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7. Rewarding work ‘I enjoy the challenges of working for our diverse client base, which ranges from landed estates to high-profile sportspeople and entertainers.’ Martin Rankin, Smith & Williamson ‘The pace and breadth of work is exciting. We’re small enough to adapt, which means I need to do the same.’ Jenny Salisbury, Tayabali-Tomlin ‘You’re trusted to use your own initiative and this freedom encourages you to give your best.’ Thomas Evans, BDO ‘You’re given responsibility and have the chance to take ownership of your clients early on in your career.’ Ben Simper, RJP

8. Double bubble ‘Gift vouchers for meeting targets.’ Ellie Lester, Pentlands ‘We get additional paid holidays for meeting monthly, quarterly and half-yearly targets.’ Ben Simper, RJP ‘Our incentive system makes for some pretty good competition. Last quarter the prize was a chauffeur-driven trip to London for dinner at the Gore Hotel and War Horse at the theatre.’ Jon Norris, Crunch ‘Two words: spa treatments.’ Sam Ratcliffe, Woods Squared

9. Not all work, work, work ‘Our ladies’ football team play in a local league and at national and European tournaments. We’ve won twice at the European tournament.’ Victoria Abbott ACCA, BDO

days (this year it’s Go Ape) and football tournaments on PlayStation.’ Taz Birdi, Pentlands ‘We go out to the Comedy Club, the races and for a meal. We don’t see ourselves as colleagues, but as good friends who work together.’ Aimee Rhodes ACCA, Sleigh & Story

10. Dream team ‘Everyone works together and this shows in the quality of our work and the sociable atmosphere.’ Thomas Evans, BDO ‘You can ask anyone for help. This wasn’t always the case in the other firms I worked for.’ Farah Furlong, RJP ‘The first interview is done by me and our practice manager. The second interview is over to the team, who ask their own questions. We all then discuss if the candidate will fit in. If anyone isn’t happy, we don’t make an offer.’ Alan Woods FCCA, Woods Squared ‘At our strategy team day, we all have our say on what’s gone great and what needs improving and if the whole team agrees our ideas are put into action.’ Sam Ratcliffe, Woods Squared ‘Our MD doesn’t just tell us what to do but listens to our ideas too.’ Ellie Lester, Pentlands Finally, this is how Helena Mann sums up Team Crunch: ‘I work with people who are fun, easy-going, positive and pretty cool. When I wake up in the morning, I think, yeah, I’m gonna enjoy going to work today.’ How does your firm compare?

‘We do bowling, meals out, annual away-

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Iwona Tokc-Wilde, journalist

18/09/2012 12:31

AB UK_October 2012  

AB UK – October 2012 (UK edition) of the Accounting and Business magazine (ACCA)

AB UK_October 2012  

AB UK – October 2012 (UK edition) of the Accounting and Business magazine (ACCA)