of the project highlighted improvements in both the pupils’ confidence and their kitchen skills.

HEALTH AND WELLBEING AMBASSADORS Following the launch of the Aberdeen City Health and Wellbeing action plan, three secondary schools have nominated themselves to take part in the first year of the Health and Wellbeing Ambassadors programme. St Machar, Hazlehead and Northfield Academies have identified a number of pupils that will engage with health professionals to look at their local health needs, identify health priorities and develop measurable health activities that aim to have an impact on the local school community. The Ambassadors from each of the schools will attend a launch of the scheme at Marischal College on the 7th October. Following project developments and delivery, a celebration event will take place towards the end of this academic year, enabling the ambassadors to share what has been learnt. There will be opportunities for more schools to be involved next academic year . For further information contact Rachel Thompson – Assistant Health Improvement Officer (Schools)

MENTAL HEALTH IMPROVEMENT FRAMEWORK A multi-agency mental health improvement group has been set up to help improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people in Aberdeen City by developing a mental health improvement framework. Initial work to date has included; the development of a mental health pilot which is taking place within the Bridge of Don ASG, a citywide audit that looks at evidence based practice and will establish a picture of current activity across the City and identify any gaps. The Family Information Services (FIS) website has also been updated in relation to the information held with regards to mental health services in the City. For further information contact Elaine McConnachie Health Improvement Officer (Schools)

TOBACCO POLICY PILOTS As part of the Scottish Government’s strategic vision for a smoke free future and as an action within the Aberdeen city Health and Wellbeing action plan, three Secondary schools have volunteered to pilot the development of a school policy relating to smoking prevention/ tobacco control in local authority educational settings. Over the next year St Machar, Harlaw and Bucksburn Academies will be piloting the use of NHS guidelines developed to support schools and educational settings to develop a holistic policy that tackles smoking in and around school grounds. For further information contact Rachel Thompson – Assistant Health Improvement Officer (Schools) curriculum for excellence




BETTER MOVERS AND THINKERS Better Movers and Thinkers (BMT) is an innovative, exciting and challenging movement and learning programme for Physical Education, that focuses directly on enhancing the links between movement and thinking, and how these critical elements scaffold the development of physical performance and learning across the curriculum. Aberdeen city council are involved in a three threads national roll out programme which is being driven by Education Scotland. Hazlehead ASG was chosen as the cluster group to be involved in thread one. Three key staff within the ASG have received BMT training with view to developing the use of BMT methods within their schools. Other schools across Aberdeen who show an interest in BMT will be supported by ACCs two Physical Education lead officers.

Contact: Development Officers: Physical Education GARY GILES TRISH MacQUEEN 01224 523914/523592

The Scottish Government recognises the positive impact Physical Education can have on a pupil's health, educational attainment and life chances and that it can form a key element of a school’s plan to deliver the broad health and wellbeing outcomes and experiences contained within Curriculum for Excellence. This includes a commitment that by 2014, every school pupil in Scotland will benefit from at least two hours per week of Physical Education in P1 to P7 and two periods in S1 to S4. With regards to this target, Aberdeen city council is making significant progress especially within the primary sector. The figures from the 2013 Healthy Living Survey showed that only 66% of primary schools in Aberdeen were delivering the required two hours. The figure available at time of print was 84%.

QUALITY PHYSICAL EDUCATION In addition to the two hour/period target from Scottish Government, Education Scotland are focusing on improving the quality of Physical Education across the country. This was kicked off earlier in the year with several “Raising the bar in Core PE” events being held around Scotland. A draft paper has been written by Education Scotland which highlights the significant aspects of learning in Physical Education. This paper has been distributed to all 32 local authority Physical Education lead officers for consultation. The paper highlights what pupils need to be good at to learn and perform in Physical Education. Currently the Physical Education lead officers within Aberdeen city council are working with primary school staff especially to promote the key aspects within four areas: cognitive skills, personal qualities, physical competencies and physical fitness. This learning focus ensures the difference between Physical Education and Physical activity.

MOVE – MBER From an idea originally thought up by Jenny Thomson (Primary PE specialist), Move - mber was born. Jenny’s idea of encouraging a whole school community, pupils, staff and parents alike to move more during the month of November, fits very well with Aberdeen city council’s strategic priority around Health & Wellbeing. During the month of November all schools across the city will be encouraged to join the Move – mber challenge with a chance of winning £3,500 of PE resources courtesy of Fast Sports Ltd. More details are available from Gary Giles ( PELO Aberdeen city)

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CITY SCIENCE SUCCESS In May, the Intertek Primary Schools’ Science Fair was held at the Natural History Centre (NHC). Pupils work on a project on their own, or with a friend, then display their work and present everything to the judges, all of whom are Intertek scientists. Pupils were also treated to time in the zoology museum and the NHC which gave them all a great science experience. The overall winner was Callum Mooney from Charleston School.

On June 17th, approximately 400 P6 & P7 pupils from across Aberdeen were awarded with Science Champion badges at a big celebration at The Beach Ballroom. These pupils had worked with Early Years pupils in their schools, to help them to learn science. The Science Champions had a fascinating talk from John Dunn of the Marine Lab, who then presented the badges. This was followed by some fun activities and refreshments before they returned to school.

TOTAL SUCCESS FOR HANNOVER Having won the Scottish Total Green Schools Award, approximately 30 P1/2 pupils from Hanover Street School went to London on 20th June, to attend the UK Final at the Science Museum. The pupils were all real stars, not letting anything faze them. They gave an excellent presentation although were ultimately beaten to the UK prize. All the pupils enjoyed visiting the Science Museum and seeing and experiencing so much. Total treated them to a short sightseeing tour of London although they were disappointed that the Queen was not on her balcony!

MAKE THE LINK! Remember that you can apply to have a professional who works in Science, Engineering, Technology or Maths come to your school to help deliver a lesson, a talk or help with a project. Information at:

PSQM 23 Primary Schools worked towards a Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM), submitting their evidence in June. This award can be gained at Bronze, Silver or Gold level. Results are due at the end of September, then there will be an awards evening in November when the awards will be presented. Thirty one schools are working on awards this year.

SPE SUPPORT TEACHER CPD At Offshore Europe (OE13), a Teachers’ Day was organised in collaboration with the SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers) to showcase much of the offshore industry and also to launch some resourced lessons which have been developed by Aberdeen teachers and Satrosphere. The lessons, under the Energy4Me banner, were developed for the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and are now available online at There were 35 teachers in attendance, from all parts of Grampian – all of whom had cover paid for by the SPE! FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Or contact: FIONA SAUNDERS/LORNA SHIPLEY Development Officer:s Science 01224 522694

S6 SCIENCE AMBASSADORS 19 S6 pupils received S6 Science Ambassador Awards. This is an award scheme that involves S6 pupils who study science spending time helping deliver science at a local primary school. S6 pupils can work towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. curriculum for excellence



JUNIOR ENTERPRISE GAME 2012-2013 A total of 39 primary schools across Aberdeen have taken part in the Junior Enterprise Game during the 2012-2013 session – a total of around 1,321 pupils making up 318 teams. Pupils were challenged to work in groups and ‘run’ a company, with the winner being the team which achieved the highest share price. The game is based on producing and selling polo shirts, and the pupils were tasked to work together to come up with a company name and logo. They then had to decide on the amount of shirts to produce and the selling price, how many workers to employ and the wage rate to be paid, the advertising budget, how much to spend on research and development and whether or not to spend money on market research. Once the pupils had made their decisions, the decisions were entered into a computer and the teams received a print-out showing their trading and profit and loss accounts, and the value of each team’s share price. The aim of the game was to try to increase the share price – and the team with the highest share price was the winner. The final positions were: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th

St Peter’s RC Primary – share price 536p (prize of £250 and the BP Cup, to be held for a year) Gilcomstoun Primary – share price 487p (£150 prize) Skene Square Primary – share price 485p (£100 prize) Middleton Park Primary – share price 477p (£50 prize) Hazlehead Primary – share prize 472p (£50 prize) Fernielea Primary – share prize 471p (£50 prize)

STUDENTS JOIN CAREER ACADEMIES The first group of students to apply to become members of the Career Academies programme have been successfully appointed. Following the application and interview process twenty S5 students have been accepted and matched to their Partner in Business (mentor). The programme will officially launch on 1st October at the Beach Ballroom where Bob Keiller, CEO of John Wood Group PLC, will deliver the keynote speech. Prior to the launch Centrica Energy in Aberdeen invited their Edinburgh colleagues to speak to new Partners in Business who will be mentoring students from the two schools in Aberdeen City embarking on the two year Career Academy programme. Christine Murray, Career Academy Coordinator at Kincorth Academy said, “This is a fantastic event; our speakers were so enthusiastic about the programme and the benefits to students and their company. It has made everything so real. I’m really looking forward to August and the implementation of the programme”.

KINCORTH IN EDUCATION AWARDS FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Or contact: ALAN TULLOCK Development Officer: Enterprise and Applied Learning 01224 522849

Kincorth Academy won through to the final of the Scottish Education Awards for their work in Enterprise and Employability Across Learning award. Picking up the runner up prize in the category, Business teacher Lauren Skinner said she was delighted to have been nominated for the award. curriculum for excellence



LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES TEAM The Learning Technologies Team is now back up to full quota. Please welcome the four Education Support Officers: Martin Coutts, Richard Elliott, Charlie Love and Sheila Morrison. Their main function to help you embed ICT in Learning and Teaching to ensure Aberdeen City schools are exemplifying the use of ICT in appropriate and responsible ways.

As you know Glow is evolving. The planned migration of data from Aberdeen City Council’s existing system to the new version of Glow, based on Office365, will take place on Friday 27th September 2013. The migration of our original Glow portal will take 3 to 5 days and during this time, the portal will be set to read-only. Once migration is complete, the Office365 portal will be available with full functionality to support learning and teaching. The original Glow will be available until at least the end of November, at which time it will be switched off. All other services such as blogs and ePortfolios will be unaffected by this migration. Please be aware that any changes made to Glow groups after the migration to Office365, will have to be manually transferred FOR FURTHER INFORMATION contact: to your new Office365 groups. If you use Glow for daily bulletins, you ROSALEEN RENTOUL will need an alternative means of distribution during this migration. Principal Officer 01224 526074

The Learning Technologies Team will deliver training and support to staff who wish to populate the new environment. More information can be found at curriculum for excellence



DEVELOPING RESTORATIVE PRACTICE We are delighted to announce that Barry Mitchell Depute Head Teacher, Pupil Support Service has agreed to undertake the role of further developing Restorative Practice throughout Aberdeen city. Barry will be working alongside SACRO one day a week developing then delivering Restorative Practice training to teachers across the authority. This role was previously undertaken by Richard Hendry. SACRO are heavily involved in youth justice helping young people throughout Aberdeen. They have been working alongside Richard Hendry supporting and delivering the first round of training. "Restorative approaches range from: developing a restorative climate in schools with activities such as circle time and peer support, ‘restorative conversations’, when teachers or peer mediators intervene in a situation or formal restorative conferencing involving all those affected by an incident, including families where appropriate." (Education Scotland) Throughout the authority a number of schools have started to embed this approach. We hope to continue to build momentum. As well as developing Restorative Approaches the Pupil Support Service and other services throughout the authority are developing a range of positive behaviour strategies. These approaches include a Solution Oriented Approach and Nurture principles. It is recognised that these approaches compliment each other and can be used in unison to best meet the needs of pupils. A CPD showcase event has been organised to give a brief introduction to these approaches. "Solution oriented applications have been in use in Scottish councils for around 20 years. They are now widely used across the country within educational and social services as effective and focused ways of identifying positive outcomes to complex and challenging issues." (Education Scotland) A Solution Oriented Approach was introduced to Aberdeen City in 2009. Since this time a number of inservice days and twilights have been held training Teachers, Educational Psychologists and Classroom assistants. A number of schools throughout the authority are using this approach particularly for meetings, focusing on the solution not the problem. "A nurture group is a group of six to twelve children, mostly in a mainstream setting. The prime focus is on meeting social and emotional wellbeing needs. An increasing number of young children are finding it hard to fit in at the early stages, thus disrupting the learning of their peers. The first principle on Nurture is: Children’s learning has to be understood developmentally." (Education Scotland) In Aberdeen City a number of Nurture Groups have been set up to assist pupils experiencing social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. There has been great success with pupils working in nurture groups before being reintegrated back into their classroom. Nurture Groups and the principles feed into the overall ethos of the school creating a Nurturing environment.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Contact: HELEN MILNE Acting Service Manager ASN 01224 523449

By developing these three approaches the aim is to provide both primary and secondary practitioners with a range of skills which they can use to best meet the needs of the pupil. On the 12th of November 4:30 - 5:30 a showcase event will be held giving a brief introduction to these positive behaviour strategies. The event will consist of a 10/15 minute introduction to each of the approaches with additional time for discussion and questions. The event will take place at Hazlehead Academy. If you would like to attend this event please contact the CPD team. curriculum for excellence



In a series of articles we are asking various teams within Education, Culture and Sport what their jobs entail and how they contribute towards what the service provides. The second group to be interviewed are the Quality Improvement Officers. The team of Quality Improvement Officers are all former teachers with a range of backgrounds in Primary and Secondary education. QIOs offer strategic and operational support for schools, liaise with external agencies and each officer leads an area of strategic development, supported by their Development Officers. The current Quality Improvement Officer Team: Helen Cowie - Numeracy Penny Morton - Literacy Anne Darling - Leadership Lynn Scanlon - Science and Health & Wellbeing Denise Foreman - ASN Val Steele - Assessment

A STARTER FOR TEN 10 Questions we asked the Quality Improvement Officer Team

What was your last…

Tell me a bit more…

Email? ● Email from Scottish Council for Enterprise Education Networks with agenda for meeting to discuss local authority implications from Wood Commission on Youth Employment

What are the biggest difference you noticed between working in school and the central team? ● I worked for LTS before coming to Aberdeen City so have had time to acclimatise to office working rather than a school timetable. The biggest difference was not being governed by bells.

Phone Call? ● Phone message returned to Social Work who were enquiring about student in one of my schools CPD Event? ● Northfield Academy to meet with Acting Headteacher regarding a number of items and upcoming event Conference? ● Teaching Scotland's Future event in Aberdeen to hear Professor Graham Donaldson speak

What do you enjoy most about your role? ● Every day is different. No matter what is in the diary, you can guarantee something extra and interesting will crop up every day. What has been the biggest challenge? ● The biggest challenge during my time as QIO was trying to find the balance between Quality Improvement work, strategic lead areas and operational support. All are equally important however often the last area can take up more time than the others.

Meeting? ● With Graham Blance, Seconded DHT working as Strategic Officer (Secondary) regarding various City Campus items.

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ACC Connecting The Curriculum - Issue 2  
ACC Connecting The Curriculum - Issue 2